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  • A new study has found that cat people are more likely than dog people to express feeling tired, annoyed and sad.一项最新研究发现,和爱之人相比,爱猫的人更有可能表达出疲惫,烦操及悲伤的情绪。Montagues and Capulets. Edison and Tesla. Bloods and Crips. Among history#39;s greatest rivalries none has been so fierce as that between cat people and dog people.蒙太古与凯普莱特家族,爱迪生和特斯拉,黑帮Bloods和Crips。这些历史上最伟大的对头之间的斗争远没有爱猫和爱人之间那么激烈。In honor of International Cat Day, Facebook researchers examined the behavior of these warring factions to find some insight into who they are and how they operate. The team of data scientists wanted to find out who has more friends, who is more likely to be single and who has the best taste in TV.为纪念世界爱猫日,Facebook的研究人员分别研究了爱猫人士和爱人士的行为方式,以此来推断他们性格特质和处事模式。研究数据的科学家们想要发现哪个阵营的人朋友圈更广,单身的几率更高,电视节目的品味更胜一筹。The startling findings, drawn from a sample of 160,000 Facebook users in the ed States who had posted pictures of cats or dogs, are likely to act as a catalyst for more bloodshed between Team Cat and Team Dog.调查对象是16万曾在Facebook上晒过自家猫咪或者的美国用户。而最后的结果却为爱猫和爱人士之间又加了一剂催化剂。One of the key findings – long suspected – is that cat people are more likely to be single than dog people. Just 24% of dog people are single compared with 30% of cat people.此次研究的一大发现就是实了大家一直以来的一个猜测:和爱人士相比,爱猫人士更可能单身。在本次调查中,爱人士中单身的仅为24%,而在爱猫人士中则是30%。Dog people, like their outgoing, waggy-tailed companions, were found to be more popular – if popularity is judged by the number of online connections.爱人士和他们活蹦乱跳、毛茸茸一团的宠物一样,更受大家欢迎。当然这里的;欢迎;是通过他们在网上的交际来判断的。Team Cat aren#39;t only discerning about friends: they also seem to have the edge when it comes to picking books, TV shows and movies – at least according to what they#39;ve ;liked; on their Facebook profile.爱猫人士不仅在选择交友的时候眼光敏锐,他们似乎在挑书、选择电视节目、电影上也比较有水准,至少他们在Facebook中的爱好一项上是这么描述的。Cat people appear to prefer The Hobbit, Brave New World, Adventure Time, Doctor Who, A Clockwork Orange. Meanwhile, dog people lean toward the subject including Fifty Shades of Grey, Step Up, The Hangover, Duck Dynasty.爱猫人士们看书时更倾向于选择《霍比特人》、《美丽新世界》、《探险活宝》、《神秘士》及《发条橙》。而爱人士的则更倾向于《五十度灰》、《舞出我人生》、《宿醉》和《鸭子王朝》。When the researchers looked at how the different groups tagged their status updates with moods, they found that feline fanciers were all over the place.此外,研究人员在研究不同人群以心情定义自己的状态时,发现这些人基本上都是爱猫人士。They were disproportionately more likely to express that they were tired, annoyed or sad, but also much more likely to say they were happy, amused. Although that love may just be coming from their cats.爱猫人士更容易表达疲惫,烦操或悲伤的情绪。当然他们也更可能表示出自己很开心,愉快。虽然这种爱可能仅仅是来自于他们的猫咪的。Canine club members were less varied on the emotional spectrum, being more likely to express excitement or pride.相比之下,爱人士的情感表达就没有那么丰富了,兴奋或者骄傲是他们比较常见的情绪表达。 /201608/461662。
  • Bon viveurs worried about spoiling their shirts at supper will be able strip off and feast in the nude when London’s first naked restaurant opens this summer. 担心在晚餐时弄脏衬衫的饕餮食客们可以放心了,今年夏天伦敦第一家裸体餐厅即将开业,他们可以脱下衣,裸体进餐了。 The Bunyadi, which aly has a waiting list of more than 4,000, will be open for three months from June 2016. Diners will be encouraged to disrobe and “experience true liberation” while tucking into a tasting . 这家名为Bunyadi的餐厅即将在2016年6月开业,营业时间只有三个月,现在预约人数已经有四千多了。餐厅倡导顾客们在享受美味前宽衣解带,“体验真正的自由”。 On arrival, customers will be escorted to a changing room, asked to place their clothes and belongings in lockers and given a light gown. It is then up to them whether to remove the final item of clothing at the table. Tables will be partly obscured by bamboo screens, creating a semblance of privacy. Large napkins will presumably be provided to prevent unfortunate burns. 顾客们一到餐厅,就会被领到更衣室,把衣和随身携带物品锁进储物柜里,穿上一件轻便的罩袍。然后进餐时脱不脱这最后一件衣就由他们自己决定了。桌子会被竹制屏风隔开,营造出一种隐隐约约的隐私空间。大餐巾会事先备好,以免被食物烫伤。 Naked serving staff will wait on tables, offering a which will include grilled meats as well as vegan options, all cooked on a wood fire and served on handmade clay crockery. 裸体的务员会在桌边侍奉,呈上菜单,菜单上有素食也有烤肉。这些食物都是用柴火烹饪的,盛在手工陶器里。 According to the masterminds behind the restaurant, the “Pangaea-like” enterprise seeks to free guests from the “trappings of the industrialised-world”. Mobile phones and photographs will be banned. 据餐厅的设计者说,开设这家具有“盘古大陆天地初开”时原始氛围的餐厅是为了把客人们从“工业化世界的泥沼”中解脱出来。餐厅里禁止使用手机和照相机。 The Bunyadi - a Hindi term meaning #39;fundamental#39;, #39;base#39; or #39;natural#39; - is the latest creation from Lollipop, the company behind Shoreditch#39;s Breaking Bad cocktail bar, ABQ London. Bunyadi餐厅的名字源于印度语,意为“本原”,“根本”或“自然”,是饮食集团Lolliopop新开的一家餐厅,伦敦肖尔迪奇区的《绝命毒师》主题鸡尾酒酒吧ABQ也是这个集团创建的。 Founder Seb Lyall said: “I think it will appeal to vegans and naturists from all over the UK. It won’t be a first date venue but certainly second dates and dinner with friends.” 创始人谢布#8226;莱尔说:“我觉得它会吸引全英国的素食主义者和裸体主义者。尽管没有人会把第一次约会的地点选在这里,但一定会是第二次约会和朋友聚会的地方。” The venue in central London - its specific location is so far undisclosed - has a capacity of forty-two and dinner will cost around £60 per person. 这家餐厅能容纳42个人,人均消费在60英镑左右,地点在伦敦中心地区,具体地址目前还没有披露。 Mr Lyall added: “We believe people should get the chance to enjoy and experience a night out without any impurities: no chemicals, no artificial colours, no electricity, no gas, no phone - and even no clothes. 莱尔先生补充说:“我们认为人们应该有机会享受并体验一个纯粹的夜晚:没有化学制品、没有人工色素、没有电、没有燃气、没有电话——甚至没有衣。 “We have worked very hard to design a space where everything patrons interact with is bare and naked. The use of natural bamboo partitions and candlelight has enabled to us to make the restaurant discreet, whilst adhering to the ethos behind it. No doubt, this has been the most challenging project for us yet, which makes us very excited about it.” “我们很用心地设计了这样一个空间,每位顾客接触到的事物都是没有遮蔽的、的。使用天然的竹制屏风和烛光可以使用餐环境显得隐蔽一些,但并没有丢掉我们的理念。毋庸置疑,这是我们目前为止接触过的最有挑战性的项目,我们对此都非常兴奋。” The world#39;s most extreme places to eat and drink 世界上最极致的用餐之地 1 Dinner in the Sky, worldwide 1. 空中餐厅,遍布世界各地 Dinner in the Sky offers customers an entirely new experience: fine dining served by some of the world’s top chefs, while suspended 50 metres in the air. Operating in over 45 countries, the experience combines unforgettable cuisine with views over London, Las Vegas, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Cyprus and many other incredible locations. 空中餐厅会给顾客一个全新的体验:餐厅悬在50米的空中,菜肴精致,由世界顶级厨师烹饪。开设此餐厅的国家不止45个,顾客不仅可以体验难忘的美味佳肴,还可以俯瞰伦敦、、沙特阿拉伯、意大利、塞浦路斯和其它许多地方的极致美景。 London in the Sky is currently running until the end of the month, on London#39;s South Bank. 伦敦的空中餐厅将营业至月底,地点在伦敦南岸。 2 Treepod Dining – Soneva Kiri, Thailand 2. 树屋餐厅——泰国,苏尼瓦奇瑞 Up to four diners can squeeze into this bamboo pod, which is “gently hoisted” 16 feet up into an ancient forest. The fine dining experience is delivered to you by your very own personal waiter, who delivers food and beverages via a zip-wire, being careful not to spill or drop anything on the journey. 树屋餐厅坐落在一个原始森林中,挂在离地面16英尺高的地方,一个竹制小屋最多可以容纳四人就餐。你会有自己的务员,他会通过高空飞索小心地把食物送到你面前,不会在路途中溅洒或掉落任何东西,用餐体验非常棒。 3 Ithaa, Maldives 3. 伊萨餐厅,马尔代夫 The world’s first undersea restaurant celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Ithaa, on the beautiful Rangali Island, sits five metres below the surface of the Indian Ocean, with 180 degree panoramic views of the surrounding coral gardens. 伊萨餐厅是世界第一家海底餐厅,今年是它开业10周年。这家餐厅位于美丽的港丽岛,在印度洋海面之下五米处,可180度观赏周围珊瑚礁的全景。 The features local produce and spices, alongside more Western influences in the six-course set dinner including such indulgent delights as caviar, truffles, foie gras and lobster. The area can also be hired for private functions such as business breakfasts, meetings and weddings. 这家菜品以当地特产和香料为主,设有六道菜的正餐也受到很多西方影响,比如里面包括鱼子酱、松露、鹅肝酱、龙虾这样的奢华美味。这家餐厅也接受私人租用,用于进行商务早餐、会议和婚礼等等。 4 ICEBAR LONDON 4. 冰吧,伦敦 The UK’s only permanent ice bar, this location is simply unforgettable. Everything inside is carved from crystal clear ice from the Torne River in Jukkasj#228;rvi, Northern Sweden, absolutely EVERYTHING – the bar, the walls, tables and even your own personal glass. As it#39;s a chilly -5C, you are handed a hooded thermal cape and gloves before going in. 这是英国唯一一家永久冰吧,单单其地理位置就给人很深刻的印象。里面的一切,绝对是所有的一切,都是由透亮的冰块雕刻而成的——吧台、墙壁、桌子、甚至是你自己的杯子。这些冰取自瑞典北部尤卡斯耶尔维的托尔讷河。因为室内寒冷,气温只有零下五度,在进去之前会给你披上保暖的斗篷和手套。 Every year the icy architecture is taken down and transformed for a new theme. This year, the upcoming theme is ICEBAR LONDON ROCKS, featuring a “rocktastic” 6ft tall Ice Skull sculpture, a punk rock ice-studded bar and specially created cocktails: “November Rain” and “Dirty Little Secret”. The spirits provided are sure to leave you feeling warm inside after this icy experience. 每年冰雕都会换一个新主题。今年的主题将是“伦敦冰吧摇滚”,届时将有一个六英尺高的骷髅头冰雕,一个嵌满冰块放着朋克摇滚的吧台和特制的鸡尾酒——“十一月的雨”和“龌龊的小秘密”。这里的烈酒一定会让你在冰爽体验中也感受到温暖。 5 Fresh in the Garden, Kunfunadhoo Island, Maldives 5. 清新花园,马尔代夫,昆夫纳杜岛 Fresh in the Garden is the perfect name for this treetop wonderland, at an upmarket hotel. A wide variety of freshly sourced food and wine is provided, predominantly Mediterranean-inspired but with a strong Asian influence. 清新花园这个名字,对这片树顶上的仙境来说是再合适不过的了。餐厅位于一家高档酒店里面,菜品和红酒种类繁多,来源新鲜,主要是地中海风味的,但也受到亚洲的强烈影响。 Surrounded by tropical banana trees, the open air view is simply spectacular. 餐厅周围热带香蕉树环绕,视野开阔,景色宜人。 6 Sirocco, Bangkok, Thailand 6. 热风餐厅,泰国,曼谷 This 63rd floor open air restaurant is the highest al fresco restaurant in the world. The award-winning head chef creates clean, uncomplicated and fresh Mediterranean cuisine, with the live jazz band creating a relaxed atmosphere as you enjoy the views. 这家露天餐厅有63层,是世界上最高的户外餐厅。主厨备受赞誉,其烹饪的地中海菜肴干净、简约而新鲜。餐厅还有爵士乐队现场表演,为你享受美景营造轻松的氛围。 7 Dans le noir? London 7. 黑暗餐厅,伦敦 Fancing trying to eat in complete darkness? Dans le noir? (French for In the dark) has five restaurants in London, Paris, Barcelona, Nairobi and St Petersburg, where you will be served simple, fresh food by blind waiters. The company claims: ;By suppressing the dominant sense of sight, you will enter a whole new world in which one is uncertain of their surroundings.; 你想在一片漆黑中进食吗?黑暗餐厅Dans le noir(法语,意为“在黑暗中”)共有五家,分设在伦敦、巴黎、巴塞罗那、内罗毕和圣彼得堡。在那里,盲人务员会为你端来简单、新鲜的食物。这家餐厅声称:“这样可以避免视觉上的先入为主,你将会进入一个全新的世界,不确定周围环境是什么样子。” The only question is, how do you go to the loo? 唯一的问题是,你怎么上洗手间呢? 8 The Modern Toilet, Taiwan 8. 便所餐厅,台湾 This definitely might not not be to everyone#39;s taste. The Modern Toilet restaurant is a venue where everything is bathroom-themed. From toilet-shaped seats to bath tables, you can#39;t seem to get away from the washroom. 这家餐厅可不是符合每个人的品味。在便所餐厅,什么都是以洗手间为主题的,座位是马桶形状的,桌子是洗手池,你好像总也离不开洗手间。 The owners claim this venture began when one of them was ;ing manga on the toilet - and the rest is history;. They began solely selling ice cream, where the bowl was a mini-toilet, and the ice cream was all brown in colour (regardless of the flavour) and shaped like - well, like poo. 老板们称,这个创意来自于他们其中一个人“在马桶上看日本漫画,要么就是历史书”的经历。他们刚开始只卖冰激凌,盛冰激凌的容器是个迷你马桶,冰激凌的颜色都是棕色(别管味道如何),形状嘛,就像一坨屎。 Since then, they have developed into a fully-fledged themed chain with branches all over Taiwan. 从那以后,他们把冰激凌店发展成一家综合类的主题连锁餐厅,分店遍布台湾。 9 Alice in Magic Land, Tokyo 9. 爱丽丝的魔法迷宫,东京 Fall down the rabbit hole at one of Diamond Dining#39;s six Alice in Wonderland-themed venues throughout Japan. Featuring playing card tables, hedge maze booths, heart-shaped chandeliers and waitresses clad in Alice-style dresses, you will not find anything here without at least a hint of Wonderland. 钻石餐饮集团在日本共开设了六家爱丽丝漫游奇境主题餐厅,快来掉到这里的兔子洞吧。餐厅内有纸牌桌、树篱迷宫、心形的枝形吊灯和穿着爱丽丝衣的女务员,你在这里绝不会找到半点不带《奇境》风格的东西。 Try the Cheshire Cat tail-shaped pizza with a Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum twin cocktail to make your experience extra magical. But don#39;t follow the White Rabbit#39;s naughty example by being late for this very important date... 尝一下柴郡猫尾巴状的披萨,和双胞胎兄弟Tweedle Dee和Tweedle Dum鸡尾酒,会给你带来更多的魔幻体验。但是不要学淘气的白兔子,在重要的约会上迟到。 /201604/439699。
  • Love at first sight is a myth — and lovers need to meet at least four times before Cupid#39;s arrow strikes their hearts, said a study.一份研究表明,第一次见面就相爱只是一个神话--至少需要见面四次之后,丘比特的箭才会射中彼此的心。The findings showed that people often find themselves drawn to individuals after multiple encounters, even when there was no initial attraction.这一发现表明,人们经常发现自己是在多次见过某人之后才被吸引过去的,甚至在开始没有一点吸引力。;Cupid#39;s arrow is often slow to strike. It may be attributable to the gradual change in attractiveness from repetition,; Ravi Thiruchselvam, Psychologist at Hamilton College in New York, was ed as saying by dailystar.co.uk last Sunday.英国《每日星报》上周日引用来自纽约汉密尔顿学院的心理学家Ravi Thiruchselvam的话称:;丘比特的箭经常射的很慢。这是因为经常的见面会导致吸引力不断的变化。;For the study, the team gave snaps of people#39;s faces to a group of young men and women.为了进行此项研究,研究团队给参加测试的一组年轻男女一些人的照片。The researchers then wired the participants brains to monitors as the group ranked the attractiveness of people in the pictures.在根据照片上的人的吸引力进行分级时,研究人员同时监测受测者的大脑反应。The subjects were then shown the snaps for a second time, and rated those they found attractive much more highly.然后给受测者再看一次这些快照,然后将他们认为有较高吸引力的人进行评级。The attraction was even stronger on the third occasion and strongest of all on the fourth.这种吸引力在第三次的时候会更强,而在第四次达到最强。The fourth attempt showed extra activity around the excitement and pleasure centres of the brain of the participants在第四次时,试验会显示,受测者大脑的兴奋和快乐中心的活动会活跃很多。 /201608/463249。
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