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  • Guo Shoujing (1231~1316) was a Chinese astronomer, engineer, and mathematician. 郭守敬(1231~1316),天文学家、数学家。His grandfather was Guo Yang, a noted scholar.其祖父郭荣是著名学者。By the age of fourteen Guo Shoujing designed a water clock and at sixteen he was studying mathematics.14岁郭守敬发明了水钟,16岁学习数学,改进了日晷和圭表。在忽必烈的天文台工作,他编制了《授时历》,计算出每年有365.2425天。He worked on improving the Chinese gnomon and worked at Kublai Khan#39;s observatory. There he formulated the Shoushi calendar and calculated the year to be 365. 2425 days. 这与《格利高里历》是一样的,但是早了将近300年。This is the Same as the Gregorian calendar, but almost three centuries earlier.接下来的364年用的都是《授时历》。It would be used for the next 364 years.郭守敬还做了与球面三角有关的工作。He also did work relating to spherical trigonometry.郭守敬是中国古代著名的水利工程师和数学家。He is a famous ancient Chinese hydraulic engineer and mathematician.郭守敬改进了历法,算出每年有365天5小时36分11秒,与精确值只错了50秒。He improved the calendar and was off by only 50 seconds. He calculated a year was 365 days 5 hours 36 minutes and 11 seconds.尽管郭守敬在历法上做出很大的成绩,但是他却认为圆周率是3,而不像祖冲之的3.14159265和张衡的3. 142那么精确。Although he did a great deal on the modern calendar, he suggested pi 3, unlike Zu Chongzhi#39;s 3. 14159265 and Zhang Heng#39;s 3. 142. In engineering he is best known for constructing the artificial Kunming Lake in Beijing as a reservoir and part of a new waterway for grain transport.在工程学上,郭守敬最著名的是修建了北京昆明湖,用作水库和运粮水路的一部分。Asteroid 2012 Guo Shou-Jing was named after him.编号为2012号小行星被命名为“郭守敬星”。 /201603/431208。
  • 5.The Lost Child5.迷路的小女孩A young woman was walking down her street on a normal spring day when she saw a small child sitting beside the road and crying. She stopped to ask the little girl if she was okay, and the girl told her that she was lost. Sniffling, the girl then asked her if she could help her find her way home. Overwhelmed with pity for the little girl, the young woman ily agreed. Luckily, the little girl knew her address and had a general idea of where her home was. Before long the two had made it to her house. The front door was locked, and since the girl was too small to reach the doorbell, she asked the young woman to press it for her.一个再普通不过的春天,一个年轻的女人走在街上,看到一个小孩坐在街边哭泣。于是,她停下来询问这个小女孩怎么了,小女孩告诉说她迷路了。小女孩一边抽泣着,一边问她是否可以帮助她找到回家的路。这个年轻的女人十分怜惜小女孩,就欣然答应了。幸运的是,小女孩知道地址,对她的家也有一个大致的印象。很快,她们找到了家。前门锁着,小女孩够不着门铃,就叫年轻的女人帮忙按铃。The woman pressed the doorbell without a second thought, and immediately felt a powerful shock course through her body. It knocked her out cold, and she woke up several hours later completely naked and surrounded by used condoms. The house she was in was empty, her rapists were long gone, and the child was nowhere to be seen.这个年轻的女人毫不犹豫地按了门铃,但是瞬间她感到一股强大的电流流过全身,把她电晕了。当她几小时后醒过来时,却发现自己全裸,周围是用过的避套。她所在的房间什么都没有,强奸犯早已逃之夭夭,那个小女孩也无处可寻。4.The Hitchhiking Old Woman4.搭便车的老妇人This story tells of a young woman who was walking out of a shopping mall late at night to go back to her car. As she neared the car, she was startled to see an old lady standing right next to her passenger-side window. An instant later, she noticed that the passenger-side window had been completely shattered. The old lady explained that she had seen her broken window and had been watching it for her to make sure nobody tried to steal something.传说,深夜里,一个年轻的女人走出商场,回到她的车上。当她走近车子时,她惊讶地发现,一个老妇人站在她客座的窗边。同时,她注意到,客座窗子被完全打碎了。老妇人解释道,她看到有人打碎了窗子,所以一直盯着,确保没人偷东西。The young woman was very appreciative of the old lady#39;s help and, since the old lady had missed her bus, she agreed to drive her back home. However, as they stood there talking, she noticed that the old woman seemed to have very hairy, manlike arms. Thinking quickly, she jumped in front of a slow-moving car, forcing it to a stop. The ;old lady; quickly bolted. When the police searched her car they found that the kind old lady had stowed a knife and a coil of rope on the backseat.年轻的女人对老妇人的帮助非常感激。因为老妇人错过了公交车,她就欣然同意送老妇人回家。然而,正当他们站着谈话时,年轻的女人注意到,老妇人似乎有一双多毛,像男人的手臂。当机立断,她跳到一辆缓慢前行的车子前,迫使其停下来。这个所谓的;老妇人;瞬间就逃跑了。当警擦搜查该车时,他们发现这所谓的老妇人在后座上放的一把刀和一卷绳子。3.The Fat Vampires3.脂肪吸血鬼Stories of fat vampires are not new. These creatures were called pishtacos and are a classic Peruvian legend. They are known to stalk the night on deserted roads and use their magic to rob travelers of their fat. Recently, the legend has resurfaced due to actual arrests of gang members in Peru who are purported to have been bonking unruly travelers on the head, then taking them to a safe house and rendering them into fat to sell on the black market. Some estimates say that as many as 60 people fell prey to these gangsters before they were caught.脂肪吸血鬼的故事由来已久。这些生物称作;pishtacos;,是秘鲁的经典传奇。据说,他们深夜在荒凉的道路上追踪猎物,并用他们的魔法抢劫旅行者的脂肪。最近,因为逮捕了秘鲁团伙成员,该传说又开始流行起来。他们跟踪不守规矩的旅客,然后带他们到安全的房间,把他们的脂肪收集起来,到黑市上售卖。据估计,在该团伙被抓住之前,有多达60人成为他们的牺牲品。Of course, some question the official story, partly because most of the attributed murders have not been proven, but mostly because they have trouble believing that there#39;s any kind of market for human fat. It was also considered strange that these men had no interest in selling any of the other, more valuable body parts. Perhaps the answer lies in the legend itself. The pishtacos would not have any interest in other organs, and selling the rendered human fat would be a good cover for their true operation—feeding on the fat of the living so they can sustain their undead immortal existence.当然,有人质疑这样的故事,部分是因为很多涉案凶杀者未被实,更主要的原因是,他们难以相信有买卖人类脂肪的市场。更令人匪夷所思的是,该团伙竟对售卖珍贵的人体器官不感兴趣。或许,就在于传说本身。大概;pishtacos;对其他器官不感兴趣,而售卖人体脂肪可以完美地掩盖其真实行为——使用人体脂肪可以维持他们不死之躯的存在。2.Don#39;t Open The Door2.不要开门A woman was up late at night, just minding her own business and browsing the Internet in her living room, when she heard the sound of a baby crying outside her doorstep. She got up and went to investigate the noise, but could see nothing through the keyhole. Understandably, she found it odd that a baby would be crying outside her suburban home, especially so late at night. Not sure what to do, she decided to just call the police. She told them that she was considering opening the door to check on the baby because she had heard the crying near her window and was afraid that the baby might crawl into the street.有一个妇女深夜未眠,担心着她的生意,当她在卧室浏览着网页时,听到门外有婴儿哭泣的声音。她便起身去看个究竟,但是从猫眼中什么也没有看见。她觉得很奇怪,按常理,一个婴儿怎么会深夜里在她郊外的住所外哭泣。她不知如何是好,便决定报警。她告诉警察,她考虑开门看看这个婴儿,因为她听到小孩的哭声靠近窗户,担心婴儿会爬到路中。Practically shouting, the dispatcher told her that under absolutely no circumstances should she open the door, and that they aly had police on their way to her house. When they got there, the police found no baby or any evidence that a child had been nearby at all. The policemen informed the worried homeowner that they had received multiple calls like this lately, and that they believed it to be the work of people who were trying to trick women into opening their homes using a recording of a crying child.几乎是大喊着,调度员告诉她,任何情况下都不要开门,他们已派警察赶往她的住所。当他们到达时,警察没有发现婴儿或任何可以显示有婴儿在附近的据。警察告诉惊魂未定的房主,最近他们收到很多类似的报警电话,他们认为,有人通过使用婴儿录音来诱骗妇女开门。1.The Scream Nobody Heard1.没有人听见的叫喊At some college campuses, it#39;s apparently a tradition for students who live in dorms to all let loose with a scream at a designated time. According to the stories, it helps the students release stress, especially during finals week. On finals week at UCLA, the tradition was for everybody to scream at midnight to let out all that pent-up frustration. So, just as expected, everyone did their screaming ritual and the campus rang with the caffeine-fueled howls of a horde of exhausted youths.在某些大学校园里,住校的学生有一个传统,那就是在特定的时间可以尖叫。据说,这样可以帮助学生减压,尤其是在期末阶段。在加州大学洛杉矶分校的最后一个星期,这个传统允许每个学生在午夜通过尖叫来释放压抑、沮丧。所以,这样的传统活动如期而至,每个人都按照惯例尖叫着,校园里回荡着一群群疲惫年轻人阵阵的怒吼。The ritual complete, the campus quieted down and everyone eventually went to bed, only to discover the next morning that one of the screams had been real. A young woman had been raped at precisely midnight, her assault timed to coincide with the noisiest moment of the year. Nobody heard it, because what#39;s one scream among hundreds? Legend has it that since then, the screaming tradition has been banned from the UCLA campus, and anyone who breaks the rule is punished with expulsion.仪式结束后,校园安静下来,每个人最后都睡觉了。可是第二天早上,他们发现其中的一个尖叫声是真的。一个年轻的妇女恰好在午夜被强奸,也就是她被侵害的时间与一年一度最吵闹的时刻重合了。没有人听到,因为从上百个叫喊声中不能分辨出来。自此以后,这样的叫喊仪式就被该大学明令禁止了,任何违反此规定的学生都会被开除。翻译:夏久梅 来源:前十网 /201509/399159。
  • Qing Dynasty清朝General概况The Qing Dynasty (清朝),sometimes known as the Manchu Dynasty, was founded by the Manchu clan Aisin Gioro(爱新觉罗), in what is today northeast China expanded into China proper and the surrounding territories of Inner Asia,清朝由满族部落爱新觉罗氏建立,满族位于今天中国的东北部,establishing the Empire of the Great Qing (大清帝国),which was founded not by the Han Chinese people, but by the Manchus, a semi- nomadic people not even known by that name when they first rose to prominence in what is now northeastern China.它扩张至中国本土以及亚洲内陆的周边地区并建立了大清帝国,清朝不是由汉人而是由满人建立的,满族是版游牧民族,当它刚刚声名鹤起之时还没有知道它。Taking advantage of the political instability and popular rebellions convulsing the Ming dynasty, the highly organized military forces of the Manchus swept into the Ming capital of Beijing,and there remained until the Qing dynasty was overthrown in the Xinhai Revolution (辛亥革命)of 1911, with the last emperor abdicating early in 1912.借助明朝时期的政治不稳定和不断的起义,满族极具组织性的军队攻入了明朝的首都北京, 它们也在那里定都直到1911年辛亥革命爆发,1912年最后一任皇帝提前退位。The Qing was the last imperial dynasty of China.清朝是中国最后一个封建王朝。 /201512/412263。
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