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In the 1980s, British Rail had a catchphrase: We’re getting there. Hopeful but, in the end, a failure. The state-owned railway operator was broken up and privatised in the 1990s.上世纪80年代,英国铁路(British Rail)有一个脍炙人口的广告语:我们到了(We’re getting there)。英国铁路一度很有成功的希望,但却以失败告终。这家英国国有铁路运营商在上世纪90年代被分拆和私有化。China’s railway industry might have a use for the slogan now. On Thursday, state-owned locomotive maker China CNR confirmed it had won a 7m order for rolling stock for Boston’s subway system, the ‘T’. The deal is the first significant infrastructure win for a Chinese company in North America.中国铁路业现在可能用得上这个广告语。上周四,中国国有机车制造商——中国北车(CNR)实称,该公司赢得了为波士顿地铁系统(“T”地铁)建造地铁车辆的订单,合同价值5.67亿美元。该笔交易是中国公司在北美赢得的首个重大的基础设施合同。CNR is China’s largest Hong Kong-listed railway equipment manufacturer by revenues, squeaking past CSR with sales of .7bn last year. The Boston deal amounts to a mere 3.6 per cent of this figure and, with delivery starting in 2018, will take several years to arrive. So, as a first step into the North American market, the win is more sentimentally than financially significant.按收入计算,中国北车是中国最大的在香港上市机车设备制造商,去年以157亿美元的收入额勉强超过中国南车(CSR)。波士顿订单仅为该数字的3.6%,而且机车在2018年才开始交付,所以需要多年才能实现收入。因此,作为进军北美市场的第一步,这种重大胜利更多是精神上的,而非财务上的。But the details are important. China CNR submitted the lowest price of all the bidders: about half the price of Bombardier at the high end. And in an echo of China’s early preconditions for foreigners establishing production capacity in China, the company pledged to build a plant in the US for the rolling stock assembly and to use 60 per cent local content in production.但细节非常重要。中国北车提交的报价是所有竞标者中最低的:大约只有提出较高报价的庞巴迪(Bombardier)的一半。中国早先曾对外资制定过在华建设产能的前提条件,与之相呼应,中国北车承诺在美国建设一个机车组装工厂,而且本地化率要达到60%。China CNR’s lowball bid may reignite debate regarding a merger with peer CSR. China’s State Council reportedly worries about competition between the two for offshore work. And here the bid detail becomes even more interesting. Despite some questions of quality, on technical criteria China CNR beat all the competition. China CSR was “unacceptable” on three points (quality, technical and manufacturing) – the only bidder to receive such an unfavourable verdict. Worrisome.中国北车的低报价重新引发了该公司与中国南车合并的讨论。有报道称,中国国务院担心这两家公司在海外展开竞争。而波士顿地铁的竞标细节甚至更耐人寻味。尽管质量上存在一些问题,但在技术标准上,中国北车击败了所有的对手。中国南车却在质量、技术和制造这三点上“不可接受”——在所有投标者当中,只有中国南车受到如此不利的认定。这令人担忧。 /201410/338445A ed Airlines pilot’s decision to divert a flight to remove a family with an autistic daughter has set off a firestorm online, with some calling for a boycott of the carrier.美国联合航空公司(ed Airlines)的一位飞行员决定更改航线,把有自闭症女儿的一家人赶下飞机,引起网友热议,有些网友呼吁联合抵制该航空公司。On Twitter, hundreds of the family’s supporters have admonished the airline with the hashtag #boycottunited; and a report by A News, published on Yahoo.com, has received more than 10,000 comments in less than 24 hours, ranging from harsh criticism of the family’s parenting practices to reprimands of flight attendants for being insensitive to passengers with special needs.在Twitter上,这家人的几百名持者用#boycottunited的标签告诫该航空公司。A新闻频道(A News)在Yahoo.com上发布的相关报道不到24小时就收到一万多条,有些人严厉批评这家人养育孩子的方式,也有些人谴责乘务员对有特殊需求的乘客过于冷漠。On May 5, a ed flight out of Houston was diverted from Portland to Salt Lake City after the aircraft’s pilot became concerned about potential behavior issues by an autistic passenger, Juliette Beegle, 15. The incident began when Donna Beegle, her mother, began to worry that her daughter, who had refused to eat before boarding the flight, would become agitated because of waning blood sugar, she told A News.5月5日,美国联合航空公司的一个航班从休斯顿飞往波特兰。飞行员在得知15岁的自闭症乘客朱丽叶·比格尔(Juliette Beegle)可能出现行为问题后有些担忧,所以在盐湖城备降。朱丽叶的母亲唐娜·比格尔(Donna Beegle)对A新闻频道说,这件事的起因是朱丽叶在登机前拒绝进食,所以比格尔夫人开始担心女儿血糖降低,变得焦躁。Though usually reserved for first-class passengers, Ms. Beegle asked a flight attendant if she might be able to purchase a hot meal for her daughter, but the flight attendant refused and offered a sandwich instead.虽然该航班通常只为头等舱乘客提供热餐,但是比格尔夫人问乘务员自己能否给女儿买一份热餐,却遭到拒绝,只得到一份三明治。Ms. Beegle said she explained that her daughter had special needs and would only eat hot food and warned the attendant that Juliette could have “a meltdown” and begin “crying and trying to scratch in frustration,” if she did not eat.比格尔夫人说,她向乘务员解释女儿有特殊需求,只吃热餐,并告知乘务员,如果朱丽叶不进餐,可能会“崩溃”,开始“大哭,并因沮丧又抓又挠”。When Juliette’s crying and vocal outbursts — not unusual for children with autism — did increase, she was brought a hot meal, which she ate and which settled her down, Ms. Beegle said.比格尔夫人说,当朱丽叶的哭闹(对自闭症儿童来说,这并不罕见)加剧后,她得到热餐,吃完之后,平静下来。But shortly after, the captain announced that the plane would be making an emergency landing in Salt Lake City because of a passenger with a behavior issue. Paramedics and police were brought on board to assess the situation and eventually asked the Beegles to disembark.但是不久之后,机长宣布,由于一名乘客有行为问题,飞机将在盐湖城紧急降落。医务人员和警察登机评估情况,最终请比格尔一家离机。In s taken during the incident and in subsequent news reports, fellow passengers have defended the family and criticized the flight attendant, pilot and airline for being insensitive to the girl’s needs and for overreacting to behavior that is not uncommon.在事件发生过程中拍摄的视频里及之后的新闻报道中,其他乘客为这家人辩护,批评涉事乘务员、飞行员和航空公司不关心这位女孩的需求,对并不罕见的行为反应过激。The airline will not be releasing the names of the pilot or the flight attendant involved, Karen May, a spokeswoman for the airline, said on the phone. ed did issue the following statement:美国联合航空公司的发言人卡伦·梅(Karen May)在电话采访中说,该公司不会公布涉事飞行员或乘务员的名字。不过该公司发布了以下声明:“After working to accommodate Dr. Beegle and her daughter during the flight, the crew made the best decision for the safety and comfort of all of our customers and elected to divert to Salt Lake City after the situation became disruptive. We rebooked the customers on a different carrier and the flight continued to Portland.”“在飞行中努力满足比格尔士及女儿的饮食要求后,机组成员考虑到所有乘客的安全和舒适,做出了最佳决定,在情况混乱之后决定转飞盐湖城。我们为这一家重新安排了另一家航空公司,然后航班继续前往波特兰。”The airline also actively participates in autism awareness and supports programs and events, including its Autism Airport Program, which provides a simulated travel experience for children with autism, Ms. May added.梅补充说,美国联合航空公司积极参与自闭症宣传,持相关的项目和活动,包括自闭症机场计划(Autism Airport Program),该计划为自闭症儿童提供模拟旅行体验。Ms. Beegle is most interested in autism awareness training for airline employees, she told A News. Her formal complaints to both ed and the Federal Aviation Administration are aly being investigated and, of course, the issue continues to be debated online, where some have leaned toward harsh criticism of Juliette, calling her a “brat” and labeling her parents as inept: “So I guess if you have autism, even at age 15, you have the right to throw a giant tantrum?,” wrote Arm Chair Critic, whose comment was “liked” by more than 450 ers.比格尔夫人对A新闻频道说,她最关心的是对航空公司员工进行自闭症相关知识的培训。她对美国联合航空公司及美国联邦民航局(Federal Aviation Administration)的正式控诉已经在调查中。当然,网民依然在热议这个话题,有些网民严厉批评朱丽叶,说她是“顽童”,说她的父母不称职。网友Arm Chair Critic写道,“那么我猜,要是你有自闭症,即使到15岁,你也有权大发雷霆?”此人的得到450多名网友的持。Others fought back with admonishments of the general public’s ignorance of autism and how it affects both the child and parents: “Some of you people need to spend a little time around special needs kids. Yes some can be spoiled, just like any other kid, but their behavior is related to their communication disability,” wrote Dan Wormer. “Please, a book and learn about autism before you do something really stupid, like this flight attendant.”其他网民对此作出回击,责备公众忽视自闭症以及这对自闭症儿童及其父母的影响:“你们有些人需要花点时间和有特殊需求的孩子相处一下。是的,有些孩子可能被宠坏了,就像其他任何孩子一样,但他们的行为是沟通障碍引起的,”丹·沃尔默(Dan Wormer)写道,“在你像这位乘务员那样做出非常愚蠢的事情之前,请读本书,了解一下自闭症。” /201505/376855

China#39;s powerful government-controlled television broadcaster took aim at Japanese camera company Nikon Corp. on Saturday in its annual campaign to stamp out service and quality problems that stifle the country#39;s domestic consumption.有着巨大影响力的中国官方媒体中央电视台在周六举行的一年一度的315晚会上将矛头指向日本相机生产商尼康(Nikon Corp.)。央视315晚会旨在曝光国内消费市场中隐藏的务和质量问题。In a two-hour prime-time show, held in honor of World Consumer Rights Day, China Central Television accused Nikon of selling faulty cameras and skirting warranty policies. The report said many consumers found black spots repeatedly appearing in photos taken with the D600 Nikon camera model.这场时长两个小时的晚会在周六晚上的黄金时段播出,以国际消费者权益日为主题。央视在此次晚会中曝光了尼康销售存在质量问题的相机,并回避保修政策。报道称,许多消费者发现尼康D600相机拍出的照片多次出现了黑点。#39;Nikon#39;s attitude is to avoid, conceal and offer excuses, making many people disappointed,#39; a CCTV presenter said in the broadcast.央视一位主持人在晚会中说,尼康采取的态度是回避、遮掩、推脱,让人非常失望。Nikon wasn#39;t immediately available for comment. China is a key market for the Japanese camera maker.记者未能立即联系到尼康就此置评。中国是尼康的一个关键市场。The broadcast also targeted Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., alleging the company#39;s ZhiFuBao payment system has a loophole in its password protection, exposing consumers to the risks of stolen accounts.央视此次曝光对象还包括电商巨头阿里巴巴集团控股有限公司(Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.),称该公司的付系统付宝的密码保护存在漏洞,消费者帐户存在被盗风险。A spokeswoman for Alibaba#39;s payment systems said the company has #39;robust security and risk management#39; and monitors transactions closely at all times.阿里巴巴付系统发言人表示,公司拥有完善的安全和风险管理,并且会始终对交易进行监控。The 315 broadcast, as it is known in China for the date of consumer rights day, has become an annual tradition that attempts to empower consumers and crack down on poor business practices in the country.“3#12539;15”是中国的消费者权益日。315晚会已经成为一年一度的传统,帮助消费者揭露商家的不良行为。China#39;s leaders are looking to consumers to boost purchases at home and pave the way for a consumption-led economy. But poor product quality and safety problems have played a role in muffling consumer spending.中国领导层正寄望消费者加大出,引导经济迈向消费导向型模式。不过,产品质量不佳以及安全问题重重打击了消费者的购买积极性。People at multinational companies typically brace for the broadcast, which has in the past targeted such companies as electronics giant Apple Inc., AAPL -1.12% car maker Volkswagen and fast-food company McDonald#39;s Corp.跨国公司常常是315晚会的重点批评对象。过去几年,电子产品巨头苹果公司(Apple Inc.)、汽车制造商大众汽车(Volkswagen )以及快餐连锁店麦当劳(McDonald#39;s Corp.)都曾是315晚会的曝光对象。CCTV#39;s report last year alleging Apple skirted warranty periods and adopted biased customer-service policies for Chinese customers resulted in an apology letter signed by Apple#39;s Chief Executive Tim Cook. Mr. Cook vowed to revamp aspects of its customer-service policies in China.央视去年曝光苹果蓄意回避保修期,而且针对中国消费者执行歧视性的务政策。之后苹果首席执行长库克(Tim Cook)发布了一封致歉信,承诺修改在华消费务政策的条款。Saturday#39;s broadcast was far more muted than last year#39;s, which included performances, such as a consumer-rights rendition of the rock band Journey#39;s #39;Don#39;t Stop Believin#39;.#39; The lyrics began with, #39;Life presents problems, please don#39;t give up/Let us maintain our rights/Shed a smile and believe tomorrow will be better/To repair life with a smile.#39;本周六的节目相比去年低调许多。去年的节目其中一首歌借用了摇滚乐队Journey名作《Don#39;t Stop Believin#39;》的曲调,但是歌词换成了“生活就是大量问题,请不要放弃,让我们维权,露出微笑,相信明天会更好,用微笑修复我们的生活。”There was no song and dance this year.而今年的节目则没有歌舞。CCTV has come under fire in recent months, with consumers criticizing its frequent exposes of companies. Some blasted it in October pinpointing Starbucks, saying the company profits off Chinese consumers by charging as much as 50% more for some of its products in China than in some other countries. Starbucks said its prices vary by market because of different costs, such as for labor, commodities, real estate and infrastructure investment.近几个月央视遭到外界指责,消费者对其频繁曝光企业提出了批评。央视去年10月份曝光星巴克价格问题而遭到一些人士的攻击,当时报道称星巴克一些产品在中国的售价比在其他国家的价格高50%。星巴克表示,其在各个市场的定价都不同,是基于对各种原料设备、基础建设投入、物流运输、员工薪酬福利、租金及汇率等各种运营成本的综合考虑。While many have scoffed at CCTV#39;s reports, the media company has had long-lasting impact on some of its targets. Yum Brands Inc.#39;s KFC chicken chain suffered slumping sales last year after CCTV spurred a widesp media backlash over the use of growth hormones and antibiotics by two KFC chicken suppliers.尽管央视的报道引来了许多人的奚落,但确实对被其曝光的一些企业产生了长时间的影响。在央视对两家肯德基(KFC)鸡肉供应商使用激素和抗生素行为的报道在媒体上引发强烈反响后,百胜餐饮集团(Yum! Brands Inc., YUM)旗下这家快餐连锁店去年销售额大幅下滑。 /201403/280280

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