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Colder weather is setting in and with the change of seasons you might also notice more people coughing, sneezing and calling in sick. It#39;s a harsh reality that these chilly months are strongly associated with the cold and flu.天气慢慢地越变越冷了,随着季节的更迭你也许会发现越来越多的人在咳嗽、打喷嚏、生病啥的。寒冬腊月离不开感冒、流感的,这是亘古不变的事实。If your current plan to stay healthy this winter begins and ends at drinking extra orange juice, you might want to rethink that strategy. From getting outside to eating right, there a lot of surprising things you can do to minimize your chances of coming down with the cold or flu. Doctors and health experts shared their lesser-known tips for staying healthy this winter.今年冬天,如果你目前的保持健康计划从头到尾都是多喝果汁的话,那你可能就要重新考虑一下你的策略了。从去户外到合理饮食,你可以做很多新奇的事情减小因感冒或流感使你病倒的几率。今年冬天,医生和健康专家们分享了他们鲜为人知的健康小贴士。Drink Tea喝茶;Even if you are not a regular tea drinker, try sipping on a cup or two daily during cold and flu season,; said Jenna Gagnon, the communications specialist for Aidance Skincare. ;Steam from tea stimulates cilia, which are those little hairs inside your nose. Think about cilia as the air filter of nose; keep the cilia healthy and abundant to keep germs from making you sick.;协助护肤品(Aidance Skincare)沟通专家珍娜·盖格农称:;就算你不经常喝茶,尽量试着在流感季节每天小饮一两杯;。;茶里面的蒸汽促进纤毛生长,就是你鼻子里面的细毛。;纤毛就好比鼻子的空气过滤器,保持纤毛的健康和繁盛,防止细菌滋生让你病倒。Soak Up Sun沐浴阳光;We all think of vitamin C as the immune booster, but recent research has shown that vitamin D greatly effects the immune system,; said Dr. Scott M. Schreiber, a chiropractic physician, certified nutrition specialist and Delaware’s only board certified rehabilitation specialist. ;[Vitamin D] has been shown to elevate that activity of immune cells.;脊骨神经医学、持营养专家、特拉华州唯一资格认的康复专家斯考特·M·施赖伯士称:;我们都认为维他命C能够增强抵抗力,但近来一项研究显示维他命D也有助于增强免疫系统。;;研究显示,维他命D能够提升免疫因子的运动。;Get Dirty变脏;Exposing yourself to dirt (and microorganisms) can have a long-lasting impact on your immune system,; Schreiber said. ;As a society, we fear getting dirty, when in fact, (studies have shown) it is extremely beneficial.;施赖伯说:;多接触尘土(和微生物)对你的免疫系统有着长久的影响。;;在社会中,我们害怕变得很脏,但实际上,(研究显示)尘土极其有益。;Stay Hydrated多喝水;As part of overall good health habits, it#39;s important to maintain good hydration, regardless of the season,; said Medical Director at Cassena Care Dr. Joel Blass. ;In colder weather, the body#39;s metabolismrevs up and you tend to exhale more moisture than usual—it’s important to replenish those fluids.卡塞纳护理的医学主任乔尔·布拉斯士称:;不管哪个季节,作为全面的、好的健康习惯的一部分,保持体内良好的水合作用很重要。;;在冰冷的天气中,体内的新陈代谢运动加速,你就会比平常呼出更多的水分。所以补充水分就变得很重要了。;Bundle Up把自己裹起来;It is always a good idea to dress appropriately for the seasons. Fashion aside, there is a health benefit to keeping warm in cold weather,; Blass said. ;Cold weather stresses the immune system, and so, while the term ‘catching a cold’ may be a misnomer…a weakened immune system can make you more susceptible to those viruses.;布拉斯说:;穿应季的衣总是好的主意。我们应该要温度不要风度,在寒冷的天气中保持身体暖和对健康那是极有益的。;;寒冷的天气会压迫免疫系统,所以‘患感冒’这个词可以说是用词不当……免疫系统被削弱了,这使你更容易受病毒的影响。; /201511/412873Li Bai (701~762), also known as Li Po, was renowned as the greatest romantic poet in ancient China. His courtesy name was Taibai and was born in Suiye in Central Asia. His ancestral home was located at Chengji, Longxi (present-day Tianshui, Gansu Province), but when he was five, he moved with his father to Qinglian town, in Changming, Mianzhou(now Jiangyou, Sichuan Province).李白(701~762),字太白,号青莲居士,祖籍陇西成纪(今甘肃天水附近),生于中亚碎叶城。5岁时随父迁居绵州彰明(今四川江油)青莲乡,因自号青莲居士。Excepf for the three years he served for the Hanlin Academy and Prince Yong, he spent most of his life traveling extensively. His philosophy incorporated the features of Confucianism, Taoism as well as the virtues of chivalry.李白一生除作过3年供奉翰林和短期永王幕僚外,主要是在漫游流浪中度过的,其思想兼有儒、道、侠三家的特点。The Confucian notion of ;making the whole world virtuous; was the foundation of his ambitions and optimism.儒家“兼济天下”的思想配他积极用世、建立功业。One of the themes of his poetry is his political ambition of providing aid to the common people and bringing peace and stability to the country.济苍生、安社稷的政治理想是其诗歌的中心主题之一。In one of his poems, he assimilated himself to a soaring roc to express his lofty ambition and used historical allusions to suggest his own aspirations.他自比大鹏,借历史人物自许怀抱,有高昂的政治热情。When he was frustrated by the unfulfilment of his political ambitions, the Taoist loftiness and retreat in him prevailed and his poems affected a wild and free persona. On the other hand, he adored the bold and unconstrained mien of ancient errant knights, who would sacrifice their lives for righteousness and never brag about their exploits. Furthermore, he was an iconoclast against feudal principles and etiqueues.当他在政治上遭受打击,抑郁不得志时,道家愤世嫉俗、返于自然的思想就在他身上占了主导地位,其作品就表现出放浪形骸的反叛精神,蔑视人间的一切,浮云富贵,粪土王侯。他又深深倾慕古代侠士慷慨悲歌、豪迈不羁的生活态度和他们所奉行的“以武犯禁”、“不爱其躯”、“羞伐其德”的游侠精神,因此敢于蔑视封建秩序和礼教,冲击传统偶像。Seeking retirement from fame and fortune, the political standard he lived up to in his life, is nothing more than the embodiment of the spirits of Confucianism, Taoism and chivalry.李白一生身体力行的政治准则“功成身退”,正是儒、道、侠三者统一的产物。Li Bai#39;s poetry, in general, is characterized by its unconventional spirit and highly personalized imagery. His employment of hyperboles, imageries and allusions is bold, creating exquisite pieces that fully utilize the elements of language.总之,这种强烈要求摆脱羁绊,追求个性解放和精神白由,风格飘逸豪放,是李白诗歌的最大特色。李白的诗歌,形象高度个性化,具有浓厚的主观感情色;善于运用大胆的夸张、新颖的比喻和奇特的想象,兴寄无端,瞬息万变;善于运用历史传说和神话故事;语言清新自然而华美豪放。More than 900 poems of Li Bai survived and were compiled in the Anthologyof Li Taibai. Thanks to the efforts of Li Bai, the ;Poet Immortal; , the Chinese tradition of Romanticism reached another zenith after Qu Yuan.李白著有《李太白集》,被称为“诗仙”,诗歌现存900多首,是继屈原之后,我国古代浪漫主义的新高峰。 /201512/417924

A short nap could reduce impulsive behavior and improve the ability to withstand frustration, a small study suggests.一项小型研究表明,午睡片刻可以减少冲动行为,改善人承受挫折的能力。Researchers studied 40 people aged 18 to 50. After three nights of normal sleep, the participants took computer-based tests of frustration tolerance — which consisted of trying to complete an impossible task — and completed questionnaires on sleepiness, mood and impulsivity. Then they were randomly assigned to take an hour’s nap, or to watch a nature . At the end of the process, they were tested again. The study appears in Personality and Individual Differences.研究人员招募了40名年龄在18岁至50岁之间的参与者,并让他们在正常睡眠三个晚上后,接受通过计算机进行的挫折承受力测试(包括试图完成一个不可能完成的任务),并回答有关睡意、情绪和冲动性的调查问卷。然后,参与者们被随机分为两组,一组午睡一个小时,另一组观看自然题材的纪录片。待上述程序都结束后,他们又再度接受了测试。该研究发表在《个性与个体差异》杂志(Personality and Individual Differences)上。Before the nap period, everyone spent about the same amount of time on the unsolvable task, but afterward nappers, who all reported having slept at least part of the time, spent significantly more time working at it than they had before their nap, while non-nappers gave up sooner. Nappers also rated their behavior as less impulsive than non-nappers.在午睡之前,每名参与者面对无法解决的任务时花的时间大致相同;但在午睡之后,报告在那一小时期间至少睡着了一会儿的所有参与者在任务上花的时间都比之前显著增加,而没有午睡的参与者则更快地选择了放弃。与没有午睡的人相比,午睡组在评定自己的行为时普遍认为自己的冲动程度较低。The lead author, Jennifer R. Goldschmied, a doctoral student at the University of Michigan, acknowledged that the sample is small, involved mainly college students and may not be applicable to other populations. The sleep calculations also did not use electronic devices to precisely measure sleep and wakefulness.该研究的主要作者,密歇根大学(University of Michigan)的士生珍妮弗·R·戈德施米德(Jennifer R. Goldschmied)承认他们的样本较少,而且大部分都是在校大学生,因此可能并不适用于其他人群。在计算睡眠时也没有使用电子设备来精确测定参与者的睡眠和清醒状况。Still, she said, “These results are valuable and have put us on the route to understanding how we can utilize naps. Now people are starting to understand how powerful short bursts of sleep can be.”不过她还是认为“这些结果很有价值,它指引我们走上研究如何充分利用午睡的道路。现在人们已经开始认识到睡眠时的短脉冲有多么强大了”。 /201511/408479

March 8 is International Women#39;s Day. In China, we say women ;hold up half the sky;. In Chinese myth, a goddess named Nv Wa amended the broken sky and created human beings. And the moon, water, flowers, cats and snakes are connected with women. They symbolize the softness, beauty and wittiness of women.今天是国际妇女节。我国素有“妇女能顶半边天”之语。神话故事里也有女娲补天造人的传说。女性还常被人与月亮、水、花儿、猫、蛇等物象联系在一起,象征温柔、美丽、智慧等寓意。With multi-identities in modern society, women are not only mothers and wives who take care of their families, but also doctors, scientists and teachers.在现代社会,女性也正在扮演多重角色,除了传统顾家的母亲、妻子,还在医生、科学家、教师等领域发光发热。We chose five prominent women in recent years whose achievements encourage more young women to pursue their dreams.今天我们就为大家介绍五位当代著名的杰出女性。她们的成就也激励着更多年轻女性去追逐自己的梦想。Peng Liyuan彭丽媛Soprano and China#39;s first lady女高音歌唱家、第一夫人As a celebrated soprano, Peng has been well-known for her beautiful voice since her debut at the 1982 CCTV Spring Festival Gala. She is the first soprano in China to receive a master#39;s degree in Chinese folk vocal music. Her famous songs include Ode to Red Plum Blossom and On the Hopeful Field. Since 2004, Peng has devoted herself to many programs for the public good, such as the help for AIDS and tuberculosis patients and a stop smoking campaign.中国著名女高音歌唱家,中国第一位民族声乐硕士。自1982年央视春晚亮相以来,便以其优美的嗓音而家喻户晓。代表作品有《红梅赞》、《在希望的田野上》等。自2004年以来,彭丽媛频频参加各种公益活动,包括关爱艾滋病人、关爱结核病患、宣传禁烟等。Tu Youyou屠呦呦Pharmacologist药理学家Tu Youyou was awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for her discoveries of a new therapy against malaria. She is the first Chinese female scientist to win the Nobel Prize. Her studies were inspired by traditional Chinese medicine theories and she extracted artemisinin in 1972 after hundreds of failures. Artemisinin has saved more than 200 million Africans suffering from malaria since 2000. Just as Tu said, ;Artemisinin is a gift to the world from Traditional Chinese Medicine;.2015年,屠呦呦获得诺贝尔生理学或医学奖,理由是她发现了医治疟疾的新疗法。她成为第一个获诺贝尔奖的中国女科学家。屠呦呦多年从事中药研究,历经数百次的失败后,终于在1972年成功提取到了青蒿素。自2000年以来,青蒿素挽救了2亿多非洲疟疾患者的生命。正如她本人所说:“青蒿素是中医药给世界的礼物。”Li Na李娜Professional tennis player职业网球运动员Li Na started playing tennis when she was only six. In 2004, the 22-year-old Li became the first Chinese female player to win a WTA tour title. After winning nine WTA singles titles that includes two Grand Slam singles titles at the 2011 French Open and 2014 Australian Open, she became the first and only Grand Slam singles champion from Asia.李娜从6岁开始打网球。2004年,22岁的李娜成为首个获得世界网球协会桂冠的中国女球员。她一共获得了9个世界网球协会单打冠军,其中包括两个大满贯单打冠军,分别是2011年的法网和2014年的澳网。她也因此成为亚洲首位、也是唯一一位大满贯单打冠军得主。Dong Mingzhu董明珠President of Gree Electric Appliances Inc格力电器总裁In 1990, she joined Gree when she was 36 years old and started her career from doing sales work. She became Gree#39;s president in 2012. Her achievements helped China#39;s home appliances industry to develop in an environmentally-friendly way. As a widow who lost her husband when her son was 2 years old, single mother Dong brought up their son and still fights in the competitive market.1990年,36岁的董明珠进入格力,开始做销售。2012年,她成为格力总裁。她的成就之一是让中国家电业走上了环保道路。儿子两岁时,董明珠遭受了丧夫之痛。她作为单身母亲将儿子养大,而且一直奋战在竞争激励的家电市场。Yao Chen姚晨Actress演员Yao Chen, who most people know through the 2006 comedy series, My Own Swordsman. In 2009 she started to use her Sina Weibo, which now has 79 million followers, to help people in need. In 2013 she became the first UNHCR (ed Nations High Commissioner For Refugees) goodwill ambassador in China. And at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2016, she was awarded the Crystal Award for artists who commit themselves to improve the state of the world.姚晨因2006年的喜剧《武林外传》一炮而红。2009年,她开始在微上助人,迄今已拥有7900万粉丝。2013年,她成为首位联合国难民署中国亲善大使。2016年,因在公益方面的贡献,姚晨获颁达沃斯世界经济论坛水晶奖。 /201603/430032

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