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英国内阁日前爆出"报销门"丑闻,《每日电讯报》率先披露13名内阁成员涉嫌利用议员身份,骗取额外补贴。"骗补"人数大约占内阁成员一半,其中包括现任首相戈登·布朗。然而随着事件的深入调查,英国民众发现,涉嫌滥用公款的并不止这13人,"报销门"已经迅速扩散至整个工党内阁。此事在英国社会掀起轩然,势必令民望下滑的执政工党政府再面临舆论压力。 Pakistan says it will leave a curfew in the Swat Valley on Sunday to allow civilians to leave the area. The army is mounting an offensive against Taliban militants. ed Nations says more than half a million have fled their homes but many are trapped in the area and can not escape.New President of South Africa Jacob Zuma has warned that the country can not escape the global recession and faces difficult economic times ahead. He was speaking after being swore in as the fourth president of the South Africa since the end of the protest.Two Labor MPs have said they are considering taking legal action against the Daily Telegraph, the publishing in accurate details about their expenses claimed. The newspaper says Margaret Moran claimed money for a second home that was not in London or her loot contingency. And the Immigration Minister Phil Woola was reimbursed for women's clothing and nappies, both were denied any wrong doing. 05/69413Thai Police Take First Steps to Enforce State of Emergency and End Airport Protests泰抗议者占曼谷机场警方吁其撤离  Thai police have called for anti-government protesters to vacate the main airports in Bangkok, which the group seized earlier this week. The government has declared a state of emergency around the airports. 泰国警方呼吁反政府示威民众撤离曼谷的主要机场。这些人本星期早些时候占领了这些机场。泰国政府已经宣布曼谷周围的机场地区进入紧急状态。Thousands of anti-government protesters occupying the international and domestic airports in the capital were bracing Friday against efforts by security forces to end the occupation. 数以千计占据了泰国首都曼谷的国际机场和国内机场的反政府抗议民众星期五准备抵制安全部队试图结束他们占领行动的努力。Leaders of the People's Alliance for Democracy on Friday said they remain determined to press on with the protest despite the threat of police action and a growing loss of public support. 人民民主联盟的领袖星期五说,尽管受到警方采取行动的威胁,而且他们也越来越丧失民心,他们仍然决心继续坚持抗议。The police say they want to negotiate with the PAD, but it is possible they will use force to clear the terminals. There is concern about violence, particularly because there are children among the protesters. 警方说,他们希望和人民民主联盟谈判,但是他们有可能采用武力将抗议者赶出机场。人们担心发生暴力,尤其因为抗议者中还有孩子。Sunai Pasuk, the Thai representative for Human Rights Watch, says the government realizes the world is watching the situation."No one I believe in the outside world and the majority of the Thai public - no one is siding with the PAD. [But] they don't want to see a massacre at Don Muang and Suvanabhumi airport. The police need to take incremental steps," he said.  他说:“我相信外界和大多数泰国公众都不持人民民主联盟。但是人们不愿意看到曼谷廊曼机场发生屠杀。警方需要采取渐进步骤。”Sunai says the government is offering the PAD an exit strategy by allowing the alliance to return to the government house compound which it seized in late August.  苏奈说,政府向人民民主联盟提出一项撤离方案,允许他们撤回到他们曾经在8月下旬占领的政府办公场所。"If they want to continue the protest - well go ahead - and this is a very deliberate decision not to declare a state of emergency at the government house as well. The government has thought through very carefully this time by providing an exit and if the PAD still refuses to take this opportunity then things can get [a] little ugly," he said. 苏奈说:“如果他们希望继续抗议,那就继续抗议,当局经过深思熟虑决定不宣布政府办公地点也进入紧急状态。泰国政府这次经过周密全面的考虑为抗议者提供了一条出路,如果人民民主联盟还是拒绝接受这个机会,那情况就可能有点糟糕了。”Thousands of travelers have been stranded by the protest, which is costing the economy millions of dollars in lost revenue. The airport blockades particularly hurt the tourism industry, a cornerstone of the Thai economy. 几千名旅客由于这次抗议而滞留当地,给泰国经济带来几百万美元的损失。封锁机场尤其损害旅游业,而旅游业是泰国经济的柱。The government is using airports just outside Bangkok to move passengers, but only a limited number of flights have taken off. Efforts also are under way to transport up to five thousand Thai Muslims traveling to Saudi Arabia for the Haj. On Thursday Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat declared a state of emergency at the airports. He has rejected calls by the military and the PAD for him to resign. 星期四泰国总理颂猜宣布机场地区进入紧急状态。他拒绝接受军方和人民民主联盟要他辞职的要求。Around the city this week there have been sporadic outbursts of violence between the PAD and government supporters. An anti-government TV station and a pro-government community radio station have suffered attacks. Naishinawatra Parboonpart is the manager of the community radio station, run by a taxi radio service. He expects police to move against the PAD protest later Friday. He says extra police have been brought in from the provinces and they will move quickly and once the airports are reopened it will be better for the nation.The PAD accuses Mr. Somchai of acting as a proxy for former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who fled Thailand in August in the face of corruption charges. He was ousted in a coup two years ago. 人民民主联盟指控颂猜是前总理他信的代理人。他信由于面临腐败指控,在8月逃离泰国。他信两年前在一次政变中被罢免。Many Thais speculate that the military may stage a coup, although senior military officers have denied it plans to unseat the government. Pro-Thaksin supporters have vowed to challenge the army if there is a coup. 亲他信的持者表示,如果发生政变,他们会坚决对抗泰国军方。200811/57480Reluctant Pakistan Considers IMF Loan to Avoid Default巴基斯坦考虑IMF贷款以还外债 Pakistan holds talks this week with the International Monetary Fund about what is expected to be an estimated billion bailout package. With foreign currency reserves dwindling and the rupee trading at all time lows against the dollar, Pakistan is in danger of defaulting on its debt. The country's traditional donors are not offering any immediate aid. 本星期,巴基斯坦和国际货币基金组织举行会谈,主要讨论巴基斯坦预期接受的一百亿美元救助计划。由于外汇储备下降,以及卢比对美元的汇率降到历史最低点,巴基斯坦面临无法偿付国际债务的风险。而传统援助国现在没有向巴基斯坦提供任何帮助。Pakistani officials say that because of the country's central role in the war against terrorism, shoring up its economy is an international priority.  巴基斯坦官员说,由于巴基斯坦在反恐战争中的重要地位,救助巴基斯坦经济是一项国际首要任务。Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi told reporters this week in Islamabad that he was optimistic the international community would come to Pakistan's aid. 巴基斯坦外长库雷西在伊斯兰堡对记者表示,他对于国际社会向巴基斯坦伸出援手感到乐观。"The world is recognizing Pakistan's role to keep the world peaceful and secure and also recognizing the economic challenges and the human price Pakistan has paid to make the world a safer place," said Qureshi. "And the democratic government of Pakistan is projecting Pakistan's case on that platform." “国际社会了解巴基斯坦在维护世界和平与安全方面扮演的角色,同时也了解巴基斯坦为了维护世界安全而承受的经济挑战并付出的人力代价。巴基斯坦民主政府正是基于这种原因来发出呼吁。”But the country's traditional donors have not stepped-in to help. Last week, President Asif Zardari returned from China with pledges to help construct two nuclear power plants - but no direct aid. This week, the "Friends of Pakistan" meeting of several wealthy nations including the ed States and Saudi Arabia, produced no plans to address the immediate problem of servicing Pakistan's debt. 巴基斯坦的传统援助国尚未出手相助。上个星期,巴基斯坦总统泽达里在中国访问期间,中国承诺帮助巴基斯坦建造两座核电站,但没有提供直接援助。本星期,包括美国、沙特阿拉伯在内的一些和巴基斯坦关系友好的富裕国家举行了会议,但是没有就帮助巴基斯坦偿付债务达成任何方案。Former finance minister Zubair Khan says inaction by the current government and the global financial crisis have left Pakistan few options for meeting its estimated billion in upcoming debt payments. 巴基斯坦前财政部长祖贝尔·坎恩说,现任政府的无所作为和席卷全球的金融危机让巴基斯坦对于即将到期的大约30亿美元债务束手无策。"The worldwide financial crisis has aly put strains on potential donor countries. Secondly, Pakistan has not come up with a viable economic program, which they would be y to support," said Zubair. "I do not think anyone is y to give just pure cash to Pakistan to do whatever it likes with it." “全球金融危机已经让潜在的援助国承受了压力。其次,巴基斯坦没有制定出可行的、可以马上得到援助国持的经济计划。我想,现在没有哪个国家愿意向巴基斯坦提供现金援助,让巴基斯坦想怎么花就怎么花。”Zubair says seeking money from the IMF will force Pakistan's government to adopt badly needed financial reforms that should lead to longer-term financial stability. 贝尔说,从国际货币基金组织寻求资金可以迫使巴基斯坦政府实行急需的金融改革,这将有助于长期金融稳定。But officials have been reluctant to apply for politically-unpopular IMF aid because its stringent financial conditions could hurt Pakistanis aly reeling from high food and energy prices.  不过,巴基斯坦官员不愿意申请政治上不受欢迎的国际货币基金组织援助,因为这种援助附加的苛刻金融条件可能会使已经面临高昂食品和能源价格的巴基斯坦人处境更困难。Sartaj Aziz, who served as finance minister under Nawaz Sharif in the 1990s, says an IMF loan could push the rupee even lower against the dollar, drive up unemployment and further raise utility prices. He says if officials can secure enough money from somewhere else to meet upcoming debt payments, Pakistan may be able to stabilize itself in the next year.He says right now the problem is short term, because if there is the expected bumper food crop this year and oil prices stay low, then next year Pakistan can be out of the crisis. Sartaj said one of the country's last opportunities to avoid accepting an IMF package appears to be President Zardari's trip to Saudi Arabia scheduled for the first week of November. Saudi Arabia has aly turned down requests to postpone payments for oil imports, casting doubt on the country's willingness to provide immediate aid. Economists say Pakistan's financial problems have been developing for several years, but the seven-month-old government has done little to address them since taking office.  经济学家们说,巴基斯坦的金融问题已经发酵了几年时间,但是新政府在过去的七个月里几乎没有采取任何措施解决这个问题。Now, facing a growing Taliban insurgency along its Afghan border and a gloomy international financial climate, Zubair Khan says the government may have no other choice but to accept the hardships of an IMF loan. 现在,面对阿富汗边境地区日益猖獗的塔利班反政府武装以及国际金融动荡,祖贝尔·坎恩说,政府除了接受条件苛刻的国际货币基金组织贷款之外可能没有其他选择。"It was mostly for political reasons that they were trying to avoid going to the IMF, but now the time of reckoning has come and they have to go there," said Zubair Khan. “巴基斯坦试图避开国际货币基金组织主要是基于政治原因。但现在,由于面临巨大的债务压力,他们必须和国际货币基金组织接触。”Pakistani officials are meeting with IMF representatives this week in Dubai. Pakistan's finance ministry said IMF officials were scheduled to meet in Pakistan, but changed the venue because of security concerns. 巴基斯坦官员本星期将在迪拜和国际货币基金组织代表会晤。巴基斯坦财政部说,这次会晤原来计划在巴基斯坦境内进行,但国际货币基金组织出于安全考虑改变了地点。200810/53773

Unlike older generations, China's youth are not used to the poor job market they face as they graduate college Crowds pile in at a government sponsored job fair in Beijing--- The gateway to a potential opportunity in a dire economic climate.Companies are firing people and we're competing with layoffs, says Xu Meilin, she is graduating from college next year. Her hopes of finding a job in finance, deem.Of course, I am worried. Says another job seeker, but all we can do is to wait for a chance and try my luck.More than 15,000 people are expected at this job fair. Many of them are young people, hoping to find that dreamed job. About 500 companies are here, but in the middle of economic crisis, how many jobs will be offered is unknown. The Chinese government says 6,000,000 students will graduate college here next year, which means even more job seekers in an aly strained job market. It is going to without saying that the declining all economic growth will impact employment. Next year we'll face great pressure on the employment of college graduates.It is a harsh reality for a generation of young Chinese that has really seen tough times. Unlike their parents who lived through the Cultural Revolution when China’s economy was backward and isolated, but for the past decade, China’s economy has been booming so strong some people are taking risks their parents never could. 25-year-old Wu Yelan left a stable but unfulfilling government job to open a café with her husband. She says even though she is worried about the economy, she will never regret her decision.We are much happier every day.It is a useful brand of optimism her peers share.“Although the financial crisis has hit the world hard, I still have confidence in china.” Says another job seeker.The question is: is their confidence realistic or naiuml;ve?200812/58810

At the ASEAN Defense Ministers meeting in Hanoi, Chinese Minister of Defense Liang Guanglie invited his U.S. counterpart Defense Secretary Robert Gates to visit China, in what seems like an easing of military tensions in the region.Diplomacy appears to be making some progress in reducing tensions at the ASEAN Plus Eight defense ministers' meeting. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations invited the ed States, China, Japan, Russia and other regional powers to address security issues in the Pacific.在东盟加八国国防部长的会议上,外交举措似乎为缓解紧张关系起到一定作用。东南亚国家联盟邀请美国、中国、日本、俄罗斯以及其他区域内大国一同商讨太平洋地区的安全问题。China resumes military relationsBy inviting Defense Secretary Robert Gates to visit next year, China is resuming high-level military relations with the ed States. Earlier in the year, China suspended military contacts because of U.S. planned arms sales to Taiwan.中国邀请美国国防部长盖茨于明年访问中国,这将恢复中美两国的高层军事交流。今年早些时候,中国由于美国对台军售而终止了与美国的军事接触。The Chinese Defense Minister also said talks with Japan's defense officials were positive. Tensions between the two countries have increased after a Chinese fishing boat collided with Japanese coast guard patrol ships in waters claimed by both sides.中国国防部长梁光烈还说,与日本防卫省官员的会谈是有建设性的。中日两国的紧张关系有所升级,原因是一艘中国渔船与日本海上保安厅巡逻船相撞,事发地点位于有争议的钓鱼岛水域。U.S. support for Southeast AsiaEarlier in the day, speaking to members of the military and students at the Vietnam National University in Hanoi, Secretary Gates sent a message to reassure Southeast Asia.星期一早些时候,盖茨在河内的越南国立大学对军官和学生们发表讲话时,对东南亚地区再度做出保。"I think all Asia can be confident that the U.S. intends to remain engaged in Asia as we have been for so many scores of years before and that we intend to be an active party, not only in economic and political matters but also in defense and security matters," Gates said.盖茨说:“我想整个亚洲都应当有信心,美国有意与亚洲继续保持接触,就像我们数十年来一直做的那样,我们也有意作为一个积极的参与者,不仅仅在经济和政治事务上,也包括国防和安全事务。”The ed States is concerned territorial disputes over small island chains in the region could hurt access to one of the world's busiest sea lanes.美国担心,由于对东南亚地区一些群岛的领土问题存在争议,这可能会影响到这里世界上最繁忙的海上通道之一。Beijing says its claims over the Spratly and Paracel islands are a "core national interest." Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei and Malaysia also claim all or part of the islands. Although largely uninhabited, the islands are believed to sit atop vast reserves of oil and natural gas.北京表示,中国对南沙群岛和西沙群岛拥有的主权涉及“核心利益”。台湾、越南、菲律宾、文莱和马来西亚也都声称拥有这些岛屿的全部或部分主权。201010/115466

来到了落基山国家公园 ,看到了最高峰是久久峰(Longs Peak),它高达14255尺。这里大多数是陡峭的悬崖和锯齿状的峭壁,究竟是什么原因呢?值得探索!Back on the ground, Anderson is looking for evidence that will reveal the processes that shaped the jagged peaks. On a hillside, he finds mysterious large boulders scattered across the valley floor. A closer look uncovers some secrets about their origin.;Im standing in front of a rounded boulder that itself is sitting on a smooth, bedrock (基岩)outcrop(露出地面的岩层). Both the boulder and the outcrop are covered in lichen (地衣,苔藓)here of green to black to grey colours. And therefore I had to whack up a piece of the rock in order to see inside the rock. And indeed it is different. The mineral(s) that I see in the texture of the rock is different from the underlying rock. And therefore the rock is (a) foreign to this particular site.;Anderson searches the ground for more clues as to how this massive boulder got here. Nearby he finds a smooth surface with very fine scratch marks.;Im sitting on a polished surface. This little piece right here is smooth to the touch. And if I look at it in a certain way the light glints (闪闪发光)off, but just right I can see that there are scratches running in this direction across the surface.;The only force that could have produced this fine parallel scratches on the rock is ice, and lots of it. Its a clue that a massive glacier once filled this valley.;And that tells me that the glacier came down the valley, came across this surface and eroded it. Each one of these scratches corresponds to a sand grain embedded in the sole of the ice, that just like sandpaper smoothes off the surface. So zillions of sand grains over thousands of years will have eroded this surface smooth.;As glaciers flowed down the valley, they picked up rocks and grit. The ice pushed down on these cutting tools with the weight of over a thousand fully loaded garbage trucks. It left scratch marks all over the Rockies up to a thousand feet high. This is evidence that a massive wall of ice covered this part of the Rockies and shaped the Mountains. The ice ripped out the rock from the valley walls and left behind the jagged cliffs and rugged edges.小编有约:注意细节的人很容易成功,在这里作者就偶然发现圆滑的石头上面有小小的划痕,进而通过划痕发现冰川,通过冰川发现冰里面的沙子,通过沙子发现类似砂纸的功效。从而推断出为什么这里是陡峭的悬崖和锯齿状的峭壁。本文为小编自己翻译以及讲解的文章,如有改进的地方请大家留言!如有转载请注明来源!课后题目:Daisy很想建议大家爬爬山,感受大自然的魅力,想一想自己家乡的山中会发生怎样的故事让人难忘呢?162874

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