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宜昌男健治疗男性不育多少钱You may have chic skirts, stylish shades, and versatile hats that will keep you looking cool this summer, but don’t forget about this seasonal staple — sandals.复古裙、时尚墨镜、百搭帽子让你这个夏天看上去潮范儿十足,但是别忘了这个季节的主角——凉鞋。Slipping into a pair of sandals to let your feet and toes breathe is definitely necessary in this blazing time of year. Whether you feel bored with your old sandals or are looking for something new that will let you put your newly pedicured toes on display, here are some trendy sandals you can wear to waltz through the streets in style.能让脚和脚趾呼吸的凉鞋自然是每个炎炎夏日的必需品。不管你是“厌旧”还是“喜新”,想要秀出自己刚刚修过的脚,下面这些潮流凉鞋都能让你在大街上舞出时尚的华尔兹。Delicate gladiator sandals精致罗马式绑带凉鞋For fashionistas who are looking for bold and eye-catching summer footwear, gladiator sandals might be your new best friend. This style of shoe has deep roots in history, with its bold design being associated with the ancient Roman military. This year, the gladiator trend is coming back again with new designs. Along with the classic gladiator sandals released by German brand Hugo Boss, French fashion house Chloe has given the sandals wedge heels and knee high strap ties, while Italian brand Valentino remade the sandals with zippers. To make onlookers’ eyes pop, Glamour magazine encourages you to wear your gladiators with printed dresses, jean shorts or denim skirts.如果身为时尚达人的你正在寻找风格大胆又吸睛的夏日潮品,那么罗马式绑带凉鞋也许会成为你的“新欢”。罗马鞋的历史源远流长,它的大胆设计与古罗马军队息息相关。今夏,全新设计下的罗马鞋再次回归,成为时尚主流。今年的罗马鞋除了德国品牌Hugo Boss新发布的传统款,还有法国时尚品牌Chloe推出的坡跟及膝绑带款以及意大利品牌Valentino的拉链款等等。若想令路人眼前一亮,《魅力》杂志的建议是穿罗马鞋搭配印花裙、牛仔短裤或是牛仔裙。Creative flats创意平底凉鞋Many fashion aficionados are gravitating toward flats, among them US actresses Anne Hathaway, 32, and Jennifer Lawrence, 24, have been spotted strolling around in flats recently. As one of the best alternatives to painful heels, flats never go out of style as far as trendy sandals go, and this year is no exception. But there are new and creative twists, as always. Cutout flats, classic pointy-toe flats and colorful flat sandals stand out, fashion website fashionisers.com notes. Unlike most high-heeled sandals, flats look chic while still being comfortable to wear.平底凉鞋一直是许多时尚大咖的最爱, 32岁的美国演员安妮#8226;海瑟薇和24岁的詹妮弗#8226;劳伦斯最近都被拍到穿着平底凉鞋逛街。平底凉鞋是换下痛苦高跟鞋的最佳选择之一。只要是凉鞋流行的年份里,平底凉鞋都不会过时,今年也不例外。不过,和往年一样,今年也有诸多充满创意的新款问世。据时尚网站fashionisers.com介绍,镂空平底鞋、复古平底鱼嘴鞋以及色平底凉鞋在今年格外吸睛。与高跟凉鞋不同,平底鞋在保持你的时尚品味的同时还穿着舒适。Feminine platform sandals优雅厚底粗跟凉鞋Platform sandals are known for their elongating effect and the comfort their chunky soles offer. Called one of this season’s hottest shoe styles by Bazaar magazine, these sandals are coming back this season in materials ranging from shimmery and colorful fabric to natural leather. These shoes might look intimidating, but they are actually easy to wear. To enhance your feminine look, Bazaar magazine advises you pair these sandals with pastel floral prints, a ladylike shoulder bag as well as a necklace appropriate to your look.厚底凉鞋以其增高效果和舒适体验而著称,更是被《时尚芭莎》杂志评为今夏最火的款式之一。今年强势回归的厚底凉鞋面料各异,闪亮色的织物面料到自然的皮革面料都在其中。其中的一些款式也许会让人目瞪口呆,但是他们确实都很好穿。为了让你更有女人味,《时尚芭莎》杂志的建议搭配单色印花图案的衣,女士单肩包以及配合造型的项链。Versatile block heel sandals多用复古方根凉鞋Block heel sandals are huge this season not only because they were spotted in New York Fashion Week but also because stylish celebrities such as US singers Taylor Swift, 25, and Emmy Rossum, 28, favor them. Similar to most flats, block heel sandals are also comfortable because of their squared heels. Even better, they are versatile. US entertainment website hollywoodlife.com suggests girls who want to make a personal statement try to contrast colorful block heels with tailored shorts or jeans. Girls who are looking for a classic look can wear ankle-strap block heel sandals with summer dresses.复古方根凉鞋也是今夏的大势款。它不仅亮相纽约时装周,也是很多时尚明星的心头爱:25岁的美国女歌手泰勒#8226;斯威夫特,28岁的艾美#8226;罗森都在其中。因为鞋跟呈方形,方根凉鞋和大多数平底鞋一样舒适,甚至比平底鞋更加白搭。美国网站hollywoodlife.com建议追求个性的女孩试试撞色方根凉鞋与西短裤或是牛仔裤的搭配;喜欢经典款的子则可以用绑带方根凉鞋搭配夏日裙装。 /201506/383146宜昌治疗性功能障碍医院 Children#39;s Book Transforms Into A Tree When Planted种下童书,长成小树While e-books are on the rise, most people, especially young kids still prefer printed versions that they can pore over for hours on end. Though that is an excellent habit, it also means cutting down precious trees. But what if the book could revert to its roots and transform back into a tree? Now thanks to a Brazilian children#39;s book publisher, that is possible, at least for one book!在电子书盛行的时代,还是有许多人,尤其是孩子们仍然钟爱那些他们可以抱着从头至尾品读的纸质书。这习惯虽好,但制作纸质书会消耗珍贵的树木资源。那么,如果纸质书可以回归本源,重新生长成树,会怎样呢?机智的巴西童书出版商已经实现了这个想法,至少在下面这本书上。The ;Tree Book Tree; program is the brainchild of Argentina#39;s Pequeno Editor and FCB Buenos Aires. Their first creation Mi Papá Estuvo en la Selva (My Father Was In the Jungle), has been around in regular format for many years. In the book, a young boy takes the ers on an exciting journey of his father#39;s adventures inside an Ecuadorian jungle.“Tree Book Tree”计划是阿根廷Pequeno Editor出版社和FCB Buenos Aires公司合作,精心推出的。这本Mi Papá Estuvo en la Selva (《我爸爸在丛林中》)的常规版本已经盛行多年,书中主要由一个小男孩叙述其父在厄瓜多尔丛林惊险刺激的旅程。The book that is made from acid-free paper, printed with non-toxic ink and hand-stitched and bound, is completely recyclable. Jacaranda seeds are carefully sewn into the pages to help it transform into a tree.该书由无酸纸经生态墨水印制而成,手工缝制装订,百分之百可回收。书中还缝有蓝花樱种子,可帮助书本生长成树。Raquel Franco, the editorial director of Pequeno Editor, says they picked the book because, ;It has an endearing message regarding the respect we owe to all living beings. But we were wondering how to take this message even deeper. We wanted to develop a powerful communication action with a metaphorical weight.Pequeno Editor出版社的编辑总监Raquel Franco表示:“我们之所以出版此书,是因为它亲切的传达了人类对所有生灵的尊重,但我们仍在探究如何将此推进至行为沟通层面有重大意义的事件。”After a kid is done ing the book (over and over again), he/she waters the cover and place it in a sunny area inside the house. Once the seeds sprout, the book can be planted in the dirt in any location the owner decides. From then on the book just has to be nurtured like any other plant.孩子们阅读(或反复阅读)完此书后,可以把它放置在家中有阳光的地方,并在表面浇水。种子发芽后,可依自己的意愿移到任何地方的泥土里,这之后呢,就可以把此书当成正常的植物照看啦。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201506/378206宜昌市中医院阳痿早泄价格

宜昌治疗早泄比较好的医院是哪家Angry Mummy Bear生气的熊妈妈Baby bear goes downstairs and sits in his small chair at the table .熊宝宝走到楼下坐在他的小餐桌椅上。He looks into his small bowl.It is empty!他窥探着他的小碗。碗是空的。;Who#39;s been eating my porrodge?;he squeaks .他吱吱叫说:“谁吃了我的麦片粥?”Daddy bear arrives at the table and sits in his big chiar,熊爸爸来到桌边坐在他的太椅子上。He looks into his big bowl .It is also empty!他窥探着他的大碗.碗也是空的。;Who is been eating my porridge?;he roars .他太声吼叫说:“谁吃了我的麦片粥?”Mummy bear puts her head though the serving hatch from the kitchen and scream .熊妈妈把她的头从厨房的端菜口伸出来尖声叫着:;For God#39;s sake,how many time do we have to go though this? I haven#39;t made the porridge yet!;“看在老天的份上,我们还得忍受这样子多少次呢?我还没做麦片粥啦!” /201503/361441 We’re a nation – a globe, in fact - obsessed with our hair. Analysts at Goldman Sachs estimate the global hair products industry to be worth bn (22.6bn) – and growing at a rate of up to seven per cent a year。我们生活在一个对头发痴迷的时代。高盛集团的分析师估计全球的护发产品行业的总价值达380亿美元(约226亿英镑),并以每年7%的速度不断增长。There seems to be no limit on what we’ll spend to avoid a bad hair day. But for devotees of an underground beauty movement, the secret lies in ditching the shampoo, in fact all the hair products, for good。在这种情况下,我们想要拥有一头飘逸的秀发简直易如反掌。但是对地下爱美运动的持者来说,护发的秘诀在于永远放弃使用诸如洗发水之类的任何护发产品。The ‘no-poo’ method, which involves using natural substitutes or just water in place of shampoo and conditioner, has credibility within several circles。“no poo”方法,意为用天然替代品或清水洗发来代替洗发水和护发素。这个方法得到很多人的持。Beauty insiders, including writers for women’s magazines and professional hairdressers, rave about how hair becomes thicker, fuller and more lustrous。使用这种方法后,头发会变得更加厚实柔亮,包括女性杂志作家、专业美发师等在内的美容行家们对此都是赞不绝口。And thrifty environmentalists rejoice at the lack of chemicals in and on their bodies - not to mention the impact on their budgets。这种方法不仅能让洗发者从内到外远离化学物品,还省了不少钱。Now one devotee is hoping to take it mainstream. Lucy Aitken Read, whose book Happy Hair: The definitive guide to giving up shampoo was released last week, hasn’t used shampoo in two years and her glowing auburn hair is visibly in perfect condition (see the photos if you don’t believe me)。这项运动的一位持者露西·瑞德希望能将这个活动主流化。她写了一本书名为《快乐头发:放弃使用洗发水的权威指南》,上周出版。露西已经有两年不使用洗发水了,但是她的一头栗色头发看起来状态相当好)(不信的话可以看图片)。For her, the motivation came after ing a study that claimed women put 515 chemicals on their bodies daily. “I initially thought ‘Ha! They didn’t research me!’,” Aitken Read says. “Then I looked at the back of my shampoo bottle and realised there were loads of ingredients I didn’t recognise in the slightest。露西开始有“不再使用洗发水”的想法是受到一篇研究的影响,这篇研究称女性每天用在自己身上的化学物质有515种之多。“我当时就想‘我可不是这样的’,露西说,‘然后我立刻查看我使用的洗发水瓶子上的成分说明,这才意识到原来里面包含了那么多我完全不懂的成分。’”She does admit she was worried about the grease factor. “My hair used to get greasy the day after I washed it and I was addicted to dry shampoo. Hand on heart, I wasn’t sure how long I would last。”露西承认刚开始的时候她很担心油腻问题。“我洗完头发第二天,头发就会变油,所以过去我很喜欢用干性洗发水。说实话,我并不确定这种状态会持续多久。”Paradoxically it’s greasy hair that could benefit the most from giving up shampoo. The theory behind the ‘no-poo’ method is that shampoo strips the hair of its natural oils, which prompts the scalp to generate more oils to replace them. This results in oil overload – greasy hair – which we then attempt to ‘fix’ with more shampoo. It’s a vicious circle and quite a brilliant coup for the shampoo industry, because the more shampoo you use, the more you need to use and the more frequently you need to use it。奇怪的是,放弃使用洗发水得到的最大的好处恰好就是一头油油的头发。“no poo”方法背后遵循的原理是,洗发水夺去了头发上的天然油脂,而这又促使头皮分泌更多新的天然油脂。结果就是头皮出油过多、头发变油腻,然后我们会用更多的洗发水来“修复”。这就像一个恶性循环,但这却造福了洗发水行业—你使用的洗发水越多,你买的量越大,买的次数越多。Left to its own devices or washed with natural substitutes, the scalp eventually theoretically returns to its natural balance, producing enough oil to keep hair soft and smooth without the associated grease-slick. The oils produced by the scalp – notably sebum – keep the shaft of the hair clean, smooth and protected, performing the role of ‘shampoo and conditioner’ far more effectively than the manufactured alternatives. The upshot should be healthier hair that is stronger, thicker and fuller as it is less damaged than shampooed hair。使用天然的洗发水替代品,然后把这些问题都留给头发自己去调节,理论上来说头皮最终将会达到一种平衡状态,在这种状态之下,头皮将会产生适量的油脂来维持头发软滑。头皮产生的油脂具有滋养发根,保护头发的功能,这些油脂虽然充当了洗发水的角色,但对人类的损伤却远小于人造洗发水,其结果就是你的头发将会变得更加健康强壮,充盈厚实。Most ‘no-pooers’ use alternatives to shampoo and Aitken Read’s book contains 30 different shampoo, conditioner and styling alternatives. Put together, they like a cake recipe – bicarbonate of soda, flour, egg, honey, lemon juice. But after a period of time most find just plain old water does the job fine. “I use water on my hair every three to four days, and every 10 to 14 days I might use an egg on it, or some bicarbonate of soda,” Aitken Read explains。许多不用洗发水的人都会使用洗发水的替代品,所以露西的书中介绍了30种洗发水、护发素、造型用品等的替代品。这些替代品包括小苏打、面粉、鸡蛋、蜂蜜、柠檬汁等,看起来就像是一份蛋糕配方。但是一段时间以后发现只是普通的自来水就很有用。“我每三四天用清水洗一次头发,每10到14天用一次鸡蛋或一些小苏打。”露西说。“Last night somebody on Twitter saw a link to my book and tweeted saying four people in her office were doing it. It’s gone crazy。”“昨天晚上还有人在推特上看到我新书的链接,然后发推特告诉我说她们办公室里已经有4个人开始尝试这种方法了,根本停不下来。”Tempted to go ‘no-poo’? Here’s your essential checklist:如果你也想尝试“no poo”的方法,下面是几条基本的建议。1. Bicarbonate of soda. The traditional alternative to shampoo, cleans the scalp without stripping it of natural oils。1.小苏打。传统的洗发水替代品,可以在不夺去天然油脂的同时清洁头皮。2. Apple cider vinegar. A popular alternative to conditioner, which works with the bicarbonate to restore the natural pH of the hair。2.苹果醋。非常受欢迎的护发素替代品,和小苏打一起作用可以使头发恢复到原本的PH值。3. A bristle brush. Bristles stimulate the scalp and distribute sebum all the way down the hair shaft。3.一根毛刷。可以刺激头皮,而且还能头皮上的皮脂顺着头发梳下来。4. A hat or headscarf - for when it all gets too much。4.帽子或头巾。可以用在头发太多的时候。5. Willpower. Brace yourself for a few difficult weeks – Aitken Read has heard of it taking up to three months for particularly difficult hair types to adjust – and keep your eye on the prize of healthy, glossy, lustrous hair with zero effort。5.毅力。做好要度过几周难关的准备。露西曾听说,发质不是特别好的人要花三个月来适应这个过程。只要有毅力,就一定能拥有健康、柔顺、有光泽的头发。 /201507/386126宜昌男健医院在线咨询远安县人民中妇幼保健医院治疗阳痿多少钱



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