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成都万亿化妆纹绣学纹绣价目表多少钱自贡纹绣整形培训学校哪家好Science and technology科学技术Safe driving安全行驶Keep your mind on the road时刻看路Hands-free texting is more distracting to drivers than using a mobile phone语音发短信比手机通話更容易让驾驶人分心CARS, to paraphrase some in Americas gun lobby, do not kill people.套用美国步协会的说法,汽车不会杀人。People kill people.人杀人。And among the people more likely than others to kill people are those distracted by their use of mobile phones and other portable electronic devices while they are driving.在人群中,那些在开车时,使用手机或者其他便携式电子设备的人,比其他人更容易杀人。Actually holding a phone to your ear while driving is illegal in many places.事实上在许多地方,开车的时候将手机放在耳朵上是违法的。But not having both hands on the wheel is only part of the problem.但是没有把双手放在方向盘上仅仅只是一部分问题。Another part, probably more serious, is the dissipation of attention involved.另一部分,可能更加严重,是注意力不集中。If further evidence of this were needed, it has just been provided in a study published by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, in Washington,如果需要更多的据,这可以由在华盛顿特区的美国汽车协会的交通安全基金会发表的一份研究报告提供。DC. David Strayer and his colleagues at the University of Utah, the studys authors, looked at exactly how distracting various mental activities are to drivers.犹他州的大卫·斯特雷耶和他的同事,这份研究报告的作者,清楚地看到了精神活动是如何使驾驶员分心。In a world where cars are often fitted with hands-free electronic devices, what they found is worrying.在一个汽车配备了免提式电子设备的世界里,这就是他们所担心的事情。Dr Strayer divided 102 volunteers into three groups.斯特雷耶士将102名志愿者分为了三组。Each participant performed eight tasks under the scrutiny of his team and while wearing an electrode-laden hat to record what is known as their Event-Related Brain Potentials.每一位参与者要在他的队伍的监督下完成八个任务,并且是戴了一个用于记录大脑的事件相关电位的,布满电极的帽子。The eight tasks were: doing nothing; listening to the radio; listening to an audio book; conversing with a passenger; calling a friend using a hand-held phone; calling a friend using a hands-free phone; using speech to send a text message; and, as an example of a difficult task few people engage in behind the wheel, verifying a set of mathematical equations while memorising nouns interjected between the maths problems.这八个任务是:什么都不做;听广播;听音频书;与一位乘客交谈;用一个手持式电话呼叫一位朋友;使用免提式电话呼叫一位朋友;用语音发送一条短信;作为一个困难的任务的一个例子,少数人加入这个团体;当熟记插入到这些算术问题中的名词时,明一系列算术等式。The first group of volunteers performed these tasks sitting at a computer.第一组人在电脑前完成这些任务。The second sat in simulators resembling the interior of a car, and followed another car on a screen.第二组坐在一个汽车模拟器里,在屏幕上他的前方有一辆车。The third drove real cars.第三组开真正的车。Besides their ERPs, the volunteers reaction times were assessed, their level of concentration was tested by studying their responses to lights shone in the periphery of their visual fields, and their subjective views of which tasks demanded most attention were recorded.除了他们的大脑的事件相关电位外,他们的反应时间也会被评估,他们的集中程度也会通过研究他们对视野边缘的灯光闪烁的反应进行测试,还有他们对哪种任务更加需要集中精力的判断也被记录下来。Dr Strayer then consolidated these various results into a single number that represented the overall mental distraction a task created.斯特雷耶士将这些不同的结果结合在一起形成一个单独的数字,用于表示一个任务所产生的综合精神分散。Doing nothing provided a baseline value of 1.0 and juggling maths and word-memory provided an upper bound of 5.0.什么都不做的情况设为基础值-1.0,然后尽量使用数学和字存储器产生一个更高的范围-5.0。As might be expected, listening to the radio or to a book were the least distracting activities.可能像预期的那样,听广播或者音频书是是最不容易使人分心的活动。Talking to a passenger and talking on the phone were intermediate.与一位乘客交谈和打电话是中等程度。The most distracting, at 3.06, was hands-free texting.最使人分心的活动的分数为3.06,是语音发短信。On a scale where 5.0 is the most distracted it is possible to be, that is worryingly high.在某种程度上,可能存在最使人分心的,程度为5.0的活动,那么3.06就相当高。In attention to the road is not the only cause of traffic accidents, but it is an important one.不集中注意力观察道路情况不是造成交通事故的唯一的原因, 但是它是最重要的。In America, various studies have suggested that it contributes to between a quarter and a half of accidents.在美国,许多研究表明这种情况所造成的交通事故的比率在1/4到1/2之间。Those who think that hands-free texting is low on the list of potential driving hazards might therefore wish to think again.那些认为语音发短信所造成的风险很小的人可能要因此重新考虑一下。 /201311/264215广汉市纹唇培训学校哪家好 Even if youre not an astronomy buff, chances are you caneasily recognize certain constellations and stars such as the Big Dipper, Orions Belt and the North Star.即使你不是一名天文学发烧友,你也能轻易地辨认出某些星座,比如,北斗七星,猎户座的腰带,还有北极星。The North Star is the brightest star in the constellation known as the Little Dipper.北极星是小熊座中最明亮的一颗星。It is so-called because of the special position it occupies relative to Earths axis.它的名字源于它所处的特殊位置,这个位置与地轴有关。If you were to stay up all night gazing at the stars, youd slowly see them revolve around a point in the sky known as the North Celestial Pole.如果你熬夜盯着满天繁星看,会慢慢发现它们都绕着天上的一个点旋转,这个点就是北天极。You would notice, however, that one star remains stationary.这时,你会注意到有一颗星星一动不动,它就是北极星。This is the North Star, so named forits location almost directly in line with the North Celestial Pole.北极星因自身位置几乎与北天极重合而得名。Due to its consistent position in the sky, at one time sailors used the North Star as a navigational tool.由于北极星在天上的位置永远不变,所以曾经一度,水手们将北极星作为导航工具。By measuring the angle between the northern horizon and the North Star, a navigator could accurately determine the ships latitude.通过测量北方地平线与北极星之间的角度,导航员能确定船只所处的纬度。But latitude, or the imaginary lines stretching across the globe parallel to the equator, was notenough to pinpoint a ships location.但纬度,或者,想象中与赤道平行环绕地球的那条线,不足以确定船只的位置。Knowing latitude only allowed navigators to locate themselveson a particular latitude line at a particular distance from the equator.知道纬度,导航员也只能确定自己在哪条纬线上,距赤道有多远。It was only with the inventionof a way to accurately measure longitude that precise navigation became possible.只有发明出测量经度的方法,进行准确的导航才会成为可能。Although the North Star is no longer used by navigators, it remains a heavenly icon of humancuriosity and exploration.尽管如今导航员已不靠北极星来导航。但它代表着人类永恒的探索与开创精神,将永远在天空中绽放光芒。201407/316289巴中学唇妆多少钱

江油市高级纹绣Science in Japan日本科学界Stress test压力测试After a scandal, a renowned stem-cell scientist commits suicide爆出丑闻后,一位大名鼎鼎的干细胞科学家自杀Dr Sasai faces the music聚光镜前的笹井士WHAT happens to human cells if you douse them in a Petri dish full of public shame, official reprimands and months of intense stress? An answer came this week when Yoshiki Sasai, a distinguished stem-cell biologist at the RIKEN Centre for Developmental Biology in Kobe, Japan, hanged himself after being blamed over the fabrication of research.如果将人类细胞浸入充满公众羞耻、官方谴责以及数月的紧张压力的培养皿中,会发生什么?上周的是,著名干细胞生物学家笹井芳树在受尽学术违规的指责后悬梁自尽。笹井芳树生前就职于位于日本神户的理化研究所,是发生与再生科学综合研究中心副主任。Dr Sasai had been an author, with Haruko Obokata, a younger, female colleague whose work he was supervising and promoting, of two papers published in January in Nature. These promised a leap forward in the much-hyped field of regenerative medicine. They purported to show that applying stress to ordinary mouse cells—squeezing them, or dipping them into a bath of mild acid—could turn them into pluripotent stem cells, capable of forming new animal tissue.笹井士是两篇发表于《Nature》杂志上的论文的作者之一。论文第一作者为小保方晴子,是他的女研究生,也是他推荐的文章。文章描绘了当下热门的可再生医学领域的重大进展。论文结果显示,对普通老鼠细胞施加压力,即挤压或将其浸入弱酸中,可能将这些细胞转变为多能型细胞,赋予其形成新的动物组织的能力。In Japan, where female scientists are a rare species, Dr Obokatas apparent breakthrough caused a sensation. It seemed to open the possibility of more rapid progress towards regenerative medicines ambitious goals of using pluripotent cells to test new drugs, study diseases, grow tissues and even fashion new body parts to replace damaged or missing ones.在日本,女性科学家非常罕见。小保方士的重大突破营造了这样一种感觉:它似乎打开再生医学快速发展的大门,使用多能型细胞测试新药、研究疾病、培养组织甚至塑造新肢体以替代受损或缺失的部分这种宏伟目标有了实现的可能性。It would also have eclipsed the work of a scientist at Kyoto University who had, in 2006, devised a way of reprogramming ordinary cells into pluripotent ones using genes for molecules called transcription factors. By comparison, the technique Drs Obokata and Sasai suggested was simple.这份报告超越了京都大学的一位科学家2006年的工作。他发明了一种新的方法,使用分子基因中的转录因子,能将普通细胞转变为多能型细胞。相比之下,小保方士和笹井士提出的技术比较简单。Many other scientists therefore tried to replicate it in the months following publication. But they could not, and doubts grew. Blogs and websites pointed out irregularities in the images and diagrams in the original papers. Finally, in April, an investigative panel at the RIKEN Centre slammed Dr Obokata for fabrication and plagiarism, and in July Natureretracted the papers.因此,在论文发表后的几个月,许多其他科学家都试图复制这一成果。但他们未能成功,由此开始产生疑虑。文和网站纷纷指出原始论文的图像和表格中有不合规现象。最终,四月的时候,理化所的调查小组认定存在学术违规和舞弊,7月,《自然》撤回了这两篇论文。The panel did clear Dr Sasai of misconduct, but it laid upon him a “heavy responsibility” for failing to verify his star researchers study. He was a keen fundraiser for stem-cell research at RIKEN, which is one of Japans biggest research organisations, with laboratories all around the country, and that motive may explain his failure to scrutinise her work properly, according to another probe, by outside experts. Disciplinary action against him was expected, and the outsiders called for the Centre for Developmental Biology to be shut down. In April Dr Sasai told the Wall Street Journal that he was “overwhelmed with shame”.调查小组确实洗清了笹井士“行为不当”的嫌疑,但是却认定他不曾识别他所谓明星研究人员的成果而负有“重大责任”。外界专家探讨则认为,笹井士是理化研究中心内,干细胞研究的主要资金募集人员,而理化研究中心则是日本最大的研究机构之一,其实验室遍布全国。这可能是导致他未能正确审议她的工作的原因。人们希望给他纪律处分,外界还有人呼吁关闭发生与再生科学研综合研究中心。四月,笹井士对《华尔街日报》说,他“满面羞愧”。But some shame surely also attaches to the scientific establishments handling of the scandal—particularly in a country where suicide is common. The Knoepfler Lab Stem Cell Blog, a website which has followed the implosion of the papers closely, called this week for all scientists to reflect on the pressure researchers are under to make transformative discoveries. Dr Sasai became a scapegoat, taking too much responsibility for the troubles, it said. Having been briefly in hospital for stress, and on powerful drugs, he had reportedly asked to step aside from his job, only to be turned down. Suicide, unfortunately, is a response that cannot be gainsaid.但是,对科研机构的丑闻处理也应当受到指责,尤其是在自杀普遍的国家中。 Knoepfler实验室干细胞客自论文发布以来,一直密切关注。本周他呼吁所有科学家反思研究人员在进行革命性研究时所承担的压力。笹井士变成了替罪羊,承担了麻烦带来的多数责任。他已经因压力而住院并用强力药物,并写报告要求离职,却仍被拒绝。不幸的是,自杀却是一项无法被驳回的申请。 /201408/321028重庆顶级纹绣师 It’s also a prime hunting ground for red-tailed hawks. And they have the perfect nesting site right next to it. They’d moved in on the top floor of this expensive Manhattan apartment block. It acts like a surrogate tree, supporting their large nest. Their high-rise residence also provides a perfect lookout and a launch pad for ambushing prey. 这里也同样是红尾鹰的主要猎场。右侧便是它们选择巢穴的最佳地点。红尾鹰移居到了曼哈顿一栋高档大楼的顶层。大楼就像是一棵撑树,撑着它们巨大的巢穴。较高的位置为红尾鹰提供了较好的视野,也为它们伏击猎物提供了一个起飞平台。A meaty New York diet means these birds continue to survive in North America’s most hectic city. Despite our increasingly urban lifestyles, we still have a deep-rooted desire to connect with nature. And in modern day North America, it’s possible to fulfill that desire in all manner of ways.因为纽约肉类食物很多,因此这些鸟儿能得以在北美这个最喧嚣的城市中继续生存。尽管我们的生活方式越来越城市化,但是我们仍然有一种想要接近自然的本性,这种本性根深蒂固。在北美的现代化生活中,实现这一愿望不是不可能,而且方式多样。英文文本来自普特英语,译文属未经许可不得转载。201401/273527遂宁学唇部纹绣多少钱

攀枝花美容纹绣师 Whats the matter,don?You look worried.你怎么了唐,看起来有些着急。You know how people are always predicting that one day women will be able to have babies without men?你是否曾听说过某一天女性将不需要男性也可生小孩?It turns out that some species of the Whiptail lizard have figured out how to do this and completely eliminated the male sex.事实上一些种类的长尾蜥蜴已经可以做到这一点,并将全部的雄性完全消灭掉了。You mean the species are all female?Exactly.你的意思是物种全部是雌性?的确是这样。The females have the ability to lay eggs that hatch and grow into healthy lizards without needing to be fertilized by a male.无须借助雄性受,雌性蜥蜴有能力产下可以孵化出健康的小蜥蜴的蛋。The offspring are exact and complete genetic duplicates of the mothers.其后代完全是母亲们基因的复制品。So the females are clonnig themselves.这在本质上是雌性在克隆自己。If that werent enough, the female lizards take turns role-playing.如果这还不够的话,雌性蜥蜴会轮流扮演角色。They perform a mating ritual in which one lizard acts like the male, and the second lizard acts like the female.她们在交配过程中,一只扮演雄性,另一只扮演雌性。The ritual causes the lizard acting as the female to ovulate and lay her eggs.交配将使扮演雌性的蜥蜴排卵产蛋。Then, a few weeks later, the two lizards switch roles and repeat this process so that the second female will be able to ovulate and lay her eggs.几周之后,两只蜥蜴互换角色重复交配过程从而使得另一只雌性得以排卵。It raises a lot of interesting questions.这引发了许多有意思的问题。For example, its not clear how well an all female species can evolve and adapt to environmental changes.例如,我们尚不清楚一个完全由雌性组成的种群在面临环境变化是能否很好地适应和进化。A species survival depends in part on variation among its members.一个种群的存在,部分地取决于其内部成员的多样性。If all the members of a species are identical, chances are greater that something like a change in the climate or a disease will wipe them all out.如果一个种群中所有的成员具有同一性,那么当环境剧变或疾病肆虐时,它们的灭绝概率也将更大。 /201309/256998绵阳PZ国际韩式半永久半永久性化妆漂唇术培训成都嘉艺纹绣学校学纹唇漂唇多少钱




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