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万科:股东明争暗斗,股价前景不妙 -- ::3 来源: 近日,万科的股票重新恢复交易鉴于A股市场的低迷,其股价很可能出现下跌而万科董事会目前上演的“宫斗剧”更令事态雪上加霜 The A shares of China Vanke () resume trading today after a suspension of more than six months, but the price may come under significant downward pressure considering the sluggishness of the market.经过六个多月的停板后,万科(股票代码:)在A股市场上重新恢复交易,然而鉴于目前低迷的市场行情,其股价却面临着严重的下行压力"When Vanke suspended trading, its share price was at peak. However, the A-share market has plunged by over percent this year, so there’s great possibility that Vanke’s share price will catch up with the fall ," said Hong Hao, chief China strategist at BoCom International Holdings.交银国际控股有限公司的首席首席策略师洪灏表示:“万科停板时其股价处于最高点然而今年A股市场成交额已下降了%,万科的股价极有可能受到拖累”Its shares may be hit by tension between management and top shareholders.万科管理层与大股东间的冲突可能将导致其股价大幅下跌A restructuring plan to introduce Shenzhen Metro as the largest shareholder is opposed by Baoneng and China Resources, two top Vanke shareholders. Although they deny acting in concert illegally, both have expressed discontent Vanke appeared to be controlled by internal personnel.引入深圳地铁作为最大股东的重组计划遭到了万科两个大股东--宝能和华润的反对尽管两大股东并不否认该行为的合法性,却仍表达了对万科遭到内部人士控制的苗头的不满Yesterday, Vanke’s board decided not to hold an extraordinary meeting as required by Baoneng,which aims to oust directors and supervisors, including Wang Shi.昨日万科的董事会没有应宝能集团的要求召开特别会议商讨是否罢免王石在内的高管The trading halt was not only restructuring but also came after Baoneng becoming the largest shareholder in December through its two subsidiaries, Shenzhen Jushenghua and esea Life Insurance.万科股票停止交易不仅是为了进行重组,还在于宝能集团于去年月通过引入旗下两大子公司深圳钜盛华和前海人寿保险成为了万科最大的股东Baoneng is not welcomed by chairman Wang Shi, who said it lacks credibility as its stake in Vanke was largely funded by margin financing.王石并不欢迎宝能集团,认为其采用券保金融资的方式购买万科股份缺乏信用基础In its latest share acquisition of Vanke’s shares, Jushenghua borrowed 6.3 billion yuan (7.6 billion HK dollars), which is twice the amount of its own investment.钜盛华最近一次购入万科股份时举债6.3亿人民币(7.6亿港币),两倍于其自身投资If Vanke’s A-share price slumps by over percent of its bid price, Jushenghua needs to meet margin calls, otherwise it will face a ced liquidation.倘若万科在A股市场股价的跌幅超过%,钜盛华将不得不进行补仓,否则将面临清算In the first half, Vanke’s total sales area was 0.9 million square meters and turnover was 190.1 billion yuan, surging by 56.1 percent and 7.9 percent year on year.上半年,万科售出的房产面积达到1.9亿平方米,同比增长56.1%;其营业额为1901亿人民币,同比增长7.9%美国红十字会海报涉歧视黑人? -- 18::38 来源:chinadaily 人道主义组织-红十字会向公众道歉并移除疑有种族歧视成分的游泳安全海报图中显示黑人儿童违犯泳池规则,但白人小孩却表现出适当的行为 The humanitarian organization apologized and worked to remove a swim safety poster critics described as ;super racist;. showing black children committing pool infractions as white children are shown acting appropriately. 海报名为;想变酷,就要遵守规则;,图中的小孩正在游泳池玩乐,并用箭头表示他们好与坏的行为坏行为包括:黑人女孩推另一个女孩进水、黑人男孩在游泳池跳水、黑人男孩太累而喘不过气来、孩子们在救生台旁边跑步,还有一个男生拿着玻离瓶在游泳池上走路同时,白人女孩却乖乖地等待使用跳板、白人爸爸也在水中好好照顾自己的宝宝 The illustration, titled ;Be cool, follow the rules,;. features children playing in the pool, with arrows designating ;cool; and ;not cool; behavior.The ;not cool; actions include a black girl pushing another girl into the water, a black boy diving into the water, another boy gasping air, children running near the lifeguard's stand, and a man walking with a bottle.Meanwhile, a white girl waiting to use the diving board is denoted as ;cool,; as is a white father with a baby in the water. 在批评的声音中, 红十字会决定停止印刷及移除手机和网络平台上刊登的海报美国红十字会在声明中表示对海报造成的误会表达深深的歉意,但他们绝对无意冒犯任何人 该海报自年以来一直在使用,红十字会相关机构在推特上表示,是时候把海报撤下了 Amid the criticism, the Red Cross discontinued production of the poster and removed it from mobile and web platms. ;We deeply apologize any misunderstanding, as it was absolutely not our intent to offend anyone,; The American Red Cross said in the statement. Black Kids Swim, an online resource African-American families involved with swimming, alleged that the posters have been in use since .;Time to take them down,;the organization wrote on Twitter.

教科书称女性婚前性行为“下贱” --7 :: 来源: 江西省一份高中性教育教科书称女性婚前性行为“下贱”,引起各方不满,公众就性别平等展开热烈讨论 A sex education textbook issued to high schools in Jiangxi Province was accused of calling girls who have premarital sex cheap, triggering a public debate of gender inequality.江西省出版了一份高中性教育教科书,称婚前性行为的女性“下贱”,引发了公众对于性别平等的大讨论Xiao Chuwu (pseudonym), a high school teacher in Shenzhen, South China’s Guangdong Province, took to Weibo on Wednesday to e a passage from High School Sex Education that says girls are "degraded" by premarital sex.小厨屋(化名)是深圳市一名高中老师,周三的时候她在微上引述了一段摘自《高中性教育的话,说女性因婚前性行为而“下贱”"Premarital sex has a tremendous negative psychological and physical impact on girls," s the book by 1st Century Publishing Group.这本书是1世纪出版集团出版的,上面写着“婚前发生性行为,对女孩的心身危害尤其巨大”"Girls do not increase the love they receive from boys by sacrificing their bodies, but rather are seen as ’degraded’ by their ’conquerors,’" the book continues. "As a result, sexual relations can cause women to lose love."这本书继续写道:“女孩因爱而献出身体,并不能增加男孩对她的爱,还会被‘征’她的男孩认为她‘下贱’,发生性关系反而会使女孩失去爱情”Xiao’s post drew a lot of attention. "Sex education is supposed to protect teenagers, not intimidate or insult them," wrote a Sina Weibo user. "The press should name itself ’The 18th Century Publishing Group," said another.小厨屋的文获得了极大的关注一名新浪微用户说道:“性教育的本意应该是保护青少年,而不是对他们进行恐吓和侮辱”另一位微用户则说道:“这家出版社应该改名叫‘18世纪出版集团’”The 1st Century Publishing Group said the wording is not insulting to women and pointed out that words like "degraded" appear in es. A total of ,000 copies of the book have been issued to high school seniors in Jiangxi since .据1世纪出版集团表示说,这一措辞的本意并不是为了侮辱女性,并且指出“下贱”之类的字眼是出现在引文里的自从年以来,该版教科书已经有00册被分发到了江西省高中高年级学生的手中Local co-publisher Jiangxi Higher Education Press claimed they stopped issuing the book in . Both publishers vowed to "make appropriate edits," the Legal Mirror reported Friday.当地联合出版商江西高等教育出版社发表声明称,他们在年就停止发行这本书了据《法制晚报在周五报道称,两家出版社都誓言“进行合理妥善的编辑”

机场男子脱鞋睡觉 帅哥发怒扔鞋 --31 ::9 来源:chinadaily A Chinese social media user who filmed himself throwing away the shoes of a sleeping barefoot traveller has caused a social media storm.近日,一位中国社交媒体用户拍下了自己把一位光脚睡觉的乘客的鞋子扔进垃圾桶的视频,这段视频在社交媒体中引发热议The , uploaded to the web portal NetEase, shows an angry man at an airport in Xiamen picking up the traveller's shoes and throwing them into a nearby bin.这段视频被上传到网易门户网站上,视频中,一位愤怒的男子在厦门机场捡起一位游客的鞋子,扔进旁边的垃圾桶"I saw a man lying on the seats with his shoes and socks off," the man says. "What will eigners think if they see such ill manners - they will wonder about how low Chinese peoples' standards are."男子在视频中说:“我看见有个人把鞋子袜子都脱了,躺在凳子上我觉得这种没素质的行为,让外国人看到了,中国人在外国人心中印象到底有多差”Over 7,000 social media users have left comments on his . The by the man, who has not yet been named by the media, has caused a stir because it is frowned upon to be barefoot in China.七千多位社交媒体用户在他发布的这段视频下留言这位不具名的网友发布的视频在网上引起热议,因为在中国,很多人都不赞成光脚的行为Feet have long played an important part in Chinese culture. In traditional Chinese medicine, they are considered crucial to a person's health. Being barefoot is considered unhygienic, and in public it is an extreme taboo.人的双脚在中国文化中很重要照中医的说法,脚对一个人的健康来说很关键人们认为光脚是不卫生的,在公共场所光脚更是禁忌But it is also frowned upon in the home. It is common practice people - including visitors - to wear slippers around the house.但在家光脚也不好在中国,人们(包括访客)在家中都会穿拖鞋The unnamed man who threw away the shoes of a barefoot traveller has won online respect.这位扔掉光脚游客鞋子的不具名男子在网上赢得了大家的尊重Many popular comments on NetEase and Sina Weibo users praised the "handsome" man his actions.网易和新浪微上,很多用户称赞了这位“帅哥”的行为Many comments said he "did the right thing" and that the shoeless man was "breaking public order and morals".很多网友说,他“做的很对”,光脚的游客“违背了公共秩序和道德”"His approach is certainly right", user "Qing Agoin" says, but she asks whether his behaviour is "a little extreme?"一位名为Qing Agoin的用户说:“他的做法当然没错”,但她也问道,他的行为是否“有些极端?”Many said that the shoeless man's behaviour was "uncivilised", but others took an equally dim view of the vlogger, saying that "throwing away someone's belongings is illegal".许多用户认为光脚乘客的行为“不文明”,但也有人对视频发布者的行为表达了不满,说“扔掉他人用品的行为是非法的”Some accused the vlogger of seeking publicity and trying to "get his name out there."有些人认为视频发布者想借此出名,试图“搏出位”"Marong" accused him of "grandstanding", asking why he wasn't "able to first talk with the man".网友Marong认为视频发布者“哗众取宠”,问道为什么他“不能先和光脚乘客谈谈”And "TristaBXGE" asked,"Why is everything linked to 'overseas?'" she asked. "Is 'improving quality' all eigners?"而网友TristaBXGE则问到:“为什么啥事都和‘外国’联系起来?提高国民素质就是为了老外吗?”来源:B翻译#38;编审:yaning

  美联社获年普利策奖:00多名奴工被解救 --7 3:50: 来源:i1st 导读:你吃的每一条海鱼和每一只海虾,都可能包含了另一个人的血和泪这并非耸人听闻,在被美联社揭露的血汗海鲜工厂,成百上千的劳工曾被非法奴役,他们像奴隶一样失去自由、健康和家人,用生命向全世界各地输送沾满鲜血的海鲜Chinese social media exploded last week with news about a prestigious culture award in the US – the Pulitzer Prize.上周中国社交媒体被美国久负盛名的文化类奖项——普利策奖的新闻刷屏了Much of the attention was focused on one of the winners: “Seafood from slaves”, an investigation by The Associated Press (AP) that won the award public service.公众的注意力主要集中在公共务奖的得主上:美联社以一篇关于“东南亚血汗海鲜工厂”的调查报道获此殊荣It is a series of stories recording how the fishing industry in Southeast Asia used slave labor to put seafood in kitchens and restaurants in the US, and around the world.这一系列的追踪报道记录了东南亚业非法奴役劳工为美国和全世界各地的厨房、餐馆输送海鲜AP correspondent Martha Mendoza was one of the lead reporters the yearlong investigation. After the series was released last year, NPR did a profile of Mendoza and the team’s work. NPR explains that the AP discovered “dozens of men being held against their will on Benjina, a remote Indonesian island, which serves as the base a trawler fleet that fishes in the area”.美联社记者玛莎?门多萨是这项调查的首席记者之一,该调查持续了一年去年系列调查刊登之后,美国国家公共电台曾介绍过门多萨团队的报道报道称,美联社发现“许多劳工被强制留在印尼的本吉纳岛,这个偏远的印尼小岛是该地区的渔船基地”When the AP’s team went to the island, they found men held in cages so that they wouldn’t run away. “They were trapped. They had no way to go home; they had not heard from their family in five, ten years,” Mendoza said.当美联社的调查团队进入本吉纳岛后,发现劳工们被关在笼子里以防逃跑门多萨说:“他们被囚禁;他们无法回家;他们已经有五年甚至十年没有和家人联系过了”These modern-day slaves were mostly from Myanmar. Some of them were lured by promises of a job, while others were kidnapped and ced to work.这些当代的奴隶大部分来自缅甸有些人被得到工作机会的承诺引诱而来,还有些人被绑架来强制工作After the AP reporters made this discovery, they began tracking where the seafood went. They watched the seafood get loaded into a cargo ship, then used GPS to track it to a port in Thailand.当美联社记者发现这个情况后,他们开始追踪这里海鲜的走向他们目睹海鲜被装上一艘货船后,用全球地位系统追踪到货船抵达泰国的一个港口The seafood was offloaded into some 0 trucks. The reporters followed as many of those trucks as they could, jotting down the names of the plants where the seafood was delivered.这批海鲜被分装到0余辆卡车上记者们竭尽全力追踪这些卡车,记下海鲜被送入哪些工厂Then the AP dug into customs records to see which of those plants were shipping seafood into the US. A lot of the seafood ended up in major supermarket chains including Wal-Mart and Safeway.之后,美联社深挖了海关记录,发现这些工厂将一些海鲜运往美国很多海鲜最终被送入包括沃尔玛、西夫韦在内的大型连锁超市The reporting eventually freed ,000 slaves, brought perpetrators to justice and caused industry rems.报道最终帮助00名奴工重获自由,将罪犯绳之以法,并敦促该行业进行改革

  孩子认为他们应当模仿色情作品中的行为 -- :55:59 来源: 英国防止虐待儿童协会一项研究表明,39%的13-14岁男孩认为他们应该模仿在色情作品中看到的行为 A study by the NSPCC found that 39% of to -year-old boys are growing up to believe they should copy behaviour they have witnessed in porn.英国防止虐待儿童协会一项研究表明,39%的13-14岁男孩认为他们应该模仿在色情作品中看到的行为Most children have been in contact with online porn by their early teens, a study has found.一项研究表明,大部分儿童在十几岁时就接触过网络色情内容Experts are worried that youngsters are becoming desensitised to violent and degrading images and footage.专家担心青少年对色情、暴力图片和影视变得越来越迟钝The research revealed 53% of to -year-olds have seen porn online.该研究揭露,53%的11至16周岁的儿童已接触过网络色情By the age of , the figure is 9%. It is % - to -year-olds.对于14的岁儿童,这个数据高达94%11至12岁儿童的比例为28%Peter Wanless, chief executive of the National Society the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, said: “A generation... are in danger of being stripped of their childhoods at a young age by stumbling across extreme and violent porn online.英国防止虐待儿童协会董事长Peter Wanless说:“这一代人处在危险之中,他们在很小的年纪由于偶然接触了暴力和极端的网络色情内容,因而丧失了童年的纯真”“Frighteningly, some children are growing up believing they should emulate behaviour they see in porn, which can have a damaging effect on their relationships.”“可怕的是,有些孩子在成长过程中认为他们应当模仿色情作品中的行为,而这可能对他们的恋爱关系产生负面影响”He added the Government and porn industry must “take more responsibility to ensure young people are protected”.他补充道,政府及色情产业必须“担负起更多责任,确保年轻人受到保护”The study found that 39% of to -year-old boys want to copy behaviour they have witnessed in porn.研究发现,39%的13至14岁男孩想要模仿他们在色情作品中看到的行为A lad of told researchers: “One of my friends has started treating women like he sees on the s.一个13岁的男孩告诉研究人员:“我的一个朋友已经开始像他看到的视频中那样对待女性”"Not major, just a slap here or there.”“不是最关键的行为,只是随便拍两巴掌”A -year-old girl said: “A few of my friends have used it guidance about sex and are getting the wrong image of relationships.”一个13岁的女孩说:“我的几个朋友把它当作性爱指导,并对恋爱关系产生了错误的理解”Experts have highlighted the danger of kids being desensitised to extreme material.专家一再强调,孩子对极端图像、视频资料的迟钝是非常危险的The study eword said: “It cannot be right so many children may be stumbling across and learning about sex from degrading and violent depictions of it.”该研究序文写道:“这么多儿童有机会从色情和暴力描述中认识性,这是不对的”Of those surveyed 33% said they first saw pornography on a smartphone or handheld device.33%参与调查的人说,他们首次接触色情图文是用智能手机或手持设备A worrying % admitted they had taken naked or semi-naked photos of themselves14%的受访者略带担忧地承认,他们曾拍摄过自己的裸照或半裸照Half shared the image with others.其中有一半人把照片分享给他人看过Researchers from Middlesex University talked to more than 1,000 youngsters aged to on behalf of the NSPCC and the Children’s Commissioner England, Anne Longfield.密德萨斯大学研究人员Anne Longfield代表英国防止虐待儿童协会以及英国儿童委员会,对1000名11至16周岁 的青少年进行调查访问She said: “This is the first generation to have been raised with technology that’s taken the internet from the front room, where parents can monitor use, to their bedrooms or the playground, where they can’t.她说:“现在的孩子是第一代和科技一起成长的孩子,他们在起居室上网时父母可以监控,而到了卧室或室外运动场,父母就没办法监控他们了”"We know from the research that very many children are shocked, confused or disgusted by what they see.”“通过研究我们发现,相当多的儿童对他们所看到的内容感到震惊、困惑或者恶心”Russell Hobby, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT, said schools can play a key role in “preventing harmful sexual behaviour” by teaching children about their rights and responsibilities.全国校长协会秘书长Russell Hobby称,学校应该通过教授孩子他们的权利和责任,而使得学校在“预防伤害性行为”中扮演关键的角色。

  看总统读哪些书? 奥巴马全家逛书店 -- :58: 来源:   President Barack Obama tried to draw attention to independently owned businesses on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, a day that is increasingly being marketed as one deal-hungry consumers to remember to patronize these mom-and-pop outlets while doing their holiday shopping.  感恩节之后的周六,越来越被当做让消费者在节日购物时不忘光顾小企业的一天来宣传上周六,美国奥巴马到独立书店买书,试图吸引人们关注独立企业  He bought bags of books — titles in all — during a stop at Politics and Prose, a popular Washington bookstore now owned by a mer Washington Post reporter and his wife, also a mer Post reporter who also worked Hillary Rodham Clinton at the White House and State Department.  奥巴马在华盛顿一家很受欢迎的独立书店“政治学与散文”中一共买了本书该书店由一对之前同在华盛顿邮报做过记者的夫妇经营,妻子之前还曾在白宫和国务院中为希拉里·克林顿工作过  In recent years, the Saturday after Thanksgiving has been advertised as "Small Business Saturday." It's designed to drive foot traffic to independent businesses in between the frenzy of Black Friday sales at mass retailers and the Cyber Monday deals available online.  最近几年,广告中一直把感恩节过后的周六称为“小企业周六”其构想是为了在大众零售店的黑色星期五疯狂销售和“网络星期一”的网购之余,把街上的客流吸引到独立店面  Obama browsed the bookstore's racks with his daughters, Malia and Sasha. He held one shopper's baby and chatted with author David Baldacci. While paying at the cash register, another patron encouraged Obama to close the U.S. facility in Cuba where suspected terrorists are detained.  奥巴马同女儿玛丽亚和萨莎一起浏览了书店的书架他还抱了抱一位顾客的宝宝,并与畅销书作家、犯罪小说家戴维·巴尔达奇聊了天在收银台付款的时候,一位顾客向奥巴马建议关闭在古巴的监狱,因为那里被怀疑有关押恐怖分子  "Hope you can close Guantanamo," the patron said.  这位顾客说:“希望您能关闭关塔那监狱”  "We're working on it," Obama replied, then cheerily added to the crowd of shoppers: "Any other issues?"  “我们正在努力”奥巴马回答道,之后还询问其他顾客“还有其他问题吗?”  Obama also joked, "Hope it works," when he handed his credit card to the cashier. That appeared to be a reference to when a restaurant declined his card while he dined out in New York City in late September.  在把信用卡递给收银员时,奥巴马还开玩笑说“希望它能管用”这么说可能是因为去年九月份,奥巴马曾在纽约市一家餐馆就餐后付款时,餐馆拒绝了他的信用卡  Obama bought a mix of titles apparently chosen to satisfy ers young and old. The White House declined to reveal how much he paid.  奥巴马选购的书籍显然是为了满足老少读者白宫没有透露他付了多少钱  Among the books in the president's shopping bags mature ers were "Age of Ambition: Chasing tune, Truth and Faith in the New China" by New Yorker writer Evan Osnos, "Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End" by surgeon Atul Gawande and "All the Light We Cannot See" by Anthony Doerr.  在为成年读者准备的购物袋中有作家埃文·奥斯诺斯所著《野心时代:在新中国追逐财富、真理与信仰、外科医生阿图尔·加万德所著《终有一死:医疗以及最后时刻什么重要,还有安东尼·多尔所写的《所有我们不能看见的光   younger ers, Obama's purchases included three titles in the "Redwall" series by Brian Jacques, two titles in the Junie B. Jones series by Barbara Park and "A Barnyard Collection: Click, Clack, Moo and More" by Doreen Cronin.  奥巴马为青少年读者购买的书籍包括布赖恩·杰克斯的《红墙系列中的三本书、芭芭拉·帕克的《朱尼·琼斯系列以及多琳·克罗宁的《谷仓系列:喀哩,喀啦,哞及其他中的两本   Obama and his daughters also shopped at Politics and Prose on the Saturday after Thanksgiving last year.  去年感恩节过后的周六,奥巴马和女儿们也曾在“政治学与散文”书店购书

  强大发明!不节食也可以变瘦 -- 1:8: 来源:chinadaily 你的外表如何,你的人生也会如何!因为,小编不得不伤心地说,这个社会总是以貌取人为了获得好感,我们一直奋斗在减肥、增强肌肉的道路上不过喜讯来了,一家公司成功研发了一套可以为患有病态肥胖症人士减轻体重的仪器 We live in a society where appearance, sadly, seems to be everything. We're constantly being told to be thinner, more muscular. tunately people suffering from morbid obesity, a company has developed a system that may help to lower their body weight. 该仪器名为AspireAssist,已经进行过测试该仪器运作原理是可以让使用者在餐后抽走胃中约30%的食物使用者的腹部需要安装一个类似钮的装置,它连接着一根直接通道胃部的管子 Aspire Bariatrics has created and tested a device that they call the ;AspireAssist.; The AspireAssist is a system that allows the user to drain a portion of food (roughly 30%) from their stomach after eating. A button is installed onto the user's belly that has a tube extending into the stomach. 进餐后约二十分钟,使用者可把仪器连接到钮上这仪器是由管道、夹子和一个用来装水的袋子组成的开动钮后,仪器会通过管道把食物抽出来并排放到马桶里(假设使用者把管道放在马桶处)当一次引流过程完成后,可挤压水袋,令水灌进胃部,冲散食物颗粒然后便可以重启食物引流的过程,释放更多食物出来 Roughly minutes after eating, the user connects the device to the button. The device consists of some tubing, a clamp, and a bag that will be filled with water. Once the dial on the button is turned, the device will begin draining food through a tube and into the toilet (assuming you put the tube over the toilet). When the drainage stops, you squeeze the bag of water, cing water into the stomach and breaking up food ps. This then restarts the food draining process, allowing more food to be released. 试验在美国进行后,测试者被发现可在一年内减低总体重的百分之十二小编想说,效果显著,但是过程看起来有些痛苦呢 A trial done in the U.S. has shown that people were able to lose % of their total body weight within one year while using the AspireAssist. Photo credit: YouTube Aspire Bariatrics www.healthyd.com一起来看霉霉的新豪宅! --19 :50:3 来源: 人生赢家、男神收割机泰勒斯威夫特在于前任分手两周后,火速将大长腿抖森收入囊中,然而这次,霉霉换的可不只是男友,还搬入了豪宅与抖森共度美好时光 She recently broke up with her boyfriend of months, Calvin Harris, and is now fully loved-up with British actor Tom Hiddleston.泰勒斯威夫特刚和交往了个月的男友Calvin Harris分手不久,就与英国演员汤姆希德勒斯顿坠入爱河And her love life isn’t the only thing that Taylor Swift is changing, as she recently moved in to a stunning five bedroom townhouse in New York.霉霉这回换的可不光是男友,最近她还搬进了位于纽约的奢华别墅,豪宅中仅卧室就有五间The 6-year-old will be staying in the luxury pad - which features a roof terrace and indoor swimming pool - the next months while her current plush home in the Big Apple is being refurbished.由于纽约城的现有住所正在重新装修,6岁的霉霉接下来一年将会住在这座带有屋顶花园和室内泳池的豪华别墅中The four-storey house commands a whopping rent of 双语新闻:皇家海军新制被批太丑了 --7 ::7 来源: The Royal Navy's first new unim 70 years will leave Britishsailors looking like garage mechanics, critics said.  批评者称,皇家海军70年来首次更换的新制将让英国水手们看起来像汽车修理工  The new darker blue clothes will replace the light blue shirt andtrousers known as Action Working Dress, or Nos, worn at seasince the Second World War.  新的深蓝色制将代替原先的浅蓝色衬衫和裤子原来的制被称为行动工作制,或者第四号制,是二战之后的海上制  Previously the Ministry of Defence described the new design as “cool and more modern", butreaction to Thursday's announcement was mixed at best.  先前,国防部称新设计“炫酷并且更现代化”,但是人们对星期四发布的这份公告反应不一  One Twitter user likened the new look to “a sack of spuds tied in the middle”, while another saidthe unim resembled a “fire-retardent bin liner”.  一位推特用户把新制比喻成“一袋从中间绑了一下的土豆”,而另外一个人则说像一个“防火垃圾袋”  Jamie Frost, a seaman who trains at the University Royal Naval , said: "The new Navy Noslook horrendous. They still can't issue a unim that fits and it reduces RN personnel to looking likegarage mechanics."  杰米·弗罗斯特(Jamie Frost)是一位在皇家海军大学负责培训工作的水手,他说:“新的海军第四号制看起来很可怕国防部仍然不能设计出一款合适的海军制,这套制让皇家海军们看起来像个汽车修理工”  The new Navy Nos look horrendous. They still can't issue a unim that fits and it reduces RNpersonnel to looking like garage mechanics. — Jamie Frost (@ospriet) March 19,   新的海军第四号制看起来很可怕 国防部仍然不能设计出一款合适的海军制,这套制让皇家海军们看起来像个汽车修理工 --杰米·弗罗斯特(@ospriet)年3月19日  According to the navy, however, feedback from sailors so far has been "mostly positive".  然而,海军方面称,到目前为止,大多数海军士兵的反馈是正面的  The crew of the Portsmouth-based HMS Lancaster, which will head out to the South Atlantic onSaturday on a nine-month deployment, will be the first to wear the new Nos.  停在朴茨茅斯基地的兰开斯特号舰艇上的船员将在周六奔赴南大西洋开始历时9个月的任务,他们将成为第一批穿上第四号制的人  It has several layers, including a t-shirt, top and thermals, and will offer more protection from fires.Badges denoting rank will also be worn on the front, instead of on the shoulders.  新制有好几件,包括一件T恤,上衣和保暖衣,能更有效防火并且军衔徽章将佩戴在前方,而不是肩上  Officially called the Royal Navy Personal Clothing System (RNPCS), the new design has been testedon several ships and submarines.  新制的官方名称为皇家海军人员装系统(RNPCS),已在几架舰艇和潜艇上进行过测试   It is only to be worn during operational duties and will not replace more mal unims or theberets and old caps seen by families when sailors return home from deployment.  新制只在有操作任务时穿,不会代替士兵结束任务归来时家人看到的那种更正式的制或是贝雷帽和旧帽  @BNews Oh dear, a fire retardent bin liner look! :( @thinkdefence @seapowerthinker — AndyScotland (@asctty) March 19,   @BNews 哦,亲爱的,一副防火垃圾袋的样子!:( @thinkdefence @seapowerthinker -- 安迪苏格兰(@asctty)年3月19日  Cdr Peter Laughton, commanding officer of HMS Lancaster, said: "We are extremely proud andgenuinely delighted to be the first ship to wear the Royal Navy's new unim.  彼得劳顿(Peter Laughton)是兰开斯特号的指挥官,他说:“我们为能成为第一批穿皇家海军新制的船员感到极其自豪,由衷地高兴  "It is a really practical, smart and modern unim, and the extra branding allows us to much betterrepresent our service.  “这真的是一件集智能和现代化的制,同时它是一个额外的品牌,能够让我们更好地代表我们的务  "This will most certainly be the case during our current deployment where we are due to transit inexcess of 30,000 nautical miles and visit up to 18 different countries."  “在我们目前的任务中,我们将穿越3万多海里,访问18个不同国家,这必将成为典范”  In the initial rollout about ,000 sets of the unim are being issued to sea-going ships.  最初推出的.万套制将分发给要航行的舰艇  Vice Admiral Sir David Steel, who led the changes while in his previous post of Second Sea Lord,said the old look was "a bit out of date".  海军中将大卫·斯蒂尔(David Steel)在此前担任第二海务大臣时主导了这次制更换,他说:“旧的制有一点过时”  He added: "This is a modern unim which suits a modern Navy.  他还说:“这是一种适合现代海军的现代化制  "But the most important thing is that it is comtable to wear in the extremes of climate in whichthe Royal Navy operates - from the Antarctic to the Gulf."  “但是最重要的是,穿上它能够让皇家海军在从南极到海湾地区的极端天气中都觉得舒”,000 (?,7) per month and will cost the ten-time Grammy winner, a cool ,000 (?336,8) the year that it will take her current home in NYC’s Tribeca neighbourhood to be renovated.这栋四层别墅每月收取高达万美元(7英镑)的天价租金,在霉霉位于纽约市翠贝卡区的现有住所重新装修的一年时间里,这位十次格莱美得主将花费8万美金(3368英镑)Described as one of the finest rental properties in New York’s prestigious West Village, Taylor’s new house comes complete with five bedrooms, a basement and a private garage.这栋别墅被誉为纽约久负盛名的西村中最豪华的出租房之一,拥有五间卧室,一间地下室和一个私人车库And it also has plenty of room entertaining with a two-storey patio, mal dining room and a double height reception area with a feature chandelier.同时,别墅内还有足够的空间供休闲,包括两层高的露台、正式餐厅以及带有枝形吊灯的双高会客区Even the lavish master bedroom suite comes complete with its own private roof terrace and vast windows in each room to make the most of the stunning city views.就连豪华主卧也自带屋顶花园,每间屋内都有巨大的落地窗能够看到城市最美的景色Alongside her new house, Taylor is also rumoured to have a new love interest in action hero hunk, Tom, of The Night Manager and Avengers fame.除了新居以外,舆论传言说霉霉还对因夜班经理和复仇者联盟走红的动作英雄汉克-汤姆产生了爱慕The 35-year-old British actor is widely rumoured to be in the running to take over from Daniel Craig as the next James Bond.这位35岁的英国演员据说有望接替丹尼尔·克雷格角逐新一期詹姆斯邦德的主演Time to relax: Taylor’s vast living room is fitted out with luxurious leather sofas and mahogany furniture around a fireplace, perfect cosy evenings in with her new beau Tom休息时刻:霉霉宽敞的客厅配备奢华真皮沙发和红木家具,围绕在壁炉旁边,是她和恋人抖森度过舒适夜晚的绝佳场所Room with a view! Taylor’s new house is airy with lots of natural lighting and three huge windows in the master bedroom stunning views of the Big Apple观景房!霉霉新居南北通透,采光自然,主卧有三扇落地窗能够观赏到纽约城醉人的美景Keeping cosy! Some of the rooms are decorated in warm shades of red, orange and purple with luxurious fixtures and fittings and a stunning wooden floors sweeping throughout舒适!有些房间用了红、橙、紫等暖色调装饰,并配以奢华的家具和附属设备,地上铺满了优质实木地板Mix and match! Despite the house having a modern design the interior is decorated in an extravagant old-fashioned style with antique pieces which are sure to be in keeping with Taylor’s taste混搭风!尽管房屋整体是现代化设计,但内部用古董展现了奢华复古风来进行装饰,这绝对与霉霉的品味相符Softening the blow: The popstar will have the use of five gorgeous bedrooms each with its own stunning cityscape view, perfect putting up her loved ones when they come to the city乐坛常胜将军的柔软面:霉霉可以在每一间卧室观赏到城市美景,是好友来访的绝佳借宿之处However he could perhaps do with taking some tips in going undercover from 0 - having been sensationally spotted kissing Taylor on Wednesday.然而在周三轰动性地被拍到和泰勒接吻之后-或许他该好好从0电影中学学如何暗中行事The indiscreet romp came just two weeks after she broke up from Scottish DJ Calvin Harris.顽皮的霉霉在和前任男友分手两周后,火速和抖森坠入爱河And while initially Calvin insisted there was ’no drama’ in the break-up, he now reportedly believes that Taylor cheated on him with Tom while they were still together.最初Calvin坚持称他们属于和平分手,但据报道,他现在认为霉霉还未和他分手时就已经劈腿了The I Knew You Were Trouble singer and the DJ, 3, split up just two weeks bee she was photographed passionately kissing Tom on the beach.《我知道你是大麻烦的歌手以及音乐节目主持人Calvin今年3岁,在霉霉被拍到与抖森在海滩热吻前两周才刚刚与霉霉分手A source told TMZ: ’He thought they were in a committed relationship and now he’s p***ed and feels betrayed by her.’美国名人消息网得到消息:“之前他认为两人之间很忠诚,但现在他非常愤怒,感觉受到了背叛”Calvin made a public point about his feelings Taylor by unfollowing her on social media on Thursday, and promptly deleting all traces of their -month-long romance from his Instagram .周四霉霉取消了社交媒体对Calvin的关注,还把Instagram上他们个月恋爱关系所有的痕迹迅速删除,Calvin公开表达自己对于她此种行为的感受The entertainer: Taylor will have lots of space to host events in the new house, including a sizable dining area leading off the kitchen东道主:霉霉将会有足够的空间在新居举办活动,包括连通厨房的超大餐厅Taylor made: The modern kitchen comes fully equipped with everything the singer, who is known her love of cooking and baking, needs to make the perfect dinner, including two vast ovens霉霉私人定制:现代化厨房配备齐全,拥有热爱烹饪和烘焙的霉霉所需要的一切,包括两个巨大的烤箱,她可以随时做出完美的晚餐Soaking it up! The lush bathroom comes complete with a marble tiled floor and eye-catching bath, perfect long luxurious soaks沐浴吧!豪华浴室铺满大理石地砖,还有抢眼的浴缸,是一个长长的泡泡浴的绝佳场所In turn the We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together singer deleted all her lovey dovey posts about Calvin - of which there were many.作为回击,唱过《我们再也回不去了的歌手霉霉,删除了他和Calvin高调秀恩爱的状态-当然有很多Calvin is said to have been suspicious about Taylor and Tom back in May when a emerged of them enjoying a flirty dance at the Met Gala, which he did not attend.五月份,一个霉霉和抖森在纽约大都市时装庆典上暧昧舞蹈的视频流出后,据说没有参加该舞会的Calvin就一直怀疑霉霉和抖森A source told The Sun: ’The timing of this looks very bad Taylor. There was an obvious connection with Tom at the Met Gala – you can see that in the of them dancing together.太阳报得到消息:“该事件的时机对霉霉非常不利时装庆典上两人明显有意-从他们一起热舞的视频能非常明显地看出Her people are insistent that no one else was involved in the split with Calvin, which is most likely the case.霉霉方面的人坚持称,与Calvin分手和其他人无关,而事实也极可能如此But it feels pretty disrespectful to be moving on to someone so public so quickly.’但这么短的时间内如此迅速而且公开地步入新恋情还是令人感到怀疑”教科书称女性婚前性行为“下贱” --7 :: 来源: 江西省一份高中性教育教科书称女性婚前性行为“下贱”,引起各方不满,公众就性别平等展开热烈讨论 A sex education textbook issued to high schools in Jiangxi Province was accused of calling girls who have premarital sex cheap, triggering a public debate of gender inequality.江西省出版了一份高中性教育教科书,称婚前性行为的女性“下贱”,引发了公众对于性别平等的大讨论Xiao Chuwu (pseudonym), a high school teacher in Shenzhen, South China’s Guangdong Province, took to Weibo on Wednesday to e a passage from High School Sex Education that says girls are "degraded" by premarital sex.小厨屋(化名)是深圳市一名高中老师,周三的时候她在微上引述了一段摘自《高中性教育的话,说女性因婚前性行为而“下贱”"Premarital sex has a tremendous negative psychological and physical impact on girls," s the book by 1st Century Publishing Group.这本书是1世纪出版集团出版的,上面写着“婚前发生性行为,对女孩的心身危害尤其巨大”"Girls do not increase the love they receive from boys by sacrificing their bodies, but rather are seen as ’degraded’ by their ’conquerors,’" the book continues. "As a result, sexual relations can cause women to lose love."这本书继续写道:“女孩因爱而献出身体,并不能增加男孩对她的爱,还会被‘征’她的男孩认为她‘下贱’,发生性关系反而会使女孩失去爱情”Xiao’s post drew a lot of attention. "Sex education is supposed to protect teenagers, not intimidate or insult them," wrote a Sina Weibo user. "The press should name itself ’The 18th Century Publishing Group," said another.小厨屋的文获得了极大的关注一名新浪微用户说道:“性教育的本意应该是保护青少年,而不是对他们进行恐吓和侮辱”另一位微用户则说道:“这家出版社应该改名叫‘18世纪出版集团’”The 1st Century Publishing Group said the wording is not insulting to women and pointed out that words like "degraded" appear in es. A total of ,000 copies of the book have been issued to high school seniors in Jiangxi since .据1世纪出版集团表示说,这一措辞的本意并不是为了侮辱女性,并且指出“下贱”之类的字眼是出现在引文里的自从年以来,该版教科书已经有00册被分发到了江西省高中高年级学生的手中Local co-publisher Jiangxi Higher Education Press claimed they stopped issuing the book in . Both publishers vowed to "make appropriate edits," the Legal Mirror reported Friday.当地联合出版商江西高等教育出版社发表声明称,他们在年就停止发行这本书了据《法制晚报在周五报道称,两家出版社都誓言“进行合理妥善的编辑”

  宝马也召回:存在儿童座椅安全隐患 -- :51: 来源:chinadaily 克莱斯勒宣布召回进口自由光SUV不久,宝马也宣布了召回计划6月1日,德国汽车制造商宝马宣布召回万9千辆X3和X车型的SUV,因为儿童安全座椅的Isofix固定点可能存在安全隐患 German car producer BMW recalls 9,000 cars of X3 and X models on June 1st, , after problems with the Isofix anchorage child safety seats were found. 此次召回涉及-款X3,其生产日期为年7月至年月,同时包括-款X,其生产日期为年3月至年月宝马将在全球召回6,000辆X3和X,其中在北美涉及188,670辆中国市场尚未公布涉及召回的具体数量 The four fixing brackets in the back seat could break, so that a retention effect should no longer be guaranteed in an accident, according to media reports. Affected vehicles are the X3 models from the year and the X models from the year . 根据宝马官方发言人称,迄今为止并未造成人员伤亡,本次召回只是预防措施被影响到的车主将得到专人联系,并在协助下与车行预约修理,据悉修理时间大概需要一小时 According to a BMW spokesperson, there has been so far no casualties report caused by this defect, and it is just a precautionary step. Affected vehicle owners will be contacted and they can then make an appointment with the workshop to solve the problem within about an hour. 儿童安全座椅的分类根据固定方式可以分成三种:欧洲标准的ISOFIX固定方式、美国标准的LATCH固定方式和安全带固定方式ISOFIX的标准是最大可以承受33千克的重量 Isofix, designed to secure a maximum combined weight of 33 kg, is an international standard attachment points child safety seats in passenger cars.六分之一新婚夫妇藏有小金库 --01 :3:0 来源:chinadaily The case prenuptual agreements may have just gotten stronger: According to a new survey by credit-tracking company Experian, percent of newlyweds admit they are hiding a financial from their spouse. 婚前协议的案例与日俱增信用监测公司益睿的一项最新调查显示,%的新婚夫妇承认,他们瞒着另一半,偷偷藏着自己的小金库Of those with secret s, about 60 percent were men and 0 percent women. Men and women also differed in how much spending they said they'd be comtable keeping from a spouse. While female respondents said they'd quietly cough up 3 on average, male survey-takers were willing to spend ,59 without mentioning it to their better halves. 这些藏有小金库的人中,60%是男性,0%为女性而对配偶隐瞒多少开销会让其心安理得,男性和女性也大有不同女性调查对象表示,她们通常会小心翼翼地跟丈夫少汇报383美元,而男性调查对象面对其心爱的妻子时,认为少报59美元,仍可以瞒天过海Overall, nearly a third of people admitted to being relatively clueless about their husband's or wife's finances bee tying the knot. About two in five respondents said they didn't know their spouse's credit score, while about 30 percent were unaware of their partner's long-term financial goals or student loan debt. And a quarter didn't even know their spouse's annual income. 总体而言,将近三分之一的人都坦言在结婚前对另一半的经济情况几乎一无所知调查对象里有0%的人,表示他们不知道其配偶的信用评分,而30%的人对其配偶的长期经济目标或学生时期贷款债务情况毫不知情更有5%的人甚至不知道配偶的年收入"Obviously, some people do have things they want to hide," said Indianapolis-based financial planner Meredith Carbrey. "But a lot of couples just don't make the time to sit down and talk finances, or one person is hesitant out of fear their partner will judge them." 美国印第安纳波利斯的理财规划师梅雷迪斯-卡布雷说:“显然,还是有部分人想隐藏自己的小秘密,不过大多数夫妻都不愿花点时间,坐下来聊一聊他们的经济情况,又或者夫妻中有一方害怕坦诚相告之后,会被配偶另眼相看”Skipping that hard talk about money bee getting hitched seems to have consequences. While newlyweds said their biggest financial goal was saving to buy a residence, about a third complained that their spouse's credit score has affected their ability to get a home loan. And nearly percent have actually needed a co-signer major purchases since walking down the aisle. 婚前对财务问题避而不谈会造成不良后果新婚夫妇常说他们最大的经济目标就是存钱买房,但几乎有三分之一的人都抱怨他们配偶的信用评分影响了他们办理住房贷款而且将近%的已婚夫妇在购置大件商品时需要双方共同签字署名Credit headaches are only one financial problem the survey revealed. While about 0 percent of respondents said credit scores are currently a source of marital strife, about a quarter cited budgeting and percent blamed debt repayment. One in three newlyweds said their spouse's spending habits are different than what they expected. 令人头疼的信用评分其实只是该项调查反映的问题之一0%的受访者表示现在信用评分常常是他们夫妻吵架的导火索,约5%的受访者因家庭预算问题争吵不休,另有%的受访者因偿还债务而怨念重重三分之一的新婚夫妇表示,配偶的消费习惯与他们预先的期待完全不一样When you are worried about your spouse or fiance's finances, it can be emotionally challenging to broach the topic. But there are ways to get your partner to open up without seeming too critical. Meeting with a financial planner or other professional can help by adding an unbiased third party to the equation, said Carbrey. 当你为配偶或未婚夫(妻)的经济情况感到担忧时,打开天窗说亮话,未免有伤感情不过总有方法既可以让你的另一半坦然开口,又能局势看起来不至于太僵卡布雷表示,理财规划师或其他相关方面专家就可以充当中立的第三方,不偏不倚地帮助夫妇解决问题"That can be a good moment to find out about assets and liabilities, and whether they have too much debt," she said. 卡布雷说:“这是摸清另一半的资产和负债情况,并探明其是否身负巨额债务的最好时机Other occasions, such as renting an apartment together, can give you the opporty to find out your partner's credit score, Carbrey said. 而合租公寓等场合也是你了解另一半信用评分的良机,卡布雷说As it turns out, people don't always practice what they preach. When asked what qualities they prioritize in a spouse, 80 percent of newlyweds said they cared about credit scores, while 9 percent of survey respondents said financial responsibility. 事实明,并非人人都能言行一致当被问及最看重配偶的哪些品质时,80%的新婚夫妇表示他们最在意信用评分,而9%的受访者则在意对方是否具备承担经济责任的能力All the more reason to open up a dialogue with your husband or wife early on, said Carbrey. If it makes sense, one solution can be delegating money-related responsibilities to whichever partner is thriftier. 卡布雷认为,这更说明了,经济问题越早和另一半说清越好如果双方可以谈拢,那么有一种方案就是把财政大权交给相对节俭的一方Just be careful to make sure both you and your partner know where important documents are kept, in case of an emergency. 有一点要注意,为了以防万一,一定要确保夫妻双方都清楚重要件藏在何处Vocabularyprenuptual agreements: 婚前协议clueless: 无线索的assets and liabilities: 资产与负债unbiased: 公正的,无偏见的all the more reason: 更加正当的理由英文来源:雅虎新闻译者:谢海芳(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning

  玩儿的就是心跳:洛杉矶玻璃滑梯离地3米 -- :56: 来源:chinadaily Los Angeles has a great many attractions it is known : the Hollywood sign, the TCL Chinese Theatres, the stars along Hollywood Blvd, just to name a few — and that’s not even touching on the many great art and history museums in the city (or, that matter, nearby Disneyland.) Well, now LA has yet another fun attraction to add to its collection: a glass slide that’s 1,000 feet high. 洛杉矶有许多著名景点,举几个例子:好莱坞地标,TCL中国大剧院,好莱坞星光大道——更别说那些伟大的艺术和历史物馆(说到这一点,还要提到附近的迪斯尼乐园)然而,现在洛杉矶又有了一个有趣的景点:00英尺(3米)高的玻璃滑梯Almost a thousand feet above the city, there is a 5-foot long, 1.5 inch thick clear glass slide attached to the side of the US Bank building, which allows riders to slide down from the 70th floor to the 69th. There is also an adjoining 360-degree observation deck called the Skyspace, which gives visitors more time to enjoy the view or realize their fear of heights. 洛杉矶的联邦大楼离地约一千英尺,一侧装有一个5英尺长,1.5英寸厚的透明玻璃滑梯,乘客可以从第七十层滑到第六十九层旁边还有一个360度观景台,称为空中观景平台(skyspace),给游客更多的时间来享受美景或发觉自己的恐高症According to Instagram fans, the “Skyslide” is pretty darn cool.据图片分享应用Instagram的粉丝称,“空中滑梯”相当酷We hope the slide is as cool as it looks — it cost as much as a roller coaster to build: .5 million! We’re not sure what’s more terrifying: the price tag or the actual experience. To ride, visitors board a gray mat and pull it up over their feet to m a makeshift sled, then scoot themselves over the precipice. Commence screaming! (Concerned about traffic jams? Don’t be: Only one person may go at a time.) 我们希望这个滑梯跟看起来一样酷,因为它花费的成本赶得上一个过山车:350万美元!我们不确定价格标签和实际体验哪个更惊人要玩这个滑梯,游客坐在一个灰色的垫子上,将垫子拉起,盖过自己的脚,形成一个临时的雪橇,然后迅速滑下滑梯开始尖叫!(关心交通堵塞?无需担心:每次只有一个人可以去)And don’t worry, the slide is perfectly safe. Lucy Rumantir, president and chief executive of the company that owns the building, told The Los Angeles Times that “the slide is strong enough to hang a school bus filled with people off of it.” That’s pretty darn strong. 别担心,滑梯非常安全露西-罗曼特尔是该建筑所属公司的总裁兼首席执行官,她告诉《洛杉矶时报说,“这个滑梯足以挂住一辆挤满人的校车”那是相当的牢靠Nonetheless, if you are not comtable riding the slide, you can chill out on the Skyspace and take in the view. To ease those nerves with liquid courage, the Skyspace will also host a small bar. 不过,如果你滑滑梯会觉得不适,可以在空中观景平台上放松一下,看看风景空中观景平台还将设一个小酒吧,你还可以喝点酒精饮料舒缓一下神经Tickets to visit the Skyspace are adults, $ seniors, and children ages 3-. A ride on the Skyslide costs an additional . 空中观景平台的门票价格为成人5美元,老年人美元,3-岁的儿童19美元乘坐“空中滑梯”额外收费8美元英文来源:雅虎新闻翻译:实习生朱善美编审:yaning

  中国无意就南海问题和美国展开“冷战” --31 :01: 来源: 外交部发言人华春莹表示,中国无意参与任何形式的冷战,呼吁美方摒弃冷战思维,和中国一起建立一个互动、包容、合作的中美关系 China on Monday expressed disinterest in any m of cold war and firmly opposed anything that might threaten or harm the country’s sovereignty and security.本周一,中国政府表示无意参与任何形式的冷战,并且坚决抵制任何有可能威胁或损害中国国家主权和安全的行为Chinese eign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying made the comments at a daily press briefing in response to US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter’s remarks that China could be erecting "a Great Wall of self-isolation."在中国外交部例行新闻发布会上,外交部发言人华春莹就美国国防部部长阿什顿·卡特的言论做出回应此前卡特曾发表言论,称中国可能正在建立“一堵自我隔离的长城”Hua said Carter’s speech at the US Naval Academy commencement on ?Friday reflected an "American-style mentality" and "American-style ?hegemony."华春莹指出,卡特上周五在美国海军学院毕业典礼上的这段讲话反应出了一种“美国式思维”和“美国式霸权”"Indeed, some people on the American side have physically entered the 1st century while mentally remaining in the Cold War era," Hua said, adding that these people have "made up stories" and "found rivals and enemies everywhere around the world."华春莹说:“事实上,美国一些人尽管身体上进入了1世纪,但是他们的思维仍然留在冷战时期”华春莹还补充说,这些人“编造故事”、“在全球各处寻找对手和敌人”Hua said China is not interested in getting involved in "Hollywood movies scripted and directed by someone from the American armed ces."华春莹表示,中国不想参与到“由美国军方编剧和导演的好莱坞电影”The US disputes China’s sovereignty in the region and has conducted several "freedom of navigation" operations in which it deliberately sailed near the islands, attracting the ire of Beijing.美国不承认中国在该地区(南海)拥有主权,并在该地区进行了几次“自由行业”行动,并故意从靠近岛屿的地方驶过美国的这些行动激怒了中国According to Hua, the US’ intent is simply to deploy more advanced ?weapons in the Asia-Pacific region.华春莹表示,美国的目的很简单,就是为了在亚太地区部署更多的先进武器Stressing that China and the US share a wide range of interests and ?challenges, Hua said the principles of non-confrontational action, conflict avoidance, win-win cooperation and mutual respect support the fundamental interests of everyone and promote peace and development.华春莹强调中国和美国既拥有广泛的共同利益,也面临着许多挑战华春莹指出,不对抗、不冲突、合作共赢、相互尊重的原则可以持每个人的根本利益,并且促进世界的和平与发展She also called on the US to work alongside China in a relationship characterized by interaction, inclusiveness and cooperation.华春莹还呼吁美方同中国一道,建立一个互动、包容、合作的中美关系。

  《聚焦:一窥真实的新闻业 -- :6:58 来源:i1st 导读:没有让人心跳加速的冲突,没有悬念迭起的倒叙,没有力挽狂澜的英雄,却彻底征了奥斯卡评委奥斯卡最佳影片《聚焦就是这样一部电影,它为我们拨开偏见和误解,让我们一窥新闻业最本真的样子The Oscar-winning film Spotlight doesn’t contain any heart-racing confrontations or gruesome flashbacks like most crime mysteries do. But through its detailed, step-by-step depiction of a real-life investigation, the movie delivers a stronger wallop than most films of its genre.奥斯卡最佳影片《聚焦没有任何让人心跳加速的戏剧冲突,也没有像大多数犯罪悬疑片一样采用惊悚的倒叙但是对现实调查的细节描绘和递进式叙述让它比同类电影更具冲击力Directed by Tom McCarthy, the movie dramatizes what happened when the Boston Globe newspaper decided to take on one of the city’s most powerful institutions: the Catholic Church. Back in , a quartet of investigative reporters uncovered rampant child abuse among Boston’s Catholic priests, as well as the church’s efts to whitewash their crimes.该片由汤姆?麦卡锡执导,故事改编自真实事件:《波士顿环球报决定揭露全市势力最大的组织之一——天主教会的丑闻年,一个调查记者四人小组揭露了波士顿神职人员猖狂亵渎儿童的行为,而教会却为他们的罪行洗白Most blockbusters focus on a single, central protagonist – a messiah-type figure who ultimately saves the day. There again, Spotlight rejects convention. Its large-group cast accurately reflects the collaborative dynamic of newsroom staff.多数大片都聚焦一个主角——最终力挽狂澜的救世主而《聚焦偏偏不随大流该片启用了大量演员,恰如其分地反映了新闻编辑部人员的团队协作The lead characters make the decision to investigate the pedophile priests together. Despite pressure from the church and certain dissatisfied witnesses, they connect the dots and publish their findings all to see. “This is a film about the methodical process of reporting,” senior associate editor David Sims commented in The Atlantic.主角们决定一起调查恋童癖神父他们不顾教会和一些愤怒目击者的压力,收集和找出了线索之间的联系,并将其公之于众“这部电影反映了报道的系统性过程,”资深副主编大卫?西姆斯在《大西洋月刊上评价说In this digital era, the value of news is increasingly measured by the amount of s each publication can produce and the number of clicks each generates. Movies like Spotlight harken back to a bygone era when investigative journalists could spend two years on a single project. The film evokes nostalgia the slow pace of print media, and the brilliance it could produce.在数字化时代,出版刊发文章的数量以及每篇文章的点击量逐渐成为衡量新闻价值的指标而像《聚焦这样的电影则把我们拉回到了过去的年代,那时调查记者为了调查一个案件可以花上两年的时间这部电影还唤起了我们的怀旧之情,怀念慢节奏的平面媒体和它可能产生的华Spotlight also does its bit to chip away at the cynicism building up around journalism in pop culture. Its journalists are noble, self-sacrificing reporters who risk their own safety to expose corruption. By contrast, a number of recent movies and TV shows have depicted journalists – especially female journalists –as unscrupulous and unprofessional.《聚焦还弱化了流行文化中大众对新闻业的鄙夷和嘲讽电影中的媒体人是高尚的,他们是有自我牺牲精神的记者,不顾个人安危去揭露腐败相反,现在一些电影和电视剧则把记者,特别是女记者塑造成没有道德和职业素养的人 instance, in the Netflix series House of Cards, reporter Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara) sleeps with a congressman inmation. In the movie Thank you Smoking, journalist Heather Holloway (Katie Holmes) frames a lobbyist by reporting statements said off the record. And then there’s the fictional news anchor from Anchorman, Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell), who desperately tries to sleep with his new female rival.比如,网飞公司的电视剧《纸牌屋中,女记者佐伊?巴恩斯(凯特?玛拉饰)和国会议员上床套取信息在电影《感谢你抽烟中,记者希瑟?霍罗韦(凯蒂?赫尔姆斯饰)利用非正式的私人言论陷害了一名游说客之后在电影《王牌播报员中,虚构的新闻主持人朗?伯甘蒂(威尔?法瑞尔饰)则挖空心思想和自己的女性竞争者发生关系“We can laugh these kinds of stereotypes off as campy clichés,” Lindsay Zoladz wrote on the pop culture site Vulture, “but they linger in the cultural imagination.”“面对这些装腔作势的刻板偏见,我们可以一笑了之,”林赛?佐拉斯在流行文化网站Vulture上写道,“不过它们却一直在我们的文化想象中挥之不去”The movie Spotlight not only challenges misconceptions about journalists, but also pays homage to the profession and its values. “Spotlight is a defense of professionalism in a culture that increasingly holds it in contempt,” wrote The New York Times film critic A.O. Scott.《聚焦不仅挑战了我们对记者的误读,更是向记者这一职业及其价值的致敬《纽约时报电影员A.O.斯科特写道:“在记者这个职业越来越被鄙视的文化背景下,《聚焦维护了它的专业精神“

  朝鲜代表抵京,六方会谈有望重启 -- :: 来源: 朝鲜六方会谈副代表崔善姬日抵达中国,参加日至3日在北京举行的“东北亚合作对话会” A North Korean diplomat who was part of the so-called six-party talks aimed at ending the country’s nuclear program arrived on Monday in China, where she is expected to attend a um in which the U.S. nuclear envoy will take part, Japan’s Kyodo news agency said.一位旨在结束朝鲜核试验的六方会谈的朝鲜外交官周一抵达中国,将参加美国特使也会参加的论坛,日本共同社称If the diplomat does take part, it would be a rare gathering of experts from the six countries, coming weeks after Chinese President Xi Jinping said he would like to see the six-party talks resume.如果该官员参加会谈,将会是六国的罕见相聚,几周前,习近平主席说希望看到六方会谈再次启动Isolated North Korea conducted its fourth nuclear test in January and a long-range rocket launch the following month in defiance of U.N. resolutions, prompting the U.N. Security Council to impose new sanctions.特立独行的朝鲜在一月份展开了第四次核试验,并无视联合国的决议,在接下来的月份发射了长射程火箭,引起联合国安理会实施新制裁China, reclusive North Korea’s only major ally, has been angered by its nuclear and missile programs. Xi said in April China wanted to see a resumption of the six-party talks, which have been stalled since .中国作为受到孤立的朝鲜的唯一盟友,被其核计划和导弹计划激怒习近平在四月份表示,中国希望恢复六方会谈,该会谈自年陷入僵局The North Korean diplomat, Choe Son Hui, is deputy director-general of the North Korean eign Ministry’s U.S. affairs bureau, according to South Korea. She was a delegate to the stop-start six-party nuclear talks, hosted by China.朝鲜官员崔善姬是朝鲜外交部美国事务局的副局长,据韩国消息她是由中国主持的走走停停的六方会谈的代表Choe was expected to attend the closed-door Northeast Asia Cooperation Dialogue in Beijing, hosted by the Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation at the University of Calinia, San Diego, Kyodo said.崔善姬将参加北京举行的“东北亚合作对话会”,该会议由圣地亚哥加利福尼亚大学的全球矛盾与合作中心主持,共同社报道The annual dialogue is an inmal multilateral conference attended by government officials and scholars from the ed States, South Korea, Japan, Russia and China, the five countries involved in the six-party talks along with North Korea.这个一年一度的对话是非正式多边会议,来自美国,韩国,日本,俄罗斯和中国的政府官员和学者都有参加,这五个国家与朝鲜一起是六方会谈的国家"We hope that this conference can make a meaningful inquiry into the relevant cooperation issues in northeast Asia," Chinese eign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told reporters in Beijing.“我们希望该会议是东北亚的相关合作问题作有意义的探索,”中国外交部发言人华春莹告诉北京记者The U.S. State Department said last week that Sung Kim, the U.S. special representative North Korea policy, would attend the um in Beijing.美国国务院上周表示,美国在朝鲜政策的特别代表Sung Kim将参加北京的论坛Kyodo said Japan may also send its top nuclear negotiator.共同社称日本也可能派遣其高级核问题谈判者参加State Department spokesman John Kirby said on Monday that Kim has no plans to meet with his North Korean counterparts during the session.美国国务院发言人John Kirby周一称,Kim在这次会议上没有与韩国与会者见面的计划It was unclear if Choe would hold separate meetings with officials from other countries.崔善姬是否会与其他国家的官员分别会面仍不清楚Choe attended a security conference in in China, but no representatives from North Korea have taken part since, according to the Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation.崔善姬于年参加了中国的安全会议,但之后没有朝鲜代表参与过会议,据全球矛盾和合作中心介绍The visit comes after career diplomat Ri Su Yong, one of North Korea’s highest-profile officials, visited China and held a rare meeting with Xi.该访问是继朝鲜最高级别的官员之一朝鲜外相李洙墉访问中国并与习近平进行罕见会面之后的又一访问


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