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Harry and Feifei talk about a colloquial expression popular with young people for when things or people are very intense.哈利和菲菲在谈论一个深受年轻人欢迎的口语表达,用来表示事态或某个人令人很紧张。Note: This is not a word-for-word transcript.注:本节目可能出现文本与音频不完全相符的情况。Feifei: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak. Im Feifei and joining me is Harry.菲菲:大家好,欢迎收听地道英语节目。我是菲菲,今天和我一起主持节目的是哈利。Harry: Hello! And the expression we are going to look at today which we hear a lot in colloquial speech is full-on. So, Feifei — did you have a good weekend?哈利:大家好。今天我们要讲的表达方式是口语中经常听到的“紧张”这个词。菲菲,你周末过得愉快吗?Feifei: It was quiet. I stayed home most of the time. I watched a couple of old, black and white films with my grandmother on Sunday. That was the highlight. How about you?菲菲:我周末过得很安静。我大部分时间都待在家里。我周日和祖母一起看了几部黑白老电影。这就是亮点。你呢?Harry: Well, your weekend sounds quite... relaxed. Well, my weekend wasnt like your weekend at all. I went to the launch party of a new bar on Friday — that was quite a night! Then on Saturday my friends took me to a night club that went on until morning!哈利:嗯,你的周末听上去很……放松。我的周末跟你的可完全不同。我周五参加了一个酒吧的开业派对——那真是很精的一晚!之后周六我朋友们带我去了夜店,我们一直玩到第二天早上!Feifei: Wow! That sounds exciting. Clubbing though — arent you a bit old for that sort of thing?菲菲:哇!听起来真令人激动。不过,你的年纪去夜总会玩会不会太老了?Harry: No, Im not too old, but to be honest — it was a bit full-on.哈利:不会,我年纪也不是很大,不过说实话,太激烈了。Feifei: Full-on? What do you mean?菲菲:Full-on?你是什么意思?Harry: Well, the music, the dancing, the drinking, the energy. It was very intense. Im not old, but Im not as young as I was.哈利:嗯,音乐、跳舞、喝酒、精力。令人精神紧张,我虽然不老,不过也不年轻了。Feifei: Right. So full-on means it was very intense.菲菲:没错。full-on的意思就是令人非常紧张。Harry: Yeah. I think Ill need a few days to recover; it was so full-on.哈利:对。我想我需要几天来恢复一下;太激烈了。Feifei: What else can be full-on?菲菲:full-on还有什么意思?Harry: Some people are a bit full-on. A bit extreme. Not relaxing.哈利:有些人让别人精神紧张。有点儿过度,不放松。Feifei: I know what you mean. Sarahs a bit full-on isnt she?菲菲:我明白你的意思。萨拉就有点儿让别人精神紧张,对吧?Harry: Yes, she scares me. She stands so close when she talks to me and stares straight into my eyes. Work can also be full-on when its busy.哈利:对,她让我感到害怕。她和我说话的时候站得离我非常近,而且直直地盯着我的眼睛。工作非常忙的时候也会令人紧张。Feifei: Work has been a bit full on lately hasnt it. Weve had to do loads of overtime to get the new project finished.菲菲:最近工作一直很紧张。我们不得不经常加班来完成新节目。Harry: It has been full-on, yes. Lets listen to some more examples.哈利:对,一直很紧张。我们再来听几个例子。Examples例句Man: Have a good holiday?男:假期过得愉快吗?Woman: To be honest, not really. We were up at 6 am every day to get as much sightseeing done as possible and didnt get to bed till midnight. It was so full-on. I feel like I need another holiday.女:说实话,并不愉快。我们每天早上都六点起床,尽可能多的游览各种风景,直到午夜才睡觉。太令人紧张了,我觉得我还需要休个假期。I really dont like childrens parties. All those excited, screaming kids. Its too full-on.我非常不喜欢孩子们的派对。到处都是兴奋尖叫的孩子。令人精神紧张。Londons too full-on. I need to move to the countryside.伦敦会让人精神紧张。我要搬到乡村去住。Feifei: Well, if you want a more relaxing weekend next time, come and watch some films with me and my grandmother. Its really laid back.菲菲:如果你下次想轻松地过周末,可以来我家和我还有我祖母一起看电影。真的非常放松。Harry: That sounds a lot less full-on. Ill do that.哈利:听起来确实不会感到精神紧张。我会去的。Feifei: Join us again soon for The English We Speak.菲菲:请记得收听下一期地道英语节目。Harry: Bye!哈利:再见。 译文属 /201502/358328滨海县人民医院男科预约第一章 练习26:两类描述性短语 Exercise 1 -26 Two Types of Descriptive Phrases continued Exercise 1 -26:Two Types of Descriptive PhrasesRepeat......1......Its a short nail. Its really short.......2......Its a chocolate cake. Its dark chocolate.......3......Its a hot bath. Its too hot.......4......Its a hard drive. Its extremely hard.......5......Its the back door. Its far back.......6......There are four cards. There are only four.......7......Its a small spot. Its laughably small.......8......Its a good book. Its amazingly good.Puase the CD and write your own adjective/noun and adverb/adjective sentences, carrying over Ex.1-25. /201506/381356盐城做宫颈糜烂Katia: Hello Felipe, how are you?卡蒂亚:你好,菲利佩,你好吗?Felipe: Hello, Im fine.菲利佩:你好,我很好。Katia: Listen, I was thinking you know a lot about Ecuador and Colombia right?卡蒂亚:你对厄瓜多尔和哥伦比亚很了解,对吧?Felipe: Yeah.菲利佩:对。Katia: What is it that you like about those two countries or what is it that you dont like that much or what would you like to change?卡蒂亚:你喜欢这两个国家的哪些地方,不喜欢哪些地方,哪些是你希望他们能改变的?Felipe: Well, what I really love of both countries is nature because, you know, my hobby is mountain climbing so I enjoy climbing high mountains in both countries because you have that, you know that in Colombia and Ecuador there is the highlands and you have really, really high mountains so I enjoy that. And also lets say one thing that I dont like is that cities are too big, you know, and if you get lost, if you travel to Bogota, its huge so I dont like cities in Colombia because theyre so big, theyre huge and you get lost.菲利佩:我非常喜欢这两个国家的自然风光,我的爱好是登山,所以我非常喜欢在这两个国家攀登高山,因为哥伦比亚和厄瓜多尔有高原地区,有非常高的山,所以我很喜欢。我不喜欢的是城市太大了,你在波哥大旅行时可能会迷路,因为那座城市太大了,所以我不喜欢哥伦比亚的城市,因为城市太大了,容易迷路。Katia: What about in Ecuador? Quito, is it also a big city?卡蒂亚:那厄瓜多尔的城市呢?基多也是座大城市吗?Felipe: Well it is a big city but its not as big as Bogota. If you think, you can travel from the south to the north in a couple of hours, maybe two hours, its not that huge as Bogota.菲利佩:基多也是大城市,不过没有波哥大那么大。从基多南部至北部的旅行只需要几个小时就可以完成,也许两个小时就够了,基多并不像波哥大那么大。Katia: That is so interesting. What about something that you would like to change perhaps of Ecuador or Colombia?卡蒂亚:这真有意思。那你希望厄瓜多尔和哥伦比亚这两个国家做出改变的地方呢?Felipe: Well, the only thing I would like to change is something about tourism because you know that people overseas outside of Colombia and Ecuador, they dont know too much about Colombia and Ecuador. So I dont know, I think the government should, you know, make people overseas know more about Colombia and Ecuador so that we can attract more tourists to our countries.菲利佩:我唯一希望他们改变的是旅游业,因为其他国家的人对哥伦比亚和厄瓜多尔并不了解。我认为政府应该让外国人对哥伦比亚和厄瓜多尔有更多的了解,这样我们就能吸引更多的游客来我们的国家游玩。Katia: That is so true. Actually just by knowing more I want to go to Ecuador and Colombia.卡蒂亚:说得没错。了解多了以后,我很想去厄瓜多尔和哥伦比亚看看。Felipe: There you are, thats great.菲利佩:太好了。Katia: So thank you Felipe.卡蒂亚:谢谢你,菲利佩。Felipe: OK, youre welcome.菲利佩:不客气。 译文属 /201612/484857Could you take a picture of me with the Statue of Liberty in the background?能帮我拍张照片,把自由女神像放在背景里吗?例句:A:Could you take a picture of me with the Statue of Liberty in the background?能帮我拍张照片,把自由女神像放在背景里吗?B:Sure.Do I press here?当然,我按这里吗?A:Yes,you need to hold the button down and allow the camera to auto focus.After it focuses,release the button and itll take the picture.是的,您需要按住这个按钮,让照相机自动调焦,在它聚焦后放开按钮,它就会拍照了。B:Ok.Are you y?好的,准备好了吗?A:Not yet.Could you stand a little closer?Please take a picture of me from the waist up.That way I wont look too small in the picture.还没,您能站的近一点吗?请给我拍张腰部以上的照片,那样我在照片上就不会看着很小了。B:Ok.Are you y now?好的,现在准备好了吗?A:Yes,Im y.准备好了。B:Ok,one two,three.CHEESE!好的,一二三,笑一个。A:Thanks谢谢。更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201703/497477盐城康安骨科医院做体检多少钱

射阳县医院肛肠科盐城哪家的安全无痛人流医院好Senum: Hey, Brett, how are you?塞纳姆:嗨,布莱特,你过得怎么样?Brett: Pretty good, how are you?布莱特:非常好,你呢?Senum: Good, thank you.塞纳姆:很好,谢谢。Brett: Hey, do you want to play a game?布莱特:嗨,你想玩游戏吗?Senum: Sure. What sort of game?塞纳姆:好啊。什么游戏?Brett: Lets play 20 questions.布莱特:我们来玩“20个问题”这个游戏。Senum: OK, go ahead.塞纳姆:好,开始吧。Brett: OK, who am I thinking about?布莱特:好,猜猜我想的是谁?Senum: Man? Is it a male?塞纳姆:男性吗?是男性吗?Brett: Yes, its a male.布莱特:对,是男性。Senum: Is he an actor?塞纳姆:是演员吗?Brett: Yes, hes an actor.布莱特:对,演员。Senum: Does he have short hair?塞纳姆:短发吗?Brett: Yes, he has short hair.布莱特:对,短发。Senum: Right. Is he famous?塞纳姆:好。他很有名吗?Brett: Yes, hes famous.布莱特:有名。Senum: Does he have blue eyes?塞纳姆:他的眼睛是不是蓝色的?Brett: Yes.布莱特:对。Senum: He does have blue eyes?塞纳姆:他的眼睛是蓝色的?Brett: No, he has...布莱特:不是,实际上……Senum: He doesnt have blue eyes?塞纳姆:他的眼睛不是蓝色的?Brett: No, he doesnt have blue eyes.布莱特:对,不是蓝色的。Senum: Does he have brown eyes?塞纳姆:那是褐色的眼睛吗?Brett: Yes.布莱特:对。Senum: Is he short?塞纳姆:他不高吗?Brett: No.布莱特:不是。Senum: Is he in the Oceans 12?塞纳姆:他是不是演过《十二罗汉》?Brett: Yes.布莱特:对。Senum: He is!塞纳姆:他演过!Brett: Yes.布莱特:对啊。Senum: OK. Is he married, currently?塞纳姆:好。他现在结婚了吗?Brett: NO.布莱特:没有。Senum: He isnt married?塞纳姆:他未婚?Brett: No.布莱特:对。Senum: OK. Is he tall?塞纳姆:好。他个子高吗?Brett: Yes.布莱特:对。Senum: OK. Is he George Clooney?塞纳姆:好。是乔治·克鲁尼吧?Brett: Yes.布莱特:正确。Senum: Great. OK, my turn now. Who am I think about it?塞纳姆:太棒了。现在该我了。猜猜我想的是谁?Brett: Is he a male?布莱特:是男性吗?Senum: Yes.塞纳姆:对。Brett: Is he an actor?布莱特:是演员吗?Senum: No.塞纳姆:不是。Brett: Is he a singer?布莱特:是歌手吗?Senum: No.塞纳姆:不是。Brett: Is he a politician?布莱特:是政治家吗?Senum: Yes.塞纳姆:是。Brett: Does he have white hair?布莱特:他是白头发吗?Senum: Yes.塞纳姆:对。Brett: Yes. Is he American?布莱特:是美国人吗?Senum: No.塞纳姆:不是。Brett: Is he British?布莱特:是英国人吗?Senum: No.塞纳姆:不是。Brett: Is he Australian?布莱特:是澳大利亚人吗?Senum: Yes.塞纳姆:对。Brett: Is he your Prime Minister?布莱特:是不是澳大利亚总理?Senum: He is.塞纳姆:没错。Brett: Is he John Howard?布莱特:是约翰·霍华德吧?Senum: Yes, he is. Well done.塞纳姆:没错,回答正确。干得漂亮。 译文属 /201501/356658unit 23帮忙叫车dialogue 英语情景对话A:lm sorry, but I didnt catch what you said.A:对不起,我没听清你说的话。B:l said, ;Do you want me to help you?;B:我说的是“需要我帮忙吗?”A:lf youre sure youre not in a hurry, I can use a little help.A:如果你确定不太急的话,我需要你帮点忙。B:OK. Would you like me to get you a cab?B:好的。要我帮你叫辆出租车吗? /201504/368712盐城激光包皮费用21. Changing the Subject 21.转变话题A: Can I ask you a question?A:我可以问你一个问题吗?B: Sure, go ahead.B:当然,请便。A: How is your relationship with your parents?A:你和你父母的关系怎么样?B: Its good. I get along with my father more than I do with my mother.B:很好。我与我的父亲的关系比我与我的母亲关系好。A: If I may ask, why is that?A:不介意的话可以说一下为什么吗?B: Im not comfortable answering that. Why are you asking?B:回答这个问题有些让我不舒。你为什么这么问?A: Its for a class project. Why dont you get along with your mother?A:这是一个课堂问题。你为什么和你母亲相处的不好?B: What class are you doing this for?B:你为什么课而准备这个问题?A: Its for my psychology class. Do you live with your dad or mom?A:是为我的心理学课。你和你的爸爸还是妈妈住在一起?B: I live with my dad.B:我和我爸爸住。A: Do you think thats why you dont get along with your mom?A:你认为你是为什么和你的母亲相处不好吗?B: I said Im not comfortable talking about that. Change the subject. B:我说过我不想讨论这个问题。换个话题。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201511/410336盐城/市城南新区妇科

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