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The current economy has made job-hunting a vital skill set for increasing numbers of people. But even in the best of economic times, it pays to understand what you can do to make yourself more appealingin the marketplace. Current career trends suggest that an individual will change careers at least 7 times during a lifetime. This reality presents the opportunity to fulfill several of our aspirations. No longer do we have to choose only one road. Instead, we can visualize a broader map, and believe that we will likely come across those other roads somewhere down the line. Increasing marketability is a sure way of being more prepared for a career change. The following are ten strategies for sharpening skills and increasing marketability: 1. Visualize. 想象 Set aside some time to think about where you are in life, and where you want to be. Are you happy? What parts of your career excite you, and what frustrates you? Where do you want to be in five years? In ten? Give yourself permissionto dream. /200912/92341。

工作评语   如果你在一家大公司工作,那么你很可能会定期接受人事部门的考评,得到一两句简短的评语,但你了解它们的意思吗?  1、普通员工(不是太聪明)Common colleague(not that smart) /200910/87731。

Whichever way one looks at it, April really was the cruelest month for China’s economy. Industrial production, investment and retail spending were all much weaker than expected. With trade data also showing a sharp deceleration, it is no surprise that China’s premier, Wen Jiabao, has pledged that his government will do more to revive growth.无论人们怎么看,4月都是中国经济最惨的一个月。工业产值、投资和零售出都远远弱于预期。鉴于贸易数据也出现急剧减速,难怪中国总理温家宝承诺,他领导的政府将采取更多行动,力求恢复增长。Optimists say there is no obvious reason to worry about China’s economy. According to the official statistics, in the first quarter of 2012 the economy expanded 8.1 per cent. While marking a slowdown compared with the end of 2011, such figures are the envy of almost every other country in the world.乐观人士称,没有明显理由为中国经济忧心。官方数据显示,2012年首季中国经济同比增长8.1%。尽管这与2011年末季相比有所放缓,但这样的数据仍足以让世界上其他几乎所有国家艳羡。The problem is that analysts are finding it increasingly hard to take official growth figures seriously. China has a history of manipulating statistics for political reasons and, as the economy slows down, the temptation to conceal the truth could grow even bigger. This is of course self-defeating. Obfuscating data is never a good way to build confidence in an economy, whatever its growth rates.问题在于,分析师们正发现,他们越来越难以认真对待官方的增长数据了。中国在出于政治原因操纵统计数据方面是有过往记录的,而随着经济放缓,掩盖真相的诱惑力可能变得更大。这种做法当然是弄巧成拙的。在数据上遮遮盖盖,从来就不是构建各方对某个经济体信心的上策,无论其增长率是多少。What Beijing should do instead is to find ways to reinvigorate its economy. To some extent, it is aly doing so. Over the past fortnight it has reduced the amount of cash banks must hold as reserves. It also unveiled subsidies for the purchase of energy-saving white goods.北京方面真正需要做的,是找到重振中国经济的途径。在一定程度上,它已经在这么做了。过去两周内,中国官方降低了存款准备金率,还公布了鼓励购置节能型白色家电的补贴政策。These measures are unlikely to have a huge impact. And while the government has said it will do more, there is no reason to believe Beijing will embark on a monetary stimulus comparable to the one unleashed in 2008. As China is still struggling to contain the long-term impact of that credit frenzy, this would be a wise decision.这些措施不太可能产生巨大影响。而且尽管中国政府已表示将采取更多行动,但人们没有理由相信,它将像2008年时那样,出台又一套巨额货币刺激方案。由于中国仍在艰难遏制那一波信贷狂潮的长期影响,这将是一个明智的决定。In order to stimulate growth that is sustainable, the government should encourage consumer spending – cutting taxes or increasing the size of its welfare safety net. This could also help China rebalance its economy. While the weight of investment on national income is slowly decreasing, it remains too high.要刺激可持续的经济增长,中国政府应当鼓励消费者出,具体手段包括减税和扩大社保安全网。这还可能帮助中国实现经济的再平衡。在中国的国民收入中,尽管投资所占比重正在缓慢下降,但目前水平仍太高。Another move would be to reform the banking sector so that credit flows to small and medium-sized enterprises. As we report in our analysis today, too many bank loans go to large, politically connected enterprises. Pilot projects such as the one conducted in Wenzhou should pave the way for larger-scale reform.另一个举措将是改革业,使信贷流向中小企业。正如本报在今日的分析文章中所报道的,中国仍有太多贷款流向那些有政治后台的大企业。在温州开展的那种试点项目,应当为更大规模的改革铺平道路。This year’s slowdown could be a seed for future troubles or a platform for greater successes. It will be up to Mr Jiabao and his successor to decide which is the case.中国经济今年放缓,可能是未来麻烦的种子,也可能是更大成功的跳板。结果如何,要看温家宝和他的继任者的作为。译者:何黎 /201205/183327。

10 Reasons Not to Buy Students an iPad不能给学生买ipad的10个原因While an increasingly number of people are replacing computers with iPads, Jeff Somogyi, an editor at deal news, has a list of compelling reasons why an iPad isn’t a better gift than a laptop for a college student — even if the pupil insists.越来越多的人开始抛弃电脑而使用ipad,不过来自#39;交易新闻#39;的编辑杰弗·索默吉却有一长串的理由,论述作为送给大学生的礼物,ipad并非一定比平板电脑好。As the young are about to matriculate, they’ll come at you with all sorts of ;reasons; why the iPad is a ;valuable tool; for ;learning.; Are you prepared to fight back? Are you armed with the knowledge you need to protect your dollars? You better be, because — as we’ll show you — the iPad just isn’t a suitable replacement for a laptop, in terms of meeting your student’s needs.当这些即将踏入大学门槛的年轻人向你列举一连串的理由,说明ipad是“有用的”“学习工具”,你准备用什么反击呢?你最好有所准备,因为—我们随后将向你展示—就满足学生的学习需求而言,ipad并不能替代笔记本电脑。His main gripes:主要原因如下1. It’s expensive. Factor in data plans for higher-end models, and you could be spending more on an iPad than some full-fledged laptops.1.太贵。花同样的钱完全可以买到配置更高功能更齐全的笔记本电脑2. It’s not great for taking notes or editing documents.2.记课堂笔记和撰写文档的效果不明显。3. It’s ultra portable and ultra droppable. ;There will even be more of a chance that your kid will forget completely that it’s in their bag and, as kids will, fling their satchel across the room — only to be rewarded with a gut-wrenching crack, followed by a cold-sweat-inducing tinkle of broken screen glass. Just try forgetting you have a 5+ lb. laptop in your bag!”3.移动性更佳,更换起来也更划算。;学生可能会忘记自己书包中还有这么贵重的东西,而把书包在教室里扔来扔去的,这会给ipad造成不可挽回的损坏,而如果换成笔记本电脑,则很可能只会留下一些擦痕。”4. It makes them a target of criminals. Too easy to steal.4.容易被贼惦记,太容易被偷。5. It’s too distracting. Will Angry Birds be the end of this student’s academic career?5.容易分心。愤怒的小鸟玩的再精通,也不是期末考试内容。6. There’s no secondary textbook for eTextbooks. Though eBooks are generally cheaper than new textbooks, there’s no option to buy a ;used; eBook.6.电子书代替不了教科书,虽然电子书更便宜,但是却是重复使用的,教科书可是崭新的。7. It’s meant for one person. Encourage the kid to socialize.7.可以鼓励学生参加更多的社交活动。8. It’s just a status symbol.8.只是一个无意义的身份符号。9. It’ll be old technology by the time you buy one. New models are always abound.9.技术更新太快,买到手就已经过时了,不划算。10. They’ll also want a laptop.10.他们还会想要一台笔记本。Never forget: There is no end to the amount of money a kid can or will ask for.不要忘了:孩子们的欲望是无止尽的。 /201208/194336。

Ian Schrager, the Bronx-born, Brooklyn-raised hotelier, will unveil his latest property, the New York Edition, in the landmark Metropolitan Life Tower on Madison Avenue on May 11.5月11日,布朗克斯出生、布鲁克林长大的酒店经营人伊恩·施拉格(Ian Schrager)揭幕了自己的最新地产——纽约艾迪逊酒店(New York Edition)。它坐落在麦迪逊大道的地标建筑大都会人寿保险大楼(Metropolitan Life Tower)里。Mr. Schrager, who first came to prominence with Studio 54 in the 1970s, is collaborating with Marriott International on Edition brand hotels. There are three — in London, Istanbul and Miami Beach — and soon there will be one in West Hollywood, Calif.70年代,施拉格凭借Studio 54俱乐部声名鹊起。如今,他和万豪国际酒店集团(Marriott International)携手打造艾迪逊品牌酒店。目前的三家分店分别位于伦敦、伊斯坦布尔和迈阿密海滩,很快在加利福尼亚州的西好莱坞也会开一家。“We have a bunch of Editions going all over the place, some in China and one in Reykjavik, Iceland,” said Mr. Schrager, the creative force behind some of the world’s most stylish hotels, including Morgans in New York, the Sanderson in London, the Delano in Miami Beach and the Mondrian in Los Angeles.“我们正在世界各地修建一批艾迪逊酒店,在中国有几家,在冰岛的雷克雅未克也有一家,”施拉格说。他是世界上最时髦的一些酒店的幕后创意推手,包括纽约的根酒店(Morgans)、伦敦的桑德森酒店(Sanderson)、迈阿密海滩的德拉诺酒店(Delano),以及洛杉矶的蒙德里安酒店(Mondrian)。His book “Ian Schrager: Works” was released earlier this month. Following are edited excerpts from an interview with him at his new hotel.5月初,他发布了新书《伊恩·施拉格:作品》(Ian Schrager: Works)。以下是在他的纽约新酒店进行的采访,经过了剪辑浓缩。Q. What can you tell us about the new Edition? 问:关于这家新的艾迪逊酒店,你有什么要说的吗?A. It’s inspired by New York City’s turn-of-the-20th-century private clubs, Fifth Avenue’s Gilded Age mansions and Stanford White’s architectural masterpieces. Guests come into a dark oak-paneled foyer, like an upscale New York apartment building in the 1920s. It’s a fusion of old and modern. We have this sculptural spiral staircase. We are still in this neutral palette of taupes, ivory and white. But this is probably the last time we’ll do a neutral palette.答:它的灵感来自于19世纪与20世纪之交的纽约私人俱乐部、第五大道上的镀金时代大厦,以及斯坦福·怀特(Stanford White)的建筑杰作。宾客们来到镶着深色橡木板的门厅,就像走进20年代的纽约高档公寓大楼。它是经典与现代的结合。酒店内有一座雕塑般的旋转楼梯。我们仍然采用了灰褐色、象牙色和白色等中性色调。不过,这很可能是我们最后一次采用中性色调了。Neutrals are one of your signatures. Why the change? 问:中性是你的标志之一。为什么要改变呢?I think I’ve taken it as far as it can go. It will still be simple. A quiet luxury. A new luxury. The sensibility will not change. But the second New York Edition [in Times Square; scheduled to open in 2017] will be black and white. We don’t want to run the risk of repeating.答:我觉得已经把它发挥到了极致。将来的酒店还会很简洁,仍是低调的奢华,新式的奢华。感觉不会变。不过,纽约的第二家艾迪逊酒店(位于时报广场,计划于2017年开业)将以黑白为基调。我们不想担上自我重复的包袱。Why alter a successful formula? 问:换掉一种成功的配方原因何在呢?I have to keep moving and reinventing myself. Because I am in the theater business, I have to keep pulling rabbits out of a hat. I don’t want to have a “look.” I’ve done three or four hotels with this kind of design vocabulary for different cities.答:我必须不断前进,重塑自己。因为我处在一个戏剧化的行业,必须不断玩出新花样。我不想一成不变。我已经用这种设计概念在不同的城市推出了三四家此类酒店了。How are you mixing old with new at the Madison Avenue hotel? 问:在麦迪逊大道的这家酒店,你是如何把经典和新颖结合起来的?We will have pops of color on seat cushions, and maybe an ornate Baroque mirror. We want to take a little bit of the decorative ornateness we have on the second floor and bring it down to the lobby, but still be simple. When we did Gramercy Park Hotel we had Julian [Schnabel] do the lobby and he’s a maximalist, and we had John Pawson do the apartments and he is a minimalist, but to me they work together in spirit.答:我们的座垫会迸发出鲜艳的色,也许会配上华丽的巴洛克镜子。我们想把二楼的华丽装饰用几分到大堂上,不过仍会显得很简洁。做格拉梅西公园酒店(Gramercy Park Hotel)时,我们聘请了朱利安(朱利安·施纳贝尔[Julian Schnabel])来设计大堂,约翰·波森(John Pawson)来设计客房。前者是极多主义者,后者是极简主义者,但我觉得他们的精神本质是协调的。The New York Edition seems to have a relaxed, laid-back vibe. 问:纽约艾迪逊酒店似乎有一种放松而慵懒的氛围。The whole idea is to have it feel like you are staying in the guest room of a private home, rather than a hotel room. The [30-foot-long, hand-forged] steel fireplace in the lobby is very personal to me. The idea came right out of my apartment. In the rooms, you can see my bed, but it’s higher, and has a classic motif, English library. This [points to a lamp] comes out of my house in Southampton. I love the room. This is my aesthetic. This is my sensibility. You can’t really improve on this as far as I’m concerned.答:整体概念是让来宾感觉自己待在一栋私人住宅的客房里,而不是酒店房间里。大堂里那座(30英尺长、手工锻造的)铁制壁炉是我的个人偏好,灵感来自我的公寓。在客房里,你能看见我的床,不过它更高,呈现了一个经典主题——英式图书馆。这(他指着一盏灯)来自我在南安普顿的家。我非常喜欢这个房间。它体现了我个人的审美,就是我的感觉。从我的角度看来,的确很难再提升了。Will there be a night life and bar component? 问:酒店内设有夜生活的去处和酒吧吗?Yes, there’ll be a restaurant on the second floor overlooking Madison Square Park, by London’s hottest young chef, Jason Atherton. We have three intimate dining rooms — each room only fits about 30 people — a parlor with a billiard table and a library serving cocktails. Each room has its own color and theme, with velvet chairs and banquettes in rose, green and blue, and modernist, large chandeliers.答:是的,二层有家餐馆,可以俯瞰麦迪逊广场公园,由伦敦最热门的年轻大厨贾森·阿瑟顿(Jason Atherton)主持。我们有三间私密餐厅,每间只容纳30人左右。还有一个台球厅和一间供应鸡尾酒的图书馆。每间餐厅有自己的色和主题,里头安放了天鹅绒椅子,玫瑰色、绿色和蓝色的长条软座,以及具有现代感的枝形大吊灯。What’s different with hotels from when you started? 问:它跟你最初推出的那些酒店有什么不同?I think the distinction between personal life and business life is kind of blurry now. The new generation business hotel is where you network and do business, in the same way you went to play golf at a golf club in the country, but at a city business hotel.答:我觉得,如今个人生活和商务生活之间的界线变得模糊了起来。新一代商务酒店是与人交际、做生意的地方,跟你在乡村高尔夫俱乐部打球是一样的,只不过你身处城市里的商务酒店中。You had a very positive response to Miami Beach Edition. Is it a hard act to follow? 问:迈阿密海滩的艾迪逊酒店受到了热烈好评。要赶超它困难吗?Miami was kind of a spectacle and had so much muscle behind it — an outdoor area, a skating rink, a nightclub — we don’t have that here. I was concerned about it. I didn’t want it to be a letdown. I wanted New York to be a jewel box. To be really sophisticated and it is. It has a modern sensibility even though some of the things here are more than 100 years old. It doesn’t have a look, it has a sensibility. It’s a cool place, playful with young energy.答:迈阿密海滩的艾迪逊酒店很是壮观,拥有繁多的辅助项目——户外活动场地、滑冰场和夜总会——纽约的艾迪逊酒店没有这些条件。我本来是有一点担心的,不想让它令人失望。我希望纽约的艾迪逊酒店像珠宝盒一样精,十分精致。它最后的确做到了。虽然这里有些物件有100多年的历史,但酒店本身带有一种现代感。不是表面上让人惊艳,而是很有感觉。它很酷,很有趣,充满年轻活力。What is young now? 问:如今什么才是年轻?Young at heart. I’m 68! If you are lucky you don’t lose that.答:年轻在心里。我68岁了!如果够幸运,你不会失去年轻的感觉。 /201508/394370。

1st transmission of electricityNovember 16,1896, First transmission of electricity between a power plant and a city was sent from the Niagara Falls hydroelectric plant to industries in Buffalo, New York.首次电力传输1896年的11月16日,尼亚加拉瀑布水力发电站与位于纽约州布法罗的工业区间进行了首次发电站与城市间的电力传输。Vacuum tube is inventedNovember 16,1904, John Ambrose Fleming invents the vacuum tube.真空管被发明 1904年的11月16日,约翰·安布鲁斯·弗莱明发明了真空管。46th U.S. stateNovember 16,1907, Indian Territory and Oklahoma Territory become Oklahoma and are admitted as the 46th U.S. state. 美国第四十六州 1907年的11月16日,印第安与俄克拉荷马领土被归入俄克拉荷马并被承认为美国的第46个州。Fed of the U.S. officially opensNovember 16,1914, The Federal Reserve Bank of the ed States officially opens. 美联储开行1914年的11月16日,美国联邦储备正式开行。Australian Qantas is registeredNovember 16,1920, Qantas, the national airline of Australia is registered as an aerial carrier under the name of “Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited”. Only KLM (now part of Air France-KLM) is older. 澳大利亚Oantas公司注册 1920年的11月16日,澳大利亚的国家航空空司Qantas注册为一家空运公司,全名为“昆士兰与北部领土航空务有限公司”。只有荷兰航空公司要比其历史长(现为法国航空公司的一部分)。U.S. and the SU establish diplomatic relationsNovember 16,1933, The ed States and the Soviet Union establish formal diplomatic relations. 美苏建交 1933年的11月16日,美国与苏联建立了正式外交关系。1st serving President to visit VietnamNovember 16,2000, Bill Clinton becomes the first serving U.S. President to visit Vietnam. 首位造访越南的在职美国总统 2000年的11月16日,比尔·克林顿成为首位在在职期间访问越南的美国总统。 1st Harry Potter movie releasedNovember 16,2001, The first Harry Potter movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in the ed States) released in theatres in the ed Kingdom, ed States, and Canada. 首部《哈利·波特》电影上映 2001年的11月16日,首部哈利·波特电影《哈利·波特与魔法石》在英国、美国与加拿大的电影院中上映。 /201011/118306。