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Beijing’s persistent smog seems to have put a dent in the city’s appeal to tourists. Last year, Beijing Youth Daily reported that the number of visitors to Beijing had fallen 50 percent in the first nine months of 2013, compared with a year earlier; the newspaper attributed the decline, at least in part, to the city’s infamously bad air quality. Hiring managers in China also report greater difficulty (subscription required) attracting mid-career expats to Beijing, especially those with young children.北京持续不退的雾霾使来京旅行的游人减少。去年,《北京青年报》报道,2013年的前九个月北京的游客数量较去年同期下降了50%。该报认为,至少在某种程度上,游客数量下降应归咎于北京糟糕的空气质量。中国人事部经理报告说,吸引外籍人士(特别是有小孩的处于职业生涯中期的人)到北京也更加困难了。The blanket of toxic smog hasn’t hurt Beijing’s office market, which jumped up three notches on a global ranking by Cushman amp; Wakefield to become the fourth-most-expensive location to rent office space in the world. According to the real estate firm’s “Office Space Around the World 2014” report, office space in Beijing’s Central Business District costs on average /201403/278435Analysts examining the effect of the oil price’s precipitous decline on companies should spare a thought for stripper well operators, the mom-and-pop businesses that coax the last trickles of crude from long-ago drilled holes.那些研究油价大幅下挫对企业影响的分析人士们,应该关注一下那些低产油井(stripper well)运营商们了,他们一般都是小作坊式经营,做的就是从很久以前钻探的油井中采出最后一批原油。Although tiny in isolation — the average stripper well yields less than 2 b/d — there are more than 400,000 such wells in the US supplying about 11 per cent of US oil production. They produced 700,000 barrels per day in 2012, the latest year for which data are available — as much as the Opec member Qatar, according to data from the Interstate Oil amp; Gas Compact Commission.尽管它们各自分散,而且不成规模(平均日产量不到2桶),但在美国有超过40万口这样的油井,占美国石油产量的11%左右。根据州际油气协定委员会(Interstate Oil amp; Gas Compact Commission)的最新数据,2012年这些低产井的日产量为70万桶,与石油输出国组织(Opec,简称:欧佩克)成员国卡塔尔的产量相当。Now, with the price of US crude below per barrel — down 46 per cent from levels six months ago — some operators plan to idle their stripper wells. Widesp closures could help balance the oversupplied global oil market and stabilise prices.如今,随着美国油价跌破每桶60美元,较6个月前下跌46%,一些运营商已计划把他们的低产井闲置起来。大量这类油井关闭,可能有助于平衡供应过度的全球石油市场并稳定油价。Melvin Moran, whose company owns stripper wells in Oklahoma, said it costs thousands of dollars a year to keep one pumping.梅尔文#8226;莫兰(Melvin Moran)的公司拥有俄克拉荷马州的低产井,他表示,每年需要数千美元来维持一口低产井的运营。Mark Thomas has two companies that operate 100 stripper wells in Arkansas state with total production of 300 b/d. “Some of those will be shut in, probably within 90 days,” he said last week.马克#8226;托马斯(Mark Thomas)有两家公司,在阿肯色州运营着100口低产井,总产量为每日300桶。他上周表示:“一些油井可能会在90天内被关闭。”Mr Thomas said it now costs “in the “high s” per barrel to lift oil from the ground. The Lion Oil refinery near his wells in El Dorado, Arkansas last week offered per barrel for extra heavy crude and .25 for sweet crude. This suggests razor-thin profit margins for local producers.托马斯表示,现在石油开采成本在每桶“近40美元”。在他位于阿肯色州埃尔多拉多的油井附近的炼油厂Lion Oil,上周对超重原油的报价为每桶41美元,轻质原油为52.25美元。这表明当地产油商的利润率极薄。Oil analysts have been focused on new investment, such as shale drilling, as they handicap which producers will cut back. They say that because stripper wells’ expenditures are mainly operating costs such as electricity and maintenance, their owners are less sensitive to oil prices than companies exploring for oil.石油分析师们表示,由于低产井的出主要为运营成本,例如电力和维护,相对于石油勘探企业,这些油井的所有者对于油价不那么敏感。Operators will decide “whether they really want or need the cash flow,” said Trisha Curtis of the Energy Policy Research Foundation in Washington. Like bigger producers, stripper well operators need to be convinced lower prices will persist before idling production, said Michael Wittner, oil analyst at Société Générale. Simply shutting a well can cost several thousands dollars, so some wells will keep flowing, he said.华盛顿能源政策研究基金会( Energy Policy Research Foundation)的特丽莎#8226;柯蒂斯(Trisha Curtis)表示,运营商们将决定“它们是否真的需要现金流。”兴业(Société Générale)石油分析师迈克尔#8226;威特纳(Michael Wittner)表示,与规模较大的生产商一样,低产井运营商只有确信油价将长期低迷,才会闲置产能。他表示,关闭一口油井可能会带来数千美元的损失,因此一些油井将继续运营。But stripper wells “operate on the lower edge of profitability,” according to the IOGCC.但州际油气协定委员会称,低产油井的“利润率处于较低水平”。 /201412/348813Even those who know little about China have heard of its policy limiting most couples to one child. The 1980 law in the world#39;s most populous country was originally intended to tame fears that a surging population would suck up resources and hurt growth. Birthrates plunged to 1.64 children per woman in 2011 from 4.77 in the 1970s, but the policy has led to countless troublesome consequences over the years, including forced sterilizations and abortions and a shortage of women in a country that overwhelmingly prefers boys over girls.即便是对中国所知不多的人,也听说过计划生育政策,这项政策限制大部分中国夫妇只能生一个孩子。1980年,这个全球人口最多的国家颁布了这一法律,其原意是出于对人口增长过快所带来的资源消耗和伤害经济增长的担忧。中国的人口出生率从70年代的每名妇女生育4.77个儿童锐减至2011年的1.64个,但是这些年来,这一政策显示出了无数后遗症,包括强制绝育和流产,以及重男轻女导致的女性人口短缺失衡。Last week, leaders pledged to relax the one-child policy, allowing couples to have two children if one parent is an only child. Currently, couples are restricted to one child unless both parents are only children and rural families are allowed to do so if their first child is a girl. The policy change comes as China seeks to address a looming shortage of workers in the face of a rapidly aging population. Such demographic changes could also ripple across an unexpected part of China#39;s economy -- its booming housing market.上周,中国领导人表示将放宽计划生育政策,允许有一方为独生子女的夫妇生二胎。目前,除非夫妻双方都是独生子女,否则仍只能要一个孩子;如果农村家庭的第一个孩子是女孩的话,可以生第二胎。政策变化的原因在于中国正寻求解决人口迅速老龄化背后所隐现的劳工短缺问题。这一人口结构的变化也将出人意料地影响到中国经济的某一块——蓬勃发展的房地产市场。Property prices have spiked dramatically, making it unaffordable for many Chinese to buy. And studies have found that the rapid rise of China#39;s home prices is linked to its widening gender imbalance. Because there are many more men than women (a ratio of 1.15 men of marriage age of 15 to 30 years old for every woman), China#39;s dating scene has become ultra-competitive.房价长期上涨,已超出了很多中国人的承受范围。一些研究发现,中国房价的飙升与日益扩大的男女比例失衡有关。因为男性比女性多很多(15-30岁适婚年龄段中的男女比例为1.15:1),中国的婚恋竞争已变得异常激烈。While nothing says ;Will you marry me?; quite like a shiny diamond in the U.S., an engagement in China typically comes with a home. To be considered marriage material, men are expected to either own property or have enough for a down payment; as a result, between 2003 and 2009, as much as 48% (or trillion worth) of the rise in property values across China#39;s 35 major cities is linked to the nation#39;s gender imbalance, according to a 2012 study by Columbia University professor Shang-Jin Wei.在美国,闪闪发光的钻石是“你愿意嫁给我吗?”的最佳代言,然而,在中国,求婚的典型必备品是房子。作为挑选如意郎君的标准,女性往往期待男性要么拥有自己的房产,要么有足够的首付;正因为如此,哥伦比亚大学(Columbia University)教授魏尚进2012年所做的调查显示,2003-2009年间,在中国35个主要城市中,房价上涨的部分中高达48%(价值约合8万亿美元)都与国内男女比例失衡有关。With China easing its one-child policy, however, demand for housing could eventually fall.然而,随着中国放宽计划生育政策,房屋需求量最终有可能下降。Wei cites two reasons: It could take another 10 to 15 years before China sees any fundamental changes, but giving more couples a chance to have two children would help balance the male-to-female ratio. And if more men can find wives, it would help ease China#39;s super competitive marriage market.魏尚进列举了两个原因:虽然中国要在10-15年之后才能看到重大的变化,但是给更多的家庭生二胎的机会将有助于平衡男女比例。如果适婚女性数量增多,那么中国婚恋市场异常激烈的竞争将有望得到缓和。Also, raising the birthrate would compel citizens to save less. Because China#39;s government invests so little on medical coverage, education, and other social safety nets, most Chinese save overwhelmingly more than they spend. They often store their money by buying up real estate, but with more children, couples would need to spend more. More than that, such couples would enjoy a wider safety net in a country where children are expected to take care of their elderly parents (Yup, that#39;s right -- in China, visiting mom and dad is the law).此外,生育率的提升将迫使公民减少储蓄。因为中国政府在医疗覆盖、教育和其他社会保障网络领域的投资甚少,大多数中国人更愿意攒钱,不愿意花钱。他们往往会通过购买房地产的方式来存钱,但是孩子越多,需要花销的地方也就越多。除此之外,这样的夫妇也将享有更多的保障,因为孩子有望会给他们养老(没错,的确如此——在中国,看望父母已被写入法律)。It#39;s unclear how Chinese families would respond to a relaxed policy. After all, rising housing and education costs have made couples in urban areas prefer having only one child.我们仍不清楚政策放宽后中国家庭会有什么样的反应。毕竟,房价和教育开销的上涨让城镇家庭宁愿只要一个孩子。It has been estimated the policy change could add 1 to 2 million more births every year, in addition to the approximately 15 million births a year today. Wei says as incomes rise in the world#39;s second largest economy, it#39;s likely that more couples will have more children.目前,中国每年的新生婴儿数量约为1500万,据估计,计划生育政策的变化每年将为中国新添1-2百万的人口。魏尚进表示,随着世界第二大经济体国民收入的不断增加,想多生孩子的夫妇可能会越来越多。All this could make homes more affordable over the next several years; that is, of course, if the Chinese choose to have more babies.所有这些因素可能将在未来几年内让房价更平易近人;当然,前提是中国家庭愿意生更多的孩子。 /201311/266014Fosun, the private conglomerate run by the man dubbed “China’s Warren Buffett”, has taken a big step into the European real estate market by signing a joint venture deal with UK-based asset manager Resolution Property.掌门人有“中国巴菲特”之称的民营企业集团复星(Fosun)与英国地产基金管理公司Resolution Property签署了一份合资协议,从而向进军欧洲房地产市场迈出了一大步。The deal is the latest evidence that Fosun, which owns companies in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals and mining to media and holidays, has embarked on a big international expansion.这份协议是最新的据,明在多个行业(从制药和采矿,到媒体和度假)拥有业务的复星,已踏上大规模国际扩张之路。Led by Guo Guangchang, Fosun last month signed a joint venture deal with British travel company Thomas Cook, selling holidays to Fosun’s Chinese Club Med resorts and a number of Chinese hotels selected by Thomas Cook.由郭广昌执掌的复星,上月与英国旅游公司托马斯錠克(Thomas Cook)签署合资协议,销售复星的中国Club Med度假村、以及托马斯錠克精选的一批中国酒店的假日旅游务。In April it partnered private equity investor TPG Capital to buy circus and entertainment company Cirque du Soleil.今年4月,复星联手私募股权投资者德太集团(TPG Capital),收购了马戏团及公司——太阳马戏团(Cirque du Soleil)。And in May it bought Bermuda-based insurer Ironshore.5月,复星收购了总部位于百慕大的保险公司Ironshore。Fosun’s activity is part of a wider trend of Chinese companies investing in Europe. In a number of deals over recent months, several large Chinese groups have bought second and third tier European financial services companies.复星的一系列动作是中国企业加快在欧洲投资的更广泛趋势的一部分。近几个月,中国的数家大型集团接连出手,收购了欧洲多家二三线金融务公司。Xu Xiaoliang, Fosun Group vice-president, said the Resolution deal marked “a significant step in Fosun’s global approach”.复星集团副总裁徐晓亮表示,与Resolution的交易标志着“复星地产全球化布局的又一重要事件”。“We have focused on finding experienced and professional overseas investment and management platforms as our priority,” he said. Fosun was “building up global investment capacity”.“我们认为成熟的海外专业资管平台,是复星地产应首先考虑的投资对象,”他表示。复星正在“打造全球化投资能力”。Fosun’s debut UK property deal came in 2013 when it acquired Lloyds Chambers in the City of London, and it stepped into the US in the same year, buying 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza in New York.复星的首笔英国房地产交易是在2013年完成的,当时它买下了伦敦金融城的Lloyds Chambers大楼,同年复星还进军美国,买下纽约天大楼——大通曼哈顿广场一号(One Chase Manhattan Plaza)。 /201507/384191

A staggering 8m tonnes of plastic waste are entering the world’s oceans every year, or the equivalent to five grocery bags filled with plastic for every foot of coastline in the world, according to the first scientific assessment of the problem.根据对海上塑料垃圾问题的首次科学评估,全球每年流入海洋的塑料垃圾达到令人震惊的800万吨,相当于全球每英尺海岸线都流入5只塞满塑料的食品袋。The joint US-Australian study, released at the American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting in San Jose, analysed waste production data from 192 countries to conclude that between 4.8m and 12.7m tonnes of “mismanaged plastic” entered the oceans in 2010; 8m tonnes is the central estimate.这一由美国和澳大利亚联合开展的研究,是在美国科学促进会(American Association for the Advancement of Science)圣何塞年度会议上公布的。该报告根据来自192个国家的垃圾产出数据,经分析得出,2010年流入海洋的“不受管理的塑料垃圾”在480万吨到1270万吨之间,800万吨的数据是上述区间取中位数得出的估计结果。Plastic in the oceans is becoming a serious ecological problem for marine life, as well as an ugly pollutant washed up on beaches and floating on the open seas.塑料垃圾不但是海岸上及海面上影响观感的废弃污染物,对于海洋生物来说,它们正成为严重的生态问题。Large pieces such as intact plastic bags are a hazard for animals from turtles to dolphins, which can become entangled or swallow them with fatal results. More insidious is the weathering of plastic debris into tiny particles that can be ingested even by microscopic invertebrates.对于从海龟到海豚在内的海洋生物,完整的塑料袋等大块塑料垃圾是一大威胁。它们可能会被这些塑料袋缠住或将其吞噬,从而导致致命后果。此外,更不易被人察觉的是,这些塑料废品被分解成微小颗粒后,甚至会被微观层面的无脊椎生物吞噬。The study, which also appears in the journal Science, lists the world’s 20 biggest national sources of mismanaged plastic waste. The top 19 are all middle and low income countries, with the US in 20th position.这份研究报告也发表在学术杂志《科学》(Science)上,该报告列举了全球20个最大的塑料垃圾来源国。其中,前19位都是中低收入国家,第20位则是美国。The worst offenders are in Asia, with China responsible for 28 per cent of all mismanaged waste, followed by Indonesia with 10 per cent.问题最严重的是亚洲国家。其中,来自中国的废品占了所有废品的28%,印尼以10%的比例落于其后。The amount of plastic going into the oceans is increasing fast, keeping pace with global plastic production, said the study leader Jenna Jambeck of the University of Georgia.这项研究的带头人、美国佐治亚大学(University of Georgia)的詹娜#8226;简贝克表示,流入海洋的塑料垃圾总量正在迅速增长,速度正在赶上全球的塑料生产量。“In 2025 the annual input would be about twice the 2010 input or 10 bags full per foot of coastline,” she said. “The cumulative input in 2025 would be nearly 20 times our 2010 estimate: 100 bags of plastic per foot of coastline in the world.”她说:“2025年,每年流入海洋的塑料垃圾将是2010年的两倍,差不多相当于每英尺海岸线上流入10袋塑料垃圾。到2025年,累计塑料垃圾流入量将是我们2010年估值的20倍,相当于全球每英尺海岸线上放100袋塑料垃圾。”Developed nations have the infrastructure to dispose properly of the vast majority of their plastic or recycle it. Poorer countries do not. Altogether about 3 per cent of the world’s total plastic waste ends up in the oceans through littering or dumping.发达国家拥有相关的基础设施,能够处理绝大部分塑料垃圾,或将其回收利用。相比之下,较贫穷的国家则没有这种条件。总的说来,全球全部塑料垃圾中,约有3%会由于乱扔乱倒,最终流入海洋。A huge investment will be needed to save the oceans and their inhabitants from choking on human plastic debris.要想拯救海洋,防止海洋生物不会因人造塑料废品而导致窒息,必须投入巨额资金。“Solutions will require a combination of local and global efforts,” said Prof Jambeck. “A shift in how we manage waste could provide jobs and opportunities for economic innovation — and it could improve the living conditions and health of millions of people.”简贝克教授表示:“解决这个问题,需要全球和各地共同努力。改变废品管理方式可能会创造就业,还可能为经济创新创造机遇。这么做还有助于改善数百万人的生存条件和健康水平。” /201502/360134

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