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The US imported more tea than the UK last year for the first time, as an increasing number of young American consumers are choosing the brew over coffee.随着越来越多的美国年轻消费者选择喝茶而不是咖啡,去年美国的茶叶进口量首次超过英国。US imports of tea have risen 30 per cent by volume in the past decade, according to data from the International Trade Centre. Imports totalled 129,166 tonnes in 2014, compared with the UK’s 126,512 tonnes.国际贸易中心(International Trade Centre)的数据显示,过去十年美国茶叶进口量增长了30%。2014年,美国总共进口了129166吨茶叶,英国则进口了126512吨。In the UK — still one of the leading tea consuming nations — sales are declining, with imports falling 20 per cent in the past decade.虽然英国仍是领先的茶叶消费国之一,但在英国,茶叶销量却在下降。过去十年,英国茶叶进口量下降了20%。Peter Goggi, president of the Tea Association of the USA, said the increase in tea consumption was most pronounced among those aged between 16 and 26. “What we’re seeing is the message that tea is good for your health has really permeated,” he said.美国茶叶协会(Tea Association)主席彼得#8226;戈吉(Peter Goggi)表示,茶叶消费量增长在16岁到26岁人群当中体现得最明显。他说:“我们发现,喝茶有益健康的理念确实已被广泛接受。”A survey by pollster YouGov in the US also highlighted the rising popularity of tea among younger consumers. It found that coffee and tea were equally popular among 18 to 29-year-old people but 62 per cent of 45 to 64-year-old people and 70 per cent of over-65s preferred coffee.民意调查公司YouGov在美国开展的一项调查也突显出,茶叶在较年轻消费者当中越来越受欢迎。该公司发现,在18岁到29岁人群当中,咖啡与茶的受欢迎度是相等的。但在45岁到64岁人群当中,62%的人更喜欢喝咖啡。在65岁以上人群当中,选择咖啡的比例达到70%。Iced tea has always dominated the tea category in the US but anecdotal evidence suggests consumption of hot tea is on the rise.在美国茶类饮料中,冰茶一直占主导地位。不过坊间据显示,热茶消费量正在增长。Tea shops are popping up nationwide, with the drink emerging as a low-fat beverage of choice. Starbucks moved into tea by buying Teavana, a speciality company, in 2012.随着茶饮日益成为一种低脂饮料选择,茶店正在美国各地迅速涌现。2012年,星巴克(Starbuck)通过收购专营茶饮的公司Teavana进入了茶饮市场。The rise in tea consumption in the US comes as coffee drinking is on the wane. According to the National Coffee Association’s latest annual survey, 59 per cent of Americans said they drank a cup of coffee a day, down from 61 per cent in 2014 and 63 per cent in 2013.在美国茶叶消费量增长之际,咖啡消费量却在减少。美国国家咖啡协会(National Coffee Association)最新年度调查报告显示,59%的美国人表示他们每天会喝一杯咖啡,这一比例低于2014年的61%,也低于2013年的63%。This is bad news for coffee traders aly fretting about the fall in arabica bean prices.对于已经在为阿拉比卡咖啡豆价格下跌感到担忧的咖啡交易商来说,这可是个坏消息。In the UK more people are turning to coffee. Tea consumption has fallen steadily from 1.6kg per person in 2009 to 1.4kg in 2014, compared with a rise in coffee usage from 0.9kg per person to 1.2kg over the same period.而在英国,更多的人则在转向咖啡。2009年到2014年,英国年人均茶叶消费量已从1.6公斤稳步降至1.4公斤;同一时期,年人均咖啡消费量却从0.9公斤升至1.2公斤。 /201503/364783Animal rights activists may not have succeeded in shutting down an annual dog-eating festival in southwestern China, but they did help drive a massive increase in the price of dog meat.动物权益保护者也许没能让中国西南地区一年一度的“肉节”停办,但却无意中推动了肉价格的大幅上涨。Prices for cooked dog in the city of Yulin, in China#39;s Guangxi region, shot as high as 50 yuan () per kilogram over the weekend, according to Chinese media. The Beijing Morning Post said the new price was a record for the meat.据中国媒体报道,在中国广西省玉林市,熟肉的价格在上周末暴涨至每公斤人民币50元。《北京晨报》称,这创下了肉价格的新高。China Real Time was unable to find a dog market expert to confirm whether a new record had been set. Still, one local resident told us prices had nearly doubled year-on-year -- a rise he attributed to increased interest as a result of activists#39; complaints about the festival.“中国实时报”(China Real Time)未能找到一位肉市场的专家来实肉价格是否已创纪录新高。不过,一位当地居民对“中国实时报”称,肉价格已较上年同期上涨了近一倍。他表示,这是因为在动物保护者抨击“肉节”之后,人们对肉的兴趣反而上升。#39;I bought raw dog meat at 26 yuan (per kilogram) last year and this year it went up to 40 yuan,#39; said the resident, who would only give his surname, Ning. #39;The dog lovers are providing Yulin with free advertising. There are so many people coming here to eat, so we have to pay more.#39;这位只称自己姓宁(音)的居民表示,去年买生肉的价格是每公斤人民币26元,今年已经涨到40元。他说:爱人士给玉林市做了免费广告,这么多人慕名来此吃肉,我们就只能花更高的价钱买肉。The Yulin festival, during which participants pair dog with lychees and generous quantities of grain alcohol, takes place every year on June 21, the traditional start of summer. This year it came under heavy fire from foreign and Chinese animal rights advocates, including well-known actors and pop stars. According to local media reports, activists poured into the city to hound vendors ahead of the day, leading to violent clashes and prompting increased security.玉林“肉节”在每年6月21日举办,传统上这一天是夏季的开始。参加“肉节”的食客们会在吃肉时佐以荔枝并豪饮白酒。今年的“肉节”受到了国内外动物权益保护者的猛烈抨击,其中不乏知名演员和明星。据国内媒体报道,在“肉节”的前一天,动物保护者涌入玉林市去围追贩,导致暴力冲突,促使当地政府加强了安保措施。In years past, as many as 10,000 dogs have sacrificed their lives for the event.往年在玉林“肉节”期间会有多达1万只成为桌上美食。Liang Shasha, an official with the Yulin city government, told China Real Time that dog supplies were lower this year because of stricter checks by health authorities. He said several restaurants also closed down their shops because of harassment from activists.玉林市政府一名官员梁沙沙(音)告诉“中国实时报”,由于卫生部门加强了检疫工作,今年肉供应量有所下降。他表示,由于动保人士的抗议,已有多家餐馆关门。#39;This year, a lot of people chose to eat at home to avoid the chaos and trouble, including my family,#39; Mr. Liang said. #39;I went to the market that night and saw a lot of places advertising take out.#39;梁沙沙称,今年有很多人选择在家吃肉,避开那些争执和麻烦,包括我家里也是这么做的;那天夜里我在市场看到很多地方贴着广告称提供外卖。The Yulin government had earlier asked civil servants to try to steer clear of the festival to avoid further inflaming animal rights advocates.玉林市政府早些时候要求公务员不要参加肉节,以免进一步激怒动保人士。While the stricter health checks may have played a role in the steep price increase, locals attributed most of the jump to increased demand, suggesting that the activists may have helped expand the event they were hoping to end. Mr. Liang said some hotels had been booked full the night of the festival.虽然更加严格的卫生检疫可能是肉价格上涨的一个原因,但需求增加主要还是由本地人推动的,这表明原本希望劝说人们不要吃肉的动保人士可能反而提高了这一节日的知名度。梁沙沙称,在肉节当晚,一些酒店房间都被订满了。#39;There were a lot more people this year, including a lot of outsiders,#39; said Mr. Ning. #39;I didn#39;t see many people from other places last year. They came to see what all the fuss was about and try some dog meat.#39;上述姓宁的居民称,今年有更多人参加肉节,包括许多外地人,去年还不曾看到有这么多外地人来参加,他们都想来看看为什么这个节日引发了这么大的争议,同时也试着品尝肉。Reports said some activists were seen buying dogs to save them from the dinner table, which would play an even more direct role in pushing up the profitability of butchering man#39;s best friend.有报道称一些动保人士自己掏钱买,使它们免遭成为盘中餐的命运,而这一做法对于推高屠宰这些人类最好的朋友所获得的利润起到了直接影响。 /201406/308364

LONDON — The Church of England overturned centuries of tradition on Monday with a final vote allowing women to become bishops, with the first appointments possible by Christmas.伦敦——英格兰国教会(Church of England)周一通过最终投票,推翻了一个有着几百年历史的传统,允许女性担任主教。首批女主教的任命可能会在圣诞节前。Approval of the historic change, which was first agreed to in July, was announced after a largely symbolic show of hands at the General Synod, the lawmaking body of the Church of England. The British Parliament supported the measure last month.英格兰国教会的立法机构总议会(General Synod)在进行了很大程度上是象征性的举手表决后,宣布通过了这一具有历史意义的变革。这项变革是在7月达成一致的。上月,英国议会对这一举措表示持。“Today we can begin to embrace a new way of being the church and moving forward together,” the archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev. Justin Welby, said after the vote.“今天,我们将迎来一种新的教会模式,并携手前行,”坎特伯雷大主教贾斯汀·韦尔比(Justin Welby)在投票结束后说。Two decades after the first female priest was ordained, the issue of women taking senior roles in the church hierarchy remains divisive. As recently as 2012, the proposal had been defeated by six votes.在首位女性被任命为牧师20年后,女性在教会层级中担任高级职务这个问题,依然存在分歧。就在2012年,这一提议还因反对方多出六票而未能通过。But Archbishop Welby, the spiritual leader of the church and the global Anglican Communion, who supported the vote from the start, had warned fellow church leaders this year that the public would find the exclusion of women “almost incomprehensible.”英格兰国教会和全球圣公宗(Anglican Communion)的精神领袖韦尔比大主教从一开始就持该提议。他今年告诫教会的其他领袖,民众会认为将女性排除在外“几乎无法理解”。On Monday, however, he acknowledged that a split in the worldwide Anglican community was now a serious possibility. “Without prayer and repentance, it is hard to see how we can avoid some serious fractures,” he said.然而,韦尔比大主教周一承认,全球圣公宗现在很有可能会发生分裂。“如果不祈祷和悔过,很难看清我们如何才能避免一些严重的分裂,”他说。The change involves the addition of a sentence to Canon 33, stating: “A man or a woman may be consecrated to the office of bishop.”这一改变将让第33条教规新增一句话,注明:“男女皆可被任命为主教。”Half a dozen British dioceses may soon appoint new bishops, including Oxford, Gloucester and Newcastle. Southwell and Nottingham are reportedly aly considering applications from women, with a first appointment might be made before the year’s end. Last month, the church floated the idea that affirmative action could be used to ordain underrepresented female bishops.包括牛津、格洛斯特和纽卡斯尔在内的六个主教教区可能很快就会任命新主教。据报道,绍斯韦尔和诺丁汉已在考虑来自女性的申请。首位女主教的任命或许会在年底之前进行。上月,教会提出了一个观点,即可以采取积极行动,任命未被充分代表的女性为主教。One faction within the Church of England that opposes women as bishops is a conservative evangelical group called Reform. Arguing that “the divine order of male headship” makes it “inappropriate” for women to lead dioceses, Reform claims that at least a quarter of the church will find this incompatible with their beliefs.英格兰国教会内部反对女性担任主教的派别之一,是一个保守的福音派团体,被称作改革宗(Reform)。该团体称,“男性占领导地位的神圣旨意”决定了女性“不宜”领导主教教区,并表示至少四分之一的教众会觉得此举有违他们的信仰。But Monday’s vote was welcomed by longstanding campaigners like the Very Rev. Jane Hedges, the first female dean of Norwich, who called it “very exciting and good news for the church and our mission to the world.” Dean Hedges said she had not expected to see this change in her professional life.但周一的投票,得到了教长简·赫奇斯(Jane Hedges)等长期活动人士的欢迎。作为诺威奇的首任女教长,赫奇斯称此事“对教会和我们向全世界布道来说,都是非常激动人心的好消息”。赫奇斯教长称没想到会在职业生涯期间目睹这一变化。Archbishop Welby predicted after Monday’s vote that half the Church of England’s bishops could be women within a decade, which would mean that about 50 dioceses could be led by women.韦尔比大主教在周一的投票后预测,十年之内,英格兰国教会一半的主教职务将由女性担任,也就是说,可能会有大约50个主教教区由女性领导。Hilary Cotton, the chairwoman of Women and the Church, or Watch, told the B that she hoped the change occurred quickly.女性与教会(Women and the Church,简称Watch)组织的主席希拉里·科顿(Hilary Cotton)告诉B,她希望这一改变能尽快成为现实。“It is not just about having women wearing purple,” she said. “It is about changing the culture of the church to be more equal.”“此事涉及的,不仅是女性能否穿上紫色主教,”她说,“还涉及改变教会文化,让它更加平等。” /201411/343582


  Epidemics and pandemics are like earthquakes. Tragic, inevitable and unpredictable. It starts as a random event. A virus jumps species from a bird, bat, or other animal to “Patient Zero” – who passes it on to other human beings. More likely than not, over the course of this century we will face an influenza pandemic similar to the one in 1918 that killed 50m people.流行病和流行病疫情就像地震一样:悲惨、不可避免而且不可预测。它起源于一个随机事件。一种病毒跨越物种界限,从一只鸟、一只蝙蝠或其他动物跳到“零号病人”身上,接着这个人再把病毒传到其他人身上。在本世纪,我们很有可能会经历一次类似于1918年那样的流感疫情,当年的疫情曾导致5000万人死亡。President Barack Obama’s first chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, said in the wake of the global economic meltdown that “you never let a serious crisis go to waste”. Crises are opportunities to learn. They point to measures that will prevent the collapse of institutions when they are under extreme pressure.美国总统巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)的首任幕僚长拉姆#8226;伊曼纽尔(Rahm Emanuel)曾在全球经济危机过后表示,“你绝不能让一场严重的危机白白浪费”。危机也是机遇,我们可以从中吸取教训。它们会揭示一些有助于防止机构在极端压力下崩溃的措施。While the focus is understandably on responding to the Ebola crisis, it is equally important that it serves as a wake-up call with respect to inadequacies that threaten not just tragedy on an unprecedented scale but the basic security of the US and other wealthy nations. As with climate change, no part of the world can insulate itself from the consequences of epidemic and pandemic.在世人不难理解地专注于应对埃拉疫情之际,同样重要的是,这场疫情应让人们警醒,各种不足之处不仅可能带来规模空前的悲剧,还会危及美国和其他富国的基本安全。就像气候变化一样,全球任何一个角落都无法摆脱流行病的影响。The report of the Global Health 2035 commission, which I co-chaired, points up three crucial lessons.“全球健康2035”(Global Health 2035)委员会的报告提出了3点重要教训。我担任该委员会的联合主席。First, collective action must be taken to build strong health systems in every corner of the globe. In west Africa, Ebola was a “stress test” on national health systems, and in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea the systems could not cope. There were too few trained health professionals; there was also too little equipment and too few supplies, and too little capacity for public health surveillance and control.第一,必须采取集体行动在全球所有地区建立强大的卫生体系。在西非,埃拉是针对各国卫生体系的一场“压力测试”。塞拉利昂、利比里亚和几内亚的卫生体系应付不了这场疫情。受过训练的专业医护人士太少;设备和物资太少,公共卫生监测和控制能力也太弱。Nigeria’s containment of the virus after the first case was diagnosed in July is instructive. Its success, hailed by the World Health Organisation as a piece of “world class epidemiological detective work”, is explained by its aggressive, co-ordinated surveillance and control response. It aly had a polio surveillance system, with skilled outbreak specialists who were quickly put to work tackling Ebola. Every country needs this kind of system. Prevention is cheaper than cure and leads to better outcomes.在首例埃拉患者今年7月被确诊后,尼日利亚对埃拉病毒的防控具有指导意义。强有力而协调的监控回应是该国防控成功的原因,世界卫生组织(WHO)称赞其为“世界级的流行病学侦探工作”。尼日利亚已建立小儿麻痹监测体系,拥有有技能的疫情专家,能够依靠他们来对付埃拉疫情。每个国家都需要这种体系。防范的代价低于治疗,而且会取得更好的结果。Building these systems takes time and money. Our research, conducted with an international team of economists and health experts, and published last year in the medical journal The Lancet, suggests that the price of this “systems strengthening” would be about bn a year for the next two decades. The good news is that we have the financing to pay for this through a combination of aid and domestic spending. The cost represents well under 1 per cent of the additional gross domestic product that will be available to low- and lower-middle-income countries due to increased GDP growth over the next 20 years.建立这些体系需要时间和金钱。我们的研究表明,未来20年,“加强体系”的成本为每年约300亿美元。这项研究由一个由经济学家和卫生专家组成的国际团队开展,去年发表在医学杂志《柳叶刀》(The Lancet)上。好消息是,通过援助和国内出,我们可以筹措这笔资金。其成本远远低于中低收入国家未来20年国内生产总值(GDP)增量的1%。The second lesson is that the lack of investment in public health is a global emergency. The WHO’s slow response to Ebola was not surprising, given its recent staff cuts. For that, we all share the blame. Since 1994, the WHO’s regular budget has declined steadily in real terms. Even before the Ebola crisis, it struggled to fund basic functions. The entire budget for influenza was just ·7m in 2013 – less than a third of what New York City alone devotes to preparing for public health emergencies.第二个教训是,公共卫生投资匮乏是一项全球性紧急事件。鉴于世界卫生组织最近的裁员,该组织对埃拉疫情的缓慢回应并不令人意外。对此,我们都要承担责任。自1994年以来,世界卫生组织的经常预算按实际价值计算一直稳步下滑。甚至在埃拉疫情爆发之前,该组织就连维持基本职能都捉襟见肘。2013年,该组织针对流行病疫情的预算总额为770万美元,不到纽约市公共卫生紧急事件预算的三分之一。It takes just one infected airline passenger to introduce an infection into a country. We need the WHO more than ever. It alone has the mandate and legitimacy to serve as a health protection agency for all countries, rich and poor. Starving it of funds is reckless.一位受病毒感染的航空旅客就能把疾病带入一个国家。我们比任何时候都更需要世界卫生组织。该组织具备成为所有国家(穷国和富国)的卫生保护机构的授权和合法性。任由它资金匮乏是鲁莽的。The third lesson concerns scientific innovation. When it comes to discovering and developing medicines, vaccines and diagnostic tests, we have been largely ignoring the infectious diseases that disproportionately kill the world’s poor. Consequently, we still have no medicines or vaccine for Ebola. All we can do is provide basic life support, such as fluids and blood pressure treatment . For prevention, we have to rely on old-fashioned measures such as quarantine.第三个教训与科学创新有关。就发现和开发药物、疫苗和诊断测试而言,我们基本忽视了那些导致大量穷人死亡的传染病。其后果是,我们还没有针对埃拉病毒的药物或疫苗。我们所能做的是提供基本的生命持,例如补液和血压控制。至于预防,我们不得不依赖老式的隔离等措施。Margaret Chan, WHO’s director-general, has explained the reason for this neglect. Doctors were “empty-handed”, she said, because “a profit-driven industry does not invest in products for markets that cannot pay”. Ebola affects poor African nations, so drug companies see no profit in working on it. No society will allow companies to reap huge profits when disease is sping rapidly.世界卫生组织总干事陈冯富珍(Margaret Chan)解释了这种忽视的原因。她表示,医生们“两手空空”,因为“一个由利润驱动的行业不会为付不起钱的市场投资开发产品”。埃拉病毒影响的是非洲穷国,因此制药企业认为在这方面投入是不会带来任何利润的。任何一个社会都不会允许企业在疾病快速蔓延时获得巨大利润。Rich governments and donors need to step up. Investing several billion dollars a year, less than 0.01 per cent of global GDP, could be decisive in preventing tragedy on the scale of world war.富有的政府和捐赠者需要加快脚步。每年投资几十亿美元(不到全球GDP的0.01%)有望在防止世界大战规模的悲剧方面发挥决定性作用。Some issues are more important than recessions and elections. Ebola is a tragedy. Let us hope that it will also be a spur to taking the necessary steps to prevent the far greater one that is nearly inevitable on the current policy trajectory. The next Ebola is just around the corner.有些问题比经济衰退和选举更重要。埃拉疫情是一场悲剧。让我们希望它也将促使我们采取必要举措,防范那些规模大得多、按照目前政策轨道近乎不可避免的悲剧。下一个埃拉距离我们并不远。 /201411/342277。

  When it comes to corn imports, the big worry for Chinese leaders lies in the history of another crop: soybeans.一谈到玉米进口,中国领导人难免会想起大豆的历史教训。The thinking is: #39;We cannot have a situation like it was with soybeans, where we now heavily rely on imports,#39; Huang Dafang, the director of the Biotechnology Research Institute of Beijing#39;s influential Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, told reporters Thursday.中国农业科学院(Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences)生物技术研究所所长黄大昉周四对记者说,不能让玉米像大豆那样严重依赖进口,不能重蹈大豆的覆辙。Told from some quarters, the story of the Chinese soybean is a lesson in a strategic error.从某些方面讲,中国大豆政策是战略上的失误。Until the early years of the 21st century, China mostly grew its own soybeans. The oilseed -- a key ingredient for many of Asia#39;s most popular foods, including soy sauce -- was once counted among the crops that contributed to Beijing#39;s totemic goal of having domestic grains feed at least 95% of its people#39;s consumption. The government hasn#39;t abandoned this self-sufficiency target, but it has dropped soybeans from the count, Mr. Huang said.直到本世纪头几年,中国大豆基本上还是自给。作为一种油料作物,大豆是亚洲许多最受欢迎的食品和调味品(例如酱油)的重要原料。在中国划定的最低粮食自给率95%的目标中,大豆也曾被列入自给自足的计划,但黄大昉说,政府虽然没有放弃粮食自给率目标,但已经不再把大豆算入其中。That#39;s because Beijing bowed to rising demand and opened its gates to soybean imports as part of its accession to the World Trade Organization. By 2004, soybean imports overtook domestic output. Today, China is the world#39;s largest soybean importer, importing 63.4 million metric tons last year -- about a third came from the U.S. -- while producing just 13 million tons for itself.之所以会这样,一方面是因为需求攀升,一方面也是因为开放大豆进口是中国加入世界贸易组织(World Trade Organization)的一项承诺。到2004年,中国大豆进口量已超过国内产量。中国目前是全球最大的大豆进口国,去年进口量达到6,340万吨(约三分之一进口自美国),国内产量仅为1,300万吨。What#39;s worrying people who think about China#39;s strategic independence: China#39;s corn market is showing signs of going the way of the soybean.关注中国战略独立性的人担心,中国的玉米市场有重蹈大豆覆辙的迹象。Until 2010, China was a net exporter of corn. It turned net importer that year, with growth rates rising explosively. The U.S. accounts for more than 90% of its supply.2010年,中国从过去的玉米净出口国变成净进口国,进口量呈爆炸式增长。在中国进口的玉米中90%以上来自美国。China is now at a juncture where the question is whether it will continue to embrace rising volumes of corn imports or aggressively grow its home turf. Last year, corn imports fell 37% --though the country stayed a net importer amid record-high monthly shipments.中国正处于十字路口,是继续大规模进口玉米还是努力增加国内产量,需要中国做出抉择。去年中国玉米进口量下降37%,但由于月度进口量创下纪录,中国仍是玉米净进口国。Part of the reduction was due to a strong domestic harvest. But China in December also made headlines by turning away 545,000 tons of U.S. corn, an unprecedented volume of rejections, because the shipments contained MIR-162, a genetically modified strain that China hasn#39;t approved.去年中国玉米进口量的下降一定程度上与国内玉米丰?有关。但去年12月份中国退回54.5万吨美国玉米事件引发了广泛关注,这次退回的玉米数量前所未有,退货理由是玉米中含有中国尚未批准的转基因成分MIR-162。On Thursday, Mr. Huang said the issue turned purely on compliance with the letter of the law, not on a question over the strain#39;s health standards. #39;Based on what I know, [the rejection] was not a safety issue, but a procedural matter of Chinese law and requirements,#39; he said.黄大昉周四说,退货完全是为遵守相关法规,与MIR-162健康标准无关。他说,据他所知,退货不是因为安全问题,而是程序问题。But the rejection drew the spotlight to China#39;s rising need for food, tempered by fear among wide sections of the populace over GMO food imports. Beijing allows GMO corn imports for processing as animal feed but not for human consumption.中国国内对进口转基因食品的安全性普遍存在质疑,拒收玉米事件将中国食品需求不断上升问题置于聚光灯下。中国政府允许进口转基因玉米用于动物饲料加工,但不允许用于人类食用。The government has so far held back from giving the green light for domestic GMO corn to be commercially grown and distributed for human consumption. There is still no sign that the agriculture ministry is prepared to quickly pave the way for high-yield homegrown GMO maize.中国尚未批准在国内进行转基因玉米的商业化种植和将转基因玉米用于人类食用。目前没有迹象表明农业部会在短期内出台政策为国内种植高产转基因玉米铺路。Xu Haibin, a director at the China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment, said Thursday the government is still mulling the move. Mr. Huang said corn will most likely be the next GMO crop approved for commercial distribution in China, after cotton and papaya, but #39;the timeline is still not very clear.#39;国家食品安全风险评估中心(China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment)的徐海斌周四表示,政府还在考虑这件事。黄大昉说,玉米很可能成为棉花和番木瓜之后下一个被批准商业化种植的转基因作物,但时间不是很明确。 /201402/275794

  Exposure to air pollution may hasten brain aging, a new study has found.一项新研究发现,暴露在空气污染中可能会加速大脑衰老。Researchers studied 1,403 women without dementia who were initially enrolled in a large health study from 1996 to 1998. They measured their brain volume with magnetic resonance imaging scans in 2005 and 2006, when the women were 71 to 89.这项研究的对象为1403名未患痴呆症的女性,她们曾在1996年至1998年间参与过另一项大型健康研究。在2005年和2006年,研究人员用磁共振成像扫描的方式,测量了这些年纪在71岁至89岁之间的女性的脑容量。Using residential histories and air pollution data, they estimated their exposure to air pollution from 1999 to 2006. They used data recorded at monitoring sites on exposure to PM 2.5 — tiny particulate matter that easily penetrates the lungs.研究人员利用居住记录和空气污染数据,对她们从1999年到2006年暴露在空气污染中的情况进行了估算。他们使用了监测PM 2.5的站点记录的数据。PM 2.5是一种容易进入肺中的微粒物。Each increase of 3.49 micrograms per cubic centimeter cumulative exposure to pollutants was associated with a 6.23 cubic centimeter decrease in white matter, the equivalent of one to two years of brain aging. The association remained after adjusting for many variables.每立方厘米中累积污染物每增加3.49微克,脑白质就会减少6.23立方厘米,相当于大脑衰老一到两年。根据多个变量进行了调整后,这种相关性依然存在。Previous studies have shown that air pollution can cause inflammation and damage to the vascular system, but this study, in The Annals of Neurology, showed damage to the brain itself.之前的研究表明,空气污染可能会导致血管系统发炎受损,而发表在《神经学年报》(The Annals of Neurology)上的这项研究表明,空气污染会导致大脑受损。“This tells us that the damage air pollution can impart goes beyond the circulatory system,” said the lead author, Dr. Jiu-Chiuan Chen, an associate professor of preventive medicine at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California. “Particles in the ambient air are an environmental neurotoxin to the aging brain.”“这告诉我们,空气污染带来的危害不仅限于循环系统,”文章的第一作者、南加州大学凯克医学院(Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California)预防医学副教授陈居泉(Jiu-Chiuan Chen)士说。“对日渐衰老的大脑来说,周围空气中的颗粒物是自然环境中的神经毒素。” /201506/382770

  China has seen its share of counterfeits, from fake Apple stores to fake reporters to fake Gucci. Now add fake government to that list. 在中国,看到山寨货并不稀奇,从山寨苹果专卖店、假冒记者到高仿古驰(Gucci)包袋,不胜枚举。现在,竟然连政府都有山寨货。State media recently reported that a #39;People#39;s Government of Dengzhou#39; set up in central Henan province was toppled after it was found, in fact, to be a fraud. 据中国官方媒体最近报道,设立在河南省的“新邓州市人民政府”被发现是山寨政府,相关涉案人员已被当地公安部门抓获。According to reports, the government was set up late last year by three residents who had gone so far as to counterfeit fake government seals and issue papers in the bogus government#39;s name. They also tried to build up their own #39;civil service,#39; sending out recruitment ads that attracted more than 10 applicants before the real government shut it down. 报道称,当地三个农民去年成立了这个山寨政府,他们还刻制了一系列假冒的政府公章,并以邓州市人民政府名义下发文件。他们甚至试图建立自己的“公务员”团队,以邓州市人民政府名义散发招聘广告,招聘大学生到该山寨政府任职,先后有十多名大学生邮寄简历应聘。该山寨政府现已被当地政府关闭。Apparently the trio wanted to independently annul their existing government on the basis of its #39;nonperformance.#39; They located the headquarters of their faux government adjacent to the real one. 这三个农民以当地政府“不作为”为由,宣布“撤销”邓州市人民政府。他们成立的山寨政府就位于邓州市人民政府附近。This isn#39;t the first time Dengzhou has made headlines for unusual political news. Four years ago, government mouthpiece China Daily wrote a story about the city titled #39;Democracy takes root in rural areas.#39; It chronicled Dengzhou#39;s measures to involve more residents in the vetting of proposals relating to villages in the region, in what the publication called an #39;innovative experiment#39; that was also hailed at the time by then-Vice President Xi Jinping. 这不是邓州第一次因不同寻常的政治新闻而上媒体头条。四年前,据《中国日报》(China Daily)曾撰写一篇题为“河南邓州村级民主自治探索”的文章。据文章记载,邓州的民主自治措施包括,让村民拥有更多的重大事项审议权。报道称,时任国家副主席习近平将邓州这一做法称为“创新之举”。No one, evidently, thought the farmers would get quite so innovative. 显然,当时肯定没人会想到邓州市农民能够“创新”到这个地步。In the end, the would-be bureaucrats were outed after they served a property developer a suspension notice and tried to levy penalties for illegal construction in the area. The developer got suspicious, and the trio were rounded up. They have been charged with the forging of government documents. Attempts to reach them for comment weren#39;t successful. 山寨政府最终东窗事发源于当地一个城镇开发项目,山寨政府试图以违法建房为由对房地产开发商处以罚款,感觉事情蹊跷的开发商随即报案。目前,三人已因涉嫌伪造国家机关公文罪被提起公诉。记者未能联系到这三人就此置评。 /201405/294056


  Pope Francis’s forthcoming encyclical on climate change and nature looks set to be one of the defining statements of his pontificate. In the two years that he has occupied the throne of St Peter, the Argentine pontiff has charted a radical course, departing from his predecessors on key topics such as sexuality and marriage while pursuing reforms to the administration of the Church itself. Now, he is intervening in one of the most heated political and scientific debates of our age in a way that will delight many environmentalists and alarm conservatives among his flock.教皇方济各(Pope Francis)即将发表的关于气候变化和自然的通谕,看来将成为其教皇任期内具有代表性的声明之一。在登上圣彼得宝座的两年里,这位阿根廷籍教皇为自己绘制了一条激进路线,他在性别与婚姻等关键议题上采取了与前几任教皇不同的态度,同时推动教会管理改革。如今,他正在介入我们这个时代最激烈的政治与科学争论之一。他的介入将使许多环保主义者感到欢欣鼓舞,也会让其信徒中的保守人士感到惊慌。In “Laudato Si” (Be Praised), to be published tomorrow but some of whose contents have been leaked in advance, the Pope has thrown his weight behind the nostrums of climate science. He acknowledges the weight of scientific evidence that places the blame on “human action”. That may not seem an earth-shaking conclusion to some. The Vatican has long overcome its historic reticence about accepting scientific advance.在周四即将发表的题为《赞美你》(Laudato Si)的通谕中(部分内容已被提前泄露),教皇方济各阐明自己持气候科学解决方法的立场。他承认科学据的价值,而科学把气候变化归因于“人类行为”。在有些人看来,这或许并不是一个惊天动地的结论。梵蒂冈在接受科学进步方面早就克了其历史上的沉默。What is striking and courageous, however, is the overt political content of the statement. Its timing is significant, given that the world is preparing for this December’s climate conference in Paris, widely seen as the last chance to secure a deal on global emissions.然而,让人印象深刻且感到鼓舞的是这则声明显而易见的政治含义。它发表的时机意义重大,因为全世界正在筹备今年12月将在巴黎举行的气候变化会议,而此次会议被普遍视为达成全球减排协议的最后机会。The document also offers something much more ambitious than a dry technical critique. Francis is seeking to redefine a secular topic — one that is generally pursued on the level of这一文本还提供了比干巴巴的技术批判更有抱负的信息。教皇方济各正试图从宗教和信仰角度重新定义一项通常只在科学层面上探求的世俗议题。其核心是一项指责,即批评气候变化是发达国家沉湎于消费与便利生活的产物。除非人类的态度发生变化,否则这种状况将不会改变。science — in terms of religion and faith. At its heart is the charge that climate change is the product of the developed world’s addiction to consumption通谕的全文尚未发表,就已经引发了大量争论。一些人认为,教皇的立场存在矛盾。他是全球贫困人口的代言人,他们中很多人属于居住在拉丁美洲和非洲的10亿信仰天主教的居民。如果要让这些生活在发展中国家的人口摆脱贫困,他们将需要依靠工业发展获得更高的生活水平。and convenience. This will not change, unless human attitudes change as但教皇有一点无疑是正确的,他指出穷人是最容易遭受气候变化毁灭性影响的群体——无论是作物被沙漠化毁坏的非洲农民,还是生计受到海平面上升威胁的亚洲居民。well.但当教皇方济各谈到解决方案时,他的听众中将会产生分歧。他呼吁增加对可再生能源的投资,这是正确的。但他并不看好基于市场的全球变暖挑战解决方案(如碳排放信用交易),称这“可能导致一种新形式的投机”,这就回到了梵蒂冈对资本主义持有的传统怀疑态度。这将否定许多机制,这些机制可以帮助推动发达社会减少自身活动产生的排放和污染。Even before the full text has been published, it is aly attracting a great deal of debate. Some argue that there is a contradiction in the Pope’s position. He is the voice for the global poor, many of whom are found among the 1bn Catholic inhabitants of Latin America and Africa. If those living in developing countries are to come out of poverty, they will need to rely on industrial development to secure higher living standards.教皇方济各的介入还表明,比起以前的许多教皇,他准备在紧迫的社会议题上从更广阔的视角进行更大胆的思考。他对气候辩论的贡献不应被忽视。But the Pope is surely right to observe that it is the poor that are most at risk from the devastating effects of climate change, whether the African farmer whose crops are destroyed by desertification or the inhabitant of Asia whose livelihood is menaced by rising seas.虽然控制碳排放和污染在很大程度上是一项技术挑战,但教皇方济各在人与环境的关系方面开启了更深层次的关于道德的讨论。如果资本主义要持续发展,就不能继续破坏这个地球并加深人与人之间的不平等。这是那些足够幸运生活在发达社会中的人们需要关心的问题,不论他们信教与否。 /201506/382064。

  You cannot keep all of the people happy all of the time. China’s latest restructuring of a state-owned enterprise is likely to make only a small number of people very happy – and upset a great deal more.你不可能总是令所有人满意。中国一家国有企业的最新改制很可能只会让一小部分人极为满意,却让大部分人沮丧。Over the weekend, state-owned China Petrochemical Corp (Sinopec Group) announced two deals which will hurt shareholders who own its Hong Kong subsidiary, Sinopec. First, Sinopec will sell a 30 per cent stake in its fuel retailing business. Chinese white goods maker Haier, finance companies and domestic investment funds are paying .5bn for assets Bernstein thinks could be worth bn.上周末,国有的中国石油化工集团公司(Sinopec Group)宣布了两笔交易,这两笔交易将对其香港子公司中国石化(Sinopec)的股东造成伤害。第一笔交易中,中石化将出售其销售公司近30%的股权。中国的白色家电制造商海尔(Haier)、金融公司及国内投资基金以175亿美元购入这些股权,而伯恩斯坦(Bernstein)认为这些股权可能价值220亿美元。The second deal will save the group from a writedown on its 40 per cent stake in affiliate Yizheng Chemical. Under mainland rules, lossmaking Yizheng faced delisting next year, resulting in a writedown for Sinopec of as much as .7bn. To save Yizheng from delisting, the Sinopec Group parent will inject its profitable oil services group into Yizheng in return for just under bn in new shares of Yizheng. The price Yizheng will pay for this new business, at 10 times 2014 earnings, looks cheap – especially for a company expecting to increase earnings by nearly one half next year.第二笔交易将让集团免于减记旗下子公司仪征化纤(Yizheng Chemical) 40%的股权。根据内地规定,亏损企业仪征化纤面临着明年退市,导致中石化资产减记多达17亿美元。为保仪征化纤免于退市,母公司中石化将把旗下利润丰厚的石油务公司注入仪征化纤,换取近40亿美元的仪征化纤新股票。仪征化纤为这一新业务付出的金额是其2014年盈利的10倍,看起来很便宜,尤其是所购入公司预计明年盈利会增加近一半。Good news – but the Hong Kong shareholders will not have exposure to the new Yizheng. Their company is selling its 40 per cent stake in Yizheng back to Yizheng for just over bn in cash (an 80 per cent premium to the previous close) – and buying Yizheng’s old, lossmaking assets for just over bn. The transaction is only a marginal cash outlay for Sinopec but leaves it with poor assets in a fibre business and no exposure to the newly revitalised oil services company. Investors in Hong Kong quickly had their say on the fairness of the deal. Sinopec’s shares fell 8 per cent.这是一个好消息,但中国石化的香港股东将不会受益于仪征化纤的新股票。中石化将以略高于10亿美元(相对于此前收盘价格有80%溢价)让仪征化纤回购中石化所持的40%股份,并以10亿美元多一点买下仪征原有的亏损资产。这笔交易在中石化只是一小笔出,但给其留下一家化纤企业的不良资产,而且对新近重振的石油务公司没有敞口。香港投资者很快就对这笔交易的公平性表了态——中国石化股价下跌了8%。China is committed to allowing market forces to play a bigger role in economic development. Deals of this sort seem to be driven by market forces with Chinese characteristics.中国致力于让市场力量在经济发展中发挥更大作用。这类交易似乎受到中国特色市场力量的推动。 /201409/328661



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