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重庆妇女儿童医院怎样巴南区中医医院门诊部地址重庆星宸医院介绍 听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Theres some hopeful news about a disease thats killing bats.White-nose syndrome is killing millions of bats in 29 states including Michigan, and five Canadian provinces. Its a disease caused by a fungus.But there might be a glimmer of hope. Researchers have found some bats in the U.S. appear to have developed resistance to the disease.Kate Langwig is the lead author of this new study. She studies communicable diseases at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.Langwig says she and her team studied populations of little brown bats, which were previously one of the most abundant bat species across eastern North America.;And what we found was that populations in New York that were persisting with the disease, and the disease had been there for at least four years, had developed much lower fungal loads at the end of the hibernation season than populations where white-nose syndrome was epidemic or causing mass mortality,; she says.She says this means that theres evidence that these populations are developing resistance to the disease.;Were not exactly sure what the mechanism is. But it does seem that the New York bats, at least in the populations that we examined, all seemed to developed some kind of resistance strategy for coping with this fungal infection,; says Langwig.She says they dont know whether other kinds of bats in North America might be able to fend off white-nose syndrome. Some species of bats, such as the northern long-eared bat, have been hit especially hard by the disease.;I think until we get a bit more information about how likely this mechanism is to happen across a broad spatial scale, its still an outstanding question about whether or not resistance can develop across the ed States,; says Langwig.You can listen to the interview with Kate Langwig above.201612/483327资阳玻尿酸填充价格

重庆市中医院割双眼皮多少钱课程笔记:[#643;] [#658;][#643;] 清辅音这个音要特别注意,很多中国英语学习者发不好这个音。发这个音时舌端抬起,靠近齿龈后部(但不要贴住),舌的两侧须贴住上齿的两侧,形成一条狭长的通道,气流通过时擦成音。双唇要稍微向前突出并稍收圆。这是个清辅音,发这个音时要送气,声带不振动注意:不要发成汉语拼音中的“西”或“诗”,它有点介于这两个汉语发音之间的音。有个发音小技巧:把舌位摆在“诗”的位置,发“西”音。单词朗读练习:1. she 她2. shy 害羞的3. show 展示4. cash 现金5. short 短的6. flash 闪现7. shot 射击8. ship 轮船9. shake 摇动10. shoe 鞋11. sharp 锋利的12. shock 震惊13. shoddy 质量差的14. shoulder 肩膀15. fish 鱼16. sure 当然17. sugar 糖18. shout 喊叫19. shift 移位20. chef 主厨短语朗读练习:1. share the sunshine 享受阳光2. a flash shot 闪电的一击3. shaking shoulders 摇动的肩膀4. show the ship 展示这艘船5. short of cash 缺少现金6. the girl is very shy 这个女孩很害羞[#658;] 浊辅音发音时舌端抬起,靠近齿龈后部(但不要贴住),舌的两侧须贴住上齿的两侧,形成一条狭长的通道,气流通过时擦成音。双唇要稍微向前突出并稍收圆。这是个浊辅音,发音时只有微弱气流泻出,擦在舌端,但不卷舌,而且声带要振动。发音时的舌位有点接近于汉语的“曰”,但不卷舌。单词朗读练习:1. measure 测量2. pleasure 愉快3. leisure 闲暇4. treasure 财富5. vision 视觉6. television 电视7. occasion 场合8. usual 通常的9. casual 偶然的10. Seizure 掠夺11. massage 短语朗读练习:1. measure the television 测量电视机2. usual pleasure 一如既往的快乐3. see a vision casually 偶尔会看到幻影4. unusual conclusion 不寻常的结论5. treasure the art treasure 珍爱艺术财富 /201107/143725广安除晒斑多少钱 的网友朋友们,大家好。生活中我们常常会因为一些或大或小的原因与他人意见相左,甚至产生冲突。所有的争论都有缘起。就像两只小很可能会因为抢一根骨头而打起架。英语中就常常用a bone of contention;引起双方争斗的一根骨头;这一习语,来表达争论的原因。 A bone of contention 争论的原因Contention 意思是;论点;争论;。比如:It is his contention that taxes are too low. 他的论点是课税太轻。了解了contention 的意思,我们来看看a bone of contention的用法。来看一个对话:A: Whatrsquo;s the problem? What set you two at loggerheads?发生什么事儿了?你们两个为什么吵起来了?B: He insisted on my going with him. But Irsquo;m too busy, you know.他非得让我和他一起去。但你知道我很忙。A: I see. The going or not going issue is the bone of contention between you.我明白了。是不是一起去就是你们之间吵架的原因了。再来看一个例句。The border has always been a bone of contention between these two countries. 这两国之间的边界问题历来是争议的焦点。如果和某人争论,你认为对方的观点根本就是站不住脚的,可以用not hold water来表示。它的字面意思是;装不了水;,借此形容观点漏洞百出。 Not hold water 站不住脚His opinion doesnrsquo;t hold water. 他的说法站不住脚。Miller is a dishonest person. His words canrsquo;t hold water. Miller是个不诚实的人,他的话经不起验。He has make up his mind to prove that Maryrsquo;s argument doesnrsquo;t hold water. 他决心要明玛丽的论点是站不住脚的。好了,关于争论的话题我们就暂时说到这里吧。下期再见。 /166408重庆医科大学附属第一医院口碑怎么样

重庆哪里点痣比较好大家可能都碰到过这样的场景。商场里一旦挂出类似;挥泪甩卖;;空前低价;的字样,顾客一定几倍的增加。这些人里有相当一部分不一定真的需要这件东西,只是因为便宜,就一时冲动。往往这样买来的东西不见得真用的上。所以,碰上这样的时候就得;沉住气;稍安勿躁;也就是,hold your horses 拽住心里那匹打算狂奔的马才行。小对话:A: Look at these blank s. Ten for 5 pounds! Letrsquo;s get twenty of them. 看看这些空白的录影带。五镑买十个。咱们来二十个吧。B: Hold your horses. They might be useless. 你还是先等等吧。这些东西可能全无用处。更多例句:Hold your horses before you start doing what you think is important to you, otherwise you may lose. 在你开始做你认为非常重要的事情之前,你要考虑清楚,否则就会失败。我们还常见到的场景之一就是,一个人还在气喘吁吁,另外的人已经迫不及待的想要知道一些信息。于是这个人说:Hold your horses! Irsquo;ll tell you in a minute. Let me catch my breath. I just got here and I told you traffic was terrible. 耐心等一下!一会儿就告诉你。你先让我喘口气儿。我刚到,而且我都告诉你了,路上堵的厉害。更多例句:Hold your horses. Donrsquo;t leave without finishing your report first. 慢着,先把报告写完了才可以走。Hold your horses, Sally. Just wait with patience. Or yoursquo;ll screw it up. Sally.你要沉住气。就耐心等着吧。否则只会把事情搞砸。好了,遇到事情我们努力hold our horses,沉住气,不毛躁。这个短语您掌握了吗?本期内容就到这里。我们下期再见。 /201203/173716 Ice Cubes goint to be here in just a couple of minutes.And I have got to mention something.艾斯·库珀稍后就登台 我想提件事I just noticed this in the commercial break.Andy,is that an apple watch?我刚刚在播广告的时候发现 安迪 你是买了个苹果手表吗Yeah,I am.Look at that,hes got an apple watch.they sent me one early because they wanted me to wear it on the show.是啊 看 他有苹果手表 他们提前给我寄过来的 希望我带来做节目pretty cool,right?Yeah,sure I guess so.很酷吧 是啊 我猜是I can get text messages on it.It can even tell me how many steps I have taken today.我可以在上面收短信 它还能告诉我今天走了多少步Four.Thats cool.Its funny,it seems to me like a lot of technology for a watch.四步 不错啊 我就是觉得一块表的技术含量太大了You know,its a watch.Not at all.Its great.All right.Ok tell me what time it is.就是快表嘛 才不是呢 这多棒 好吧 告诉我几点了This is cool,because I dont have to look at it.All I have to do is just lift my arm.这可酷了 我都不需要看 我只要把胳膊举起来Its supposed to tell me.It should do it automatically.Let me try it again.它应该报时的 应该是自动的 我再试试I dont think its,I must be doing something wrong.Its a watch.我觉得 我肯定是做错了哪里 就是块表啊It shouldnt be this hard to find out what time it is.看个时间不该这么困难Oh,wait,I closed down the time app.I just need to reopen it.等等 我关闭了时间应用软件 等我再打开Theres an app to tell time?You know what,it just froze up.还有应用软件报时吗 卡住了I got to restart it.Restart it?Got to give it a little我得重启一下 重启 得让它201610/475147遂宁做抽脂多少钱重庆有名的皮肤科医院



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