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A: Excuse me. Do you happen to have a gym here?B: Yes, sir. I think you'll find our gym quite satisfactory.A: So, where do I go to exercise?B: It's only one flight down, sir. Just take the elevator or the stairs.A: Am I going to be charged extra using the gym?B: Sir, you can use the gym free. All you need is your room key.A: Great! Now tell me, what are the hours of this gym?B: Sir, our gym is open around the clock, every day of the week.A: Okay. Do you have a trainer to help me work out?B: I'm sorry, sir, but we have no trainer. 99。

The State Oceanic Administration (SOA) has announced nine new state-level marine parks, bringing the total number of such parks in China to .中国国家海洋局日前公布了九个新的国家级海洋公园,这就使得这样的公园的总数达到了个The new parks are located in the provinces of Liaoning, Shandong, Fujian, Guangdong and Hainan, according to an SOA circular.根据国家海洋局发布的通知显示,这些新的公园分布于辽宁、山东、福建、广东、海南等省份The SOA has ordered local marine authorities in these provinces to start demarcating the parks, and not to arbitrarily adjust or change the parks boundaries and zoning.国家海洋局已下令地方海事局在这些省份开始划定公园范围,不得随意调整或改变公园的界限和分区The SOA has stressed the need to improve protection of the marine environment when tourism and aquaculture activities are conducted in certain zones of the parks.国家海洋局强调,在公园某些区域开展旅游、生态养殖等活动的同时,还需要加强海洋环境的保护China state-level marine parks, first introduced in , offer public space coastal recreation, enhance protection of marine ecosystems and boost sustainable development of coastal tourism, an SOA official said.国家海洋局一位官员表示,于年首次推出的中国国家级海洋公园,为滨海休闲提供了公共空间,加强了海洋生态系统的保护,并促进了滨海旅游业的可持续发展 991。

Scientists have decoded the genome of a snail involved in the sp of a deadly parasitic disease.日前,科学家已经解码了一种涉及致命寄生虫病蔓延的蜗牛的基因组They say the inmation will help in the fight against schistosomiasis, an infection caused by a parasitic worm that lives in streams and ponds.他们表示,这些信息有助于抗击血吸虫病,这是一种由存活在溪流和池塘中的寄生虫所引发的传染病The disease affects millions of people a year in sub-tropical and tropical regions.这种疾病每年在亚热带和热带地区影响着数百万人More than 0 researchers from around the world have unlocked the DNA secrets of a snail that transmits the parasite. They say it will help in the understanding of the snail biology, including new ways to stop the parasite sping to people.来自世界各地的0多位研究人员已经解除了传播寄生虫的蜗牛的DNA秘密他们说,这将有助于了解蜗牛的生物学,包括阻止寄生虫传播给人的新途径;Having the knowledge means we can progress at a much faster pace at understanding the disease and reducing the number of people infected,; said Dr Joanna Bridger of the University of Brunel, a co-researcher on the study.布鲁内尔大学的士、该研究的合作者乔安娜·布里奇说道:“掌握了这些知识,意味着我们在深入了解疾病和减少人类感染方面可以更快速的取得进展”The snail (Biomphalaria glabrata) is found in South America. Related snails are responsible transmitting the parasite in sub-Saharan Africa, where most cases occur.这只蜗牛(光滑双脐螺)是在南美州发现的其他类似的蜗牛则是撒哈拉以南的非洲出现的大多数传染病中的罪魁祸首People become infected when larval ms of the parasite - released by freshwater snails - penetrate the skin in contaminated water. In the body, the larvae develop into adult worms, which live in the blood vessels and release eggs.当血吸虫的幼虫被淡水蜗牛释放到水中,再通过被污染的水穿透皮肤,人就会受到感染在人体内,幼虫在血管里寄生,发展为成虫并产卵Some of the eggs are passed out of the body to continue the parasite lifecycle. Others become trapped in body tissues, causing damage to organs.一些虫卵被排除体外,以继续其寄生虫的生命周期其他的被困在人体组织内,导致人体器官的损害 5199。

Some unique characteristics of life insuranceLife insurance is a risk-pooling plan,an economic device through which the risk of premature death is transferred from the individual to the group.However,the contingency insured against has certain characteristics that make it unique;as a result,the contract insuring against the contingency is different in many respects from other types of insurance.The event insured against is an eventual certainty.No one lives ever.Yet life insurance does not violate the requirements of an insurable risk, it is not the possibility of death itself that is insured,but rather untimely death.The risk in life insurance is not whether the individual is going to die,but when,and the risk increases from year to year.The chance of loss under a life insurance contract is greater the second year of the contract,as far as the company is concerned,than it was the first year,and so on,until the insured eventually dies.Yet,through the mechanism of the law of large numbers,as we shall see,the insurance company can promise to pay a specified sum to the beneficiary no matter when death comes.There is no possibility of partial loss in life insurance as there is in the case of property and liability insurance.Theree,all policies are cash payment policies.In the event that a loss occurs,the company will pay the face amount of the policy.Life insurance is not a contract of indemnityThe principle of indemnity applies on a modified basis in the case of life insurance.In most lines of insurance,an attempt is made to put the individual back in exactly the same financial position after a loss as bee the loss. obvious reasons,this is not possible in life insurance.The simple fact of the matter is that we cannot place a value on a human life.As a legal principle,every contract of insurance must be supported by an insurable interest,but in life insurance,the requirement of insurable interest is applied somewhat differently than in property and liability insurance.When the individual taking out the policy is also the insured,there is no legal problem concerning insurable interest.The courts have held that every individual has an unlimited insurable interest in his or her own life,and that a person may assign that insurable interest to anyone.In other words,there is no legal limit to the amount of insurance one may take out on one own lifeand no legal limitations as to whom one may name as beneficiary.The important question of insurable interest arises when the person taking out the insurance is someone other than the person whose life is concerned.In such cases,the law requires that an insurable interest exists at the time the contract is taken out.There are many relationships that provide the basis an insurable interest.Husbands and wives have an insurable interest in each other;so do partners.A corporation may have an insurable interest in the life of one of its executives.In most cases,a parent has an insurable interest in the life of a child,although the extent of this interest may be limited by statute.A creditor has an insurable interest in the life of a debtor,although this too is usually confined by statute to the amount of the debt or slightly more.Health care insurance outstrips inflationTHE COST of private medical insurance goes up today by an average of about four per cent,nearly three times the rate of inflation.Some elderly subscribers face rises as high as 18 per cent.The rises come at a time when the number of people taking out private medical insurance is falling after several steep above-inflation increases in recent years.This year increases are the smallest several years and some subscribers,particularly younger ones,will see no increase at all or even a cut in the cost of premiumBUPA,the largest private health group,is increasing premiums by between and 18. per cent older subscribers on higher scales of cover,but some younger people on cheaper policies will get a cut of as much as per cent.Premiums are set to rise again later in the year after the Government decision in the Budget,to impose a three per cent tax on various ms of insurance,including private medical insurance.A spokesman BUPA said no decision had yet been taken on how this tax would affect premiums or whether it would be partially absorbed.Although the cost of private medical insurance individuals is rising,BUPA is freezing the cost of its company scheme until next July and says that from now prices will be reviewed only once a year,instead of twice as in recent years.Mr Roger Hymas,BUPA marketing director,said premiums elderly people were higher because of the demand they made on medical services.The average cost of a claim made by patients under 60 was £983 last year,but the average cost those over 60 was £1,390 and premiums reflected the difference.He said:;We are very conscious that many people have been loyal subscribers without making claims over many years yet find their premiums rise sharply as they get older.;We are working on a scheme to smooth the cost over a lifetime so that people may pay a little more in their younger years the sake of minimising increases when they get older.;BUPA has also introduced a range of policies which offers lower premiums in return some restrictions,such as limiting treatment to a local hospital or being treated in an NHS paybed.Mr Hymas said:;We can often reduce premiums by as much as - per centwhile still retaining the essentials of private cover people willing to change their type of policy.;He said that although increases of four to five per cent were three times the current level of inflation,they represented a major success whent the cost of medical care had been rising by - per cent a year.He said:;We feel the private medical sector has come out of the recession in a remarkably resilient fashionwith losses in the number of subscribers of no more than two to three per cent.;Laing and Buisson,the health care analyst,said those covered by private medical insurance dropped by more than 0,000 over the past three years.The number covered was 6,339,000 last year compared with the peak of 6,65,000 in 1990.This represents just under per cent of the population and Laing and Buisson estimates the proportion will reach 18 per cent by the year 00. 701。