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赣州俪人整形光子脱毛多少钱瑞金市打溶脂针价格28 March is the 11th birthday of my daughter Fu Xinke, whom I adopted 10 years ago from China. Many babies like her, these days, are either not born at all or certainly not adopted. What a difference a decade makes. 今年3月28日是我养女付新科(音译)的11岁生日。10年前,我从中国收养了她。放到现在,许多像她这样的孩子根本没有机会出世,更别提被收养了。十年时间,变化竟然如此之大。Last week I returned to her home town of Chuzhou, in China#39;s eastern Anhui province, to see just how the one-child policy – quite likely to be the reason she became my daughter – is getting on these days in a province that was once a significant exporter of babies for overseas adoption.上周,我回到我养女的家乡——中国东部省份安徽省滁州市,去看看如今计划生育政策在这个曾为海外输送了大量领养儿童的省份的执行情况。这项政策很有可能也是这个孩子当初成为我养女的原因。When Xinke was born, many Chinese adoptions involved Anhui babies; but by 2010, international adoptions there had fallen to zero. Has Anhui outgrown foreign adoption – or has it outgrown having surplus babies at all?在我养女出生的年代,人们从中国收养的孩子许多都来自安徽省。但到2010年,安徽儿童被海外人士收养的数量已为零。安徽究竟是已不再有可供海外人士收养的孩子,还是根本已不再有;多余;的孩子需要别人收养?The answer could affect much more than adoption statistics: China#39;s attitude to childbirth is changing in ways that, according to demographers, could even affect the mainland#39;s economic miracle. I went for answers to the local family planning office of an outlying district of her city – to find that all its civil servants had gone for a long lunch. But at a hostelry nearby, I found one answer to my questions: 30-odd people setting off fireworks and consuming a 24-inch birthday cake to celebrate the birthday of a one-year-old girl.这个问题的影响的远不止收养方面的统计数字:中国对计划生育政策的态度正在发生转变,人口统计学家们认为,这种转变甚至可能影响中国大陆的经济奇迹。我来到位于滁州偏远地段的一个计划生育办公室,想找寻,却发现办公室的人都去吃午饭了,迟迟未归。但在附近的一家餐馆,我找到了解答我的问题的一条线索:有30多人聚在一起,放鞭炮,围着一个24英寸的生日蛋糕,为一名刚满1岁的小姑娘庆生。It was the kind of place where, 10 years ago, the birth of a girl would seldom merit a birthday cake two feet wide. In traditional areas like this, boys were needed to carry on the family name and support parents in old age; the birth of a first girl was tolerated (because in rural areas peasants can try again if their first is female); but the second child absolutely had to be a boy. If it was a girl instead, abandonment (or worse) was often seen as the only option.10年前,在这样的地区,人们很少会为女孩买两英尺见方的蛋糕庆生。在这样的传统地区,人们需要生男孩,来延续香火、为自己养老送终。如果头胎是女孩,还可以接受(因为在农村,如果头胎是女孩,可以生第二胎),但第二胎就必须生个男孩了。如果第二胎是个女孩,人们往往就只能选择遗弃(甚至更糟)。Today there are more options: in the words of one Chuzhou government official, ;once you have enough to eat, you do not throw away your child;. Put simply, people can afford to raise girls these days rather than abandon them. Some may pay a fine of Rmb2,000-5,000 (0-0) for an excess child; and the really rich may go overseas to deliver. If she were born today, Xinke might not have been abandoned.如今,人们有了更多的选择。用滁州一位政府官员的话来说:;只要吃得饱肚子,谁都不会不要自己的孩子。;简单说,如今人们养得起女孩了,用不着遗弃她们。有的父母可能会为超生的孩子付2000至5000元人民币(合320至790美元)的罚款,还有些真正有钱的人可能会赴海外生产。如果我养女生在现在,她可能不会被遗弃。But there is also a more sinister option: in the clinic next door to the restaurant where the baby girl was being feted, ;midterm abortion; is advertised for a mere Rmb360 (). Sex-selective abortion is illegal – but widely practised. Government statistics tell all: among Chuzhou children born in 2009, the ratio of boys to girls among first children is 105:100 – but it rises to nearly 300:100 for third and fourth births. My Xinke may well have been a second or third daughter; if conceived today, she might not have been born at all.但如今还有一种更见不得人的选择:在那个为小姑娘举办庆生宴的餐馆隔壁,一家诊所打出;人流;的广告,手术费用仅360元(合60美元)。性别选择性堕胎是非法的,但许多人这么做。官方统计数据说明了一切:2009年,滁州头胎新生儿男女性别比为105:100,但第三胎和第四胎的这一比率就升到了近300:100。我的养女很可能是她生母怀的第二个或第三个女儿,放在今天,她可能根本就不会出生。These days it seems that ultrasound machines and the market are doing the work of the birth planners. So the vast family planning bureaucracy has turned to cleaning up its image, with a national ;face washing; campaign aimed at eradicating the brutal slogans of the past (including one that offered a noose to any forcibly sterilised woman who contemplates suicide, and another urging people to raise pigs, not kids).如今,超声波仪器和市场似乎充当起了计生员。于是,庞大的计生机构开始美化自己的形象,展开了全国性的;洗脸;运动,旨在彻底清除过去那些野蛮的计生工作宣传画和标语(包括为因被迫绝育而意图自杀的妇女提供绳索上吊的宣传画,和;少生孩子多养猪;的标语)。In Xinke#39;s home town, and all over China, the one-child policy seems to be getting a ;hearts and minds; makeover – at exactly the time when many Chinese argue that it is no longer necessary or even wise. For as Xinke enters her tween years, the simple truth that made her my daughter – that China had too many babies – has undergone a stunning reversal. China has, or soon will have, too many elderly and too few kids.在我养女的家乡乃至整个中国,计划生育政策似乎正在进行彻底的改头换面——与此同时,许多中国人也开始主张,计划生育政策已变得没有必要、甚至不明智。随着新科即将步入青春期,当初导致她成为我养女的一个简单事实——中国的孩子太多了——已发生了彻底的逆转。中国已经或很快将面临的情况是,老人太多而孩子太少。One recent opinion poll showed that only 16 per cent of urban women thought the main reason for marriage was procreation. In Shanghai, where residents can have two kids (if both parents are only children), few want to do so.最近的一份调查显示,只有16%的城市女性认为结婚的主要目的是繁衍后代。上海允许夫妻生二胎(如果夫妻双方都是独生子女的话),但没有多少夫妻愿意这样做。Many are delaying childbearing so long that China now has 50m infertile couples – fuelling an underground ;rent-a-womb; industry of surrogacy, which recently yielded a highly controversial case of in-vitro octuplets.许多夫妻因错过了适宜怀的年龄而无法生育,中国如今有5000万对不不育的夫妇。这令一个地下产业————兴旺了起来。最近,一对夫妇通过试管婴儿技术产下了八胞胎,引起许多争议。Ironically, the number of Chinese babies born in the US each year because their rich parents went there for ;birth tourism; is now roughly the same as the number of abandoned Chinese infants imported to America through adoption, when Fu Xinke was born. What a difference a decade makes.具有讽刺意味的是,如今每年中国富裕产妇赴美产子产下的宝宝数量,约等于我养女出生时每年美国人收养中国弃婴的数量。十年时间,变化竟然如此之大。 /201206/187848赣州压双眼皮需要费用 Sales of mushrooms have hit an all-time high as Britons increasingly turn to the cheap and versatile foodstuff for their cooking.在英国,蘑菇销量创下了历史新高,因为越来越多的英国人转而选择这种廉价、多用途的食材来做菜。Shoppers spent over £365 million on mushrooms over the last year, equivalent to £14 per household, making them the nation’s third most popular item in supermarkets#39; vegetable aisle after potatoes and tomatoes.去年,英国消费者花了3.65亿英镑用于购买蘑菇,相当于每户14英镑,这让蘑菇成为英国超市蔬菜货架上第三大受欢迎的食物,仅次于土豆和西红柿。Around 118,000 tons of mushrooms were sold in the past 12 months and supermarkets are bolstering supplies to cope with the extra demand. Although button and closed cup mushrooms dominate the market, strong growth was seen by brown and chestnut mushrooms. Mushrooms are now more popular than carrots, onions, broccoli and peppers, according to Kantar Worldpanel.在过去12个月就售出了约11.8万吨蘑菇,而且超市还在加强供给来应对额外需求。草菇和杯子洋菇占据的市场份额最大,不过鲜冬菇和茶树菇的销量增长势头也很强劲。根据市场调研公司康塔尔事务所的数据,现在蘑菇比胡萝卜、洋葱、花椰菜和辣椒都更受欢迎。Researchers said that shoppers are turning to mushrooms as they add depth and flavour to dishes and have health benefits.研究人员称,消费者选择蘑菇是因为蘑菇给菜肴增添了醇厚的口感,更具风味,而且还对健康有益。Dr Christian Jessen, the nutrition expert and TV presenter, said: “Mushrooms are an excellent source of B vitamins which are needed for a healthy diet. They are especially good for anyone trying to lose weight given they are exceptionally low in calories and fat.”营养专家、电视节目主持人克里斯蒂安·杰森士说:“蘑菇含有丰富的维生素B,这是健康的食谱所需要的。蘑菇对那些想减肥的人特别有益,因为蘑菇所含的卡路里和脂肪都很低。”The research also found that Britons are getting lazy. Sales of pre-sliced mushroom have grown by a quarter over the last year.研究还发现,英国人变懒了。切片蘑菇销量去年增加了四分之一。 /201211/206885A British exit from the European Union looks increasingly possible. It would be a reckless gamble英国退出欧盟的可能性看上去越来越大。这可能是一场不计后果的。“BRITAIN does not dream of some cosy, isolated existence on the fringes of the European Community,” asserted Margaret Thatcher in 1988. Now, increasingly, it does. Opinion polls show that most Britons are in favour of leaving the European Union. Baroness Thatcher#39;s Conservative Party, which took Britain into Europe four decades ago, is divided between those who long for an arm#39;s-length relationship and those who want to walk out. The second camp is swelling.玛格丽特·撒切尔在1988年宣称:“英国并不梦想着成为欧共体边缘多少有点惬意和孤立的国家。”如今,英国每天都在做着这样的梦。民调显示,大多数英国人赞成脱离欧洲联盟。40年前,撒切尔女男爵的保守党将英国带进欧盟,如今它已分裂成两派。一派希望同欧盟保持正常的关系,另一派希望走出欧洲大陆,此派的阵营正在壮大。Even the fiercest British critics of the EU are astonished by the speed at which things are moving. Parliamentary rebellions over Europe are becoming easier and easier to organise. Euroscepticism is hardening in the Conservative Party, in much the same way as social conservatism has gone from being a powerful current in America#39;s Republican Party to an intolerant orthodoxy. The ed Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), which wants to leave the EU, has abruptly moved from the political margins to the mainstream. A referendum on Britain#39;s membership of the EU now seems a matter of timing.就连对欧盟持最不满意态度的英国舆论也对事态的发展速度感到惊讶。组织针对欧洲大陆的议会起义变得越来越容易。就像社会保守主义从美国共和党内的主流变成狭隘的正统观念一样,保守党内的欧洲怀疑主义也在强硬起来。持脱欧的英国独立党(UKIP)在一夜之间从政治的边缘变成主流。如今,对英国的欧盟成员资格进行全民公投似乎成为迫在眉睫的事情。Continental Europeans are surprised too—and annoyed. They are bewildered that the British should be talking of leaving a club that many believe has shifted decisively in a free-trading, Anglo-Saxon direction in the past two decades. They also resent the way Britain seems to be using the threat of an exit as a bargaining tool, especially at a time when the euro is in crisis. As they see it, Britain wants to carve out a privileged place for itself in the European club, where it can enjoy free trade without any of the other membership rules. In Berlin and Rome, political leaders argue that Britain needs to make up its mind once and for all: does it want to be in or out?欧洲大陆也感到吃惊——和恼怒。让他们困惑的是,在许多人看来欧盟在过去20年间毅然决然地转向自由贸易和盎格鲁-撒克逊模式,而英国竟然在探讨离开这个俱乐部的话题。英国人似乎正在把脱欧的威胁当做是谈判的砝码来,特别是在欧元处于危机之时。在他们看来,英国想要为自己在欧洲俱乐部内攫取一个特权地位,她可以在不受其他成员国约束的情况下享受自由贸易。柏林和罗马的领导人认为,英国需要做出一劳永逸的决定:到底是想留还是想走?Oops!天哪!For an economically liberal newspaper that has been sceptical of much that Brussels does, a British exit would be a double tragedy. Britons would suffer far more than they currently realise, as we explain in detail in our briefing this week (see article). Europe would be damaged too. Britain has stood for free trade and low regulation, so without it the union would be more lethargic and left ever further behind by America and the emerging world.对于一家对布鲁塞尔的大多数行为持怀疑态度的经济自由派报纸来说,英国的退出可能是一个双重悲剧。如同本周精粹栏目所详细描述的那样,英国人可能要承受的考验将比他们现在意识到的要多得多。欧洲也会遭遇打击。英国一直是自由贸易和放松监管的表率,失去她的欧盟会更加了无生气,并且会被美国和新兴国家落的更远。The speediest way for Britain to tumble out would be an “In or Out” referendum called by a prime minister frightened by rising anti-Europe feeling in Parliament and the country as a whole. David Cameron, Britain#39;s prime minister, has tried to resist this, hinting instead that Britons would be given a choice between the status quo and a more detached relationship. But few are satisfied with that. Conservative MPs look over their right shoulders at UKIP and clamour for a sharper choice.英国仓促做出决定的最快方式是由首相下令进行一次“留还是走”的全民公决,而首相已经被议会和国内反欧情绪的高涨搞得六神无主。英国首相戴维#8226;卡梅伦一直在努力抵制公民公决。他暗示说,英国人反而应当在现状和更超然的关系之间进行选择。但是几乎无人对此感到满意。保守党议员向独立党看齐,并且为更明确的选择而四处呼吁。Another route out involves a diplomatic slip. The cleverer Eurosceptics, including Mr Cameron, do not want Britain to leave; they just want to bring back some powers from Brussels. But their efforts to do so are making things worse. Last year almost all other EU members lined up against Mr Cameron, who was trying to block a fiscal compact to help resolve the euro crisis. The British now hope that tightening euro-zone integration provides a chance for Mr Cameron to negotiate looser ties. They could be wrong. Other countries are tiring of British demands. Many, including Germany, would prefer to avoid a British exit, but they are not so desperate to keep Mr Cameron in that they are prepared to concede much in the way of social and labour-market regulation. And some, such as France, might positively welcome the departure of the club#39;s most awkward member. Bad-tempered negotiations would increase the likelihood of an “out” vote in a British referendum.另一条出走的道路牵扯到外交方面的一些麻烦。包括卡梅伦在内的较明智的欧洲怀疑派不准备让英国脱离欧盟;他们只是想从布鲁塞尔讨回一些权力。但是,他们为此所做的努力正在使事情变得更糟糕。去年,除英国之外的几乎所有欧盟成员国都联合起来反对卡梅伦,这位英国首相当时试图阻止一项有助于解决欧元危机的财政契约获得通过。如今,英国希望对欧元区一体化的强化能为卡梅伦提供一个通过谈判解除合作的机会。他们可能打错了算盘。其他国家对英国的要求感到厌倦。包括德国在内的多个国家倾向于防止英国脱欧,但是他们还没有绝望到让卡梅伦坚持其对社会和劳动力市场的监管方式,尽管他们准备做出很大让步。同时,包括法国在内的一些国家可能对俱乐部中最尴尬成员的离去表示明确地欢迎。恶劣心情下的谈判可能会增加英国全民公决中投“离开”票的可能性。Little sovereignty, large cost用不菲的代价换取少量的主权And what if Britain left? It could grab a few benefits quickly. The nation would save about pound;8 billion ( billion) a year in net budget contributions. Freed of the common agricultural policy, its food could become cheaper. If it pulled out of the single market, it could do away with annoying labour directives. The City would not have to worry so much about a financial-transaction tax and creeping European finance rules.那么,英国脱欧影响几何呢?眼前的好处有以下几个:国家每年能节省8亿英镑(13亿美元)的净预算分摊额。摆脱欧洲共同农业政策后,英国的食品会更加便宜。如果脱离单一市场的话,英国能摆脱恼人的劳工指令。伦敦金融城不必为繁重的金融交易税而担忧,同时还可以无视欧洲的金融法规。Yet these gains would be greatly outweighed by the costs of a British exit, which would dent trade with a market that accounts for half of Britain#39;s exports. The carmakers that use Britain as their European operations base would gradually drift away, along with large parts of the financial-services industry. Britain would have to renegotiate dozens of bilateral trade deals from a much weaker position than it enjoyed as a member of the EU. It would cut a greatly diminished figure on the world stage. It would have bought some sovereignty, but at an extraordinary cost to Britain—and its partners.不过,同英国脱欧的代价相比,这些好处简直是九牛一毛。受英国脱欧所影响的交易占英国出口量的一半。把英国当做其欧洲业务基地的汽车厂商,连同大部分金融务产业在内会逐步撤离。同保持欧盟成员国相比,英国不得不站在一个较弱的地位重新进行一连串的双边贸易谈判。这会极大地消弱英国在世界舞台上的形象。这将使英国——及其伙伴以极高的代价换取一部分国家主权。Among those who want out, there is talk of finding an accommodation by which Britain would leave the EU but still trade freely with it (the equivalent of eating in a restaurant but not paying the cover charge). Some Eurosceptics suggest Britain could join Norway in the European Economic Area. That would leave it bound by EU regulations that it would be almost powerless to shape—a situation many Britons, especially Eurosceptics, would find intolerable. Others hope Britain might get the same deal as Switzerland, which is a little further removed but gets good access to the single market. It wouldn#39;t: the EU aly regrets giving Switzerland the Swiss option, so it is scarcely likely to give bigger, more troublesome Britain the same deal. Again, disappointment and a referendum beckon.想要脱欧的人们正在探讨一种可以让英国在脱欧的同时仍然可以自由地同其进行贸易的通融办法(这相当于在饭店中吃饭却不交务费)。一些欧洲怀疑派人士提议,英国可以像挪威一样加入欧洲经济区,这将使英国处于几乎无力形成的欧盟监管的控制之下——这是一种多数英国人,尤其是欧洲怀疑人士所无法容忍的情况。有人希望英国能够达成类似于瑞士的那种协议,虽然要为此做出更多的让步,但能够顺利地进入单一市场。不过,这是不可能实现的:欧盟早已为同意建立瑞士期权交易所而后悔不已,因此几乎不可能同面积更大并且会带来更多麻烦的英国达成类似协议。Can anything be done to prevent this slow-motion disaster? Quite possibly, it can. Oddly, Mr Cameron should try emulating Baroness Thatcher. She is remembered today as a handbag-swinger who commanded Brussels to retreat, but she also knew how to make common cause with other European leaders. Unfortunately, the quality of British EU diplomacy has deteriorated in recent years. Obsessed with repatriating powers and with appearing tough to their domestic audience, Britain#39;s current leaders seem to have forgotten the art of dealmaking. Mr Cameron has a good case to make, especially when he argues for extending the single market to promote growth. He also has powerful sympathisers in Europe, including Germany#39;s Angela Merkel, but they seldom become useful allies because Britain is seen as a blackmailing zealot.有什么办法可以阻止这种慢镜头式的灾难吗?当然有。首先,卡梅伦应当效仿撒切尔女男爵。虽说她留在当今人们记忆中的形象是一位挥舞着手提包命令布鲁塞尔撤退的人,但是她还了解同其他欧洲领导人进行合作的方式。不幸的是,英国对欧盟外交的质量近些年来一直在下滑。由于忙于收回权力并且对国内民众显得更加强硬,当前的英国领导人似乎已经忘记了做交易的技巧。卡梅伦具有做交易的有力条件,特别是当他赞成扩大单一市场以提高增长的时候。虽说他在欧洲还拥有不少有影响力的同情者,其中就包括德国总理默克尔;但是,由于英国被视为一个讨价还价的狂热分子,他们基本不可能成为可以利用的盟友。The other priority should be educating Britons about what exactly a British exit would really involve. Big business and the City, whose interests lie solidly inside the EU, need to take a stand. The Labour Party, which has been playing a cynical and dangerous game, also needs to change its line. In October Labour MPs voted with anti-European Tories over the EU budget, handing the government its first major defeat. By strengthening those who want to leave Europe, Labour is making it more likely that a Conservative government will have to promise an in-or-out referendum. If it does, Labour may be bounced into promising the same.另一个首先要考虑的事情应该是,让英国人真正对脱欧所涉及的详细内容有清楚的了解。其利益与留在欧盟密切相关的金融产业和金融城必须做出表态。一直在玩弄愤世嫉俗和危险把戏的工党也必须改变立场。今年10月,工党议员联合保守党中的反欧洲议员,投票反对欧盟预算案,让政府第一次遭到严重打击。通过强化同脱欧议员的联系,工党令保守党政府不得不保进行一次“留还是走”的全民公决变得更加可能。如果真是这样的话,工党可能会被迫做出同样的保。Most of the heavy lifting, at home as well as in Brussels, will have to be done by Mr Cameron and his chancellor, George Osborne. They need to remind Britons of the victories that have been won within the EU and of the dangers of falling out of it. And above all, they need to rediscover the virtues of muddling along and keeping options open. The referendum is a good example. Rushing to hold a simple in-or-out vote sounds clear and decisive. But stalling for time is wiser. The government should resist demands for a vote at least until it becomes clear what sort of Europe Britain would be voting to remain in or leave. This sort of wait-and-see approach may feel unsatisfactory, but it is what kept Britain out of the euro.不管是在国内还是在布鲁塞尔,许多困难都在等着卡梅伦和财政大臣乔治·奥斯本去解决。他们有必要提醒英国人,即要记住已在欧盟取得的胜利,也不要忘记脱离欧盟的危险。同时,更重要的是,他们有必要重新发掘出得过且过和灵活选择的长处。全民公决就是一个绝好的例子。单就“留还是走”进行一次仓促的投票听起来意义非凡,但是暂时搁置才是更明智的做法。政府至少应当对投票的要求进行抵制,直到英国对为什么样的欧洲进行留还是走的投票变得清楚为止。此类观望手段或许无法令人满意,但它正是让英国远离欧元的办法。Britain#39;s position in Europe may become untenable, if the resolution of the economic crisis binds the countries of the euro zone ever closer and all other EU countries join. But that is not a certainty, and nor is Britain#39;s steady marginalisation. Difficult and often humiliating as it may be, the best course is to stick close to Europe, and try to bend it towards Britain.如果对经济危机的解决将欧元区国家更加紧密地团结起来,并且让其他欧盟国家也加入进来,那么英国在欧洲的立场可能会站不住脚。但是,这既不是板上钉钉的事情,也不能说英国肯定会被边缘化。这也许是困难的,也许还经常令人难堪,但最佳的选择就是紧紧地同欧洲联结在一起,并且努力使这种联结有利于英国。 /201212/213005宁都县人民医院去痣多少钱

赣县治疗蝴蝶斑多少钱赣州俪人整形美容医院去痣怎么样 The way you look means a lot—especially if you#39;re in the financial industry—and the more trustworthyyou look to potentialclients, the more you#39;ll attract higher investments。外貌很重要——尤其是对从事金融行业的人来说,更是如此。你的外表越得潜在客户的信任,你就越能吸引更多的投资。Despite appearances and first impressions, a recently published study reports that even if people hear negative information about you, they#39;ll still be more inclinedto invest their money with the person whose face is perceivedto be more trustworthy。最近一篇研究发现,客户除了外形和第一印象外,还很在意对方的长相,要是你的脸给他们可信度多一点,就算他们获悉了你的负面消息,仍会倾向于给你投资。;Trustworthinessis one of the most important traitsfor social and economic interactions and our study examines whether people take potentially costly actions in line with their face-based trustworthiness judgments,; Chris Olivola, one of the study’s authors, said ;It seems we are still willing to go with our own instincts about whether we think someone looks like we can trust them。;研究人员克里斯·奥利弗拉表示: “可信度是社会和经济交往中最重要的因素之一。而我们的研究是为了调查人们会不会用长相老实来判断是否要做出巨额的投资。调查发现,人们看起来还是喜欢用直觉来判断别人的可信度。”Researchers from Warwick Business School, the University College London and Dartmouth College gave participants real money and asked them to choose who they#39;d invest with out of the face images provided. The volunteers were then given bad and good information about each of the faces, and asked again who they#39;d invest their money with。沃里克大学商学院(微)、伦敦大学和达特茅斯学院的研究人员,给参与研究的志愿者现金,叫他们根据对方的长相来选择投资人。然后告诉志愿者们不同候选人的正面消息和负面消息,再问他们愿意向谁投资。Despite knowing the different reputations, the outcome didn#39;t change: participantswere still more likely to invest their money with those who had more trustworthy-looking appearances。尽管知道了候选人的负面消息,但选择结果却没有变化:志愿者们仍然更愿意与那些长得诚实可信的人一起投资。The team used a software created by Alex Todorov from Princeton University to produce 40 faces—20 pairs of faces at opposing ends of the trustworthiness scale—and altered features to ;correspond to the way natural faces are perceived in reality.;研究团队使用的是普林斯顿大学的亚历克斯·托多罗夫发明的软件,他们用该软件创作了40张脸——给人以信任感感官范围内的20对对立的脸——把这些脸的脸部特征改为“现实生活中的自然脸”。The study says that the difference in a trustworthy face and one that isn#39;t as much results from features that look ;slightlyangry or slightly happy, even when these faces are ;at rest.;;该研究表明,可信度高的脸和可信度低的脸,取决于这张脸看上去是“微微生气还是微微开心”,即使有时候脸的主人觉得自己“面无表情”。Basically, the bottom line is saying when it comes to investing, the way you look and the way people perceive you is a lot more important than your reputation。基本上可以概括为以下结论,要让别人投钱,你的长相和给人的感觉比你的名声重要多了。 /201206/188204赣州哪个整形医院比较好

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