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金山区做鼻尖整形多少钱上海市第一人民医院减肥手术价格fascinated着迷,elegant精美的,calligraphy书法,cocktail鸡尾酒Cheap but GoodMy wife was fascinated by the elegant calligraphy on the hand-written in a Chinese restaurant. She took it home and spent months knitting a sweater with Chinese characters in the front. She was wearing it at a cocktail party when a Chinese physician asked where she got the symbols. “From a ,” she admitted. “Do you know what they say?” “I’m afraid to ask,” my wife said, “but tell me anyway.”“Cheap but good.”价廉物美我的妻子被中国餐馆的手写菜单上优美的书法迷住了她把菜单带回家,花了几个月的时间织了一件毛衣,把中国字织在胸前她穿着这件毛衣参加一个鸡尾酒会一位中国医生问她是在哪里搞到这个图样她承认是从菜单上描下来的医生问:“你知道这些字什么意思吗?”我的妻子说:“我没敢问你告诉我吧”中国医生说:“价廉物美”1.fascinate使着迷be fascinated with history深深爱上历史学科She fascinated him into marring her.她弄得他神魂颠倒而终于娶了她还有“慑住”的意思:The serpent fascinated its prey.那条蛇慑住了它要捕食的动物.elegant精美的an elegant dress漂亮雅致的女;lead a life of elegant ease过着优裕闲适的生活也可以指“简洁的”:an elegant piece of reasoning简要明确的论3.calligraphy书法、笔迹learn Chinese calligraphy学中国书法;be inscribed on a plaque in sb.’s caligraphy某人的手迹刻印与一块匾额上.knit编织除此之外,knit还有很多意思,比如“使癒合”:knit broken bones使折骨癒合;“皱眉”:knit one’s brows in thought紧锁双眉思索;“缔结”:knit an agreement订立协议5.cocktail鸡尾酒也可以作及物动词,意为“举行鸡尾酒会”:They lionized and cocktailed the young author.他们给那青年作家捧场,并为他举行鸡尾酒会6.physician医生也可以指“抚慰者、解除痛苦者”:a physician of the soul心灵的抚慰者 877玫瑰李鸿君做鼻部整形技术怎么样 Benjamin Franklin本杰明·富兰克林Franklin parents were both pious Puritans.富兰克林的双亲皆为虔诚的清教徒,The family attended the old South Church, the most liberal Puritan congregation in Boston, where Benjamin Franklin was baptized in .他们加入了波士顿最自由的清教徒们所参加的古老的南方教堂,富兰克林也于年在那里受洗礼Franklin father, a poor chandler, owned a copy of a book,Bonifacius: Essays to Do Good, by the Puritan preacher and family friend Cotton Mather, which Franklin often cited as a key influence on his life.他的父亲是位贫困的杂货商,拥有一本Bonifacius的书,书名为:行善箴言,这本书是一个清教传教士也是富兰克林家族的朋友Cotton Mather写的此人对富兰克林的人生产生了关键性的影响The book preached the importance of ming voluntary associations to benefit society.书中亦提及:成立志愿协会对社会的好处Franklin learned about ming do-good associations from Cotton Mather, but his organizational skills made him the most influential ce in making voluntarism an enduring part of the American ethos.从Cotton Mather身上,富兰克林得知成立行善协会将会对社会产生贡献,但富兰克林的组织才能使其成为影响形成美国人坚忍个性的最主要力量Franklin mulated a presentation of his beliefs and published it in .富兰克林在年公开了他的信仰并出版了一本书,It did not mention many of the Puritan ideas as regards belief in salvation, the divinity of Jesus,and indeed most religious dogma.书中并未提及诸多清教徒们的思想,像救世、地狱、耶稣的神威等等He clarified himself as a deist in his 71 autobiography, although he still considered himself a Christian. He retained a strong faith in a God as the wellspring of morality and goodness in man, and as a providential actor in history responsible American independence.他也在71年的自传中澄清,自己身为一位自然神论者,虽然他仍保有着对上帝的坚强的信念:道德善良的人们及清教徒对美国独立的责任When he stopped attending church, Franklin wrote in his autobiography: ;Sunday being my studying day, I never was without some religious principles,I never doubted, instance, the existence of the Deity;当富兰克林停止去教会后,他在他的自传中写道,“星期天是我学习的日子,我坚守信仰且从未怀疑过,比如我相信:神的存在;that He made the world, and governed it by His providence; that the most acceptable service of God was the doing good to man; that our souls are immortal;and that all crime will be punished, and virtue rewarded, either here or hereafter.;他创造了这个世界,并以他的远见来治理,最令人接受的务,便是对人类做些有益的事;我们的灵魂是不朽的,不论现在或未来,所有的罪犯都将受到惩处,而坚贞的美德都将受到赞赏” 96-wl]%IIRMYE#gMJ;u(1|NLdTzCL@ArD5uNs.)WA9qtQHD[iaIt rains a lot in the jungle. The rain helps trees grow. The jungle has many trees. Trees are home many jungle animals. Many animals live in the trees. Monkeys are jungle animals. Monkeys love trees. They love to swing from tree to tree. They climb down from the trees. They climb back up into the trees. They sit in the trees. They eat their food in the trees. They eat the plants in the trees. They eat the fruit in the trees. They live in the trees with the birds. They live in the trees with the lizards. They live in the trees with the snakes. They live in the trees with the ants. The trees in the jungle are full of animals.%ON0Oj~Xc%@fPrv,zqI@n_RhN-qJt(_XjFCtlT,-qz%xnWV;U[;| 1951静安除皱的费用

上海市闵行区中医医院激光去痘手术价格大家对名人感兴趣吗?我想大家在提及自己的偶像时一定会滔滔不绝,你们想听听你们的偶像是如何用英语表述自己的吗?那么,还等什么?快快随我一起来倾听他们的声音吧!~ 59金山区人民医院激光祛太田痣多少钱 The Scottsboro Boys Trial; The Grammy Awards; so versus too; to bash; to whip the crowd into a frenzyWords:segregatedracismto witnessto rapeverdictjuryto testifyto be paroledto pardonalbumto releaseto nominatesotooto bashto whip the crowd into a frenzy 68上海华东医院去痘多少钱

上海市第二人民医院做双眼皮多少钱互助游,也称为交换游,被称为是继随团游、自助游后最具革命性的旅行方式通俗地说,互助游就是互相帮助、交换进行旅游它利用互联网的人脉关系周游全国,增长见识,结交朋友 如今,互助游这股新浪潮正在风靡全球,这种旅行方式被一些网友称之为“串门”,强调旅行不该只是“我路过”,而应该是“我体验” 现在,互助游的旅行方式正在中国迅速蹿红,响应者越来越多,而倡导者和先行者则标榜:互助游在中国兴起的必然,是因为几乎每个人都有旅行需求 中国第三种旅行方式 网友将互助旅游称作“全国大串门”,已经有不少旅行爱好者表示,不远的将来,一定有越来越多的旅行者爱上这种互动、经济、个性、时尚的旅游方式Many people may have an experience like this: When you travel to a place where a friend lives, you save a lot of money by staying at his or her home, and the trip is much more interesting and easier with the help of the friend. But how about pursuing this kind of help from someone you found online? More and more people in China are now trying this method of traveling, and giving it the name "mutual aid traveling."After registering on the mutual aid traveling ums, travelers can communicate with people in different places to get more inmation about their destination and get help from people in the area, such as a place to stay, a car, or a tour guide. Like couch surfing, which is popular around the world, mutual aid traveling is also a hospitality exchange network, where people can not only get help, but also provide assistance. Bi Yan from Weihai City in Shandong Province recalls her experience as a host last year."I stayed in a hostel when traveling in Qingdao, and met a girl from Hong Kong there. We were very happy together in the trip. So after our visit in Qingdao, she went to Weihai with me and stayed in my home. I also guided her around."Zhong Yi from Suzhou City has been using the traveling style since , and set up a mutual aid traveling website. He says mutual aid traveling has its special charm that is different from traditional travel."In this way of traveling, we can get a much richer experience. The traditional way of traveling focuses on sightseeing, but we can see different things with different people. example, if the host is a doctor, I may visit the hospital he works at; if he works in a factory, I may have a look in his factory; and if he is a lawyer, I may learn about the law." Office hour, game time?[00:.19]Listen and Share[00:.0]Office hour, game time? 上班就是打游戏?[00:1.73]词汇扫描[00:5.9]Land 获得[00:9.80]Spsheet 电子表格程序[00:.]Catch 逮住[00:38.6]英文原文[00:0.]Finally, after years of testing business software,[00:3.31]I landed my dream job -- trying out computer games.[00:6.6]My first day at work I was listing various ideas[00:9.]in a spsheet program when my manager walked by.[00:51.51]He looked at my screen a moment, and then said sternly,[00:5.85]"I'd better not catch you using spsheets on company time[00:58.31]when you know you should be playing games."[01:.]中文大意[01:1.9]逐句对照[01:5.53]Finally, after years of testing business software,[01:8.]I landed my dream job -- trying out computer games.[01:59.81]My first day at work I was listing various ideas[:.75]in a spsheet program when my manager walked by.[:.38]He looked at my screen a moment, and then said sternly,[:.56]"I'd better not catch you using spsheets on company time[:3.89]when you know you should be playing games."[:38.]多学一点[:.]land 土地 乡下[:7.88]They left the land the city.[:5.33]land[:.8]飞机降落[:.81]land 获得[:.3]landed my dream job[:.7]land 带到…(一个什么)地方[:18.]His behavior will land him in jail.[:9.]spsheet 制作电子表格[:35.76]catch 逮住[:0.93]catch somebody doing something[:8.]Catch him sleeping during office hours.[:58.]重新听一次故事原文[:00.69]Finally, after years of testing business software,[:.6]I landed my dream job -- trying out computer games.[:.35]My first day at work I was listing various ideas[:.6]in a spsheet program when my manager walked by.[:.93]He looked at my screen a moment, and then said sternly,[:.]"I'd better not catch you using spsheets on company time[:18.]when you know you should be playing games."[:33.19]谢谢收听上班就是打游戏?做了几年商业软件测试之后,我终于得到了一份自己梦寐以求的的工作--电脑游戏测试 上班的第一天,我用电子表格程序列出一大堆的想法,这时,经理刚从我身边走过 看了一会我的电脑屏幕,然后严肃地说,“在上班时间最好不要让我逮住你使用电了表格程序你知道,这个时间你应该打游戏” 01971上海市第一人民医院宝山分院玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱上海市东方医院激光去掉雀斑多少钱




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