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福建省福清市中医院靠谱吗东张镇妇幼保健医院中药科Intel President Renee James is frank on why the chip-maker didn’t catch onto mobile earlier on.芯片厂商英特尔(Intel)之前为什么没能抓住移动革命的机遇?英特尔总裁詹瑞妮坦率地解释了背后的原因。“We were very successful, but success can breed complacency and fear,” explained James in a conversation with Fortune’s Michal Lev-Ram at Brainstorm Tech 2014. Where Intel INTC 0.77% also failed was identifying mobile devices like the iPhone, launched in 2007, as technology good enough for consumers to check email, watch , perform other general tasks and otherwise enjoy many of the features offered by desktop computers and laptops. Added James: “We didn’t appreciate that the iPhone was the advent of mobile and ultra mobile computing.”2014年《财富》头脑风暴技术大会上,在同《财富》米哈尔o列弗的对话中,英特尔总裁詹瑞妮解释说:“我们那时候非常成功,但成功会滋生自满和恐惧。”英特尔也没能意识到,以2007年推出的iPhone为代表的移动设备技术足够出色,足以让消费者查收电子邮件、观看视频、执行其他常规任务以及其他原本只有台式机和笔记本电脑才能提供的功能。詹瑞妮补充说:“我们没有意识到,iPhone标志着移动和超移动计算的到来。”Intel is trying its best to catch up. To that end, the company has announced it wants its mobile chips to power 40 million new tablets shipping this year. That’s an ambitious goal, given the vast majority of current smartphones and tablets – iPhones, iPads and Android devices – aly run on parts designed by competition such as Qualcomm and ARM. And few consumers seem to complain about how they perform.如今,英特尔正全力追赶。为此,这家公司已宣布,希望自己的移动芯片为今年出货的4000万台平板电脑提供动力持。这个目标可谓雄心勃勃,要知道,目前绝大部分智能手机和平板电脑——iPhone、iPad以及Android设备—— 已经采用了高通(Qualcomm)和ARM等竞争对手设计的芯片,而且很少有消费者抱怨现有芯片性能不佳。But again, James would argue Intel isn’t too late. “We have had not had the best technology in mobile – we think we do now,” explained James. Intel is focusing on China and other fast-growing markets. This May, it announced an agreement with Chinese mobile chipmaker Rockchip to develop chips together for affordable tablets running off Android.不过,詹睿妮称英特尔亡羊补牢为时不晚。她解释道:“过去,我们的移动芯片技术算不上最好的,而如今我们掌握了最好的技术。英特尔正重点瞄准中国及其他快速增长的市场。今年五月,英特尔宣布与中国移动芯片厂商瑞芯微(Rockchip)达成协议,共同开发适用于平价Android平板设备的芯片。If anyone has a good shot at transforming Intel into a serious competitor in mobile, it’s someone like James. James, who became president in May 2013, remains the highest-ranked woman at Intel during its 40-year-plus history. Prior to becoming president, James led Intel’s expansion into developing open-source software and services for enterprise, security and cloud computing. She also was director and COO of Intel’s datacenter services business and served as technical assistant to former Intel CEO Andy Grove for four years. In 2013, James ranked #27 on Fortune’s Most Powerful Women list.要说谁能令英特尔在移动芯片领域占据重要位置,詹睿妮可谓是不二人选。在英特尔40多年的历史中,2013年5月就任总裁的詹睿妮是这家公司迄今为止级别最高的女性员工。担任总裁之前,詹睿妮成功带领英特尔扩张了业务版图,开发开源软件、企业级务、安全务以及云计算务。她也是英特尔数据中心务部门的负责人和首席运营官,同时还担任英特尔前首席执行官安迪o格鲁夫的技术助理达四年之久。2013年,詹睿妮在《财富》最具影响力女性榜单上排名第27位。 /201407/312516Early last year, you might recall, Target found itself at the center of a storm of outrage. The retailer#39;s number crunchers had come up with a statistical method for predicting which of its customers were most likely to become pregnant in the near future, giving Target#39;s marketers a head start on pitching them baby products.你可能还记得,塔吉特百货公司(Target)在去年初曾深陷愤怒的舆论漩涡中心。那是因为这家零售商的数据专家们开发出了一种统计方法,可以预测哪些客户有可能在近期怀,营销人员向她们推销婴幼儿产品时,就拥有了先人一步的优势。The model worked: Target expanded its customer base for pregnancy and infant-care products by about 30%. But the media brouhaha, with everyone from The New York Times to Fox News accusing the company of ;spying; on shoppers, took weeks to die down.这个模型很管用:在塔吉特购买期及婴幼儿产品的客户增长了30%。但这却引来舆论一片哗然,从《纽约时报》(The New York Times)到福克斯新闻(Fox News),几乎所有人都指责该公司是在“暗中监测”购物者。这场风波好几周后才平息下去。If Target#39;s success at setting its sights on potential moms-to-be gives you the creeps, Eric Siegel#39;s new book could ruin your whole day. Siegel is a former Columbia professor whose company, Predictive Impact, builds mathematical models that cull valuable nuggets of data from floods of raw information. Companies use the tools to forecast everything from what we#39;ll shop for, to which movies we#39;ll watch, to how likely we are to be in a car accident or default on our credit cards.如果塔吉特成功监测准妈妈这件事已经让你觉得毛骨悚然了,那埃里克?西格尔的新书恐怕会让你惶惶不可终日的。西格尔曾是哥伦比亚大学(Columbia University)的教授,他的公司叫“预测影响”(Predictive Impact),专门开发各类数学模型,这些模型能从海量原始数据中提取出极具价值的信息。各类公司都在使用这些工具进行预测,不管是我们想购买什么东西,还是我们想看什么电影,不管是我们碰上车祸的可能性有多高,还是我们有多大可能会信用卡欠款,都能预测出来。In Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die, Siegel explains how these models work and where the pitfalls are, in clear, colorful terms. Simply put, predictive analytics, or PA, is the science of learning from experience. Starting with data about the past and current behavior of a given group of people -- whether customers, patients, prison inmates up for parole, voters, or employees -- analysts can predict what they#39;ll probably do next.在《预测分析:预测谁将点击、购买、撒谎或死亡的力量》(Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die)一书中,西格尔用清晰生动的语言解释了这些模型运作的机制及各类误区。简而言之,预测分析,或简称PA,就是一种从经验中学习的科学。从既定人群——客户、病人、即将假释的囚犯、选民或员工——过去和当前的行为数据入手,分析师就能预知他们下一步可能的行为。This kind of high-tech crystal ball is behind ;the growing trend to make decisions more #39;data driven,#39;; Siegel writes. ;In fact, an organization that doesn#39;t leverage its data in this way is like a person with a photographic memory who never bothers to think.;这是一种可以预知未来的高科技“水晶球”。西格尔写道,它位居“日益盛行的、越来越依靠数据做决策的趋势”幕后,“实际上,如果一个机构从来不用这种方式充分利用自己的数据,那就和一个人有过目不忘的本事却从来不动脑筋无异”。Predictive Analytics is packed with examples of how Citi, Facebook, Ford, IBM, Google, Netflix, PayPal and many other businesses and government agencies have put PA to work. Pfizer, for instance, has a predictive model to foretell the likelihood that a patient will respond to a given new drug within three weeks. LinkedIn uses PA to pinpoint the fellow members you might want as connections. At the IRS, a mathematical ranking system applied to past tax returns ;empowered IRS analysts to find 25 times more tax evasion, without increasing the number of investigations.;这本书列举了丰富的案例,有关花旗集团(Citi)、Facebook、IBM、谷歌公司(Google)、网飞公司(Netflix)、贝宝(PayPal)和其他企业及政府机构利用预测分析的例子比比皆是。比如,辉瑞制药(Pfizer)就有一个预测模型,它能预告病人在三周内对一种给定新药产生药效反应的几率。LinkedIn会用PA来准确找到你希望联系的用户。而在美国国税局(IRS),一套用于过去纳税申报单的数学排序系统“让IRS的分析师在不增加调查的前提下,能发现比以前多25倍的逃税情况。”And then there#39;s Hewlett-Packard. A couple of years ago, alarmed by annual turnover rates in some divisions as high as 20%, HP decided to try anticipating which of its 330,000 employees worldwide were most likely to quit. Beginning with reams of data on things like salaries, raises, promotions, and job rotations, a team of analysts correlated that information with detailed employment records of people who had aly left. Based on the similarities they found, the researchers assigned each current employee a Flight Risk score.还有一个惠普公司(Hewlett-Packard)的案例。几年前,惠普的一些部门每年离职率高达20%,受此触动,惠普决定预测其全球33万名员工中谁最有可能辞职。分析师团队从海量数据入手,如薪酬水平、加薪情况、升迁情况及轮岗情况等,将它们和已离职员工的详细工作经历联系起来开展分析。在他们所发现的数据相似性基础上,研究者们为目前每位员工都打了一个离职风险(Flight Risk)评分。 /201304/236095福清比较好的男科医院

福清市中山医院无痛人流多少钱福清高山镇治疗前列腺肥大的费用是多少Technology reviewers are running out of superlatives to describe just how good it is. But they#39;re not talking about the latest from Apple. They#39;re talking about an Android: the HTC One. HTC#39;s new flagship phone is due April 19 for 9 with a contract.技术测评人士纷纷竖起大拇指,但他们夸的可不是苹果公司(Apple)的最新款手机,而是来自HTC(宏达电)的Android手机One。HTC这款全新主打产品将于4月19日面市,合约价为199美元。By many, many, many, many accounts it is one the best phones ever made -- and possibly the model that is finally better than an iPhone. Take a close look at what they#39;re are raving about.很多测评者都表示,HTC One是迄今最棒的机型之一,而且可能超越了iPhone。看看这些测评者到底怎么说的吧。Design设计:金玉其外HTC has wrapped the One in premium materials. No chintzy plastics here. Its case is carved from a single piece of aluminum. The phone, which is 0.36 inches thick and weighs about 5 ounces, is available in silver or black.HITC的One 手机外部采用高档材料,而非廉价的塑料。它的外壳是由一整块铝精雕细琢而成。手机厚0.36英寸、重约5盎司(约142克),有银色、黑色两种颜色可选。Impressive internals配置:卓尔不凡Inside, the phone features a Qualcomm (QCOM, Fortune 500) Snapdragon 600 Quad-Core processor running at 1.7 Ghz and 2 GBs of RAM, putting it on the high end of the Android spectrum. (Samsung#39;s upcoming Galaxy S4 features the same processor running at a slightly faster speed.) Internal storage comes in at 32GB or 64GB. One knock: There#39;s no SD card for storage expansion.这款手机配置了高通(Qualcomm)骁龙600四核处理器,运行速度为1.7GHz,内存为2 GB,在一众Android手机中十分出众。【三星(Samsung)即将推出的Galaxy S4手机采用了同系列处理器,只不过运行速度稍快。】One将发售32GB和64GB两个版本。不过有一点不爽:没有SD卡,因此无法扩大存储量。A gorgeous display显示:光照人The HTC One has a 4.7-inch screen at 1080p resolution, a.k.a. 1920x1080 pixels. That#39;s pretty much standard in this class of phones, but it squeezes an impressive 468 pixels-per-inch -- more than the S4 or Apple#39;s iPhone -- for crisper images and sharper text.HTC One手机采用4.7英寸屏,分辨率为1080p,即1920x1080像素。虽然这在这个等级的手机中几乎是标配,但它屏幕每英寸像素数高达468——比Galaxy S4以及苹果iPhone还高,因而图像和文字都更加清晰。Good sound声音:绕梁三日Like laptops, most smartphones don#39;t normally come with great speakers. HTC#39;s answer is so-called BoomSound dual stereo speakers. The name may be silly, but this Beats-designed setup sets the device apart. Crucially, the One#39;s two speakers are on the front of the device, not the back or sides.同平板电脑一样,大多数智能手机的扬声器通常都不怎么样。然而HTC One采用了所谓的BoomSound双立体声扬声器。虽然BoomSound这个名字有点傻,但这项由数字音响厂商Beats设计的功能令One手机卓尔不凡。最重要的是,它的两个扬声器都在手机的正面,而非背面或侧面。There are some drawbacks不足:白璧微瑕The One runs Android Jelly Bean, Google#39;s (GOOG, Fortune 500) latest, but HTC#39;s own software, dubbed Sense 5.0, operates on top. It features a new type of home screen, Blinkfeed, that draws on content from social feeds like Facebook and Twitter. Some people love it, some people don#39;t.One搭载了谷歌(Google)Android最新版本——果冻豆,但HTC同时还搭载了自家软件Sense 5.0。这款手机采用了一种新的主屏幕类型——Blinkfeed,从Facebook和Twitter等社交网络上抽取内容。至于说这是好是坏,就见仁见智了。And a so-so camera摄像头:差强人意The One packs a 4 megapixel camera, bucking the trend of cramming in increasingly more powerful cameras. (Samsung#39;s S4 will feature a 13 megapixel camera by comparison). Instead, HTC says its camera is an ;Ultrapixel; device, promising that the sensor pixels are twice as big as they are in most phone cameras. That means they gather more light, making for better low-light shots. In practice, resulting photos are a mixed bag.HTC One手机仅配置了400万像素的摄像头,一反手机摄像头像素越来越高的潮流。(相比之下,三星Galaxy S4手机将采用1300万像素摄像头)。相反,HTC表示,它的摄像头是一款“超像素”装置,称其传感器像素是大多数手机摄像头的两倍。这意味着它们能更好的聚光,从而在微光情况下获得更好的拍摄效果。实际上,One手机摄像头拍摄的照片有好有坏。 /201304/234964Social media can be a large time-waster. Many people spend much of their day tweeting, liking, and posting status updates.社交媒体可以浪费你很多时间。很多人花很多时间发微、加关注、更新状态。It has forever changed the way the world communicates. Yet, as much as it can waste time, it can also be a great productivity booster. Are you using social media for productivity or procrastination?社交网络永久地改变了世界交流的方式。然而,社交媒体可以浪费时间,也可以成为提高效率的强大助推器。你是用社交媒体来提高效率呢还是拖延时间呢?Tool or Time Sink?是工具还是打发时间?We usually think of social media as a time sink. Something that takes up time and allows you to procrastinate throughout your day.我们通常认为社交媒体会耗费大量的时间。它会花费你很多时间,使你每天的任务不断拖延。There is no doubt that many people use it to pass the time in their day. Yet, when used for good, it can be a powerful productivity tool.毫无疑问,许多人是用社交媒体来打发时间。然而,如果使用得当,它可以成为提高效率的强大工具。Social Media: Productivity vs. Procrastination社交媒体:提高效率 VS 拖延时间In a world where ideas, communication, and speed are increasingly valuable, social media excels. Granted, social media isn’t going to write that report for you, or analyze that spsheet. Nor is it going to perform that manual labor task.在一个想法、交流和速度都越来越有价值的世界里,社交媒体的优点脱颖而出。当然,社交媒体不能帮你写报告或者分析电子表格,它也不能帮你完成那些体力劳动。However, there are many ways social media can help you get work done, develop new ideas, or just get feedback. In all of these areas, social media can save you time.但是,社交媒体依然可以通过很多办法来帮你完成工作,搜寻新的想法或者得到反馈。在所有这些方面,社交媒体都可以帮你节约时间。Here are 7 Ways Social Media Can Make You More Productive:下面就是社交媒体让你更有效率的7种方式:1. Seek Advice1. 寻求建议Need advice on a topic? Social media can provide rapid tips, thoughts, and input. It is a great way to cast a large net, instead of just getting the singular opinion of the person in the cubicle next to you. Of course, depending on the matter, you have to know who you are listening to and trusting. Other times, it can be a great way to get a quick point in the right direction.需要某个话题的建议?社交媒体可以迅速为你提供小贴士、想法以及输入。利用社交媒体建立一张大网是个不错的办法,而不是仅仅听取你旁边那个人单一的建议。当然,根据事项不同,你必须清楚你该听谁说,该信任谁。此外,社交媒体还可以帮助你在正确的方向上迅速找到切入点。2. Solve Problems2. 解决问题When you can’t solve a problem by yourself, ask the world. For example, a while back I was having a problem with a piece of software. I had googled and googled and couldn’t find a solution. I put the problem out on my social media channels. Within twenty minutes, a gentleman from Sweden (with whom I had never communicated previously) sent me a link to the answer. Simple, yet powerful stuff.当你自己不能解决一个问题时,问问这个世界。比如说,我曾经在一款软件上遇到了问题,我用谷歌搜啊搜也没有找到解决办法。于是我把这个问题发到了我的社交媒体上。不到20分钟,一位来自瑞典的先生(我之前从来不认识)发给我一个链接告诉了我。就是这么简单这么厉害。3. Reach Companies3. 接触公司Companies that are social media savvy are serving their customers in new and efficient ways. Twitter is one of my favorite ways to reach companies that I deal with. Instead, of getting on the phone and being on hold for endless minutes, I can send a tweet in seconds. A 5-second tweet can get me assistance on my upcoming flight. Anytime, anywhere.善于利用社交媒体的公司正在用新的有效的方式为客户们提供务。Twitter是我最喜欢的和公司打交道的方式之一。不用打进电话后忍受无休止的等待,我几秒钟就可以发一条tweet。花5秒钟发一条tweet就能帮我查询到下一班航班,而且没有时间地点的限制。4. Get Feedback4. 得到反馈Have an idea and need some input or feedback? Ask your social media audience. Often, you don’t even have to ask for feedback. Just put an idea out there and see how much response and sharing it gets.有一个想法,需要得到输入或反馈?问问你的社交媒体上的听众吧。通常情况下你甚至不需要询问他们来获得反馈。你只需要把你的想法发布出来,然后看看会得到多少回应和分享。5. Find Ideas5. 寻找点子Whether it is for your business, blog, or hobby, there has never been an easier time to find ideas. Want to know what people are thinking, talking about, or have passion for? You have a searchable stream of consciousness at your fingertips. A friend of mine determines his blog post topics by searching for keywords on Twitter and seeing what people are asking about.不论是为你的生意、客还是兴趣,从来没有像现在社交媒体这样容易找到点子。想知道人们在思考什么,谈论什么,喜爱什么吗?你只需要动动手指就可以搜索到这些。我的一个朋友通过在Twitter上搜索关键词并观察人们询问的问题,来决定他客发布的话题。6. Communicate with a Broad Audience6. 和更广泛的听众交流Social media allows individuals greater power than ever to communicate with a large audience. It used to be you had to go through a publisher or big media company. Authors, speakers, experts, can now reach their audience directly, immediately, and in most cases for free.社交媒体为个人提供了比过去更大的能力来和广泛的听众交流。过去你必须通过出版商或者大型媒体公司才能做到。而现在,作者、演讲者和专家可以直接快速地接触到他们的听众,而且大部分情况下是免费的。7. Quick Communication7. 快速交流There is something special about the brevity of social media. Take Twitter. There is magic in those 140 characters. If you tried that with your email, your recipients would think you were nuts. (Of course, email is for a slightly different purpose.)社交媒体的简短是有特殊意义的。比如说Twitter(还有微),短短140字就具有魔力。如果你用电子邮件发同样的内容,你的收件人大概会认为你疯了(当然,电子邮件的目的又有不同)。Social Media isn’t all about procrastination. It one of the most powerful technologies of our time. So, the next time someone tells you that you are wasting time on social media, tell them that you are being more productive.社交媒体并不都会让你拖延时间,它是我们这个时代最强大的技术之一,所以,如果下次有人对你说你在社交媒体上浪费时间,告诉他们你比之前更有效率了。Of course, that may not fly with your boss.当然,还是别让老板知道的好。 /201301/221811福清哪家医院治早泄效果好福清中山医院男科好吗

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