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  • ;For a quick refresher course on how to speak to an actual live person,press 1.;人工务请按1。 /201506/382499。
  • GANSEVOORT, N.Y. (AP) — Eleanor Cunningham of Howes Cave, New York, has bested former President GeorgeH.W. Bush.纽约市,甘斯沃尔特(美联社)——来自纽约市Howes Cave的埃莉诺·坎宁安(Eleanor Cunningham)打破了总统老布什的记录。He celebrated his 90th birthday by skydiving; she made the big leap to mark her centennial.老布什通过跳伞庆祝自己的90大寿;而埃莉诺·坎宁安有跨越式表现,她通过跳伞庆祝自己的百岁生日。Cunningham kissed her 7-month-old great-great-granddaughter before suiting up for her 100th birthday jump Saturday at Saratoga Skydiving in Gansevoort (GANZ#39;-voort). It was her thirdjump, after taking up the sport at age 90.跳伞地点位于甘斯沃尔特的萨拉托加。周六,在为跳伞穿上整套装前,坎宁安亲吻了自己7个月大的玄孙女。这是她第三次跳伞,她从90岁开始从事这项运动。Cunningham lives with her granddaughter intheir Schoharie (skoh-HAYR#39;-ee) County home in central New York. Her doctor signed off on the skydiving expedition, saying her health makes her more than capable of doing what she loves.坎宁安同她的孙女居住在纽约市中部的斯科哈里县。她的医生同意她跳伞庆生,说她的身体状况允许她尝试自己想做的事情。Dean McDonald of Saratoga Skydiving says Cunningham is his oldest jump partner yet.来自萨拉托加跳伞队的迪恩·麦克唐纳(Dean McDonald)说,目前为止,坎宁安是他最年长的跳伞搭档。 /201411/342156。
  • A dozen different European destinations, including Macedonia and the Faroe Islands, made our list of 52 Places to Go in 2015. And since the list was published in January, a few of them have enjoyed the opening of cultural centers and exhibitions. Milan, which topped our list, is gearing up for one large event beginning in May. Here’s a rundown of highlights this spring.欧洲的十几个目的地入选我们的“2015年52个必去之地”榜单,包括马其顿(Macedonia)和法罗群岛(Faroe Islands)。这个榜单是今年1月发布的,其中几座城市出现了新的文化中心和展览。米兰排在名单榜首,它正在积极筹备将于5月份开始的一项盛大活动。下面是今年春天一些亮点活动的简介。Milan米兰Is Milan y for the 2015 World Expo? The six-month event, including 60 pavilions sponsored by more than 130 nations and organizations, begins May 1, even if, as Reuters reported, the centerpiece was a mass of trucks as of mid-April.米兰为2015年世界览会做好准备了吗?这个为期六个月的活动将于5月1日开始,包括130多个国家和组织筹备的60个展馆。不过路透社报道说,截至4月中旬,中心场地仍堆满卡车。With a theme focused on food and sustainable practices, the Expo will include interactive exhibitions like the Future Food District, a space to explore technological advances affecting the global food chain, and the Lake Arena, a mirrorlike pond and fountain fed by water from the city’s canals. Giving a taste of various national cuisines, dozens of pavilions will also be hosted by restaurants, including the upmarket delicatessen chain Eataly (as well as Coca-Cola and McDonald’s, fueling criticism that the theme of “sustainability” is cloaking the interests of conglomerates).这次世会重点关注食物和可持续发展,所以将包括一些交互式展览,比如未来食物区(Future Food District)和湖区(Lake Arena)。未来食物区将用于探索影响全球食物链的科技进步;湖区是一个镜子般的池塘,池水来自该市运河。除了展示各国美食,这几十个场馆还将进驻餐馆,包括高档熟食连锁店Eataly(以及可口可乐和麦当劳,因此有些人批评说,“可持续”主题只是大企业集团牟利的幌子)。The event is expected to attract 20 million visitors.预计,2015年世会将吸引2000万游客。Even with construction delays, the Expo’s commissioner, Giuseppe Sala, told reporters in Milan this month that he remained confident construction would be completed in time. After all, he said, “When has it ever been the case for a project like an Expo or Olympic Games, that all the building work has been finished 30 days before the opening?”尽管工程延期,但是米兰世会理事朱塞佩·萨拉(Giuseppe Sala)本月在米兰对记者说,他仍相信工程会及时完工。他说,毕竟“像世会或奥运会这样的项目,从来都没有开幕前30天完成所有施工的情况”。There is still plenty to do in Milan beyond the Expo. Old structures of various stripes, including a sawmill, a foundry, a bank and a farmhouse, have recently been repurposed as bars, shops, restaurants and cultural centers. Not least of all: the majestic Duomo, whose gleaming facade has been restored.除了世会,米兰还有很多可看的。最近,各种老建筑——包括锯木厂、铸造厂、和农舍——被改造成酒吧、商店、餐馆和文化中心。尤其是那座宏伟的大教堂,它光照人的门面也被修复。Paris巴黎No. 42 on our list, the #206;le-de-France — the district that encompasses the city and its outskirts — received a boost in January with the opening of the Philharmonie de Paris, the 2,400-seat concert hall designed by Jean Nouvel. The 5 million birdlike aluminum structure, nestled amid the Parc de la Villette in the 19th Arrondissement, borders the ring road that separates Paris’s arrondissements from its working-class, poorer suburbs, or banlieues. Its location was part of an effort to draw new audiences to classical music, including younger people and suburban families.法兰西岛包括巴黎市及周边地区,排在我们榜单上第42位。今年1月,新开幕的巴黎爱乐音乐厅(Philharmonie de Paris)给这里增添了活力。该音乐厅由让·努韦尔(Jean Nouvel)设计,有2400个座位。这个外形似大鸟的铝结构投资额为4.55亿美元,坐落在第19区的维莱特公园里,毗邻环路——环路是巴黎市区与工薪阶层居住的较穷郊区的分界线。选择此地的其中一个目的是吸引新观众关注古典音乐,包括年轻人和郊区家庭。“The goal of outreach was definitely realized,” The New York Times music critic Anthony Tommasini wrote about the inaugural concerts and classes in January that attracted thousands of people, including parents pushing baby strollers. The spring’s program is a hybrid of classic and contemporary music, with an exhibition on David Bowie, through May 31, alongside a series of concerts and workshops on the composer Pierre Boulez. In addition to performances by the resident orchestra, the Orchestre de Paris, the hall will welcome touring companies like the London Symphony Orchestra on April 20 and the artist Laurie Anderson and the Kronos Quartet on April 25 and 26.“扩大观众群的目标无疑实现了,”《纽约时报》的音乐家安东尼·托马西尼(Anthony Tommasini)谈及巴黎爱乐音乐厅1月份的开幕音乐会和课程时写道。那些音乐会吸引了数千名观众,包括推着婴儿车的父母。春季的音乐会安排包括古典和当代音乐,还有关于大卫·鲍伊(David Bowie)的展览(持续至5月31日),以及关于作曲家皮埃尔·布莱(Pierre Boulez)的一系列音乐会和讲习班。除了常驻的巴黎交响乐团(Orchestre de Paris)的表演之外,该音乐厅还将迎来巡演剧团的表演,例如4月20日伦敦交响乐团(London Symphony Orchestra)的表演,以及4月25日至26日艺术家劳丽·安德森(Laurie Anderson)和克罗诺斯四重奏乐团(Kronos Quartet)的表演。Manchester, England英国曼彻斯特Cultural openings continue in this industrial, artsy city, No. 26 on our list. After a #163;15 million (about million) renovation and expansion, the Whitworth reopened in February with two new wings, an art garden and a sculpture terrace. Through May 31, a retrospective of the English artist Cornelia Parker’s work is on display, and one on the Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang continues through June 21 in the new landscape gallery. Opening on May 21 is the #163;25 million film center and theater HOME, which also includes gallery spaces, digital production and broadcast facilities, a bar and a bookshop. On its calendar are ambitious new productions like the play “The Funfair” and the exhibition “The heart is deceitful above all things,” both drawing inspiration from the Hungarian playwright Odon von Horvath’s “Kasimir and Karoline.”曼彻斯特排在我们榜单的第26位。这个充满艺术气息的工业城市不断举办各种文化活动。惠特沃思艺术物馆(Whitworth)花费1500万英镑(约合2200万美元)进行修复和扩展,增加了新的两翼,一个是艺术花园,一个是雕塑露台,于2月份重新开放。英国艺术家(Cornelia Parker)的作品回顾展正在进行,将持续至5月31日;中国艺术家蔡国强的作品正在新的景观展厅展出,将持续至6月21日。投资2500万英镑建造的电影中心兼剧院HOME将于5月21日开放,它还包括美术展厅、数字制作和广播设施、酒吧和书店。HOME的近期计划包括雄心勃勃的新排剧目《The Funfair》以及“人心最大的特点是虚伪”展(The heart is deceitful above all things),两者都以匈牙利剧作家厄登·冯·霍尔瓦特(Odon von Horvath)的《卡西米尔和卡罗琳》(Kasimir and Karoline)为灵感。 /201504/372023。
  • Lisa Borgnes Giramonti had families from books in mind when researching “Novel Interiors: Living in Enchanted Rooms Inspired by Literature” (due next month, ). Scouting homes in Southern California, Manhattan and New Jersey, she found details evoking British moors and New England cottages.丽莎·伯格涅斯·吉拉蒙迪(Lisa Borgnes Giramonti)在为撰写《小说中的室内装潢:生活在文学世界的美屋里》(Novel Interiors: Living in Enchanted Rooms Inspired by Literature)(下月发售,定价35美元[约合人民币214元])做调研的时候,脑海中浮现出了很多书中的家庭。她在加州南部、曼哈顿和新泽西州寻访住宅的过程中,从一些细节联想到了英伦沼地和新英格兰别墅的风情。Rough wood furniture on pale stone floors reminded her of chairs at Wuthering Heights that Emily Bront#235; called “high-backed, primitive structures.” Gently worn sofas raised the specter of drawing-room upholstery described by Jane Austen as “under the influence of four summers and two children.” Overflowing library shelves looked as enticing as Louisa May Alcott’s “wilderness of books,” where Jo March liked to retreat. And rooms piled with unfinished projects called up Virginia Woolf’s taste for some creative chaos of one’s own. Referring to these messy spaces, Ms. Borgnes Giramonti said in an interview, “It means that there’s life and soul and action and ideas.” Information: randomhouse.com.浅色石头地板上的粗木家具,让她想起了艾米莉·勃朗特(Emily Bront#235;)在《呼啸山庄》中描绘的那种“结构粗糙的高背椅”。一些略旧的沙发,令人联想到简·奥斯汀(Jane Austen)笔下,“经过四个春秋和两个孩子的折腾”(摘自《劝导》[Persuation]译林1996年版——译注)的客厅家具。塞得满满当当的书架,就和路易莎·梅·奥尔科特(Louisa May Alcott)笔下的“书海”一样令人憧憬,那是乔·马奇(Jo March,《小妇人》[Little Women]的主人公——译注)的心灵港湾。而堆满未完成作品的房间,不由让人联想起弗吉尼亚·伍尔夫(Virginia Woolf)对一些属于自己的独具创意的混乱的喜好。当谈到这些凌乱的空间时,伯格涅斯·吉拉蒙迪在采访中表示,“这就意味着,那里是有生命、有灵魂、有行动、有创意的。”详见:randomhouse.com。 /201412/347012。
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