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Github, an online forum for software developers that also hosts tools used by Chinese internet users to bypass censorship, has been hit by a powerful cyber attack that security experts believe originated in China.软件开发人员在线论坛网站Github遭遇强劲网络攻击,安全专家相信这次网络攻击源自中国。目前,Github网站上托管着中国互联网用户可用来绕开中国国内审查机制的工具软件。The San Francisco-based start-up said it was experiencing the largest denial-of-service attack in its history, as cyber criminals bombarded the site with traffic in an attempt to take it offline.这家总部驻旧金山的初创公司表示,该网站正经历建站以来最大规模的“拒绝务”(DoS)攻击。所谓拒绝务攻击,是指网络罪犯通过巨大的流量轰炸某个特定网站,以使其下线的网络攻击方法。In a blog post, the company said the attack had started on Thursday and involved a “wide combination of attack vectors”, including “sophisticated new techniques that use the web browsers of unsuspecting, uninvolved people to flood github.com with high levels of traffic”.该公司在一篇客文章中表示,这次网络攻击始于周四,“参与的攻击媒介涵盖范围极广”,使用了“十分复杂的新技术,通过受信任的无辜人群的网络浏览器,以极高流量水平冲击了github.com网站”。The company said that based on reports it had received, “we believe the intent of this attack is to convince us to remove a specific class of content”.该公司表示,根据它已收到的相关报告,“我们相信此次攻击的意图是说我们移除特定类别的内容”。The privately owned company would not specify what content was being targeted. The site is mainly used by software engineers and start-ups to store and collaborate on their work.这家私人控股的公司不会透露具体要求移除的内容是什么。目前,使用该网站的主要是软件工程师和初创企业,他们用它存储其工作内容并开展相互合作。But it also contains copies of some websites banned in China, including a page run by Greatfire.org that helps Chinese internet users circumvent government censorship.不过,该网站还托管着部分中国被封网站的拷贝,其中包括Greatfire.org网站运营的一个网页。Greatfire.org是一家帮助中国互联网用户绕开政府审查机制的网站。Security experts said the attack appeared to have originated in China, with the web browsers of foreign visitors to Baidu.com, the Chinese search engine, stealthily redirected to Github, overwhelming the site with traffic.多名安全专家表示,此次攻击似乎源自中国,中国搜索引擎百度网站(Baidu.com)的外国访问者的浏览器被隐秘地重定向至Github网站,从而令该网站的流量超过其承受能力。Github was temporarily blocked in China in 2013.2013年,Github网站在中国曾被临时封禁。Adam Fisk of Getlantern.org, a site that provides tools for bypassing China’s “Great Firewall” and hosts its installers on Github, said this kind of DDOS attack could cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars a day, and might be aimed at putting pressure on Github to take down content that could not be blocked wholesale because Github is widely used by China’s technology industry.Getlantern.org网站的亚当#8226;菲斯克(Adam Fisk)表示,这种分布式拒绝务攻击(DDoS)一天就会令企业蒙受数十万美元损失。采取这种攻击方式可能旨在向Github施加压力,迫使该网站取下无法被封禁的内容。由于中国高科技产业也在广泛使用Github网站,从整体上将该网站封禁并不可行。“Github is hugely important to the whole internet, it’s where everyone keeps their code,” Mr Fisk said. “The more disturbing strategy shift this represents is that the Chinese are going after sites such as Github not through blocking but through denial of service attacks. It seems like what they are doing is trying to bend Github to their will, to intimidate them.”菲斯克表示:“Github对整个互联网都至关重要,所有人都把代码放在该网站上。这次攻击显示出,中国人正通过拒绝务实施攻击而不是封禁对付这类网站,从而将其策略转向更偏重扰乱对方运作的方式。他们的目的看起来似乎是试图恐吓Github网站,以便让该网站按照他们的意志行事。”Github has managed to keep much of the site live during the attack. It has published regular status updates showing the attention of the hackers switching between different parts of the forum and the highest levels of traffic flooding the system in waves.在此次攻击期间,Github成功地保持了网站大部分内容的运作。该网站发布了一份例行状态更新,显示出黑客的注意力在网站不同部分间不断转移,冲击其系统的最高流量水平也时高时低。The US has accused the Chinese People’s Liberation Army of hacking into American websites, with the FBI recently investigating an attack on Register.com, which manages website addresses, according to people familiar with the probe. The Chinese military denies the accusation and insists it is a victim in the recent global surge in cyber warfare.美国曾指控中国人民解放军(PLA)攻击美国网站。知情人士表示,美国联邦调查局(FBI)最近曾对管理网址的Register.com网站遭遇的网络攻击开展过调查。中国军方否认了这一指控,坚称他们是近期全球网络战激增的受害者。 /201504/367533

A U.S. court has ruled that the National Security Agency can temporarily resume its bulk collection of Americans#39; telephone records.美国一家法院做出判决,国家安全局可以暂时恢复大规模搜集美国人电话通话数据的项目。The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court on Monday ruled that the NSA could resume gathering millions of Americans’ phone metadata — call times, dates and durations — to scan for links to foreign terrorists.外国情报侦察法庭星期一裁定,国家安全局可以恢复大规模搜集美国人的电话通话数据,包括通话时间、日期和时长,以寻找与外国恐怖分子联系的线索。The program was suspended after an appeals court in May ruled that the U.S. Patriot Act had never authorized the NSA to collect such data.一家上诉法院今年5月做出裁决说,美国爱国法案从未授权国家安全局搜集此类数据,因此这一项目被中止。A new law, called the Freedom Act, which substantially reformed and narrowed the bulk phone data program, was signed by U.S. President Barack Obama a day after the existing program lapsed on June 1.该项目于6月1日失效的一天后,美国总统奥巴马签署了一项叫做“自由法案”的新法律,对大规模搜集电话通话数据项目进行了重大改革和缩减。The ruling late Monday allows the program to resume for 180 days, in compliance with the new law. The six month period was designed to give the NSA time to set up an alternative system in which the data is stored by the phone companies.星期一晚间做出的判决允许该项目根据新法律恢复运作180天。在这六个月内,国家安全局将建立一个替代性系统,使电信公司得以储存有关数据。 /201507/383680

  The Simuwu Rectangle Ding司母戊大方鼎In 1939, a bronze ding which is an ancient cooking vessel with two loop handles and four legs was unearthed in Anyang, Henan Province. This four-legged ding known as the Simuwu Rectangle Ding was so big and heavy that it could not be moved after it was unearthed. The Japanese invaders tried several times to plunder it. To protect this rare cultural relic, the local people reburied it and then unearthed it again after China won the Anti-Japanese War in 1945. The Simuwu Rectangle Ding is now collected in the National Museum of Chinese History. The opening of the Simuwu Rectangle Ding is 110cm long and 78cm wide,its sides are 6cm thick and the loop handles are 133cm high. The whole ding weighs 875 kilograms and is the heaviest bronze ware in the world. The casting of this huge bronze vessel used over l ,000 kilograms of metal and needed 70 t0 80 crafts-men to work on it. It is the biggest bronze ware unearthed in China and also a treasure in the world#39;s bronze ware collection. Though the ding is big and heavy,its workmanship is exquisite.Relief of Kui (a one legged mythical animal) was carved on the four sides of the body of the ding. The animal figures are portrayed with artistic exaggeration and create a ferocious, mysterious and dignified atmosphere. Dings were used in the primitive society in China as cooking utensils. At first they were made of pottery clay. Then, as metallurgy emerged and developed, the material was changed to bronze at the end of the Shang Dynasty some 3, 000 years ago. By that time, dings had changed function to become sacrificial vessels and the symbol of their owners#39; power and wealth. The Simuwu Rectangle Ding reveals a high level of casting technique and artistry. It represents the highest casting achievement of the Shang Dynasty. According to the archeologists, the King of the Shang Dynasty had the Simuwu Rectangle Ding made to commemorate his mother.1939年,在河南省安阳市出土了一件青铜鼎,该鼎为我国古代一种炊食器,有两个立耳和四足。这件被称为司母戊大方鼎的四足方鼎出土后,因为又大又重,一时无法搬运。日本侵略者多次强索该鼎,为避免这件珍稀文物惨遭掠夺,当地人们再次把它埋人地下,直到1945年抗战胜利后,才重新将其出土。司母戊大方鼎现收藏于中国历史物馆。司母戊大方鼎口长110厘米,宽78厘米,壁厚6厘米,立耳高133厘米。整尊鼎重达875公斤,是世界上最重的青铜器。铸造这件大型的青铜器皿使用金属原料1000多公斤,需要七八十名工匠操作完成。它是中国出土的最大一件青铜器,也是世界青铜器收藏中的一件珍品。大方鼎虽然形大体重,但制作工艺非常精美,鼎身四周用浮雕刻出夔龙(想象中的一种单足动物)纹样。这些动物纹样是经过艺术夸张而刻划出来的,纹样衬托出一种狰狞、神秘、威严的气氛。鼎在原始社会时期的中国用作炊食器,最先由陶土烧制。随着冶金技术的出现和发展,在约3000年前的商代后期鼎改用青铜浇铸而成,而且,这时的鼎已经改变用途,成为一种礼器,是权力和财富的象征。司母戊大方鼎展现出一种高超的铸造工艺和艺术水平,代表了商代铸造技术的最高成就。据考古专家考,商王铸造这尊司母戊大方鼎是为了纪念自己的母亲。 /201601/419346


  In 1990, when I had been at the FT only a shortish time, the then editor resigned. I liked him; he had been kind to me and I was sorry to see him go. But I was also very junior and had a proper horror of brown-nosing. Should I write him a letter, I wondered? Or would that be unseemly?1990年,我到英国《金融时报》工作的时间还不长,当时的主编辞职了。我喜欢他;他对我很和气,看到他离开我感到遗憾。但我职级很低,对阿谀奉承这档子事相当畏惧。我自忖,该给他写封信吗?是不是不恰当呢?In the end I didn’t write one, but only because I had spent so long dithering I had missed my moment. For a journalist to be several weeks late responding to news was not going to look good.那封信到最后我也没写,但那只是因为我犹豫了太长时间,所以错过了时机。对一个记者来说,几个星期后才对消息做出反应看起来可不大好。Since then the world has speeded up, so any response happens not in weeks but in minutes. It has also gone social: we no longer address our words of farewell to the person concerned but to everyone with an internet connection. And most remarkable of all, somewhere along the way our aversion to brown-nosing has got lost. It is not something to be done shamefully in secret, but proudly and with as much fanfare as possible.自那时起这个世界的节奏一直在加快,人们不再等到几周后,而是在几分钟里就做出反应。这世界也变得越来越社交化:我们不再将告别的话语写给当事人,而是写给每个能上网的人。最不寻常的是,在某个时刻,我们对阿谀奉承的厌恶消失了。这不再是一件需要秘密进行的可耻的事,而变成了一件可以大大方方,越高调越好的事。When Alan Rusbridger resigned as editor of The Guardian last Wednesday, the following spectacle played out on Twitter. Within a minute of the news getting out, the eulogies began. One former colleague tweeted: “few people in the history of journalism have had the vision and talent of @arusbridger — or could play the piano as well. A great editor.”前段时间,《卫报》(Guardian)主编阿兰#8226;拉斯布里杰(Alan Rusbridger)辞职,随后Twitter上上演了一幕奇观。消息放出还不到一分钟,人们就开始大唱赞歌。他的一位前同事发推文说:“新闻业史上很少有人拥有@arusbridger那样的远见和才华——或者钢琴弹得像他一样好。一位伟大的主编。”Then others piled in, tweeting “British journalism won’t be the same without @arusbridger. If you think the tweets you’re seeing are excessive, you just never saw him work.”然后其他人纷纷加入,发推文说“没有了@arusbridger,英国新闻业将变得不一样。如果你觉得你眼前的推文说得太过,那你只是从未看过他工作的样子罢了。”I watched the process with a grim fascination, observing that some of the compliments received a thank you from the man himself, while others met with silence.这些推文有一种古怪的吸引力,我观察了全过程,发现拉斯布里杰本人对其中一些赞美表示了感谢,对其他一些则未做回复。Mr Rusbridger, by most accounts, has been an excellent editor — and he can play Chopin’s “Ballade No. 1” on the piano too. But tweets are a vulgar way of saying so, and don’t even necessarily prove their point. Even in the pre-internet age there was never a particularly strong link between public declarations of praise from interested parties and a person’s true value.在大多数人的叙述中,拉斯布里杰的确是一位优秀的主编,而且他还会弹肖邦(Chopin)的“第一叙事曲”(Ballade No. 1)。但用推文来说这些有点不礼貌,甚至也未必有意义。即使是在前互联网时代,利益相关方公开发出的赞美和一个人的真正价值也从来就没有特别紧密的联系。When King Lear decided it was time to carve up his kingdom he asked his daughters how much they loved him. “Sir, I do love you more than words can wield the matter,” said Regan, which Goneril trumped by saying she loved him just as much — and then some.当李尔王(King Lear)决定是时候将自己的王国分给几个女儿时,他问她们有多爱他。大女儿高纳里尔(Goneril)说:“父亲大人,我对您的爱,不是言语所能表达的。”二女儿里根(Regan)则更胜一筹,她说刚才说的话,正是她要对父亲说的,但表达得还不够充分。I couldn’t help thinking of the warring sisters when I the competing tweets from two of the most hotly tipped successors to Mr Rusbridger. First to declare her love for her departing editor was Janine Gibson. “Alan Rusbridger: Once in a generation editor; best boss ever; good at surprises,” she tweeted. Her rival for the top job, Katherine Viner, followed suit with her paean in 140 characters or fewer: “Alan Rusbridger — for 17 years my inspiring editor: never afraid, always pushing us to be bigger, bolder, braver.”两个最有可能接替拉斯布里杰的热门人选发的推文简直是在相互较劲,让我情不自禁地想起这对争宠的。亚尼内#8226;吉布森(Janine Gibson)第一个宣布了她对离任主编的爱。她发推文说:“阿兰#8226;拉斯布里杰:一代才出一个的主编;有史以来最好的老板;善于带给我们惊喜。”与吉布森竞争最高职位的凯瑟琳#8226;瓦伊纳(Katherine Viner)效仿前者的做法,在140个或者更少的字数内写出了自己的赞歌:“阿兰#8226;拉斯布里杰——17年来一直激励我的主编:永不畏惧,永远敦促我们变得更成功、更无畏、更勇敢。”Fortunately, The Guardian has its own Cordelia in the shape of Patrick Wintour, its political editor. “Alan Rusbridger steps down as Editor in Chief of the Guardian in the summer of 2015 becoming chairman of the Scott Trust,” his more dignified tweet .幸运的是,《卫报》也有像考狄利娅(Cordelia,李尔王的三女儿——译者注)式人物——政治编辑帕特里克#8226;温特(Patrick Wintour)。他的推文听上去更庄重:“《卫报》主编阿兰#8226;拉斯布里杰将在2015年夏天离开,到斯科特信托(Scott Trust)任董事长。”At The Economist, the other British media outfit to have lost an editor last week, tweeting activity by staff was more restrained. Only a few said they would miss their boss, and even fewer opted to fawn. “John Micklethwait, our outstanding editor at @TheEconomist becomes Bloomberg editor in chief. They are very lucky,” one wrote. Otherwise Economist journalists adopted the more tasteful Cordelia position and tweeted only the facts.另一家英国媒体《经济学人》(The Economist)的主编近期也将离任,他们的员工在Twitter上则更加克制。只有几个员工说他们会想念他们的老板,选择说奉承话的员工就更少了。“约翰#8226;米克尔思韦特(John Micklethwait),我们@TheEconomist的出色主编成为了彭社的主编。他们很幸运,”一个人写道。其他记者的做法和考狄利娅一样高雅,只在推文中陈述了事实。What does this tell you? That Mr Micklethwait wasn’t a good editor? Or that The Economist still manages to cling to decorum — even on social networks? Or maybe there is a simpler explanation. There was no point in sucking up on Twitter, as one of the most remarkable things about the departing Economist editor is that he has managed to lead a media organisation without tweeting at all.这告诉了我们什么?米克尔思韦特不是一位好主编?还是说《经济学人》即使是在社交网络上,也能恪守礼仪?也许有一个更简单的解释。在Twitter上拍马屁没什么意义,这位即将离开《经济学人》的主编最非凡的一点是,他一条推文都没发就领导了这家媒体机构。An even more powerful objection to tweeted eulogies is that a legacy is more properly judged in years than in seconds.对发推文大唱赞歌的行为,还有一个更有力的反对理由,那就是要想正确评价一个人的功与过,最好等到数年以后,而不是当下就下结论。This was brought home to me last week at the FT’s Christmas book sale. As colleagues scrambled for bargains, I noticed that being trampled underfoot was a sad copy of the book written by a man who received more instant plaudits than any I can remember when he quit his job three years ago. Last week there were no takers for Terry Leahy’s why-I’m-so-great management memoir, even with the price slashed by 95 per cent. Given that Tesco is halfway down the tubes partly as a result of Mr Leahy’s dodgy legacy, demand is bound to be limited for his homilies on the importance on truth, loyalty and courage. Even the title, Management in 10 Words, now seems like a blatant case of mis-selling. It is management in 312 — somewhat discredited — pages.我是在英国《金融时报》最近的圣诞图书促销会上意识到这一点的。当同事们在抢购便宜书时,我注意到脚下有一本可怜的书正在被大家踩来踩去。书的作者在3年前辞职的时候,瞬间赢得了我记忆中最多的赞誉。促销会上,没人买特里#8226;莱希(Terry Leahy)写的这本通篇一副“我为什么这么伟大”口吻的管理回忆录,即使促销价格是0.5折。部分缘于莱西不牢靠的“管理遗产”,Tesco已经完蛋了一半,他关于真理、忠诚和勇气是多么重要的说教必然销路有限。连书的标题《十个词搞定管理》(Management in 10 Words)现在看起来都是裸的虚假推销。它明明应该叫“312页搞定管理”,而且书中的内容也不太可信。 /201501/353357

  Development of Pottery陶器的发展The existence of pottery was a hallmark of the Neolithic Age in primitive society.陶器的发明是原始社会新石器时代的一个重要标志。Pottery shards of more than i0000 years ago were discovered in the Fairy Cave site in Lishui County of East China’s Jiangsu Province, and shards of sandy red pot-tery dating back 10000 years ago were found in the Nanzhuang Culture site in Xushui County of North China’s Hebei Province.我国已发现距今约10000年新石器时代早期的残陶片。河北徐水县南庄头遗址发现的陶器碎片经鉴定为10800~ 9700年的遗物。The site of the Peiligang CultLrre in Xinzheng of Central China’s Henan Province and the site of the Cishan Culture in Wu’an of Hebei Province are early Neolithic sites found in northern China, dating as far back as 7900 years ago. They wereearlier than Yangshao Culture, and potteries of that period were mostly plain color without decorative designs.河北武安发现的磁山文化和河南新郑发现的裴李岗文化,是黄河中游地区新石器时代的代表,距今7900年以上。它们早于仰韶文化,该文化的陶器以素面无文者居多。The site of the Hemudu Culture in Yuyao County of East China’s Zhejiang Prov-ince is another early Neolithic site that flourished 7000 years ago. Grey pottery, red pottery, charcoal-mixed black pottery, and even an occasional piece of painted pottery were found at all these ancient sites.浙江余姚河姆渡发现的河姆渡文化距今7000年左右,在该文化遗址也出土了大量的陶器。河姆渡文化的陶器为黑陶,造型简单,早期盛行刻画花纹。The site of the Yangshao Culture at Yangshao Village in Mianchi County of Henan Province, and at Banpo Village in Xi’an of North China’s Shaanxi Province,inhabited by people who lived in prosperity in a matriarchal clan society, are more than 6000 years old. Large quantities of fine painted pottery were aly made at that time.在河南渑池仰韶村的新石器时代遗址,和陕西省西安市郊的半坡遗址都发现了大量做工精美,设计精巧的陶。这两个新石器时代遗址都属于母系社会遗址,有6000年以上的历史。With the development of the society, the quality of pottery steadily improved.By the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, a clear-cut division of labor had aly ap-peared among potters. Elegant designs and pictures of flowers and birds were carved on pottery ware during the Warring States Period.Potters in this period intro-duced lead glaze, which made the surface of pottery smooth and fine and added luster to the vessels.随着社会的不断进步,陶器的质量也逐步提高。到了商代和周代,已经出现了专门从事陶器生产的工种。在战国时期,陶器上已经出现了各种优雅的纹饰和花鸟。这时的陶器也开始应用铅釉,使得陶器的表面更为光滑,也有了一定的色泽。In the Western Han Dynasty the art of glazing pottery became widesp.Multi-colored glaze was also introduced in the Han Dynasty. The renowned Tang Dynasty tri-color pottery with lead glaze was the invention of potters who introduced white, yellow, blue, green, brown, and purple glazes and skillfully applied them in combination. The appearance of Tang tri-color glazed pottery marked the entry of pottery art into an era of greater variety and color.到了西汉时期,上釉陶器工艺开始广泛流传起来。多种色的釉料也在汉代开始出现。有一种盛行于唐代的陶器,以黄、褐、绿为基本釉色,后来人们习惯地把这类陶器称为“唐三”。唐三是一神低温釉陶器,在色釉中加入不同的金属氧化物,经过焙烧,便形成浅黄、赭黄、浅绿、深绿、天蓝、褐红、茄紫等多种色,但多以黄、褐、绿三色为主。唐三的出现标志着陶器的种类和色已经开始更加丰富多。 /201512/410746When Alibaba publishes its quarterly earnings in New York today, the Chinese ecommerce group will face the clamour from a crowd of increasingly sceptical investors.阿里巴巴(Alibaba)将于今日在纽约发布其季度盈利财报。届时,这家中国电子商务集团将面临一群日益对其持怀疑态度的投资者的公开质疑。There is a palpable sense among analysts that Alibaba’s honeymoon — which saw the ecommerce group break records with last year’s bn New York listing — is over.在分析师中间,存在一种不难察觉的想法:阿里巴巴的蜜月期结束了。在此前的蜜月期中,这家电子商务集团曾于去年在纽约以250亿美元的上市规模创下记录。Since November, Alibaba’s share price has fallen from more than 9 to earlier this week — the first time its shares have dipped below since its record-breaking initial public offering in September.自去年11月以来,阿里巴巴的股价已从每股119美元跌至本周早些时候的每股79美元。这是该集团去年9月创纪录的IPO以来股价首次跌破80美元。Analysts will be watching the earnings announcement for any evidence of sluggishness in revenue growth, which undershot expectations at Alibaba’s previous results statement in January. They will also be looking for clarity on government attempts to regulate ecommerce and how this will affect the company’s profits.分析师将密切关注阿里巴巴的财报,寻找任何营收增长疲软的据——今年1月阿里巴巴前一份财报中的该指标就未能达到预期。此外他们还将关注的是,阿里巴巴将如何澄清政府部门对电子商务的监管、及其对阿里巴巴盈利的影响。“There is a lot of concern about just how sustainable is the hype around Alibaba,” said Shaun Rein, head of China Market Research Group, the Shanghai-based consultancy. “The share price went out of control after the IPO but all the hedge funds we were talking to said: ‘We want to get in before anyone else does, and we want to get out before anyone else does.’ ”上海咨询公司中国市场研究集团(China Market Research Group)主管雷小山(Shaun Rein)表示:“许多人担心的是,围绕阿里巴巴的宣传噱头会持续多久。在IPO之后,阿里巴巴的股价已经失控。然而,与我们对话的对冲基金都表示:‘我们希望在其他人入场前入场,还希望在其他人离场前离场。’”Alibaba will be hoping that Thursday’s earnings announcement receives a better reception than its previous one in January, which sent its stock down 10 per cent on weaker than expected revenues. But perhaps most of the damage was due to Alibaba’s dispute with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, a Chinese regulator.从阿里巴巴的角度来说,他们会希望投资者对周四财报的接受程度能高于1月份的前一份财报。由于营收弱于预期,今年1月的财报曾导致阿里巴巴股价下跌10%。不过,也许导致阿里巴巴股价损失的最大原因,应该是该集团与中国监管机构国家工商行政管理总局(State Administration for Industry and Commerce)之间的争端。In January SAIC said it had found evidence of bribery, fake listings and counterfeit goods on Taobao, Alibaba’s most popular consumer marketplace.今年1月,国家工商局表示,该机构发现了淘宝(Taobao)网站贿赂行为、虚假销售清单及假冒商品的据。淘宝是阿里巴巴旗下人气最高的购物市场平台。The attention from regulators spooked some investors, said Chi Tsang, internet analyst covering Alibaba for HS in Hong Kong.香港汇丰(HS)研究阿里巴巴问题的互联网分析师Chi Tsang表示,监管机构的关注令部分投资者感到害怕。“Some think the government may yet force Alibaba to drop all these merchants that are selling fake goods, and if so, what is that going to do to sales on Taobao?” he asked.他说:“部分人认为,政府也许还未迫使阿里巴巴下线那些销售伪劣商品的商家,如果他们这么做,这会对淘宝的销售产生什么影响?”Mark Natkin, director of Marbridge Consulting, the Beijing-based internet consultancy, said the SAIC row had “planted a coconut-sized seed of doubt in everyone’s mind” about Alibaba’s business model.Marbridge Consulting董事马克#8226;纳特金(Mark Natkins)表示,与工商总局的争端“在每个人心目中埋下了(针对阿里巴巴商业模式的)巨大疑窦”。Marbridge Consulting是一家总部驻北京的互联网咨询公司。“The SAIC’s report didn’t tell anyone anything they didn’t aly know,” he said. “The fact that there are a lot of fake products on Taobao has never really bothered anyone, but now that the government seems serious about regulation, people don’t know what cleaning that up will mean for Alibaba’s bottom line.”他说:“工商总局的报告所说的,全部是大家都知道的事实。淘宝网站充斥大量伪劣产品的事实从未真正困扰过任何人。然而,政府如今似乎要严肃对待淘宝网的监管问题。人们不太清楚的是,这一清理工作会对阿里巴巴的盈利产生什么影响。”The lower than expected revenues in January, added Mr Tsang, partly reflected a switch to mobile by many users — a platform that generates smaller revenues because merchants are unwilling to pay as much for mobile advertising.Chi Tsang补充说,1月份阿里巴巴营收低于预期,部分反映出许多用户转向了移动设备。由于商家不愿为移动广告付同样多的费用,移动平台带来的营收相对要少一些。Mr Rein said another concern was that Alibaba was paying the price for its pre-IPO corporate shopping spree, and a hiring glut that raised staff headcount by nearly 50 per cent.雷小山表示,人们还担心的问题是,阿里巴巴正在为IPO前的疯狂收购行为及其过度招聘行为付出代价。在之前的过度招聘行为中,阿里巴巴的员工人数增长了近50%。Jack Ma, Alibaba’s chairman and founder, recently responded to accusations of bloat by declaring a hiring freeze along with other austerity measures, such as not paying workers a traditional spring festival bonus.最近,为回应阿里巴巴过度膨胀的说法,阿里巴巴创始人兼董事长马云(Jack Ma)曾宣布将停止招聘。此外,他还公布了其他多项减举措——比如停止向员工发放传统的春节奖金。“They obviously pushed hard to get great numbers to have a super awesome IPO,” said Mr Rein. “But it’s hard to maintain that momentum. It might have been better to have slightly weaker IPO numbers, and then just kick butt in the coming quarters.”雷小山表示:“很明显,为了在IPO中大获成功,他们尽极大努力营造了完美的报表数据。然而,这种势头是很难维持的。也许,让IPO的数据稍稍疲弱一点,再在随后几个季度里发力可能会更好些。”Cao Lei, director of the China Ecommerce Research Center in Alibaba’s home city of Hangzhou, said the acquisition spree last year — in which the company made more than bn of new investments in the lead-up to its IPO — had been a failure. “The abundance of companies it acquired last year have not apparently contributed to its existing business,” said Mr Cao.中国电子商务研究中心(China Ecommerce Research Center)主任曹磊表示,去年阿里巴巴的疯狂收购是个失败的举措。他说:“阿里巴巴去年收购的大量企业,似乎并未对其现有业务有何帮助。”在去年的疯狂收购中,阿里巴巴在IPO前的新投资项目规模超过了60亿美元。至于中国电子商务研究中心,该机构的位置就在阿里巴巴总部所在的杭州市。“For the moment Alibaba does not have many tricks in the bag to impress the market,” he said.他说:“目前,阿里巴巴没有多少能让市场印象深刻的锦囊妙计了。”Alibaba, citing a pre-earnings quiet period, declined to comment.阿里巴巴方面拒绝发表相关置评,表示目前处于发布财报前的静默期。 /201505/374183Will a magnet really destroy your smartphone?磁铁真的会毁了你的智能手机吗?Do magnets actually pose a terrifying risk to our gadgets, and where did we get the idea that they’re dangerous in the first place?磁铁真的会对我们的智能工具造成威胁吗?我们又是为什么会认为它们是危险的?Let’s find out.现在我们就来揭晓。This more than likely stems from old electronic devices, such as CRT monitors and televisions, which were susceptible to magnetic fields, explains Matt Newby from first4magnets, ;When placing a strong magnet near one of these you could distort the picture. Thankfully, modern televisions and monitors aren’t susceptible in this way.;“老式电子设备如 CRT 显示器和电视机易受磁场影响,”first4magnets公司的马特·纽比解释道,“当你在这些设备附件放置强力磁铁时,画面可能会变形。不过值得庆幸的是,现代电视机和显示器不易受到此种影响。”Most modern electronics, like our smartphones, are not going to be adversely affected by small magnets; but is that all there is to it?大多数现代电子产品,比如我们的智能手机,不太会受到小型磁铁的不利影响,不过事情真是如此吗?How do magnets affect smartphones?磁铁是如何影响智能手机的?The vast majority of magnets that you come across day to day, even many of the super-strong ones on the market, will have no adverse effect on your smartphone, says Matt, ;In fact, within the device there will be a number of very small magnets which perform important functions.For example, the new Apple Watch uses a magnetic inductive wireless charging system.;马特表示“我们在日常生活中见到的绝大多数的磁铁,甚至市面上那种超强磁铁都不会对指智能手机造成伤害”,“事实上,在一些装置内会有若干非常小但却发挥重要作用的磁铁。例如,最新一代的苹果手表就使用了磁性感应无线充电系统。”However, before you get carried away and start rubbing magnets all over your smartphone, there is something else to consider.不过,在你大松一口气,开始用磁铁在你的智能手机上划来划去之前,还要了解一些事情。Matt warned that magnetic fields can temporarily interfere with the digital compass and magnetometer inside your smartphone, and that’s more serious than you may think.马特警告说,磁场可能暂时干扰智能手机里的数字罗盘和磁强计,而其后果远比你想象的严重。The engineers over at Kamp;J Magnetics actually experimented with an iPhone to show how the sensors inside can be affected by a magnet.其实,Kamp;J Magnetics工程师已经用iPhone进行了实验,来检测磁铁会如何影响iPhone内部的传感器。The problem we found is that a nearby magnet will affect the internal magnetic sensors inside the phone. The compass won’t correctly, explained Michael Paul, an engineer at Kamp;J, ;What’s worse, if you stick a strong magnet to the phone, you could slightly magnetize some steel components inside, making them act like weak magnets. This can make it difficult to properly calibrate the compass.;“我们发现附近的磁铁会影响手机内部的磁性传感器。造成指南针失常,”Kamp;J Magnetics的工程师Michael Paul解释道,“更糟糕的如果你在手机旁放置强力磁铁,里面的一些钢构件会稍稍磁化,他们会变成弱磁铁。这样指南针便难以正确校对。”You might think it’s unimportant because you never use the compass app, but that doesn’t mean other apps aren’t relying on the same sensor.你可能认为这不重要,因为你从来不使用指南针这个应用程序,但这并不意味着其他应用程序不依赖于相同的传感器。Google (GOOGL, Tech30) Maps, for example, uses the sensor to detect which way the phone is facing, and a number of games also rely on it to work out your orientation.例如,谷歌公司(GOOGLTech30)的谷歌地图就使用传感器来检测你的朝向,而且很多游戏也依靠它来判断你的方向。It seems as though magnets aren’t likely to kill your smartphone, but there’s definitely a possibility they’ll mess some pretty important aspects up, so why take the risk?虽然磁铁不会让你的智能手机报废,但它极有可能扰乱一些重要的原件,因此我们完全不必冒这样的险。 /201506/378577

  My 18-year-old daughter knows exactly when it will be that time of the month. Since June, she’s been plugging the dates of her menstrual cycle into a popular period tracking app called Clue, and has it programmed to send her an alert every month, two days before her next period is due.我的女儿18岁,她很清楚自己经期的准确时间。从6月开始,她每个月都将自己的月经周期输入一款叫做Clue的流行经期跟踪app(应用程序),并将其设定为提前两天向她推送提醒消息。“It’s great because I never think about it, and now I never have to think about it,” she said.“这简直太棒了,”她说,“之前我就没刻意去计算过经期,以后也用不着再操这份心啦。”Like a lot of young women, my teenager is just too busy. And no, she doesn’t mind being ed, she said, adding, “Mom: I’m not embarrassed about my period.”她会这么说只是因为她像很多年轻女子一样,实在是太忙了,正如她的原话说的,不,“妈妈,月经并不会让我感到尴尬。”She’s not the only one. Girls and women are openly talking, tweeting and texting about their periods, and not just to Donald Trump. New companies tired of the stigma are selling menstrual products using the “P” word, singers and artists weave menstruation themes into their work, athletes and others have mentioned it on talk shows and at press conferences. Two New York City high school girls developed a game called “Tampon Run” — the heroine’s mission is “to rid the world of the menstrual taboo.”抱有这种看法的并不只是她一个。女孩和妇女们现在都能公开地或是在Twitter和短信中谈论月经,而不是仅仅告诉唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)。新兴公司不再耻于以销售带“P”字的经期护理产品,歌手和艺术家们开始在作品中涉及月经这个主题,运动员和其他人物也不惮在谈话节目和新闻发布会中提到它。在纽约,两名高中女生做出了一款名叫“Tampon Run(或译为《卫生棉大战》)”的视频游戏,女主角肩负起了“让世界不再对月经讳莫如深”的使命。Add to this mix period tracker apps, which have helped shift attitudes, demystifying and normalizing menstruation by assigning cute icons to once unmentionables like heavy flow, maxi pads and period pimples. Most important, the apps transform the input into crunchable data that can tell a young woman when her period is due, when it’s late and even why she might be feeling so blue.经期跟踪app也是同类的产品,它帮助人们转变了对月经的态度,给一度被认为是难以启齿的字眼儿,如月经量大、卫生棉、经期粉刺等配上可爱的图标,让月经褪去了神秘的外衣,成为了日常生活的一部分。最重要的是,这些app可利用输入的数据计算出准确的月经周期,在经期延迟时向年轻女孩发出警报,甚至可以告诉她为何她会情绪低落。There are over 200 different period tracker apps to choose from, and they are immensely popular: consumers have downloaded Period Tracker (by GP International) and Period Calendar/Tracker (by ABISHKKING) more than 10 million times from the Android store alone, according to IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics.据IMS医疗信息研究所(IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics)报告,经期跟踪app广受欢迎,目前已有超过200款不同产品可供选择,仅以安卓商店计算,Period Tracker(经期跟踪器,由高品国际[GP International]开发)和Period Calendar/Tracker(女性日历/日记,由ABISHKKING开发)的下载量就超过了1000万次。Period tracker apps can track a range of issues related to the menstrual cycle including emotions, cramps, weight, sleep, energy, food cravings and more. They also can record when you had sex (Clue’s icon for protected sex is a man wearing a tie) or remind you to pack tampons, take your birth control pill or do a breast exam, all information women say is both empowering and liberating. Some apps are pink and girlie, all hearts and flowers and butterflies; others take a more subtle approach with lots of graphs in muted shades of purple. Specialized apps have even been developed for niche groups like Orthodox Jewish women who adhere to religious family purity laws. The apps say they are “rabbinically approved.”经期跟踪app可以追踪与月经周期相关的一系列问题,如情绪、痛经、体重、睡眠、精力、食欲等等。它们还可以记录你的性事(Clue中有保护性行为的图标是一个戴领带的男人),提醒你携带卫生巾、吃避药或做乳腺检查,所有让女性感到自主和解放的信息。一些app采用了粉红色和富有少女情怀的心形、花朵和蝴蝶装饰;另一些则大量使用柔和的紫色调图片,给人较为淡雅的感觉。研发人员甚至还开发了专用于小众群体——如遵循“家庭纯洁”宗教准则的正统派犹太教妇女——的app,并声称这些产品得到了“拉比的批准”。“When you see a technology that someone has developed specifically for you as a woman, it really legitimizes talking about your periods and thinking about them,” said Shuangyi “E.E.” Hou, 24, a product designer in San Francisco for apps and websites who has used a period tracker app for over a year. “If we as a society say women should be checking in on their periods, and we give them permission to talk about it, I’m convinced it will be beneficial for women’s health.”“专为女性开发的技术的出现,代表了考虑和谈论月经是完全合理且正当的,”旧金山24岁的app和网站产品设计师侯双艺(Shuangyi ;E.E.; Hou,音译)说,她使用经期跟踪app已有一年以上。“我相信,如果整个社会都赞同女性关注自己的月经周期,允许她们谈论相关的问题,势必将有益于女性健康。”While the apps also can be used to track ovulation, signaling the days the user is more or less likely to become pregnant, most period tracker apps explicitly warn users not to rely on them to prevent pregnancy. The ovulation tracker and fertility prediction can be helpful for a woman trying to conceive, but it can give a false sense of security to a woman who relies on the app as a form of birth control.虽然这些app也可以用于跟踪排卵,并提示用户哪些日子比较容易/不容易怀,但大多数经期跟踪app都明确地警告用户不要依赖它们来避。排卵跟踪和受预测对想要怀的妇女有一定帮助,但它可能给依赖app来避的妇女造成安全的假象。That’s because even the most vigilant ovulation tracking methods have shockingly high failure rates, according to the American Academy of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, with up to one in four women becoming pregnant over the course of a year with typical use.这是因为,即使是最灵敏的排卵跟踪方法,错误率依然惊人得高。美国妇产科医师协会(American Academy of Obstetricians and Gynecologists)的调查显示,在使用这些app来预测安全期的一年期间,还是会有多达四分之一的女性“中招”。“Apps are a tool; they’re not actually a birth control method,” said Hannah Ransom of San Diego, a certified fertility awareness educator.圣地亚哥市的一名经过认的易受期知晓(fertility awareness)教育人员汉娜·兰塞姆(Hannah Ransom)说:“app只是一种工具;它们并非切实有效的避方法。”But many users of period tracker apps rely on them to help schedule their busy lives or for tracking health conditions that fluctuate with their cycle, rather than contraception. Aliya, a 23-year-old from the Bronx, said she uses Pink Pad Pro to schedule social outings like visits to a Russian bath house and to give her doctor an accurate answer to the inevitable question about the date of her last menstrual period (though she admitted relying on it occasionally for birth control as well).不过,许多经期跟踪app的用户主要是用它们来协助自己安排忙碌的生活,跟踪随月经周期波动的健康状况,而非用于避。布朗克斯市的23岁女孩阿莉娅(Aliya)说自己使用Pink Pad Pro来安排洗俄式浴之类的社交活动,或是在医生问及她末次月经日期之类的问题时能帮她做出准确的回答(不过,她也承认自己偶尔依靠它来避)。One college theater student said she always forgets about her period during the week or two before a production, when there are a million other details to think about, so she likes the push notification reminders from Period Tracker Lite.一名戏剧学院的学生说,在演出前一两周,她总有太多的事情要操心,于是往往会忘了经期的事情,所以她乐于让Period Tracker Lite给她推送提醒通知。Ida Tin, who founded Clue, one of the fastest growing period tracker apps with 2 million active users in 180 countries, said her motivation in developing the app was to provide women with more information and greater understanding about a “foundational” part of their lives for 40 years.Clue是发展最快的一款经期跟踪app之一,在180个国家拥有200万活跃用户。其创立者埃达·丁(Ida Tin)表示,她开发该app的动机是为了向女同胞们提供更多信息,帮助她们更深入地了解这个在她们生命中长达40年的时间里都具有重要意义的“基本”部分。“If you just have the data about what is going on in your body,” said Ms. Tin, “It’s a navigating tool for your life.”丁女士说:“获知有关你身体内部变化的数据,可以让你更好地规划自己的生活。” /201601/422974






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