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福建省泉州妇幼保健妇科泉州人民医院妇产科能洗涤罪恶?印度邮局官方出售恒河水 一瓶1.5元起售 -- 3::3 来源: 盼星星,盼月亮,印度人民迎喜讯据报道,印度邮局开始正式出售恒河水, 黄黄的不经过处理那种!一瓶0-500毫升的水的价格为-卢比(约合人民币1.5-.元) India’s national postal service is to deliver holy water from the River Ganges through the mail.据悉,印度邮局开始正式提供恒河水快递业务The water, known as Gangajal, will be bottled at two spots along the river - its source at Gangotri and the popular pilgrim town of Rishikesh - and sold in all post offices across the country, the Zee News website reports. Customers can also choose to have it delivered straight to their front doors. Government-run India Post says people can place orders the water online. Those who opt bottles from Rishikesh will pay rupees (法国水灾继续加重,卢浮宫将暂时关闭 -- :39: 来源: 卢浮宫决定于周五关闭,以保护起价值不菲的艺术藏品不受洪水破坏 Artwork of French street artist and photographer JR is displayed on the Louvre Pyramid in Paris, May 5, .图为法国街头艺术家兼摄影师JR在卢浮宫金字塔上展出的艺术作品,年5月5日,巴黎The Seine has burst some of its banks due to heavy rainfall.因连续暴雨,塞纳河已经冲垮了一些河堤As heavy rainfall floods Paris, the Louvre isn’t taking chances with its priceless art collection and will close on Friday to prevent water damage.由于巴黎的暴雨洪水,卢浮宫决定于周五关闭,以保护起价值不菲的艺术藏品不受洪水破坏The museum will move pieces from its underground stores to higher floors to keep them safe, according to a Thursday statement.该物馆将把储藏在地下的艺术品挪移至高出,以确保其安全无损,据周四一份声明说The Louvre is right next to the Seine river, which has risen ft above its normal levels due to rain over the past few weeks, AFP reports.卢浮宫紧挨着塞纳河,由于过去几周的连续降雨,水位上升了英尺以上,据法新社报道The Louvre had previously said its storage spaces were not under threat, as the underground areas are equipped with waterproof doors and flooding pumps.卢浮宫此前曾说其收藏空间不会受到威胁,因为其地下区域有防水门和洪水泵But as the Seine began bursting its banks in some places, the museum changed course.但由于塞纳河的一些河堤被冲垮,该物馆决定改变策略In the long term, the Louvre plans to move its underground art stores to another facility by 19 so they won’t be imperiled by the river.长久之计是,卢浮宫决定把其地下艺术储藏于19年移至另外一个空间,以避免河流威胁As the most-visited gallery in the world, the Louvre houses works by Van Gogh, Manet, Renoir and Gauguin, including the famed Mona Lisa.作为世界上客流量最多的展览馆,卢浮宫收藏了梵高,马奈,雷诺阿和高更的作品,包括著名的蒙娜丽莎.) 0ml, while Gangotri’s water is on sale at 5 rupees the same size.据印度Zee新闻网报道,这些被称为“Gangajal”的恒河水,将在恒河的两个地点灌装——一是恒河发源地Gangotri,二是恒河边的圣城Rishikesh——并将在全国所有邮局出售顾客也可以选择将恒河水直接快递到家门口印度国营邮局表示,人们还可以在网上下订单一瓶0毫升的Rishikesh恒河水,售价卢比(0.美元);而同样0毫升的Gangotri恒河水则售价5卢比The river is scared to Hindus who worship it as "Mother Ganges", but it has also become badly polluted with industrial waste, sewage and dead bodies. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has promised a huge clean-up operation, but India’s environment watchdog said in January that little had changed so far.恒河是印度的母亲河,被印度人顶礼膜拜然而,由于工业垃圾、城市污水以及死尸的大量泛滥,恒河已经被严重污染印度总理莫迪上任后发起了一项“大清理运动”,不过据环境部门在1月份透露,迄今为止效果甚微Small businesses operating close to the river point out they’ve been bottling and selling its water locally years, but admit that the post office’s plan is enormous by comparison. Businessman Subrata Khan says that initially his company filtered the water to make it "crystal clear", but that led to a dip in sales. "We understood that people were failing to relate with clean Gangajal," he tells The Times of India website. "So we stopped filtering it and it worked wonders."靠近恒河边的一些小作坊表示,他们已经灌装、出售恒河水多年了,不过,相比之下,邮局的这个计划是颇具野心的生意人Subrata Khan透露,最初,他的公司将恒河水过滤,使其看起来“清澈透明”,然而销量却开始下滑“我们意识到,当地人对清澈的恒河水并不买账,所以我们停止了过滤,原生态的恒河水反而大受欢迎”洛江区妇幼保健医院属于几级医院 重磅!奇虎360完成私有化交易 退市纽交所 -- :51: 来源: 下周一,奇虎360将正式从美国纽交所退市,其在国内的资本运作也将很快启动,一个千亿市值的公司即将在国内诞生 Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd. is to be de-listed from the New York Stock Exchange next Monday, one month earlier than a previously expected mid-August closing date the private equity-backed take-private transaction, according to Chinese media reports.据中国媒体报道:奇虎360下周一将从美国纽交所退市,比先前预计的八月中旬早一个月的时间,完成了私有化交易The departure from the New York bourse will mark the end of a -months process to complete the largest take-private deal of a U.S.-listed Chinese company.离开纽交所标志着,在美上市的中国公司为期个月、最大规模的私有化交易完成Back in June , Qihoo 360 received a preliminary non-binding proposal from its founder and a group of investors to take it private in a deal that values the Chinese software firm at approximately US.3 billion.追溯到年6月份,奇虎360收到来自创始人和一众投资者的初步非约束性私有化要约,这使这家中国软件公司的市值达到93亿美元Rumors soon emerged that the buyers, including chief executive Zhou Hongyi, CITIC Securities Co. Ltd., Golden Brick Capital Private Equity Fund I, China Renaissance Holdings Limited, and Sequoia Capital China I might lower their offering price as the Chinese stock market crashed last summer.谣言瞬间四起:包括公司董事长周鸿祎、中信券、华兴资本、金砖丝路资本控股(深圳)有限公司、红杉资本在内的买家,或因去年夏天中国股市的崩盘,而降低报价But investors held on to their original proposal, offering US per American Depository Share (ADS) in cash, a premium of .6% to the company’s last closing price bee the announcement.但是投资者们依然坚持最初提案,以每股美国存托股77美元的现金价出售,溢价.6%,这是该公司在此公告之前的最后一次收盘价Qihoo 360 raised US million via an initial public offering in , selling million shares at US$.5 per share.奇虎360,首次公开发行上市,以每股.5美元出售00万股,共筹集了1亿7500万美元八个月大的潮流女娃:绝对比你时尚! -- :3:56 来源: Smiling up at the camera, wearing coloured headbands and fashion-ward patterned jumpsuits, this model has all the makings of an Instagram style queen – except that she is only eight months old.  镜头前,她面带微笑,头戴色发带,身穿时尚图案的连衣裤这个小模特具备了一个Instagram时尚小天后的所有特质——尽管她只有八个月大  Tiny Freya is still too young to stand up - but that hasn't stopped the adorable youngster from becoming one of Britain's most stylish babies.  蒂尼·弗雷亚太小,还不能站立——但是这丝毫不能阻止这个可爱的萌娃成为英国最潮宝贝之一  Mum, Kirsty Whelan, 6, has photographed Freya in bright and eclectic outfits since she was just weeks old.  弗雷亚的妈妈,科斯蒂·蕙兰,6岁,在弗雷亚周大的时候,就给她穿色各异的个性装,并拍照留念  Freya has become a representative baby clothes companies who send her clothes to model on Instragram.  弗雷亚已经是一些婴儿饰公司的代言人,这些公司会寄一些衣给她试穿,并拍照传到Instagram上  Kirsty, studied textiles and was inspired to start creating outfits of her own Freya.  科斯蒂在研究纺织面料,并受启发开始为弗雷亚设计和制作自己原创的衣  Kirsty is getting requests from as far away as the US and Australia from mums clamouring to get hold of Freya's outfits.  科斯蒂已经收到了来自美国和澳大利亚的妈妈们想要弗雷亚衣的诉求  Eclectic and bright: Kirsty teams her homemade clothes with items from Gap, Mini River Island and Primark.  色鲜艳而个性:科斯蒂将她自制的衣用不同标签进行分类,以此同Gap,Mini River Island 和 Primark这些品牌的衣区分开来  Loving the limelight: Kirsty will continue posting pictures of Freya online, as long as Freya is happy to model.  爱在聚光灯下的潮娃:只要弗雷亚乐意,科斯蒂将会继续在网上晒出弗雷亚的照片泉州市妇女医院产科

泉州新阳光做人流怎么样威廉王子为女王自传作序 -- :5:53 来源: 威廉王子为女王自传作序Prince William pays tribute to the Queen's 'life of service'Prince William has written movingly of the "example and continuity" provided by the Queen throughout the turbulent decades of her long rein.威廉王子动情写道,女王在其漫长的任期中经历了动荡的几十年,她“立下了典范,为国家务矢志不渝”Writing in the preface to a new biography of his grandmother, the Duke of Cambridge said she had presided over a period of unprecedented transmation, in which the world had changed "almost beyond recognition".剑桥公爵(Duke of Cambridge)为祖母的新传记作序,他写道,女王任期间,世界发生了前所未有、“翻天覆地”的变革Prince William, in his preface to Elizabeth II: The Steadfast, by the mer Home and eign Secretary Lord Hurd, writes: "Over the last ninety years, the world has changed more rapidly than at any time in history. When my grandmother The Queen was born in 196, the wounds of the Great War were still healing, but few would imagine how soon they would be reopened. The confidence of the previous century had morphed into uncertainty and many worried – as they still do – about the challenge presented to our commies by rapid technological and social change."前英国内政兼外交大臣赫德男爵(Home and eign Secretary Lord Hurd)创作了女王自传《伊丽莎白二世:坚定不移(Elizabeth II: The Steadfast)威廉王子在该书的序言中写道,“过去90年间,世界变化之快超过了历史上任何时期当我的祖母——女王伊丽莎白二世于196年降生时,一战留下的创伤还在愈合期,但是很少有人会料想到,不久之后,历史的创伤将被再次揭开人们在上个世纪的自信转变成了不确定性科技发展和社会变革对我们的社会提出了挑战,许多人对此表示担忧,这种担忧一直延续至今”Prince William adds: "After almost ninety years, we find ourselves in a world that has changed dramatically, almost beyond recognition to the world that The Queen was born into, but where the role of charity, family, duty and compassion perseveres. I think I speak my generation when I say that the example and continuity provided by The Queen is not only very rare among leaders but a great source of pride and reassurance. Time and again, quietly and modestly, The Queen has shown us all that we can confidently embrace the future without compromising the things that are important.”"威廉王子还写道:“将近90年之后,世界的面貌发生了巨大改变与女王出生时的世界相比,这种变化可以说是翻天覆地的,但女王慈善、家庭、责任及热情这些原则却始终如一我想,我可以代表我这一代人发言,女王立下的典范及为国家务的矢志不渝,不仅在领袖中极为罕见,而且给人民带来巨大的自豪感和慰藉一次又一次,女王以平静而谦虚的方式向我们所有人展示,我们既能自信地拥抱未来,同时也能坚守重要的价值”"From a personal point of view, I am privileged to witness the private side of The Queen, as a grandmother and great-grandmother. The Queen’s kindness and sense of humour, her innate sense of calm and perspective, and her love of family and home are all attributes I experience first-hand. All of us who will inherit the legacy of my grandmother"s reign and generation need to do all we can to celebrate and learn from her story. Speaking myself, I am privileged to have The Queen as a model a life of service to the public."“从个人角度来说,我很荣幸能见女王作为祖母、曾祖母时私人的一面我亲身体会到了女王的慈爱和幽默感,她与生俱来的冷静和远见,以及他对家人和家庭的爱祖母的任期和她所处在的世代将给我们留下宝贵的财富,我们都应尽自己的所能,颂扬、学习她的人生故事女王一生都在为人民务就我个人来说,我很荣幸能有这样的榜样”Prince William also pays tribute to the role played by his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, in supporting the Queen throughout her 63-year reign. He writes: "I should add that no mention of The Queen is complete without paying tribute to my grandfather Prince Philip, who has devoted his life to supporting her."威廉王子也对其祖父爱丁堡公爵(Duke of Edinburgh)致敬,赞颂祖父在女王63年任期中提供的持他写道,“我应该补充一句,提到女王,就不得不向我的祖父菲利普亲王致以敬意他毕生都是女王的持者”The book comes as the country prepares to celebrate the moment, on September 9, when the Queen's becomes Britain's longest-reigning monarch – overtaking the record set by Queen Victoria.今年9月9日,女王伊丽莎白二世将成为英国史上在位最久的君主,打破之前维多利亚女王的记录随着英国人民准备庆祝这一时刻,这本自传也即将出版Although the Queen had insisted she wanted no fuss to be made, the landmark will be recognised with a range of souvenir china and photographic exhibitions at three royal palaces. On the day itself the Queen will be opening a new railway line in Scotland and taking a ride in a carriage pulled by a steam train. 虽然女王坚持不想兴师动众,但是为庆祝这一里程碑式的日子,三座皇家宫殿将推出一系列的纪念品瓷器和摄影展纪念日当天,女王将启动苏格兰一条新铁路线路开通仪式,并搭乘蒸汽火车Elizabeth II: The Steadfast will be published on August 7 by Penguin Books, as part of series of short histories of Britain's sovereigns entitled Penguin Monarchs.《伊丽莎白二世:坚定不移将于8月7日由企鹅出版集团发布这部自传属于题为“企鹅君主”(Penguin Monarchs)的英国君主简史系列之一英文来源:每日电讯报译者:Zoella泉州做人流要多少钱呀 最萌国际明星红毯秀:小鲜肉来袭 -- ::3 来源:sohu ToddleWood的摄影艺术家Tricia Messeroux为孩子们提供了红毯变装的机会!Messeroux通常和三至六岁的孩子合作,把他们打扮得和金球奖红毯上的明星一模一样这些孩子经过设计师们的精心打造,各个都成了红毯达人啊! Photographer Tricia Messeroux of Toddlewood gives kids a red carpet makeover! Messeroux normally works with children between the ages of 3 and 6, and in this makeover series she transmed them into looking exactly how the famous celebrities looked walking down the red carpet at the Golden Globes. These kids got the full makeover experience including designer, costumes, hair and makeup. Can you say, ;Red carpet experience?!; 1. 詹妮弗;劳伦斯 Jennifer Lawrence . 蒂娜;菲amp;艾米;波勒Tina Fey amp; Amy Poehler 3. 克里基娜;兰西克 Giuliana Rancic . 凯莉;奥斯本 Kelly Osbourne 5. 露皮塔;尼永奥 Lupita Nyong’o 6. 宝拉;巴顿 Paula Patton 7. 切瓦特;埃加福特amp;萨里;默瑟Chiwetel Ejio amp; Sari Mercer 8. 索菲娅;维加拉 Sofia Vergara泉州leep刀手术费用

福建泉州市妇幼医院网上预约系统想加薪?多跳槽,就能多赚钱 --9 :35:19 来源:中国日报 Young workers are earning less because they don't switch jobs enough, experts are warning.专家称,近来年轻职工的收入越来越低,原因就是他们换工作不够频繁Despite record growth in employment, the number of times employees move roles has fallen over the past decade, the Resolution Foundation think tank says.决议基金会智囊团认为,在过去的十年中,虽然就业率创纪录地增长,但是从业人员更换工作的次数却减少了Hourly pay to 9-year-olds only recovered last year to its 00 level, according to its report.根据报告显示,去年岁至9岁从业人员的时薪只恢复到00年的水平Young workers' pay would be 3% higher if job mobility had not slowed, it adds.报告中还说,要是就业流动性没有下降的话,年轻从业人员的薪资就能提高3%The Foundation's senior policy analyst Laura Gardiner said: ;Frequent job moves are the main route to the rapid pay increases young people should experience as they begin their working lives, so it is a real concern that job switching slowed down all groups, and particularly young people, even bee the recession hit.该基金会的高级政策分析师劳拉;加德纳认为,;年轻人迅速加薪的主要途径就是频繁更换工作,这是他们初入职场的必经之路即使是在经济衰退之前,对所有群体来说,工作更换的速度放缓下来颇让人担忧,尤其是年轻人;Unpicking the reasons why young people are staying put in their jobs longer is crucial to understanding whether job switching can return to its previous level, or whether we are seeing a lsquo;new normal' of fewer job moves and subsequent slower pay growth generations to come.;;仔细分析年轻人在同个岗位待得时间更长,这对理解以下两点十分重要:一是更换工作的频率能否回到先前水平;二是随着更换工作次数减少,下一代人薪资增长速度越来越慢,这种情况是否会变成lsquo;新常态';Less frequent job moves among young people deepened their pay squeeze by a third during the downturn, the report says.该报告指出,在经济大萧条期间,由于更换工作次数的减少,年轻人的薪资比原来少了三分之一It could permanently slash their earnings potential in the labour market, experts fear.针对以上情况,专家担心这样会长久地削弱劳动力市场中年轻群体的收入潜力Job mobility ndash; the frequency at which people move from one job to another ndash; is a strong predictor of faster earnings growth.工作流动性,即人们更换工作的频率,可以很好地预测人们收入增长的速度And the ;switching premium; ndash; the pay boost from changing jobs compared to staying put ndash; is particularly strong young people.而;转换溢价;,即换工作比待在原岗位增加收入,这点在年轻群体中表现尤为突出Between and , pay growth among 18-9-year-olds who switched jobs was .7 times higher than those who stayed in their existing positions.年到年间,在18-9岁年龄层的群体中,跳槽的人薪资增长水平比留在原有岗位工作的人高了.7倍Ms Gardiner urged young workers - dubbed the ;Millennial generation; - to move to earn more.加德纳女士敦促被称为;新千年一代;的年轻职员,要多换工作来赚更多的钱She added: ;Unless we want to see a long term scarring effect on the wages of future generations, Millennials must regain confidence and increase the frequency with which they move jobs, and firms must be more willing to take them on.;她补充道:;我们都不愿看到下一代人在薪酬方面长期受到负面影响,所以年轻一代需要重拾信心,多换换工作,而且公司需要更乐于接纳这些年轻人;Vocabularydownturn: 衰退(经济方面) <牛人_句子>泉州女子医院官网泉州新阳光医院



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