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上官乡中医医院专家预约杭州市在富阳区中医医院在那儿Good morning. It is a great honor to return to IIT and celebrate together. I would like to thank President Anderson for his kind invitation and all of you for your warm welcome. I would also like to thank all faculty members who have done so much to bring us here today.Let me start with a full disclosure of my highly personal interest in today’s ceremony.I am the proud mother of one of the 2,591 graduates whose accomplishments are being recognized today. As an immensely proud mom, I would like to extend a special welcome to all families and friends who are joining this wonderful commencement exercise. This is a joyous moment for all of us.Today the center of our universe is right here in Chicago, on the Ed Glancy Field. Today you – the graduates of this great university – have the right to feel like the new masters of the academic universe.Hard work, boundless energy, relentless curiosity, and incredible talent: these are some of the qualities that helped you achieve success in the classroom. These are the qualities that you can now bring to bear on some of the world’s most exciting challenges. The world is not short of that!In other words, after writing the prologue, you are now y to draft your own 21st-century legacies in engineering, architecture, business, design, law, and science and technology. What an incredible privilege, what a great responsibility!Of course, many of you aly know that the line from college to career is unlikely to be perfectly straight. There will almost certainly be plenty of twists and turns, ups and downs and bumps along your way.But many of you will also realize that your starting point could hardly be better. And this is why we are here today – to celebrate the beginning of your journey, the starting point of a new adventure. It is a day of hope. It is a day of promise. It is a day of joy – for all of us.With this in mind, I would like to talk about three things that could help along the journey:First, reinventing yourself and welcoming change and risks.Second, standing up for your values and ideas.Third, encouraging transformational change in others.If you will indulge me, I would like to introduce these points by briefly recounting personal experiences that have shaped my life. Of course, my experiences may not be the ultimate nuggets of wisdom. But as Mark Twain once said: “It is better to have old second-hand diamonds than none at all.”201507/388165富阳超导可视无痛人流贵不贵 Close encounter four: the Algarve,遭遇四:阿尔加瓦Portugal, 1991.葡萄牙,1991.Some years later, I and this woman --许多年过后,我和这个女人--well call her ;Catherine Fletcher; --我们将称她为“Catherine Fletcher”-went traveling through the south of Portugal together.我们穿越葡萄牙南部去旅行.We stayed in old, crumbling, walled cities,我们住在古老的摇摇欲坠的围城里.in tiny little hotels,在小旅馆里,and we would climb up to the roof and drink Vinho Verde我们爬到屋顶喝着葡萄牙清酒and watch the sun set and play checkers.看日落玩跳棋.What? Did we do this? Really? Does anyone do this?什么?我们做了这些么?真的么?有人会做这样的事情么?We went to some topless beaches.我们去了沙滩边.Excuse me? No, not in my life.醒醒?我不是在做梦吧.For what its worth, we went to Sagres,不论真伪.我们去了葡萄牙,which was considered, at the time, to be the end of the world.这被认为是,世界末日.And there I was chased by a pack of feral dogs on the dock,在那里我被野追咬,and the lead dog bit me on the ass,最后领头的咬了我的屁股,requiring me to go to a strange Portuguese clinic他们带我去一个陌生的葡萄牙诊所and receive an ass shot.接受屁股的治疗.Make of that what you will.你可以合理的遐想一下.Our last day in Portugal,在葡萄牙的最后一天,we were in the district capital of Faro,我们在葡萄牙的首府,and Catherine decided that she wanted to go to the beachCatherine想去海滩转一圈one last time.最后一圈.Now, Faro is a bustling little city,Faro是个热闹的小城市,and to get to the beach, she explained, you would have to take她说去海边要乘公交车a bus and then a boat.再换乘个小船.And did I want to come with?你愿意跟我一起去么?But I was exhausted and dog-bitten, and so I said, ;No.;我摸着被咬坏的屁股已经筋疲力尽了,我说;我不去了.;I remember what she looked like before she left.至今我还记得她黯然离开时失望的眼神.The freckles had grown这个雀斑女已经长大and multiplied on her face and shoulders,雀斑在她的脸庞和肩头上倍增,clustering into a kind of a tan.汇聚成一种巧克力色.A tan, we were both tan --结果我们皮肤都晒成了巧克力色.is this true?这是真的吗?Her eyes were extra bright and extra blue, as a result.她的眼睛是蓝色的格外的亮,最后.She was smiling.她笑了.She was a single woman about to go alone into a country,一个单身女人独自到一个陌生的国家,not even speaking the language,甚至没有相通的语言,to travel alone by bus and boat独自乘着公车和小船去旅行to go to a beach she did not know去一个连她自己都不知道在哪的海滩or had never seen.或者她从未见过.I loved her, and then she went out我爱她,当她走到那个奇怪的into that strange, alien land.外星人领域.It took me some time to come to my senses.我重新整理了我的思绪.I had my own ;lost time; moment,我有属于我的;失忆时段;,where I woke up and suddenly realized我突然醒了,意识到it was very late in the day, almost dinnertime,时间已经不早了,差不多到了晚饭时间,and she had not come back.但她还没回来Nervous, I went down to the street to look for her.我感到不安,于是上街去找她.Now, I did not speak Portuguese.现在,我不会葡萄牙语.I did not know where the beach was.我也不知道沙滩在哪?I could not call her on a cell phone because this was 1991,我同样不能打电话给她因为那是1991年,and the aliens had not given us that technology yet.那时外星人也没给我们这项技术.I realized that the day would only have我意识到这一天只有two possible outcomes:只有两种可能的结果:either Catherine would come back to the hotel, Catherine自己回到小旅馆or she would never come back to the hotel.或者她再也不回来了.And so I sat down to wait.我只能坐下来等.I did not watch the skies, but the very end of the street我没有注视着天空,而是盯着街道的尽头where the buses and cars and pedestrians那里的公车汽车和行人and little scooters were moving along.和小踏板车在前行着.And I watched those constellations shift,我看着那些星球的转变,hoping that they would part and I would see her face.多希望他们能让我看到你的脸.It was at that moment,就在那一刻,in that very small town of 30,000 or so,在一个容纳30000人的小镇上,that I truly appreciated the vastness of the universe我真正欣赏到宇宙的浩瀚and the searching we might do in it.搜寻我们想要的.And thats when the Liberians came along.那时利比里亚人走了过来.Five young men -- all laughing, happy, traveling together,5个年轻人--他们都开心的笑着同行,coming back to this hotel where they were staying.回到他们的住所.One of them was named Joseph, and he asked me其中一个名叫Joseph,他问我我来做什么,what was I doing, and I explained.我向他解释.And he said, ;Dont worry.; He was sure that Catherine would be safe.他说,;不要担心,;他确信Catherine是安全的.But he did not seem so very sure,但他看起来不太确信,for he sat down to wait with me.因为他跟我一起坐下来.And for the next two hours, they all waited with me:接下来的两个小时,他们和我一起等待.taking turns, going up to their room, coming back,他们轮流来我房间telling me jokes, distracting me.讲笑话安慰我,分散我的注意力.Two hours, they gave me a message.两小时后,他们给我捎口信.We are not alone.我们并不孤独.And then, in the middle of a sentence, at the very birth of twilight,这时,字里行间之中让人感到暮光的开始.I turned and looked down the street.我转过身来,看着街上.The stars aligned, and she came back.星星排成一排,她回来了.She was smiling. She did not understand why I was so worried.她笑着,她并不知道我为何而难过.Neither did the Liberians,利比里亚人也不理解,although there was a huge amount of relief in their laughter他们的笑声里有着很多的宽慰.as they clapped us on the back, and went back up to their room他们在心底为我们鼓掌,默默回到房间and left us alone in the street, holding hands.让我们独自在街上,手牵手.An event like this leaves a scar on the memory,这像记忆中的伤痛,much like a piece of alien technology被一个叫做;葡萄牙的医生;的人that has been inserted into your buttocks把一块外星人的高科技by a ;Portuguese doctor.;植入到你的臀部.And even now, a decade and a half later,即使到现在,15年以后,even now that we are married,我们结婚了,I look for her still, whenever she is not in the room.我随时找她时她仍不在房间.And even though, I think youll agree, it is probable我认为你也同意,that during the time she was away,很可能是在她外出时,she was kidnapped and replaced by an alien clone,被外星人绑架甚至克隆,I love her and wait for her still.但我会一直爱她,等着她.Thank you for your kind attention.感谢您的关注.201506/382031I just was in India and here in this room 我刚从印度回来Oh my gee, and now Im in 而现在我回到国内Philadelphia hearing from Colin Powell the same message 在费城又听到科林·鲍威尔讲相同的理念And I said to myself I think Im getting it here 我心想 我算是找到自己追求的东西了I think Im understanding what is coming through me 我认为我理解了 我将经历一些什么and so Ill tell you what I went back to Oracle 猜猜发生了什么 我回到甲骨文and I talked to my boss, the CEO there 我同我的老板讲and I said you know, weve got to create a foundation 我们应当建一个基金会weve got to do all these things that General Powell said 我们应当按照鲍威尔将军说的做and he said, youre right and were going to do it 老板说 你很对 就这么办吧And all of a sudden I found myself 突然间 一切就这样达成了in the day, morning time 在白天 早上putting computers in schools, wiring them 将电脑运往学校 建立连接and training teachers and working with kids 并对老师和学生进行培训and then afternoon I was building products and building market and building technology 而在下午 则是创造产品 创造市场 创造科技and it was awesome 这很棒And I said I think this is what I want to do 我心想 这就是我想做的I kind of have both things going on, this is exciting 两者同时进行 这很令人兴奋And then I got a call from General Powell, and General Powell said Marc 然后鲍威尔将军给我打了一个电话 他说 马克I just adopted MacFarland Middle School in Washington DC 我刚认领了华盛顿的麦克法兰中学You need to go put those computers in there 你给我弄点电脑过来and I said, yes sir General, Ill get it done 我回答说 是 将军阁下 我定会完成任务And I took my three top engineers 我于是分派了手下三名最得力的工程师led by Jim Cavalieri and 100 computers 由吉姆·卡瓦列里领导 带着一百台电脑set them all out there 赶往学校and they were y and it was a hot day out there in Washington DC when they arrived 他们到了学校 当时华盛顿的天气很炎热hot like this, may be hotter 就像今天这样 或许更热Think, they said it was about 110 degrees out 他们说外面有大约110华氏度And they had to bring those computers up three flights of stairs 电脑需要步行运上三楼and we called our local office to make sure 我们打电话给当地办事处that our employees were there to help them. We have a big office 要求我们的员工去帮他们in Bethesda Maryland 我们在马里兰贝塞斯达有一个大办事处201601/422589富阳市人民医院体检中心子宫内膜异位症

里山镇中医医院概况富阳做人流手术比较好的医院 It also turns out that thinking about mental illness in other animals isnt actually that much of a stretch.同时更没有费心思索过其他动物的精神疾病。。Most mental disorders in the ed States are fear and anxiety disorders,and when you think about it, fear and anxiety are actually really extremely helpful animal emotions.大多数美国人的精神障碍是恐惧和焦躁性障碍,但仔细想一想这两者实际上是极其有益的动物情绪。Usually we feel fear and anxiety in situations that are dangerous,and once we feel them,we then are motivated to move away from whatever is dangerous.通常在危险的情况下 我们才会感到恐惧和焦躁,一旦感受到它们,我们就会受到刺激而远离危险。The problem is when we begin to feel fear and anxiety in situations that dont call for it.问题是,我们在不必要的时候 也会感受到恐惧和焦虑。Mood disorders, too, may actually just be the unfortunate downside of being a feeling animal,and obsessive compulsive disorders also are often manifestations of a really healthy animal thing which is keeping yourself clean and groomed.情绪障碍实际上仅仅是作为有感知动物的一种消极面。强制性障碍也是一种健康动物行为的表现。它让你保持干净整洁。This tips into the territory of mental illness when you do things like compulsively over-wash your hands or paws,这就进入了精神疾病领域当动物强迫地过度洗手或洗爪子,or you develop a ritual thats so extreme that you cant sit down to a bowl of food unless you engage in that ritual.或发展出极端的仪式行为以至于心满意足之前都不能坐下好好吃饭。So for humans, we have the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, which is basically an atlas of the currently agreed-upon mental disorders.所以 对于人类我们有一本 《诊断与统计手册》。这本册子主要收录了目前认可的精神障碍。In other animals, we have YouTube.而其它动物,我们有Youtube。This is just one search I did for OCD dog but I encourage all of you to look at OCD cat.这只是搜索强迫症的结果。但我鼓励你们所有人去搜一搜强迫症猫。You will be shocked by what you see.你会被结果惊到的。Im going to show you just a couple examples.在这我就分享一些例子。This is an example of shadow-chasing.这是一直追影子的。I know, and its funny and in some ways its cute.我知道,这很好笑 在某个程度上还很可爱。The issue, though, is that dogs can develop compulsions like this that they then engage in all day.问题是,有了这种强迫行为就会一整天地重复下去。So they wont go for a walk,they wont hang out with their friends,they wont eat.它们不去散步,不跟朋友玩,也不吃饭。Theyll develop fixations like chasing their tails compulsively.然后产生心理固着,比如强迫地追自己尾巴。Heres an example of a cat named Gizmo.这里有只猫叫 吉斯莫。He looks like hes on a stakeout but he does this for many, many, many hours a day.他看起来正在监视什么,但这一举动每天会持续若干小时。He just sits there and he will paw and paw and paw at the screen.他就坐在那,用前爪一直,一直,一直摆弄百叶窗。This is another example of whats considered a stereotypic behavior.这是另外一个重复行为。This is a sun bear at the Oakland Zoo named Ting Ting.这是一只在奥克兰动物园的马来熊名为听听,And if you just sort of happened upon this scene, you might think that Ting Ting is just playing with a stick.然而如果你刚好看到这个画面,你可能会觉得听听。只是在玩树枝。But Ting Ting does this all day.但听听一整天就这样。and if you pay close attention and if I showed you guys the full half-hour of this clip,youd see that he does the exact same thing in the exact same order, and he spins the stick in the exact same way every time.如果你们仔细看。再等这半个小时的视频放完,会注意到它每次都做着同一动作,以同一顺序和同一方式转那个树枝。Other super common behaviors that you may see,particularly in captive animals,are pacing stereotypies or swaying stereotypies, and actually, humans do this too.其他非常常见的行为,尤其是笼子里的动物有固定的踱步行为或摇摆行为。事实上我们人类也一样。and in us, well sway, well move from side to side.我们会摆动,从这边挪到那边。Many of us do this, and sometimes its an effort to soothe ourselves,and I think in other animals that is often the case too.我们很多人这么做其实是一种放松方式而且我相信其他动物也是如此。But its not just stereotypic behaviors that other animals engage in.但他们不止重复行为。This is Gigi. Shes a gorilla that lives at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston.她是吉吉住在波士顿富兰克林动物园的母猩猩。201412/348908富阳最佳的人流时间

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