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2019年08月17日 21:54:57 | 作者:时空大夫 | 来源:新华社
吴大维洋腔洋调英语口语视频第一册第12集,rock石头,有大有小,在英语中它们都有各自的说法,它们分别是什么呢?还有rock的其他用法,一起来学习下吧。 rock相关词汇和短语:1. pebble 石子2. stone 石头,石板3. rock 石头4. boulder 岩石5. get rocked 受到创击或创伤eg. I got rocked yesterday.6. rock and roll 摇滚eg. Let#39;s get out of here. Let#39;s rock and roll.7. stuck between a rock and a hard place 左右为难8. on the rocks (饮料)加冰块,濒临破裂的eg. How would you like your whisky? On the rocks.9. rock bottom 最低点,最低限度eg. Excuse me, can you give me that shirt for a cheaper price?Sorry, that#39;s rock bottom price.10. rocks in your head 没脑筋的人eg. Hey! Do you have rocks in your head?相关专题推荐:色拉英语乐园视频新英语900句视频从零开始学口语 /200809/49534Those who work for the project那些为这个项目工作的人are well aware of the charges it faces.十分清楚他们面临的指控There is often asserted certain narratives about anonymity经常会有一些关于匿名的说法and, of course, one of the narratives is没错 其中一种说法就是that anonymity creates crime匿名能制造犯罪so you hear about things like the Silk Road所以你才会听说例如丝绸之路的例子and you hear, ;Oh, it#39;s terrible,你会听到有人说;天哪 这太可怕了someone can do something illegal on the internet.;人们可以在互联网上做非法的事情;Well, welcome to the internet.好吧 欢迎来到互联网It is a reflection of human society这是人类社会的一个映射where there is sometimes illegal behaviour.而人类社会本身就存在违法行为These arguments aside,除了这些议论for users wanting to avoid surveillance,对于想避开监控的用户来说Tor has limitations -洋葱网络有局限性it#39;s slow, content isn#39;t automatically encrypted它的速度慢 信息内容在退出网络时on exiting the network不是被自动加密的and some have claimed a bug can de-anonymise users.并且有人称软件存在漏洞会使用户去匿名化Tor say they have a fix for this problem.洋葱网络声称他们修复了这个问题Whilst the search for a solution to bulk surveillance continues,在人们寻找能继续大范围监控的办法时this man has a different approach.这个人另辟蹊径He is Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of one of the world#39;s他就是尤金·卡巴斯基 全世界发展最快的fastest-growing internet security companies.互联网安全公司的首席执行官重点解释:1.work for 为 ... 效力例句:I work for the government.我在政府机关做事。2.aware of 察觉到例句:We are fully aware of the gravity of the situation.我们十分清楚形势的严峻性。3.hear about 听说例句:I was very sad indeed to hear about it.我听到这件事,确实非常难过。 Article/201704/503184No matter what it tastes like,do try not to offend.无论尝起来怎么样 都不要冒犯他们Okay, Mohammed, sorry about that. Let#39;s carry on.很抱歉 我们继续吧In the frozen side of Sibera,whether weather changes in a instant,在严寒的西伯利亚 无论天气变化多么迅速the Tuvans have learned how to construct a shelter quickly,图瓦人学会了 快速建造避难所的方法to protect them from the severe weather conditions.以避免他们受到恶劣环境影响We are beginning to take shade at the moment It looks a little bit drafty.我们首先要搭一个帐篷 此刻 看起来有点漏风And what to do is insulating all of the brush wood and then weaving on that end with more of the logs.我们要把树枝堆起来 之后再另一边放上原木You gotta cover the floor to concern body heat when you lie down.当你躺下时 考虑到身体的热量 你应该在地上铺点东西The Tuvans use dry grass as bedding.I know it#39;s gonna be quite nice.图瓦人用甘草当床垫 这一定会很舒的The matress of all the dry grass like a toothpick And that#39;ll give me a really good installation.Briliant.Thanks.这些干草垫子好像像是牙签一样 很好摆放 完美 谢谢When the sun disappears in Sibera,make sure you#39;ve got your fire lit.当西伯利亚日落的时候 确保你已经生火了It#39;s gonna get cold.I am freezing,freezing hard.因为会很冷的 我冻死了 冻死了And I just look at the thermometer on the camera,and have a look at what is ing.我看着摄像机上的温度计 看看现在多少度It is -30 degrees.I#39;m really at the moment this is just becoming an injury exercise to keep moving my toes,and my fingers.零下30度 此时此刻就好象 想要动动我的脚趾和我的手指 都会受伤Just try to keep keep them moving.This is not fun,no fun.继续尝试 保持它们一直在动 这不好玩 不好玩 Article/201605/444800TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201610/467989

【新闻精讲】Twitter’s latest results are likely to encourage those who think it should never have become a publicly listed company, and want it to consider alternate models of ownership, such as a co-operative. They view Twitter as a kind of public utility—a “people’s platform”—the management of which should concern public interests rather more than commercial ones. If the company were co-operatively owned by users, it would be released from short-term pressure to please its investors and meet earnings targets.不寻常的生意 有些人认为推特原本就不该成为上市公司,推特最新的财报可能会让他们更有底气,并要求公司考虑其他所有权模式,例如合作企业。他们将推特视为一种公共设施——一个“大众平台”,认为它的管理应当以公共利益为重,而非商业利益。如果这家公司由用户合作共有,它就能免受取悦投资者、达到盈利目标的短期压力。publicly listed company 上市公司- go publicalternate adj.替代的- alternative - He took the alternate route home.concern v.关心 (to be a care/trouble/distress to)- Her ill health concerns me.commercial adj.商业的release v.释放target n.目标Though some co-ops have shown themselves resilient, they are generally thought to be less dynamic—a shortcoming of democratic governance. Yet Sasha Costanza-Chock, an activist who teaches at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, believes that Twitter users could also come up with features that would rescue it from its most toxic elements, such as harassment and hate speech.尽管有些合作企业显示出了自身的韧性,但一般说来人们仍认为这类企业欠缺活力,这是民主治理的缺点。但在麻省理工学院任教的活动家萨沙#8226;科斯坦萨-乔克(Sasha Costanza-Chock)相信,推特用户还能另外想出一些功能,将它从骚扰、仇恨言论等为害最甚的问题中解救出来。resilient adj.有弹性的- The surface is resilient.dynamic adj.有活力的shortcoming n.短处- Her lack of attention to detail is her biggest shortcoming.toxic adj.有毒的harassment n.骚扰hate speech 仇恨言论Others envision a futuristic co-op—or, inevitably, “co-op 2.0”—in which responsibility is split between idealistic entrepreneurs, who control product innovation, and users, who have the say on such matters as data protection.也有人设想出一种带有未来主义色的合作企业,或者说免不了会叫“合作企业2.0”,由理想主义的企业家和用户分担责任:企业家掌控产品创新,而用户则在数据保护之类的事情上拥有话语权。envision v.想象(to think of something that will happen in the future)- She envisioned a better life for herself.- vision n.想象futuristic adj.未来的inevitably adv.无可避免地- inevitable adj.无可避免的(sure to happen)- evitable adj.可避免的(capable of being avoided)entrepreneur n.创业家 Article/201704/502557

In or out of the European Union?留欧还是脱欧?The question on the ballot paper was simple, but the divisions exposed by last year#39;s referendum cut far deeper.选票上的问题很简单,但去年公投所暴露的分歧却进一步加深了。One of the best predictors of how you voted in the referendum was what values you hold,全民公投中,你如何投票的的最佳预测指标之一,是你所持有的价值观,whether you’re a social liberal or a social conservative.无论你是社会自由民主党还是保守党。One of the best predictors of a vote for Brexit was whether you believed in the death penalty or not.是否投票持脱离欧盟的最佳预测指标之一,是你是否相信和赞同死刑。And that#39;s very American, I mean, values didn’t really figure in our politics up to now.这一点特别美国化。我的意思是,到现在为止,我们的价值观并没有真正体现在政治立场上。Britain’s general election earlier this month underlined the country’s political realignment.本月初举行的英国大选凸显了其政治格局的调整与改变。The ancient city of Canterbury had been a stronghold of the ruling Conservative party since 1918自1918年起,坎特伯雷古城一直是执政党保守党的传统选区,but fell to socialist Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, the primary reason? Revenge for Brexit.但杰里米·科尔宾领导的工党最后赢得了这一选区。这其中的主要原因是什么呢?对脱欧采取的一种报复方式。Brexit has played an enormous role here.脱欧发挥了巨大的作用。I think young people who, for the most part voted to remain and then saw to their astonishment that, you know,我认为,大多数投票希望英国留在欧盟的年轻人真的很失望,尤其让他们感到惊讶的是,the rest of the ed Kingdom and indeed Kent, you know, voted to leave, were genuinely disappointed.英国其他地区,包括肯特郡的选民投票脱离欧盟。Brexit was widely seen as part of 2016’s populist surge that swept Donald Trump to power in the ed States.英国脱欧被广泛认为是2016年民粹主义浪潮的一部分,这也使得唐纳德·特朗普在美国掌权。In calling this month’s election, British Prime Minister Theresa May appears to have mis that surge.在本月的选举中,英国首相特蕾莎·梅似乎误读了这一浪潮。The parties are struggling to align themselves with how the British people vote or feel about issues.各党派正在努力使自身与英国民众的投票立场或看待问题的感受一致。Are we seeing a move toward a more values-based political system? Yes, to some extent, just like in the ed States.我们是在朝着建立在价值观基础上的政治制度迈进吗?在某种程度上,是的,这和美国很像。And we’re seeing that all over the democratic world as well, to varying degrees.”而且我们在不同程度上,可以看到在整个民主化的世界也是这样。”Even as traditional party loyalties break down, support for the two established parties,虽然英国民众对传统党派的持减弱,但人们对两大老牌政党,Conservatives and Labour — hit 82 percent, the highest since 1970.保守党和工党的持率仍高达百分之八十二,这是自1970年以来的最高纪录。Compare that to France where the two traditional parties,而在法国,两大传统政党,the Republicans and Socialists, were heavily defeated by centrist newcomer Emmanuel Macron.共和党和社会党双双溃败,最终,中间派候选人埃马纽埃尔·马克龙后来居上,赢得法国大选。Henry Ridgwell, for VOA News, London.VOA新闻,亨利·里奇维尔于伦敦为您播报。 Article/201707/516806

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201607/452231

Yeah! Show your love! Lev and Sophia!耶耶!为列弗和索菲亚鼓掌!Come on over here and have a seat.来,过来坐这边。Wow, congratulations. That was out of sight! One more time for Lev and Sophia!祝贺,祝贺。太棒了!请再为他们的精表演鼓掌!How long have you been dancing? I#39;ve been dancing for three years.你们跳了多久了?我跳了三年了。And I#39;ve been dancing for five.我跳了五年了。And both of us were dancing for two years. Yeah, together. Together for two years? Yeah. Yeah.我们在一起跳舞有两年了。在一起跳了两年了?是的,是的。So how did the two of you meet?你们是怎么认识的?We have both our own versions.我们可能说的不一样。Okay, well, let me hear yours first, Sophia, cause that#39;ll probably be the truth.好吧,索菲亚,让我先听听你的,因为你讲的有可能是真话。Yeah, it will. That#39;s what I guessed. Really? Yeah, yeah, guys blow it up a little bit.哈哈,肯定是,我也是这么想的。真的吗?因为男孩可能会夸大一些。You#39;re a guy, too. I know. That#39;s why I know what I#39;m talking about, yeah.你也是男孩。我知道,所以我才这么讲的。Okay, Sophia. So tell me how you met.索菲亚,你说说你们是怎么认识的。Okay, I saw Lev dancing with another partner.有一次我看见列弗正在和其他舞伴跳舞。Lev was dancing with another girl. Yeah, and I was dancing with another partner. Okay.列弗正在和其他女孩跳舞。我当时也在和其他舞伴跳舞。Another boy. Yeah. Yeah, another partner. Another boy.另一个男孩。另一个舞伴。另一个男孩Yeah. Okay. Go ahead and say it. Another boy. Yeah.是的,是的。你继续说。其他男孩,是的。And then both of our partners left, and we were left without partners.之后我们的舞伴都走了,然后就剩我们两个没有舞伴了。And something with the grown-ups said ;no way;, and they decided that we#39;re gonna be partners.然后大人说“不可能”,然后他们就让我们做了彼此的舞伴。And that#39;s how you met. Yeah. Now, Lev. Yep?这就是你们相识的过程。是的。该你了列弗。恩?You#39;re two years older. You#39;re a guy.你比她大两岁。你是个男孩。You#39;ve got that beautiful blonde hair. You pull it back.你有帅气的金色头发。你向后缕头发。What#39;s your version of how you met?你的版本是什么?It#39;s basically the same until the end.大体是一样的,但结局不一样。So me and our girl broke up.我和我之前的舞伴“分手”了。And then she and her boy broke up.她和她的舞伴“分手”了。And then Sophia was like, Mom, I want to try with Lev.然后索菲亚就说,妈妈,我想和列弗试试。Oh! She was pushing up on you.啊!她正在向你施加压力。But he was a good partner. He was the boy of the studio that some people said. Proof.但他是个好舞伴。有人说,列弗是排练厅跳得最好的。的确如此吧。No, but I didn#39;t ask #39;cause I thought I couldn#39;t, but whatever.但是我没问,因为我认为这不可能,不管怎么样吧。Are you just shy or something? No. No, I#39;m not. No, I#39;m not. No, I#39;m not.你是害羞还是怎么样?我才不是,不是。I also have a theory that she might like me.我想她可能是喜欢我。I#39;ll tell you the real theory. You like me!我告诉你是怎么回事。其实是你喜欢我!So can I tell you what I think happened? What?我能说一下我的看法吗?什么看法?You broke up with that girl that you was dancing with #39;cause you saw her.你和你之前的舞伴“分手”是因为看见了她。Yeah. Yay, that#39;s a good proof. That#39;s a good proof. Yes, I know, Sophia. I got this.哈哈,对,说的好,说的好。索菲亚,你知道吗。Lev, take that look off your face #39;cause that#39;s just what happened.列弗,不要显露出这样的表情,这就是事实的真相。And, bang, here we are on Little Big Shots. Good, good, good, good!看现在,我们正在“小小达人秀”的现场。对对对对对! Article/201706/513030

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