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宜春学院附属医院眼窝肉泡眼眼睑眼角哪家便宜价格宜春靖安县中人民医院去脂融脂蝴蝶袖蝴蝶臂哪家便宜价格In a spirit of gratitude and giving back to the parents who raised them, Bill and Jackie Merz#39;s daughters have extended a generous invitation.比尔#8226;默茨和杰基#8226;默茨夫妇的女儿们一心想要感谢和回报父母的养育之恩,对他们慷慨相邀。;They both live in Chicago now,; said Bill Merz, 75, a retired Sacramento State psychology professor. ;One was willing to put an extra floor on her house and install an elevator for us so we could live there. The other wanted to convert her basement for us.“她们两个现在都住在芝加哥,”现年75岁的比尔#8226;默茨说。他曾是萨拉门托州立大学的心理学教授,现已退休。“一个想要在她家的房子里加一层,给我们装上电梯,这样我们就能住在那儿了。另一个想把地下室改装给我们住。”;I told them we#39;d have somebody shoot us before we did that.;“我告诉她们如果要这样,还不如毙了我们。”The Merzes, who live in their own home at Eskaton Village Roseville, adore their extended, close-knit family, which also includes two sons in California and 11 grandchildren. But the idea of living with the kids in their older age leaves them cold.默茨夫妇住在他们艾斯卡顿村罗萨维尔区自己的家中,非常热爱他们紧密团结的大家庭,除了两个女儿,他们还有两个住在加利福尼亚的儿子和11个孙子和孙女。但想到自己的晚年要和孩子们住在一起,他们感到很不快。;My first reaction was, ;I don#39;t want you telling me what to do,;; said Jackie Merz, who is also 75 and a retired teacher and counselor.现年75岁的杰基#8226;默茨说:“我的第一反应是:我不需要你来告诉我怎么做。”她曾是一名辅导教师,现在也已退休。Most older adults tend to be a bit more euphemistic about it: Typically, they say that they don#39;t want to be a burden to their kids, or that they don#39;t want to impose. But statistics show a plainer truth. In huge numbers, seniors relish their freedom, and they want to live on their own as long as they can.多数老人对此的态度会委婉一些。通常,他们会说他们不愿成为孩子的负担,或他们不想强行要求孩子接纳他们。但数据却更直白地反应了真相。有相当多的老人很享受他们当下的自由状态,想尽可能地自己生活。In the Sacramento region, US census figures show that almost three-fourths of people 65 and older live in same-generation (as opposed to multigenerational) households. National figures are even higher, with nearly 80 percent of older adults living in their own households – more than triple the number from the 1940s.在美国萨拉门托州,人口普查数据显示,65岁以上的老人当中有近四分之三和同代人一起居住,而不是多世同堂。全国范围内这一比例甚至更高,将近80%的老人住在自己的房子里——比上世纪40年代这一数据的三倍还要高。A recent survey from the research firm Gallup amp; Robinson highlights that sense of independence. While 53 percent of people below age 65 said they would take in an aging parent who needed their help, only a quarter of people older than 65 said they would accept an invitation to live with their grown children.盖洛普暨罗宾逊调查公司最近的一项调查便凸显了这种自立感。65岁以下的人有53%表示他们愿意与需要他们帮助的年迈父亲或母亲同住,而65岁以上的人只有四分之一表示会接受其成年子女的邀请与之同住。Those attitudes fly in the face of a stubborn cultural cliché, in which the grandparents, kids and grandkids grow older together under one roof – a holdover from the days when there was no choice but for the generations to live together, like it or not.这种态度公然挑战了顽固的传统文化观念。在旧观念里,祖父母,子女,孙子和孙女应该在同一屋檐下生活,成长,老去,这是从远古时代遗留下来的传统——那时,无论喜欢还是不喜欢,人们没有选择,只能多代同堂。;I think the stereotype exists because we continually look retrospectively,; said Bill Merz. ;It becomes a museum piece. Look at TV shows and movies about Christmas, the nuclear family they show.“我觉得这种老思想仍然存在是因为我们总是在追溯过去,”比尔#8226;默茨说,“这玩意儿已经是物馆里的古董了。看看电视和电影里核心家庭是怎么过圣诞节的。”;It hasn#39;t been that way since World War II. GIs didn#39;t come back from the war and move to Mom and Dad#39;s neighborhood. They moved to the suburbs or across the country.;“自从二战以来人们就不那样生活了。士兵们从战场归来后,并没有搬到父母的住宅区里。他们到郊区去居住,或在全国各地落脚。” /201207/189959宜春铜鼓县去除腋毛多少钱 Japanese automakers, including Toyota and Nissan, are cutting back production in China following anti-Japan protests that shut dealerships and darkened their sales outlook in the world#39;s biggest car market.中国的反日抗议关闭了经销商,也使其在这个世界最大的汽车市场上的销售前景一片黑暗,随后日本汽车制造商包括丰田、日产都在缩减生产。Production slowdowns are a normal feature of the auto industry in mature markets such as the ed States and Japan, where they are used to keep inventories from ballooning and avoid pressure for manufacturers to offer deep discounts that erode profitability.生产放缓是成熟市场上的汽车产业的正常现象,比如美国和日本,它们被用来防止库存积压和避免制造商提供削减利润的大幅折扣压力。But the steps by the Japanese automakers to cut output in China are an anomaly in a market that has driven the industry#39;s global growth for a decade and where most automakers had been adding capacity until China#39;s economic slowdown in recent months.但日本汽车制造商在中国减产的举措在十多年来一直带动该行业全球发展的市场里是一种异常,大多数汽车制造商一直在增加产量直到最近几个月中国经济放缓。That caused production to outpace sales, resulting in larger-than-normal inventory levels at many dealers.这使得供大于求,导致了很多经销商超过正常水平的库存量。;For the time being, I think you#39;re going to see Japanese automakers#39; sales in China down by 20 to 30 percent,; said Koji Endo, auto analyst at Advanced Research Japan.“就目前而言,我认为你会看到日本汽车制造商在中国的销量下降了20%至30%,”在日本高级研究所的汽车分析师远藤浩二说。;The last time we had protests like this, in 2010, the effects only lasted about a month, but I think this time is going to be different. This is going to have a serious impact.;“我们最后一次进行这样的抗议活动是在2010年,其影响只持续了一个月左右,但我认为这一次将会不同,这将产生严重影响。”There were also signs the tensions were having an effect on other sectors.此外有迹象表明紧张局势也正对其他行业产生影响。Most notable was air travel, with All Nippon Airways announcing yesterday that 40,000 seat-reservations had been canceled for flights between Japan and China from September to November.最明显的是航空旅行,全日空航空公司昨天宣布从9月到11月中日航班已有40,000个座位预订被取消。Nissan, Japan#39;s top automaker in China, said it would halt production at a joint venture in China from today, three days earlier than planned, and extending through next week#39;s National Day holiday period.日本在中国顶尖的汽车制造商日产表示将停产,在中国的合资企业从今天开始,比原计划提前三天,并延长到下周的国庆长假期间。Toyota plants in Tianjin and Guangzhou suspended production from yesterday through the week-long holiday, Tokyo-based spokeswoman Shino Yamada said, a few days earlier than planned.天津和广州的丰田工厂从昨天起以及一周长假期间停止生产,东京的发言人四野山田说,这比原计划提前了几天。Production at factories in China may be further curtailed depending on market conditions, she said.“中国工厂的产量会根据市场情况可能作进一步削减,”她说。An insider said that Toyota was also preparing to reduce output at factories in Tianjin and Guangzhou through November.一位业内人士说,丰田公司还准备在11月减少天津和广州的工厂产量。One plan under discussion would keep the factories on two shifts but shut down production on Mondays and Fridays.正在讨论的一项计划将保持工厂的两班倒,但在周一和周五关闭生产。In addition, Toyota has discussed reducing production of luxury Lexus models at its plant in Kyushu, southern Japan, during October because of slower demand in China.此外,丰田已经讨论了10月份减少豪车雷克萨斯在日本南部九州工厂的产量,因为在中国需求减少。A senior Toyota executive in Beijing said the company would probably fall short of its goal of selling 1 million cars in China this year. In 2011, Toyota and its local Chinese partners sold about 900,000 cars.一位资深的丰田高管在北京表示,该公司今年在中国销售100万辆汽车的目标可能会功亏一篑。 2011年,丰田公司和其中国本土的合作伙伴售出了约90万辆汽车。;It#39;s very difficult to sell cars right now, but that#39;s true with every Japanese brand. Not just us,; said the executive.“现在卖车非常困难,但日本的每个品牌都是这样,不只是我们,”行政人员说道。Mazda has decided to halt production in China tomorrow and on Saturday, giving workers two extra days off as part of the national holiday shutdown.马自达已经决定中国工厂明天和周六停产,给工人两个额外的假日作为国庆节停工的一部分。Suzuki said it had stopped one of two shifts that it normally runs in China.铃木说它已经将在中国通常运行的两班倒改为白班生产。Anti-Japan sentiment in China escalated this month after Japan said it decided to ;buy; the Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea from a ;private owner.;当日本表示它决定从“私营业主”那里“购买”在中国东海的钓鱼岛及其附属岛屿之后,中国的反日情绪这个月逐步升级。In protests across China, some demonstrators vandalized properties of Japanese companies, including a Toyota outlet in the eastern city of Qingdao that was set ablaze.在中国各地的抗议活动中,一些示威者肆意破坏日本企业的财产,包括东部城市青岛的丰田4S店被烧。A senior Beijing-based Toyota sales executive said the long-term impact of the dispute on Japanese brands was uncertain. ;Unlike before, when sales recovered fairly quickly, things seem very different this time,; he said. ;But it#39;s still very difficult to gauge what kind of long-term fallout we are going to have.;一位在北京的资深丰田销售经理说,此次争端对日本品牌的长期影响是不确定的。 “不像以前,销售迅速地恢复,这次情况似乎有很大的不同,”他说。 “但是,这仍然非常困难去评估我们将经历怎样的长期余波。”The executive, involved with sales and marketing of Lexus, said all Lexus outlets in China had reopened and were operating normally.负责雷克萨斯的销售及市场推广的执行长说,所有雷克萨斯在中国的4S店已经重新开门并正常运行。;But customers are expressing fears about owning Japanese-branded cars,; he said, ;and that worries me a bit.;“但客户表示害怕拥有日本品牌的车,”他说,“而且我也有点担心。” /201209/201911宜春韩美整形激光去斑手术多少钱

宜春韩美整形美容医院祛痣好吗A teenager has captured some amazing images of the Earth. They look like they could be the latest images taken from a multi-million pound NASA satellite but these stunning snaps were actually taken from a £30 camera bought off eBay.一个少年捕捉到了一些惊人的地球图像。他们看起来像是从一个价值数百万英镑的美国航天局的卫星上拍摄的,但是实际上,这些惊人的照片只是从一个30英镑从易趣网上买来的相机拍出来的。Adam Cudworth, 19, managed to capture these incredible views of the Earth from space using little more than a balloon and his second-hand camera.亚当?德沃斯,19岁,成功地利用一个气球和一部二手相机拍摄到了难以置信的地球影像。Cudworth placed the second-hand camera he had bought in an insulated box along with a small camera, two temperature sensors, two high-performance solar panels, a tracking device, microprocessor and radio. He then attached it to a high-altitude latex balloon with a parachute and named his invention HABE 5. The balloon climbed to three times the height of a commercial plane before it burst and landed 30 miles from his home. He then retrieved the camera which had recorded stunning snaps and footage of the Earth from space.德沃斯把他买的二手相机以及一个小型摄像机,温度传感器,性能高的太阳能电池板,一个跟踪装置,微处理器和无线放置在一个绝缘盒子中。然后他把它附在一个高空乳胶气球降落伞并命名为HABE5.气球上升到普通商用飞机三倍的高度,并在爆裂之前降落在离他家30英里的地面上。然后他取出相机,记录了从太空拍摄的令人惊叹的地球照片和视频画面。And while NASA spends hundreds of millions of pounds each year on high tech satellites, Adam, whose scientific background consists of only a Physics A-Level, achieved his incredible feat—on a £200 budget.美国宇航局在高科技卫星的花费上达到了每年数亿英镑,然而,亚当,他的物理成绩只是达到了A级,但是却完成了惊人的壮举。只花费了两百预算。The teenager, who studies at the Nottingham University, said, “It’s just a bit of hobby really; I just wanted to set myself a challenge—but I’m amazed at the results. I have no background in astrophysics or anything like that; I’m just an engineering student.”这个少年,就读于诺丁汉大学,说道:“这只是我的兴趣,我只是想让自己得到挑战,但是我对结果非常惊喜,我没有航天或者其他方面的背景,我只是一个工程系的学生。“People think it’s something that costs millions of pounds but I’ve proved you can do it on just a £200 budget,” he added.“人们认为要花数百万英镑做的事情,我很自豪我可以用200英镑就做到了。”他补充道。 /201211/207648万载县去黄褐斑多少钱 Many publishers in China are now pushing staff to re-purchase books they have been published through the Internet, in order to boost sales and create a false indication of sales, Beijing Business Today reported.据《北京商报》报道,许多出版商为了拉动销量,利用内部员工回购网站图书,制造畅销假象。Recently, Chen Xiaohui, the General Manager of Beijing Cheers Books Co. Ltd., said that the book named ;The King of Capital;, hatched and published by their company, should have been ranked first in the Amazon business book list. The book named ;The Root of the Soul#39; got the first place just through complimentary activities by Dangdang.com rather than through real sales.近日,北京湛庐文化传播有限公司总经理陈晓晖表示,其公司策划出版的《资本之王》,在亚马逊经济管理类图书排行榜上是事实上的第一,前面的《心灵之本》是当当网以赠阅活动冲到第一位的,并非自然销售。According to sources, buying top places on the list has become an unwritten rule in the publishing industry.据业内人士透露,买榜已是出版业的潜规则。Chen Xiaohui said that publishers probably sold books at half of the fixed price and re-purchased them through books-selling websites at 65% of the price. The 15% of the price difference should be paid by the publisher.陈晓晖表示,出版商可能以5折价格把书卖给售书网站,再以6.5折的价格买回来,这15%则由买榜的出版商承担。An unnamed senior editor from a publishing house said that he had analyzed top 30 books on the lists of Dangdang and Amazon. Nearly 70% of them got the places through fraud.一家出版社资深编辑称,他曾经分析当当、亚马逊新书榜前30名,买榜率达70%。Another publishing house manager claimed that whether a book could enjoy long sales or not relies heavily on the content quality or else all the indications are short-term and false.某出版社发行经理表示,一本书能否长销,要靠内容质量来撑,否则只能是短期趋势和假象而已。 /201204/176630江西宜春市韩美医院祛疤多少钱

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