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One of China’s largest mobile app makers is expanding in the US just as many of the country’s other internet companies say they are heading back to the mainland.在多家中国互联网公司计划回归中国之时,中国最大的移动应用开发商之一猎豹移动(Cheetah Mobile)正在美国扩张。Cheetah Mobile, a spin-off of Kingsoft, China’s largest software maker, on Wednesday announced plans to hire a US-based chief technology officer and base its research and development in the country.这家从中国最大的软件开发商金山软件(Kingsoft)拆分出来的公司周三宣布,将任命一位常驻美国的首席技术官,并在美国建设研发基地。The group said it would “significantly expand” the number of US employees from 50 over the next two years, with Xu Ming, Cheetah’s president, adding that the company “must succeed in the US because the US is the beachhead for the world”.猎豹表示,未来两年将“大力扩充”美国员工数量(目前为50人)。该公司总裁徐鸣还表示,猎豹“必须在美国取得成功,因为美国是全球市场的桥头堡”。Cheetah is unusual among Chinese internet companies because it generates most of its sales from outside the country: overseas revenues accounted for m of its total 8m turnover for the third quarter of 2015.在中国互联网公司中,猎豹与众不同的地方是,该公司的大部分销售额来自中国以外:2015年第三季度,在该公司1.58亿美元的总收入中,海外收入占8400万美元。The company’s apps are ubiquitous in China. They include Clean Master and CM security, popular cleaning and security apps, while Piano Tiles 2 was the most downloaded free game on Google Play in September in the US and fifth globally, according to the company.该公司的应用在中国很有市场。其中包括两款清理和安全应用——清理大师(Clean Master)和安全大师(CM security)。而据猎豹称,去年9月,《别踩白块儿2》(Piano Tiles 2)是谷歌应用商店Google Play全美国下载量最多的免费游戏,在全球位列第五。In spite of seeing third-quarter revenue jump 110 per cent year on year, Cheetah’s share price has fallen 25 per cent over the past 12 months to , down from a peak of last year.尽管2015年第三季度收入同比增长110%,但猎豹股价在过去12个月累计下跌25%,至15美元,去年曾达到35美元的峰值。One concern for investors is Cheetah’s business model, whereby free apps are used to tempt consumers to play games. This process works in China, but rival Qihoo holds most of the market for such apps. In the west “trying to use apps as a back door to gaming is unproven”, said a bank analyst.猎豹的业务模式是投资者担忧的因素之一:利用免费应用吸引消费者玩游戏。这种模式在中国行得通,但竞争对手奇虎360(Qihoo)占据这类应用的大部分市场份额。一位分析师称,在西方“试图把应用作为玩游戏的后门的模式尚未得到明”。Many Chinese companies have become disenchanted with the US market, with some announcing plans to delist from the country because they felt Chinese companies were unfairly penalised. But Mr Xu said he was undaunted.很多中国企业已对美国市场不抱幻想,一些企业宣布计划从美国退市,因为它们认为,中国企业在美国受到不公平对待,处于劣势。但徐鸣并不气馁。“Although Chinese companies may not be receiving the best valuations from US markets today, we believe over time a good company with a good product will get a fair valuation,” he said.他表示:“尽管中国企业现在可能没有从美国市场获得最佳估价,但我们认为,假以时日,一家有着优秀产品的优秀企业将得到公平估价。”In China, price-earnings ratios for the sector, though dented by sell-offs in 2015 and 2016, remain above multiples in the US. Social dating app Momo and search engine Qihoo, both of which are listed in New York, said last year they would seek to go private, possibly in preparation for relisting elsewhere.在中国,互联网行业股票的市盈率尽管因2015年和2016年的抛售潮而有所下降,但仍高于美国。社交应用陌陌和搜索引擎奇虎都在纽约上市,但它们去年均表示寻求私有化,可能是准备在其他地方重新上市。Baidu, the Chinese search engine, has set up an artificial intelligence lab in the US. Robin Li, chairman of Nasdaq-listed company, recently announced an offer to buy Baidu’s business for .8bn, with some reports suggesting it could lead to an IPO in China.在纳斯达克上市的中国搜索引擎公司百度(Baidu)已在美国成立了一个人工智能实验室。百度董事长李彦宏(Robin Li)最近宣布出价28亿美元收购百度的视频业务,一些报道称,这可能促成该业务在中国上市。 /201602/427254。

Power Valley Jinjiang International Hotel电谷锦江国际酒店Power Valley Jin Jiang International Hotel,a 5-star business hotel located at the core area of the High-Tech Development Zone of Baoding, is 10 km to the Beijing-Shijiazhuang Highway. The hotel is located on the citys major road-Chaoyangbei Street.The convenient location let you enjoy the very best of the city and the surrounding areas.电谷锦江国际酒店是一个以绿色环保为主题的现代化的五星级商务型酒店,酒店位于河北省保定市朝阳北大街北段,高新技术开发区的核心区域,距京石(津保)高速公路约10千米,交通非常便利。The hotel has installed photoelectric glasses, and a photovoltaic grid-connected system. “is the largest photoelectric mansion the has solar modules of 22638 m2 for powering up the building. At the same time, the hotel adopted the system that processes urban wastewater for hotel’s cooling, heating and water usage. A truly remarkable recycling efficiency marks it an icon for energy conservation and environment protection.酒店利用太阳能光并网发电,太阳能玻璃幕墙安装面积22638平方米,是世界最大的太阳能大厦。同时,酒店采用了污水源热泵系统,将城市污水经过处理后用于整个酒店采暖、制冷、生活用水,使污水实现了循环利用,提供了可再生能源的利用效率,是国际上为数不多的节能环保型酒店。Power Valley Jin Jiang International Hotel, with 23 floors above ground, is a landmark building of the city. The hotel boasts 291 rooms and suites including superior rooms, deluxe rooms, special view suites and presidential suite. The executive floors and Power Valley Prestige Club provide the most comfortable and luxurious living spaces.Each room or suite is uniquely designed and equipped with state of the art facilities including wide-screen LCD/TV and custom-made mattress. Jin Jiang Fu Chinese Restaurant offers Jin Jiang style Shanghai cuisine. The Sunshine Bar,located at the hotel lobby, is an excellent demonstration of contemporary style and chic design. Green Valley Cafe offers more than 200 Chinese and Western dishes in a comfortable and elegant setting.“Dae Jang Geum” Korean Restaurant provides authentic Korean cuisine; the genuine and friendly hospitality makes the dining experience ever enjoyable. Celebrity Club, an American style bar, will take you into an exotic and glaring world where you can fully relax and forget about the bustling city.Power Valley Hall is an international conference hall that can accommodate up t0 400 people. More than 10 meeting rooms, equipped with high-tech facilities, are the places for high-end social gatherings and business meetings.电谷锦江国际酒店地上23层,是当地最豪华的酒店。拥有客房共291间,其中包括标准间、豪华间、总统套房等。还设有行政楼层及行政俱乐部,房间装饰典雅舒适,现代化设备完善,包括高速宽带网、48频道卫星电视等,并提供对客人的一站式管家务。“锦江府”餐厅经营上海锦江菜,提供精致、丰盛及富有创意的一流精品佳肴;酒店大堂的“阳光酒廊”,更是商谈小聚,独酌小憩之佳选;“绿谷咖啡厅”环境优美,恬静舒适;“大长今”餐厅,提供正宗韩国料理;四层“名人俱乐部”具有美式酒吧的火热风情;恢弘大气的“电谷堂”可同时容纳400余人举办大型国际会议,十余间配备高科技设施的多功能会议室,是高瑞商务会议及社交活动的理想选择。 /201603/430090。

What may soon be streaming at the Chinese site Youku Tudou are tears of relief.可能很快,中国视频网站优酷土豆便会流下如释重负的泪水。Alibaba, China’s biggest e-commerce company, has offered to buy the 82 percent of Youku that it doesn’t aly own, at a 30 percent premium to the market price. A deal would end Youku’s unprofitable run as a public company and help Alibaba realize its multiscreen strategy. The move should also create value. Though that bit is most likely an afterthought.中国最大的电子商务企业阿里巴巴提出购买优酷余下的82%股份,其出价高于市价30%。这宗交易将终止优酷作为上市公司的亏损营运,并有助阿里巴巴实现多屏战略。此举应该也能带来收入,但这应该不是主要目的。Youku is the dominant force in Chinese online — effectively the YouTube of the People’s Republic. Like YouTube, it has never reported a profit. Aside from advertising fees, Youku is now charging users to watch its best content, but that means giving them something worth watching.优酷在中国网络视频中举足轻重,实际上如同中国的YouTube。跟YouTube一样,优酷从未报告过盈利。除广告费外,优酷目前还向用户收费,收费用户能观看最精的内容,但这意味着优酷需要为用户提供有观看价值的视频。The fees Youku paid for content increased 78 percent over the last year to 744 million renminbi, or about 7 million, in the latest quarter. Larger rivals like Baidu, a search engine that also owns an online site, can swallow those costs with ease. That’s not the case for tiny Youku.在最近一个季度,优酷在内容方面的出较一年前增加了78%,达到了7.44亿元人民币(约1.17亿美元)。搜索引擎百度也拥有网络视频网站。像百度这种大型竞争对手,能轻松地承担这笔成本,但弱小的优酷就不能了。It may seem petty to consider whether the deal creates value for Alibaba shareholders, but, as it happens, it probably does. The 30 percent premium is worth around .2 billion. Yet Youku’s bandwidth costs alone — what it pays for telecoms and data storage — are an annualized 3 million. If the data colossus Alibaba can eliminate those, the savings, taxed at Youku’s 15 percent rate and capitalized, are worth more than .8 billion.这宗交易能否为阿里巴巴的股东创造价值?或许考虑这个问题会显得很小气,但这还真有可能发生。阿里巴巴给出的30%溢价大约相当于12亿美元。然而,单单是花在电信企业和数据存储上的带宽成本,优酷每年的出便达到2.13亿美元。如果数据巨头阿里巴巴能消除这方面的出并注入资本(优酷需缴纳15%的税款),便能节省超过18亿美元。Beyond that, the benefits of the deal are fairly abstract. Perhaps Alibaba will create a Chinese answer to Netflix. Perhaps it will sell more advertising spots to its online merchants. Alibaba and Youku may even be able to use data about shoppers’ online habits to create programming relevant to their activities.除此之外,这宗交易带来的收益相当抽象。或许阿里巴巴会创造一个中国版的Netflix。或许阿里巴巴会向网上店铺推销更多视频广告位。阿里巴巴和优酷甚至还可以利用购物者上网习惯的数据,制作与用户活动有关的节目。But really, who cares? Youku is less than 3 percent of the combined companies’ market value. And approval is more than likely a given, since almost 60 percent of the shares are held by Alibaba and its supporters, such as Victor Koo, a Youku founder, who will also receive an undisclosed package for staying on as chairman.不过说真的,谁在乎呢?优酷占合并后公司市值不足3%。而且阿里巴巴及其持者持有优酷近60%的股份,批准合并已如探囊取物。持者就包括优酷创始人古永锵,他将会收到条款未对外公布的补偿,以换取其留任董事长。 /201510/404663。

BRUSSELS — The European Union’s antitrust chief on Wednesday formally accused Google of abusing its dominance in web searches to the detriment of competitors and began official proceedings into whether its Android smartphone software forces phone makers to favor the company’s own services and applications.布鲁塞尔——欧盟反垄断最高官员周三正式指控谷歌(Google)利用其在网络搜索方面的主导地位,损害竞争对手,并将就Android智能手机软件是否强制手机制造商偏袒谷歌自身务和应用的做法提起诉讼。“If the investigation confirmed our concerns, Google would have to face the legal consequences and change the way it does business in Europe,” said Margrethe Vestager, the European Union competition commissioner.“如果调查结果实了我们的忧虑,谷歌将不得不面临法律后果,并且改变它在欧洲的商业模式,”欧盟竞争事务专员玛格丽特·韦斯塔格尔(Margrethe Vestager)说。The abuse charge focused on accusations that Google diverts traffic from its rivals to favor its own products and services, particularly websites for shopping. That led the European Commission to issue a set of formal charges, known as a statement of objections.指控主要集中在指责谷歌从竞争对手分流流量,偏向其自身产品和务,尤其是购物网站。这导致欧盟委员会发布了一套被称为异议声明的正式指控。A large number of online operators have complained about Google in other areas, like travel and mapping. Ms. Vestager said that the inquiry might eventually expand beyond shopping sites.许多在线运营商已经抱怨过谷歌在旅游和地图等其他领域的做法。韦斯塔格尔说调查或将最终扩展到购物网站以外的领域。The commission also said it was stepping up a separate investigation into whether phone makers that agree to use Android — and that also want Google applications like YouTube — face contractual requirements to place those applications and other Google-branded applications in prominent positions on a mobile device.委员会还称,其正在加强一项独立调查,针对同意使用Android系统并希望使用YouTube等谷歌应用的手机制造商,调查是否存在合同要求它们在移动设备的显著位置放置谷歌品牌应用。 /201504/370539。

Windows 10 is set to arrive on July 29. The update will be free for the first year for qualifying Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users. You can find out if you qualify for the free upgrade here.Win10系统 于7月29日发布。正版的Win 7,Win8以及Win8.1用户第一年能够享受系统免费升级。你可以根据本篇文章判断自己的电脑是否也能享受免费系统升级。Can your PC run it?你的个人电脑是否可以运行Win 10 系统?The answer is most likely yes. Windows 10 requires the same minimum hardware requirements as Windows 7. You can also check to see if your machine is capable of running Windows 10 right from your desktop. You will need a computer or tablet running Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or Windows 8.1 Update. From the desktop, click on the small Windows icon located at the right end of the taskbar, and select the ;Check my PC; option from the left .对大多数人来说都是肯定的。Win 10系统对硬件的最低要求与Win7系统一样。此外,还可以从自己的桌面判断自己的电脑是否可以运行Win10系统。你需要一台运行Win 7 务包或者Win8.1更新包的电脑或者平板电脑。单击桌面右下角任务栏的Windows 图标,从右边选项栏中,选择“我的电脑”选项。Free up space空间清理You will need at least 16GB of free space to install Windows 10. To check how much free space is on your hard drive, head to Computer, right-click the C:/ drive, and select Properties. You can free up some space by clicking the Disk Cleanup button. This usually won#39;t free up enough space, so you may also have to uninstall programs that you no longer use.安装Win10系统至少需要16G的空间。从“我的电脑”,选择C盘,右键单击选择“属性”。还可以单击“磁盘清理”按钮释放更多空间。但该方式清理的空间往往不够,因此你可以卸载不常使用的程序,以获取足够的空间。Back up your data to the cloud or an external drive在计算机云或者外部驱动中备份数据Regardless if you are upgrading to Windows 10 or not, it#39;s always a good idea to back up your data. You can use a cloud service or an external hard drive. Simply drag and drop the personal files you would like to keep safe to the cloud or external drive. Windows 8 users can also use the File History feature to automatically back up personal files.不管你是不是在升级Win10系统,将数据备份都是很好的选择。你可以利用云务或者外部驱动对数据进行备份。只要将一些你想保存好的个人文件夹拖拽只云务或者外部驱动即可。Win8系统可以利用文件历史记录自动备份个人文件。Create a system image创建系统图标Both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 come with a tool that lets you create a system image. Head to the Control Panel and select ;Back up your computer; under the Systems and Security section. On the left choose to create a system image, pick the location you want to save it to, click Next. At the end of the process, you will have the option to create a system repair disc. This can be used to help you repair Windows if you run into any problems. You can also create a USB recovery drive.Win 7系统和Win8系统都有创建系统图标的工具。在“控制面板”“系统和安全”一栏中选择“备份”。在左边选择创建系统图标,选择保存位置,并按“下一步”按钮。最后时,你还可以选择创建系统恢复盘。如果遇到问题,系统恢复盘能够帮您解决问题。此外还可以创建USB恢复硬盘。Update device drivers升级设备驱动程序Whenever installing a new version of Windows, it#39;s always a good idea to verify that you#39;re using compatible drivers. This will help you avoid stability issues that could arise due to your computer#39;s hardware.Many hardware manufacturers aly have Windows 10 drivers available now. To check for drivers, head to your PC manufacturer#39;s support website. I also recommend downloading the drivers to an external thumbdrive, just in case you need them during the installation process.安装新版本的Windows 系统时,都要核实电脑的驱动器是否兼容。这有助于避免电脑硬件可能引起的问题。很多硬件制造商已经开发了Win 10系统的驱动器。在电脑制造商持网页上即可检查驱动器。此外,我们还建议,将下载的驱动器存储在外部拇指驱动器中,因为安装过程中,很可能用到该驱动器。 /201508/394994。