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President Bush meets with President Sejdiu and Prime Minister Thaci of the Republic of Kosovo PRESIDENT BUSH: It has been an honor to welcome the President and Prime Minister of an independent Kosovo to the Oval Office. I'm proud you all are here. I welcome you. I'm a strong supporter of Kosovo's independence. I'm against any partition of Kosovo. I believe strongly that the ed Nations mission must be transferred to the EU as quickly as possible. I want to thank you very much for your support of minority rights, the full implementation of the Ahtisaari plan.We discussed a variety of issues. We discussed the problems that Kosovo faces, its desire to be recognized by more nations around the world. I pledged that the ed States would continue to work with those nations that have not recognized an independent Kosovo to convince them to do so as quickly as possible.We talked about economics, education. And we talked about the transatlantic aspirations of both Kosovo and Serbia, which the ed States supports in both cases.I mentioned to both these leaders that they were sitting right below the portrait of George Washington, the founder of a free ed States. And I appreciate your courage. I appreciate your leadership. And I commit the ed States to help you realize your dreams. Welcome.PRESIDENT SEJDIU: (As translated.) It's an extraordinary occasion for us to be received by President Bush to convey to him all of the aspirations and all the thanks of the Kosovo people -- heartfelt thanks.The Kosovo people have been following democracy, the principles of democracy and freedom. And the ed States are -- they're our supporters. We guaranteed President Bush that we will continue on this road, and at the same time to implement the Ahtisaari document.Kosovo will be a country of democracy, a country of all its citizens. It will have a special respect for the minorities. We are very much interested to have good relations with the Republic of Serbia. Our progress will be with the integration of NATO and the EU.Again, my heartfelt thanks, and God bless America.PRESIDENT BUSH: Thank you, sir. Prime Minister?PRIME MINISTER THACI: (As translated.) Today's meeting with President Bush not only reiterates the fact that we are closely connected with the ed States, but will always be their trustful friend, forever.We have always trusted the ed States and trusted the development of our country and that it will be to the benefit of the international development.The Kosovo government and the Kosovo people will always bow in deep respect for the ed States and for the U.S. administration. It is a joint success story. We are building a democratic Kosovo, affirmative action for the minorities. We'll develop economic -- Kosovo economically. We'll have excellent relations with all our neighbors, and in the future with Serbia.As a sovereign and democratic country we want to be part of NATO and part of the EU and have excellent relations with the ed States. This is our pledge, this is our responsibility, this is our vision.Thank you very much.PRESIDENT BUSH: Yes, sir. Thank you, guys.200807/44593。

  • Hello Everybody.大家好!For the past couple months, Ive been working with people in both parties—with the help of business leaders and ordinary Americans—to come together around a plan to grow the economy and shrink our deficits.在过去的两个月里,在商界领袖们与美国民众的帮助下,我与两党合作,在经济增长与削减赤字方面达成了一致的议案。Its a balanced plan—one that would protect the middle class, cut spending in a responsible way, and ask the wealthiest Americans to pay a little more.这是一项平衡的方案—既能以负责任的方式保护中产阶级减少出,又能要求最富有的美国人们稍微多付出一点。And Ill keep working with anybody whos serious about getting a comprehensive plan like this done—because its the right thing to do for our economic growth.而我也将继续与任何希望认真解决问题拿出类似这样可行方案的人合作,只有这样的方案才对我们的经济增长有利。But were now at the point where, in just a couple days, the law says that every Americans tax rates are going up.但我们现在所剩时日无多,再过几天,法律就要规定每个人的税率都将上涨。Every Americans paycheck will get a lot smaller.每个美国人的钱包都会变得更小。And that would be the wrong thing to do for our economy.而这对我们的经济有害而无益。It would hurt middle-class families, and it would hurt the businesses that depend on your spending.这会伤害到中产家庭,伤害依赖他们消费的商业企业。And Congress can prevent it from happening, if they act now.如果国会反应及时,还可以阻止这一切的发生。Leaders in Congress are working on a way to prevent this tax hike on the middle class, and I believe we may be able to reach an agreement that can pass both houses in time.国会的领导者们正在致力于阻止税收上涨冲击中产阶级家庭,我坚信我们应该能及时达成一项方案并获得参众两院的通过。But if an agreement isnt reached in time, then Ill urge the Senate to hold an up-or-down vote on a basic package that protects the middle class from an income tax hike, extends vital unemployment insurance for Americans looking for a job, and lays the groundwork for future progress on more economic growth and deficit reduction.但是如果未能按时达成,我将敦促参议院就一系列包括保护中产阶级免受增税冲击、帮助依然在寻找工作的人延长基础失业保险、为未来经济增长和赤字削减奠定基础等方面在内的基础措施进行直接投票。I believe such a proposal could pass both houses with bipartisan majorities—as long as these leaders allow it to come to a vote.只要领导层允许这一方案进入投票表决,我相信这样的方案应该能获得两院多数人的持。If they still want to vote no, and let this tax hike hit the middle class, thats their prerogative—but they should let everyone vote.如果他们依然否决这一方案并让中产阶级的税负上涨,这也是他们的权力,但他们至少应该让所有人投票后才能决定。Thats the way this is supposed to work.这也是应该采取的方式。We just cant afford a politically self-inflicted wound to our economy.我们不能承受因为政治自身造成的问题伤害我们的经济。The economy is growing, but keeping it that way means that the folks you sent to Washington have to do their jobs.经济在增长,但要保持这种势头就需要那些你们派去华盛顿的官员们尽到自己应尽的职责。The housing market is healing, but that could stall if folks are seeing smaller paychecks.房地产市场也正在回暖,但如果人们的收入减少这种势头也可能会受阻。The unemployment rate is the lowest its been since 2008, but aly, families and businesses are starting to hold back because of the dysfunction they see in Washington.失业率也降低到自2008年以来的最低点,但现在由于华盛顿的机能障碍导致大多家庭和企业开始紧缩出。You meet your deadlines and your responsibilities every day.你们每天按时履行义务,尽职尽责。The folks you sent here to serve should do the same.你们选举出来的那些为国家务的官员们也应如此。We cannot let Washington politics get in the way of Americas progress.我们不会让华盛顿的政治问题阻碍美国的前进。Weve got to do what it takes to protect the middle class, grow this economy, and move our country forward.我们必须保护中产阶级、促进经济增长并推动国家发展。Thanks, everybody.谢谢大家。 201301/218989。
  • President Bush Welcomes 2007 WNBA Champion Phoenix Mercury to White HouseTHE PRESIDENT: Thanks for coming. Please be seated. Welcome to the White House. And it is fitting that we use the East Garden because, one, this is rarely used; and two, it is an opportunity for me to welcome a lot of people to the -- that are here to see the WNBA champs, Phoenix Mercury. And we're glad you came. (Applause.)People who follow sport in America will know that the Phoenix Mercury played together as a great team, and they brought new glory to women's athletics and the sport of basketball. As they like to say, "Mighty Mercury, we are number one!" (Laughter.) And these women proved it. I want to thank Jay Parry, President and COO of the Phoenix Mercury, for joining us. Ann Meyers Drysdale, the General Manager of Phoenix Mercury. Where is your son? There he is. Kind of looks like the big right-hander. You're right. (Laughter.)Corey Gaines, the head coach -- Coach, thanks for coming, proud you're here. I particularly want to pay my respects to the co-captains of the team, Cappie Pondexter and Diana Taurasi.Now, this is not the first time that Diana has been here to the White House. She came with the mighty UConn Huskies. And she told me she was going to amount to something in life when I saw her. (Laughter.) She said, "I will be back," and she is, as the champion. Welcome. Glad you're here.And I wish these two -- these two great athletes all the best at the Olympics in Beijing. They're going to be carrying on the great tradition of women's basketball here in the ed States. And even though it's going to be tough, a lot of teams are getting y for them, they're going to come back with the Gold and America will be proud. (Applause.)I welcome the other athletes on the stage and the newly -- the new athletes who have joined the Phoenix Mercury. Must be pretty cool to be playing with champs. I bet it's wearing off on you, what it means to make the sacrifices necessary to win the title and be invited here in the White House.I want to welcome Congressman Trent Franks -- Congressman, thanks for coming. Thanks for taking an interest in the Phoenix Mercury. I know they're proud to have your support.I welcome members of the Junior WNBA that have joined us. Thanks for coming, thanks for taking an interest in women's basketball. (Applause.) I want to -- do thank -- do want to thank the WNBA representatives and personnel who've joined us; appreciate you promoting women's athletics. As the father of twin girls, there's nothing better than having good role models for girls to look at, and there are no better role models than women basketball players. They're great athletes. They're well-conditioned people. They're disciplined.I want to welcome the Phoenix fans here, professionally known as the "X-factor." I know these women really love the fact that they play in a city that supports them. And I hope the fans that, you know, aren't here recognize that even here in Washington D.C. we've heard of the Phoenix Mercury, and proud to -- proud to have them come. The team's playoff slogan was, "One team, one city, one goal." And they've fulfilled the goal. You became the first WNBA team in history to win the championship on the road. For the second year in a row, you set the record for the highest scoring average in WNBA history.You were led ably by Coach Paul Westhead. I know he is proud of the women. And Corey Gaines was the assistant coach, so he had the pleasure of being part of a championship program, and he knows what it takes to get you in a position where you can win this year, as well. Of course, I'm not going to be around to welcome you -- but play hard anyway. (Laughter.)The thing I love about this team and a lot of champions that I get to recognize here at the White House is the fact that they understand you're a champ on the courts, and you're a champ off the courts. The -- this team spent weekends on a Habitat for Humanity program called, "Women Build." They served meals at homeless shelters. They honored breast cancer survivors. They helped sign up runners for Race for the Cure. They collected water bottles from fans and donated them to the Salvation Army's Extreme Heat Emergency Project. They participated in Read to Achieve. They helped stuff backpacks with supplies for underprivileged children.They support the junior WNBA program, fully understanding that promoting healthy lifestyles is good for America, and there's no better way to have a healthy lifestyle than to participate in athletics. They've done their duty as citizens of the ed States. I'm honored to welcome you. I'm proud of your championship trophy. I thank you for what you do for the country. May God bless you all. (Applause.)MS. MEYERS DRYSDALE: Mr. President, on behalf of the 2007 WNBA Champion Phoenix Mercury, we'd like to thank you for your invitation to the White House. The Phoenix Mercury and the WNBA is all about leadership, being a strong role model, teamwork, and making a difference in other's lives.This team accomplished a lot last year and had a lot of firsts. The coaches, fans and players never stopped believing in themselves. Mr. President, we know your support for the Phoenix Mercury is genuine, because of the influence of the women in your life.THE PRESIDENT: Yes.MS. MEYERS DRYSDALE: All first ladies -- your graceful mother, your classy wife -- THE PRESIDENT: Thank you.MS. MEYERS DRYSDALE: -- your very strong-willed daughters -- (laughter.) You think?THE PRESIDENT: Yes, that's why my hair is white. (Laughter.)MS. MEYERS DRYSDALE: We are very proud of this team. And on behalf of the Phoenix Mercury, we'd like our two Olympians, Diana Taurasi and Cappie Pondexter, to present you with a Phoenix Mercury jersey and a replica banner of our championship. (Applause.)200806/42644。
  • Over the weekend, President Obama continued to urge both parties to come together around a balanced package to deficit reduction. Today, the President provided an update on the efforts to lift the debt ceiling and also tackle the underlying challenges we face with our national debt and deficits.Download Video: mp4 (69MB) | mp3 (7MB) 201107/145178。
  • 施瓦辛格在清华大学演讲 美国经典英文演讲100篇总统演讲布莱尔首相演讲美国总统布什演讲快报200810/52330。
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