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TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201511/407025栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201511/399302So far, you might think that this is all pretty predictable stuff: kings have always shown themselves dominating animals, and overdressed. But as well see, this is much more than a conventional display of prowess and privilege. For the Sasanian kings were more than just secular rulers. They were agents of God, and Shapurs full titles emphasise his religious role: ;the good worshipper of God, Shapur, the King of Iran and non-Iran, of the divine race of God, the King of Kings;. The god here is of course the god of Zoroastrianism, the religion of the state. Historian Tom Holland tells us about the great prophet and poet Zoroaster:也许你觉得这一切不足为奇。国王的形象从来都是装饰华贵的,动物也永远对他俯首帖耳。但这幅图的意义远远超出了普通的财富与权力展示。因为萨珊国王不只是俗世的统治者,也是神的代言人。沙普尔的完整封号表现出他的宗教身份:“神的虔诚信徒,沙普尔,统管伊朗与非伊朗,神之后裔,万王之王。”这里的神当然就是国教琐罗亚斯特教的神。 历史学家汤姆?霍兰德向我们介绍了伟大的诗人及先知琐罗亚斯特:;Zoroaster is the very first prophet, in the sense that you would describe Moses or Mohammed as a prophet.如果你对先知的定义是西或穆罕默德,那么琐罗亚斯特便是人类的第一位先知。No one is entirely sure when, or indeed if, he lived, but if he really did exist then he probably lived in Central Asian steppes in around 1000 . And gradually, over the course of the centuries and then the millennia, his teachings became the focus for what we could probably call a Zoroastrian church.他的生卒年不详,甚至有人认为他不曾真正存在过。但如果真有这个人存在,他一定生活在公元前一千年的中亚。经过千百年的发展,他的教诲成为琐罗亚斯特教的核心。And this increasingly became the state faith of the Iranian people, and therefore of the Sasanian Empire when it was established.琐罗亚斯特教逐渐成为伊朗人的国教,在萨珊帝国成立之后,又被立为帝国的国教。;The teachings of Zoroaster will sound very familiar to anyone who has been brought up as a Jew, or a Christian or a Muslim. Zoroaster is the first prophet to teach that the universe is a battleground between rival forces of good and evil. He is the first to teach that time will not go round in an endless cycle, but will come to an end-that there will be an end of days; there will be a day of judgement.凡是犹太教、基督教或伊斯兰教家庭出身的人,对琐罗亚斯特的基本教义都不会陌生。琐罗亚斯特是第一位提出宇宙是善恶两种势力斗争的战场的先知,也是他首次提出时间并非永无止境的循环, 终会有世界末日,人类将面临最终审判日。201505/374944

At least 43 people, most of them pensioners on a hiking trip, have been killed after the bus they were travelling in collided with a truck.一辆旅行车与一卡车相撞至少造成43人死亡,其中大部分是参加徒步旅行的退休人员。The accident happened in the town of Puisseguin in south-west France, east of Bordeaux.事故发生在法国西南部东波尔多皮斯甘镇。The crash occured at around 7.30 am local time on a dangerous stretch of road, according local residents.据当地居民称,事故发生在一危险路段,当地时间上午七点半左右。Both vehicles burst into flames on impact.两辆车相撞起火。Authorities say it was the intensity of the fires that caused so many fatalities.当局称大火是造成许多伤亡的原因。The driver of the bus managed to open the doors allowing eight people to scramble to safety.汽车司机设法打开了门让八个人爬到安全的地方。Those injured are undergoing treatment for burns and head injuries.那些烧伤和头部受伤的人正在接受治疗。French President Francois Hollande expressed his solidarity with the victims families and Prime Minister Manuel Valls headed to the scene of the tragedy: “Its a terrible shock,Its a terrible shock for the region, for the Gironde. It’s a terrible shock for the whole of France. Today France and the French are in mourning.”法国总统弗朗索瓦·奥朗德声援与遇难者家属团结在一起,总理瓦尔斯赶往了现场:“这是一个极大的打击,对这个地区、对吉伦特、对整个法国是个极大的打击。今天全体法国民众都在哀悼。”Authorities are still waiting to identify those who perished in the crash.当局称目前仍在等待确认死亡人员的身份。An inquiry is underway into the cause of the accident.调查工作正在进行。译文属。 /201510/405441

Multiple earthquakes have killed dozens and injured thousands more on Japans Kyushu Island.日本九州岛发生多起地震,造成数十人死亡和数千人受伤。The quakes started late Thursday night local time, when a magnitude-6.2 earthquake struck the island, killing at at least nine people.地震开始于周四晚上晚些时候,6.2级地震袭击了该岛,造成至少9人死亡。Another more powerful earthquake hit Saturday morning local time. The U.S. Geological survey put that quake at a 7.0 magnitude.另一次强震发生在当地时间周六早上。美国地质调查局评估为7.0级。Saturdays quake also prompted a landslide and several aftershocks — the strongest of which measured at a 5.7 magnitude — again almost with the same epicenter.周六的地震也引发了山体滑坡和几次余震,其中最强的余震为5.7级,几乎位于同一震中。So why is the same spot being hit repeatedly? Japan is in a region known as the Ring of Fire where tectonic plates make it susceptible to earthquakes.那么为什么同一点被多次袭击?日本位于知名的火山带地区,其构造板块容易引发地震。Since the quakes, thousands have been evacuated and thousands more left without power.自地震以来,数千人被疏散,数千人断电。The country has held emergency meetings since the first quake. On Saturday local time, the prime minister announced an intensive rescue effort as many are believed to be trapped under collapsed buildings.自第一次地震以来,日本已召开紧急会议。当地时间周六,日本首相宣布展开集中救援工作,许多人被困在倒塌的建筑里。A U.S. Department of State spokesman said the U.S. was willing to help. Japans defense minister has reportedly told the countrys Department of Defense to consider the offer.一位美国国务院发言人表示,美国愿意提供帮助。据报道,日本国防部长告诉国防部考虑这一提议。译文属。201604/437653

Catfish are found in freshwater all around the world,and all species are edible.鲶鱼能够在世界上的任何淡水中生存 而且所有品种都可以食用The largest of all is the giant catfish,native to south Vietnam,which can weigh over 600 pounds.体型最大的品种为巨鲶 原产于越南南部 重达600磅This ones a tiddler by comparison,but its gonna be good eating.相比之下 这只算是小巧玲珑的 不过应该很好吃You see him? Look, hes just here.Just caught his tail.看见它没 快看 就在那 只抓到尾巴Okay, let me dam this bit, as well.Well keep him in this pool. Stay there.Okay.我们把这边也挡上吧 这样就把它堵在里面了 你在那别动 好了Theres one catfish now trapped in here,which is good to me that I can bide my time,鲶鱼被困在这里了 正好为我争取时间go and make myself some sort of spear, and try and get him.去做一个鱼叉来抓住它Thats gonna be lunch.You can sharpen bamboo up to make lethal spear,我的午餐就算解决了 你可以把竹子削尖 制成致命的鱼叉and I want to maximize my chances of catching that catfish.我要把抓住它的几率扩到最大I want to make this really into eight prongs,so I split the head of it,and then sharpen them.我将从竹子的一头 把它劈成八瓣 再把它们削尖And then look - You get a little bit of bamboo and wedge it down the middle.然后把一小段楔子和竹片 塞进竹筒中Youll see that just splaying those prongs.你就能看到它把这些分叉 撑开了201603/429495

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