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福建泉州市人民医院做产检价格泉州阳光妇产医院在线咨询UN Humanitarian Chief in Burma to Boost Cyclone Aid Effort联合国敦促缅甸接受更多国际援助   The ed Nations' efforts to increase assistance in cyclone-battered areas of Burma are to be stepped up with arrival of the U.N. humanitarian affairs chief, in Rangoon. Burma's military has put the official death toll at 78,000 people with another 56,000 missing. South East Asian foreign ministers meet Monday in Singapore Monday to discuss regional cooperation in responding to the disaster.  随着联合国人道事务负责人约翰.霍姆斯抵达仰光,联合国将进一步向受热带风暴破坏的缅甸增加援助。缅甸军方公布的死亡数字为7万8千人,还有5万6千人失踪。东南亚国家的外长们星期一在新加坡举行会晤,就这场灾难的地区合作问题进行讨论。The arrival of the ed Nation's humanitarian affairs chief John Holmes, Sunday, in Burma, marks further international efforts to pressure the military government to open the country to increased international assistance. 联合国人道事务负责人霍姆斯星期天抵达缅甸,这标志着国际社会将向缅甸军政府进一步施加压力,要求缅甸接受更多的国际援助。The death toll from cyclone Nargis, that hit the country more than two weeks ago, has soared in recent days.  纳尔吉斯号强热带风暴两个多星期前袭击缅甸,死亡人数在最近几天里飞速上升。Holmes has been sent to Burma by U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to push the military to ease restrictions on foreign assistance personnel. Several naval vessels including those from the ed States and Britain are in the Andaman Sea with emergency assistance on board. 联合国秘书长潘基文派遣霍姆斯到缅甸,向缅甸军政府施加压力,要他们减少对外国援助人员的限制。美国和英国等国家装载紧急救援物资的军舰停泊正在安达曼海上。Restricting foreign assistance has led to strident calls by western governments to pressure the military to allow more foreign aid into the worst affected areas in the Irrawaddy Delta region. 缅甸军政府对外国援助的限制引起西方各国政府的强烈呼吁,他们向缅甸军政府施加压力,要缅甸军政府允许更多的外国援助进入受灾最严重的伊洛瓦底三角洲地区。Amanda Pitt, a spokeswoman for the ed Nations relief efforts, told reporters earlier, Holmes' talks with aid organizations and Burma's military government are aimed at spurring aid to the hardest-hit regions of Burma, also known as Myanmar.  早些时候,联合国救援项目发言人皮特对记者说,霍姆斯与救援组织和缅甸军政府举行会谈的目的是为了把救援物资送到缅甸受灾最严重的地区。"Clearly what he is hoping to achieve is to try and work with as many partners as possible to consult with everybody on the ground and of course to cooperate with the government of Myanmar to try and just get the response we need up scaled to meet the needs of the people on the ground," she said.  她说:“很显然,他希望能够和尽可能多的合作夥伴一起努力,和在场的每个人协商,当然其中也包括和缅甸军政府进行合作,试图从缅甸军政府那里获得我们所需要的反应,以满足缅甸灾民的需要。”International assistance and human rights groups are warning delays are increasing health and welfare threats to populations still struggling to recover from the storm amid ongoing seasonal monsoon rains.  国际救援和人权组织警告说,拖延提供救援会使灾民增加健康和福利方面的威胁。这些灾民正在目前季风雨季中努力挣扎,设法从暴风灾难中恢复过来。The U.K.-based Save the Children Fund warned Sunday thousands of young children in cyclone-hit areas face starvation within weeks unless emergency food supplies reach the areas soon. The ed Nations has estimated that up to one million children are in need of urgent assistance. 设在英国的救助儿童会星期天警告说,灾区有成千上万名儿童几个星期内将面临饥饿问题,除非紧急食物援助尽快抵达这些灾区。据联合国估计,有将近一百万儿童需要紧急救援。"We've all seen from the assessments that have been done and the reports that are coming out that millions of people - up to 2.5 million possibly are in need of aid,” said U.N. spokeswoman Amanda Pitt. “I think it's clear to everybody that's working on the ground there's enormous need and that need is not being met." 皮特说:“我们都从已经进行的估计和不断公布的报告中得知,几百万人、最高可以达到250万人需要援助。我认为,每一个人都清楚,那里的人们需要获得巨大的援助,但是他们的需要没有得到满足。”South East Asian foreign ministers are due to meet Monday in Singapore to discuss ways to "assist Burma in its relief and recovery efforts". The bloc, the Association of South East Asian Nations - ASEAN - of which Burma is a member, is facing criticism over its delays in acting to support relief efforts. 东南亚国家的外长们将于星期一在新加坡举行会议,讨论“帮助缅甸赈灾和恢复”的问题。缅甸是东盟的一个成员国。东盟因在持赈灾方面行动迟缓而受到批评。 200805/39366泉州新阳光妇科医院做孕检多少钱 Temujin granted his blood brother his final wish and broke his back. The defeat and death of Jamuqa led to a sight never before seen in the history of Mongolia: the recognition of one man as the leader of all the Mongol tribes. In the Mongol world, there had never been such a figure. And in 1206, a new title was created to honor him: Universal King, ruler of all men, Genghis Khan."But my destiny, the destiny of the great Mongol people was still unfulfilled."Genghis Khan had forged a nation. But now, he faced a new and more potent threat: China. He knew the Chinese would not tolerate such a powerful leader as him on their border. So he took the fight to them. In a campaign that was to last six years, he led his army of 50,000 Mongols on one of the most audacious military actions in history. He crossed the Gobi Desert and invaded Northern China. On hearing that the Mongol army was approaching, the emperor of North China sent this message: "Our empire is as vast as the sea, yours is but a handful of sand. How can we fear you?" The Chinese had spent centuries perfecting their defenses, but Genghis Khan solved the problem posed by China's biggest border defense, the Great Wall, by one simple expedient: they went around it. The Chinese were the richest and most civilized people in the East. But they also knew how to fight a dirty war. Iron spikes, like medieval minefields, were bedded in the path of the oncoming Mongol armies. grant: agreepotent: strong, influentialperfect: refine, improve expedient: means, method, scheme, plan, move, tactic 200809/49930泉州市第二人民医院在那里

泉州市二院评价福建泉州市妇幼医院门诊大众点评 ;Dont push it!; ———— “别催促”(非正式)英文释义 (INFORMAL) Command or expression of stern advice against being overly insistent or aggressive when making a request or demand.例句 I promised to the eager young mans lengthy proposal, but I gently warned him ;Please... dont push it!; when he began to pester me daily about it.我答应看这位心急的年轻人的长篇建议书,但当他开始每天烦我时,我温和地告诫他:“请……不要催促!”。 /201607/455749泉州做人流价钱

福建省泉州妇幼保健医院在线QQUN Warns Burma's Food Security at Risk联合国警告缅甸面临食品短缺威胁 ed Nations agencies warn that Burma's food shortages and escalating prices pose a threat to its food security. Aid agencies also say Burma may need food assistance for at least a year to support communities devastated by Cyclone Nargis. 联合国机构警告说,缅甸食品短缺和不断上涨的食品价格对该国的食品安全构成了威胁。国际援助机构同时表示,缅甸可能至少在未来一年,都需要食品援助,来救助那些在纳尔吉斯风暴中受灾的民众。In its latest assessment, the U.N.'s Food and Agriculture Organization says hundreds of thousands of people in remote regions of the Irrawaddy Delta have yet to receive food aid, nearly a month after the cyclone. Up to 75 percent of the population most in need is not receiving regular food assistance. 联合国粮农组织在最新的评估报告中表示,强热带风暴已经过去将近一个月了,但是缅甸伊洛瓦底江三角洲的偏远地区,成千上万的民众至今还没有收到任何救援食品。在那些最急需援助的民众当中,有多达75%的人都没有得到常规的食品援助。Aid agencies estimate more than two million people need food, shelter and medical care as a result of Cyclone Nargis, which came ashore the night of May 2. The storm killed 78,000 people and left 56,000 missing. 国际援助机构估计,在缅甸5月2号晚间受到风暴袭击之后,有多达两百万人需要食品、住所和医疗设施。在那次风暴中丧生的人数多达七万八千人,而且至今还有五万六千人失踪。The FAO says food shortages along with escalating prices "posed a risk to national security". Rice prices in Rangoon have doubled this month while prices of staples such as eggs had risen sharply. 联合国粮农组织表示,食品短缺、价格飙升“对缅甸的国家安全构成了威胁”。在仰光,大米的价格仅这个月就翻了一番,而鸡蛋等其他主要食品的价格也都大幅度上涨。The cyclone destroyed crops just before the main rice harvest. The loss is compounded by the deaths of 150,000 water buffalo, needed to plow paddies.  5月2号那场风暴来临之际,正逢大米即将收割的季节。庄稼被风暴彻底摧毁,不仅如此,十五万头耕牛也在风暴中丧生。Paul Risley, the World Food Program's Asia spokesman, says Burma may need aid for a year.  联合国世界粮食计划署亚洲项目发言人保罗.莱斯利说,缅甸可能一整年都需要援助。"It's quiet clear that there will be needs for continued food assistance in all of these communities - not only over the next three months, (or) six months, but possibly until the next proper good harvest and that's going to be literally a year away," Risley said. 他说:“显然所有这些地区都会一直需要食品援助,不光是今后三个月、六个月,很有可能一直要到下一个收获季节,也就是一年以后了。”Aid agencies say a new crop of rice needs to be planted within weeks to avoid a prolonged food crisis. But Risley says it is unlikely the planting will be done.  国际援助机构表示,为了避免长时期的食品危机,缅甸必须在今后几个星期内,播种下一季稻谷。但是保罗.莱斯利担心,这恐怕很难做到。"The last thing these farmers are prepared to do right now is to re-seed these fields and plow them and get them back into shape and plant the rice that needs to be planted within the three to four weeks, or we really risk seeing no harvest at all for the next year. And that's an incredibly dangerous situation," Risley said. 他说:“农民现在根本没有心思去重新播种稻谷,修整农田、在今后三、四个星期里播种稻谷,但是要不这样的话,那么明年一年,就有可能得不到任何收成,那就太危险了。”Debbie Stothardt, the spokeswoman for rights group the Alternative ASEAN Network, says Burma's economy is so fragile that it could force many in the country to migrate looking for work. 斯多特哈尔德女士是东盟替代网络权益组织的发言人。她认为,缅甸脆弱的经济状况可能迫使很多人到别的地方去寻找工作。"Even before Cyclone Nargis struck last year Burma experienced an inflation rate of 50 percent," she noted. "If this disaster is not addressed comprehensively and quickly and effectively you are going to send millions of people from Burma out into the rest of the region as migrants simply because they can no longer survive in their own country, which ironically used to be considered "the rice bowl of Asia". 她说:“在纳尔吉斯风暴来临之前,缅甸去年经历了50%的通货膨胀。假如这场灾难不能全面、及时、有效地得以处理的话,我们将会看到千百万缅甸人大批迁徙到亚太地区其他地方,因为他们在自己的国家已经生存不下去了。非常令人感叹的是,缅甸历来以‘亚洲的米仓’著称。”Burma's military government last week agreed to allow more foreign aid workers in to the hardest hit areas. Aid agencies say the flow of supplies is growing, but workers still must give authorities 48 hours notice before they can go to the delta region. 缅甸军政府上星期同意允许外国救援人员到受灾最重的地方去展开工作。国际救援机构表示,进入缅甸的物资目前的确在不断增加,但是救援人员还必须在48小时之前通知政府部门,才能进入伊洛瓦底江三角洲地带。 200805/40519 泉州妇保医院是几甲医院泉州剖腹产价格



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