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福建省中心医院专家泉州现在流产要花多少钱There is no more terrifying speech to make than a toast, because none is more prone to disaster. Even Mark Twain, at the height of his fame, confessed that he #39;was in awful terror#39; as he climbed onto a table to toast Gen. Ulysses S. Grant.再没有比致祝酒辞更令人恐怖的讲话了,因为它极易酿成一场灾难。就连马克?吐温在如日中天时也承认,当他爬上一张桌子向尤利西斯?S?格兰特(Ulysses S. Grant)将军敬酒时,他“感到心惊胆寒”。The 14 speakers who went before Twain that night had taken more than six hours. In an age where the only other entertainment option was picking lice off a mule, listening to speeches was the equivalent of going to an Arcade Fire concert.当晚在马克?吐温之前致辞的14个人花了逾六小时时间。在那个时代,除了演讲,其他活动就只有从骡子身上抓虱子,听演讲就相当于参加一场拱廊之火(Arcade Fire)摇滚乐队的音乐会。Today, however, we live in a world of diversions. I often find myself telling my kids, #39;Get off your phone and watch the TV!#39; Given our communal attention deficit, the pressure has mounted on toasts to be fast, funny and heartfelt as hell. Plus the stakes are higher: Your talk will likely appear on YouTube for the rest of time, popping up when the person you just met through OkCupid Googles your name.然而,如今我们生活在一个活动十分丰富的世界里。我常常对孩子说:“别玩手机了,看电视!”鉴于注意力短缺已成为一种通病,致祝酒辞的压力越来越大,要能快快说完,还要说得极其搞笑,极其诚挚。此外,风险也变大了:你说的话可能会一直放在YouTube上,你刚在交友网站OkCupid上遇到的人只要用谷歌搜索你的名字,它就会跳出来。So here are some tips to navigate the toasting minefield.以下是引导你安全通过祝酒辞雷区的一些小贴士。1. Don#39;t make it about you. The sneaky insertion of self-congratulation is the Speech-Transmitted Disease of our times. For instance, #39;Years ago I was marching up the ladder at Pamp;G and Jon supported my idea of adding a touch of gunpowder to Attack Body Spray. The success of Attack led to my becoming V.P. of Teen Odor Control. That#39;s the kind of guy Jon is.#39;1. 不要自吹自擂。借致辞之机偷偷自我吹嘘一番,是我们这个时代的“讲话传播病”。例如:“很多年前我在宝洁(Pamp;G)打拼的时候,乔恩(Jon)持我在攻击牌身体喷雾(Attack Body Spray)里加一点火药的想法。攻击牌的成功让我成为青少年体味控制(Teen Odor Control)部门副总裁。乔恩就是这样的人。”Nope. That#39;s the kind of guy you are. You#39;re there to say nice things about your friend or relative, so do just that. Your dead aunt wasn#39;t special because she was the inspiration for your still-available-on-Amazon novel about an English professor at Smith. We all crave praise and more sales, but this isn#39;t the time or place -- wait until you get married or die, and then maybe someone will deliver a nice, selfless toast about you.乔恩可不是这样的人,你才是。你到场应该是为了说说你亲友的好话,那就这样做就好了。你过世的姑姑很特别,但并不是因为她启发了你的灵感,使你创作了那本讲述史密斯学院(Smith)一名英文教授的故事、至今在亚马逊上仍未售罄的小说。我们都渴望受赞扬,渴望推销自己,但现在并不是恰当的时间和场合──等你结婚或去世时,或许会有人为你致一番漂亮、无私的祝酒辞。2. Keep it short. Unless you#39;re Louis C.K., people don#39;t want to hear you talk a lot. What#39;s the one thing they actually want from you? More time to go play Candy Crush.2. 保持短小精悍。除非你是喜剧演员路易斯?C?K(Louis C.K.),否则没人想听你长篇大论。听众真正想让你做的是什么呢?是让他们有更多时间玩糖果粉碎传奇(Candy Crush)。Three minutes is the perfect toast length, and since you#39;re not allowed to talk about yourself, how much is there really to say, right? The moment you go over five minutes, the interior monologue of every guest at the party is, #39;Please shut up, please shut up . . .#39; Give people the gift of surprise and delight by finishing up fast.祝酒辞的最佳时长是三分钟,既然不允许你谈自己,那还有什么好说的呢,对吗?祝酒辞只要超过五分钟,派对上所有客人心里都会开始嘀咕:“拜托你闭嘴,拜托你闭嘴……”请你快一点结束,给人们带去些许惊喜和快乐吧。3. Embarrassing isn#39;t the same as funny. An embarrassing story is like nitroglycerin -- you might get it to the Nazi bridge in time, but it#39;s more likely you#39;ll blow up your own Jeep instead.3. 别把难堪当有趣。让人难堪的故事就像硝化甘油──你也许能及时把它放到纳粹(Nazi)的桥上,但可能性更大的是你炸掉了自己的吉普车。The problem is the audience#39;s lack of context. They weren#39;t there with you, or as drunk as you, when Rajiv threw the stuffed tomato and knocked the dean off her bike. Also, the embarrassing story is often the only thing that everyone remembers from the event. Fifty years from now, people won#39;t recall a word that the minister said at the wedding. What they will have embedded in their minds is the image you painted of Jennifer relieving herself in Casey#39;s aquarium.症结在于听众不知道故事的来龙去脉。当拉吉夫(Rajiv)冲着系主任扔酿番茄,让她从自行车上摔下来的时候,他们并不在场,也没有像你一样喝醉。还有,难堪的故事通常是派对结束后大家记住的唯一一件事。五十年之后,牧师在婚礼上说了什么大家一个词也想不起来了。但你描述的那幅珍妮弗(Jennifer)在凯茜(Casey)的鱼缸里方便的画面会铭刻在他们的脑海里。Yes, you feel pressed to be funny, but the humiliating story doesn#39;t have much of an upside. And the downside? Waking up in a cold sweat for the rest of your life. Go with short and heartfelt instead.没错,你迫切想要表现得风趣,但讲些令人难堪的故事并没有什么好处。那坏处呢?你余生的每一天都会在一身冷汗中醒来。还是说点简短、诚挚的话吧。4. Pick one story, maybe two. Toasters often ramble from one anecdote to the next, turning their speech into a trail mix of stories, frustrating listeners desperate to find an Mamp;M. Choose a single theme about your subject -- Shannon looks like the Mona Lisa; Bob would have made a great trapped Chilean miner -- and pick a story or two that let you say something amusing or sweet to slam that theme through the hoop.4. 选择一个故事,两个也可以。致祝酒辞的人常常会从一则轶事扯到另一则轶事,把致辞变成了故事大杂烩,使急着想找颗Mamp;M巧克力豆来吃的听众沮丧不已。请为你的致辞选择一个单一主题──比如,香农(Shannon)长得像蒙娜?丽莎(Mona Lisa);鲍勃(Bob)本来有望成为被困井下的伟大智利矿工)──然后选择一两个合适的故事,使你能用有趣或温馨的话来把你的主题讲透。5. Write and rehearse. Don#39;t even think about winging it. Write your toast down, then print it on note cards, because when you pull out big sheets of paper people#39;s hearts sink. Practice the toast out loud at least five times in front of your cat (dogs are too easy an audience). You can memorize the speech, but bring your cards anyway -- it#39;s easy to go blank in front of friends whose pensions you put into Enron stock in 1999.5. 写下来并事先演练。即兴发挥?想都不要去想。把你的祝酒辞写下来,然后打印在记事卡上,因为如果你拿出大张大张的纸,人们的心情立马就会沉重。当着你的猫(让做听众太简单了)的面至少大声演练五遍。你可以把演讲辞背下来,但还是要带上记事卡──要是你在1999年把朋友的养老金投进了安然公司(Enron)的股票,现在你面对他们的时候,大脑会很容易变成一片空白。Twain reported that his toast was a hit -- it #39;shook [Grant] up like dynamite.#39; No pressure, but I#39;ll be tracking your toast#39;s success on YouTube.马克?吐温说,他的祝酒辞很成功──像炸药一样震撼了(格兰特)。”我不是有意给你施加压力,但我会上Youtube看你的祝酒辞说得成不成功。 /201311/266170泉州无痛打胎贵不贵 SEOUL PLANS FIRST SATELLITE LAUNCH South Korea plans to make its first satellite launch today in a step that could test North Korea's commitment to recent rapprochement moves and rekindle fears of an Asian arms race.Although North Korea's self-claimed satellite launch in April appeared to have failed, the growing technological prowess demonstrated by firing a long-range rocket unnerved politicians in Seoul. Seoul has also been eager to demonstrate its capabilities as China, India and particularly Japan have moved into space missions.Japan has set next month for the debut launch of a new unmanned resupply spacecraft for the International Space Station.South Korea's government has been unabashed in wanting its space programme expanded with an eye to putting astronauts into space. Russian rockets have in the past carried South Korean satellites and, last year, the first Korean astronaut. Russia has also provided critical assistance for South Korea's rocket programme.North Korea insists its rocket launch in April marked the successful launch of a satellite that is now beaming patriotic anthems from space. The US, South Korea and Japan contest this and say Pyongyang was simply upgrading its ballistic weapons. Stung by UN Security Council sanctions over the launch, Pyongyang has said it expects the UN to show impartiality by condemning South Korea's rocket launch.“North Korea's reaction will be a barometer of how committed it is to the recent positive trend,” said Andrew Gilholm, senior analyst at Control Risks, the security consultancy, referring to a recent thawing of ties between Seoul and Pyongyang.Pyongyang has freed US and South Korean detainees and has pledged to co-operate on investment and tourism projects.After North Korea's launch, politicians in the south complained South Korea was being held back by its adherence to the Missile Technology Control Regime, an informal agreement with the US that restricted southern scientists to working on ballistic missiles with a range of less than 300km. North Korea's rocket flew about 3,000km. /200908/81783According to the News.ninemsn.com on February 9, a posted on YouTube shows a US man has created a helmet capable of shaving a person's head in a matter of seconds.据国外网站 "the News.ninemsn.com" 2月9日报道,YouTube网站一段视频显示,一位美国男子发明了一种可以理发的头盔,只需几十秒,就可以瞬间剃头。The helmet device injects shaving cream and operates four razors simultaneously, and appears to provide a clean, tidy and safe haircut in 20 seconds.头盔装置中注入剃须膏,并有4个刀片同时运作,只需20秒就可以理一个干净、整洁的光头,安全可靠。 /201102/125693安溪县妇女医院彩超检查好吗

福建泉州新阳光妇科医院报价泉州治疗淋菌性尿道炎哪家好啊 We love our smartphones (in part) because they're flexible, in the sense that they are mighty multitasking machines. Researchers from Queen's University in Ontario Canada, however, want flexible phones in a literal sense -- less five-tool player, and more master contortionist. Using a ductile e-ink display and elastic electronic underpinnings, they created a device called the PaperPhone that literally bends to its user's will. Curling the corners of the device isn't just for show, either, as folding the phone is how users navigate s and make calls. We aren't completely sold on the idea of a bend-based UI, but we're definitely digging the lithe and lightweight phone form factor. Video of the new flexi-phone is after the break.目前看到的还是简陋的实验产品,这个东东由加拿大 Queen 大学的研究人员开发,结合了弹性触摸屏幕技术,和智能手机系统。据说灵感来自Flexible 弹性触摸屏和柔性电子墨水技术的发展。这玩意只有纸片薄大小,可以触摸,屏幕为很白色的电子墨水技术显示。除此之外搭载了一个他们自制的手机系统,可查看联系人,打电话,手写短信东东。在测试中,一哥们竟然将它绑在了手上[Orz]看视频。 /201105/134906惠安县看妇科多少钱

泉州新阳光医院正规吗An ingenious but slightly ominous #39;laser death test#39; has been developed by scientists that can tell you how long you have left to live.这是一个了不起的发明,但对很多人来说却也很避讳——测试你什么时候去世。是的,科学家发明了激光测试死亡日期的方法,可以算出你能活多久。A simple and painless laser pulse applied to the skin analyses endothelial cell that lines the capillaries, reports the Sunday Times.《星期日时报》报道,一种简单无痛的激光脉冲发可以通过皮肤的毛细血管去分析内皮细胞。Oscillations in these cells are used to determine the a person#39;s time of imminent death as well as testing for diseases such as cancer and dementia.通过细胞的震荡周律推测出人的寿命,同时,也能测试出是否有风险患癌症和痴呆等疾病。The research has been conducted by Aneta Stefanovska and Peter McClintock, physics professors from Lancaster University and is funded by government grants.这个科研项目由政府出资,其执行人是英国兰卡斯特大学的教授Aneta Stefanovska 和 Peter McClintock,The laser is applied through a wristwatch-style device and a working version is expected to be in use within three years.这种激光设备像手表,这项设备希望在两年内投入使用。There have been a number of advances in predicting ageing in recent years.近年来,关于人类老龄化的研究已经取得了许多的成果。A blood test has aly been developed that can determine how quickly you will age and help stave off diseases associated with older life.血液测验已经达到了可以测验出你什么时候开始衰老,从而可以预防和解决很多进入老龄后会患的疾病。Professor Tim Spector, from King#39;s College London, told the Daily Mail: ;Scientists have known for a long time that a person#39;s weight at the time of birth is an important determinant of health in middle and old age, and that people with low birth weight are more susceptible to age related diseases.英国伦敦国王学院的教授Tim Spector告诉报社记者“科学家们都知道,一个人出生时的体重是中年和老年健康评估的一个重要参数。出生体重过低的人会更容易在年老的时候患病。;So far the molecular mechanisms that link low birth weight to health or disease in old age had remained elusive, but this discovery has revealed one of the molecular pathways involved.;“到目前为止,出生体重过低和年老健康问题的分子机理任然不是很清晰,但这个研究揭示了分子的路径参对未来健康是有影响的 /201308/251963 Japan’s biggest trading company and Asia’s richest man have teamed up in an 0m aircraft leasing joint venture, betting that cheap debt and strong demand from low-cost carriers will sustain a multiyear boom.日本最大贸易公司三菱(Mitsubishi Corp)与亚洲首富李嘉诚将联手创建一家规模为8亿美元的合资飞机租赁公司。他们认为,廉价贷款和来自低成本运营商的强大需求将延续飞机租赁热。Mitsubishi Corp will get the venture started by selling it 15 of the 79 planes owned by its aviation finance unit, MC Aviation Partners. MCAP, which is wholly-owned by Mitsubishi, will contribute 40 per cent of the venture’s equity, with the remainder coming from Cheung Kong Holdings, the main investment vehicle of Li Ka-shing, the Hong Kong-based billionaire.三菱将首先把旗下航空金融部门MCAP(MC Aviation Partners)拥有的79架飞机中的15架售予该合资公司。MCAP由三菱全资所有,将为合资公司贡献40%的股本,剩下的将来自李嘉诚旗下主要投资机构长江实业(Cheung Kong Holdings)。The planes – new, narrow-body aircraft from Airbus and Boeing – have a combined appraisal value of about 0m, according to MCAP. Assuming that banks provide loans of between 60 per cent and 80 per cent of that value, the partners will contribute equity of 0m to 0m.MCAP称,这些飞机的评估价值总计约8亿美元,为空客( Airbus)和波音(Boeing)生产的窄体新飞机。假设新公司能获得相当于这一评估价值60%至80%的贷款,两家公司还将出资1.60亿美元至3.20亿美元。Within a few years, the aim was to build the venture’s assets to about bn, said Hiroshi Nakanishi, general manager of Mitsubishi’s aviation business department. He noted that demand from budget airlines was expected to push the share of leased planes within the global fleet to about half in five to ten years, from 40 per cent now.三菱航空业务部门总经理Hiroshi Nakanishi表示,新公司的目标是几年内将资产扩大到50亿美元左右。他预计,廉价航空公司的需求将在5到10年内,将租赁飞机占全球飞机总数的比例从现在的40%推升至一半左右。“Depending on discussions with Cheung Kong, more planes could be transferred,” Mr Nakanishi said. “But we need to source new planes from the market.”“根据与长江实业的谈判,可能会有更多飞机转移到新公司,”Hiroshi Nakanishi表示,“但我们需要从市场采购新飞机。”Mr Li is known for his preference for infrastructure in countries with stable regulatory and common law systems. In August, Cheung Kong said it was in talks to buy a bn fleet of 100 aircraft put up for sale by Awas, a European lessor owned by Terra Firma, the private equity group.李嘉诚多年来一直倾向于在有着稳定监管和普通法体系的国家投资于当地基础设施。今年8月,长江实业曾表示,正就以50亿美元购入欧洲租赁公司Awas拍卖的100架飞机展开谈判。Awas由私人股本集团Terra Firma所有。 /201411/340972泉州治疗阴道外阴肿瘤哪里做泉州新阳光医院是公办的吗



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