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railway,从字面上看就是城市里的铁路但是,必须指出的是,它来自于法语chemin de fer  《flowers of shanghai--上海之花(pg18?《海上花)

考研英语 考研英语翻译预测题及讲解(一) -- :: 来源: 考研英语考试中,翻译需要我们不断练习下面小编为大家整理了考研翻译预测,希望可以为大家带来帮助! There is no question that science-fiction writers have become more ambitious, stylistically and thematically, in recent years. (1) (But this may have less to do with the luring call of academic surroundings than with changing market conditions—a factor that academic critics rarely take into .) Robert Silverberg, a mer president of The Science Fiction Writers of America, is one of the most prolific professionals in a field dominated by people who actually write a living. (Unlike mystery or Western writers, most science-fiction writers cannot expect to cash in on fat movie sales or TV tie-ins.) () (Still in his late thirties, Silverberg has published more than a hundred books, and he is disarmingly frank about the relationship between the quality of genuine prose and the quality of available outlet. )By his own , he was “an annoyingly verbal young man” from Brooklyn who picked up his first science-fiction book at the age of ten, started writing seriously at the age of thirteen, and at seventeen nearly gave up in despair over his inability to break into the pulp magazines. (3)( At his parents’ urging, he enrolled in Columbia University, so that, if worst came to worst, he could always go to the School of Journalism and “get a nice steady job somewhere”.) During his sophomore year, he sold his first science-fiction story to a Scottish magazine named Nebula. By the end of his junior year, he had sold a novel and twenty more stories. () (By the end of his senior year, he was earning two hundred dollars a week writing science fiction, and his parents were reconciled to his pursuit of the literary life. )“I became very cynical very quickly,” he says. First I couldn’t sell anything, then I could sell everything. The market played to my worst characteristics. An editor of a schlock magazine would call up to tell me he had a ten-thousand-word hole to fill in his next issue. I’d fill it overnight a hundred and fifty dollars. I found that rewriting made no difference. (5)( I knew I could not possibly write the kinds of things I admired as a er—Joyce, Kafka, Mann—so I detached myself from my work.) I was a phenomenon among my friends in college, a published, selling author. But they always asked, “When are you going to do something serious?” —meaning something that wasn’t science fiction—and I kept telling them, “ When I’m financially secure.”    1.但是这一点与其说是与学术环境具有诱惑力的召唤有关,还不如说是与变化的市场状况有关——一这是一个学术家很少考虑的因素  .还不到四十岁,西尔弗伯格就已出版了一百多本书籍,而他对真正散文的质量与应时之作的质量之间的关系十分坦诚,毫无掩饰  3.在他双亲的敦促下,他报考了哥伦比亚大学,所以即便最糟他也能进入新闻学校,“将来总可以有一份稳定的好工作”  .到大四结束的时候,他每星期写科幻小说已经可以赚两百美元了,而他的双亲也接受了他对于文学生涯的追求  5.我知道我写不出作为读者的我所喜欢的东西,就像乔伊斯、卡夫卡、曼恩的作品,所以我不再那么关注我所写的东西  总体分析  本文介绍了科幻小说家罗伯特·西尔弗伯格文章先指出科幻小说的繁荣与市场需求关系紧密,接着通过介绍多产的科幻小说家西尔弗伯格的创作经历予以说明  本文考查的知识点:后置定语、插入语、比较结构、同位语、上下文中词义的选择,等  试题精解  1.[精解] 本题考核知识点:比较结构、同位语的翻译  该句的主干是this may have less to do with... than with...,其中含有一个比较结构less... than...,可译为“与其说…不如说…”破折号后是名词短语a factor that... 做整个主句的同位语,其中that引导的定语从句做后置定语由于是同位语,可单独译为一个句子,补译“这”为它的主语  词汇:luring是lure的现在分词形式,可译为“具有诱惑力的”;factor意为“因素”;take into 意为“考虑”  .[精解] 本题考核知识点:词义的选择  该句是and连接的两个并列分句,其主干是Silverberg has published... , and he is frank about...  词汇:in one’s thirties意为“在(某人)三十几岁时”,由于本句中有late修饰,如果直译为“三十几岁晚期”不符合汉语表达习惯,应意译为“不到四十岁”disarmingly意为“使人消除敌意(或怀疑、怒气等)的”,与frank一起应译为“十分坦诚、直言不讳”genuine意为“真正的;坦率的,真诚的”available意为“可获得的,可找到的”,outlet意为“(思想、感情、精力发泄的)出路,表现机会”,available outlet不能直译,而应根据上文对应的genuine prose(真正的散文)意译为“应时之作”  3.[精解] 本题考核知识点:顺译法  该句是主从复合句,其主干是he enrolled... so that... he could go to...,翻译时可采用顺译的方法,保持原来句子的顺序句首介词短语At his parents’ urging作状语so that引导结果状语从句,其中插入语if worst came to worst做条件状语,应意译为“在最糟糕的情况下”  词汇:urging为urge的动名词形式,译为“敦促”;  .[精解] 本题考核知识点:顺译法和分词的翻译  该句是and连接的并列句,其主干是he was earning... and his parents were...,可采用顺译的方法翻译前一分句中,分词结构writing science fiction作方式状语,翻译时应置于谓语前面,译为“(通过)写科幻小说”  词汇:be reconciled to意为“将就,妥协,接受”  5.[精解] 本题考核知识点:插入语、后置定语的翻译  该句是个主从复合句,其主干是I knew... so I detached...主从句之间是插入语,列举了几个作家的名字,根据上下文,这些名字实际上指代的是作家的作品,应补译为“乔伊斯、卡夫卡、曼恩的作品”I knew后是省略了关系代词的宾语从句I could not write...,其中宾语the kind of things后又接有一个定语从句I admired as...,由于定语不长,可直接译为汉语的前置定语  词汇:detach oneself from sth.意为“挣脱,摆脱,离开”,文中应意译为“不关注我写的东西”

We put on three new plays by will in the next year,and some plays by other writers.第二年我们上演了威尔的三部新剧本和其他剧作家创作的一些剧本。One of the new playwrights was Ben Jonson.He was a clever man and he wrote clever plays,其中一位就是刚出道的剧作家本·琼生。这人机智聪明,剧本也写得好,but people still liked Will#39;s plays best.但人们还是推崇威尔的作品。Ben couldn#39;t understand it.He was always arguing with Will about how to write plays.本真不明白,他时常和威尔就如何创作剧本而争论不休,He argued with everyone.不过这人就爱与别人辩论。He went to prison once because he killed a man in a fight.有一次因决斗杀了人,他还蹲过监狱。He was eight years younger than Will,but he and Will were very good friends.他比威尔小八岁,但两人是很好的朋友。Will#39;s next play was Hamlet,Prince of Denmark.威尔的又一部剧是《丹麦王于哈姆雷特》。We all met one day in the Boar#39;s Head to talk about it.There were six of us—me and Will,Richard Burbage,Henry Condell,John Heminges,and Augustine Phillips.一天,我、威尔、理查·白贝芝、亨利·康德尔、约翰·海明和奥古斯丁·菲利普六个人一起聚在公猪头酒吧讨论剧本。Will put his pile of papers on the table and sat down.威尔将那堆手稿放在桌上,坐了下来。Well,he said.You#39;ve all it.好吧,他说,剧本大家都看了,What do you think?谈谈看法吧? /201306/245823

  英语能力>英语作文>高考英语作文 My mother 英语作文 --18 :3:9 来源:   My mother 英语作文坐在凳子上,试图写下这篇文章,但是我却发现很难下笔看着我选择的这个作文题目“My Mother”,年来关于妈妈的记忆突然变得一片空白  When I sat at the desk, trying to write the essay, I found it hard to set pen to paper. Staring at the topic I deliberately chose myself "my mother", I felt the memory of years with my mother suddenly turned into a haze, blurring my eyes to discern the past, with nothing towering, nothing flaring, nothing impressive or special enough as a landmark. The haze gradually cleared away, revealing the image of an amicable woman. I recalled a line from the famous movie "Sleepless in Seattle". The radio column hostess asked Sam, "What's so special about your wife?" He answered, "That's millions of small things." Right,trivial and commonplace, like obscure beans, yet woven into the most spectacular necklace by the power of love. My mother is ordinary, but in my eyes she is special.  My mother gave birth to me with exceptionally difficult labor. Father received an emergency notice and was faced with a choice between the adult and the infant. Of course,the adult. So my coming into this world was an unexpected tune at the price of Mother's painful insistence. Thus my years began like this my mother exerted every eft to give me love, but I returned her with a deep scar that was to stay with her all through my growth.  My mother is a senior high school English teacher. Under standably, she wanted her daughter to pick up English early to give her an edge to later study, which I did not understand at the age of eight. I was so obsessed with fun and games that I hated to stay peacefully with all those strange phonetic symbols and odd words. I wondered what pleasure Mother seemed to have found in teaching me A,B, C. Wasn't teaching at school tire some enough her? I went on strike, refusing to spell a single word no matter how tender or severe Mother tried to be with me. the first time in my life, Mother beat me, imprinting on my mind. The physical pain was gone long, long ago. But I have finally come to understand how it pained my mother to beat me my obstinacy and disobedience, and I ache at her pain.  Mother never gave up evoking in me an interest in knowledge. She placed the most emphasis on my education and took the most pleasure in my gradual mation of self-discipline in preparing myself future development. Thanks to her eft and influence, I have been doing well, not only in English, but also in my positive attitudes and conviction towards life.  Now I am so grateful to my mother everything she has taught me, but at that time it was far beyond my comprehension. As a little girl, I thought of my mother as meticulous and my father as a best playmate. I still remember I wrote in my elementary school a composition dedicated to my father about how he cared me. Naturally Mother felt she was ignored, so I wrote another one Mother, intending to tell her she was so good a teacher that she sometimes had only students on mind and neglected her daughter. Unexpectedly, Mother was gloomed and her eyes went wet. I am so sorry now that affected composition. I am Mother's daughter, and I am Mother's student. I could never be neglected by Mother, because I am the ever scar on her body, the ever pain on her mind, yet the ever bliss in her life.  I did not write much in the past about Mother's love me. Today, this essay is her, and her only. I wish to let her know my regret and gratitude. I wish she could hear, "I love you, Mother." My mother

  四六级资讯 大学英语六级考试口试大纲 -- 00:8: 来源:   英语六级口试大纲                             为适应国家改革开放的需要,“全国大学英语四、六级考试委员会”从 1999 年 月起已在部分城市开始实施大学英语四、六级考试口语考试( CET Spoken English Test )  ? 申请参加口语考试的考生必须是已经获得大学英语四、六级考试书的在校生,四级成绩过550,六级成绩过5  ? 四、六级口语考试 年已在全国 个省市的 个城市设立了考点  口语考试成绩合格者由教育部高等教育司发给书,书分为 A、 B 、 C 三个等级,成绩低于 C 等的不发给书  大学英语四、六级考试口语考试能力等级标准如下: 等级 等 级 描 述 A 等 能用英语就熟悉的题材进行口头交际,基本上没有困难 B 等 能用英语就熟悉的题材进行口头交际,虽有些困难,但不影响交际 C 等 能用英语就熟悉的题材进行简单的口头交际 D 等 尚不具有英语口头交际能力   一、评分标准CET-SET 主考在评分时使用以下标准:a. 准确性 指考生的语音、语调以及所使用的语法和词汇的准确程度b. 语言范围 指考生使用的词汇和语法结构的复杂程度和范围c. 话语的长短 指考生对整个考试中的交际所作的贡献、讲话的多少d. 连贯性 指考生有能力进行较长时间的、语言连贯的发言e. 灵活性 指考生应付不同情景和话题的能力f. 适切性 指考生根据不同场合选用适当确切的语言的能力 二、语言功能CET-SET 考试要求考生参与不同形式的口头交际,其语言能力将根据其在考试中的表现予以测量考生需要掌握的语言功能和意念在《大学英语教学大纲中已明确列出以下仅列举其中部分的语言功能和意念  友好往来问候,介绍,告别和告辞,祝愿和祝贺,感谢和应答,道歉和应答,提议、邀请和应答相互交流开始交谈,继续交谈,改变话题,停止交谈态度愿意,希望,意向,决心,责任,能力,允许,禁止,同意和不同意, 否定,喜欢和不喜欢,偏爱,责怪和抱怨,判断、决定和意见劝说命令,劝告和建议,承诺,提醒感情焦虑,惊奇,兴趣,加重感情色存在存在和不存在,有和没有空间描述位置,方向,运动,距离时间时刻,时段,时间关系,频度,时序发表意见和看法询问意见和看法,发表意见和看法,对意见和看法的反应,同意,不同意,要求澄清,澄清意见和看法争辩讨论,讨论观点,反驳论点,提出进一步论,劝说和对劝说的反应  三、考试形式  CET-SET 考试分三部分:第一部分是考生和 CET 授权的主考进行交谈,采用问答的形式时间约 5 分钟第二部分包括 1.5 分钟的考生个人发言和 .5 分钟的小组讨论时间共约 分钟第三部分由主考再次提问以进一步确定考生的口头交际能力时间约 5 分钟  四、输入信息  CET-SET 考试运用以下两种形式的输入信息来产生信息差:1)画面提示(如图片、图表、照片等);)文字提示  五、标准描述 语言准确性和范围 话语的长短和连贯性 语言灵活性和适切性 5 分 ? 语法和词汇基本正确 ? 表达过程中词汇丰富、语法结构较为复杂 ? 发音较好,但允许有一些不影响理解的母语口音 ? 在讨论有关话题时能进行较长时间的、语言连贯的发言,但允许由于无法找到合适的词语而造成的偶尔停顿 ? 能够自然、积极地参与讨论 ? 语言的使用总体上能与语境 、功能和目的相适应 分 ? 语法和词汇有一些错误,但未严重影响交际 ? 表达过程中词汇较丰富 ? 发音尚可 ? 能进行较连贯的发言,但多数发言较简短 ? 组织思想和搜寻词语时频繁出现停顿,有时会影响交际 ? 能够较积极地参与讨论,但有时内容不切题或未能与小组成员直接交流 ? 语言的使用基本上能与语境、功能和目的相适应 3 分 ? 语法和词汇有错误,且有时会影响交际 ? 表达过程中词汇不丰富,语法结构较简单 ? 发音有缺陷,有时会影响交际 ? 发言简短 ? 组织思想和搜寻词语时频繁出现较长时间的停顿,影响交际,但能够基本完成交际任务 ? 不能积极参与讨论,有时无法适应新话题或讨论内容的改变 分 ? 语法和词汇有较多错误,以致妨碍理解 ? 表达过程中因缺乏词汇和语法结构而影响交际 ? 发音较差,以致交际时常中断 ? 发言简短且毫无连贯性,几乎无法进行交际 ? 不能参与小组讨论 六级考试 大学英语 大纲。

  考研英语 考研英语超难易混词汇辨析(一) -- 19:53: 来源: 1、apparent, evident, manifest, obvious, distinct 这一组形容词都有"明显的"意思apparent a.明显的,显而易见的,尤指容易观察或认识到的事物E.g. It has been apparent that in other areas standards have held up well. 显然,这些标准在其他地区执行得很好evident a.明白的,明显的,与apparent基本同意,多用于推理或由事实明的事物E.g. The threat of inflation is aly evident in bond prices.通货膨胀的危险在券价格上已经表现得很明显manifest a.清楚的,明显的,多指根据外部特征或迹象便能看出或了解其意义,常作表语E.g. Fear was manifest on her face. 她脸上显露出惧怕的神情obvious a.明显的,显而易见的,含有无可辩白,不需明之意E.g. It’s obvious that you need more time to think. 显然你需要更多时间来思考distinct a.清楚的,明显的;不同的,独特的修饰性质明显不同的东西E.g. The lighthouse beam was quite distinct in the gathering dusk. 灯塔的光束在渐浓的暮色中清晰可见、applaud, clap, commend, praiseapplaud v.鼓掌,赞扬,指因精湛表演或某种行为得到别人的赞许,大声叫好或热烈鼓掌E.g. Every person stood to applaud his ungettable act of courage. 所有人起立为他不可磨灭的英勇之举鼓掌clap v.拍打,其用法是clap one’s handapplaud,不能说applaud one’s handsclap sb.为某人鼓掌,clap sth. 拍打某物E.g. Midge clapped her hands, calling them back to order. 米奇拍手示意他们安静下来commend v.为正式用词,用于对具体功绩或成就表示嘉奖,通常指上级对下级、长辈对晚辈的赞赏E.g. The reports commend her bravery. 报告称赞她的英勇praise v.为一般用词,用于对某人的优秀品质表示钦佩羡慕;赞颂,赞美E.g. The American president praised Turkey its courage. 美国总统称赞了土耳其的勇气3、area, district, region, vicinity, zone这一组词都有"区域"的意思area n.泛指面积较大的地区;面积;专业领域E.g. The survey was carried out in both urban and rural areas. 该调查在城市和乡村地区都开展了district n.行政区划的小范围地区E.g. This district used to grow cotton on a large scale. 这个地区过去大量种棉花region n.行政区划上更大的地区,如"自治区";身体部位E.g. Most of the countries in the region have unstable economies. 这个地区大多数国家的经济都不稳定vicinity n.周围地区,附近地区E.g. There were a hundred or so hotels in the vicinity of the station. 在车站附近有大约一左右的旅馆zone n.指特定的地方、地带E.g. Many people have stayed behind in the potential war zone. 许多人留在了可能会沦为交战区的地方、assembly, conference, congress, rally, seminar, session, summit, symposium都有"会议"的意思assembly n.集合,集会E.g. Any kind of assembly was suppressed in this country. 该国过去禁止一切形式的集会conference n. (专门性的)会议,讨论会E.g. The two parties clashed in the conference. 在会议中双方意见发生冲突congress n.代表大会,(美国的)国会E.g. The National People’s Congress is the supreme organ of state power. 全国人民代表大会是最高国家权力机关rally n. (鼓舞士气的)集会;群众性集会E.g. About three thousand people held a rally to mark international human rights day. 大约三千人举行集会以纪念国际人权日seminar n. (大学的)研究班,研讨会E.g. I attended almost every lecture and seminar when I was at college. 我上大学时,几乎每一个讲座和研讨会都去参加session n. (一届)会议,回合E.g. It seems that the suit has to hang over till its next session. 看来这个诉讼案得留到下次开庭时处理了summit n.最高级会议,峰会(通常为领导人参加)E.g. We have to hustle the preparations a summit meeting between the USA and China. 我们得赶快做好中美两国间最高级会晤的准备工作symposium n. (学术、科研方面的)座谈会,专题报告会E.g. He had been taking part in an international symposium on population. 他那时正参加一个有关人口问题的国际研讨会5、assessment, estimate, evaluation这一组名词都有"评估"的意思assessment n.评估,估价,常常表示对于财产、价值的评估E.g. There is little assessment of the damage to the natural environment. 几乎未对自然环境破坏程度做出评估estimate n.估计,强调进行评估得出的结果,常与give搭配E.g. The committee lacked a correct estimate of his ability. 委员会对他的能力缺乏正确的评价evaluation n. (对于能力,价值、工作业绩的)评价,估价,常带有肯定的、正确的含义E.g. We need to carry out a proper evaluation of the new system. 我们需要对这套新体系做出一个正确的评价

    . She told me a woman out on Fatback Key med a committee…" “Oh,yeah,that bullshit committee,…英汉翻译常见错误例析每天练(八)1) In recent years an interesting fact has been brought to public attention: As educational levels, salaries, and the cost of living have increased, more and more people are now having fewer and fewer children to the point where schools in many cities have to close down.

    声声慢 Slow, Slow SongI reached the corner, but a swift glance revealed that it was only a blind drive to the back of another building. I was half-turned in anticipation; I had to hurriedly correct and dash across the narrow drive, back to the sidewalk. The street ended at the next corner, where there was a stop sign. I concentrated on the faint footsteps behind me, deciding whether or not to run. They sounded farther back, though, and I knew they could outrun me in any case. I was sure to trip and go sprawling if I tried to go any faster. The footfalls were definitely farther back. I risked a quick glance over my shoulder, and they were maybe forty feet back now, I saw with relief. But they were both staring at me.我走到拐角处,飞快地瞥了一眼,发现那只是通往另一幢建筑物的断头路。我中途改变了主意。我不得不赶紧改变方向,冲过那条狭窄的车道,然后回到人行道上。这条道路在下一个拐角处中断了。那里有一个停下的标志。我把注意力集中在身后微弱的脚步声上,考虑着要不要逃跑。但是,他们听起来在背后更远的地方,而且我知道无论如何他们都会跑过我的。如果我试图跑快些,我一定会被绊到,然后躺倒在地上。脚步声显然是从后面更远的地方传来的。我冒险飞快地向肩膀后扫了一眼,然后宽慰地看到,他们现在在离我大概有四十英尺的距离。但他们都在盯着我。It seemed to take forever for me to get to the corner. I kept my pace steady, the men behind me falling ever so slightly farther behind with every step. Maybe they realized they had scared me and were sorry. I saw two cars going north pass the intersection I was heading for, and I exhaled in relief. There would be more people around once I got off this deserted street. I skipped around the corner with a grateful sigh.我似乎永远也不可能走到拐角处。我尽量让自己的步子踏得稳一些,那两个被我远远地抛在后面的男人每一步都走得那么的轻。也许是他们意识到自己吓着我了,所以感到抱歉。我看见两辆车一路向北开进了我正在前往的那个十字路口,我宽慰地松了口气。等我离开这条荒芜的街道的时候,周围一定会有更多人的。我轻快地跳过拐角,感激地叹了口气。And skidded to a stop.然后脚下一滑,停在那里。The street was lined on both sides by blank, doorless, windowless walls. I could see in the distance, two intersections down, streetlamps, cars, and more pedestrians, but they were all too far away. Because lounging against the western building, midway down the street, were the other two men from the group, both watching with excited smiles as I froze dead on the sidewalk. I realized then that I wasn#39;t being followed.这条街道两旁全是空白的,没有门窗的墙。我能看见在远处两个十字路口以外的地方,有街灯,有车流,还有更多的行人,但那些都太远了。因为在这条街的中部,在西边的建筑物旁闲逛着的,正是那伙人中另外两个。当我僵在人行道上的时候,他们都兴奋地笑着看着我。然后我意识到,我没有被跟踪。I was being herded.我被堵截了。《暮光之城》与图书题目相得益彰的是,“暮光之城”系列别具匠心的封面设计则很好地传达出了每本书内在的深远寓意。斯蒂芬妮·梅尔指出《暮色》封面上的苹果代表“创世纪” 内善恶树上的禁果。象征贝拉和爱德华之间人类与吸血鬼禁忌的爱恋。在书的开头引用了“创世纪”217页的内容:“只是分别善恶树上的果子,你不可吃,因为你吃的日子必定死。”这同时也代表了贝拉如何分辨善恶——选择是否吃下那颗禁忌的果实,这比喻了选择跟爱德华在一起或远离他。 Article/201307/247287

  英语能力>英语作文>初二英语作文 初二年级英语作文:About Me -- :58:31 来源:   I'm a middle school student. My name is ***. I am fifteen years old. I'm going to have a very big and important exam in June, which will be a turning point in my life. Although my school work is very busy, I still spend some free time listening to the music. It makes me feel relaxed. I don't have many hobbies, but I can play the piano pretty well. When I feel sad or lonely, I am going to play a little piece of music.  My grade is just so so, but I'm not worried. My parents always say that I'm lazy. Actually I just like to live in my own way. On the weeekends, I usually sleep until ten o'clock. As a girl in this age, I love shopping and pay more attention to my dresses. I even can go outside and play a whole day and don't feel tired.  I do not only like sleeping but also like eating. Hot and spicy food is my favourite, so I often get pimples.  That's me, not smart, but kind, not beautiful, but outgoing. I enjoy my original lifestyle.

  英语能力>英语作文>高考英语作文 高考英语满分作文范文:The Sunny Sports -- ::58 来源: 高考英语满分作文范文:The Sunny Sports Doing sport builds up our body strength and reduces diseases.运动使我们体力强大,让我们远离疾病困扰Though we lead a better life, our health is becoming worse now. So "EXERCISE ONE HOUR A DAY,KEEP ILLNESS AWAY" has been raised by the government.现在我们虽然生活得越来越好了,但是健康却越来越差了所以,政府提出了“一天锻炼一小时,疾病远离你”的口号At noon or after school we play ball games, swimming and running. Look!The playground seems smaller because lots of students are playing on it.The school life has become colorful and we are energetic.As a result we study harder and better.在中午或放学后,我们玩球,游泳和跑步瞧!操场看上去变小了,因为很多学生都在操场上玩学校生活变得丰富多,而我们也精力充沛,我们才能更努力,更好地学习The Sunny Sports has brought an exciting change to us. Let’s keep on doing it.阳光体育运动给我们带来了令人振奋的变化,让我们一直保持下去吧! 高考英语满分作文。

  读句子轻松学英语四级语法 第71节

  3、 译为相当于英语中的状语从句一样的译法:

  四六级资讯 年最新英语四级考试题型 --18 18::7 来源: 年最新英语四级考试题型  自年月考次起,全国大学英语四、六级考试委员会将对四、六级考试的试卷结构和测试题型作局部调整  年英语四级考试题型包括四大部分:作文、听力理解、阅读理解、翻译  大学英语四级和六级的试卷结构、测试内容、测试题型、分值比例和考试时间如下表所示:  题型说明:  1. 单词及词组听写  原复合式听写调整为单词及词组听写,短文长度及难度不变要求考生在听懂短文的基础上,用所听到的原文填写空缺的单词或词组,共题短文播放三遍  . 长篇阅读  原快速阅读理解调整为长篇阅读理解,篇章长度和难度不变篇章后附有个句子,每句一题每句所含的信息出自篇章的某一段落,要求考生找出与每句所含信息相匹配的段落有的段落可能对应两题,有的段落可能不对应任何一题  3. 翻译  原单句汉译英调整为段落汉译英翻译内容涉及中国的历史、文化、经济、社会发展等四级长度为0-0个汉字;六级长度为180-0个汉字  英语四级成绩在550分及以上可以报考口语,CET-SET 考试分三部分:  第一部分是考生和 CET 授权的主考进行交谈,采用问答的形式时间约 5 分钟  第二部分包括 1.5 分钟的考生个人发言和 .5 分钟的小组讨论时间共约 分钟  第三部分由主考再次提问以进一步确定考生的口头交际能力时间约 5 分钟 英语四级考试题型

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