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库尔勒botox除皱多少钱一支新疆石油管理局职工总医院疤痕多少钱LONDON — A loyal Volkswagen owner for years, Jane Kelley was “shocked,” she says, by recent revelations that the German company had cheated on emissions tests in the ed States.伦敦——作为大众(Volkswagen)多年的忠实车主,简·凯利(Jane Kelley)说,最近得知这家德国公司被曝曾在美国的排放检测中作弊,令她感到“震惊”。Snug in Ms. Kelley’s garage in North London recently was a white 2013 Passat powered by a 2-liter diesel engine. The company says that as many as 11 million of its cars — Volkswagens, Audis, Skodas and SEATs with diesel engines — were equipped with software designed to fool emissions testers.在凯利位于伦敦北部的家中,车库里最近停放的是一辆配有2升柴油发动机的2013年款帕萨特。大众表示,该公司有多达1100万辆车——包括配有柴油发动机的大众、奥迪(Audi)、斯柯达(Skoda)和西雅特(SEAT)品牌车型——装载有可以误导排放检测员的软件。But as disturbed as she was to learn that Volkswagen had cheated, Ms. Kelley does not necessarily want anything done about it. “Are they going to take my car away and fiddle with the engine?” she said with a worried tone, as she served tea in her sunlit dining room.尽管在得知大众曾经作弊之后感到不安,但凯利却不见得希望有人为此做些什么。“他们会把我的车开走,摆弄它的引擎吗?”她一边担忧地说着,一边在自己阳光普照的餐厅给来客端上茶水。As with at least some European diesel drivers, Ms. Kelley is in no hurry to abandon the car just because it may spew more noxious fumes than she originally thought. “I do feel that it is a very safe car,” she said. She also admires the acceleration of the turbocharged diesel, which she credits with helping her recently escape a potential hazard. “There was a guy weaving, maybe drunk, so I just shot by,” she recalled.和至少一部分欧洲柴油车车主一样,凯利并不想仅仅因为它排放的有毒气体可能比自己原先想象的多,就急着抛弃它。“我真的感觉它是一辆非常安全的车,”她说。她也很中意这辆车的涡轮增压柴油发动机所具备的加速能力,还把它归为自己最近能逃脱一次潜在危险的原因。“当时有辆车左摇右摆的,大概司机是喝醉了,所以我就飞速开了过去,”她回忆道。Ms. Kelley is one of millions of fans of diesel cars across Europe, where fuel prices and taxes make the cost of filling an automobile’s tank much higher than in the ed States. Drawn by diesels’ superior fuel economy over gasoline engines and the lower price of diesel fuel, European consumers have long leaned toward diesel cars — a collective habit that might be difficult to break, despite the new scrutiny the Volkswagen scandal has given to diesel’s dark side.在整个欧洲,像凯利这样的柴油车爱好者有数百万,那里燃油价格和税费高,使得加满一箱油的费用比在美国高出很多。而柴油机节油性能比汽油发动机强,而且柴油价格比汽油低,所以欧洲消费者长期以来一直倾向于购买柴油车——这一共同习惯可能不容易打破,虽然大众丑闻让人们开始重新审视柴油机不好的一面。While diesels have struggled in the ed States to overcome a reputation as smoke-belching clunkers — they represent about 3 percent of the American car market — they have rolled to dominance across the Atlantic. Diesels accounted for more than half the new cars sold in Western Europe last year, compared with 14 percent in 1990.柴油发动机在美国一直难以摆脱“喷烟老机器”的名声——柴油车在美国汽车市场的份额只有大约3%,但在大西洋的对岸却占据主导地位。去年西欧销售的新车有一多半都是柴油车,而这一比例在1990年时还只有14%。Europeans’ embrace of diesels has encouraged manufacturers to improve the engines’ performance, and it has motivated governments, especially those of Germany and France, to support their auto industries’ diesel efforts. Although environmentalists have been sounding alarms for years, the forces propelling diesel were so strong that it might explain why drivers, carmakers and regulators have been willing at times to overlook diesels’ tendency to be bigger polluters than gasoline cars.欧洲人对柴油车的偏好促使汽车厂商进一步提高柴高发动机的性能,也刺激政府,尤其是德国和法国政府,持本国汽车业推广柴油车。尽管环保人士多年来一直在敲警钟,但推动使用柴油机的力量太过强大,它或许可以解释为什么柴油车往往比汽油车的污染大这一点,时常会被驾车人士、汽车厂商和监管机构无视。“Ban diesels? You can’t be serious,” Ségolène Royal, the French environment and energy minister, said recently, responding to a suggestion by a member of the Green Party. “We can’t treat problems of this gravity with ideological slogans at the expense of French interests,” Ms. Royal said, noting that more than half the cars on French roads were diesels.“禁用柴油机?少开玩笑了,”法国环境和能源部长塞戈莱纳·罗亚尔(Ségolène Royal)最近回应一位绿党(Green Party)成员的一项建议时说道。“我们不能以牺牲法国利益为代价,用意识形态口号解决如此重大的问题,”罗亚尔说,她还指出,行驶在法国街道上的车辆有超过一半都是柴油车。In fact, the percentage in France is around 64 percent, even higher than in Germany, with French-made Renault, Peugeot and Citro渀 diesels joining Volkswagens on the road. There has been no indication that the French automakers cheated on emissions tests.事实上,柴油车在法国车辆中的比例大约为64%,甚至比德国还高。除了大众车以外,法国的道路上行驶的还有本国制造的雷诺(Renault)、标致(Peugeot)和雪铁龙(Citro渀)柴油车。没有信息显示,这些法国汽车厂商曾在排放检测中作弊。So far, Volkswagen has not said how it plans to deal with the deceptive software problem, although the German government has set an Oct. 7 deadline for the company to propose a solution. Unlike in the ed States, where lawyers are aly recruiting car owners in hopes of filing class-action lawsuits, there is no similar tradition in Europe that would encourage consumers to collectively demand financial redress.目前,大众还没有对外宣布它计划如何解决这一欺诈软件问题,尽管德国政府已经给出了最后期限,要求它最晚在10月7日拿出解决方案。美国已经有律师在征集车主,以期对大众提起集体诉讼,而欧洲与美国不同,这里没有这类鼓励消费者集体寻求经济赔偿的传统。Volkswagen said on Tuesday that it would prepare a plan by early October to improve the emissions of affected vehicles. Owners will be notified in the weeks and months after the plan has been approved by authorities, the company said.周二,大众表示,它将在十月初准备一项计划,用以改善涉事车辆的排放问题。该公司还表示,它会在这项计划得到当局批准后的几周和几月内,向车主们发出通知。“If there is a recall, I would be happy if my car is not included in it,” said Tony Novak, a retired editor for the B who lives in Reading, England. In Britain, just over half of new cars sold are diesels.“如果他们要召回车辆,我希望自己的车不在此列,”现在居住在苏格兰雷丁市的B退休编辑托尼·诺瓦克(Tony Novak)说。在英国,新销售车辆中柴油车的比例刚刚过半。“Diesels used to be terrible — they used to be dirty and slow,” he said. “Now they are brilliant.” Mr. Novak had owned diesel cars previously, but when he bought his 2014 Volkswagen Golf diesel, “I was really surprised by how good it was — you really notice the difference in acceleration.”“柴油车过去很糟糕——又脏又慢,”他说。“现在棒极了。”诺瓦克以前有好几辆柴油车,但在2014年买了2014年款大众高尔夫柴油车之后,“我特别惊讶于它的优越——加速的时候真的能感觉到区别。”That Volkswagen might have achieved that performance by cheating — it is still not clear whether the company needed the deceptive software to pass Europe’s emissions tests, which are much less strict than the ed States’ — is not what matters most to Mr. Novak. “I worry that if they tweak the computer, the performance will deteriorate,” he said.但大众有可能是通过欺诈而实现较高加速性能这一点,并不是诺瓦克最在乎的。目前还不清楚,大众是否需要在车上安装欺诈软件以通过欧洲的排放检测,后者的标准比美国宽松得多。“我担心他们在计算机上进行调整之后,车辆的性能会下降,”他说。About five million of the affected cars are Golfs, Passats and other Volkswagen-brand cars. An additional two million are Audi brand cars, and the rest or Skoda and SEAT brand cars, or light commercial vehicles.有大约500万涉事车辆是高尔夫、帕萨特和其他大众品牌车型。另有200万辆是奥迪品牌车型,剩下的是斯柯达和西雅特,或轻型商务车。Matthias Müller, a company insider who was appointed chief executive of Volkswagen last week, told top managers late Monday that the deceptive software was activated in only a portion of the 11 million vehicles that have the so-called EA 189 diesel motors. But Volkswagen did not specify how many cars were designed to cheat on emissions tests.上周,大众内部人士马蒂亚斯·穆勒(Matthias Müller)被任命为首席执行官,他在周一晚间告诉公司高层管理人员,在配备所谓EA 189柴油发动机的1100万辆车中,只有一部分车上安装的欺诈软件被激活。但大众没有明确指出,它对多少辆车进行了此类设计,可以在排放检测中作弊。Some industry experts say that the Volkswagen scandal could prove a turning point in the diesel love affair, if the new scrutiny of European emissions standards and testing makes it easier for the environmentalists to be heard.一些行业专家表示,如果对欧洲排放标准和检测的新一轮审视让人们更容易听取环保人士的呼吁,大众丑闻就有可能会成为柴油机热的一个转折点。The premise of the “clean diesel” notion that Volkswagen promoted was partly based on the fact that on a per-mile basis, diesel engines emit less carbon dioxide — a big contributor to climate change — than gasoline engines. But diesel exhausts, unless cleaned in ways that Volkswagen’s software was designed to sidestep, produce larger quantities of other harmful gases — nitrogen oxides — along with fine particles that contribute to stubbornly persistent air quality problems in European cities.大众宣传“清洁柴油”概念,有一部分是基于这样一个事实,即车辆每行驶一英里,柴油发动机排放的二氧化碳比汽油发动机少,而二氧化碳是气候变化的一大因素。但除非像大众那样以特别设计的软件进行欺诈显示出经过“净化”的结果,否则柴油车排放的尾气中会包含更多氮氧化物等其他有害气体,还有更多细微颗粒物质,后者是一些欧洲城市难以消除的空气质量问题的成因之一。“There is a recognition that, fundamentally, it is going to be difficult to control all of the problems with diesel — smoke production is not going to go away,” said Peter Wells, co-director of the center for automotive industry research at Cardiff Business School. “In the very long term, diesel has had its day.”“人们有一种共识,即很难从根本上控制柴油机存在的所有问题——烟气排放不会消失,”卡迪夫大学商学院(Cardiff Business School)汽车工业研究中心联席主任彼得·韦尔斯(Peter Wells)说。“从比较长远来看,柴油机的好日子已经过去。”According to the European Environment Agency, which monitors air quality, 20 to 30 percent of urban residents in Europe are exposed to particle levels — mainly from diesel exhaust fumes — above those considered safe by the European Union, while about 10 percent are exposed to unsafe levels of nitrogen oxides.进行空气质量监测的欧洲环境署(European Environment Agency)的数据显示,有20%至30%的欧洲城市居民被暴露在高于欧盟安全标准的颗粒物质污染中——主要源自柴油机排放的废气,而被暴露于达到不安全标准的氮氧化物中的人群比例约为10%。London and Paris have among the highest pollution levels in terms of nitrogen oxides. In March of this year and last, the smog in Paris reached such levels that the authorities were forced to temporarily limit the number of cars on the road each day.伦敦和巴黎是氮氧化物污染最严重的地区之一。去年和今年的3月,巴黎的烟雾严重到当局被迫暂时对每日上路的车辆数量进行了限制。Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, which is playing host to the ed Nations climate conference in November, is among those who have suggested an eventual ban on diesels in the city.巴黎是即将于11月份举行的联合国气候会议的主办地,该市市长安妮·伊达尔戈(Anne Hidalgo)是建议巴黎最终禁用柴油机的人士之一。The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, plans to establish an ultralow emissions zone in London by 2020 where older diesels will be penalized. A recent report by the environmental committee of the London Assembly, the city’s legislature, said the mayor should consider banning all diesels from the zone.伦敦市长鲍里斯·约翰逊(Boris Johnson)计划在2020年结束之前在伦敦建立一个超低排放区,在那里驾驶老一代柴油机车辆上路将被予以处罚。该市立法机构伦敦议会(London Assembly)下设的环境委员会发布的最新报告写道,市长应该考虑在该区域禁行所有柴油车。But environmental efforts must contend with deeply rooted diesel economics. Automotive fuel in Europe costs several times as much as in the ed States, mainly because of higher taxes. The average price of gasoline in London in August, for example, was 521 pence, or about .92, per gallon. In most of Continental Europe, diesel sells for about 15 percent less than gasoline.但环境保护方面的努力必须和根深蒂固的柴油经济相抗争。在欧洲,汽车燃油费用比美国高好几倍,主要是因为税费更高。比如,8月份伦敦汽油平均价格是每升521便士(约合50人民币)。在欧洲大陆大多数国家,柴油的价格大约比汽油低15%。Part of that difference is because the taxes that help keep fuel prices high are typically lower on diesel fuel.之所以有这种差别,部分原因在于导致欧洲燃油价格高的税费,在柴油类别中通常相对更低。In Germany, the lower taxes on diesel fuel amount to an annual subsidy of 7 billion euros, or about .8 billion, for diesel owners, said Daniel Moser, a transportation analyst for the environmental group Greenpeace.环境保护组织绿色和平(Greenpeace)的交通运输分析师丹尼尔·莫泽(Daniel Moser)表示,在德国,柴油税费更低,其差额总计相当于给所有柴油车车主提供了每年高达70亿欧元的补贴。“These policies are not in accordance with what we would have to do to protect the environment and people’s health,” he said.“这些政策与我们为保护环境和人们的健康所该做的事,是不一致的,”他说。And then there are vehicle tax breaks that various governments offer to diesel owners, because of the cars’ lower emissions of carbon dioxide.而且,欧洲各国政府还制定了给柴油车车主减免车辆税的政策,因为这些车辆排放的二氧化碳更少。Also, new diesels are often only slightly more expensive than their gasoline counterparts. In Britain, a Volkswagen Golf Match with a 1.4-liter, turbocharged gasoline engine sells for 20,955, or about ,800, while a similar model with a 1.6-liter diesel engine sells for 21,960, according to Carbuyer, a British website.而且,新柴油车的价格往往只比同等汽油发动机车辆略微高一些。英国汽车网站Carbuyer的数据显示,在英国,一辆配备1.4升涡轮增压汽油发动机的大众高尔夫Match售价为20955英镑(约合20.2万元人民币),而类似车型的1.6升柴油发动机车售价为21960英镑(约合21.2万人民币)。With all those factors taken into account, owning and operating a diesel car in Europe is the more affordable way to go.考虑到所有这些因素,在欧洲购买和驾驶一辆柴油车要更划算。In the ed States, with much lower gasoline prices, “there is no point at the margin, buying a diesel,” said Garel Rhys, a professor emeritus at Cardiff University. He said Europeans’ embrace of diesels made perfect sense. “Essentially, growth came because consumers are economically rational individuals,” Professor Rhys said.在美国,因为汽油价格低得多,“没必要购买柴油车,”卡迪夫大学荣休教授加勒尔·里斯(Garel Rhys)说。他还表示,欧洲人更接受柴油车是完全说得通的。“从本质上讲,购买柴油车的人数会增加,是因为消费者在经济考量上都是比较理性的个体,”里斯说。But a continued yen for diesels may not necessarily translate into an abiding love of Volkswagen, for some Europeans at least.但是人们对柴油机有持续购买欲望,不一定就意味着他们会永远喜爱大众,至少对一些欧洲人来说是这样。Jon Devereux, who drives a diesel-engine Volkswagen Touareg, manages a hotel in Milford on Sea, in southern England. Each winter, he takes the four-wheel-drive vehicle to his winter home in the French Alps. The Touareg, he said, has “been brilliant for 10 years.”在南英格兰米尔福德港(Milford)经营酒店的乔恩·德弗罗(Jon Devereux)拥有一辆配备柴油发动机的大众途锐(Touareg)。每年冬天,他都会驾驶这辆四驱车去他在法国阿尔卑斯山的冬季别墅。他说,这辆途锐“在过去十年表现得一直很不错。”But when it comes time to replace it, his next diesel will not be a Volkswagen. The emissions scandal has soured Mr. Devereux on the carmaker. “Would you buy a VW car or any car in the VW group?’’ he asked.但说到替换这辆车,他要买的下一辆柴油车不会是大众。这起排放丑闻让德弗罗对这家汽车厂商感到失望。“你会买一辆大众车或大众集团旗下的任何品牌吗?”他问。 /201510/402135五家渠吸脂多少钱 When Apple released its iOS9 mobile operating system it included a new feature - the ability for women to log their sexual activity alongside details of their menstrual cycles. An earlier version of its HealthKit software - which tracks everything from electrodermal activity to chromium intake - had lacked the facility. Other apps existed that could pick up the slack, but it had led to claims that Apple - and other phone companies - had not focused closely enough on women#39;s health. Samsung#39;s S Health and Android#39;s Google Fit have yet to add this feature into their health apps, but it#39;s likely to only be a matter of time before they do.苹果公司发布的ios9系统有一个新功能--帮助女性记录她们的性行为和生理期的琐事。以往版本的HealthKit应用软件记录了所有的事情,从皮肤电反应到铬摄入量,但是却缺少这项便利功能。虽然已经有应用软件弥补了这个功能空缺,但是苹果公司和其他手机生产公司这一功能的缺失导致他们被指责不够关心女性健康。三星的Health和安卓的Google Fit还没有增添这项功能到他们的健康应用软件里,但是,添加只是个时间问题而已。Women who are trying to get pregnant often track a number of health signals in order to fully understand their monthly cycle and therefore catch their most fertile times - much as a marathon runner would track their fitness metrics.想要怀的女性经常通过记录她们的健康信号来理解她们的周期,然后抓住最容易怀的时间,就像马拉松运动员记录他们的健康指标一样。According to Apple, users decide which information will go into the Health app and which third-party apps can access the data. Those third-party apps must have a privacy policy. When phones are locked, the health and fitness data is encrypted. If users choose to back up health data to iCloud, that is encrypted as well.苹果公司称,用户将决定Health应用软件收入哪些信息以及哪些第三方应用可以获取这些数据。那些第三方应用必须有保护隐私的政策。当手机上锁后,有关健康的数据应该被加密。如果用户选择上传健康数据到iCloud,那么这些数据也会被加密。;A lot of people are monitoring data that helps them plan for a family,; says Ricky Bloomfield, a doctor at Duke University who is currently engaged in trials for HealthKit with his patients. ;The impact here can be quite significant in giving users tools to do that more accurately.;The categories people can track include sexual activity, including whether protection was used, basal body temperature, cervical mucus quality, menstruation, ovulation test results and spotting.杜克大学的医生现在正和他的病人们一起从事于HealthKit的开发,他表示:“很多人通过检测健康数据来帮助他们解决生育问题,现在可以利用这个应用更准确地使用这些数据了。”人们能够追踪到的性行为的数据类型包括是否采用保护措施、基础体温、宫颈粘液质量、月经期、排卵测试结果和定位。Dr Nathaniel DeNicola, a gynaecologist at the University of Pennsylvania, said the sex-tracking technologies had the power to help people take more charge of their health care and communicate better with their doctors.Gynaecologists take the last menstrual period as a vital sign and when women can log it in their phones, they are much more likely to have accurate dates on hand, said Mr DeNicola. ;It#39;s almost ubiquitous now that women will have an app to track their pregnancy,; he said.宾夕法尼亚大学妇科学家纳撒尼尔·迪尼克拉士表示,追踪性行为的技术能帮助人们更好地掌控自身的健康以及更好地和各自的医生交流。他说,妇科学家将最近一次的生理期作为近期生命体征,因此如果女性将它记录在手机里,她们将有可能得到更准确的数据。现在,女性普遍利用应用软件记录她们的期。He does not always recommend patients track their reproductive health via an app, but he asks patients about it and tells them it can be useful. There are no studies proving that these apps improve the chance of getting pregnant, or cure diseases, but this kind of digital recording can enhance patient memory, he said. Often, questions asked at the gynaecologist#39;s office can turn into a ;guessing game;. Patients used to do a diligent job with pen and paper, tracking activity when trying to get pregnant. Now it has gone digital. ;It#39;s pretty clear if they#39;re putting it in the phone, it#39;ll increase recall, and help us in dating pregnancies,; he said. Mr DeNicola notes that apps to track health are ;inherently fraught with limitations;. ;I think we always see tech as having risks...but since the evolution seems inevitable, we may as well find the positive,; he said.但是,他不总推荐病人使用应用程序记录她们的期,他会问病人的意愿,然后告诉她们这些应用可能有用。他说,没有研究表明这些应用可以提高怀几率或治疗疾病,但是这种电子数字记录能够增强病人的记忆。所以通常情况下,人们问妇科学家的问题就是个“谜题”。从前,当病人们想要怀时,她们用笔和纸勤劳地记录。现在,全部都是电子化的了。很明显,如果她们将数据记录在手机里,人们会更多地回顾和帮助医生。但他还说:“用应用追踪健康状况有其天生的限制,我们认为,技术总是有风险。但是既然改革势在必行,我们还是看它的积极面比较好。”Tara Culp-Ressler, a Washington, DC-based journalist who tracks reproductive health issues closely, said the tech giant#39;s announcement was a welcome change to views on women#39;s health in 2015. ;Regardless of whether women think it#39;s a useless app compared to other tracking apps - it is a good step to see such a huge company, especially one that#39;s been criticised in the past, really stepping up and making a statement that women#39;s health and hygiene is integral part of healthcare,; says Ms Culp-Ressler.华盛顿记者塔拉·卡尔普雷斯勒正在紧密追踪生育健康问题,她表示,从2015年关于女性健康的角度看,科技巨头(苹果)的此项改变是一个好的改变。她说:“不管在和其他记录健康数据的应用相比之后,女性是否觉得苹果的这个应用有用,这都是个进步。因为这表示大公司,特别是之前受到相关批评的大公司,真正开始关注并承认女性的健康和保健是卫生保健不可缺少的一部分。Reproductive organs are just another part of the body one might want to track like heartbeat or sleep patterns and that message coming from Apple is an important one, Ms Culp-Ressler said.卡尔普雷斯勒女士表示,人们会想要记录身体的部分,比如心跳或睡眠类型。对生殖器官也是一样,而苹果记录的消息又很重要。Megan King, who lives in New York City, had used Clue - one of the other reproductive health trackers - for about a year before iOS9 was released.Such apps are a good way to track menstrual cycle and fertility, she said.;This is the year of females owning their feminine hygiene,; she added.;Apple integrating is a huge step forward because it#39;s showing its support of women being aware of what#39;s going on in their own body, and they want it to be something important to everyone.;住在纽约的梅根·金在ios9发布之前,使用了Clue这款生殖健康追踪应用已经用了一年。她说,此类的应用是记录生理期和生育力的好帮手。今年是女性关注她们的卫生保健的一年。苹果的改变是前进的一大步,因为这一举动表示,苹果对女性关注自身身体变化的持和对女性身体变化重要性的承认。 /201510/404584乌市友谊医院整形美容科

乌鲁木齐腿部吸脂手术费用China has announced an ambitious space telescope program that would give the nation astronomy research capabilities to rival those of U.S. programs like the Hubble Space Telescope, according to Popular Science. The space telescope would have a lens 2 meters in diameter, giving it a field of view 300 times larger than that of the Hubble.据Popular Science报道,中国已经宣布了一项雄心勃勃的太空望远镜项目。这个项目将会大大增强中国的天文学研究能力,并与美国的哈勃太空望远镜等项目相媲美。这台太空望远镜将配置直径两米的镜头,让它能够拥有哈勃望远镜300倍大的视野。With such a large area of coverage, the space telescope would only take 10 years to survey 40 percent of the observable universe. The space telescope#39;s imaging capabilities would make it capable of satisfying a number of significant astronomy research needs, such as identifying exoplanets and searching for dark matter and dark energy.拥有如此大的覆盖范围,该太空望远镜只需要十年时间就能观测可见宇宙中40%的空间。并且,这台机器卓越的成像能力,也让它能够满足许多重大天文研究的需求,比如说辨认外星球和寻找暗物质和暗能量。The ambition of China#39;s program, announced in a parliamentary meeting earlier this year, doesn#39;t end there. The new telescope would be put into orbit next to the Tiangong 3 space station, planned for launch in 2022, and would be capable of docking with it. Keeping the space telescope close to the Tiangong 3 would allow Chinese astronauts, or taikonauts, to service it much more ily. (It took NASA three-and-a-half years and four servicing missions to fix a problem with the Hubble#39;s mirror after it launched.) China#39;s space telescope program could pave the way for assembling spacecraft in orbit, too.中国的这份雄心揭露于今年年初举行的某次国务院会议,但它并不仅仅停止于此。这台新的太空望远镜将被放置在天宫三号空间站旁边的轨道上。而天宫三号计划于2022年发射,并能够和这台太空望远镜对接。让太空望远镜和天宫三号保持较近距离。从而能够让中国的宇航员们更容易地对其进行检修。(NASA花费了三年半的时间,启动了四个检修项目来解决哈勃望远镜在发射后镜子出现的问题。)同时,中国的太空望远镜项目能够为在轨道上设置更多飞行器奠定基础。As Universe Today notes, other countries and space agencies will release a timeline and technical details about the spacecraft#39;s instruments when they announce a program like this. China has been more secretive with their research plans and capabilities, so it is hard to gauge the likelihood of all these plans coming together by 2030 or so (China has yet to launch the Tiangong 2, a space station planned for this year).正如Universe Today表明,其他国家和太空机构会在公开项目时透露时间表和太空飞行器的技术细节。而中国对其研究计划和能力则守口如瓶,所以很难估计这些计划到2030年实现的可能性有多大。(中国还没有发射原本计划于今年发射的天宫二号)Still, China#39;s apparent intent to push more aggressively into space telescope technology is encouraging. With NASA#39;s James Webb Telescope scheduled for launch in 2018, and more powerful radio telescopes being built on Earth, we will soon peer back in space and time further than ever before. Let the international competition to map the cosmos begin.即便如此,中国大力推进发展太空望远镜技术仍然令人鼓舞。NASA所研发的韦伯望远镜计划于2018年发射,而地球上将设置更多功能强大的电波望远镜。不久,我们就能在时间和空间上同时取得更大的进步。就让这场划分太空版图的国际竞争开始吧。 /201603/432303北屯市曼托丰胸的价格 When it comes to management challenges, fish fingers and circuses are at opposite extremes: one product is the acme of industrialised food processing, the other the ultimate expression of human creativity and energy. Somehow, private equity has found room for both: last week, Permira agreed to sell Iglo, which makes Birds Eye fish fingers in Europe, after nine years running the frozen foods company, while another buyout group, TPG Capital, led a deal to gain control of Montreal’s Cirque du Soleil.谈到管理上的挑战,炸鱼条和马戏表演是两个相反极端:一个是工业化食品加工的极致,另一个是人类创造力和能量的终极表达。从某种程度来讲,私人股本找到了同时实现这两点的空间:前一阵子,私人股本集团帕米拉(Permira)同意出售在欧洲生产Birds Eye炸鱼条的Iglo公司,帕米拉经营这家冷冻食品公司已有9年时间;另一家收购集团德太集团(TPG Capital)则领衔达成一笔交易,获得蒙特利尔太阳马戏团(Cirque du Soleil)控股权。The coincidence made me wonder at the sheer bth of private equity-owned businesses, which seems to defy the caricature of buyout kings as asset-stripping short-termists, interested only in targets with an annuity-like stream of revenue. But something else links these two apparently disparate businesses. All great enterprises start like a troupe of inventive and inspired circus performers. But over time most end up churning out the equivalent of pre-cut bed strips of reconstituted seafood. The big question is: how can entrepreneurial and inventive companies slow their slippery slide to a fish-fingery fate?这一巧合让我想知道私人股本所有的企业到底有多少类型,它们似乎要挑战人们的这种不良印象:收购界的巨擘是低价掠夺资产的短期主义者,只对能带来源源不断收入的目标感兴趣。但其他一些因素将这两类看似迥然不同的业务联系在一起。所有的大企业在一开始,都像由富有创造力和灵感的马戏演员组成的马戏团。但随着时间的流逝,多数企业最终生产的东西,都像预先切好、裹着面包屑的脱水海鲜条。重要的问题是:富有创造力的初创企业,如何能放慢沦为炸鱼条生产者的速度? /201505/374651乌鲁木齐整形美容医院黑头粉刺怎么样

可克达拉市假体丰胸多少钱 China is taking another step to restrict what can be posted on the Internet in its country by issuing new rules barring foreign companies or their affiliates from engaging in publishing online content there without government approval.中国正在采取又一项举措来限制该国互联网上发布的内容。新的规定将禁止外国公司或其分机构在未经政府批准的情况下发布网上内容。The rules, which were jointly released this week by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that beginning March 10, foreign companies or foreign joint ventures will be restricted from disseminating a wide range of content online, including text, maps, games, animation, audio and .这些规定由国家新闻出版广电总局与工业和信息化部在本周联合发布,将从3月10日起施行。它对外资或中外合资企业发布多种类型的网上内容进行了限制,包括文字、地图、游戏、动漫、音频和视频。The rules also apply to digitized books, art, literature and science. The new regulations would allow foreign-owned companies to cooperate with a Chinese partner to publish content on the Web in China, but they must get government approval.该规定也适用于数字化图书、艺术、文学和科学领域的作品。新的规定允许外国公司与中国合作伙伴一起,在中国的网络上发布内容,但必须获得政府的批准。China aly has some of the world’s most restrictive policies on the dissemination of information. Chinese TV and the news media are censored; the government has censors monitoring popular social media platforms, like WeChat; and American Internet giants, like Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, have been blocked in China for years.对于信息的传播,中国的政策已经属于世界上最严格的级别。中国电视和新闻媒体遭到审查;政府安排审查人员对微信等人气社交媒体平台进行监控;像谷歌(Google)、Facebook、YouTube和Twitter这样的美国互联网巨头,常年在中国遭到屏蔽。Legal scholars say the new rules seem aimed at restricting any type of content that might be considered a threat to the Communist Party, or social stability, with the regulations hinting at a greater effort to bring anything published by foreign entities under Chinese law.一些法律学者表示,新的规定似乎旨在限制被认为对共产党、对社会稳定构成威胁的任何内容,而此举意味着,他们在加大力度,用中国法律来管控外国机构在这里发布的所有东西。“This is the latest in a series of legal changes that seek to restrict the influence of foreign or western ideas,” said Jacques deLisle, an authority on Chinese law who teaches at the University of Pennsylvania. “And it’s also part of a larger attempt to exercise control over the Internet and new media.”“中国进行了一系列法律变动,试图限制境外或西方观念的影响,这是最新的一例,”中国法律方面的权威、宾夕法尼亚大学(University of Pennsylvania)的法学教授戴杰(Jacques deLisle)说。“而且,这也是他们控制互联网和新媒体的尝试之一。”The new regulations, though, do not detail exactly what types of content and which organizations would be affected. Though the new rules, for example, might seem to apply to foreign news organizations in China, existing rules aly restrict global media outlets from posting content on the Internet using servers inside China. Most global news outlets, including The New York Times, are published on servers outside China, and are unlikely to be affected by the new rules.不过,新规定并没有详细阐述它适用于哪些类型的内容,以及哪些组织。比如,它似乎可以适用于在中国的境外新闻机构,但是现有规定已经对跨国媒体使用中国境内的务器在互联网上发布内容进行了限制。大多数全球性新闻媒体,包括《纽约时报》在内,都把内容放在中国境外的务器上,因此不太可能受到新规定的影响。Still, legal experts say the regulations announced this week are broad enough to pose challenges to a wide range of foreign multinationals operating in China, since many of them act as distributors of online content or services.不过,法律专家表示,本周公布的规定覆盖面比较广泛,可能会对在中国经营的很多境外跨国公司形成挑战,因为其中不少机构提供网络内容或务。There are also questions about how such regulations would be enforced, and what types of companies would be considered distributors of online content. As a result, they could raise market-access issues for foreign companies in China ahead of trade talks with the ed States.此外,这些规定将如何施行,什么类型的公司将被视为在线内容渠道,也都还是未知数。因此,这可能会在今后的中美贸易谈判中,提出外企在中国的市场准入问题。Analysts say Chinese laws are often vague and broad, which gives regulators the ability to claim greater jurisdiction. As a result, how laws are implemented is often more important than the letter of the law.分析人士称,中国的法律往往比较笼统,覆盖面广泛,从而为监管机构提供了宣称较大管辖权的便利。其结果就是,法律的施行方式往往比条文本身更加重要。One key question is the impact such regulations would have on companies like Apple and Microsoft, which run online platforms in China that provide services and sometimes content. For example, Apple’s Chinese App Store offers games and other apps in the country while Microsoft has a joint venture through which it provides a cloud version of Windows and Office software. Internet companies, like Akamai and Cloud Flare, have operations that work to speed traffic to foreign websites or host them through servers in China.一个关键问题是,这些规定会对苹果(Apple)、微软(Microsoft)这样的公司产生怎样的影响。这些公司在中国经营在线平台,既提供务,有时也提供内容。例如,苹果的中国应用商店面向该国公众发布游戏等应用,而微软成立了一家合资企业,通过它提供Windows和Office软件的云版本。还有像Akamai和Cloud Flare这样的互联网公司,它们或者加快接连境外网站的速度,或者用中国境内的务器托管外国网站。A large number of foreign games for smartphones are released through joint ventures between Chinese companies and multinationals, and it appears the new regulations could affect those partnerships.大量国外的智能手机游戏通过中国公司和跨国公司的合资企业发布,而新的规定可能会影响到这种合作。Multinational companies have long complained that the rules in China are discriminatory. Foreign firms need licenses that can be difficult to get to operate web services in China, and there are restrictions on their ability to invest in many Chinese sectors. Several big companies, including Microsoft, have also been the subject of anti-trust investigations.跨国公司长期以来一直抱怨中国的规定具有歧视性。外企要获得中国运营网络务的许可或许会面临困难,还有一些规定对它们在中国很多领域的投资进行了限制。包括微软在内的几家大公司还在遭受反垄断调查。The regulations stipulate that anything published online should “serve the people” and promote socialism and do no harm to national interests, barring, for instance, the sping of rumors or propagating evil cults.这个规定表示,在网上发表内容应该“为人民务”,为社会主义务,不能损害国家利益,不得散布谣言、宣扬邪教等等。Paul Gillis, an accounting expert who teaches at Peking University in Beijing, says a lot will also be determined by the way China executes and enforces the rules, since there is tremendous variation in the way laws are enacted and enforced in the country and to whom they apply.在北京大学任教的会计专家保罗·吉利斯(Paul Gillis)表示,许多事情取决于中国贯彻执行这些规定的方式,因为在中国,法律适用于哪些对象、如何贯彻执行,存在着千差万别。“What about law firms and accounting firms — are they going to be subject to these rules?” he said. “And what about companies that just have an instruction manual online, are they also going to fall under this type of rule?”“律师事务所和会计师事务所怎么办——它们需要遵循这些规定吗?”他发问。“只在网上发布了一份操作指南的公司呢,它们也要遵循这种类型的规定吗?” /201602/427522新疆军区总医院脱毛手术多少钱昆玉市开眼角多少钱



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