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2019年10月24日 11:29:23 | 作者:美丽在线 | 来源:新华社
A man tried to smuggle his pet turtle through security in Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport by hiding it in a KFC hamburger.日前在广州白云国际机场,一名男子为使宠物龟顺利通过安检,竟试图把它藏在肯德基汉堡包里。The incident occurred on the morning of July 29, when a man, surnamed Li, was about to board China Southern Airlines flight 345 to Beijing, Guangzhou Daily reported. As Li passed through airport security, X-ray screening machines detected a few ;odd protrusions; sticking out of a KFC burger that the man had packed in his bag.据广州日报报道,事件发生在7月29日早上,一名李姓男子正准备乘坐中国南方航空公司345航班飞往北京。当他通过机场安检时,X光安检机检测到这名男子包里的汉堡包有些异常突出物。Airport staff determined that the protrusions looked suspiciously like turtle limbs, and asked to inspect Li’s luggage.机场工作人员认为突出物疑似乌龟四肢,因此要求检查李某的行李。;There’s no turtle in there, just a hamburger,; Li reportedly insisted. ;There’s nothing special to see inside.;“没有乌龟,只有汉堡,” 李某坚持说,“里面没什么好看的。”Li finally acquiesced to an inspection after repeated requests from airport staff, who uncovered the pet turtle hidden inside the burger. When asked why he had devised this strange idea, Li said that he had only wanted to travel together with his ;beloved; turtle.在工作人员再三坚持下,李某最后默许了行李检查,结果发现乌龟被藏在了汉堡里。当被问到为什么会有这个奇怪的想法时,李某说他只是想和心爱的乌龟一起旅行。After staff patiently explained that turtles could not be smuggled on board the plane, Li reluctantly agreed to allow a friend to care for his pet while he was away.工作人员耐心地解释,乌龟不能被带上飞机,李某这才勉强同意在自己离开的这段时间里,把乌龟托付给朋友照看。A few amused Sina Weibo users commented on the story after it went live, and most said that Li’s affection for his turtle was cute. One user, however, questioned Li’s logic for stuffing his pet into a burger and then sending it through an airport screening machine.事后,几名新浪微用户了此事,多数人认为李某对乌龟的感情很可爱。然而,一位用户也质疑了李某的逻辑,怎么会把乌龟装进汉堡,又送它通过机场检测机。;That poor turtle!; the netizen wrote. ;It had to absorb all those X-rays!;“可怜的乌龟!”网友写道,“还得遭受X光的辐射!” /201308/251233

When you#39;re in your 40s, it#39;s pretty common to need ing glasses. You might need smaller wine glasses, too. 到了40岁,需要佩戴老花镜是很常见的。与此同时,你可能也需要换更小的酒杯了。 That#39;s because alcohol hits people harder in their 40s and 50s than it did during their 20s and 30s. The reasons for this include changes in body composition to brain sensitivity and liver functioning. Lifestyle factors are at play, too. And since people tend to take more medications -- both prescription and over-the-counter -- as they age, there are more chances for uncomfortable and even dangerous booze-drug mixing. 这是因为人到了四五十岁时,酒精的影响比二三十岁的时候更厉害。原因包括身体组成、大脑敏感度和肝功能等各方面的变化。生活方式也有影响。另外,由于人们年纪增大时会用更多药物――包括处方药和非处方药――酒精和药物混合的机率就会更大,从而造成身体不舒甚至出现危险。 #39;All of the effects of alcohol are sort of amplified with age,#39; says David W. Oslin, a professor of psychiatry at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. #39;Withdrawal is a little bit more complicated. Hangovers are a little bit more complicated.#39; 宾夕法尼亚大学佩雷尔曼医学院(Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania)精神病学教授大卫#12539;奥斯林(David W. Oslin)说:“酒精的作用会随着年龄的增长而放大。戒酒变得更复杂了,宿醉也变得更复杂了。” Part of the issue is that people in their 40s and older simply tend not to drink as much or as often as those in their 20s and 30s, which lowers tolerance. #39;You#39;re becoming more work-oriented, more family-oriented,#39; says Robert Pandina, director of the Center of Alcohol Studies at Rutgers University. 一个原因在于40岁以上的人往往不会像二三十岁时那样喝得那么多和那么频繁了,这样会降低酒量。罗格斯大学(Rutgers University)酒精研究中心(Center of Alcohol Studies)主任罗伯特#12539;潘迪纳(Robert Pandina)说:“人会变得更以工作和家庭为重。” So when you do drink #39;you might have a more sensitive response to alcohol because you#39;ve lowered your exposure to alcohol over all.#39; 所以当你喝酒的时候,“你可能会对酒精的反应更敏感,因为你已经整个降低了酒精消耗量”。 Some people swear that only certain types of alcohol -- red wine, tequila -- are a problem. Generally, doctors say there#39;s little science indicating that some drinks make people drunker or lead to more miserable hangovers. It is true, however, that people at any age can develop sensitivities to sulfites and tannins in wine, which can cause headaches and an upset stomach, Dr. Pandina says. And the carbonation in sparkling wines or even in mixed drinks like whiskey and Coke #39;seems to increase how rapidly alcohol is absorbed,#39; says Reid Blackwelder, president of the American Academy of Family Physicians and a practicing family doctor in Kingsport, Tenn. 有人断定只有某些种类的酒会有问题,比如葡萄酒和龙舌兰酒。医生普遍表示,鲜有科学依据表明某些种类的酒会让人更容易醉或者导致更严重的宿醉。不过潘迪纳士说,人在任何年纪确实都会对葡萄酒里的亚硫酸盐和单宁酸形成敏感性,这两种物质会造成头痛以及胃部不适。美国家庭医生学会(American Academy of Family Physicians)主席、田纳西州金斯波特(Kingsport)执业家庭医生瑞德#12539;布莱克韦尔德(Reid Blackwelder)说,起泡酒甚至威士忌和可乐等混合饮料中的碳酸“似乎会增加酒精吸收的速度”。 About 52% of people age 45 to 64 are #39;regular#39; drinkers, meaning they had at least 12 drinks in the previous year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention#39;s 2011 National Health Interview Survey. 美国疾病控制与预防中心(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,简称CDC)2011年全国健康采访调查(National Health Interview Survey)的结果显示,45岁至64岁的人群中,约52%是“经常性”饮酒者,也就是他们上一年至少喝过12杯酒。 Body composition starts to change as early as the 30s. As people age, they tend to lose muscle mass, while fat content increases. Alcohol isn#39;t distributed in fat. People also have less total body water as they get older. So if several people have the same amount to drink, those with more fat and less muscle and body water will have more alcohol circulating in their bloodstream. (This is also partly why women of any age tend to feel alcohol#39;s effects more than men.) 身体组成早在人30多岁的时候就开始改变。随着年龄增长,肌肉往往会开始减少,而脂肪含量会增加。酒精不能溶于脂肪。身体所含水分也会随着年龄增长而减少,因此如果几个人喝同量的酒,脂肪多而肌肉和身体水分少的人就会有更多的酒精在血液中循环。(这也是为何各个年龄段的女性通常比男性更容易感受到酒精的影响。) #39;A lot of older people are borderline dehydrated. They have less body water just from the natural effects of aging,#39; Dr. Blackwelder says. It helps to drink water and have a full stomach when knocking one back. 布莱克韦尔德士说:“很多年纪大的人都处于濒临脱水状态。由于衰老的自然效应,他们体内的水分会减少。”喝酒的时候大量饮水以及保持饱腹状态会有帮助。 The majority of alcohol is metabolized by the liver, which changes when people hit their 50s. (A small amount is metabolized in the stomach and mouth.) The liver gets bigger as people get older, but the organ becomes less efficient. Blood flow decreases, as do the number of hepatocytes, the liver#39;s functional cells, says Gary Murray, acting director of the Division of Metabolism and Health Effects at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism at the National Institutes of Health. 酒精大部分由肝脏代谢(小部分在胃和口腔代谢),而人到了50岁的时候就会不一样。年纪越大,肝脏就会越大,但功能却越来越弱。美国国立卫生研究院(National Institutes of Health)国家酒精滥用及酗酒问题研究所(National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism)代谢和健康影响部门代理主任加里#12539;穆雷(Gary Murray)说,血液流动会减缓,肝细胞的数量也会减少。 Certain enzyme levels dip, too, including one type of the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase, which breaks down alcohol. Women of all ages tend to have lower levels of this enzyme in the stomach. But between the ages of 50 and 60, men see their levels slide, too. All these changes mean #39;you have a prolonged exposure to alcohol and possibly a little bit bigger buzz,#39; when you drink, Dr. Murray says. There#39;s also some evidence that hormonal changes around menopause can increase women#39;s sensitivity to alcohol. Healthy young people tend to metabolize about one drink per hour, Dr. Murray says. 某些酶的水平也会降低,包括一种降解酒精的脱氢酶。各个年龄段女性胃里的脱氢酶水平都较低,但男性到了50岁和60岁,脱氢酶水平也会降低。穆雷士说,所有这些变化都意味着,在你喝酒的时候“消耗酒精的时间会延长,可能酒劲儿也会更大一点”。穆雷说,还有据表明,更年期前后荷尔蒙水平的改变会增加女性对酒精的敏感度。健康的年轻人通常大概一小时代谢掉一杯酒。 Stephanie Draeken used to enjoy a glass or two of wine several nights a week. #39;I have four kids. I need my wine,#39; says the stay-at-home mother in Austin, Texas. But since turning 40 nearly two years ago, Ms. Draeken says if she has even one glass of wine now she#39;ll #39;wake up in the middle of the night with a horrible headache and the next day is like a college-style hangover without the college-style fun,#39; she says. 得克萨斯州奥斯汀(Austin)的全职母亲斯蒂芬妮#12539;德雷肯(Stephanie Draeken)以前喜欢每周有几天晚上喝一两杯葡萄酒。她说:“我有四个孩子,我需要喝酒。”但近两年前快40的时候,她说即使只喝一杯酒,她都会“在半夜醒来,头疼得厉害,而且第二天感觉就像大学时的宿醉一样,只不过没有大学时的那种乐趣”。 She tried switching to higher-priced wine, then stuck with white wine. She tried champagne. #39;It didn#39;t matter,#39; she says. She says she now rarely drinks wine and limits herself to an occasional vodka and soda. 她尝试过换成更高价格的葡萄酒,然后老是喝白葡萄酒。她尝试过香槟。她说:“不起作用。”她说她现在很少喝葡萄酒,只偶尔喝伏特加或苏打饮料。 Alcohol-drug interactions can become more of a problem, too, since older people are more likely to take medications. Alcohol and many medications are metabolized by the same enzymes in the liver, which can enhance the effects of alcohol or the medications. Heartburn drugs like Zantac interfere with the metabolism of alcohol, thus raising blood-alcohol levels. 酒精和药物的互相作用也是一个问题,因为年纪较大的人更有可能用药物。酒精和许多药物都是由肝脏中同样的酶代谢的,这就会加强酒精或药物的作用。善卫得(Zantac等缓解胃灼热的药物会干扰酒精的代谢,从而增加血液中的酒精浓度。 Acetaminophen (Tylenol) poses another problem because, combined with alcohol, it can damage the liver. 对乙酰氨基酚(商品名“泰诺”(Tylenol))会造成另外一个问题,因为它和酒精混合后会损伤肝脏。 Mixing alcohol with blood thinners like Coumadin can be particularly dangerous, causing bleeding. #39;People on Coumadin shouldn#39;t really drink at all,#39; says Dr. Oslin. And taking alcohol with some pain medications and benzodiazepines (antianxiety drugs) can make you #39;more prone to sedation, more prone to cardiovascular risk and more prone to overdose,#39; Dr. Oslin says. 酒精和可密定(Coumadin)等抗凝血药物混合尤其危险,会导致出血。奥斯林士说:“用可密定的人其实一点酒都不应该喝。”他说,酒精和某些止痛药及苯二氮平类药物(抗焦虑药物)一起用会让人“更容易进入镇静状态,更易患心血管病,更容易药过量”。 People with certain medical conditions should also be cautious with alcohol, doctors say. Long-term alcohol use can raise blood pressure. And alcohol tends to irritate the stomach. 医生们表示,身患某些疾病的人也应在喝酒上多加注意。长期饮酒会使血压升高,酒精还会刺激胃部。 Barring health problems and medication interactions, doctors generally become concerned when people drink more than a moderate amount of alcohol. That is defined as up to two drinks per day for men and up to one drink per day for women, according to the latest federal Dietary Guidelines for Americans. (A standard drink is about 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine or 1.5 ounces of liquor, according to the CDC.) 除健康问题和药物作用以外,医生通常还担心饮酒过量的问题。根据联邦政府最新的美国人膳食指南(Dietary Guidelines for Americans),适度饮酒的定义是男性每天最多两杯,女性每天最多一杯。(根据CDC标准,标准的一杯酒约为12盎司的啤酒、五盎司的葡萄酒或1.5盎司的烈酒。) In fact, there#39;s some evidence that a moderate amount of alcohol can have health benefits. Studies have linked moderate alcohol consumption with a reduced risk of cardiovascular problems and death overall. Excessive alcohol consumption increases the risks of liver disease, stroke, high blood pressure, certain types of cancer and dementia, beyond the obvious accidents and injuries. 事实上,有据显示适量饮酒有益健康。有研究表明适量饮酒可降低心血管疾病和死亡的风险。过量饮酒除了会导致显而易见的事故和受伤之外,还会增加肝脏疾病、中风、高血压、某些种类的癌症和痴呆的风险。 Particularly beginning in the 50s and 60s, the brain is more sensitive to alcohol. Booze basically enhances normal age-related cognitive decline. Neurons lose speed. Specifically, the insulating myelin sheaths around the axons of neurons -- the parts responsible for transmitting information to other neurons -- get smaller. As people age, #39;neurons are not as efficient. So you impair them with a little bit of alcohol, they are that much more inefficient,#39; says Dr. Oslin. #39;Somebody who goes to a cocktail party at 65 can have one or two drinks and be really impaired.#39; 尤其是从50和60多岁开始,人的大脑就会对酒精更敏感。酒精基本上会加重正常的衰老引起的认知功能衰退。神经元传播速度也会降低。具体来说,神经元轴突周围的绝缘性髓鞘――负责将信息传送至其他神经元的部分――变小了。奥斯林士说,随着年纪增加,“神经元的效率会不如以前,所以你用一点酒精损害它们后,它们就会变得更没有效率。65岁的人去鸡尾酒会时喝一两杯酒就会损害很大”。 Older people are also more affected by alcohol#39;s impact on sleep, a fact that can turn a mild hangover into a must-stay-in-bed-all-day affair. #39;Alcohol in all ages wrecks our REM sleep,#39; says Alison A. Moore, professor of medicine and psychiatry at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles. #39;Older adults are more likely to have poor sleep. [Alcohol] can make sleep even more fragmented.#39; 年纪大的人的睡眠也会更容易受到酒精的影响,轻微宿醉会变成全天都得躺在床上。加州大学洛杉矶分校(University of California, Los Angeles)大卫格芬医学院(David Geffen School of Medicine)医药及精神病学教授艾莉森#12539;尔(Alison A. Moore)说:“无论任何年龄,酒精都会破坏快速眼球运动睡眠,年长的人更有可能睡眠不好。(酒精)会导致睡眠更分散。” /201312/266996

Now that both the obsequies and the ritual condemnations of Margaret Thatcher are over, the time has begun for a more analytical look at her legacy. I am not a bad person to start this off as I was neither a passionate anti-Thatcherite nor regarded by her inner circle as “really one of us”.既然玛格丽特#8226;撒切尔(Margaret Thatcher)的葬礼已经结束,对她照例的谴责也已平息,现在是时候更加深入地评析她的遗产了。我大概是开这个头的合适人选,因为一方面我不是积极的反撒切尔分子,另一方面撒切尔的小圈子也不把我当成“自己人”。A point that has been missed in all the verbiage of recent days is how much her thinking owed to Keith Joseph, the Conservative who helped to put the idea of a genuine free market back on the political agenda.近日诸多长篇大论都忽视了一点:撒切尔的思想有多少要归功于基斯#8226;约瑟夫(Keith Joseph)?作为一名保守党员,约瑟夫曾帮助推动真正的自由市场思想重新登上政治议程。In saying this I am far from trying to detract from her legacy. On the contrary, she often said: “One day people will realise what they owe to Keith Joseph.” Anyone can confirm this by looking at her Joseph Memorial Lecture of 1996 given to the Centre for Policy Studies. The first part of the lecture, on the connection between a free economy and a free society, and the last part, on the perils of the euro currency project, are still fresh and relevant.我这么说并非要贬低撒切尔的遗产。恰恰相反,她常说:“有一天人们将认识到他们有多感激基斯#8226;约瑟夫。”1996年,她在政策研究中心(Centre for Policy Studies)纪念约瑟夫的演讲中发表了上述言论。演讲上半部分讲述自由经济和自由社会的联系,下半部分讨论欧元计划的危险性。这些内容历久弥新,至今仍具有重要意义。I should like to start with a comment she made that has defined her – it was even raised at her funeral. Some see it as one of the worst things that she said; I regard it as one of the best.我要用她的一句话开始论述,这句话定义了她这个人,甚至还在她的葬礼上被提起。有人认为这是她所说过最差的一句话;我却认为这是最好的一句。“I think we have been through a period when too many people have been given to understand that when they have a problem it is government’s job to cope with it. ‘I have a problem, I’ll get a grant. I’m homeless, the government must house me.’ They are casting their problems on society. And, you know, there is no such thing as society. There are individual men and women and there are families. And no governments can do anything except through people, and people must look to themselves first. It is our duty to look after ourselves and then, also, to look after our neighbours. People have got their entitlements too much in mind, without the obligations. There is no such thing as an entitlement, unless someone has first met an obligation.”“我想我们经历了这样一个时期,太多人理所当然地认为,如果遇到问题,政府有责任解决这个问题。‘我遇到问题了,我需要政府的资助。我无家可归,政府必须为我提供房屋。’他们把问题都扔给社会去解决。可是,你们明白,根本就没有‘社会’这种东西。世上有个体的男人和女人、有家庭。政府只有通过人民才能有所作为,而人民首先必须指望自己。我们有责任照顾自己,然后是照顾邻里。人们过于重视自己的权利,却忽视义务。若不履行义务,则无权利可言。”Thatcher meant, I believe, that people should first try to solve their own problems and those of their families and friends, and only as a last resort rely on government. The government is simply a mechanism with which people can help each other and force would-be free riders to make a contribution. I interpreted her remarks as an expression of methodological individualism (although I pity any speech writer who sought to persuade her to say those words).我想,撒切尔的意思是,人们首先应当试图解决自己的问题和亲友的问题,走投无路时才能依赖政府。政府只是一种机制,通过它,人们可以互相帮助,并强迫不劳而获的人做出贡献。在我的理解中,她的话是“方法论的个人主义”(methodological individualism)的表达(但愿她不是在演讲稿撰写者的劝说下说出这番话的)。I have tried to explain all this in my book Capitalism With a Human Face . Very briefly it means that the workings of complex wholes must be capable of being expressed in terms of individual components – chemical elements in terms of atoms, atoms in terms of subatomic particles and nations in terms of their citizens. Methodological individualism has been espoused by a long line of empiricist thinkers, some of very different politics to Thatcher.我在我的著作《有人性的资本主义》(Capitalism With a Human Face)中尝试过解释这一切。简而言之,方法论的个人主义是指,复杂整体的运作机理一定能够以个体成员的形式表达出来——化学元素用原子表达,原子用亚原子粒子表达,国家用公民表达。方法论的个人主义得到一大批经验主义思想家的持,其中有些人的政治观点与撒切尔大相径庭。The classical liberal philosopher Karl Popper, for instance, looked at the abstract concept of war. “What is concrete is the many who are killed, or the men and women in uniform.” The 18th-century Scottish philosopher David Hume remarked that a nation was a collection of individuals. This doctrine has also been denied by many supposedly eminent philosophers, such as the overrated G.W.F. Hegel, who said: “All the worth which the human being possesses in all spiritual reality, he possesses only through the state.”例如,古典自由主义哲学家卡尔#8226;波普(Karl Popper)探讨了战争的抽象概念。“战死的许多人——或者说是身着军装的男人和女人——才是确定的。”18世纪的苏格兰哲学家大卫#8226;休谟(David Hume)提出,国家是个人的集合。很多所谓杰出的哲学家否认这一理论,如被高估的黑格尔(G.W.F.Hegel)。黑格尔说:“人类具有的一切价值——一切精神的现实性,都是由国家而有的。”Thatcher was well aware that the support she has been accused of withholding from declining industries in the north of the UK would have come not from a mysterious entity known as the state. It would have come from fellow citizens. She may have been right or wrong. But it was not a matter of her personal generosity. Nit-picking political philosophers have said that if she wanted to be a true methodological individualist she would not have added “and there are families” in her famous statement. It was like saying: “There are no forests, only trees and copses.” She was not so stupid as to fail to see this. But she was not teaching a political philosophy class. She was pointing out that aid for the poor, or distressed regions, had to come from somewhere – namely the inhabitants of the country concerned.撒切尔被指责没有为英国北方的衰落工业提供持。她清楚地认识到,这种持不会来自一种称为“国家”的神秘实体,而应来自公民同胞。她可能是对的,也可能是错的。但这与她个人的慷慨与否无关。有吹毛求疵的政治哲学家认为,如果撒切尔想成为真正的方法论个人主义者,她本不会在那场著名的讲话中加上“家庭”。这好比说“世上没有森林,只有乔木和灌木”。她不会愚蠢到没有发现这一点,但她并不是在给别人上政治哲学课。她要说的是,为穷人和困难地区提供的援助必须来自别处——即所在国家的居民。It was a pity that she was incapable of applying this reductionist thinking to foreign affairs. There are no beings such as Germany, Britain or Argentina – only complex entities composed of individuals. It is reasonable for a British citizen to value a British life more than an Argentine life, but it is unreasonable to put a zero value on the latter. It must be admitted that even if people habitually thought in these terms they might still support death as a necessary evil to avoid territorial losses and the like. But if this translation were always made it might sometimes lead to less nationalist policies. Even Thatcher must have been intuitively aware of this when she wept for 40 minutes at the loss of life when a battleship went down near the Falklands.遗憾的是,她未能将这种简化主义(reductionist)的思想应用于外交事务。世上不存在德国、英国和阿根廷,只有由个人组成的复杂实体。一位英国公民对英国人性命的重视有理由超过对阿根廷人性命的重视,但认为后者毫无价值则是不合理的。必须承认,即便人们习惯性地从这些角度思考,他们或许仍然会认同死亡是避免领土丢失等等的“必要之恶”。但假如总是进行这样的解读,有时或许会催生出民族主义色较弱的政策。即便是她想必也直觉地意识到了这一点——当一艘战舰在福克兰群岛(Falklands)附近沉没时,撒切尔为丧生的将士哭泣了40分钟。 /201304/236299

Hallowe'en is a popular festival in many countries all over the world, and every year it seems to get bigger. It's getting dark earlier and it's starting to get cold. Christmas is still a long way away. We need something to cheer us up and take our minds of the fact that winter is nearly here. See how much you know about the traditional festival of Hallowe'en. The origins of the nameThe festival of Hallowe'en has its roots in Celtic and Roman traditions. Over 2,000 years ago the Celts in Britain, Ireland and parts of France celebrated Samhain to mark the beginning of winter. When the Romans invaded, they merged this with Feralia, their celebration of the passing of the dead. As Christianity sp, the Church tried to replace these pagan feasts with official Church holy days. One of these was November 1. It was called "All Hallows", and October 31 was known as "All Hallows' Eve", and then Hallowe'en. Hallowe'en traditionsIn the past there was a tradition called "souling". Poor people went around houses asking for food. In exchange, they promised to say prayers for the dead. People no longer go souling, but the habit has been transformed into a modern Hallowe'en game for children in America, who dress up as ghosts, witches and monsters and go around people's houses. WitchesHallowe'en wouldn't be fun without witches. Witches have always been part of popular folklore. Shakespeare's play "Macbeth" opens with three witches. A witch was someone - usually a woman - who had special powers and had dealings with the devil. The American town, Salem, is famous for the "witchcraft trials", which took place there in 1692. PumpkinsThe pumpkin has become a symbol of Hallowe'en. People empty a pumpkin, cut a face into the side, and put a candle inside to make a lamp. It's known as a Jack O' Lantern, from a story about a man called Jack, who made a deal with the devil. AnimalsBlack cats, frogs, mice and spiders are just some of the animals associated with Hallowe'en. Generally, the more unpleasant the animal, the stronger the Hallowe'en connection. Nocturnal animals like bats are particular favourites, and if, as is the case with vampire bats, they like drinking blood, they are high on the Hallowe'en list. - /200804/36480

;I can always tell a graduate class from an undergraduate class,; observed the instructor in one of my graduate engineering courses at California State University in Los Angeles.;When I say, #39;Good afternoon,#39; the undergraduates respond, #39;Good afternoon.; But the graduate students just write it down.;“研究生班和本科生很容易就能区别开来,”在洛杉矶加利福利亚州立大学给我们研究生上工程学课的老师如此说。“我说‘下午好’,本科生们回答说‘下午好’。研究生们则把我说的话记在笔记本上。”内容来自: /201304/235572

You don#39;t want to mess with this kid.你肯定不想找这个孩子的麻烦。A 12-year-old South Carolina boy is receiving some well-deserved praise after saving his neighborhood from an alligator on the loose, Fox News Insider reported.福克斯新闻报道,南卡罗莱纳州一12岁男童帮助邻居从一只无人看管的短吻鳄口下逃生,并因此得到了当之无愧的嘉奖。The boy, Joey Maffo, took matters into his own hands in what can only be described as the world#39;s most most epic beatdown of a reptilian foe when his neighborhood in Hilton Head was in trouble.小男孩名叫乔伊·马福,住在希尔顿黑德岛。当他的邻居受到鳄鱼攻击时,马福的英勇行为可谓是“全球人鳄抗争史上最具史诗色的胜利”。Like a superhero descending from the skies, Maffo took on the villainous gator after his neighbor, 50-year-old Tamra Shattuck, was attacked while walking her two dogs Wednesday and got a nasty bite on her foot, Island Packet news reported.据Island Packet 新闻报道,上周三50岁的塔姆拉·夏塔克带着两条外出散步时遭到鳄鱼攻击,脚部被严重咬伤。之后马福犹如神兵天降,就此盯上了这只作恶多端的鳄鱼。Investi-gator Maffo needed only a day -- and the help of his grandpa, Joe Maffo -- to track down the attacker. Four hours after finding its lagoon lair, Joey wrangled in the 8-foot-long, 180-pound critter.在爷爷乔·马福的帮助下,鳄鱼小猎人马福只花了一天时间就查明了鳄鱼行踪。发现鳄鱼潭边洞穴仅4小时后,小乔伊便和这只8英尺长(约2.4米)、180磅的鳄鱼纠缠扭打起来。fight it and hold it until it got to 16 feet out where I could reach it,; 68-year-old Joe Maffo told A News. ;I stood at the edge of the water and reached out with a pole and put it around its neck and pulled it up to shore, and then he pulled the rope tight. I got on the gator and he came over and taped it.;68岁的乔·马福告诉美国广播公司新闻网:“我走了过去,但让小乔伊一人和鳄鱼搏斗并设法控制住它,等它离我16英尺远时,我站在水边用棍子勾住鳄鱼脖子,把它拉上了岸,之后小乔伊把绳子绑紧。我坐在鳄鱼身上,他就拿胶带缠住鳄鱼。”South Carolina law dictates that the alligator must be killed, according to A.美国广播新闻还报道,根据南卡罗莱纳法律,这只被捕获鳄鱼必须被处死。Wrangling gators is a time-honored right of passage for southern boys, like 10-year-old Michael Dasher, who wrestled and wrangled a 6-foot gator in Florida in 2011.对美国南部的男孩来说,抓捕鳄鱼是他们成长过程中一项经久不衰的传统特权。2011年,福罗里达州一个10岁男孩迈克尔·达史尔就曾和一只6英尺长的鳄鱼摔跤搏斗。 /201308/253173

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