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商务英语必备1000字 3bounce  v. 跳(票)  Oh no! My check to City Supermarket bounced!  喔,糟了!我开给城市超市的票跳票了!  cashier's check  本票  Pre-payment with cashier's check or money order is accepted  预付款用本票或汇票都可以。  check  n. 票  I don't have cash. Can I write you a check?  我没有现金,可以开票给你吗?  clearing house  票据交换所;清算所  A clearing house is an office where banks exchange checks and drafts.  票据交换所是交换票、汇票的地方。  endorse  v. 背书  Can you endorse the back of the check, please?  可以麻烦你在票背面签名背书吗?  financial institution  金融机构  Many big financial institutions raised their interest rates today.  许多大型金融机构都在今天升息。  mature  v.(定存、票据等)到期  When does my CD mature?  我的定存何时到期?  money order  汇票  Can I pay with money order?  我可以用汇票付款吗?  paycheck  n. 薪资票  The HR assistant distributes employee paychecks every month.  人资部助理每个月会分发员工的薪资票。  postdated check  远期票  I'm sorry. We don't accept postdated checks.  抱歉,我们不收远期票。  stop payment  止付  My father called the bank to stop payment on the check.  我父亲打电话到止付那张票。  traveler's check  旅行票  In what denominations would you like the traveler's checks?  你要哪种面额的旅行票? /200708/16476Scheduling bosses meetingA: Excuse me, Bill?B: Hi, Christine. How’s it going?A: Fine, thanks. Mr. Emory would like to meet with Mr. Macmillan tomorrow afternoon. Can you take a look at his book?B: Sure, just a second. All right, what time?安排老板会见A:打扰一下,比尔?B:嗨,克莉丝汀。最近怎么样?A:很好,谢谢。埃莫里先生明天下午想和麦克米伦先生见次面。你能查一下他的记事本吗?B:可以,请等一下。好吧,什么时候来? /200704/12524

Jim和Emily是一家跨国公司从中国聘用的新雇员,公司人事部的Paula对他们进行文化差异的培训。Emily说,E: I know that we will be expected to chat and make small talk with our customers, but Im worried Im going to put my foot in my mouth.P: There are a couple of topics that are considered ;no-nos; in Western culture. Its best to avoid discussions on politics, religion and money.J: Why is religion a sensitive topic?聊天儿,to chat, 也可以说to make small talk. Emily担心跟客户聊天的时候会to put my foot in my mouth, 意思是说话不得体,讲错话。Paul说,在西方文化中,确实有一些话题是;no-nos;最好不要涉及的领域,包括政治、宗教和金钱。宗教为什么是敏感话题?P: Well, there are a lot of religions and each one thinks very differently. Overall, its an area that could cause trouble; so its best to stay away from it.J: When I visited Italy last year, I noticed a sign at a church asking people to remove their hats. Why is this necessary?P: In some religious centers its considered impolite to wear hats. Many Western people also think you should remove your hat when dining or in a more formal setting.Paul解释说,不同宗教信仰的人,如果话不投机,就很容易出问题。So its best to stay away from it,所以最好远离这个话题。 Jim问,为什么意大利有的教堂要大家摘掉帽子。Paula解释说,某些宗教认为戴帽子很不礼貌,Its considered impolite to wear hats, 而且在西方,正式场合和饭局一般都要把帽子摘下来。J: You said money is off-limits as well. Can you explain?P: In some parts of Asia, discussing salary amounts or how much you paid for something is an acceptable conversation topic, but in the West, people get very uncomfortable when discussing money.E: That makes sense. Money can be a tricky subject.金钱也是off-limits,禁区。在亚洲某些地方,工资收入可以是聊天的话题,但是在西方,问别人赚多少钱,往往会让人觉得不舒。所以说,money can be a tricky subject.P: Ok...a couple more important points: In some Asian societies, when you meet someone and you notice they have put on weight, you might say ;Hey! Youve gained weight!; But in the West, its almost never appropriate to comment on someones appearance.J: But why? Its not a criticism; its just an observation.P: In the West it is viewed as a criticism. So dont comment on age or weight.E: I think its best to simply say, ;You look well.;P: Yes....that would be perfect. Thank you all for your attention and we will meet again next week.还有一点至关重要,见面千万别说,“你发福了!” Thats a no-no. 西方人几乎从来不讨论别人的外表,还有年龄!Dont comment on age or weight. /201212/214727

A:Hi there,I'm Steve Saunders.What's your name?B:I'm Patti Whitney.Isn't this convention great?A:Yes it is,better than I expected it would be.The presenters have been first rate.Is this the first conference you've been to?B:No,I've been coming for the last 3 years.Each year keeps getting better.Where are you from?A:I'm from Long Island,New York.What about yourself?B:I'm from the other side of the coast--Los Angeles.A:Wow.I really like California...the weather there is much better than the East Coast.B:Have you been to California?A:Just once.Quite a few years ago we took the kids to Disneyland on our vacation.They had a blast.B:How many kids do you have?A:Two,a boy and a girl.They’re aly grown now.B:Well,California’s changed over the last little while.You should come back out sometime. /10/86419

  The good seaman is known in bad weather.惊涛骇浪,方显英雄本色。The good seaman is known in bad weather.本义是指:“要识好水手,全凭坏气候”,将其意义扩展一下也就是汉语里说的:“惊涛骇浪,方显英雄本色”。因此,当美国人说;The good seaman is known in bad weather.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;A hero can only succeed when he lives through tempestutous waves.;、;A mans real ability can be highlighted in a difficult situation.;。情景对白:Terry: I want to resign. Im exhausted because of the difficult tasks you assigned.泰瑞:我想辞职,你分派给我的工作任务都很艰难,我感到精疲力竭了。Boss: Remember, the good seaman is known in bad weather. You shouldnt flinch from difficulties.老板:记住,惊涛骇浪,方显英雄本色。你不应该在困难面前退缩。搭配句积累:①I want to resign because my boss always picks at me.我想辞职了,因为老板总是找我的茬。②Dont lose heart once getting into trouble.不要一遇到困难就失去信心。③The comfortable and stable work environment can wear down your will.安逸稳定的工作环境会消磨人的意志。④There are too many challenges in the job, and Im afraid I cant cope with them well.这份工作中有太多的挑战,我担心应付不来。单词:1. seaman n. 海员,水手The men emigrate to work as seamen.男人们移居国外当海员。That young man is a experienced seaman. 那个年轻人是一个经验丰富的水手。2. tempestuous adj. 有暴风雨的Their ship was sailing dangerously in the tempestuous sea.他们的船在浪急风高的海上危险地航行着。All the fury of her tempestuous soul fell, as the sea falls undera lapse of wind. 她那狂暴的灵魂发出的一切愤怒都平息了,如同大海在风暴之后的平静一样。3. flinch vi. 退缩Murat had looked into the eyes of the firing squad without flinching.穆拉特毫不退缩地直视着执行决的行刑队员们的眼睛。He has never flinched from harsh financial decisions.在艰难的财政决策面前他从没有退缩过。 /201309/255210


  请问还有职位空缺吗?Are there any vacancies?这个职位还空着吗?Is it still vacant?你们有哪些职位空缺?What kind of vacancies do you have?我在外面招工牌上看到要招一名水管工,招到了吗?I saw a vacancy board outside for a plumber. Has the vacancy been filled?我想找个工作,这儿有吗?I’m looking for a job. Is it possible to find one here?我想知道你们是否有会计的工作。I’d like to know if you have got any job for an accountant.你们是否有兼职口译员的工作?Do you have any job for a part-time interpreter?你们公司有打字员空缺吗?Have you any vacancies for a typist in your firm?我今天在报纸上看到你们招聘销售经理的广告。我想问一下这个职位现在还空着吗?I’m enquiring about your advertisement for a sales manager in today’s newspaper. Is this position still open?我还能申请这个空缺的职位吗?Can I still apply for the open position? /201105/135159

  to be caught off guard by something意外遭遇 英文释义To be unprepared for something. 例句Since the day had started without a cloud in the sky, we were caught off guard by the afternoon rainstorm that ruined our picnic in the park.今天一早天空中还没一丝云,下午却下起了暴雨,破坏了我们在公园的野餐。 /201211/207369

  1. Electronic devices.Turn off or silence all electronic devices before entering the restaurant. If you forgot to turn off your cell phone, and it rings, immediately turn it off. Do not answer the call.电子设备在你走进餐厅之前,请关闭所有的电子设备,或者调成静音。如果你忘记关手机,来电话时你要马上关掉手机,不要去接电话。2. Seating.Avoid sitting at the head of a table (where the seats are fewest) unless you are a distinguished guest. Don’t be the first to sit down, and when adjusting your chair, make sure to pick the chair up and move it in gently, rather than pulling it along the ground.坐位除非你是对方请来的贵宾,否则不要坐在桌子的最里头(里面的座位数量比较少)。不要第一个座下,如果你要挪动椅子的话,一定要把椅子搬起来、轻轻地搬动它,不要把它放在地面时推着走。3. Posture. When seated, make sure that you are no farther than eight inches away from the table. Your legs should not be extended, so as to respect the personal space of others. Forearms can either be placed on the table or in your lap. Always sit up straight.姿势你坐下以后,要保持你的身体在离桌子8英寸之内的距离。你的腿不要伸出去,这样是极其不尊重他人的行为。前臂可以放在桌子上也可以放在腿上,要坐直。4. Before you dig in...Make sure that all others at the table are seated and served before you begin eating.开吃之前…在你开始吃东西之前,要确保其他人都已经就座而且也开始吃了。5. Silverware.As a rule of thumb, silverware/utensils should be used in an outside-in order. When finished with a dish, find a place on that dish to neatly set your used utensils. Do not recycle these utensils if there are more arranged for you.银质餐具一般来说,银质的餐具(刀叉等),应该按照从外往里的顺序使用。吃完一道菜之后,在那道菜的盘子(或碗)里找个地方整齐地摆放你用过的餐具。如果餐具足够用时,请不要重复使用一套餐具。6. Eat, then talk. A big no-no at formal dinner is talking while eating. Make sure that you finish the food in your mouth before communicating with others.先吃饭再讲话在正式的餐会上的一大禁忌就是边吃边说,你在和别人交谈之间一定要先把嘴里的食物咽下去。7. Being courteous.Always thank the wait staff and cook (if present at the table) for a job well done. If you need to leave the table, excuse yourself from the group or at least with the people sitting next to you.彬彬有礼当务员和厨师出现在你们的餐桌旁时,要感谢他们的优质务。如果你需要离开餐桌,要跟这一桌的人解释一下,至少要跟坐在你旁边的人说一声。8. Take your time. Unless otherwise noted, dinner is not a competition to see who can finish the most food in the shortest amount of time. Pace yourself, and enjoy the company at the table.不要着急如果没有人特别说明,参会不是要比赛谁用最短的时间吃掉最多的食物。所以,你要控制你的进食速度,并且好好享受这个进餐的过程。9. Be civilized. Burping, farting, clipping your nails, picking your nose, and spitting are all unacceptable behavior at the dinner table.文明举止打嗝、放屁、剪指甲、挖鼻子和吐痰等所有不文明的举止都绝对不可以在餐桌上发生。 /201003/97896

  First day of schoolA: Has your son started school yet, Tom?B: Next week, it’s going to be quite a shock for him!A: He’ll get used to it. They always do. I still remember when my daughter started. Are you going with him on his first day?B: You bet. I wouldn’t miss it!上学第一天A:你儿子上学了吗?汤姆?B:下星期。这会让他吃惊不小。A:他会适应的。孩子们都这样,我还记得我女儿当时的样子。第一天你和他一起去吗?B:当然了。我绝不会错过。 /200706/13944

  The Financial Times won five awards for its journalism at the British Press Awards in London on Tuesday, including website of the year.英国《金融时报》周二在伦敦荣获英国媒体British Press Awards)五项新闻大奖,包括年度最佳网站。The judges commended the FT’s “use of dataand “innovativeapproach to story telling as well as the new design of FT.com.评委们对英国《金融时报》“利用数据”、“创新”的报道方式以及英文网站(FT.com)的新设计表示赞赏。FT Weekend magazine also won supplement of the year, while Pilita Clark was named environmental journalist of the year, Henry Mance won interviewer (broadsheet) of the year and Simon Usborne won travel journalist of the year.此外,《FT Weekend》杂志荣获年度最佳增刊奖,皮利塔?克拉Pilita Clark,上图中)当选年度最佳环境记者,亨利?芒斯(Henry Mance,上图左)荣获年度最佳采访者(大报),西蒙?厄斯Simon Usborne,上图右)荣获年度最佳旅行记者。“These awards recognise the bth and depth of FT journalism and highlight the remarkable talent and expertise of our editorial team,said Lionel Barber, the FT’s editor.英国《金融时报》总编辑莱昂内巴贝Lionel Barber)表示:“这些奖项表彰了英国《金融时报》新闻业务的广度和深度,也突显了本报采编团队出色的才华和内行技胀?”“I’m particularly delighted with the award for our newly-designed website a large number of people have worked hard to make it the fastest source of breaking news and analysis, and ers have shown they are prepared to pay for its quality.”“对于我们新设计的网站获奖我感到尤其高兴,很多人努力工作,致力于让它成为突发新闻和分析的最快捷来源,而读者们明他们愿意为高质量的内容付费。”来 /201703/498406。



  to hold water 说得通(俚语)英文释义To be worthwhile and able to withstand scrutiny. (NOTE: used to describe plans or ideas)例句One of my business partners has many interesting new ideas, but hes a little impractical, and often they dont hold water.我的一位商业伙伴有很多有趣的新创意,但他有点不切实际,这些创意经常解释不通。 /201306/243999

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