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For scientists like David,对像大卫这样的科学家yeast is the perfect research specimen.以酵母为研究对象再适合不过了It#39;s a simple organism with only它是只有6000个基因的简单组织6,000 genes, a tenth the amount we have,是我们拥有的十分之一so it makes much easier to hunt for particular genes.所以找特殊基因会更简单And surprisingly almost all the genes in yeast exist in humans.惊讶的是人体内几乎有酵母所有的基因After seven years, he was able to identify a gene for longevity.7年后 他找到了长寿基因The yeast cells are microscopic酵母细胞极小so we look at them under the microscope所以我们要在显微镜下看count how many times they divide,数数它们分裂几次and what we#39;re looking for were genes that if you delete them,我们要确定去掉其中的哪个or you add an extra copy of them, that they live longer,或加入哪个复制体 它们会活得更久and we found a set of genes that do that.我们找到了这样的一组基因They#39;re called the sirtuin genes and really what was它们叫做沉默调节蛋白基因very exciting was that just adding one extra copy of a gene让人激动的是仅需加入一个该复制体called sirtuin could greatly就能大大延寿extend the lifespan of those yeast, about 30%.延长大约30%的寿命David had a hunch that this longevity大卫预感这个长寿基因gene was key to how calorie restriction worked.是控制卡路里摄入的关键What he needed to do was to prove the link.他需要做的是明这其中的联系 Article/201303/230301

Regular exercise helps with weight maintenance, and maintaining a healthy weight has been linked with cancer prevention. Here are some pointers to keep in mind.经常锻炼可以维持体重,维持健康的体重可以预防癌症。以下是需要牢记的几点建议。You Will Need你需要Active lifestyle积极的生活方式Alternate physical activities交替进行体育活动Steps步骤Step 1 Know the numbers1.了解事实数据Know that one-third of annual cancer deaths in the U.S. can likely be attributed to poor diet and lack of exercise.要知道,美国每年死于癌症的三分之一的病人可能是由于饮食不当或缺乏运动。Step 2 Recognize relative cancer risks2.认识相关癌症风险Recognize that the most compelling evidence linking exercise to cancer prevention involves cancers of the colon and breast.要认识到运动与预防癌症有关的最令人信的据,包括结肠癌和乳腺癌。Scientists suspect that exercise also might play a role in lowering the chances of prostate, lung, non-Hodgkin#39;s lymphoma,ovarian, testicular, and uterine cancers.科学家怀疑运动还可以降低前列腺癌,肺癌,非霍奇金淋巴瘤,卵巢癌,睾丸癌和子宫癌的风险。Step 3 Understand the role of weight3.了解体重的影响Understand that you should maintain a healthy weight throughout your life to reduce your risk of cancer. You can maintain a healthy weight by balancing calories consumed with physical activity levels.要明白,你应该保持健康的体重,以降低癌症的风险。你可以通过体育活动消耗热量来维持健康的体重。If you are currently overweight or obese, use diet and exercise to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.如果你现在超重或肥胖,通过饮食和运动来达到和维持健康的体重。Step 4 Be physically active4.积极运动Adopt a physically active lifestyle. Engage in at least 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity 5 or more days per week. 45 to 60 minutes is even better. When it comes to preventing cancer, all kinds of vigorous exercise are the right kind.采取积极的生活方式。每天至少30分钟中等或高强度的体育活动,每周进行五天或更多天。每天45分钟至60分钟更好。在预防癌症方面,所有积极的运动都是可以的。Step 5 Challenge yourself5.挑战自己Challenge yourself by adding new activities and increasing the duration of your exercise routine. Ask your doctor or physical therapist for help in designing an exercise plan tailored to your needs.挑战自己,增加新的活动,增加运动持续时间。在根据自己的需求设计锻炼计划时向医生或物理治疗师请求帮助。A study conducted in 2007 by the Centers for Disease Control found that Colorado was the only state in the U.S. with an obesity rate below 20 percent.2007年疾病控制中心进行的一项调查发现,科罗拉多州是美国唯一一个肥胖率低于20%的州。视频听力译文由。 /201409/330074

It rains here for up to 250 days a year, and standing water is everywhere.这里一年之中有250天在降雨,到处都是积水。In the floodplain of the Yangtze River, black-tailed godwits probe the mud in search of worms.在扬子江的涝原,黑尾鹬在泥泞中寻索着虫子。But isn#39;t just wildlife that thrives in this environment. The swampy ground provides ideal conditions for a remarkable member of the grass family.并非只有野生动物在这样的环境下茁壮成长,沼泽般湿润肥沃的土地为作物家族最显著的成员提供了最理想的环境。Rice. The Chinese have been cultivating rice for at least 8,000 years. It has transformed the landscape.这就是稻米。中国有着至少8000年的稻米种植史,它们改变了这块土地。Late winter in southern Yunnan is a busy time for local farmers as they prepare the age-old paddy fields y for the coming spring.对云南南部的农民而言,冬末是个繁忙的季节,因为他们要为即将来临的春天整顿这片古老的稻田。 /201405/302479

  广告意义:智能手机已经普及,它几乎与人类形影不离,不论我们在何时何地,我们购物,打电话,开会,上课,它为我们提供导航,寻找附近美食,比较价格,玩游戏,买东西等等功能,可以说,它几乎满足了人类的大部分生活需求,了解更多智能手机用户的习惯,能够让智能手机更加完善,一起来参与智能手机运动吧,做更加聪明的智能手机的主人!广告双语文本内容:There#39;s a mobile movement going on. The rise of smartphones is creating smarter consumers; creating more opportunities for smarter marketing. Smartphones are always on, always with us and always connected. In one week, we#39;ve browsed the internet, used a search engine, watched a and connected with our friends: all on our smartphones. But that#39;s info you might aly know. Here#39;s some you might not.有个智能手机运动正在进行。智能手机的兴起创造出更聪明的消费者;为更聪明的行销创造了更多的机会。智能手机总是开着,总是跟着我们,也总是连接上网。在一周里,我们浏览了网路,使用了搜索引擎,看过了影片,还联系了我们的朋友:都在智能手机上。但是那是你可能已经知道的讯息。这里有一些你可能不知道的。We#39;re using smartphones almost everywhere, even while consuming other media. Smartphones have become such an important part of our lives that many of us would give up high heels, cable TV, even chocolate, just to keep using them.我们几乎在每个地方使用智能手机,甚至在使用別的媒体时也是。智能手机已经成为我们生活中如此重要的一个部分,我们很多人愿意放弃高跟鞋、有线电视、甚至巧克力,只是为了继续使用它们。They#39;re becoming important to our shopping habits too. Smartphones have become the ultimate shopping companion, transforming us into more savvy consumers. Seventy-nine percent use a smartphone to help with shopping. In fact, seventy percent of us actually use our smartphone while in the store. We use it to find retailers, compare prices, get coupons, reviews and check to see if something#39;s in stock, which leads us to buy. Nearly three-quarters of shoppers made a purchase as a direct result of the info we got from our smartphones: either in store, online, or on our phone. Our new mobile shopping habits are adding up to big spending across the board.对于我们的购物习惯来说,它们也变得重要了。智能手机已经变成终极的购物伙伴,把我们变成更精明的消费者。百分之七十九的人用智能手机帮助购物。事实上,我们有百分之七十的人实际上在店里使用智能手机。我们用它来找零售商、比较价格、获得折惠劵、读还有检查看看某个东西是否有库存,这些行为引导我们购买。将近四分之三的购物者因为我们的智能手机得到资讯直接购买:不管是在店里、网路上或是在电话上。我们新的手机购物者习惯整体来说加在一起成为很大的消费。And where do we do most of our shopping? Usually in our own backyards! In fact, finding local information is one of the most popular smartphone activities. We#39;re using our phones to find everything from the nearest pizza place, to movie showtimes, to finding the nearest store that carries the item we#39;re looking for. And eighty-eight percent of us use that local information and take action within a day, whether to call or visit a local business.而我们大都在哪边消费?通常在自家后院。事实上,寻找当地资讯是上最受欢迎的智能手机活动之一。我们用电话去找所有的东西,从最近的披萨店店,到电影时刻表,到有卖我们找的东西的最近店家。而且我们有八十八个百分比的人使用那当地资讯并在一天之內采取行动,不管是打电话或是亲自拜访当地店家。Over the past year, mobile search queries have skyrocketed to new heights, as we search for everything from product reviews, to travel info, to random trivia that can help us settle bets with our friends. And while word of mouth or seeing a product in-store may lead people to search on smartphones, seventy-one percent of us search, because we saw an ad, both on traditional media and on our phones. And we are acting on it. Nine out of ten mobile users have taken action. All thanks to a smartphone search.上个年度,手机查询数冲到新高点,当我们在寻找所有的东西,从产品,到旅游资讯,到帮助我们解决跟朋友打赌问题之类的随机琐事。而且当口碑或是在店里看到一样产品可能导致人们在智能手机上搜寻,我们之中有百分之七十一,因为同时在传统媒体和电话上看到一个广告而搜寻。而且我们实际去做。十个手机用户中有九个采取行动。全都要感谢智能手机搜寻。The simple fact is: Mobile ads work. Recall seeing a mobile ad? You#39;re not alone. Eighty-two percent of us do. Yet seventy-nine percent of top advertisers don#39;t have a mobile optimized website. It#39;s important to build a good mobile user experience, because if we see a mobile ad, we tend to click on the ad, visit the advertiser#39;s site, make a purchase or call the business.简单的事实是:手机广告有效。记得看过一个手机广告吗?你不是唯一看过的。我们有百分之八十二的人看过。然而七十九个百分比的顶尖广告商没有一个适合手机板的网页。建造一个好的手机使用者经验是很重要的,因为如果我们看到一个手机广告,我们倾向于点击广告,造访广告商的网页,买东西,或是打给店家。Today we use smartphones to stay connected, to keep us entertained, to search for information on the go and to make us smarter shoppers. And we are going to be doing a lot more of this, creating more opportunities for marketers to connect with their customers. Don#39;t miss the mobile movement. Mobilize your marketing to reach the new smartphone consumer.今天我们用智能手机上网,去找乐子,随时随地搜寻资讯,然后把我们自己变成更聪明的购物者。然后我们要做更多这些事情,创造更多机会让行销人员和他们的客户搭上线。不要错过手机运动。动员市场行销去接触新的智能手机客人。 Article/201408/322693



  Today in History: Saturday, April 20, 2013历史上的今天:2013年4月20日,星期六On April 20, 1999, two students went on a shooting rampage at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo., killing 12 students and one teacher before taking their own lives.1792 France declared war on Austria, marking the start of the French Revolutionary wars.1812 Vice President George Clinton, a former New York governor, died at age 73.1836 The Territory of Wisconsin was established by Congress.1889 Nazi leader Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau, Austria.1902 Scientists Marie and Pierre Curie isolated the radioactive element radium.1912 Fenway Park in Boston and Tiger Stadium in Detroit opened.1939 Baseball Hall of Famer Ted Williams made his major league debut with the Boston Red Sox.1940 RCA publicly demonstrated its new electron microscope.1971 The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the use of busing to achieve racial desegregation in schools.1972 The manned lunar module from Apollo 16 landed on the moon.1980 The first Cubans sailing to the ed States as part of the massive Mariel boatlift reached Florida.2008 Danica Patrick became the first female winner in IndyCar history by capturing the Indy Japan 300.2010 An explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil platform, leased by BP, killed 11 workers and began spewing an estimated 200 million gallons of crude into the Gulf of Mexico for nearly three months. /201304/235967Computer eyestrain can hurt productivity, but it#39;s easy to prevent if you take a few precautions.因使用电脑引发的视觉疲劳会影响工作效率,但是如果采取一些预防措施的话,是很容易避免的。You Will Need你需要A properly lit workspace光线合适的工作场所An LCD monitorLCD显示屏A copy stand立体文件夹Computer glasses电脑专用眼镜An anti-glare screen or computer hood (optional)抗强光屏幕或电脑保护罩Steps步骤Step 1 Turn down the lights1.调暗光线Close the blinds and turn off extra lights to reduce glare.关闭百叶窗,熄灭多余的灯盏,减少强光。Use an anti-glare screen or computer hood if you can#39;t reduce the light in your office.如果难以减少办公室内的光线,使用抗强光屏幕或电脑保护罩。Step 2 Upgrade your monitor2.升级显示器Buy an LCD monitor, since older CRT monitors produce flicker, a major source of eyestrain. Use a monitor measuring at least 19 inches with a dot pitch of .28 millimeters or lower.购买一台LCD显示器,因为旧版的CRT显示器会产生闪光,这是造成视觉疲劳的主要来源。使用尺寸至少19英寸,点距少于0.28毫米的显示器。If you#39;re stuck with a CRT monitor, set the refresh rate as high as possible to reduce flicker.如果你必须使用CRT显示器,把刷新速率设置在尽量高的数值,减少闪光。Step 3 Look away3.看远处Look out a window or down a hall. Break up computer work by focusing on a distant object every twenty minutes.看看窗外或大厅。每隔二十分钟,视线离开电脑,集中视力看一看远处的物体。Step 4 Blink more4.多眨眼Blink to keep your eyes moist. Blink 10 times, slowly, every half hour.多眨眼,保持眼睛湿润。每半个小时缓慢地眨眼10次。Step 5 Use a copy stand5.使用立体文件夹Use a copy stand and place it next to your monitor to reduce the distance your eyes must travel between page and screen.在电脑显示器旁边放置立体文件夹,减少眼睛在页面和电脑屏幕之间移动的距离。Make sure printed materials are well lit, but don#39;t shine a lamp on the screen or in your eyes.确保打印的材料放在光线良好的地方,但是不要用灯光直接照射屏幕或眼睛。Step 6 Use computer glasses6.使用电脑专用眼镜Use computer glasses, which are designed specifically for the distance between your eyes and the computer screen.使用电脑专用眼镜。这种眼镜是根据眼睛和电脑屏幕之间的距离特别设计的。Computers with Braille displays are available for the sight-impaired.对于视力受到损伤的人,可以使用布莱叶点字显示的电脑。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201303/232473

  如今的数学教学是期望学生擅长于由数字堆砌的功课,这剥夺了孩子们更重要的解决问题的能力。在TEDxNYED,达恩·迈尔展示了基于课堂测试的数学练习,他鼓励学生停下来,并想一想。 Article/201309/256692TED团队仔细地参观了他的在曼哈顿的受科学启发的艺术工作室。通过一次与John Hockenberry的让人大开眼界的私人谈话,揭示了自然的力量! Article/201303/228016

  If you should weigh 12 stone and in fact weigh 16,若合理体重是12英石 但你却有16then your chances of death from a heart attack are 50% more.那你死于心脏病的几率会增加50%With overweight goes high blood pressure,超重还会导致高血压and that makes the heart work harder,使得心脏难以负荷and high fats in the blood itself,而血液中脂肪含量过高which makes it clot and cause thrombosis.会导致血液凝结 形成血栓But it#39;s not only how much we eat, but what we eat.除了关注吃多少 吃什么也很重要With the can and packet revolution随着罐头和独立包装的广泛运用has come an outstanding change in our fats.我们摄入的脂肪发生了质的改变What#39;s important are the问题的关键就是proportions of unsaturated and saturated fats.饱和与不饱和脂肪间的比例These farm animals are different from those of 50 years ago.这些家畜和50年前早已大相径庭Beef not only contains much more fat,牛肉里脂肪含量大大增加but it#39;s the saturated kind.而其属于饱和脂肪These huge quantities of hard大量此类脂肪酸酯fat are causing the epidemic of coronary disease.使冠心病盛行开来It would be another 20 years我们至少还需花上20年before the connection between heart disease才能准确明了地得出and the increased levels of saturated心脏病与日常饮食中fat in our diet could be graphically demonstrated.不断增长的饱和脂肪含量间的联系A lot of people think that obesity is a cosmetic issue,多数人觉得肥胖不过影响外表美观not fitting into a dress or something like that.顶多是穿不了漂亮的衣云云But it#39;s not.It lies at the heart其实这是一大批of a host of medical illnesses and diseases.医学疾病的核心问题This is serum from a healthy patient.这是从一名健康的患者身上提取的血清The blood has been spun to separate and take the red cells away.我们将红细胞从中分离出去A slightly yellow colour but quite clear.可以看到它呈浅黄色 但很清澈This is serum from a person who is clinically obese.这个则是临床诊断为肥胖症患者的血清样本It looks almost like milk, it#39;s so cloudy.看上去就像牛奶 很浑浊And what#39;s causing that is all the fat globules区别源自我们体内and the fat that is circulating in the blood around the body.在血液中循环往复的脂肪球与脂肪Not only does that cause a narrowing of the arteries,这不仅会导致动脉狭窄slowing the flow of blood and delivery of oxygen to the tissues.还会减缓血流量 阻碍其向组织供氧It actually causes damage and a secondary process这将会危害健康starts which leads to further damage to those blood vessels.进而对血管造成更大的危害 Article/201306/243997

  The 12-day Cannes Film Festival is drawing to a close with the announcement of the awards. Lesbian love story ;Blue is The Warmest Colour; by French director Abdellatif Kechiche has won the festival#39;s top honour, the Palme d#39;Or.为期12天的戛纳电影节圆满落幕。由法国导演阿布戴·柯西胥执导的女同性恋爱情故事《阿黛尔的生活》荣获最高奖项——金棕榈大奖。The top acting awards have gone to U.S. actor Bruce Dern for ;Nebraska; and French actress Berenice Bejo for ;The Past;. Mexico#39;s Amat Escalante has won Best Director.布鲁斯-邓恩凭借《内布拉斯加》夺得最佳男演员,而最佳女演员则由出演《过往》的贝热尼丝-贝乔斩获。墨西哥导演阿玛特·伊斯卡拉特荣获最佳导演奖。The film ;Tian Zhu Ding;, or ;A Touch of Sin;, by Chinese director Jia Zhangke, has won Best Screenplay. The film, with four intertwined stories, is based on real events in China. It depicts a fast-changing country and all the social issues that have resulted.由中国导演贾樟柯执导的电影《天注定》荣获最佳编剧奖。该电影以发生在中国的四个真实的故事为创作素材,讲述了一个快速发展的国家以及由此而引发的各种社会问题。 Article/201305/241813。

  What does Apple have planned in Israel? Maggie Lake speaks with Israeli venture capitalist Jonathan Medved about why the Israeli tech sector continues to boom.Well, Jonathan Medved is one of Israel’s leading tech-venture, capitalist and is the founder and CEO of R-crowd, I spoke to him earlier from Jerusalem and I started by asking him about the PrimeSense acquisition, and what does it tell us about what Apple’s got in the pipeline. This acquisition of PrimeSense with 0,000,000 follows their prior acquisition of Anobit for 0,000,000, Anobit was the maker of flash memory modules for the ipad. And they have also now announced they’re going to be building a major Ramp;D center here in Israel, so this is yet another commitment of Apple to Israel. Now Apple is not alone in its commitment to the Israeli taxing, they are just drawing hundreds of other world leaders in technology who have been buying companies here, in fact, there are 300 different world technology leaders now have Ramp;D centers here, most of them start their activity here by making multiple acquisitions with Israeli companies. And why do you think that is, what are these start-ups in Israel doing that have so many of these big high-tech companies from silicon valley coming and shopping, is it the area that they are concentrating in?Well, I mean look, we’re clearly the world’s second source of major innovation, when look at the world, you see a duopoly. There’s Israel and there’s silicon valley, and whether it’s in certain areas like 3D visualization or 3D emotion sensors, which is PrimeSense’s area, we’re ahead, we’re ahead in 3D printing, we’re ahead in all kinds of digital printing, we’re ahead in many kinds of social or mapping applications, whether it’s in medical devices or in internet technology or cloud technology, or in big data and analytics, Israel simply has a huge cluster of technologies. Each year over 600 Israeli companies are getting ventured capital funding. So it’s a very, very dense venture capital environment, these companies then grow up, they either get bought, or they actually go public in New York. And one of the interesting things about the New York Stock Exchange is that today Israel represents the 3rd largest country delegation traded in New York, the ranking in New York today is the ed States No.1, China No.2, and Israel No.3. It’s ridiculous, it makes no sense when you look at our 8,000,000 country population, and you say how come you have so many companies traded or companies that are being bought, and the answer is Israel’s secret source relative to innovation. /201312/266786

  Chinese milk producer wins global top prize中国牛奶生产商赢得全球最高奖项Six years after China#39;s tainted milk scandal killed at least six babies and sickened hundreds of thousands of children, China#39;s largest producer of raw milk has been given a top international award.继毒奶事件造成至少6名婴儿死亡,成千上万的孩子患病6年之后,最大的原料奶生产商被授予了一项国际最高奖项。 Article/201406/303171

  A cupcake may briefly lift your spirits, but these dietary changes can keep you happier in the long run.一个杯形蛋糕或许可以短暂地让你精神愉悦,但是下面这些饮食方面的变化可以让你长期内更加快乐。You Will Need你需要Walnuts核桃Fatty fish脂质鱼Foods rich in folic acid叶酸含量高的食品Chicken and turkey鸡肉和火鸡肉Complex carbs复杂的碳水化合物Sesame seeds芝麻籽Wild fish (optional)野生鱼(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Munch on walnuts1.咀嚼核桃Munch on a handful of walnuts. They#39;re a rich source of vitamin B6, which the body needs to produce serotonin, a brain chemical involved in staving off depression. Sunflower seeds and wheat germ are also good sources of B6.吃一把核桃。核桃中含有丰富的维生素B6,身体需要用来生成5-羟色胺,这是大脑中的一种化学物质,用于延缓抑郁。葵瓜子和麦芽中也含有丰富的维生素B6。Step 2 Fill up on fish2.多吃鱼Eat at least two servings of fish per week. The omega-3 fatty acids in seafood increase serotonin levels, and some research indicates that people who eat fish less than once a week have about a 30 percent higher incidence of depression.每周至少吃两份鱼。海产品中的omega-3脂肪酸可以增加5-羟色胺的水平,一些研究表明,每周吃鱼少于一次的人抑郁的可能性高30%。Wild fish has higher concentrations of omega-3s than farmed fish.野生鱼中含有的omega-3高于人工养殖的鱼。Step 3 Increase your intake of folic acid3.增加叶酸摄入量Eat foods that contain folic acid, also called folate -- spinach, lentils, asparagus, and peas. Researchers have found a possible link between depression and low levels of this B vitamin.食用叶酸含量比较高的食物——菠菜,小扁豆,芦笋和豌豆。研究人员发现,抑郁和这种维他命B水平较低有关。Step 4 Have the fowl4.使用禽肉Enjoy chicken and turkey; both have tryptophan, an amino acid that is essential to the production of serotonin. Researchers have found that people who are deprived of tryptophan fall into a depression.食用鸡肉和火鸡肉。这两种肉中都含有色氨酸,这种氨基酸是合成5-羟色胺必需的。研究人员发现,体内缺少色氨酸的人很容易感染抑郁情绪。Step 5 Pass the pasta5.面食When you#39;re feeling stressed, eat complex carbohydrates like whole-grain bs and pasta. Carbs enable tryptophan to enter the brain.当你感到压力大的时候,食用复杂的碳水化合物,例如全麦面包和意大利面。碳水化合物能够让氨基酸进入大脑。Step 6 Sprinkle sesame seeds on salads6.沙拉中洒点芝麻粒Eat tahini or snack on sesame seeds. They#39;re rich in the amino acid threonine, a deficiency of which has been linked to depression.食用芝麻酱或咀嚼芝麻粒。芝麻中含有丰富的苏氨酸,缺乏这种氨基酸会导致抑郁。According to research, people who eat a Mediterranean-style diet -- high in fruits, vegetables, and fish -- are less likely to get depressed than those who eat mostly processed and fatty foods.根据一项调查,食用地中海风格的饮食——水果,蔬菜和鱼含量丰富的食品——比食用加工食品和高脂肪食品的人更不容易抑郁。视频听力由。 /201311/264185

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