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重庆爱德华综合医院妇科梁平城口丰都县看乳腺检查多少钱栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201606/431428重庆市肿瘤医院宫颈糜烂多少钱 The stench of camel digested food straight up my nostrils.一股骆驼消化物的恶臭扑面而来You can see everything it#39;s been eating.And that#39;s just partially digested.你能看见所有它吃进去的东西 这些都还没完全消化And the fluid in this, again, is drinkable.这里含有的水 是可以喝的Yeah, when he was drinking, I thought,Bear, I don#39;t want to share当他喝这个的时候 我在想 贝尔 不用给我了I didn#39;t want to share with him this time.我真的不想跟他分享这个Drinkable,but truly disgusting.能喝 但确实恶心I was hoping this would be the worst drink I#39;d ever have to taste.我当时希望这辈子不会再喝到更恶心的But little did I know, there was something even worse in Mexico.但没想到 在墨西哥还有更难以下咽的But let#39;s hold that one.In at number seven is Alaska,但现在先不说那次 经典时刻第七名是在阿拉斯加where my escape onto a passing ship,nearly went very, very wrong.这次我要逃到一艘移动的船上 后果险些非常非常严重We had a really dodgy situation in Alaska.当时在阿拉斯加的情况非常危险He was on an iceberg,and then he was being picked up by this large boat.本来他在一块浮冰上 然后他被接上一艘大船And it nearly went really wrong.局面差点儿完全失控There could be no better sight in the world for the survivor对于幸存者来说 看到营救船驶来than seeing their rescue ship turn towards them.是最激动人心的景象I knew the boat wouldn#39;t want to hang around in these icy waters.船不能在充满浮冰的海域逗留太久I#39;d have one chance and one chance only to get out.因此我必须一次成功Man, that#39;s coming fast and straight towards us.伙计 船朝着我们来了 又快又直We need to move to make this.That boat was on top of us within no time.我得换个好位置 这船眼看就要从我们头上碾过去了I#39;ve got to be 100% confident of making this jump.我只能成功不能失败I do not want to end up crushed between this and the ice.我可不想被挤扁在船和冰山中间It#39;s coming too close. It smashes into the side.船离得太近了 撞上了浮冰 Article/201612/484226TED演讲视频:两种书呆子气的痴迷相遇--这是神奇的邝大卫是一个创作纵横字谜的魔术师——换句话说,一个非常书呆气的家伙。至于他的下一个花招…… Article/201705/508558綦江大足区b超哪家医院最好的

重庆做人流好医院栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201607/454652重庆儿童医院治疗多囊卵巢多少钱 新英语900句之生活篇 Lesson41:Unforgetable Experiences难忘的经历601. I once met the president. 我曾经见过总统。602. Swimming with dolphinsv was unforgettable. 和海豚一起游泳是很难忘的。603. I almost drowned when I was a boy. 我小时候有一次差点淹死了。604. Last year I went to the Great Wall. 去年我去了长城。605. I’ll never forget the day I met my husband. 我永远也忘不了我遇见我丈夫的那一天。606. This is the most memorablew day of my life. 这时我一生中最难忘的一天。607. You only graduatex from college once. 你只有一次大学毕业。608. Ester is a truly unforgettable person. 伊斯特真是一个令人难忘的人。609. How can I forget the day my child was born? 我怎么会忘记我孩子出生的那一天呢?610. I can’t forget how much you have done for me. 我不能忘记你为我做的那么多的事情。611. The one thing that I will never forget is swimming with the dolphins. 我永远也不能忘记和海豚游泳的情形。612. It was an unbelievabley experience. 那简直是难以置信的经历。613. I made sure that I took lots of pictures so I can always remember my trip. 我确定我照了很多照片,以永远纪念这次旅行。614. I wanted to capturez every last detail. 我想抓住每一个细节。615. I want to be able to share{ this memorable experience with everyone I care about. 我想把这值得回忆的经历与所有我喜欢的人分享。【生词解读】1. unforgettable [5QnfE5^etEbl] a. 难忘的,永远记得的 2. dolphins [5dClfin] n. 海豚3. memorable [5memErEbl] a. 值得怀念的;难忘的;显著的 4. graduate [5^rAdjueit] v. 准予......毕业;授与......学位 5. unbelievable [7Qnbi5li:vEbl] a. 令人难以置信的;非常惊人的 6. capture [5kAptFE] v. 俘获,夺取,抓住7. share [FZE] v. 分享 /200812/19264重庆爱德华医院复通手术多少钱

重庆爱德华打掉孩子多少钱You tell your friend that eating fats can be part of a healthy diet and he gets mad你告诉朋友吃一些高热量的食物也是健康饮食的一部分,and starts yelling at you, ;Oh, so you want me to eat McDonald#39;s all day?!他非常生气的向你吼道,“你是想让我整天吃麦当劳You want me to eat trans fats all day?!和反式脂肪吗?Is that what you call healthy?!;这就是你所谓的健康饮食?”In his mind, he#39;s somehow rebutting your argument.在他的意识中,想要反驳你的观点。However, what he#39;s done is essentially twisted what you said into something that you didn#39;t say,然而,他是把你的观点扭曲了,and now he#39;s attacking his own little constructed argument.而且他也在攻击他自己的小论点。You tell him that you were thinking more along the lines of nuts and seeds,你告诉他你在思考坚果和种子的纹路,but for some reason, he continues to be very angry with you.但是出于某些原因,他仍然跟你生气。You and your friend are debating the complex question of how taxes should be collected.你和朋友正在讨论怎样收税这种复杂的问题。You#39;re more fiscally conservative while he#39;s more fiscally liberal.你更倾向于财政保守,他却更倾向于财政自由。And so far, the argument has been going great but all of a sudden he brings up Donald Trump到目前为止,讨论进入白热化阶段,但他却突然提到唐纳德·特朗普and all the bad things Trump has done in his life.以及他的一生所为。He goes on and on about Trump maybe thinking that he#39;s somehow strengthening his position,他不停的讲特朗普,可能以为是在强化自己的观点,but he#39;s essentially introduced something that#39;s irrelevant to the debate,但是从本质上讲,他做的陈述和此次辩论毫无关联,and his argument of whether Trump is a good guy or a bad guy而且关于特朗普是否是好人的论辩really says nothing overall about the merits of fiscal conservatism没有凸显任何财政保守主义的优点just like whether Hillary is a sketchy lady or a nice lady says nothing about the merits of fiscal liberalism.就类似于,不管希拉里是不是一位和蔼的夫人,这都和财政自由主义的优点无关。You#39;re debating your friend about a topic and you bring up some very valid points.在辩论的时候,你提出了有力的论点。And instead of addressing those points, he gets angry and starts telling you他没有论述那些观点,反而非常生气的how you#39;re wrong because you#39;re an asshole or because you#39;re ugly指责你是怎么错的,因为你人品有问题,又或者是因为你很丑,implying that your character or your physical attributes以此来暗示了你的性格或身体特征somehow have anything to do with the validity of your argument.与你论点的有效性相关。A friend of yours asks you to explain in detail everything since the start of the universe.朋友让你解释从宇宙起源以来的所有细节。You tell him that even though we know quite a bit, we don#39;t know every single detail about everything你说尽管我们知道很多,但我们不可能懂得所有事情的每一个细节,but we#39;re looking for evidence constantly and working on putting the puzzle together.但是我们一直在寻在据,并致力于整合这些问题。He laughs in your face. See, you have no answers but he does.他当面嘲笑你。瞧,你回答不了,他却可以。He tells you that the spaghetti monster created everything with his loving tentacles.他告诉你是意大利面飞行怪用它可爱的触手创造了万物。You#39;ve just been served an argument from ignorance.多么无知的论调。We don#39;t know certain things for sure, therefore it must be the spaghetti monster.有些事情我们确定不了,所以就把它扣在意大利面飞行怪的头上。Your friend tells you that he saw on TV that if he eats some crazy herb every day, he won#39;t get cancer anymore.朋友告诉你,如果每天多吃一些药草,他就不会得癌症。And you#39;re kind of skeptical and ask for more evidence,你有点怀疑并希望他能提供更多的据来明这一点,and he tells you that it#39;s true because the guy who said it on TV is this famous doctor and he also has a PhD.他坚信那是真的,因为是一个非常有名的士医生在电视上讲的。Unfortunately, just because someone has a PhD doesn#39;t mean that they#39;re not full of shit.不幸的是,拥有士学位并不能表明他的言论就完全可信。And also unfortunately, a lot of people don#39;t seem to understand this.遗憾的是很多人貌似都不明白这一点。 Article/201706/513834 This thing is moving, man.Come on, Joe. We need energy.这东西还在动呢 伙计 乔 加油 我们要补充能量Don#39;t throw up on me.I almost did.One, two, three.别吐到我身上 差一点就吐了 一 二 三How#39;s it doing in there?感觉怎么样I#39;m right in your projectile-vomit line.我正好在你的呕吐范围内Don#39;t vomit. Try and get it down.You need all your energy. Come on.别吐 试着咽下去 你需要能量 加油Wash it down with that.That sort of whimper.喝点茶顺顺 这是啜泣吗Feels good. It feels good.Well done, buddy. Well done.很好 还不错 做的不错 伙计 很好This bushman#39;s breakfast couldn#39;t be further from Joe#39;s New York equivalent.丛林早餐当然不能和 乔在纽约的早餐相提并论He#39;s pure evil.Yeah.He#39;s pure evil.他太坏了 对 真是太可恶了Sacks on? Good. We#39;re out of here.包打好了吗 非常好 我们出发了It#39;s a good idea to take advantage of any elevation to plan the next part of your journey.要善于利用高地位置 来计划下一步行程A constant survival challenge is to find the quickest and easiest route.一个永恒的生存挑战 就是找到捷径I#39;m beat. I#39;m completely exhausted.我太累了 完全崩溃了But last night, the mentally exhausted hit as well.昨晚 精神上也疲惫不堪Okay, look. You see where we want to get to.看到我们要去的地方了吧Down through this moraine.沿着冰碛下去And you can see where the lake then spills out of the valley.你会看到湖泊 然后走出山谷And that#39;s where we want to head- down into the valley.那儿就是我们的目的地 谷底Following the water is a good guide,流水是我们的好向导as it finds the path of least resistance.因为它能将我们领向最好走的路径The thing is this is all very, very loose.这儿的岩石很不牢固 Article/201706/513994重庆三峡中心医院百安分院输卵管检查费用重庆哪家医院做孕检好



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