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adj. 兴旺的参加公司派对该注意什么?不知道这些你就怂了 -- :6:38 来源: An office party can be a double-edged sword.工作派对是把双刃剑While these gatherings offer an opporty employees to get to know their co-workers and managers on a social level, the events also present a chance workers to really hurt their reputations. Employees who dont handle themselves appropriately could find their standing in the office dropping several notches.虽然这些聚会为员工提供了一个在社交领域了解自己同事和主管的机会,但这些活动也给了员工一个伤害自己名誉的机会如果员工不能恰当地展现自己,将会发现自己在办公室的地位跌了好几级The goals when attending an office party is to get to know co-workers socially, while also establishing relationships with those in the company who you hadnt previously met, said Candace Murphy, IT manager the Addison Group, a Chicago-based professional staffing and recruiting services firm.出席工作派对的目的是在社交方面更了解同事,同时与那些之前在公司没有见过的同事建立关系,坎迪斯·墨菲如是说道他是艾迪生集团的IT主管,这家公司坐落于芝加哥,提供专业的人事和招聘务;You want to be recognized as someone who everyone enjoyed speaking with at the party, not the employee who misbehaved,; Murphy told Business News Daily.“你想成为派对上人人都想要交谈的那个人,而不是表现很差的那个人,”墨菲告诉《商业新闻日报Murphy answered six questions about how employees should handle themselves at company parties:墨菲回答了员工在公司派对上该如何表现的六个问题: How many drinks should I have? 我应该喝多少?Take care to avoid having more than three drinks in the span of one afternoon. This way, you can indulge in the open bar, but still make coherent conversation with your colleagues and with company executives.注意避免在一个下午喝超过三杯这样的话,你可以在开放式酒吧尽情享受,但是仍然和同事以及公司高管进行顺畅的对话 What should I wear? 我应该穿什么?Dress to impress, but also present yourself appropriately. The location and time of the party should indicate what kind of dress code to expect. Remember you are attending a company outing; you are not a celebrity walking the red carpet. So leave the -inch heels at home, along with anything short, tight or revealing.在着装上下功夫,但也要恰当地展示自己派对的地点和时间反映了你该穿什么样的衣记住你是出席公司活动,不是明星在走红毯所以把四英寸的高跟鞋留在家里,连同其他短的、紧的或者暴露的衣 Should I be ;fashionably late;? 我应该“赶时髦迟到”吗?No. Arrive in the first 30 minutes. Your co-workers will remember if you stayed just minutes or left early. Your absence or tardiness may not ruin your career, but your attendance shows loyalty to your manager and your organization.不在派对的前30分钟到如果你只待分钟或者早早地走掉,你的同事会记住你你的缺席或者迟到或许不会毁了你的事业,但你的出席反映了你对主管和组织的忠诚 What if Im not very social? 如果我不是很善于社交怎么办?Dont be tempted to use your phone as a crutch to avoid conversations by texting your friends or checking your Twitter feed the entire night. And dont just hang out with those from your group. This is the perfect opporty to step outside of your comt zone and introduce yourself to people from another division whom you may not have met. To help, think of a few topics or questions bee the party that you can use to strike up a conversation with someone new.不要试图依靠手机来避免交谈,只是发信息给朋友或者刷推特来度过整个晚上也别只是和你组里的人闲逛这是一个走出自己舒适区的绝好机会,把自己介绍给其他部门之前可能没有见过的人为了能有帮助,在派对之前想一些话题或者问题,你可以用他们来和新认识的人交谈 Can I bring a ;plus one;? 我能带别人吗?Instead of a plus one, opt going solo or a with a work colleague of the same sex.选择自己去,或者和同性的工作伙伴一起去,而不是带别人 Should I talk with the senior executives? 我应该和高层说话吗?Yes! There are only a few opporties to make yourself known to the CEO and executive directors, and this is one of them. So, take advantage of it, and give yourself a proper introduction.当然!CEO或是执行董事认识你的机会是很少的,这就是其中之一所以,好好利用它,做一个合适的自我介绍 Dont get to show thanks. 别忘了表示感谢Bee you leave, make sure you find your boss, CEO and the staff that put the party together and thank them a great event.在你离开之前,确保找到你的老板,CEO以及组织这次派对的员工,感谢他们提供了这次很棒的活动all in all 总的说来;头等重要的

understate 意思是“有节制地陈述或表达;少说,少报”,undertake 意思是“承担,负起..的责任”,undergo 意为“经历,经受;接受,承受”,underneath 意为“在.. 的下面(介词);在下面,向下(副词);底部,底面(名词)”

tuition n.教,教诲;学费

A study in by Heidrick Struggles, a headhunter, found that a third of Asian executives were worried about being able to attract and retain the staff they needed in the next two years. Women could help fill the gap.

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