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信丰县去蝴蝶斑多少钱赣州妇保医院做隆胸手术多少钱CyD!j5*Ut%wif~+LerR*iAw8IIfI love taking people to eat dim sum for the first time.我喜欢带人初试中式点心mNti#tG-O。Most people in the US, have no idea what dim sum actually is or the etiquette behind it. It#39;s fun to watch their eyes glaze over at the million tapas-like choices laid out before them._Nq^Uzv)g8G0Vk-Y]U5在美国,大多数人都不知道中式点心到底是什么,也不知道其背后的风俗民情GczTA*tOd1|wT。看着他们对摆在面前的各种点心露出如痴如醉的表情,我觉得特别好玩B-_7.m;-tn*O。]JF_Cndtgnb#dSsc5Y|Wf5kR;Us]ClevSmiling and nodding as they look over the — as though anything you pick it fine by them — you can visibly watch as the overwhelmed feeling washes over them.7wLdQg!dE-5他们边浏览菜单边微笑点头,喜悦之情溢于言表,好像你点的任何东西他们都会喜欢#HqGhXJ!25。I get it.我的目的达到了p6(((GDLIN!d6BPUr。Dim sum in fact, can be quite overwhelming! Add in s with limited English, rowdy Chinese families shouting all around, and people spitting bones out on the table, it#39;s definitely not an experience most Westerners are accustomed to.说实话,吃中式点心有时非常让人无语!除了菜单上的英文很蹩脚外,就餐的人拖家带口闹哄哄地又喊又叫,还把骨头吐在桌子上,这氛围大多数西方人肯定都受不了E;8;lp%JUbXqM%[I。But I love it.但我喜欢ZJdnl3bWybv,4x。Going to grab dim sum on a Sunday morning quickly became one of my favorite rituals in Hong Kong, and one I still try to fit in at least once a month here in Chicago. So to help sp that love I#39;ve decided to outline my favorite dim sum items, in hopes that you#39;ll be more confident in ordering and will want to go give dim sum a try!周日早晨去中式点心店饱餐一顿,这是我去香港没多久就培养出来的嗜好之一9ohK#94HmK。现在在芝加哥这边,我也至少每月要抽时间去大快朵颐一次60(jPTk%qT5VGbTK(2+。所以呢,为了跟别人分享这种热爱,我决定简单描述一下我最喜欢的几类中式点心,希望能为你前去点餐增加些底气,同时也希望能唤起你品尝的欲望![;V|ldtH*~~9KJJ*d|Q3k.pRysRNe88T,1xN-i@ /201507/383493赣州整形美容医院去痣好吗 赣州市妇幼保健人民医院脱毛多少钱

赣州整形美容医院怎么走赣州哪家美容院好 7.Chess Therapy7.国际象棋疗法Sometimes healing is best done in the company of kings and queens. Patients get clear about their feelings in chess therapy, a technique used to reach patients who have trouble communicating verbally. The idea of using board games to help patients learn problem-solving skills was first used by Persian scholar Rhazes (AD 852–932) during his tenure as chief physician at a Baghdad hospital. Since then, the game of chess has been used to represent real-life problems, allowing patients to explore skills like conflict resolution and decision making.有时国王和王后的陪伴能实现最佳治疗效果。患者很清楚自己在国际象棋疗法中获得的感受,该疗法用于影响那些口头沟通有障碍的患者。利用棋牌游戏帮助患者学习解决问题的技巧,最初是波斯学者拉齐(公元852–932)在巴格达一家医院担任主任医师期间使用过。此后,国际象棋的游戏被用来代表现实问题,从而使患者有机会探索解决冲突和做出决策的技能。One case study reports that chess was an excellent outlet for a 16-year-old boy with schizoid personality disorder who felt emotionally isolated from other people. While he struggled to form relationships, playing chess helped him see his therapist as a partner and confidant. As therapy went on, he felt safe sharing his feelings, all during the banter of discussing his next move.一个案例研究报告显示,对于一个患有分裂性人格障碍并在感情上与他人隔绝的16岁男孩而言,国际象棋是绝佳的发泄渠道。虽然他努力建立关系,下棋让他把治疗师视为合作伙伴和知己。随着治疗的推移,他分享感受时感到很安全,一切都融入了讨论他下一步棋的轻松氛围。Rooks and pawns allow patients to act out fantasies and explore impulses. Simply questioning why the patient has decided to move a piece in a certain way might give way to conversation about a bigger issue.车和卒让患者表现出幻想并且探索冲动。只关心为什么患者决定以某种方式移动一枚棋子的问题,应该让位于讨论更重大的内容。6.Wilderness Therapy6.荒野疗法When the campsite is set up and the fire is lit, the doctor is in. Wilderness therapy is a successful, and sometimes controversial, way to help troubled youth by teaching life and social skills on the hiking trail. Intensive group therapy and one-on-one sessions are coupled with outdoor activities like mountain climbing and fly-fishing to teach self-reliance and responsibility. Programs promise to reform even the most wayward of offenders, including juvenile delinquents and teens with depression, anger management issues, or eating disorders.当露营地搭建完毕,篝火已经点燃时,医生的作用就开始显现了。荒野疗法是一种通过在远足途中传授生活经验和社交技巧来帮助内心有困扰的年轻人的方法,这种方法很成功但有时候也具争议。密集的集体治疗和一对一治疗总是与室外活动一起进行,比如爬山和假蝇钓鱼(译者注:指用假苍蝇钓鱼的技巧或运动,流行于欧美)可以教会人们自立和负责任。这些活动甚至可以改变异常任性而不守规矩的人,包括青少年罪犯和患有抑郁症、情绪管理有问题或者饮食失调的青年。While wilderness therapy can be effective, certain methods have come under fire for using unethical, and sometimes downright abusive, techniques to help struggling youth. Wilderness programs are loosely regulated, so not all programs are staffed by qualified professionals. Upon closer examination, some ;therapy; groups seemed to be just military-style boot camps with little mental health benefit.虽然荒野疗法可以达到预期效果,但是运用不道德的方法,有时甚至是残忍的方法来帮助苦苦挣扎的年轻人,这遭到了强烈指责。由于荒野治疗项目监管不严,导致并不是所有的项目活动都是由专业人员来开展。最近的项目检查结果表明,一些治疗小组似乎就是军事化训练营地,实际上对心理健康几乎毫无益处。Most famous for his controversial wilderness therapy programs is Steve Cartisano, founder of the Challenger Foundation and several other programs throughout the US and South America. Cartisano faced negligent homicide charges when two teens died during excursions that he was supervising. Although he has been acquitted of that charge, a string of abuse allegations have followed him wherever he sets up shop. He maintains his innocence and his dedication to helping youth, but his whereabouts are currently unknown.史蒂夫·卡迪萨诺(Steve Cartisano)因颇具争议的荒野治疗项目而出名,他创立了;挑战者基金会;(Challenger Foundation)和美国、南美地区其他一些项目。卡迪萨诺被指控因疏忽而杀人,因为在他监管下的两个少年死于远程旅行。尽管最后他被宣判无罪释放,但是无论他到哪里去开店,一系列的辩解都会笼罩他的左右。他继续保持清白并努力帮助青少年,但是他的行踪目前无人知晓。Even legitimate wilderness therapy groups have been criticized for partnering with teen escort companies to forcibly remove unwilling participants from their homes to attend the program. While controversy and risk exist, wilderness therapy might be a creative way to teach life skills when other methods have failed.即便是合法的荒野理疗小组也受到过批评,因为他们与一些少年托运公司合作,强制那些不愿参加他们项目的人离开家去参加他们的项目。尽管存在争议和风险,当其他方法不管用时,荒野疗法可能是一种即可以传授生活技巧而又颇具创意的方法了。5.Hypnotherapy5.催眠疗法Hypnotism might seem like a magic trick, but it actually has the power to help people break into their subconscious to get to the cause of their problems, like smoking or overeating. Hypnotherapy helps patients change unwanted behaviors with suggestions of new behavior patterns during guided meditation sessions.催眠理疗法就像具有魔法的花招一样,但是它确实可以帮助人们进入潜意识并且找到问题的原因,像抽烟和过度饮食这一类问题那样。在冥想过程中,催眠疗法帮助患者改变他们讨厌的行为,并给予他们不同行为方式的建议。The feeling of ;zoning out,; such as while driving long distance or lying on the beach, is what a hypnotic state feels like. While hypnotized, the patient is not asleep, but rather extremely relaxed and sensitive to suggestion. Psychotherapists who use this method believe that while hypnotized, a patient can uncover subconscious negativity and replace it with new ways of thinking or feeling.;走出来;的感觉——长时间开车或者躺在沙滩上的感觉与催眠状态下的感觉一样。被催眠后,患者并没有睡着,他们对一些建议表现得极度放松和敏感。使用这种理疗方法的理疗师认为,当实施催眠术时,病人会暴露自己潜意识里的消极之处,并且会用新的想法或者感觉取代它。Skilled hypnotherapists begin the process with a relaxation exercise to clear the mind and to release tension. (Think of the classic line, ;You#39;re getting very sleepy.;) From there, the hypnotist expertly guides the patient through suggestions to solve the problem, like choosing healthier snacks or eating smaller portions to lose weight. The brain, much like a sponge in this moment, will supposedly start to incorporate those recommendations into new patterns of thought.经验丰富的催眠师刚开始都会让患者做些放松的活动来清醒大脑,释放压力。(想想经典的台词,你会变得睡意朦胧)之后,催眠师会给病人一些建议来指导他们解决一些问题,比如选择更健康的小吃或者吃少一点来减肥。大脑在此刻就像一块海绵,它开始吸收这些建议然后转变成新的思维模式。Hypnotherapy is meant to be used alongside regular talk therapy and not just on its own. Patients can even learn to hypnotize themselves to find stress relief on their own.催眠疗法意味着,长时间有规律的说话治疗并不是单单靠催眠。病人甚至可以学着自己对自己实施催眠术来解压。4.Sandplay Therapy4.箱庭疗法Building sand castles is fun in the summertime and may have therapeutic value, too. Much like chess therapy, sandplay therapy offers those with trouble communicating the chance to share their feelings by designing scenarios with figurines in sand trays. Children, and sometimes adults, relay their feelings through expressive creations without ever having to speak a word.夏日堆沙堡,既有趣又有治疗作用。箱庭疗法和象棋疗法相似:有交流障碍的人可以用沙盘里的小模型设计不同场景,这为他们提供了分享情感的机会。不光是孩子,成人也可以一言不发,通过沙盘设计表达自己的情感。Inspired by the teachings of Carl Jung, Swiss psychologist Dora Kalff developed the sandplay technique to communicate with patients who might have difficulty sharing their feelings as a result of trauma or abuse. Patients are provided with trays of sand and a variety of figurines. They are instructed to create stories about the toys and the patterns of play that emerge can often mirror real problems in the patient#39;s life.箱庭疗法,用于治疗那些因精神创伤或者虐待而有情感表达障碍的患者,是瑞士精神分析学家卡尔夫基于荣格的思想而发展的一项心理疗法。患者会得到一些沙盘和形态各异的小雕塑,在治疗师的指导下给玩具编造一些故事,而这些故事脚本往往都会反应他们在现实生活中遇到的难题。Therapists are trained to pick up on those symbols. When a child makes adult figures act aggressively while child figures behave anxiously, the therapist might ask the child to explain why older people are mean to little kids. A conversation about the toys might give way to sharing details of an abusive parent. While discussing trauma or abuse can be difficult, the playfulness of the sand sets the stage for healing conversation to take place.治疗师经过训练要掌握以下技巧。当孩子的言行惹怒家长,而孩子表现出焦虑时,治疗师可以引导孩子说说;为什么成人会对孩子如此刻薄;。与其谈论玩具,不如聊聊父母虐待的细节。直接聊痛苦或虐待的事可能不会顺利,但有了箱庭疗法,心理治疗就有了谈话治疗的平台。审校:Amy.L 编辑:Freya然 校对:落花生 /201507/385499赣州俪人整形美容医院治疗青春痘

赣州哪里做眼袋好The New Republic will celebrate its 100th birthday on Wednesday with a black-tie gala in Washington featuring remarks by Bill Clinton and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a performance by Wynton Marsalis and a 400-person guest list studded with boldface names.《新共和》(The New Republic)杂志将于周三在华盛顿举办一场正装庆典,庆祝该杂志成立100周年,出席者包括比尔·克林顿(Bill Clinton)与拉斯·巴达·金斯堡(Ruth Bader Ginsburg)。温顿·马萨里斯(Wynton Marsalis)将献上演出,共有400名宾客出席,其中不乏重要人物。For those in an extra-nostalgic mood, the party has brought to mind the magazine’s semilegendary 70th-anniversary gathering in 1984, when Barney Frank and Gary Hart mingled with Henry A. Kissinger, who in an after-dinner speech declared it “traumatic” to be photographed with so many liberals.对于那些格外怀旧的人来说,这场派对会令他们想起1984年该杂志那场近乎传奇的70周年庆典,当时的出席者包括巴尼·弗兰克(Barney Frank)、加里·哈特与亨利·A·基辛格(Henry A. Kissinger)。基辛格在餐后讲话上声称,和这么多自由主义者一起合影,让他觉得“很受伤”。“The pictures are kind of a scream,” said Franklin Foer, the magazine’s 40-year-old editor, vicariously reminiscing about the days when The New Republic was toasting its status as the hot political magazine of the moment. “You look at them and then at Washington now, and you think, ‘Wow, that’s quite a tumble.#39; ”“这些照片就像一声呐喊,”杂志编辑,40岁的富兰克林·弗尔(Franklin Foer)说,人们通过照片可以间接感受到《新共和》身为最热点的政治杂志的时代。“看着他们,再看看如今的华盛顿,就会觉得‘哦,一代不如一代’。”Like Washington’s cast of characters, The New Republic has also changed. Under Chris Hughes, the Facebook multimillionaire who bought the magazine in 2012 from a consortium including its longtime owner Martin Peretz, the biweekly publication has more than doubled its staff, redesigned its print edition and broadened its coverage to be less Beltway-centric. It has also vastly increased its web traffic to more than four million unique users a month, according to the magazine.正如华盛顿的变化,《新共和》杂志也在改变。2012年,Facebook的亿万富翁克里斯·休斯(Chris Hughes)从一个财团手中买下这本杂志,杂志的长期所有者马丁·佩雷兹(Martin Peretz)也在该财团之中。在休斯领导下,这本双周刊的员工扩充了一倍,它重新设计了纸质版,拓宽了报道范围,使其不再像以前那样以华盛顿为中心。它的网络流量也大幅增加,杂志声称,杂志网站每月有400万名用户。And further changes are afoot. As the anniversary arrives, Mr. Hughes has hired Guy Vidra, a 40-year-old former Yahoo News executive, for the top of masthead as The New Republic’s first chief executive. This has set off speculation in Washington journalism circles that a magazine as famous for its ferocious office politics as for its contrarian political coverage might be on the verge of another round of upheaval.更多变化亦在发生中。周年庆典到来之际,休斯聘请了雅虎新闻的前任执行官,40岁的盖伊·维德拉(Guy Vidra),他的名字被印在刊头,成了《新共和》的第一位首席执行官。这在华盛顿新闻界引发了一阵推测,一家以残酷的办公室政治斗争和离经叛道的政治报道而闻名的杂志,或许正处于另一场巨变的边缘。Eyebrows were raised last year when Mr. Hughes, a former organizer for Barack Obama, introduced the redesigned magazine with an editor’s letter that omitted the words “liberal” or “liberalism.” These days, while he says he remains committed to print, he is also y to jettison “magazine.”去年,曾为贝拉克·奥巴马(Barack Obama)做过组织工作的休斯推出这本经重新设计的杂志,附有一封编辑致读者信,其中没有提到“自由”或“自由主义”这些词,当时有不少人对此表示疑虑。如今,休斯说自己仍对纸质印刷出版保持忠诚,但也准备好了抛弃“杂志”概念。“Twenty years ago, no question, it was a political magazine, full stop,” Mr. Hughes said in a joint interview with Mr. Vidra in New York. “Today, I don’t call it a magazine at all. I think we’re a digital media company.”“20年前,毫无疑问,它是一本政治杂志,这一点没什么可说的,”休斯在纽约与维德拉共同接受采访时说。“如今,我并不把它称为一本杂志。我觉得我们是一家数字媒体公司。”Mr. Hughes (who gave up the editor in chief title but remains publisher) and Mr. Vidra dismissed speculation that they wanted to take the magazine in a more lowbrow, BuzzFeed-like direction. But they did say there was room to increase the digital audience to as much as “tens of millions” of unique monthly visitors by focusing on a broader range of topics and on new forms of digital storytelling that “travel well” on the web.休斯放弃了总编地位,但保留出版人这个头衔。有人推测他和维德拉将把这本杂志引向低俗,走向BuzzFeed的方向,他和维德拉否认了这一说法。但他们也说,有可能通过关注更广泛的题材,采取新的数码叙事形式,在网上“走得更好”,为杂志吸引数以千万计的网络读者。Whatever The New Republic is today, it has been busy flogging its storied past. Mr. Foer and Mr. Hughes, 30, have been out promoting “Insurrections of the Mind,” an anthology of about 50 articles spanning the magazine’s history. Leon Wieseltier, the publication’s silver-maned longtime literary editor, has thrown out the first pitch at a Washington Nationals game (“high and away,” he admitted) and appeared on “The Colbert Report” to debate the merits of “centrist hair.”不管《新共和》如今变成了什么样,它仍在忙于利用自己传奇的过去。弗尔和30岁的休斯正忙着宣传《头脑的叛乱》(Insurrections of the Mind)这本文选,它收录了贯穿该杂志历史的50篇文章。长期在杂志工作的自由主义编辑里昂·维塞尔迪尔(Leon Wieseltier)如今已是满头白发,他刚刚为华盛顿国民队的一场比赛开球(他确认“开得又高又远”),后来又上综艺节目《科尔伯特报告》(The Colbert Report)中,探讨“中分头发”的价值。During Mr. Peretz’s tempestuous three-decade reign, whose door-slamming fights were recalled (mostly) fondly in an article in the anniversary issue by a former editor, Hendrik Hertzberg, The New Republic enraged many on the left, including many on its own staff, with its support for the contras, the anti-Communist insurgents in Nicaragua; an excerpt from “The Bell Curve,” Charles Murray’s 1994 book on race and I.Q.; and its full-throated support, later reconsidered, for the Iraq war. (Mr. Peretz, who attacked Mr. Hughes last year in an op-ed article in The Wall Street Journal, is not invited to the party, Mr. Hughes said.)在佩雷兹暴风骤雨般的30年任期中,有过很多激烈的争吵。周年纪念专刊上,前任编辑亨德里克·赫兹伯格(Hendrik Hertzberg)在一篇文章中以亲切的口吻回忆了这些往事(大部分)。《新共和》得罪了许多左派,其中包括不少自己的员工,它持尼加拉瓜反共产党的反对派起义者、持查尔斯·穆雷(Charles Murray)1994年的书《弧线排序》(The Bell Curve)中关于种族与智商的章节,还在事后的反思中全力持伊拉克战争。去年佩雷兹曾在《华尔街时报》(Wall Street Journal)的专栏文章中攻击休斯,休斯表示没有邀请佩雷兹来参加派对。These days, The New Republic’s goal of parting its hair down the middle, starting with its decision to stop running editorials, strikes some as a diminishment.最近,《新共和》开始走中立路线,最初的举措就是决定取消社论,有人认为这是一种衰退。“The magazine used to be schizophrenic,” said Eric Alterman, a columnist for The Nation and a longtime critic of Mr. Peretz’s. “But now, the most you can compare it to is a nice sailboat that usually has something smart in it but isn’t taking you anywhere.”“这家杂志曾经是精神分裂的,”《国家》(The Nation)杂志的专栏作家和佩雷兹的长期批评者埃里克·阿尔特曼(Eric Alterman)说,“但是现在,最好的比喻是,它就像一艘美丽的小帆船,上面总有很漂亮的东西,但是没法带你去往任何地方。”But others say the magazine’s direction under Mr. Hughes represents a return to the pragmatic idealism of its Progressive Era roots. “There’s a greater public-spiritedness and broadness of vision to the magazine now,” said Robert S. Boynton, director of the literary journalism program at New York University. “The fact that there’s some confusion about its identity is actually a healthy sign.”但其他人说,这家杂志在休斯治理下,开始回归它在进步时代的根源,即实用理想主义。“现在的杂志有更大的公众精神和更广泛的视野,”纽约大学自由主义新闻项目的负责人罗伯特·S·伊恩顿(Robert S. Boynton)说。“事实上,它的身份引起了一些困惑,这其实是一个健康的信号。”Intraoffice fights still happen, but not always in the magazine’s pages. When The New Republic ran an excerpt from a book on the history of the pro-Israel lobby by John Judis, a longtime senior editor, Mr. Wieseltier vented his displeasure in a scathing, semiprivate email published by The Washington Free Beacon, a conservative website.办公室内的斗争还在继续,但并不总是体现在杂志的版面里。杂志多年的高级编辑约翰·朱迪斯(John Judis)写了一本关于亲以色列游说集团历史的书籍,《新共和》刊登了节选,维塞尔迪尔在一封半私人的电子邮件中尖锐地表达了自己对此感到不快,这封邮件被刊登在保守派的网站“华盛顿自由灯塔”(The Washington Free Beacon)上。“Spirited debate is an incredibly important value to the institution,” Mr. Hughes said of that incident. “So is mutual respect.”“激烈的争辩是这家杂志非常重要的价值观,”休斯这样评价这场风波,“互相尊重也是如此。”That might come as a relief to Mr. Clinton, who could deliver a marathon self-roast at Wednesday’s gala simply by ing choice vituperative ’90s-era coverage of him and Hillary Rodham Clinton in The New Republic.这对于克林顿先生来说可能是个安慰。周三庆典上的祝酒词中,光是朗读90年代《新共和》就他与希拉里·罗德姆·克林顿(Hillary Rodham Clinton)的报道中的辱骂之词,他就可以马拉松般说上半天。Not that The New Republic has gone nice. It has “dialed back on the smartypants-ness” but still runs tough pieces about Republicans and Democrats alike, Mr. Foer said, pointing to Noam Scheiber’s much-talked-about critical profile of the Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett in the anniversary issue.并不是说《新共和》变得温和了。弗尔说,它只是“减少了自作聪明”,仍然在刊登对共和党与民主党同样严厉的文章。他指的是周年纪念刊上诺姆·谢伯(Noam Scheiber)关于奥巴马的顾问瓦莱丽·贾勒特(Valerie Jarrett)的批评性特写,这篇文章受到很多议论。And in the culture pages, long Mr. Wieseltier’s autonomous domain, no-holds-barred criticism still reigns, as in the same issue’s gleeful takedown of Lena Dunham by James Wolcott and a long essay by Mr. Wieseltier declaring, among other things, that “ferocity is as essential to our system as civility.”在长期处于维塞尔迪尔自治状态下的文化版面,仍然实行无拘无束的批判主义,纪念刊中登出了詹姆斯·沃尔科特(James Wolcott)的一篇文章,欢快地讽刺莉娜·杜汉姆(Lena Dunham);还有一篇维塞尔迪尔的长文,宣布,“对于我们的体系来说,凶狠和礼貌同等重要。”Mr. Wieseltier also gets in the issue’s last word, with a closing column warning against giving technology “ultimate authority over human existence.”维塞尔迪尔还为这期杂志做了总结,在刊尾文章中,他警告那种赋予技术“超越人类存在的至高无上的权威”的做法。To connoisseurs of old-school intrigue in The New Republic, that may sound like a shot at the magazine’s digital future. But Mr. Wieseltier, who calls himself a “platform pluralist,” waved away the suggestion.品味《新共和》的老式技巧或许像是在攻击杂志的数码化未来。但维塞尔迪尔否定了这种看法,把自己称为“平台多元论者”。“This is a moment to celebrate,” he said. “For a hundred years, the country has been a little less dumb than it might have been without us.”“这是庆祝的时刻,”他说,“百年以来,如果没有我们,这个国家怕是会更蠢一些。” /201411/343602 赣州丽人整形修眉多少钱于都县中医院激光去胎记多少钱




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