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Generally speaking, the larger the circle you move in, the greater the centripetal force you experience.一般来说,你所处运动的圆圈越大,你所经历的向心力就越大。So, the farther you move away from the center of the merry-go-round, the more force the merry-go-round must exert on you to keep you moving in that circle.因此你距离旋转木马的中心越远,旋转木马就会施加更大的力使你保持在圆圈中运动。All this extra force on your inner ear can make you lose your balance and feel quite dizzy.所有这些你内耳中的额外力会让你失衡并且感到很头晕目眩。Another way to see centripetal force in action is with an old-fashioned record player.另一种观察向心力运动的方法是使用老式唱片机。Place a penny near the center of a spinning record, and it will stay in place as it turns.在旋转唱片中心附近放一枚一便士,而后它将保持在原地旋转。Put the penny on the edge, however, and it will fly off the record, giving visible proof that the force at the edge of a spinning object is greater than at the center.如果将硬币放在边缘,它会从唱片上飞走,这足以明旋转物体边缘的力量要大于中心处。201501/356200

I have never,I swear to god,I never heard of a jazz game.Really?我对天发誓 我从没听说过爵士乐 真的吗I though every teenage boy had their jazz games.Sounds like a punishment.我还以为每个青少年都有爵士乐 听起来像是惩罚Well,you know,it was eye opening.The way it worked,you would just wander through the history of jazz.那让我开阔眼界 游戏是这样的 你就漫游在爵士的历史里You really didnt do anything.You were just a passive participant.你什么都没做 你就是个被动的参与者Theres no game aspect of it?Its just wandering through jazz?里面没有游戏的元素吗 你就漫游在爵士乐中吗Youre a jazz audience member.Like imagine call of duty but instead of storming barracks,you just like quietly listen to jellyroll Morton play.你是爵士观众 想象一下《使命召唤》 但你不是冲进军营 而是安静地听着杰利·罗尔·莫顿演奏So that I wanted become a musician.I got really into it.I used to wear a fedora.然后我想成为音乐家 我真的很沉迷 我以前带着软呢帽Oh,god,how old were you at the time?I was 14,It wasnt great.天啊 你那时多大n 14岁 那可不棒Youre 14 year-old wearing a fedora trying to be a hipster jazz guy?你14岁 带着软呢帽 想成为爵士乐音乐迷Right,but I would dress up like a normal 14 year-old boy until my neck and then from the head up,是啊 但我直到脖子的穿着打扮像是14岁的男孩 然后头以上I wear the haberdashery of a old cool black guy,but then from here down,it just be like a bugle boy,ironically played trumpet.我穿着老黑人的饰 但是脖子以下只是个吹喇叭的男孩 这很讽刺 我吹的是小号And one day I was walking along the street and a guy pulled up in the car next to me,一天我在街上走着 一个人在我身边停了车and he rolled down the window and I was wearing my fedora and he just quietly went,lose the hat and drove away.摇下窗户 我带着软呢帽 他小声说 取下帽子 然后他就开走了He saved your life.My guardian angel.他救了你的命 我的守护天使You went to a jazz camp then?That right,I went to.Was that a summer camp?那时候去了爵士乐营啊 是啊 我去过 那是夏令营吗Yeah,it a summer camp for the unfortunate youths who decided jazz the center pieces of their lives.是为那些不幸的年轻人开办的夏令营 他们决定了爵士乐是他们生活的中心部分201608/460622

There are many dung beetles competing for a limited amount of food at a dung pile, so whenan individual is finished rolling a ball of dung it is in its best interest to make a quick escape.And the fastest way to travel is in a straight path. Scientists noticed that when the moon wasvisible, these dung beetles did just that; they traveled in straight paths. But when it was acloudy night, the beetles paths became shaky and erratic.屎壳郎之间食物的竞争很激烈,往往是很多只屎壳郎齐齐盯上一堆粪。因此,当一只屎壳郎滚好了一个粪球后最好就是尽快离开。当然,最快的就是走直线了。科学家们发现,在月明星稀的夜里,屎壳郎就是这样做的,它们都走直线。但是,如果是在乌云密布的夜里,无法看到月亮,这个时候的屎壳郎所走的路线就会歪歪扭扭。To be sure the beetles were indeed using the moons polarization and not the moon itself, theresearchers used a filter that changed the pattern of the polarized moonlight by 90 degrees.The beetles responded by changing their course by 90 degrees.为了确定屎壳郎是凭借着月光的偏振作用而不是月光来看路,研究者们使用了一个滤光器,这个滤光器将月光的偏振改变了90度,这个时候他们发现,屎壳郎的路线也随之改变了90度。Scientists suspect that the dung beetle isnt the only animal to navigate by the moonspolarization and that more such creatures will soon be discovered.科学家们还推测,屎壳郎并不是唯一一种凭借月光偏振作用为自己“导航”的动物,相信很快也会发现其它的此类生物。201503/366774

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