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部分内容改编自 《日常英语》 Clark: I’ve decided to take up knitting.Maggie: Have you ever knitted anything before?Clark: No, never.Maggie:Well, it’s really “in” right now.Clark: Yeah and it looks easy enough.Maggie:I guess it’s no longer just your grandma’s hobby. /201009/113967【场景再现】Ross的前妻Carol要生孩子了,Ross急得像热锅上的蚂蚁,几个老友都守在候诊室。Ross: She's not here yet. She's not here. She's having my baby and she's not here. Monica: I'm sure everything's fine. Has her water broke yet? Ross: I don't know, but when I spoke to her, she said she had aly passed the mucus plug. (Joey makes a sound of absolute disgust.) Joey: Do we have to know about that? Monica: Joey, what are you gonna do when you have a baby? Joey: I'm gonna be in the waitin' room, handing out cigars. Chandler: Yes, Joey's made arrangements to have his baby in a movie from the 50's. Ross: God, I don't believe this. She could be giving birth in the cab. Rachel: Oh, Ross, relax. It's probably like two dollars for the first contraction, and then fifty cents for each additional contraction. (Everyone looks at Rachel as though she made a tasteless comment.)Rachel: What, it's ok when Chandler does it? Chandler: You have to pick your moments. 【重点讲解】pick your moment: try to choose the best time to do something这里可以理解成选对时机。 看来开玩笑不是谁都能开好的I 'll have to pick my moment before telling my wife. 我得选个合适的时机将这件事告诉我妻子。 /06/73319

195. 不管别人怎么对你,我永远是持你的。 [误] No matter how others may treat you, I\'ll always support you. [正] No matter how others may treat you, I\'ll be always on your side.注: support 一般指经济或行动上比较实在的帮助和持,而 on one\'s side 则侧重于观点、立场等精神上的持和一致。因此,这里用 on one\'s side 更符合愿意。 /200809/48195

119. ---想喝点什么? ----来杯淡茶吧! [误] ---What would you like to drink? ----A cup of light tea, pleas. [正] ---What would you like to drink? ----A cup of weak tea, pleas.注:一般说来,形容食物“清淡”用 light,例如:light soup(清汤),a light diet(清淡的饮食)等。形容烟、酒等“味淡的”则要用 mild,例如:The tobacco is very mild(这烟草儿很淡)。而“淡茶”的表达是 weak tea。与“淡”相对的是“浓”,可以翻译成 strong ,例如:strong drinks(烈性酒),strong tea(浓茶);也可以译成 thick,例如:thick soup(浓汤)等。 /200807/43925

  J: so , how's your course going? Do you like it?B: i like my professors and the classes, but it's a lot of work.J: what are you specializing in?B: right now, I'm doing some research into the languages of different African tribes.J: that sounds really interesting. Can you speak Swahili?B: yes, I learned how to speak it when I was little.J: really? How did you do that?B: well, I grew up in Africa, so I learned quite a few different languages.J: that's amazing. Are you doing well in your classes?B: I don't know because I haven't received my test results yet.J: when did you take your exams?B: about two weeks ago.J: how do you think you did?B: I left feeling pretty confident about my score, but I heard that my professors are very strict graders, so I'm a bit nervous.J: I'm sure you'll do well. Did you study hard?B: You know me; I'm always studying!J: don't worry. If you don't do well, no one can!B: Thanks for the vote of confidence, Justin! /11/89107

  ground training 地面训练日本陆上自卫队与美国海军陆战队7日上午在位于日本宫崎县和鹿儿岛县交界处的雾岛演习场举行地面战联合训练开始仪式。请看新华社的报道:Japan and the ed States launched a major ground training in Kirishima Training Area in southern Japan's Miyazaki Prefecture Tuesday, as part of the biggest-ever joint military exercises which kicked off in several places in Japan last Friday.本周二,日本和美国在日本南部的宫崎县的雾岛演习场开始举行大规模的地面训练。这次训练是日美有史以来规模最大的联合军事演习的一部分。日本的几个地区已于上周五陆续展开军事演习。在上面的报道中,ground training指的是“地面训练”,是相对于air combat training(空战训练)、sea fight training(海战训练)和air-sea battle training(空海一体战训练)而言的。说到military exercise(军事演习),韩国刚刚举行了artillery exercise(火炮演习)。美韩和美日分别进行的joint military exercises(联合军事演习)也颇为引人关注。常见的军事演习还有air defense drill(防空演习)。 /201012/121684。

  I got sacked.我被解雇了。You have been demoted.你被降职了。 /201005/103890

  新东方口语词汇一招鲜 13 新东方口语词汇一招鲜文本下载 /200709/17994140. 习惯成自然。 [误] Habit forms nature. [正] Habit is second nature.注:第二句颇有后天习得之意味,妙处也就在于此。 /200807/44622bum 饭桶scallywagsculpin1. 格林先生总是盛气凌人的样子。其实,他是个饭桶。Mr Green is always on his high horse. In fact, he is good for nothing.2. 你真没用!你是个饭桶!You are good for nothing.3. 不懂装懂,永世饭桶.He who knows nothing but pretends to know everything,is indeed a good-for-nothing.4. 不懂装懂永远是饭桶.He who knows nothing but pretends to know everything,is indeed a good-for-nothing.5. “他干那工作在行,是不是。”“你是在说笑话吧,他是个十足的饭桶。”“He’s very good at his jobs, isn’t he?”“You must be joking! He’s absolutely useless.6. 呵呵,直到有天有个叫洛哈特的饭桶当了黑魔法防御术老师,情况就不同啦。Well, not until a certain git by the name of Lockhart took over as Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, at any rate.7. 你这个饭桶!我命令你,不惜任何代价,都要拿到它!否则我就会把你流放到美国去过苦日子!You foolish! I order you no matter what you do, you must get it, otherwise you will be sent to USA to suffer! /200803/29651

  275. 他的理论没有科学根据。 [误] His theory has no scientific base. [正] His theory has no scientific basis.注:base 和 basis 虽然都有“基础”的含义,但 base 指物质上的、具体的“基础”,常表示“基地”或“根据地”,如:After bombing the targets, the planes returned safely to their base;而 basis 则指理论、信念、思想或某项工作所依据的抽象的“基础”或“根据”。 /200811/56864咨询和报名 Consulting and Signing Up经过比较后,阿美决定到附近的驾校去咨询报名。结果阿美是报名了,还是放弃了?我们来看看吧!Listen Read Learn Receptionist: May I help you?May: Yes, I'd like to sign up for the summer program on driving, please.Receptionist: Of course, Miss. Here's our brochure.May: How long is the program?Receptionist: The program goes for forty days.May: What if I need more time to learn?Receptionist: In that case, you can extend your courses without additional charge. But most people accomplish all the tasks within 3 months. In fact, it takes some people only one month.May: Do you offer both theory courses and practice courses?Receptionist: Of course we do. For theory courses, you learn the laws and regulations, including how to deal with accidents on the road.May: I see. Thanks. Can you tell me something about the instructors?Receptionist: Our instructors are all professional drivers. They are very experienced and responsible.May: Is there any discount for early bookings?Receptionist: I'm afraid not, Miss. But if you attend our school, our trainer will escort you for additional ten hours when you drive first time.May: Will they sit beside me or just drive after me?Receptionist: They will sit in the same car with you, and help you at the wheel.May: That's wonderful. I will sign up summer class. Thanks.听看学接待员: 有什么可以帮忙的吗?阿美: 我想报一个暑假驾校班。接待员: 好的,。这是我们的宣传单。阿美: 这个项目会持续多久?接待员: 大概40天。阿美: 如果我需要更多的时间学习呢?接待员: 那样的话,你可以增加你的课时,不需要额外付费。但是大部分人在三个月内都可以学完所有课程。事实上,一些人只需要一个月。阿美: 你们有理论课和实践课吗?接待员: 当然有。在理论课上,学习交通法规,包括在路上如何处理交通事故。阿美: 我知道了,谢谢。你能给我说说有关教练的情况吗?接待员: 我们的教练都是专业的司机。他们富有经验和责任心。阿美: 提前报名的话会有折扣吗?接待员: 恐怕没有,。但是如果在我们学校学习的话,当你第一次开车时,我们的教练可以给你提供10个小时的陪练。阿美: 他们是坐在我身边还是开车跟在我后面?接待员: 他们会坐在你旁边,手把手教你。阿美: 太好了。我报暑期班,谢谢。 /200807/43753

  李华需要一个书架,她请Larry 陪她去社区看看有没有卖旧货的。李华今天会学到两个常用语:up for something和spot someone。 LH: Larry , 我想买个书架, 你陪我去附近社区看看有没有卖旧货的,好吗?对了,报纸上的广告说, 附近就有一家, 走路10分钟就到。 LL: Sure. I'm up for it. Let's go. LH: Up for it? 这话是什么意思?听起来好象你愿意去。 LL: Right! When someone says he is up for it, that just means they are y to do what is proposed, often some kind of social activity. LH: 明白了, 你刚才说,"I'm up for it", 意思是你愿意跟我去社区看看卖旧货的情况。那太好了。Larry , 如果我买到书架, 你能不能帮我把它搬回去呀? LL: I'm definitely not up for that. I definitely don't want to do that. LH: 我要是请你吃晚饭呢?Are you up for it ? LL: Well, I could be up for that, as long as the furniture isn't too big or heavy. LH: 瞧你,请你吃饭就原意帮我搬。当然咯,要是书桌太大,太重,你一个人是搬不动的。可是我也不要太大的。 LL: Li Hua, I'd like to get some exercise today, would you be up for going for a run later today? LH:跟你去跑步? 好啊。 I'm up for it! 我最近也一直没有运动,体重增加了两磅,正需要锻炼呢! LL: I meant to ask you, Li Hua, we spend so much time together, do you think your parents are up for you hanging out with me instead of your Chinese friends? LH: 我父母没有意见, 因为跟你交往, 我既可以提高英语又能更多地了解美国生活。这是件好事呀。 我倒要问问你, 你的父母愿意我们两个作朋友吗? LL: Of course they are up for it. They like you and you help me improve my Chinese. LH:我也很喜欢你爸爸妈妈呀!至于帮你学中文嘛,我看成效不大。你看,你从来也不跟我讲中文。 LL:Well, when I have a bigger vocabulary of Chinese characters, I will certainly feel up for speaking Chinese with you. LH:你总是说等我增加词汇量后再讲。我看,你永远也开不了口! ****** (嘈杂人声) LH: Larry,你看那家的门口摆了不少东西在卖, 我们去看看。 LL: Yeah, I might even want to get something too, though I didn't bring my wallet. If I see something I like, do you think you could spot me? LH: 你可能要买东西,但没带钱包。你要做什么?Spot you? 找你呀! LL: No, that's not what I meant. If someone asks you if you can spot him or her, it means that he wants to know if you can lend him some money. LH: 噢,原来spot someone在这里是指借钱给某人。 你要是看到喜欢的东西,我当然可以借钱给你呀!可不能太贵了,否则我买书架钱就不够了。 LL: Hey, look at that bookcase, that would be perfect for your dormitory. LH: 记得我刚来纽约的时候,在商店里看见过一个特别漂亮的书架,可是价格太贵, 我买不起,当时也不认识什么能够借钱给我的人。 LL: Oh, if only I had known you then, I would have spotted you. But you can buy the bookcase here now. It's a real nice one. LH: 这个书架是挺好,价钱也不贵。 我实在是需要,否则我也不买,因为,你知道,我毕业后回国的时候, 这些东西不是送掉,就是扔掉。 LL: That's right. And you need a lot money to buy airplane ticket and gifts for your family. LH: 到时候我能向借钱吗?Can I ask a bank to spot me? LL: No. Spot someone usually involves a small amount of money, while bank loans are often a big sum. LH:噢,贷款一般数额大一些,那spot someone都是借少量的钱。 LL:Right. Li Hua, can you spot me for that badminton racquet over there? LH: 你要买那羽毛球拍呀? 才三美元呐,我可以借钱给你,没问题。不过你必须帮我把书架抬到宿舍去。 LL: Sure, I'll help you since you're so nice to spot me for that badminton racquet. 今天李华学到了两个常用语,一个是up for something。意思是愿意作某件事。李华学到的另一个常用语是spot someone。意思是借钱给某个人。 /200809/48993

  When is our homework due? 我们的家庭作业几时交? /201009/113454。

  1.I appreciate... 我感谢......I really appreciate your making time in your schedules to attendtoday.我非常感谢你们今天抽空来参加这个会议. /201001/94415

  a tea hound在茶话会、舞会或各种社交场合,总有些喜欢追逐漂亮女子并对她们大献殷勤的家伙.这类就被称为teahounds 爱交际的男子.例句:John is much mature now, I think he's no longer a tea hound.约翰现在成熟多了,我想他不再是爱交际的了. /11/88347

  In China, drinking is a good way of solidifying friendship.在中国,喝酒是拉近感情的一种好手段. /09/84839

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