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So I can just sit and let the storm blow itself out,所以我可以安心坐着等暴风雪过去or, in this case,let the wind machines blow themselves out.或者 以目前这种状况 等着风力机停下来A group of skiers were recently trapped in 60-mile-an-hour blizzards in the Rockies.日前一队滑雪者被困于落基山脉 当时的暴风雪时速为每小时六十英里They sheltered in snow holes like this one,and it saved their lives.他们就躲避在类似的雪洞里 这种洞穴救了他们After four days in the wild,all five made their way to safety.在恶劣环境中度过了四天之后 五个人都幸免于难In these subzero conditions,staying warm and dry is your number-one priority,but sometimes you have no choice.在这严寒天气中 保持温暖干燥是首要注意事项 但有时你别无选择In my next challenge,I take on the freezing waters of an ice-covered lake.在下一项挑战中 我要挑战冰冷的海域和冰雪覆盖的湖面Instantly, I feel my heart rate just goes straight through the roof.即刻 我感觉我的心率 一下子直冲云霄了To show you how to survive these chilling waters.为了展示如何在冰冷刺骨的水中求生My team and I are in the canadian rockies,carrying out an experiment,我和我的队伍在加拿大落基山脉 做一个实验recreating the worst that mother nature can throw at you.为你创造自然界最艰难的环境In my next challenge,I take the plunge into the freezing waters of an ice-covered lake.在下一项挑战中 我会纵身跃入 冰雪覆盖的湖中 水温冰冷刺骨I#39;ve been in a lot of cold environments in my life.一生中我经历过很多寒冷的环境There#39;s no doubt they#39;re testing.毋庸置疑 这些经历都很痛苦You know, you can burn up an insane amount of energy out here.在这里的能量消耗 是非常迅速的The battle is to stay warm and dry.要努力保持温暖和干燥Once you get wet,your body starts to lose heat 25 times faster.一旦身体变得潮湿 身体流失热量的速度会是原来的二十五倍Okay, let#39;s get into this.我们开始吧But in a dynamic survival situation where you plan to walk your own way to salvation,但在一个动态求生环境中 如果要靠自己脱离困境sometimes you#39;ve no choice but to take the plunge.有时你别无选择 唯有纵身一跃 Article/201703/495301The proof of when our ancestors started cooking我们祖先何时开始烹饪的据could lie in this corner of southern Africa.可能就在非洲南部的某个角落Travis Pickering is in fact特拉维斯·皮克林正是the chief excavator at Swartkrans,重要史前遗址之一斯瓦特克朗斯的one of archaeology#39;s leading prehistoric sites.首席考古挖掘家What#39;s great about Swartkrans斯瓦特克朗斯的重要之处is that not only do we have hundreds of fossils在于它不仅拥有成千上百的of the species Australopithecus here,南方古猿化石we have Homo erectus remains.还存有直立人的遗址Not only do we have bones over at least a million years我们不仅拥有百万年前from both of these species,这两个人种的残骸we can make inferences of their behaviour based on the remains.还可以依此推断他们的行为方式He#39;s working with a pioneer与他共事的是in the study of ancient human behaviour,一位古人类行为研究的先驱Professor Bob Brain.鲍勃·布莱恩教授Bob has been excavating this site for 50 years.鲍勃已经花费了50年时间挖掘这个遗址In the deepest layers,在最深的岩层里he#39;s discovered Australopithecus bones他发现了南方古猿人的遗骨bearing strange markings.遗骨上有奇怪的痕迹 Article/201505/374783

  TED演讲视频:我是如何战胜怯场的敏锐的警觉感曾是人类的重要武器,它帮助我们这个相对年轻的物种生存下来:让人类祖先能迅速发现危险,避免成为猛兽口中的猎物。但如果到了今天,比如在一次周二晚间开麦表演现场,面对20位民谣爱好者,你却不由自主地产生人类最本能的警觉感,效果就完全不一样了。你会手心出汗,四肢发抖,视线模糊,脑子里还有个声音在说:快跑!这是怯场。而这正是乔·科文的经历。在这段简短欢快的精演讲中,乔为我们讲述了他战胜怯场的历程。 Article/201702/494717

  Take this pool table.看这个桌球台The surface looks flat and smooth, but up close,表面看起来平整光滑,但靠近了看it#39;s actually anything but.实际并非如此It#39;s full of gaps and holes.它的表面布满了裂缝和小孔Even something as smooth as a pool ball就连桌球这样的光滑事物has tiny crevices, wrinkles, and voids.都有小的裂缝,细纹和小孔Now, it#39;s easy to show that显而易见this is true in the first three dimensions,这在三维空间里毋容置疑but, trust me,但是相信我 it#39;s also true of the fourth dimension, as well.在第四维空间里这也是正确的There are tiny crevices, wrinkles, and voids在时间空间里in time.也有小的裂缝,细纹和小孔Down at the smallest of scales,不断地缩到最小的范围smaller even than molecules,甚至比分子原子还微小时smaller than atoms, we get to a place我们所得到的called the quantum foam.就是量子泡沫This is where wormholes exist.虫洞就存在于此Tiny tunnels, or shortcuts,在量子的世界里through space and time constantly form,穿越时空的微小隧道或捷径disappear, and reform within this quantum world.不断地形成,消失,再形成And they actually link two separate它们实际上连接了两个独立的区域places and two different times.和两处不同的时间Unfortunately, these real-life time tunnels are不幸的是,这种真实存在的时间隧道just a billion trillion trillionths of a centimeter across --只有10的-33次方厘米的大小way too small for a human to pass through.远不足以容纳人类通过But here#39;s where the notion of wormhole time machines is leading.但虫洞时间机器的概念正带来更多灵感Some scientists think it may be possible to一些科学家认为或许可以捕捉capture one and enlarge it near trillions of times其中一个虫洞将其放大数万亿倍to make it big enough for a human让它大到足以能让人类or even a spaceship to enter.甚至宇宙飞船进入Given enough power and advanced technology,假设有足够的能量和高科技perhaps a giant wormhole could even be constructed in space.或许可以在宇宙中构造一个巨大的虫洞I#39;m not saying it can be done,我不是说这一定可行 but if it could be,但如果真能面世it would be a truly remarkable device.它将是一个非常卓越的机器One end could be here near the earth,一端在地球附近and the other far, far away, near some distant planet.而另一端则在遥远的星际 Article/201507/384576。

  It#39;s almost impossible to describe the level of expectation surrounding this one woman as she goes through the final stages towards publication.这简直无法描述人们期待的程度,万众期待包围着这个女人,当她走向出版前的最后一个步骤。The process all seems so normal. Almost boring.这一过程看上去稀疏平常,几近无聊。But this is now the most valuable manuscript in publishing history.但现在这是出版史上最有价值的手稿。She takes it in person to her agent, Christopher Little, in London.她在伦敦把手稿亲自交给了她的代理商,克里斯托弗·利特尔。The handover is at Heathrow airport at 10:43 on Friday the 12th of January, 2007.交接的地点定在伦敦希思罗机场2007年1月12日星期五的10:43。The manuscript is taken to Jo#39;s editor.这份手稿接着转交给乔的编辑。After she#39;s it, she goes through it page by page checking that every loose end is tied up.在她看完以后,她逐页校对确保每个环节是否连接好。The publishers plan the book launch and discussions concern how many copies J.K. Rowling will be able to sign.出版商开始进行书的发售计划,讨论J.K ·罗琳能做多少本签售。A signing that will happen at midnight on publication day.一场签售活动将在出版当天的午夜举行。But this will be about, somewhere between... Well, about 2000 children for argument#39;s sake.但那边大概会有……假设大概有2000个孩子。Jo#39;s agreed to sign for eight hours. Yes, she has.乔同意签售8个小时。 对,她已经同意了。You can#39;t get that many people in anywhere.你再也找不到这么多人聚在一起了。Everyone here is forbidden to reveal anything about the plot to anyone.在场的每一个人禁止向任何人泄露任何情节。We want everybody to get the book at the same time.我们想要让所有人同时得到书。And then everybody will know what happens at the same time.接着所有人会在同时知道发生了什么。Depending on how fast they , of course.当然取决于他们看得多快。So you#39;re not gonna tell me what happens. I#39;m not gonna tell you what happens.所以你不会告诉我发生了什么。我不会告诉你发生了什么。Can#39;t tell you what happens. Be shot.我不能告诉你,准备震惊吧。Would you lose your job if you told me?如果你告诉我,你会丢了工作吗?I can#39;t tell you that, James.我不能告诉你,詹姆士。;Well, well, Mr. Potter, the whole thing starts with The Tale of the Three Brothers. ;“好的,好的,波特先生,这一切都始于《三兄弟的传说》。”On April the 23rd, Stephen Fry records the audio book.4月23日,斯蒂芬·弗莱做了有声书录音。 Article/201511/408636

  Premier Li, PM Modi hold talks in Beijing李克强同印度总理莫迪举行会谈Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has met with Modi in Beijing. A ceremony was held by Premier Li to welcome Modi in the square outside the East Gate of the Great Hall of the People.国务院总理李克强在北京人民大会堂同印度总理莫迪举行会谈。这是会谈前,李克强在人民大会堂东门外广场为莫迪举行欢迎仪式。Both leaders then held talks and witnessed the signing of a series of documents.两人举行会谈随后签署了一系列文件。Li says his talks with Modi have met expectation.李总理表示他与莫迪总理的会谈超过了预期。And Modi says the talks will take China-India relations towards a positive direction.而莫迪表示此次会谈将带领中印关系朝着更为光明的方向发展。Beijing is Modi#39;s second stop on his three-day visit to China.北京是莫迪此次为期3天访华之行的第二站。And it is Modi#39;s first China visit since he took office last year.而且这是莫迪自去年上任以来的首次访华。 Article/201505/376020More than any other place on China#39;s coastline, Inner Deep Bay demonstrates that, with help, resilient nature can still thrive, even when boxed in and overshadowed by towering cities like Shenzhen.比起中国海岸线上的其他地方,后海湾内湾更能明在帮助之下,即使被包围在像深圳这样高楼环立的城市的阴影之中依然可自我调节的自然仍旧可以生存。Another successful example of man#39;s intervention on behalf of nature can be glimpsed in the waters around Lantau Island. While egrets make the most of an easy meal, other creatures have their eye on the fishermen#39;s catch.人类保护自然的另一个成功范例就是大屿山。在白鹭饱餐之时,其他的生物则盯上了渔民的成果。 注:视频如无法播放,请刷新 /201410/332079I#39;m not referring to the absolute, infinite concepts of universal peace and goodwill of which some fantasies and fanatics dream.我不是在谈论有些幻想家和狂热者所梦想的世界和平和友善的那种绝对、无限的概念。Let us focus instead on a more practical, more attainable peace.反之,让我们将注意力集中在一个更实际、更可行的和平。This will require a new effort, a new context for world discussions. It will require increased understanding. And increased understanding will require increased contact.这将会需要全新的努力、需要供全球讨论的全新环境。这将会需要增进的相互了解。而增进的相互了解会需要增进的接触。So let us not be blind to our differences. But let us also direct attention to our common interest.让我们不要无视我们的差异。但让我们也将注意力转向我们的共同利益。Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children#39;s futures. And we are all mortal.我们最基本的共通连结是我们全都栖息在这小星球上。我们全都呼吸相同的空气。我们全都爱惜孩子们的未来。且我们全都是凡人。Today, the Internet isn#39;t accessible for two third of the world. Imagine a world where it connects us all.在今日,世界上有三分之二的地方无法连上网路。想像一个网路将我们全都连结在一起的世界。 Article/201411/341030

  You Will Need你需要Good conversation skills良好的对话技巧Intelligence智慧Liberal political views自由的政治观点Steps步骤STEP 1 Be coy1.腼腆Be coy when you first meet a Gemini you like. They enjoy a little mystery, and become bored by those they can win over too easily.当你初次遇到自己喜欢的双子座时,娇羞一点。他们喜欢有点神秘的感觉,如果太容易得到,他们很快就会厌倦。STEP 2 Invite them on a mystery date2.邀请他们神秘约会Geminis love to be surprised, so tell them that all they need to know about the date is what to wear, and you’ll take care of the rest.双子座喜欢惊喜,所以只告诉他们约会时应该穿什么衣就可以了,其他的事情全部由你来搞定。Geminis tend to be brainiacs, so you can’t go wrong with a date that appeals to the intellect, like a lecture, a book ing, or a political rally.双子座都聪明而勤奋,所以你不能弄错与知识有关的约会,比如讲座,读书会,或者政治集会。STEP 3 Sharpen your conversational skills3.历练对话技巧Sharpen your conversational skills by boning up on current events for your date; Geminis are curious and articulate.专心致志于现在的约会,提高对话技巧;白羊座都很好奇,也很善于表达。STEP 4 Ask their opinion4.询问他们的观点Ask for their opinions. The only thing Geminis love more than hearing themselves talk is spouting opinions and giving advice.询问他们的观点。发表观点和提供意见是除了自言自语之外双子座最喜欢的事情。STEP 5 Be tolerant5.容忍Be tolerant – of both your Gemini love interest and others. Geminis lean toward the left and won’t tolerate narrow-mindedness in a lover.容忍一点,无论是双子座恋人的兴趣还是其他。双子座不容忍恋人狭隘的思想。STEP 6 Stay flexible6.灵活变通Stay flexible. Geminis are free spirits who chafe under restrictions and schedules. Don’t freak if they’re late, or it will be the last time they’ll agree to meet you at all.灵活变通。双子座崇尚自由的精神,在限制和安排的牢笼下他们会愤怒。如果他们迟到的话不要大惊小怪,否则这将是他们和你最后一次见面。视频听力译文由。 Article/201410/336385If you#39;ve ever been to a rock gig,假如你曾亲临摇滚现场you#39;ll probably recognize this screeching noise.大概不会对这样刺耳的噪音感到陌生It#39;s feedback. What causes it is simple.这便是;反馈;,其道理浅显Sound enters the microphone.声音进入麦克风It#39;s transmitted along the wires,随后通过电缆传播make louder by the amplifier.经扩音器放大and comes out at the speakers.最终由音箱发出But if too much of the sound from the speakers go back into the mike,但倘若有太多声音由音箱返回麦克风it goes round and round in a loop,声音便会在此回路中不停折返 getting louder each time.并被逐次放大If no one stops it, feedback can destroy the sound system.如不加阻止,反馈信号将毁坏音响系统I think the same thing will happen with a wormhole,我认为这也同样适用于虫洞only with radiation instead of sound.只不过传播的是辐射而非声音As soon as the wormhole expands, natural虫洞一旦开始张开radiation will enter it and end up in a loop.自然辐射便会进入其中并终结于回路The feedback will become so strong, it destroys the wormhole.反馈将足够强大以至将虫洞摧毁So, although tiny wormhoes do exist,因此尽管微型虫洞的确存在and it may be possible to inflate one someday,而且也可能某天被放大it won#39;t last long enough to be of use as a time machine.其生命之短暂则无法被用作时间机器That#39;s the real reason no one came to the party.这正是无人光顾派对的真正原因In fact, I believe any kind of time travel to the past through事实上,我基本不相信可以利用虫洞wormholes or any other method is probably impossible.或者其他可能手段重返过去Otherwise, paradoxes would occur.否则便会导致悖论So, sadly,因此遗憾地说it looks like time travel to the past is never going to happen,回到从前似乎永远不会发生A disappointment for dinosaur hunters这对于恐龙猎手恐怕是个遗憾and a relief for historians.但对于历史学界却是种解脱But the story#39;s not over yet.不过故事尚未结束This doesn#39;t make all time travel impossible.这并不意味所有时间旅行都无法实现I do believe in time travel,我对时间旅行深信不疑time travel to the future.相信人们能够跨入未来Time flows like a river,时间如河水般流淌and it seems as if each of us is carried relentlessly along by time#39;s current.似乎人类也只能任由时间长河无情地摆布 Article/201507/385975

  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201508/395184

  When my sister and my mom first heard our first hit record, l Want You Back,我跟妈妈首次听到我们第一首主打l Want You Back时my father had sent it over, they didn#39;t care for it.我爸寄去给她们听的 她们并不是很喜欢l didn#39;t like it at all.我一点都不喜欢Because the songs that the children sang因为孩子们唱的歌was more like the, l should say, soul music.我觉得比较接近灵魂音乐And to me, l Want You Back didn#39;t sound that way.l Want You Back对我来说 并不是那类型的音乐All the songs that was out then sound so different,当时所有市面上的歌听来都很不一样so l guess Berry wanted to bring out a different style.我想贝瑞是想要创造另一种风格little did they know it was a very big song, number one.她们都没料到那首歌 竟然冲上第一名lt was just an unbelievable track.很不可思议的一首歌lt just came out of the radio like lightning.一播出就造成轰动Oh, them Jackson 5, that is a kickin#39; group.杰克逊五人组真是了不得的团体#39;Wow, that#39;s them? #39; And l had to get used to the song是他们吗? 我花了些时间才习惯because even though it was a very big hit,虽然那首歌红翻了天your brothers singing on a record, on vinyl, and you hearing it收听自己兄弟的黑胶唱片is something totally different.感觉还是很不一样We just don#39;t have songs that come and go,我们的歌不是只红极一时we have songs that#39;ll be around all the time.而是持续的有人喜爱like, you#39;ll hear #39;em on the FM cllassicall stations,在古典乐广播电台也会播放by the Philharmonic Orchestra, things like that.由交响乐团演奏之类的so it#39;s just not What people call it, kiddie rock. lt#39;s not that.不只是所谓的小孩子摇滚乐 完全不是And a million sellers, a million selling.卖了上百万张 Article/201508/396098。

  Methane is a greenhouse gas that#39;s 23 times stronger than carbon dioxide,甲烷是一种温室气体,强于二氧化碳23倍so we#39;re very interested in understanding所以我们对于了解有多少how much methane is coming out of these lakes.到底有多少甲烷从这些湖里生成There#39;s one sure way to check这有一种确切的方法去测量just how much methane is in these bubbles,这些气泡里有多少甲烷because it#39;s highly flammable.因为甲烷高度易燃Wow! My God!Whoo!哇!我的上帝!喔哦!I can#39;t believe it#39;s a fire coming out of ice.我难以相信这些火是从冰中来Alarmingly, these bubbles can be found all over the place警告,这些气泡满地都是which means there must be enormous amounts of methane trapped here.这意味这里有大量甲烷被截留着-You y? -Yeah.-你准备好了么?-耶-That#39;s nice, isn#39;t it? -This place is just full of these.-很漂亮,对吧?-这地方都是这些东西Fire coming out of ice火从冰中来is one of the most bizarre things I#39;ve ever seen,这是我见到最奇异的事情之一but it has very serious implications.但是这意味着很严重的问题 Article/201510/401625

  This is our planet, the Earth.这是我们的星球,地球It#39;s unique in the solar system,太阳系中独一无二的perhaps even in the universe.甚至可能是宇宙中My name is Iain Stewart我是斯图尔特and I want to show you how our planet works.我将向你展示我们的地球是怎么运作的I am exploring ice.我将要探索冰川Ice may be nothing more than frozen water冰川无非就是冰冻的水but it holds extraordinary power.但是它有特别的力量Since human beings have been on the planet自从地球上有了人类nothing has done more than ice to shape our world.没有事物比冰川在塑造地球方面做的更多It has carved the landscape,它雕刻了景观unleashed terrible catastrophes释放可怕的灾祸and ice has helped drive the climate of the whole planet.冰川还影响整个星球的气候It#39;s even changed the course of human evolution,它甚至改变人类进化的进程yet it may also threaten our future.它当然也会威胁我们的未来Only now are we beginning to understand the power of this remarkable substance.现在让我们开始了解这种非凡力量的实质Welcome to the world of ice.欢迎来到冰封世界 Article/201510/401670

  Beijing, Hebei brace for another smoggy weekend北京,河北即将再次迎来雾霾周末After a few days of nice autumn weather, China#39;s northern provinces are bracing for yet another smoggy weekend.秋天的几个好天气过后,我国北部各省即将再次迎接雾霾周末。Weather authorities have adviced residents in Beijing and Hebei Provinces to stay indoors during the next couple of days and wear facial masks when they do need to go out.气象局建议未来几天北京和河北两地的居民最好呆在室内,如果外出要带好口罩。 Article/201410/336871

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