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Scientific Meaning康乃馨的学名Carnation#39;s scientific name is dianthus caryophyllys. Dianthus is the Latin word meaning ;flower of love; or ;flower of the gods;.康乃馨的学名叫香石竹,石竹在拉丁语的意思是“爱之花”或者“花之神”Common Meaning康乃馨的通俗花语:The most common meanings assigned to the carnation are fascination, distinction and love.康乃馨通常象征魅力、特别和爱。Color Meaning康乃馨不同的颜色代表不同的花语:Just like many other flowers, the meaning of carnation changes with the color of the flower.和其它花一样,康乃馨不同的花色代表着不同的花语。Light red carnations express admiration淡红色的康乃馨象征赞赏Dark red carnations communicate a deeper feeling of love and affection.深红色的康乃馨传达很浓的爱和情感。White carnations, on the other hand, are given to express purity and luck.白色康乃馨代表纯洁和幸运。Pink carnations are a sign of gratitude.粉色康乃馨表达感激。Mother#39;s Day康乃馨与母亲节During the 19th century, carnations, especially pink ones, became the traditional flower of Mother#39;s Day symbolizing mother#39;s undying love. In addition, you can wear a red carnation to honor your mother if she is alive and a white carnation if she has passed away.在19世纪,康宁耐心,尤其是粉色的康乃馨成为母亲节的象征。另外你可以戴一朵红色的康乃馨表示你母亲健在,或者戴一朵白色的康乃馨代表母亲已过世。(小编猜测:避免大家说带我向你母亲问候,才发现对方的母亲已过世的尴尬?)National Flower国花Carnation is also Spain#39;s national flower, and it is widely grown in the Aragon region of Spain.康乃馨是西班牙的国花,在西班牙地区的亚拉贡地区广泛种植。 /201205/181464Many of us spend the bulk of our day peering at computer screens. Reading this article means there#39;s a good chance you#39;re looking at one right now.许多人每天都要花费很多时间在电脑屏幕前。比如读这篇文章的时候你就正在看着屏幕。But does looking at a computer screen damage your eyes? Brisbane optometry professor Nathan Efron does not consider computer screens ;harmful; to our eyes.看电脑屏幕真的会伤害我们的视力吗?布里斯班眼科教授Nathan Efron并不这样认为。But he admits if you use one a lot, you increase your risk of becoming slightly more short-sighted –where your eyes focus well only on close objects while more distant objects appear blurred. This is especially the case for children and young adults, whose eyes are still developing.但他承认如果你经常使用电脑屏幕,会增加你患近视的风险。因为你的眼睛经常盯着近处的物体,远处的物体自然就看不清楚了。这对于儿童和年轻人尤为明显,因为他们的眼睛还没有发育成熟。In the shorter term, prolonged viewing of a computer screen can make any slight existing vision defects more noticeable. It can also give you what is sometimes known as ;computer vision syndrome; – eye strain, headaches, gritty eyes and blurry vision. But this is only temporary and can be minimised by:简而言之,一直盯着电脑屏幕可以在短期内使视力明显下降。有时候还会让你出现“电脑眼综合症”:眼睛酸痛、头疼、异物感、模糊。但这些都是暂时的,可以用以下方法缓解:Adjusting the screen display so the contrast is high and the brightness feels comfortable.调整你的显示器的亮度和对比度,让你的眼睛觉得舒为准。Having lighting that does not produce glare on the screen.不要让屏幕上出现附近灯光的反光。Giving your eyes regular rests from looking at the screen (The Optometrists Association of Australia recommends you do this for five to ten minutes every one to two hours of computer use. It#39;s a good time to make phone calls or do other tasks.)让你的眼睛定期休息。(澳大利亚眼科协会建议每一到两小时至少休息五到十分钟。你可以利用这个时间打个电话或做些别的事情。) /201206/187528With roads and tube lines set to be more congested than ever this summer a few people may be tempted to use it an excuse for a day off.今年夏天,英国的马路和地铁将出现前所未有的拥挤,有些人可能会很想以交通堵塞为由请假。But for employees at data services provider Interxion a chaotic commute during the Olympics will hold no weight.然而对数据务供应商Interxion的雇员来说,奥运期间混乱的交通不足为惧。That#39;s because, in a bid to keep things ticking over this summer, bosses at the London company are asking staff to sleep at work - in space pods.这是因为这家伦敦公司的老板们今夏为了保持公司正常运转,让员工睡在办公室的“太空舱”里。Far from sleeping on the job engineers at the Brick Lane based firm in east London will be asked to stay behind and sleep in the claustrophobic capsules to avoid the rush hour.这家公司的工程师完全不是在工作时打盹,而是为了躲避交通高峰期,被留宿在幽闭的“太空舱”里。这家公司的总部位于伦敦东部的砖块街。And while other companies are set to offer staff the luxury of working from home during the Games the firm behind the capsules hope to get more workplaces on board.其他公司打算奥运会期间让员工享受在家工作的待遇,而这家设置“太空舱”的公司希望能增加更多工作人员用舱。Podtime, the firm behind the unusual cabins, are billing them as the perfect solution to the Olympics#39; congested commute.发明这种奇特的太空舱的Podtime公司宣称这是应对奥运会交通拥堵的最佳方案。On their official website they state #39;London businesses will be severely affected by the transport problems caused by the Olympics.该公司在官方网站上说道:“伦敦商业将会因奥运会导致的交通问题而受到严重影响。;Cost effective and versatile pods provide the best solution to this by allowing your staff to stay on site as necessary, in comfort and privacy.;“太空舱成本低又集多功能于一身,通过让员工在必要的时候就地留宿,又舒适又清静,为奥运交通问题提供了最佳解决方法。”Coming in a range of colours, the capsules made of polycarbonate, sell at anything from pound;1,375.这种小舱用聚碳酸酯制成,有多种颜色,起价为1375英镑。The stock models are fitted with either foam mattresses or a standard single mattress as well as a storage shelf, mirror and power points.这种小舱的模型内装有储物架、镜子和电源插座,还有泡沫床垫或标准单人床垫。These types of capsules have been around for years, in hotels, but Interxion is thought to be among the first to have them stalled at the workplace.多年前旅馆里就已经有这种小舱,但据认为Interxion是第一个将这种小舱安置在工作场所的公司。An independent report carried out by Oxford Economics last year estimated that around 450,000 visitors will stay in the capital while 5.5 million people will visit for at least a day during the Games.《牛津经济学》去年发布的一份独立报告估计,奥运会期间约有45万游客将在首都伦敦停留,550万人至少会在伦敦停留一天。This will inevitably mean more cars on the road and greater congestion on the Underground.这意味着马路上不可避免地会有更多车,地铁里也必然会更加拥挤。 /201204/179085

1. Fine.好吧。This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up.女人不想再跟你吵了,她就会这么说。这表明她们是对的,而你应该乖乖闭嘴。2. Five Minutes.五分钟。If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the football before helping around the house.如果她说这句话的时候正好在试衣,那么,五分钟的意思就是一个半小时。五分钟也有只是五分钟的时候,那就是她允许你多看五分钟球赛,看完之后就立马去帮她打扫房子。这时候的五分钟,多一秒钟都没得商量。3. Go Ahead.继续呀。This is a dare, not permission. Don#39;t Do It!这个是挑衅,绝对不是允许的意思。千万不能真的继续!4. A Loud Sigh.大声叹气。This is actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing.大声叹气其实也是一句话,只不过没有说出来而已,因此常常被男人所误解。大声叹气的意思就是说,女人觉得你是个笨蛋,她在想自己怎么会浪费那么多时间在这里和你争论些没结果的事。5. That#39;s Okay.没关系。This is one of the most dangerous statements a woman can make to a man. That#39;s okay means she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you will pay for your mistake.这是女人给男人发出的最危险的信号之一。;没关系;的意思就是她要好好想想、仔细想想,然后决定要让你为自己所犯的错付出什么样的代价。6. Thanks.谢了。A woman is thanking you, do not question. Just say you#39;re welcome. I want to add a clause here - This is true, unless she says #39;Thanks a lot#39;, which is PURE sarcasm and she is not thanking you at all. DO NOT say #39;you#39;re welcome#39;.女人对你说;谢了;的时候,不要发问,只要回答;不客气;就行。这里还要多说一句,如果女人对你说;太谢谢了哈;,这完完全全是讽刺,她绝对没有要感谢你的意思。千万不要回答;不客气;。7. Whatever.无所谓了。Is a woman#39;s way of saying, ;F-- YOU!;;无所谓;从女人嘴里说出来,意思就跟;X你......;是一样的。8. Don#39;t worry about it, I got it.别担心,我搞得定。Another dangerous statement, meaning this is something that a woman has told a man to do several times, but is now doing it herself. This will later result in a man asking #39;What#39;s wrong?#39; For the woman#39;s response refer to No. 4.另一个危险信号,这句话的潜台词是:女人多次要求男人帮她做事,最后却不得不自己动手。这句话说完之后,男人一般会问;怎么啦?;接下来的回答,详见第4句。9. Nothing.没事。This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in ;Fine;.这是暴风雨来临前的平静。;没事;绝对说明;有事;,所以你一定要打起十二分精神来。吵架都是以;没事;开始,以;好吧;结束。详见第1句。 /201201/169413

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