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Theres a lot of complaining these days that youth sports are too expensive and competitive. And, in fact, kids are dropping out and most sports are on the decline in the U.S.One sport that is not losing players is hockey, which has also changed the way it trains young athletes. The approach has been so successful that the U.S. Olympic Committee recently adopted it.The hockey club in Traverse City was a pioneer in this effort.Kurt Froese can remember exactly where he was when he realized something was wrong. He was at Centre Ice in Traverse City coaching his sons team, kids ages five and six.;And I was having them stop on a line, and no one could stop,; he recalls. ;They could not stop.;Froese says even the best player on the team couldnt stop on a line. They were getting y for a game on a full-sized rink. Thats 200 feet of ice.;The kids couldnt handle a puck, and they had no control on their skates,; he says. ;And I just thought, Why are we doing this?;Fifteen years later, Froese says he understands why they were doing it. He is a chiropractor and he says in many aspects of life—such as health and food—people want instant gratification.For youth hockey, that meant parents expected to see their kids playing a game that looked like the one on TV.;So what it is, at that age, youve got the two best kids from each team going up and down the ice trading scoring chances,; he says. ;The other eight kids on the ice are kind of just watching them, trying to be involved.;National reformBecause of people like Kurt Froese, that is not what happens in many places where kids play hockey today. They play games on half the rink.George Atkinson says they make better players that way. Atkinson is the president of the Michigan Amateur Hockey Association. He says even those fast players, the ones that used to take all the shots, learn more when the rink is smaller and congested.;They have to learn how to control the puck, skate with the puck, work though traffic,; he says, ;all the things that, if theyre ever going to aspire to a high level of hockey, theyre going to have to learn.;This approach to coaching hockey, sometimes referred to as ;development,; was not new even 15 years ago when Kurt Froese was first looking at those hapless five-year-olds in his charge. Froese says back then, USA Hockey recommended that kids practice three times as much as they play in games, but almost nobody followed that advice.;At the time, the travel teams were playing more games than they were practicing,; he says. ;So it was flip flopped.;Kurt Froese began making changes in Traverse City with the teams he coached for the Grand Traverse Hockey Association. For example, his travel team practiced four times as much as they went to games and tournaments.Froese wasnt alone in thinking about all this a decade ago. Officials at USA Hockey were asking similar questions.Ken Martel has directed this work at the national organization. He says they were worried about a problem almost all sports have: Many players burn out and quit by age 12.;A lot will tell you theyre not having fun,; Martel says. ;Theyre being over-coached. Parents are too pushy.;So in , USA Hockey made a few changes, like putting games for eight-and-under players on half ice. And they started working closely with clubs like the one in Traverse City that were making changes on the ground.Martel says people were not happy, particularly not with the switch to half-ice. He says its taken years to convince them this is a better way.;People dont like change,; he says. ;Someone who grew up playing a certain way, its like, Well this is what I did when I grew up, its good enough for me.;Beyond hockeyHockey in Traverse City did not look like what Andrew Hiss remembers in Maine where he grew up. He has two girls who play in Traverse City.Hiss says it took some time to adjust to the smaller rink but there are other differences, too. When he played hockey, the focus was on winning, and he says he has to adjust his expectations as a parent.That is something the club can help him do. He says he recently asked the coach how he should talk with his daughters after a game, and whether he should talk about hustling and being aggressive.;What the coach said was, No, just ask her if she had fun,; Hiss says.Grand Traverse Hockey Association is one of 20 teams in the country to be named a model club by USA Hockey for implementing principles like this.The change in the sport nationwide has been impressive enough to the U.S. Olympic Committee that it recently endorsed the approach and is using it to inspire change in other sports.Chris Snyder is the director of coaching for the Olympic Committee. He says they want to keep kids playing sports.;The less athletes playing sports in the ed States, the less athletes that have a chance to become Olympic caliber,; Snyder says. ;Which means well have less athletes on the podium.;Snyder says when they set out to address this problem, they saw that USA Hockey had developed a model based on lots of research.;It takes the research about how to keep kids in sports, how to make it developmentally appropriate, but also puts expectations on key outcomes, on making sure they have fun,; he says.Snyder says more than 20 sports organizations have pledged to make similar changes in their sports based on the lessons hockey has learned.More than sportsKurt Froese says changing the culture of a sport is hard. He says even when the parents were sold on the new approach in Traverse City, it took a lot of campaigning to get the clubs board to fully buy in.Froese was a semi-professional hockey player in Manitoba but he says this wasnt about hockey. It was about helping kids.;You never get an opportunity to be a child again,; he says. ;It wasnt about hockey itself. Its about how kids learn. And thats what drove me.;201605/443769According to family members, at least four Americans are still missing after the Brussels bombings. 据家庭成员,至少有四名美国人在布鲁塞尔爆炸案后仍然失踪。The missing include a husband and wife from the South and a brother and sister from New York City. 失踪人员包括来自南部的一对夫妻,来自纽约的一对兄。Both pairs were at the Brussels airport when two blasts rocked the check-in area, killing at least 11 people there Tuesday morning. 周二早上登记处的两起爆炸造成至少11人死亡,这两队人员当时就在布鲁塞尔机场。According to the State Department, about a dozen Americans were injured in the bombings, leading one lawmaker to suggest an American counter at the airport was targeted.据国务院消息,大约有十几名美国人在爆炸中受伤,一名议员表示机场的一美国柜台被攻击。译文属。201603/433428

Private universities私立大学A degree of frustration一定程度的沮丧Higher education is embracing private suppliers—but timidly高等教育欢迎私立大学办学者—但是仍显怯懦The first batch of 60 undergraduates at the New College of the Humanities in Bloomsbury, London’s main university quarter, occupy a spacious Georgian house. Opening doors on the way up a grand staircase, your reporter eavesdropped on tutorials on ancient Greece, Romantic poets and economic theory. It feels like a dinky version of an august academic institution. Yet it is a for-profit organisation with a chief executive huddled over spsheets downstairs.在伦敦布鲁斯伯里的大学主城区,第一批进入新人文学院的60名大学生就有了宽敞的教学场所--一栋乔治时代的建筑。走入敞开的大门,扶着一个壮观的楼梯而上,本报的记者悄悄旁听了一会古代希腊、罗马诗歌、经济理论的课程。感觉就像一个极小的庄严的学术学院。然而这是一个盈利学院,一位首席执行官在楼下忙碌地处理一些数据。The college’s founder is Anthony Grayling (shown above), a philosopher who wants to introduce a bit of diversity to a largely state-funded higher education system. A new high-end entrant in the marketplace also helps fill the gap in provision for students with good qualifications who lose out by a grade or two in the brutal race for places in the Russell Group of top universities. Degrees are awarded through the University of London, but at 18,000 pounds (,550) fees are double the maximum that state-subsidized universities can charge. The syllabus is broader and more akin to an American liberal-arts college than a traditional English university.该大学的创办者名为安东尼·格雷林(Anthony Grayling)(见图),这位哲学家希望为大范围的公立为主的高等教育体系引入一些多元化元素。一些优秀学生由于在罗素大学( Russell Group )集团的残酷竞争中相差一二分而落榜,在教育市场上这位高端新入者为这些学生填补了空缺。学位书通过伦敦大学颁发,但是费用高达18000英镑(28550 美元),是国立大学补助最高费用的2倍。与传统的英国大学相比,这个教学大纲更宽广,更类似于美国自由艺术大学。This kind of disruptive innovation earns a mixed reception. The coalition government welcomes it. But Terry Eagleton, an outspoken Marxist academic, describes the venture as “odious” and divisive. Other critics have pointed out that courses at Mr Grayling’s New College closely resemble what is on offer, more cheaply, at the existing London university colleges. Two-thirds of the first intake of students come from private schools and just 22% from state schools (the rest are foreigners and mature students). Mr Grayling hopes to counter the “too posh” charge with outreach initiatives and generous bursaries for poorer students.人们对这种破坏性的创新说法不一。联合政府对此表示欢迎,但一个直言不讳的马克思主义学者Terry Eagleton认为这种风险是“令人讨厌的”,不和谐的。其他批评家指出,相比格雷林的新学院,伦敦大学目前也提供类似且更为经济的课程。第一批学生中三分之二来自私立学校,只有22%来自国立学校( 剩下的国外学生和成年学生)。面对这些‘过于冠冕堂皇’的批评,格雷林希望以积极实践创新以及面向贫困生的丰厚奖学金予以反驳。The newcomer epitomizes a broadening of higher education, aided by a rise in maximum fees to 9,000 pounds that makes students (and their parents) look around for value for money. The government has also eased rules on what qualifies as a university. The newly named University of Law, an outfit with several regional centres, is backed by a private-equity firm and offers two-year degree courses for highly motivated or cash-strapped students. Its hard sell stands out among more conventional university branding: the college’s website touts a graduate legal qualification as if it were a soap powder—“Now with Masters included”.Other institutions such as BPP University College, which bestows professional qualifications from accountancy to chiropractic, were given degree-awarding powers by the last Labour government, but now want full university status.这个新的教学是英国广泛高等教育的缩影,学费普遍上涨,最高达到9,000英镑,让学生们以及家长们考虑这个钱是不是值得。政府同样放宽了对作为合格大学的政策。新被命名的法律大学,包含几个的地区中心,是由私募股权公司赞助的,为积极性高或者资金紧张的学生提供两年的学位课程。这个强行推销学位的大学在其它更加传统的大学中引人注目:学院网站上兜售着合法的研究者书,似乎是广告中的肥皂粉一样,现在有硕士学位书了。其它譬如BPP大学的机构,上届工党政府给予学位奖金的权力,可以授予从审计到脊椎神经学的专业书,但是现在希望获得一个全日制的大学身份。And the line between private and state-funded higher education is blurring in other ways. Established institutions including Imperial College, London and University College are also thriving businesses, cross-subsidising studies and research which do not make money. Oxfordhas initiated a joint Master’s course in law and finance, crammed into nine months and costing a hefty 21,000 pounds.并且私人办学和政府资助的高等教育的界限在其它方面也很模糊。包括帝国理工大学、伦敦大学在内的老牌大学发展得如火如荼,但是交叉补贴的教育与研究却并不赚钱。牛津大学已经开始了一个法律财务的双硕士课程,课程勉勉强强只有有九个月,费用却高达21000英镑。Much has changed since the independent University of Buckingham (a non-profit operator) launched 30 years ago, teaching mainly business and economics. Today it has more British undergraduates than foreign ones and offers a range of subjects, including medicine. But the revolution is unfinished. One anomaly that makes life harder for independent providers is that students can take out government-backed student loans at a favourable rate for only the first 6,000 pounds of their fees. At subsidised top universities, they can borrow the full yearly fee of 9,000 pounds .30年前出现的独立的白金汉宫大学(一位非盈利人运行的)带来了许多改变,主要教授商业和经济。今天,该大学的英国本科生要比外国的多,教授很多学科,包括医学。但是革命还未结束。一个反常的规定让独立经营者十分困难,学生可以以优惠利率申请政府资助的学生贷款,只是他们学费的6000英镑。政府资助的顶级大学,每年可以全额借助9000英镑。The level playing field promised when the coalition came to power in 2010 remains a work in progress. David Willetts, the universities minister, failed in a bid to allow for-profit education firms equal access to state funding. Many senior academics opposed the move, citing “derisory graduation rates, crushing levels of debts and degrees of dubious value” from some for-profit American companies. The issue has been shelved until 2015 at the earliest. When it comes to changing higher education, even small innovations can provoke a noisy backlash.承诺的公平竞争自2010年联合政府上台后仍在进程中。教育大臣戴维·维利斯在允许盈利性的教育公司有平等获得政府资助的投标中失败。许多高级学者反对这个行为, 认为这是由一些以营利为主的美国公司带来的“低得可笑的毕业率,高得离谱的债务和一文不值的学位”。最早到2015年这个问题才会搁置。谈到高等教育改革,即使一些很小的创新也会产生争论不休的强烈反对。翻译:杨芸祯 译文属译生译世 /201609/468644

Hi,Ellen,I want to let you know about my amazing husband,Sergeant Chad SparksEllen 你好 我想给你介绍一下我了不起的丈夫 Sergeant Chad SparksWeve been married for two years and have a baby girl Brooke我们结婚两年了 女儿Brooke刚出生不久We are struggling financially and some unexpected expenses depleted our savings,Were living penny to penny家里生活拮据 意外开耗光了我们的积蓄 我们现在过着一块钱分成两半花的日子My husband is truely the man every girl dreams of,honest hard working and a dedicated soldier我丈夫确实是那种完美老公 他诚实努力 是一名勇于奉献的军人Chad deploys to Afghanistan in a month,I know hes worried about leaving us还有不到一个月 他就要去阿富汗了 我明白他很担心我们母女and I just want him to know how much I love him,thanks for listening,your show helps me stay positive我只是想告诉他 我很爱他 谢谢读我的信 你的节目教会我保持乐观的心态and be grateful for the things I have,love Ashley.Theyre in our audience,please come down here,Sergeant Chad Sparks and Ashley知足常乐 心怀感恩 爱你的Ashley 这对夫妇就坐在观众席上 请到台上来 Sergeant Chad Sparks还有AshleySurprise.Yeah.You thought you just come to see a show,didnt you.Oh my god.给你个惊喜 好开心 你们以为只是来看节目的对吧 真没想到Its an honor to meet both of you and to have you in the audience很荣幸能请到你们过来看节目聊天And I love that you wrote this,because we get a chance to say thank you多亏你写信给我 我们才有机会表达我们的感谢Because it is a sacrifice that so many of you make and I know how hard this is感谢你们的奉献与付出 这一定很不容易And youre about to go back to Afghanistan,this is your second deployment,right你很快又要去阿富汗了 这是你第二次任务 对吧Yeah,I deployed once for six months,I was injured over there是的 之前我去过半年 在那儿负了伤And then right now,we havent been set to deploy yet,but weve been waiting on it,so weve just been preparing目前还没有调遣我们过去 但我们一直都在待命 时刻准备着奔赴前线Were as y as we can be and hold stand for the nations call figure your call upon us,for the heaven weve been told我们做好了十足的准备 为了国家的需要 从安排 时刻准备着And there is the baby,there armed about the baby,and what do you do for the military看这个宝宝 抱着的宝宝 在军队你是做什么的 /201609/464373

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