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Hi, everybody. Good morning – or afternoon – or wherever we are. Hello. Thank you so much for joining us as we start the 100 Day Countdown to the thrilling moment when we let the games begin. Im really honored to be here today.I want to start by thanking Jordan – where did Jordan go? Hey, Jordan. Whats going on? – for that really kind introduction. Were so proud of him. Were excited to have him compete in this Summer Olympic Games. I also want to thank the outstanding leaders from the U.S. Olympic Committee who are joining me on this stage. You guys, thank you so much for all your great work – as well as The Band Perry, who is one of our favorites. I want to thank them for being here. Coach Auriemma, thank you all so much for everything youre doing.And, of course, most of all, I want to thank these incredible athletes who are here today. I have to turn around and look at them because I just got here. They look so good! I want to recognize them for the extraordinary work that theyve been doing. Im proud, Im honored to be in the presence of these Olympians and Paralympians.In fact, this is kind of a dream come true for me, because Im here today not just as the First Lady, but as a real, lifelong, die-hard Olympics fan. To this day, I still remember the excitement that I felt as a little girl growing up on the South Side of Chicago when Olympic season would roll around. My family and all the kids in our neighborhood, we would gather around somebodys TV somewhere in the neighborhood, and we would watch for hours as our Olympic favorites would compete – whether it was Mary Lou Retton, or Carl Lewis. I mean, I could go on. I mean, these times meant the world to kids in neighborhoods all over the country.We would all have our favorite sports. My dad, who happened to have MS, was an Olympic fan because he was one of those guys, because he couldnt walk, those games meant the world to him to be able to watch. So we all had our favorite athletes. We had our favorite sports. And then once the games were over, we would all run outside and set up some makeshift hurdle or some balance beam, and wed try to imitate our heroes.And thats really what the Olympic Games are all about. One of the reasons I wanted to be here today to kick this off, to be a part of the 100 Day sort of celebration is that were not just talking about bringing home the gold – which we will, right? Okay, were going to do that. Its not that were just proudly representing the ed States to the rest of the world – which I know these Olympians will do so well. But the Olympics are also about inspiring young people here at home, truly, to get them active, and to live up to the example that our Olympic and Paralympic athletes have always set with their dedication, their determination, their unyielding commitment to excellence.And we want to bring that Olympic spirit all across this country and into big cities and tiny towns, and to kids and families like mine, like I was at that age – wherever they may be watching the Olympics these days, whether its around the TV or a smartphone – I dont know what people do today – but, to cheer on our U.S. team, but to bring that spirit into communities.We also want our young people to be inspired by the amazing stories of these athletes – the endless hours that theyve devoted to get to this day, the countless sacrifices that these men and women make to do the sport that they love. All the hardship that theyve overcome to get to this day – we want our kids to know about that. Because we want to show our young people that if they work hard enough, and if they dream big enough, they can achieve what they want.And these men and women are really the best role models for our kids. So we dont just want our young people to watch them, we want them to try these sports themselves. I mean, I know so many of these folks up here probably got started because they were watching some hero and they tried something new. And we want more and more of our kids to develop into that next generation of athletes and fans and sports enthusiasts.So thats why Im really thrilled to announce that the USOC and 16 of its national governing bodies will be providing opportunities for nearly 2 million kids across this country to participate in Olympic sports in their own communities. Theyre going to have access to everything from basketball and tennis to things like fencing and judo – maybe things that kids usually dont have access to. Because so many of these kids in our country, they never have access to these kind of opportunities.They wont just be learning athletic skills; the cool thing is theyre going to be learning life skills as well – like discipline, team work, and of course, the importance of giving 100 percent to everything that they do.Theyre also going to be learning what I always talk about are life habits – the habits that weve been emphasizing through the past six years through the Lets Move! initiative – habits like staying active, fueling your body with good food so that you can actually compete in the way that you need to.So thats why Im here. I am a fan. Im y for this. I want the country to start gearing up for the Olympics like we used to when we were little. I want everybody glued to the TV, trying out sports, thinking about getting up off that couch, competing with your neighbor, but most importantly, cheering these men and women on.So I want to thank the USOC, as well as the Partnership for a Healthier America for making these opportunities available to kids across the country. I also want to thank the folks at N who are going to be promoting these opportunities through the Gold Map initiative that they just talked about this morning, and other efforts that theyre going to be using to expose young people to Olympic sports and encouraging them to get active.And finally, I want to thank our Olympic and Paralympic athletes for representing our country in Brazil. We wish them all the luck in the world – although they dont need it because theyre super bad! Theyre aly awesome. Theyre aly going to kick butt. But we want them to continue to make us proud as athletes, of course, more importantly, as role models and as the outstanding ambassadors to this country that we know they will be.And with that, Im going to actually stop talking – and they told me I have to actually try some things. So wish me luck. You all be easy on me, all right?So thank you all so much. God bless. And, of course, go, Team USA!201605/443600

My fellow Americans, I am thrilled to be back in the ed States after our first historic foreign trip. Over the course of 9 days, Melania and I traveled to some of the holiest sites in the three Abrahamic religions and met with nearly 100 foreign leaders. Everywhere we went, my goal was to advance American interests, to build a coalition of nations to drive out the terrorists, and to unlock a future of peace, prosperity, and hope for all Americans – and people around the world. In Saudi Arabia, I was honored to participate in a historic summit with the leaders of more than 50 Muslim and Arab nations, where King Salman and many other leaders expressed their desire to take on a greater role in defeating terrorists who murder innocents of all faiths. At this unprecedented summit, we opened a new center to combat extremist ideology, launched a task force to block funding for terrorists, and agreed to a massive economic development deal that will create hundreds of thousands of new jobs in the ed States. I also discussed the importance of the nations of the region taking more responsibility on migration – so that more young people are part of creating a better future in their home societies. From Saudi Arabia, I traveled to Jerusalem, where I reaffirmed the unbreakable bond between the ed States and Israel. There, I prayed at the Western Wall, visited the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and was awed by the majesty of that sacred land and the perseverance of the Jewish people. I also traveled to Bethlehem, another ancient city of wonder, where I met with Palestinian leader President Abbas. Both President Abbas and Prime Minister Netanyahu assured me they are y to reach for peace. From Israel, I traveled to Italy, where Melania and I were greatly honored to visit the Vatican and meet Pope Francis. He was really wonderful – a great guy. Then, I traveled to two summits with our key allies – first, the NATO Summit in Brussels, where nations agreed they must do more to meet their financial obligations and pay their fair share – because right now, it is not fair to the ed States. But it soon will be. Next, I attended the G-7 Summit in Italy, where we worked to improve coordination on shared security threats, achieve more fair trade that gives workers a level-playing field, and agreed on the goal that refugees should be resettled as close to their home countries as possible so they can be part of the future rebuilding. Before we returned home, I was delighted to conclude my trip by visiting American military families – unbelievable people, the true source of our strength. We will always protect those who protect us. Our first foreign trip was full of historic and unprecedented achievements. Joined by many old and new friends, we have paved the way for the new era of cooperation – one that calls upon each nation to take more responsibility to bring peace to their people. One that works together to defeat the scourge of terrorism and deliver hope to all of Gods children. And one that protects American interests so we remain a strong and prosperous nation – strong and prosperous, like never before – and a beacon of freedom and opportunity for many years to come. Thank you. God bless you. And God bless the ed States of America.201706/513546

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