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unit 516看话剧dialogue 英语情景对话A:Did you like the play?A:你喜欢那场话剧吗?B:Not really. Its a dull one, and the production isnt satisfactory, either.B:不喜欢,很乏味,演出水平也不怎么样。A:Youre absolutely right. The acting could be better.A:你说得完全正确,演技有待提高。B:To be fair, though, both the costumes and scenery are marvelous.B:话说回来,装和布景倒挺不错。 /201608/459732Is wi-fi available? 这里有无线网络吗?例句:I like to go to the library because wi-fi is available there.我喜欢去图书馆,因为那儿有无线网络。A:Is wi-fi available?这儿有无线网络吗?B:Sure.We offer free wi-fi.当然,我们提供免费无线。A:Is wi-fi available?这儿有无线网络吗?B:Sure.当然。A:Can I have the password?我可以知道密码吗?B:Its a public account.No password.这是公共账号,没有密码。背景音乐:Diana-Krall-How can you mend a broken heart关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201611/471126no doubt 毫无疑问There is no doubt that... ……是毫无疑问的例句:No doubt my views are colored by my friends.毫无疑问,我的想法受到了朋友们的影响。There is no doubt that he will succeed this time.毫无疑问,他这次一定会成功。A:Excuse me, you cant come in.对不起,你不能进来。B:why? Its public place, everybody can come in.为什么?这是公共地带,每个人都可以进来。A:Only leaders are allowed.只有领导才能进来。B:No doubt its unfair.毫无疑问,这不公平。背景音乐:Kay B——Dont U walk away更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201606/448195

Erina: So Mike, do you have any bad habits?惠里奈:迈克,你有坏习惯吗?Mike: Of course not. Im perfect, Ive no habits that are bad. Yes, I do have some bad habits. One of my bad habits is fidgeting and I think Im a very high energy person so, especially when Im on the phone, mixed with my slightly obsessive compulsive tendencies, I tend to arrange all the things on a desk so if there are pens and books and different things on the desk, I would be turning them and arranging them in order and pretty much always using my hands and keeping them busy and although this might not be such a bad habit, perhaps for people who are with me or next to me they might be a little bit uncomfortable because it seems like, you know, Im a bit nervous or, you know, have something on my mind so...迈克:当然没有。我非常完美,我没有坏习惯。好吧,其实我有一些坏习惯。其中一个坏习惯是小动作太多,我认为我是一个精力充沛的人,尤其是打电话的时候我会有轻微的强迫症,我要把桌子上的东西整理得井井有条,如果桌子上有铅笔、书或其他东西,我会把它们整齐摆好,而且我一直在使用双手,我的手闲不下来,不过这可能并不是坏习惯,也许我旁边的人会感觉有些不舒,因为看上去像我很紧张或是我一直在想事情……Erina: Not in confidence for your speech, yeah.惠里奈:对你说的话感到不自信。Mike: Right, in fact thats not the case but what happens is I start playing with things.迈克:对,可是实际情况并不是那样,可是我就是会摆弄东西。Erina: Ive seen you do that before.惠里奈:我以前看到你那样过。Mike: Oh have you?迈克:哦,你看到过?Erina: Yeah.惠里奈:对。Mike: Well then I guess that really shows it is one of my bad habits. You know, I think that I do that to focus because, you know, while Im speaking to somebody or while Im on the phone, I arrange things on the desk and that is kind of metaphorically me arranging my thoughts in my head which is probably where this habit has come from.迈克:嗯,我想这可以说明这的确是我的一个坏习惯。其实我这么做是为了集中注意力,因为我在和别人说话或是打电话时,我也会整理桌上的东西,我想这可能表明我的头脑正在整理思绪,可能这个习惯就是这么来的。Erina: I see. Yeah, do you have any other bad habits other than fidgeting?惠里奈:我明白了。除了小动作以外你还有其他坏习惯吗?Mike: Well maybe a bad habit is driving quickly and Im not sure if thats considered a bad habit but I guess when I get behind the wheel of a car I sometimes get impatient and that impatience drives me to put more weight on the gas pedal and in turn I go faster and of course speeding is not a good thing especially when you get pulled over by the police. So thats a bad habit that I might have to work on.迈克:另外一个坏习惯是开车太快,我不确定这会不会被看作是坏习惯,不过我在开车时有时会变得不耐烦,这种不耐烦就会让我去猛踩油门,所以我越开越快,不过在你被警察截停的时候,速度就不是什么好事了。我想这是我要改掉的一个坏习惯。Erina: Yeah, definitely. You dont want to lose your licence.惠里奈:没错。你也不想被吊销驾照。Mike: No.迈克:对。 译文属 /201611/477959

Language PointsJust drop it. I dont wanna hear this.drop outHe dropped out yesterday.drop callMy phone keeps dropping calls.Drop the subject (Drop it)Drop chargesSomeone’s jaw droppedDrop (amount of money) /201601/411467

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