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The bidding battle for Avolon has ended with Bohai Leasing, a unit of the Chinese aviation and shipping company HNA, snapping up the Dublin-based aircraft leasing company in a deal valuing its equity at just over .5bn.围绕Avolon的竞购战已经结束,中国航空和航运公司海航集团(HNA Group)旗下的渤海租赁(Bohai Leasing)将这家总部位于都柏林的飞机租赁公司纳入囊中。这笔交易对Avolon的股本估值达到略高于25亿美元。It beat out AVIC Capital, a subsidiary of state-owned Aviation Industry Corp of China, which began talks with US-listed Avolon a year ago. Aircraft leasing is attracting growing attention and dollars in Asia, with Japan’s Mitsubishi Corp and Hong Kong-based billionaire Li Ka-shing among recent investors.渤海租赁击败了中航资本(Avic Capital),后者是国有的中国航空工业集团(China Aviation Industry Corp)旗下子公司,一年前与在美国上市的Avolon开启谈判。飞机租赁业务在亚洲吸引了越来越多的关注和投资,日本三菱(Mitsubishi Corp)和香港亿万富翁李嘉诚(Li Ka-shing)近年都投资于该业务。Bohai secured its prize early on Friday with an offer of a share, a share below its previous offer and a 31 per cent premium to the undisturbed share price on July 13. Including debt, the price equates to an enterprise value of .6bn.渤海租赁周五早间以每股31美元赢得竞购,该报价比此前报价低1美元,较7月13日未宣布竞购消息前的股价有31%的溢价。交易价格包括承担Avolon的债务,相当于76亿美元的企业价值。The deal, approved by Avolon’s board, is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2016.该交易已得到Avolon董事会的批准,预计在2016年第一季度完成。It has been a fraught battle but one with generous rewards for Avolon’s investors, which include private equity groups Cinven, CVC and Oak Hill. Avolon listed last December at a share.这是一场一波三折的并购战,但它为包括私人股本集团Cinven、CVC和Oak Hill在内的Avolon的投资者带来了丰厚回报。Avolon于去年12月上市,发行价为每股20美元。Bohai was forced to sweeten its initial offer of a share for a 20 per cent stake in July to the following month after an informal rival offer emerged, understood to be from AVIC Capital, a subsidiary of Aviation Industry Corp of China.今年7月,渤海租赁最初提出以每股26美元收购Avolon 20%的股份,但在8月据信来自中航资本的非正式报价出现后,该公司不得不将报价提高至每股32美元。The two companies said the agreed price of , trimmed by , “reflects significant volatility across global equity markets”. Bohai had agreed to raise its break fee by 0m to 0m, “to provide greater certainty of value and reflecting its commitment to the transaction.”两家公司表示,双方最终商定的31美元(即降低1美元)的价格,“反映出全球股市的巨动”。渤海此前同意将分手费提高1亿美元,至3.5亿美元,“以让交易价值更具确定性,并反映出其对该笔交易的承诺”。Denis Nayden, Avolon chairman, said Bohai would bring profile and China relationships to the group. The China market, he said, offers “one of the most compelling growth opportunities in global aviation over the next two decades”.Avolon董事长丹尼斯蔠筑(Denis Nayden)表示,渤海将为Avolon带来知名度和中国市场的人脉。他说,“在未来的20年内,中国市场将提供全球航空业最吸引人的增长机遇之一”。Bohai, which is listed in Shenzhen, is a subsidiary of HNA, which is privately owned and focuses on aircraft, shipping and tourism.在深圳上市的渤海租赁是海航旗下子公司,海航是一家私人控股企业,从事航空、航运和旅游业务。Avolon, one of the world’s fastest-growing aircraft leasing businesses, last month reported a better than expected second quarter, recording net income of .6m for the three months to the end of June 30, up 133 per cent compared with the same time last year. Revenue rose 38 per cent to 3.9m.Avolon是全球增长最为迅速的飞机租赁企业之一,该公司上月发布的二季度业绩超出预期,在截止6月30日的3个月里实现净利润5560万美元,同比增长133%。营收增长38%,至1.839亿美元。 /201509/397103

Facebook is really two companies for the price of one: A really nifty, visionary, we’re-going-to-change-the-world innovator and a mind-numbingly technocratic/grind-it-out money-making machine.社交网站Facebook有两张面孔:一张是时髦且富有远见、志在改变世界的创新者;另一张则是单调乏味技术专家式加埋头苦干的赚钱机器。Let’s take the second first. The company reported full-year earnings Wednesday, and by any measure Facebook is an impressive business. Largely by selling ads that run on cell phones, Facebook’s 2014 revenue increased 58% to .5 billion. The company earned almost billion. Nearly 900 million people used Facebook daily during December.我们先来看看Facebook的后一张面孔。上周三,该公司公布了全年营收,不论以何种标准来衡量,其业绩都相当不错。2014年,Facebook的营收增长58%,达到125亿美元,主要来自移动端广告销售。Facebook2014年净利润将近30亿美元。截至去年12月,每天有近9亿人使用Facebook。Unless your exceedingly interested in the intricacies of advertising technology, there’s almost nothing interesting about how Facebook makes money. Listening to a discussion of its financial results is a forced march through the muddy fields of organic impressions, increasing velocity of advertising efficiency, right-hand rails, and the like. In discussing Facebook’s desire to be a good partner to software developers, Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg referred to the company’s efforts at building a “cross-platform platform.” Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, piped in that “our ultimate goal is to be the critical business partner to our clients.”除非你对复杂难懂的广告技术非常感兴趣,否则,Facebook的盈利模式听起来相当无趣。听人讨论其财务业绩,简直好比在泥地里强行推进,令人痛苦不堪,耳边充斥着各种术语:有机曝光次数、广告投放率递增速度、右侧栏,凡此种种,不一而足。谈到Facebook希望成为软件开发者很好的合作伙伴,公司创始人兼首席执行官马克o扎克伯格称,Facebook正努力建设“跨平台平台”。Facebook首席运营官谢丽尔o桑德伯格插话道:“我们的最终目标,是成为客户的关键商业伙伴。”Yawn-inducing, perhaps, but powerful too. Facebook now gets nearly 70% of its revenue from mobile devices, up from nothing a few short years ago. Considering its rapid growth, it is astounding that revenue from ads that run on desktop computers re only growing at a 1% clip for Facebook. It’s worth repeating: Not very long ago desktop ads were all that Facebook had. Facebook also has a balance sheet nearly as big as its 2014 revenues: It ended the year with .2 billion in cash.这种话或许令人大打哈欠,但却富有感染力。Facebook目前近70%的收入来自移动设备端,而就在短短几年前,移动端收入几乎为零。相较于其高速增长,Facebook台式电脑端广告营收的增速仅1%,不由得令人震惊。值得一提的是,就在不久前,Facebook几乎全部收入都来自电脑端广告。Facebook当前资产负债表上的现金规模几乎可媲美其2014全年营收:截至2014年底,该公司坐拥112亿美元现金。But wait, wasn’t there something about a vision and making the world safe for something other than efficient mobile ad units?等等,除了高效的移动广告单元外,Facebook不是还有个要使世界变得更安全的愿景吗?Indeed. Zuckerberg did something unique for an investor earnings call: He shared a three-, five-, and 10-year vision for his company. The three-year vision includes creating better services for people and, critically, businesses while growing Facebook’s “community.” The five-year plan envisions making businesses of WhatsApp and Messenger, an acquisition and a separate messaging app, respectively. The 10-year plan involves Zuckerberg’s goal of helping every person in the world obtain an Internet connection (through his Internet.org project) and then plopping them down into a virtual-reality world stemming from Facebook’s Oculus VR purchase.没错,扎克伯格做了件在投资者收益电话会议上极为罕见的事:他分享了Facebook的三年、五年以及十年愿景。其三年愿景包括,为人们以及(最重要的是)企业提供更好的务,同时使Facebook的“社区”不断发展。五年计划是使WhatsApp和Messenger两款应用分别实现商业化。十年计划则包括:使全球所有人都能连上互联网(通过扎克伯格的Internet.org项目),并使他们进入Facebook收购的Oculus VR创造的虚拟现实世界。It’s the kind of stuff that only a company that’s printing money from its gigantic audience can afford to think about.这样的愿景,只有拥有海量用户、日进斗金的公司才敢有。Toward the end of the earnings call an investor asked Zuckerberg if it made sense to spending so much money to provide Internet connections to customers who wouldn’t generate sufficient revenue for Facebook to recoup the investment. Why, the analyst asked, does this matter to investors? Zuckerberg’s response neatly summed up his thinking about Facebook. “It matters to the kind of investors that we want to have because we’re a mission-focused company,” Zuckerberg said. “Part of the sub-text of your question is that if we were only focused on making money we’d simply focus on selling more ads in the U.S. But that’s not the only thing we think about here.”收益电话会议接近尾声时,有一位投资者问扎克伯格,斥巨资帮助那些不能给Facebook带来足够收入的客户接入互联网,以至于收不回本,这样做是否合理?该分析师问道,这同投资者有什么关系?扎克伯格的回答,很好地概括了他对Facebook的想法。他说道:“对于我们想要吸引的投资者来说,这一点很重要,因为我们是一家专注于使命的企业。你提的问题的潜台词是,如果我们只关心赚钱,我们会专注于在美国卖出更多广告。但我们并不仅关心赚钱。”At Facebook FB 0.61% , they certainly think about making money. Indeed, when you make so much of it you also can think about creative ways to make even more, even if the payout is way off into the future.不过,Facebook肯定有琢磨赚钱的事。确实,当你大赚特赚时,你可以想些有创意的方式来赚更多的钱,哪怕回报要很久以后才能看到。(财富中文网) /201502/358727

The First Chinese Satellite ;Dong Fang Hong No.l;第一颗人造卫星“东方红一号”The first Chinese satellite ;Dong Fang Hong No. 1; was launched on April 24th, 1970. It was notable in that, at 173kg, it was heavier than the first satellites of other countries. The satellite carried a radio transmitter. It broadcast the song of the same name, ;The East Is Red;. With the successful launch of ; Dong Fang Hong No. 1; , China became the fifth country after the Soviet Union, ed States, France, and Japan to independently launch a satellite.1970年4月24日,中国第一颗人造卫星“东方红一号”发射成功。东方红一号重173公斤,比其他国家的第一颗人造卫星都要重。它携带了无线电广播发射机,播送《东方红》乐曲。东方红一号的发射成功使中国成为继苏联、美国、法国、日本之后第五个独立发射人造卫星的国家。 /201602/419395

Very few things represent summer more than a lemonade stand. I was reminded while visiting my niece#39;s lemonade stand the lessons all business owners can learn from this first step into the entrepreneurial journey。在我看来,这个夏天就是路边的汽水摊。我之所以这么说,是因为我去侄女的汽水摊逗留了一会,惊讶于她的成功创业,而这也是值得所有企业家学习的。Location, Location, Location位置,位置,还是位置!The first thing my niece did well is she put her lemonade stand on the corner of a very busy street。首先,我的侄女把她的汽水摊成功定位于一条非常繁华的街道的拐角处。When starting your business, location is everything. If selling a physical product, you need to ensure an adequate number of physical locations and your product must be visible and easily accessible. Don#39;t make the mistake of believing the hard part is getting a product on the shelf--it#39;s just as difficult (and important) to get the product off the shelf and into your customer#39;s hands。这就好比,当你决定开始创业时,你规划的经营地点则是你成败的关键。如果你打算做实体产品的生意,你就得确保你选的实体店位置,能充分展现你的实体产品的特点并吸引合适。千万别觉得只有把产品放在货架上的什么位置才是最难的一步,而店面的位置场所这同样也很重要,你要确保能够吸引顾客走进店中把你的产品从货架上买走。If you are planning to sell a service, picking a city and location within that city is equally as important. When I started my research company, I placed it in the Perimeter area of Atlanta because it is central to the 5 primary business centers. This location made it easy to travel to customers and have them travel to my location. Atlanta is a good market because of the number of large companies as potential customers。如果你打算开务公司,那么最重要的就是要物色好可行的城市并在该市找到合适的商业场所。当年,我之所以选择在在亚特兰大周边地区开调查公司,是因为它位处5大商业中心核心,方便我同顾客相互往来。而且亚特兰大市场潜力巨大,新兴的大型企业都有可能成为合作伙伴。Timing is Everything时机决定商机!Lemonade stands are in high demand in the summer, but don#39;t have much success in the winter。我们都知道汽水在夏天比较好卖,在冬天就少有人问津。Do some research and know your market. Learn what types of products and services sell best and when. Very few companies I work with are immune to some type of cycle--based on fiscal calendars, seasonal factors or even vacation schedules. You must time entering the market and survive the ebbs and flows that are a natural part of running a business。因此在你决定开始创业时,你要做一些调查,熟悉你要经营的市场。你需要了解到哪种产品和哪种务何时卖得最好。大多数公司都会在不同的季度受到如财政日历、天气因素或是假期等因素的影响。所以你要规划好时间,抓住市场商机,占领市场,也要做好准备应对淡季——做生意总归是有起有伏的。Give a Sample提供样品My niece is very quick to offer up a sample before letting her patrons know the .00 price tag。在让她的顾客知道1美元的价格标签之前,我的侄女飞快的拿出一个样品。You should plan to give away free samples of your products or services. Daniel Lubetzky, creator of the Kind bar, increased his sampling budget from 0 in 2008 to a massive increase in 2009 of 0,000. He credits this increase to the success that Kind is experiencing and now spends upwards of million on efforts to get people to try Kind bars。你必须制定一个计划,宣传你即将发行的产品或务的免费样品。肯德坚果能量条(Kind bar)的创始人,丹尼尔鲁比兹基(Daniel Lubetzky)在2008年投入了800美元的样品预算,而到了2009年则提高至80万的预算。他坚信这将使得肯德更为成功,而随后增加到1000万美元的预算会让更多的人尝试并选择肯德坚果能量条。Who is Selling the Product Matters销售人员至关重要There is no better salesperson for lemonade than my niece. She is enthusiastic about flagging cars down and hustles to get the product in her customers#39; hands。这世上没有比我的侄女更好的汽水摊销售员了。她总是热情地挥舞她的小旗子让汽车停下,穿过车水马龙将产品交到她的顾客手上。Make sure your sales team is just as excited about the product being sold as you are. You need cheerleaders promoting your product or service - not someone who is just there to collect a paycheck. A sales team that understands the product and is enthusiastic about selling it yields higher sales, takes on larger markets and creates more demand. They are willing to attend networking events, promote your product via social media and their efforts will ultimately lead to the greatest success。类似地,你要确保你的销售团队与你一样对产品充满热爱与。你需要的是不断宣传你的产品或务的拉拉队长,而不是只会站在那里等薪水的人。一个好的销售团队不仅对产品十分熟悉,还坚信销售才能创造更高的销售量,占有更多的市场份额,引起更大的需求。因而他们热衷于加入网络营销,通过社会媒体宣传你的产品,而他们的努力最终会带来巨大的成功。Always Have Something to Upsell推广套餐增加盈利My niece had chocolate chip cookies available for upsell and she pushed them to everyone that bought a drink。我的侄女用巧克力薄片饼干作为促销,推销给每一个买饮料的人。When growing a business, don#39;t limit yourself to just one product or service. You may find that your initial product is the giveaway or must be discounted to gain the customer. It#39;s in the upsell that you make the most money. This is especially true in the restaurant space. A burger joint makes very little on the burger. Their profit is found in the milkshakes and fries added to the order。同样地,你的业务会逐渐扩大,你不能只将业务局限在某种产品或务上。你或许会发现你的主打产品逐渐脱离市场或是你必须通过打折来吸引顾客。通过促销,反而赚更最多。尤其是餐饮业如汉堡店,他们销售的汉堡的利润很小,但利润主要来源于汉堡套餐中的奶昔和菜单上的油炸食品。The hardest part is getting your customer in the door; increase your profit by adding on to their sale. What else can you offer?其实销售最难的部分便是吸引你的顾客上门,推销套餐商品,获取更多的利润。除了这些你还能提供别的什么吗?Some of the most important lessons in sales can be learned from the simplicity of a lemonade stand。如果你还是不知道的话,可以来参观我侄女的汽水摊,从最平凡不过的汽水摊上学到一些重要的销售课程。 /201508/392659

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