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A crackdown on the use of unlicensed electric bikes and freight tricycles in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, has paralyzed courier services, leaving delivery workers struggling to cope with piles of undelivered packages.近日,广东省深圳市整治无电动自行车、货运三轮车的行动使当地快递务陷入瘫痪,包裹大量堆积,快递员疲于应对。The campaign, launched by the city#39;s traffic police on March 21, has resulted in the seizure of 17,975 electric bikes by March 31, and 874 people were detained on charges of operating them illegally, according to the police#39;s Sina Weibo account.据深圳交警新浪微消息,自3月21日行动开展以来,截止3月31日,在10天的时间内,共17975辆电动车被查扣,874人因非法营运电动车被拘留。Only electric bicycles that have been registered with the traffic police are allowed to operate on the roads and freight tricycles have been forbidden in the city.只有在交警处注册过的电动自行车允许在路上行驶,货运三轮车已在该城市禁止上路。The campaign has hit Shenzhen#39;s express delivery sector hardest, because most of the couriers use electric freight tricycles to deliver packages.不过此次整治运动让深圳的快递行业陷入困境,因为大部分的快递员使用电动货运三轮车运送包裹。Ling Chuang, a 27-year-old manager of a service outlet operated by Shanghai Yunda Express, said the ban on electric bikes and tricycles means workers are now only able to process about 50 percent of orders.27岁的上海韵达快递出口务的负责人凌创表示,针对电动自行车和三轮车的这一禁令意味着快递人员现在只能完成大约50%的订单。The police have said they will continue the crackdown, but on Friday they offered a 15-day buffer period.深圳交警表示,将继续开展整治行动,不过在周五时,他们表示将给予15天的缓冲期。In response to widesp complaints from delivery workers, the police said the move was designed to make roads safer. They will help to reduce the shortfall by licensing an additional 5,000 electric bikes for the courier sector.针对大范围的快递人员的投诉,警方表示,此举是为了使道路更加安全。为帮助解决快递业电动车需求缺口,深圳交警将增加5000辆备案电动自行车的配额。About 4 million package orders are processed in Shenzhen every year, but there are more than 70,000 delivery workers and only 13,000 licensed e-bikes.深圳每年处理的包裹订单大约是400万份,但是超过70000人的快递员工,却只配有13000辆注册电动自行车。 /201604/436014Royal Dutch Shell moved to bolster shareholder support for its proposed takeover of BG Group after Chinese regulators on Monday gave the deal their approval.荷兰皇家壳牌(Royal Dutch Shell)正着手争取股东持拟议中的收购英国天然气集团(BG Group)的交易。此前,中国监管机构在周一批准了这一交易。Shell announced that the combined group would cut up to 2,800 staff upon completion, or 3 per cent of the enlarged workforce, as it looks to secure one of the largest energy deals of recent years amid the oil price crash. Brent crude was trading at on Monday.壳牌宣布,合并后的集团在交易完成后会裁撤总计2800名员工,占合并后员工总数的3%,该集团将寻求在油价暴跌之际,敲定这项近年最大规模的能源协议之一。周一,布伦特(Brent)基准原油的价格为每桶37美元。Shares in BG fell 0.7 per cent on Monday to close at 9.20, and are about 10 per cent lower than the price outlined by Shell in its cash-and-stock bid, partly reflecting some concern that shareholders might not approve the deal.周一,英国天然气集团的股价下跌0.7%,收于每股9.2英镑,比壳牌以现金和换股方式开出的价码中给出的大致价格低了大约10%,这在一定程度上反映出某些人对股东可能不会批准这一交易的担忧。The takeover requires the support of a majority of Shell shareholders and 75 per cent of those at BG.这次收购需要得到壳牌多数股东和英国天然气集团75%的股东的持。 /201512/416512

Donald Trump on Thursday reached the number of delegates needed to clinch the Republican nomination for president, completing an unlikely rise that has upended the political landscape and sets the stage for a bitter fall campaign.本周四,唐纳德#8226;特朗普得到了足够的票数,锁定了共和党党内总统候选人提名。一度看似不可能胜利的特朗普却一路胜出,颠覆了政治版图,为即将到来的更加艰苦的秋季竞选铺好了道路。And he celebrated with McDonald#39;s takeout and Diet Coke on his private plane - after a swipe at his rival Hillary Clinton for being unable to secure the Democratic nomination.他在自己的私人飞机上吃着麦当劳外卖,喝着健怡可乐来庆祝此次胜利——此前,他攻击对手希拉里#8226;克林顿,说她难保民主党提名。During a press conference Thursday in North Dakota, Trump said he was #39;honored#39; by the help he received from a handful of local delegates who gave him a majority.星期四,在北达科他州举办的一场记者招待会中,特朗普说他很“荣幸”得到当地一些选民的帮助,助他赢得了大多数选票。#39;I#39;m so honored by these people! They had such great sense!#39; Trump beamed.“有这些人的持我深感荣幸!他们太有眼光了!”特朗普笑容满面地说。One, John Trandem, said he was Trump#39;s 1,238th pledged delegate – the one who put him over the top and cemented the presidential nomination.一位持者,约翰#8226;川德姆说他是持特朗普的第1238位选举人——是他让特朗普得以在初选中获胜,敲定他的总统候选人位置的。Trump shook hands with Trandem - after crowing that Clinton can#39;t do the same.特朗普与川德姆握手——此前他洋洋自得地说,希拉里可做不到像我一样。#39;Here I am watching Hillary fight, and she can#39;t close the deal,#39; he told reporters. #39;We#39;ve had tremendous support from almost everybody.#39;“我就在这儿看着希拉里角逐候选人提名,她成不了,”他对记者说。“我们的持者极多,几乎每个人都持我们。”It takes 1,237 delegates to win the Republican nomination for president. Trump has reached 1,238. With 303 delegates at stake in five state primaries on June 7, Trump will easily pad his total, avoiding a contested convention in Cleveland in July.赢得共和党党内总统候选人提名需要1237位选举人的投票。特朗普获得了1238票。还有五个州303位选举人的投票归属未定,6月7日将在这五个州举行预选,届时特朗普会轻易把它们收入囊中,避免7月克利夫兰共和党党代会的火药味太浓。Trump, a political neophyte who for years delivered caustic commentary on the state of the nation from the sidelines but had never run for office, fought off 16 other Republican contenders in an often ugly primary race.多年以来,特朗普作为一个局外人发表了很多关于国事尖酸刻薄的,他是个政坛菜鸟,从未参加过竞选,但在向来丑恶的预选中他打败了其他16位共和党竞选人。Many on the right have been slow to warm to Trump, wary of his conservative bona fides. Others worry about Trump#39;s crass personality and the lewd comments he#39;s made about women.很多右派人士慢慢才接受了特朗普,提防着他对保守党的诚意。另外一些人则担心他粗鲁的个性,以及他对女性下流的。But millions of grassroots activists, many who have been outsiders to the political process, have embraced Trump as a plain-speaking populist who is not afraid to offend.但是数百万的草根激进分子都拥护特朗普,其中大多数都是政治程序的局外人,认为他是个直率的民粹主义者,不怕惹怒一些群体。Steve House, chairman of the Colorado Republican Party and an unbound delegate who confirmed his support of Trump to AP, said he likes the billionaire#39;s background as a businessman.科罗拉多州共和党主席、非绑定代表史蒂夫#8226;豪斯向美联社实他持特朗普,他说他喜欢特朗普的商人背景。#39;Leadership is leadership,#39; House said. #39;If he can surround himself with the political talent, I think he will be fine.#39;“领导要有领导力,”豪斯说。“如果他能在身边聚集起政治人才,我觉得他能行。”Others who confirmed their decision to back Trump were more tepid, saying they are supporting him out of a sense of obligation because he won their state#39;s primary.另外一些承认自己持特朗普的人就没那么热情,他们表示是因为特朗普赢了州预选所以才出于义务持他的。Cameron Linton of Pittsburgh said he will back Trump on the first ballot since he won the presidential primary vote in Linton#39;s congressional district.匹茨堡的卡梅伦#8226;林顿说,他在第一轮投票中会持特朗普,因为他在林顿所在的国会选区的总统预选中获胜。#39;If there#39;s a second ballot I won#39;t vote for Donald Trump,#39; Linton said. #39;He#39;s ridiculous. There#39;s no other way to say it.#39;“如果还有第二轮投票,我就不会再持特朗普了,”林顿说。“他很荒谬。只有这个词才可以形容他。”All the while, Republican leaders declared themselves appalled by Trump#39;s rise. Conservatives called the onetime Democrat a fraud.一直以来,共和党领导人都宣称他们对特朗普的崛起感到惊异。他们还把曾经是民主党人的特朗普叫作骗子。But they failed, ultimately, to block him. Republican leaders slowly, warily, began meeting with Trump and his staff. And he began winning endorsements from a few members of Congress.但是他们最终失败了,没能阻止他。共和党领导人慢慢地、小心翼翼地开始与特朗普和他手下的工作人员会面。特朗普逐渐赢得了几个国会议员的持。Trump incurred relatively low campaign costs — just million through the end of April. He covered most of it with at least million of his own money loaned to the campaign.特朗普参加选举的花费相对较少——到四月底为止只有5700万美元,其中他自己投入了至少4300万美元,占了参选花费的大部分。He spent less than million on paid television and radio commercials. That#39;s about one-quarter of what Jeb Bush and his allies spent on TV.他在付费电视和广播宣传上花的钱不到2100万美元,这一数字是杰布#8226;布什和其盟友在电视广告上所花费的四分之一。Bush dropped out of the race three months ago, after disappointing results in South Carolina.布什在南卡罗纳州的得票情况并不理想,三个月之前就退出了竞选。Trump, 69, the son of a New York City real estate magnate, had risen to fame in the 1980s and 1990s, overseeing major real estate deals, watching his financial fortunes rise, then fall, hosting #39;The Apprentice#39; TV show and authoring more than a dozen books.现年69岁的特朗普是纽约房地产巨头的儿子,在八九十年代名声鹊起,负责大宗房地产交易,目睹过自己金融财富的涨落,主持过热门电视节目《学徒》,还写了十几本书。 /201605/446641

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