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泉州无痛流产哪里最好惠安药流费用Leah Remini has confirmed that she#39;s left the Church of Scientology, and with that she joins a growing list of celebrities who have said goodbye to the religion created by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard.丽亚#8226;雷米尼已经实她脱离了山达基教,越来越多的名人告别了由科幻作家L#8226;罗恩#8226;贺伯特创立的宗教,从此她也加入了这队伍。Tom Cruise is the face of Scientology and he convinced Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes to join the church during his respective marriages to them. Of course neither marriage lasted, and Kidman and Holmes both left the church, with rumors it was the controversial religion that played a role in the demise of each relationship.汤姆克鲁斯是科学教的脸面人物,在两段婚姻中他说妮可#8226;基德曼和凯蒂#8226;赫尔姆斯加入了该教会。当然两段婚姻都没有长久,基德曼和赫尔姆斯都离开了该教会,谣言称这个充满争议的宗教在每段关系的消亡中扮演了一个角色。Neither has commented on the rumors, and Kidman told The Hollywood Reporter, ;I#39;ve chosen not to speak publicly about Scientology. I have two children [adopted with Cruise] who are Scientologists -- Connor [17] and Isabella [20] -- and I utterly respect their beliefs.;不去那些流言蜚语,基德曼告诉好莱坞记者,“我选择不公开谈论山达基教。我有两个孩子(和克鲁斯领养的)都是山达基信徒——17岁的康纳和20岁的伊莎贝拉,我完全尊重他们的信仰。”Meanwhile, actress Nazanin Boniadi -- the woman who was allegedly handpicked by the church to be Cruise#39;s girlfriend from November 2004 until January 2005 before running afoul of the religion#39;s leader David Miscavage -- also left the church.与此同时,女演员纳赞宁#8226;波妮阿蒂——在忤逆该宗教的领袖大卫-密斯凯维吉之前的2004年11月到2005年1月,被教会精心挑选出来作为克鲁斯的女朋友,也离开了该教会。;G.I. Jane; actor Jason Beghe has been one of the most vocal stars to leave Scientology. After 13 years as a member, he left in 2007, and released a in which he spoke out about the church.《魔鬼女大兵》演员杰森#8226;贝吉一直是离开山达基教中最直言不讳的明星。作为一个信徒的13年之后,2007年他离开了,在发布的一个视频中他谈到了这个教会。;Scientology is destructive and a rip-off,; the actor said in the . ;It#39;s very, very dangerous for your spiritual, psychological, mental, emotional health and evolution. I think it stunts your evolution. If Scientology is real, then something#39;s f**ked up.;“山达基是破坏性的,是在敲竹杠,”这位演员在视频中说。“对你的心灵、心理、精神、情绪健康和演变是非常危险的。我认为它阻碍了你的演变。如果山达基教是真实的,那么简直是扯淡。”And Lisa Marie Presley, whose father Elvis once said of the religion, ;F**k those people. All they want is my money,; opened up about her decision to leave the church, telling USA Today:丽莎#8226;玛丽#8226;普雷斯利,其父猫王曾经说过该宗教,“那些人去死吧。他们想要的是我的钱,”公开她离开该教会的决定时告诉《今日美国》:;I was slowly starting to self-destruct, and I didn#39;t know where that was coming from. I started to uncover the main person who was really close to me for years, and then it was a domino effect. I was devastated,; she said, adding, ;I got bad advice. I was insulated with no grip on reality. They were taking my soul, my money, my everything.”“我慢慢地开始自毁,我不知道那是来自于何处。我开始揭露那些和我真正亲近多年的主要人士,然后是一场多米诺骨牌效应。我崩溃了,”她说,并补充道,“我得到坏的建议。我无法掌控现实。他们带走了我的灵魂、我的钱、我的一切。” /201307/247831石狮市中医院客服 It’s 9pm on a Sunday and for the past 20 minutes I’ve been sitting with my back against the wall, with a jet of moist, hot air directed at my face. No, this is not some new form of water torture but rather Dr Dennis Gross’s Steamer Solutions (5, currently only available in the US), a DIY skincare device that promises to open my pores and restore brightness to my dull skin. It is also an example of a growing beauty trend.时间已是星期天晚上9点,过去20分钟里,本人一直背紧靠墙坐着,听由一股湿热气体朝自己脸部吹送。这并非某种新型水刑,而是丹尼斯医生(Dr Dennis Gross)的蒸汽治疗仪(Steamer Solutions,售价125美元,目前仅美国市场有售),这款DIY护肤设备号称可以打开全身毛孔,使无光泽的皮肤恢复亮丽;它也是美容越来越流行的一个活生生例子。From teeth whitening to lipo-massage and facial toning, it seems there is now an at-home gadget to fix almost all your physical flaws. Beauty store Sephora offers more than 15 devices on its website, ranging from the 0 portable laser hair removal system by Silk’n SensEpil to a Clarisonic Mia Skin Cleansing System for 9. And it is just one of a growing number of beauty emporiums and stores selling such products.从牙齿洁白、紧肤到脸部整形美容,如今家用美容仪器似乎就能修复身体的全部缺陷。美容产品连锁店丝芙兰(Sephora)的网店上可供选择的家用美容设备超过15款,从售价500美元的Silk’n SensEpil可携式激光脱毛器到售价119美元的Clarisonic Mia皮肤清洁器(Skin Cleansing System),应有尽有;而且销售此类产品的美容品商场及门店越来越多,丝芙兰仅是其中一家。“Consumers are fascinated with the idea of fixing themselves,” says Dr Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic and clinical research in the dermatology department at Mount Sinai hospital in New York. “These devices are the next generation on from at-home chemical peels.”“消费者对自己给自己美容的想法越发痴迷,”纽约西奈山医院(Mount Sinai hospital)皮肤科美容与临床研究部主任约舒亚·蔡克纳士(Joshua Zeichner)说。“这些设备是家用化学换肤术的升级换代版。”The question is: is this a great leap forward for skincare, or a dangerous step down the slippery slope of amateur treatments?问题是:这是否属于护肤术的巨大飞跃,抑或向非专业治疗术的不归路迈出的危险一步?The physical changes this DIY sector promises are alluring, as are some of their endorsements. Some devices, such as Dr Dennis Gross’s, are created by dermatologists. Others, such as JeNu (9) – a handheld device that uses ultrasound wave technology to create “an unprecedented reduction in wrinkles, crow’s feet, puffiness and dark circles” – come with impressive clinical claims: an increase in hydration around the eye area by up to 75 per cent in seven days, and up to 95 per cent in 28 days. Others offer the same technology as your dermatologist, such as the PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser, which uses “fractional photothermolysis” to combat acne.正如某些广告代言所吹嘘的,这些DIY设备许诺能让外观发生脱胎换骨的变化,这一点非常诱惑消费者。有些设备(如丹尼斯医生)是由皮肤科医生所研制;其它设备(如售价249美元的JeNu,这款运用超声波技术的手提设备声称可以“彻底消除皱纹、鱼尾纹、虚肿以及黑眼圈”。)也是极力渲染其临床效果:在七天时间里,就能使眼部的水化作用增加75%,28天时间里则能增加95%。其它设备具有与皮肤科医生一样的美容疗效,如PaloVia皮肤紧致仪(Skin Renewing Laser)使用“点阵式光热分解作用技术”来消除粉刺。“Lots of people don’t want to pay the price, or have the time, for laser treatments,” says Dr Howard Sobel, director of the New York Institute of Aesthetic Dermatology and Laser Surgery. At-home devices cost a lot less than the equivalent treatment at a clinic. Three 30-minute skin-tightening treatments in Sobel’s office cost ,000, for example, while NuFACE’s Trinity microcurrent device claims to improve your facial contour, tone skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles for 5.“很多人不愿出此费用,或是没时间去做激光治疗,”纽约皮肤美容及激光手术研究所(New York Institute of Aesthetic Dermatology and Laser Surgery)主任霍华德·索贝尔士(Howard Sobel)说。相比诊所治疗,使用家用治疗仪要低廉很多。举个例子,在索贝尔诊室做三次(每次30分钟)皮肤紧致治疗的费用为3000美元,而NuFACE 生产的Trinity微电流紧肤仪就能有效改善面部轮廓、调节肤色,减少细纹与皱纹,而售价只有325美元。Four to six of Sobel’s hair-removal sessions can run to ,200, while Remington’s i-Light Pro, an intense pulsed light device that extricates hair from your body (and has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration in the US), costs ·249.99.参加四-六次索贝尔脱毛讲座的费用高达2200美元,而雷明顿(Remington)生产的i-Light Pro设备只需要249.99美元,这款强脉冲光设备能去除肌体表面的毛发,而且已经得到美国食品药品(Food and Drug Administration)的批准。But what about safety? Many of the devices will turn themselves off if necessary but there is a risk that at-home users may be using their devices in the wrong way, or not understand the instructions. As Sobel acknowledges, there isn’t a great monitoring system once someone takes a product home.但这些家用仪器的安全性又如何呢?预先设置好后,许多仪器会自动关机,但若使用不当、或是不理解操作规程,则对使用者存在一定风险。索贝尔也坦承,消费者买回设备后,如今缺乏行之有效的监控体系。“All lasers emit a beam of light in a specific wavelength that is selectively absorbed by a target pigment in the skin or hair,” says Zeichner. “These at-home devices work at a much lower energy, making them safe to use at home.”“所有激光治疗仪都会发射特定波长的光,它们会被照射区里的皮肤或毛发的色素所吸收,”蔡克纳说。“这些家用设备的能耗极低,因此使用起来比较安全。”I tried the Tria Blue Light Therapy for acne (·229), even though the warnings that accompanied the device had made me a little anxious.我曾用售价229英镑的Tria蓝光治疗仪(Blue Light Therapy)消除粉刺,尽管仪器上的安全使用警示让我略微有些不安。Time is also an issue for at-home devices; as Zeicher notes, permanent hair removal is possible but you “can only remove a small amount at a time. What a doctor can do in 30 minutes might take you hours.”耗时也是这些家用治疗仪的一大问题;蔡克纳指出,永久性除毛的概率存在,但“每次只能去除一小部分,医生30分钟的除毛效果,个人使用家用仪器可能要耗费好几个小时。”Then there is the pain. A friend who tried the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X (·375) loved the hairlessness on her lip and bikini area but said she wouldn’t use it again, as some spots were tremendously painful.此外还有疼痛问题。我的一位朋友使用售价375英镑的Tria4X加强版专业激光脱毛器(Hair Removal Laser)后,对唇部、大腿根部的除毛效果很是满意,但说自己以后不打算再使用它,因为脱毛后身体有些部位特别疼。Personally, after trying three devices for two weeks, my favourite was the steamer. I didn’t need to a booklet, call the company to get a passcode or test the product first on a patch of skin. And I intend to keep at it – although I can’t help wishing it came with an aesthetician to do extractions. But that would mean booking an appointment and leaving the house.本人在两周时间里试用三款设备后,最满意的当数蒸汽治疗仪。我无需读使用说明书、给公司打电话以获取使用密码,也无需先在自己身上一小块皮肤上试验治疗仪效果。我打算坚持使用——尽管我不由自主地期望能有一位美容专家能为我脱毛,但那样一来就得预约,还得离开自己家。 /201305/237910福建省泉州第二医院正规吗

泉州妇女子宫肌瘤As SVP of the Global Sparkling Brand Center at Coca-Cola (KO), Wendy Clark spends plenty of time studying young people. Understanding how young people live and what they aspire to is key to the success of this rising-star executive who oversees brand strategy and integrated marketing communications, including global design and digital and experiential marketing, for brands like Coke, Sprite and Fanta. Last week, Clark decided to learn about an aspect of youth that she never knew: how the homeless live.可口可乐公司(Coca-Cola)全球闪亮品牌中心(Global Sparkling Brand Center)高级副总裁温蒂?克拉克花了很长时间研究年轻人。这位冉冉升起的新锐高管成功的秘诀就是了解年轻人的生活现状和他们的期望。目前,克拉克负责可口可乐(Coke)、雪碧(Sprite)和芬达(Fanta)等品牌的品牌策略和整合营销传播,包括全球设计与数字及体验营销。上周,克拉克决定亲身体验年轻人生活中不为她所知的一面:无家可归的生活。Guest Post by Wendy Clark, SVP of the Global Sparkling Brand Center, The Coca-Cola Company本文由可口可乐公司全球闪亮品牌中心高级副总裁温蒂?克拉克发布。I#39;m one of those people with ice-cold hands.我的手生来冰凉。You know the type. When you shake my hand, I apologize and say something like ;cold hands, warm heart; and then may add my second hand to your warm hand and hold the handshake for as long as possible to steal some of your warmth.大家都知道这种人。我跟别人握手的时候,会先抱歉地说“手凉心热”这样的话,然后用双手握住对方温暖的手,还要尽可能多握一会儿,以吸取一些热量。While I was born and raised in England (cold and wet), I spent my teenage years in Florida and have lived in the southern U.S. since. Indeed, as the saying goes, my blood has thinned.我出生在(寒冷潮湿的)英格兰,但我的少女时代都在佛罗里达度过,后来也一直居住在美国南部。正如俗话所说,我的血液都变得稀薄了。So it was uncharacteristic, to say the least, that I slept outside on a cardboard box last Thursday night.所以,毫不夸张的说,周四晚上,我在外面的纸板箱里所度过的一夜绝对是一次非同寻常的体验。My friend and colleague at The Coca-Cola Company, Ben Deutsch, is on the board of Covenant House of Georgia, and he asked me to join their annual Sleep-Out fundraiser. Last year, across the country, 450 executives slept outside and raised more than million. This year, Ben and I and some 45 executives from companies including Accenture (ACN), Comcast (CMCSA) and Cox Enterprises spent from dinnertime Thursday until 7 a.m. Friday on the campus of the Covenant House shelter. Under a full moon, in temperatures dipping to 35 degrees, we slept in sleeping bags on flattened cardboard boxes.我的朋友也是可口可乐公司的同事本?道奇,是乔治亚州圣约家园(Covenant House of Georgia)理事会的成员,他邀请我参加他们一年一度的露宿募捐活动。去年,全美共有450名高管参加了这个活动,募集了超过300万美元。今年,本和我以及来自埃森哲(Accenture)、康卡斯特(Comcast)和考克斯报业(Cox Enterprises)等公司的45名高管从周四晚餐时间开始,到周五上午7点,一直在圣约家园的收容所内度过。虽然天空圆月高悬,但温度却降到了华氏35度(约为1.7°C),当晚我们都睡在睡袋里,下面铺着压平的纸板箱。This was just one night for us. For more than 700 young Atlantans, sleeping on the streets is every night.我们只是这样过了一个晚上。而对于亚特兰大700多名年轻人而言,每天睡在大街上是他们生活的真实状态。These youth have varied stories, with common themes that are tough to hear. One in four, according to Covenant House, are victims of human trafficking or sex trade. Many more have been beaten down by bullying, and are desperate to get their lives on track. ;We#39;re just regular kids trying to do right, ; said one Covenant House resident we met.这些年轻人各有各的故事,个中心酸令人唏嘘不已。据圣约家园统计,其中有四分之一是人口拐卖或性交易的受害者。许多人都因为受到过欺凌而一蹶不振,他们也渴望能让自己的生活走上正轨。我们遇到的一位圣约家园居民说:“我们只是努力想要做好的普通孩子。”Like all of us, they need love. They need an outreached hand and somebody#39;s faith that there#39;s warmth in their hearts beyond their own cold hands. These homeless youth have been let down by ;the system; and by adults so many times that their trust in anyone beyond themselves is incredibly low.与我们一样,他们也需要爱。他们需要一只主动伸出的手,需要有人相信虽然他们的手是冰凉的,但他们的心依然火热。“体制”和成年人一次次让这些无家可归的年轻人失望,他们对人的信任已经降到了令人难以置信的地步。 /201312/267164泉州人工流产一般多少钱 一位父亲为庆祝宝贝女儿出生!要把“克莱尔”译为中文,献给自己的小仙女!伴随她成长… 另外,小宝宝中文名还没有确定,但是英文名只有一个:Claire... 这就是天意吧… 这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:关于克莱尔的一切,从这里开始:第一女主角现身,让我们开始吧……!译者:koogle泉州哪家医院中医妇科比较好

泉州哪个妇科医院好 Although the majority of Americans say it is unacceptable, nearly one in four married adults stillcheat ontheir spouses.But what constitutes being unfaithful differs among men and women, according to a new survey.Most people questioned in the poll agree physical contact -- including kissing someone other than your partner -- means you are cheating. But 77 percent of women also think using the Internet for online sexual talk or cavorting in front of a Webcam is also cheating, compared to only 57 percent of men."We've always had theinside scoopabout what's on the minds of women, especially when it comes to relationships, said Deborah Fine, president of iVillage Inc, a media firm dedicated to women."This new survey gives us a closer look at how both men and women feel about the topic of fidelity," she added in a statement.Nearly three-quarters of women also feel sending flirtatious emails is cheating, as opposed to 53 percent of men.According to the online survey of 70,288 people, the most common cheating partners are friends and co-workers. Money is also an element in deceitful behavior because the higher a man's salary the more likely it is that he will be unfaithful.But the same does not apply to women.Men said they usually strayed because they wanted more sex, while women sought emotional attention.The survey also revealed that many partners will try to find out if their spouse isstraying.Eighty-three percent of people questioned in the poll said they would try to trick them into confessing, 63 percent would pay for a private detective and more than half said they would have no qualms about checking emails and telephone logs.But when people do have affairs they are usually brief. Nearly 30 percent last a week or less and 47 percent are done within a month.Those who do cheat rarely get caught, only about 30 percent or less, according to the survey. And just 13 percent confess to their misdeeds. 尽管大多数美国人认为对伴侣不忠不可接受,但却有近四分之一的已婚人士仍然这样做。然而,据一项最新调查显示,男性和女性对“不忠”的理解有所不同。大多数受访者认为与伴侣以外的其他人接吻等身体接触是一种不忠的表现。但77%的女性认为,在网上互相聊一些下流的话题或通过网络摄像头打情骂俏也是不忠的表现,而持此观点的男性只有57%。iVillage女性媒体公司的总裁黛拉·范恩说,“我们总能掌握女性的一些隐秘想法,尤其在两性关系方面。”她在一份声明中说:“这项新调查则针对忠贞这一问题对男性和女性的想法进行了更为深入的了解。”此外,近四分之三的女性觉得发调情的电子邮件也是不忠,持此看法的男性比例为53%。据此项对70288人进行的在线调查显示,朋友和同事最易成为“拈花惹草”的对象。金钱也是不忠行为发生的一个因素,因为男人的收入越高,越轨的可能性会越大。但这个“理论”并不适合女性。男人说他们越轨是因为性需求;女人则说她们则是为了寻求情感上的呵护。此外,调查显示,很多人表示他们会查明配偶是否有越轨行为。83%的受访者表示他们会采取一些小手段,“诱使”对方坦白;63%的人则表示会去找一个;一半以上的人说他们会去查对方的电子邮件和电话记录。但是真正有越轨行为的人通常会速战速决。近30%的人持续一周或不到一周的时间,47%的人则在一个月内就完事。调查显示,有不忠行为的人很少被抓个现形,只有30%或更少的人遭遇过此尴尬。仅有13%的人向伴侣坦白过自己的错误行为。 /200803/32752福建省泉州中心医院上环福建泉州那看妇科比较好



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