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Amy Beth Edwards posed this question to our M I Curious team:Why doesnt road kill get picked up on a timely basis in Michigan?Edwards says she sees dead animals so often along her commutes to Chicago that she had to know why theyre all there.Edwards and I started looking for the answer on a five-mile stretch of M-14 where we saw seven dead animals. That seemed like a lot to me, but Edwards says thats pretty normal.;Theres one, ok,; she says. ;Almost unidentifiable, but I think that was a raccoon.;I looked into her question and it turns out road kill in Michigan is sort of like a game of hot potato. Most people dont want to deal with it.County road commissions are responsible for 75% of roads in Michigan. The Michigan Department of Transportation is responsible for the highly trafficked state roads and highways, but they pass off three quarters of those roads to road commissions too.That leaves road commissions with a lot of ground to cover.Riding with the Deer SheriffI talked to the top 20 county road commissions for car-deer crashes so far this year.At number two, Kent County stood out among the rest. They employ one guy to pick up road kill full time. No other county I talked to does that.I went to visit Andy Albertson. Hes a driver for the Kent County Road Commission. His nickname? ;Deer Sheriff.;Albertson had just started his truck when his phone started ringing.;Yeah Murph, go ahead,; he says. ;Forty two hundred of 60th? Thats in the road?;Its the first rush hour victim of the day.;Mondays are normally a little busier in the dead deer department, especially in the fall,; Albertson says. ;So Ill go out, make my list. I put the — I call them pick tickets — on the window, like a short order cook.;Hes talking about a couple large sticky notes he puts on his windshield. There are nine animals to grab today.;It is, Linds, a strange way to make a living,; he says. ;But I see it as a very positive public service. I mean people have issues with the road commission — you know, this, that, were not doing this, we should do this. My service, no one ever complains. Theyre happy to see me show up.;We turn onto 60th street.;See it? See that big mark in the road?; he says. ;Yeah, thats us.;We pull over.Albertson puts on a fresh pair of gloves, and hops out of the truck.He grabs whats left of the animal by the leg and pulls it into the back.One down, eight to go.The cost of road kill pickup Kent Countys road commission spends about 0,000 on road kill every year.This allows them to pick up around 2,000 animals.The other road commissions I talked to dont do that. They say they dont have the money. In fact, five of them pass the road kill responsibility off to Animal Control or Sheriffs Departments.Denise Donnahue is the Director of the County Road Association of Michigan.She says road commissions across the state are in a tight spot — theyve lost employees and a majority of Michigan roads are not in good condition.;So I think, as we think about our roads, certainly road kill is a nuisance, its important, but yet we have a large, systemic problem here: taking care of our roads and preserving our roads and so forth,; Donnahue says.Her group wants to pass road kill off to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.But DNR officials say thats not their job.They say theyre focused on preserving habitat and living species.All of the road commissions I talked to move dead animals out of traffic, to the side of the road.When resources and time allow, some then bury the large animals or take them to landfills.But by and large, most just leave the animals on the shoulder. They say they cant pay to do anything else.201512/415220。

Obituary: Helmut Schmidt Smoke and fire赫尔穆特·施密特 烟与火Helmut Schmidt, Social Democrat chancellor of West Germany, died on November 10th, aged 96赫尔穆特·施密特,西德的社会民主党总理,逝于11月10日,终年96岁HE WAS so clever, and so rude with it, that his listeners sometimes realised too late that they had been outwitted and insulted. Helmut Schmidt did not just find fools tiresome. He obliterated them. The facts were clear and the logic impeccable. So disagreement was a sign of idiocy.他的聪明和粗暴时常会让听众意识到自己上当受骗和受到羞辱的时候已经太晚了。赫尔穆特·施密特不仅发现了傻瓜令人讨厌,他还消灭了他们。既然事实清楚,逻辑不可辩驳,那么,再有不同的意见就是白痴的表现。He was impatient, too, with his own party, which failed to realise the constraints and dilemmas of power. It wanted him to spend money West Germany did not have, and to compromise with terrorists who belonged in jail. He was impatient with the anti-nuclear left, who failed to realise that nuclear-power stations were safe, and that the Soviet empire thrived on allies weakness. And he was impatient with post-Watergate America, which seemed to have lost its will to lead.他还对没能意识到权力的约束和困境的他的政党感到不耐烦。这个政党曾经想让他花西德没有的钱,同应当被关在监狱里的恐怖分子妥协。他对没能认识到核电站是安全的、苏联帝国是靠着盟友的软弱才繁荣起来的反核左派感到不耐烦。最后,他对似乎已经失去了领导意愿的后水门时代的美国感到不耐烦。In good causes and in bad he was imperious. His addiction to nicotine trumped convention and courtesy. He smoked whenever and wherever he felt like it, even in non-smoking compartments of railway carriages. “Can you ask Mr Schmidt to put his cigarette out?” a passenger asked the conductor. “Would you mind telling him yourself?” came the timid reply.不管在不在理,他都希望别人听命于他。他的烟瘾胜过了公德和礼貌。只要想抽,他就会不分时间场合地来上一根,哪怕是在火车的非吸烟车厢中。“你能让施密特先生把烟灭了吗?”一位乘客问乘务员。“对不起,麻烦你自己给他说好吗?”得到却是一个怯生生回答。Yet his brains, eloquence and willpower were unmatched in German politics. They brought him through the Nazi period, thrown out of the Hitler Youth for disloyalty but with an Iron Cross for bravery. He was one-quarter Jewish, which he concealed when he married his wife Loki and needed to prove his Aryan background. Only late in his career did an army document emerge which described him as ideologically sound.然而,在德国政坛,他的头脑、口才和毅力却是独一无二的。它们让他走过了纳粹时代,因为不忠诚而被开除出希特勒青年团,却因为勇敢而得到了铁十字勋章。他是四分之一的犹太人,他在与妻子 Loki 结婚并需要明他的的雅利安人背景时隐瞒了这一点。直到一份描述他意识形态可靠的军方文件出现为止。In post-war West Germany he flourished, making a successful career in Hamburgs city government. By commandeering army units to deal with the floods of 1962 he broke a taboo, and the law, but gaining a deserved reputation as a doer.在战后的西德,他名声大震,在汉堡市政府走上了一条成功之路。他以征调军队应对1962年的洪水的行为打破了当时的一项禁忌,违反了法律,却赢得了实干家的美誉。He replaced Willy Brandt (the victim of an East German espionage operation) in 1974, at a time when the West was reeling from the oil-price shock, terrorism and Americas humiliation in Vietnam. With his friend Valéry Giscard dEstaing (another fluent English-speaker), he launched the idea of summit governance to deal with the worlds economic woes. G7 meetings in those days were brief, informal affairs with real conversations and real decisions, not the micromanaged showpieces of today. Agreements made then laid the foundations for the modern European Union.他在西方正在承受油价冲击、恐怖主义和美国在越南失败之苦的1974年,取代了(东德间谍行动的一位受害者)维利·勃兰特。他同他的朋友吉斯卡尔·德斯坦德(另一位能够流利地讲英语的人)首倡了以峰会治理来应对全球经济困境的思想。那时的G7会议,议题简明,气氛随便,有着真正的对话和真正的决策的,不像今天这样净管些不该管的琐事。当时签订的各种协议为当代欧洲联盟打下了基础。Other leaders did not find him easy to deal with. He detested the weakness of Jimmy Carters administration, and the two men got on badly. His foreign minister, Hans-Dietrich Genscher, recalled that “Schmidt was of the opinion that the world would be fairer if he was president of the ed States and Carter the German chancellor.” The Israeli leader Menachem Begin called him “unprincipled, avaricious, heartless and lacking in human feeling” after he said that Germans living in a divided nation should feel sympathy for Palestinian self-determination.其他领导人没有发现他容易相处。他曾对吉米·卡特政府的软弱表示了极大的不满,两人相处的非常糟糕。他的外长汉斯-迪特里希·根舍曾经回忆道,“施密特当时的看法是,要是他是美国总统、卡特是德国总理的话,世界会更加美好。”在他发表了生活在一个分裂国家中的德国人应当对巴勒斯坦人的民族自决表示同情的言论后,以色列领导人贝京称他“没有原则立场、贪得无厌、没心没肺,而且缺乏人类感情“。Fairness, not fads公平而不狂热His toughness towards the nihilist terrorists of the Red Army Faction outraged many liberal-minded Germans, who felt that extensive snooping, interrogations and quasi-military justice had dful echoes of the Nazi period. They flinched when he urged America to beef up its nuclear presence in Europe in response to the Soviet Unions growing stockpile of medium-range missiles. But for him social democracy was based on fairness, not fads. He had no time for greenery, feminism or culture wars. Anyone with a vision should go and see a doctor, he once said. Far more important was bolstering the welfare system, building more houses and making Germany safe at home and abroad.他对西德红军旅恐怖分子的强硬态度曾经惹恼了许多思想开明的德国人,他们认为大范围的监听、审讯和半军事化审判让人想起了纳粹时代的可怕。当他敦促美国增加在欧洲的核存在以应对苏联日渐增加的中程导弹时,他们退缩了。但是,对他来说,社会民主的基础是公平而不是一时的狂热。他没空去关注温室效应、女权主义和文化战争。他曾经说过,有这种愿景的人都应该去看医生。在当时来说,打造福利体系、建造更多的住房,让德国人在国内和国外都有安全感才是最最重要的事情。Unfortunately his Social Democratic party thought differently, as did, increasingly, his liberal coalition partner, the FDP. Flexibility and charm were not Mr Schmidts strong points. A bit more of both might have saved him.不幸的是,他的社会民主党就像信奉自由主义的合作伙伴自由民主党一样,同他有不一样的想法。灵活和魅力不是施密特的强项,如果两样东西多那么一点话,它们也许会救了他。His nemesis was Helmut Kohl, the beefy Christian Democrat leader. Mr Schmidt underestimated his rival, mocking his mumbled provincial diction. He himself was an accomplished music and art critic, as elegant a wordsmith in prose as in speech. Mr Kohls main interest outside politics was food. But the conservative leaders willingness to listen and do deals made Mr Schmidt look arrogant and out of touch. As his coalition disintegrated, the chancellor, in government since 1969, suddenly found himself in the political wilderness. His party (like many in Europe spooked by Ronald Reagans unabashed anti-communism) veered leftwards.他的死敌是基督教民主党领导人赫尔穆特·科尔。施密特小看了这位“重量级”的对手,曾经对他混糊不清的地方口音大加嘲笑。他本人是一个颇有成就的音乐和艺术家,说起话来,用词文雅。科尔在政治之外的主要兴趣是美食。但是,这位保守派领导人的倾听和合作意愿却让施密特看上去傲慢无礼和不可接近。当他的联合政府解体时,这位自1969年以来就一直是政府总理的人,突然发现自己成了孤家寡人。他的政党(就像当时许多被里根毫不畏惧的反共产主义所吓倒的欧洲政党一样)倒向了左派。Mr Schmidt, still puffing away on his beloved menthols (stockpiled in case of a ban) and playing the piano (of which he had a near-professional mastery), varied his views hardly an iota. As publisher of Die Zeit, Germanys most heavyweight weekly, he became its leading commentator—more influential there in shaping opinion, perhaps, than as an embattled chancellor. He deplored worries about climate change: population growth was a far bigger problem. Intervention in other countries’ affairs was a mistake (though he made an exception for Vladimir Putins war in Ukraine: that was a justified response to Western meddling). Unpopular views—but the facts and logic were clear. Anyone who disagreed was stupid.当时仍在吞云吐雾(他抽剩下来的过滤嘴因为一项禁令都被保存了起来)、仍在弹钢琴(他的钢琴水平接近大师级)的施密特丝毫也没有改变他的观点。作为德国的重量级周刊——《时代周报》的发行人,他成了这家报纸的首席员——在形成舆论方面,这个位置也许要比一位苦苦挣扎的总理更有影响力。他探讨了对于气候变化的种种担忧:人口增长是一个更大的问题。介入他国事务的干预是一个错误(尽管他曾经为普京在乌克兰的战争破了一次例:那是对西方干预的一种合情合理的应对)。不受欢迎的观点——但是事实和逻辑都是清晰的。谁不同意,谁就是傻子。 /201512/419198。

The police and austerity警察与紧缩Down beat下降趋势Budget cuts may not affect crime—but they will change politics削减预算可能不会影响犯罪—但能改变政治Good old-fashioned policing传统治安维持方式POLICING in England and Wales is in crisis and things are about to get nasty. That, at least, is what the coppers would have you believe. Ahead of the annual conference this week of the Police Federation, the policemens union, Steve White, its leader, cautioned that budget cuts could mean a move towards more“paramilitary” policing, with officers using water cannons, rubber bullets and tear gas. Theresa May, the home secretary, accused him of scaremongering. Mr Whites logic is certainly fuzzy. But his warnings highlight the deteriorating relations between the police and their traditional allies, the Conservatives.英格兰和威尔士的警务正处于危机之中,并且情况还会越来越糟。至少警察会让你相信这一点。在本周警察联合会(警察联盟)的年度会议之前,联合会领导人Steve White警告说预算削减意味着更多警察会朝着用高压水、橡皮子弹和催泪瓦斯行动这类更加“准军事”的警务发展。内政大臣特里萨·梅指责他是危言耸听。White的逻辑确实有失偏颇。但是他的警告却表明了警察与其传统的盟友保守派关系的恶化。Police today are warier of heavy tactics than they once were. Chris Donaldson, a retired police officer, was on the streets of Tottenham in 1985, when riots broke out around the Broadwater Farm estate. He was back there in 2011 when disturbances erupted after police shot and killed Mark Duggan, a suspected gang member. Three decades ago, police were far more willing—sometimes overly so—to use force, says Mr Donaldson. In the 1980s, at the height of battles with striking miners, the police “would definitely be instructed to charge at times,” says Peter Neyroud, a former chief constable now at Cambridge University.如今的警察相较以前在使用战术上更为精妙。1985年当布罗德沃特农场庄园发生暴动时,Chris Donaldson(现在已经退休)就在附近的托特纳姆的街道上。他于2011年又回到那里,当时警察开打死一名疑似帮派成员Mark Duggan而引发骚乱。Donaldson说,30年前,警察更愿意——甚至有时过度—使用武力。在20世纪80年代这个矿工罢工的高潮时期,警察“肯定会时常奉命控告”,Peter Neyroud说道,他是前任警察局长,现在在剑桥大学工作。Today they are more reluctant to use such strategies. Officers try to to contain public disorder with tactics such as kettling, whereby demonstrators are confined to a small area. Rather than leading to paramilitary-style policing, declining ranks of officers could make negotiation between police and protesters more common. Short on numbers, cops policing protests will have to behave even more carefully to avoid precipitating trouble. And tougher tactics are “largely anathema to the British police”, says Tim Newburn, a criminologist at the London School of Economics, with senior officers unconvinced such tactics are effective and certain they are unpopular.而现在警察都不太愿意使用这样的方式。警察试图用灌壶(把示威者限制在小范围的战术)等策略来制止公共秩序混乱。低级别的警官促成警察和反抗者之间的谈判更为常见,而不是采用准军事风格来维持治安。由于警察数量减少,警察在处理抗议活动时不得不更加小心,以免引起麻烦。英国伦敦经济学院一位犯罪学家Tim Newburn说严格的战术“很大程度上是英国警方的诅咒”,因为高级警官不相信这种策略是行之有效的,也不认为它们是受欢迎的。Even after the coalition governments cuts of 20% to police budgets, and an 11% fall in officer numbers since 2010, by historical standards there are still a lot of police about. Bobbies are more numerous today than in the mid-1990s, when law-breaking was at its peak.即使自2010年来,联合政府削减20%的警方预算以及减少11%的警力,按历史标准还有许多政策和预算和警察有关。相比违法的高峰期—20世纪90年代,如今警察的数量还是要多得多。The police have long resisted reductions to their budgets. But few would have thought the fiercest cuts, harshest criticism and clearest diminution in their political clout would come under the Tories, so long the party of law and order. With David Cameron, the prime minister, determined to save money and reform what he once called the “last great unreformed public service”, the once-close relationship between the Tories and Britains law-enforcers has soured.警察总是抵制削减他们的预算。但是没人想到,最大幅度的削减、最残酷的批评以及警察明显下降的政治影响力会发生在一向重视法律和秩序的保守党执政时期。首相卡梅伦下定决心要节省开,并且决心改革他曾经称作 “最后一个大型的未被改革的公共务”,这让保守党与英国警察一度亲密的关系遭到破坏。译者:胡雅琳 校对:吴倩译文属译生译世 /201506/378149。

Tens of thousands of Hitlers political opponents in Austria were arrested,with many sent to concentration camps.希特勒把奥地利数万名政敌逮捕并送往集中营。In particular, Austrian Jews suffered,many violently attacked, robbed and humiliated.奥地利的犹太人首当其冲,很多人受袭击,打劫或羞辱。Some forced to scrub the streets clean.有些被强迫洗街。There was no protection from anywhere.何处都不安全。I remember I once had to scrub the streets as well.我记得又一次也被迫洗马路。I saw in the crowd a well-dressed woman and she was holding up a little girl so that this girl could see better.人群当中,有位穿着体面的女士将一个小女孩高举起好让她看得更清楚。Hitler blamed the Jews for Germanys and Austrias defeat in the First World War, for Communism,and for much else besides.希特勒将德国和奥地利在一战中战败共产主义以及几乎所有问题都归咎于犹太人。And many believed these anti-Semitic fantasies.许多人相信了这些反犹太人言论。Around ten per cent of the population of Vienna was Jewish,with many Jews concentrated in this area in the north of the city.维也纳大概有10%犹太人大多数聚集城市北部。Few of their fellow Austrians helped the Jews,甚少奥地利人愿意伸出援手。some were glad to see them go.看见犹太人离开甚至会幸灾乐祸,犹太人逃亡。The Nazis now organised a plebiscite, a vote of approval,not just in the unification of Austria and Germany,but, crucially, in Hitler himself.纳粹组织一次全民公投,不仅投票同意奥地利和德国合并,更重要的是持希特勒本人。 译文属201601/421159。

Its our season nine premiere and Im so excited for you all to meet an amazing woman这是我们第九季的首场秀 我很激动 你们将认识这位了不起的女士who is made her lifes work to make a difference.take a look at Sherrie Gahn她无私的付出让世界变的不同 认识一下Sherrie GahnIm Sherrie Gahn and Im the principal of Whitney Elementary School我是Sherrie Gahn 我是惠特尼小学的校长Whitney is very unique because we service very high needs population惠特尼是个特别的学校 我们为特别需要帮助的人们务we had a lot of homeless children here,more than 85% of our students are famished reduce lunch and a lot of the 85% are homeless我们学校有很多无家可归的孩子 85%的孩子们不吃晚饭挨着饿 在这85%里许多孩子还无家可归when they leave here on the daily basis,sometimes we dont know where they are going当他们学完功课离开学校后 有时候我们也不知道他们会去哪里their environment changes everyday,somedays they may live in their apartment,somedays they like in a hotel motel他们的生活环境每天都在变 有时他们住在出租屋 有时住旅馆somedays they may be in the streets,we dont know where theyre gonna go有时候可能流落街头 我们不知道他们能去哪when I first came to Whitney and I was in the lunch room walking around helping the kids当我刚来到惠特尼时 一天我在餐厅帮忙and they kept pocketing their ketchup,putting their ketchup,when I asked my staff what were they doing看到孩子们在收集番茄酱 把自己那份装进口袋里 我问我的员工他们为什么这么做they told me that they do that often because they needed do it.its gonna be their dinner its ketchup soup他们告诉我他们常这么做因为他们需要这么做 那些番茄酱将是他们的晚餐 煮汤用的theyre gonna go home and make ketchup soup with it,because there aint no food他们要用那些番茄酱回家煮汤 因为他们没有食物my goal was if I can take that off their plan,if I can make them come to school and feel safe and warm and they have clothes我的目标是想帮他们结束这样的生活 如果可以 我希望他们能上学 有衣穿 并且感到温暖 有安全感just like any other child and they are under same level playing field as any other child in school,then they can learn就像其他同等条件 学校里同龄的孩子们一样 那他们就可以安心学习了I guess its sort of like that fairy tale that you go to school you get new backpack you get new clothes我想那有点像童话故事 你上学了还可以有新书包 新衣 /201605/445273。

On 9th November, the Nazis marched through these streets,but were stopped by the police.11月9日,纳粹分子上街游行,但遭警方制止。Here, at the corner of the Feldherrnhalle.在统帅堂的转角处。Shots were exchanged.双方开驳火。Four police and 16 Nazis were killed that day.4名警察和16名纳粹分子冲突中死亡。The uprising, or Putsch,had been an incompetent and violent attempt to overthrow a democratic state.这次暴动本是试图推翻一个民主国家的不自量力行为。But Hitler managed to turn it into a heroic myth.但希特勒却成功将此变成英雄神话。This annual re-enactment of the march,filmed after the Nazis came to power,shows just how Hitler tried to create that myth.这段纪念暴动而游行的影片是纳粹执政后拍摄的,揭示希特勒如何使其变成神话。Each of the Nazis killed in the Putsch was turned into a martyr.暴动中丧生的纳粹分子被描绘成烈士。Their flag became a sacred relic.他们的旗帜成为神圣符号。Where they were shot became a hallowed site.他们被击毙的地点成为神圣之地。Those in attendance were blessed.所有参与者都得到保佑。Hitler wanted to show how his devoted disciples had died for a great cause,a cause symbolised by their single, heroic leader.希特勒想要表现他虔诚的信徒们是为伟业而献身,这项事业全由唯一的英雄领袖打造。 译文属201511/412120。