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Thank you so much. I think you are in a good mood.cause its friday,right? Yep.谢谢大家 大家心情都这么好 是因为今天是周五 对不对 就是这个Not only that, but the worlds most beautiful woman is here.不仅仅是这个 世界上最漂亮的女性也在这里Not only that,but Gwyeth Paltrow is also here.Peoplie magazine just announced the...还有 Gwyneth Paltrow也在这里 《人物》杂志最近评出了The worlds most beautiful woman,and it is Gwyneth Paltrow ,right here.世界上最美丽的女性 那就是Gwyneth Paltrow 看看这里Isnt that great?shes very beautiful.多棒啊 非常漂亮shes very beautiful,its a big honor,and Im glad that they picked Gwyneth她很漂亮 这也是个很大的荣誉 我也非常开心他们选了Gwynethcause shes someone whos beautiful on the inside and the outside.因为她就是那种内在美外在兼具的人I mean that. she has one of the most stunning gallbladeders Ive ever seen.真的没骗你 她的胆囊 是我见过的最好看的I know we are that...we are very close,so...Ive seen her gallbladder.我们两非常熟 所以我才知道这个 我见过她的胆囊you know,but i really do feel that sometimes society does focus too much on outer beauty,要知道 有时我真心觉得 这个社会太过于注重外在美了and I think thats not everything,and I think its nice to celebrate people,我就认为外在美并不代表一切 欣赏赞扬一个人固然是好but its not the most important thing in the world.但绝不是这世上最重要的事情And I mean, you think about those sayings,;beauty is only skin-deep;,我的意思是 想想那些谚语们 外表的美丽只是浅薄的and ;beauty is in the eye of the beholder;, and the...oh,look,theres Portia de Rossi,shes beautiful.情人眼里出西施 还有 哦 看 portia de rossi也在这儿 她可真漂亮Look at that.Shes so pretty.快来看看 她太漂亮了Anyway,what was I saying ,this is a great magazine,because...I mean, Portia is beautiful and on the inside too,blablabla...but look at that, the cheekbones and the...回到原来的滑梯 我想说的是 这本杂志非常的好看 因为 因为portia不仅外表美丽动人 还兼具内在美 等等等等 但是你们都看看啊 看那颧骨还有I mean,the bones structure,and thats on the insides,我指的是她的骨骼构造 也是内在的嘛so thats...you know ,the most important thing.Anyway,if Portia is in here.所以 恩 这才是最重要的 既然portia都在这里了Im imagining Im too. so Im just gonna...I hadnt seen it until just now,so Im sure Im...我想我也会在里面吧 那么 我刚刚才拿到这本杂志 不过我很肯定Im somewhere in the...but we have a big show,so I didnt have time...to go through it right now就在某一页 不过我们现在还要录节目 所以没有时间去一页一页的翻看着but I really do think that beauty is defined by a lot of different things.但我真的觉得美丽是从很多 不同的方面来诠释的I think its defined by kindness,and compassion, and generousity.比如善良 富有同情心 还有慷慨and so to all the beautiful people out there,I dedicate this dance to you.那么 接下来这舞 献给全天下最美丽的你们注:EllenShow中英字幕来源于:艾伦秀字幕组 /201310/261440

Business商业报道Schumpeter熊彼得Fighting the flab减肥大作战Corporate headquarters have put on weight, and need to slim down again企业的总部体积膨胀,需要再次瘦身“ONE of the most extraordinary corporate centres in America.”“这可能是美国最奇怪的企业总部了 。”This is how Trian Partners, a disgruntled shareholder of PepsiCo, described the headquarters of the snacks-to-soft-drinks company in a recent letter to its board.特利安基金管理公司在给百事公司的董事会最近的一封信中抱怨道。特里安基金是这个销售零食和软饮料的公司的股东。Set amid lakes and fountains in 100 acres of wealthy Westchester County, New York, PepsiCos HQ features seven interconnected three-storey office buildings designed in the 1960s by Edward Durell Stone, a pioneering American modernist architect.百事总部位于纽约市富裕的威彻斯特郡,坐落于湖泊与喷泉之间,占地约100英亩,中心是七座相连的三层办公楼,此楼是美国现代主义先驱建筑师爱德华?斯通在1960年设计的。Its crown jewel is the Donald M. Kendall Sculpture Gardens, named after a former chief executive, which has works by artists such as Alexander Calder, Henry Moore and Auguste Rodin.百事总部最吸引人的景观就是以其前总经理Donald M. Kendall名字命名,由Alexander Calder、Henry Moore 和Auguste Rodin三位艺术家共同建造的雕塑花园。Mr Kendall reportedly intended the garden to reflect his vision for the company by creating an atmosphere of “stability, creativity and experimentation”.据报道称,Kendall是想要这用花园能展现他对公司的构想,即“稳定,创新和实验性”。Two years ago PepsiCo began a 243m upgrade of the complex to make space for more staff and “create a more collaborative and innovative work environment”.两年前,为了给更多的员工创造空间,并“建立一个更利于协作与创新的工作环境”,的百事公司斥资2.43亿美元,开始对其总部的建筑群进行升级。Trian, run by Nelson Peltz, a veteran activist investor, thinks shareholders would be better served by selling it and shedding many of its 1,100 workers, as part of a broader cost-cutting and productivity-boosting strategy that would see PepsiCo split in two.由资深活跃投资人纳尔逊佩尔茨运作的特里安基金则认为,百事应该把总部卖掉,并将其中的1100名员工裁掉大半,以此作为消减成本和提升生产力计划的一部分,百事内部对此产生了分歧。The raiders of the 1980s, who made fortunes by seizing and shaping up flabby conglomerates, were supposed to have put an end to corporate extravagance and administrative bloat.上世纪八十年代的那些恶意收购者通过给臃肿的企业集团瘦身攫取了大量利益,人们本以为企业铺张浪费的习气和管理人员过剩的问题已经在那时被终结了。But PepsiCo is not alone in now being accused of these.可是,像百事这样因这类问题被诟病的公司不在少数。A recent report by Sanford C. Bernstein, a research firm, reckoned that Coca-Cola, which is spending 100m on upgrading its home in Atlanta, has overheads that are 30% of sales, almost as high as PepsiCos 32%.调研公司Sanford C. Bernstein最近的一份报告指出,可口可乐公司正花费1亿美元升级其在亚特兰大的总部,可口可乐公司的经常性开占其营业额的30%,百事的则为32%。Activist investors such as Trian, which also has its guns trained on DuPont, a chemicals firm, may find inspiration in other examples highlighted by Bernstein.像特里安这样的活跃投资者又把矛头指向了化学公司DuPont,后者可能是受到了Bernstein强调的那些反面教材的启发。Procter amp; Gambles overheads ratio is far higher than that of its consumer-goods archrival, Unilever; so is Estee Lauders compared with that of LOreal, another big cosmetics firm.日用消费品公司Procter amp; Gambles的经常性开比率比其主要竞争对手Unilever要高出一大截;化妆品行业大公司Estee Lauder同LOreal也形成了这样鲜明的对比。It is hard to think of many big companies that could not benefit from taking a fresh look at their overheads.如果那些大公司能重新审视自己的费用开,一定可以获益良多。One, perhaps, is Mars, a family-run confectioner with a tiny, frugal HQ in suburban Virginia.玛氏食品公司就是一个很好的例子,这个家族企业在弗吉尼亚州郊外的总部简朴而精致。Another is Berkshire Hathaway.伯克希尔哈撒韦公司也是个很好的例子。In this years letter to shareholders, sent last month, the conglomerates boss, Warren Buffett, broke a long-standing “no pictures” policy to show off his head-office team, just 24 strong.上个月,这个大集团的的老板巴菲特在今年给股东的信中打破了其长期以来的“无照片”的传统,展示了他仅由24名精英组成的总公司团队。Mr Buffetts last big acquisition, of Heinz, was made in partnership with 3G, a Brazilian private-equity firm whose boss, Jorge Paulo Lemann, has a passion for cost-saving.巴菲特上一笔大宗收购,就是与巴西的私募股权公司3G资本合伙收购亨氏食品。3G的老板Jorge Paulo Lemann很热衷于消减成本。Heinz had aly undergone a round of cuts under pressure from Mr Peltz.虽然亨氏之前就已经在Peltz的督促下进行了一轮开消减。But 3G found plenty more to trim, as it applied its “zero-based budgeting” approach, in which all spending must be justified from first principles each year.但3G认为还有很多地方需要消减,才能达到它的“零基准预算”标准,即每一项开都要以实现公司的年度目标为目的。Swathes of managerial jobs were axed, as was the companys “aviation department”, which ran its corporate planes.亨氏大片的管理层职位被砍掉,其中包括管理企业飞机的“航空部”。Mr Buffett is impressed: hitherto he has mostly bought well-run firms that he could largely leave alone, but now he wants to do more deals like the Heinz one.巴菲特对此印象深刻,想来只会收购那些自我运行良好,不需要他再多加关注的企业,但现在,他想多做几次像亨氏这样的收购。Of course there are many reasons, other than differing levels of bloat, why businesses vary greatly in which functions are performed centrally, and in how many people and other resources are needed at head office.除了不同程度的人员过剩之外,当然还有其他原因,造成了各企业在职能的重心取向方面和总部需要的人力物力多寡方面千差万别。But there is evidence that companies have piled on the pounds in recent years.然而,的确有据近年来企业有增重的趋势。A study by Sven Kunisch, a management professor at the University of St Gallen in Switzerland, and others looked at the head offices of 761 big companies in Europe and America between 2007 and 2010.瑞士圣加伦大学的管理学教授Sven Kunisch及其同事以2007至2010年全球761个大型企业的总部为对象进行了一项研究。By the end of the period, a quarter of them had more than 600 staff at HQ, whereas another quarter had fewer than 63.截至年底,四分之一的公司拥有超过600名员工,而另一个季度已经不到63人。Two-thirds of the firms said they had made significant changes during the period, generally strengthening centralised control over their divisions.三分之二的公司表示他们已经取得了重大变化,普遍加强中央集权控制他们所存在的分歧。Some 44% of the firms had increased the headcount at HQ, whereas only 28% trimmed.截至2010年,其中四分之一的企业都加强了对其分部的控制,约44%的企业都增加其总部的人数,而只有28%进行了消减。Of the 21 countries in which the head offices were located, only ones based in Denmark and Greece reduced staff numbers on average.在此研究涉及到的21个国家中,只有位于丹麦和希腊两国的企业总部的平均员工人数减少了。All this at a time, in the wake of the financial crisis, when companies were striving to protect their profit margins by cutting jobs elsewhere in the workforce.而这也是由于金融危机的影响,企业为了保其利润率,只得裁员以减少工资出。All aboard the mother ship登上母舰What might explain the return of head-office bloat?是什么原因再次造成了企业总部的膨胀呢?The crusade for leaner, more focused companies, which began in the 1980s, ran out of steam after the turn of the century.上世纪美国刮起了一场主要集中于企业的精简运动,从80年代一直持续到世纪末。And three other issues moved up bosses agendas, each seemingly justifying extra staff at HQ: globalisation meant that the mother ship had more far-flung operations to oversee; new digital technology made it easier, in theory, to centralise control and oversight; and, starting with Americas Sarbanes-Oxley act in 2002, deregulation gave way to a growing regulatory burden, bringing with it a bigger head-office compliance operation.三个原因使得这一运动开始转向,每个原因似乎都为企业增加总部的多余人员提供了合理性:全球化意味着企业总部需要监管更多的海外业务;数字技术理论上也为企业实施集中控制和监督提供了便利;另外,美国在2002颁布的萨宾法案也加重了企业监管负担,企业为了进行合规操作,不得不扩大总部。Various events, from the September 11th 2001 terror attacks to the financial crisis, may have made bosses view the world as an increasingly complicated and uncertain place.从2001年的911事件到后来的的金融危机,各种意外事件已经让企业家们觉得这个世界正变得越来越复杂多变。It would not be surprising if many of them responded in the same way as Jeffrey Immelt, the boss of GE: in his latest annual letter to shareholders, he confessed that “We attempted to manage volatility through layers and reviewers.所以某些人的表现得像通用电气的的老板伊梅尔特一样其实并不奇怪:在最近的一封给股东的年度致股东信中,他进行了自我反省:“我们曾期望用层层审查来控制不确定性。Like many companies we were guilty of countering complexity with complexity...more inspectors, multiple reviewers.”像很多公司一样,用复杂的系统来解决复杂的问题,我们对此感到很内疚…更多的监管人员,更多的审查者。”The result was a “higher cost structure, an artificial sense of risk management, and we were insulating our people from the heat of the market.” Mr Immelt has now decided to reverse course.这样的结果就是“高成本的结构,一种风险得到控制的错觉,而且还把我们的员工同市场隔离起来。”GE has launched a new simplification strategy, with a goal of cutting overheads to 12% of sales from 16%, including a 45% reduction in the cost of the corporate headquarters, by 2016.伊梅尔特现在决定转变方向。通用已经开启了一个新的精简计划,目标是在2016年之前把开从占营业额16%减到12%,其中包括把企业总部的开消减45%。Other bosses would be wise to do the same, or expect to have Mr Peltz and his fellow activists on their case.其他的企业老板最好也去效仿伊梅尔特,不然只好等着成为佩尔茨等的一众活跃投资人的靶子了。 /201403/282100



  Business in Russia俄罗斯商业From bad to worse每况愈下Domestic and foreign firms wonder how serious things might get国内外的企业都想知道境况将会变得多严峻BEFORE the current standoff between the Kremlin and the West over Ukraine, it was aly clear that Russias economic model, of strong energy exports fuelling domestic consumption, was running out of steam. In 2007, on the eve of the global financial crisis, Russias economy grew by 8.5%. Last year growth was a meagre 1.3%.如今,克里姆林宫正与西方就乌克兰问题僵持不下,而远在这场风波之前,人们就可以清楚地看到俄罗斯这种以大量出口资源带动国内消费的经济模式已是日薄西山。遥想在全球经济危机七夕的2007年,俄罗斯的经济增长水平高达8.5%,而去年这一数字却只有3%。Still, the countrys population of 144m, its entry into the World Trade Organisation, its consumers aspiration to a Western lifestyle and its status as the “R” in the BRICs have persuaded multinationals to keep investing in plants in Russia, and foreign investors to keep providing capital to Russian firms. The attitude until recently, says Alexis Rodzianko of the American Chamber of Commerce in Moscow, was that “Russias economy may be slowing, but my own prospects are pretty good.”然而,俄罗斯是一个拥有1.44亿人口的金砖大国,不久前还加入了世贸组织,其国民也很向往西方的消费方式。这一切都促使跨国公司马不停蹄地在俄投资建厂,国外投资者也不断向其国内的公司输送资金。莫斯科美国商会会长罗德辛柯(Alexis Rodzianko)不久前表达了他的看法:“俄罗斯的经济可能是在放慢脚步,但我本人对其还是抱有很大的期望。”Now the outlook for businesses there is looking gloomier. With pro-Russian separatists seizing government buildings in eastern Ukraine, amid talk of a full-scale invasion, firms of all kinds fear a tightening of American-led sanctions, a cut-off of foreign lending and investment, and a further fall in consumers confidence.现在,人们对俄罗斯企业的发展前景感到更悲观了。乌克兰东部的亲俄分离主义者占领了多处政府机关建筑,关于“全面入侵”乌克兰问题的会谈也正在进行中,俄罗斯国内所有的公司都担心以美国为首的国家会对加大对俄制裁力度,削减对俄的贷款与投资,致使国内的消费者进一步失去信心。The most immediate concern, especially for Western firms doing business in and with Russia, is the curbs the ed States and the European Union have imposed on dealings with certain individuals. Even the somewhat stronger American sanctions imposed so far are, on paper, “pretty limited”, says Alexander Kliment of Eurasia Group, a risk-analysis firm. But they have created a “scare factor” that is magnifying their effect. For example, shares in Novatek, a gas producer, fell sharply when the restrictions were announced, on fears it might struggle to do deals with foreign partners or raise capital abroad because Gennady Timchenko, a friend of Vladimir Putins named on the American sanctions list, owns 23% of the company and sits on its board. If Igor Sechin, the boss of Rosneft, another energy firm, is sanctioned, the effect may be similar.美国和欧盟已经对与俄罗斯特定人物的交易实施了限制,这是驻俄的和与俄有业务往来的西方公司所要面对的最迫切的难题。风险评估公司欧亚集团(Eurasia Group)的风险评估员克利门特(Alexander Kliment)称,仅从字面上看,尽管是相对更严厉的美国方面的制裁作用似乎“十分有限”,但是它们已经催生出了一些“恐惧因素”,从而放大了其效力。比方说,普京的朋友,拥有天然气生产商诺瓦泰克公司(Novatek)23%股份的季姆琴科(Gennady Timchenko)被列入了美国的制裁名单;制裁令甫一发出,Novatek的股价便急剧下降,因为人们担心制裁会成为其进行国际贸易与融资的绊脚石。如果另一家的能源企业俄罗斯石油公司(Rosneft)的老板也被制裁,其公司的股价也会有下降之虞。Foreign firms fret that sanctions could also create openings for competitors. American firms worry that the EUs softer curbs may give its companies more flexibility. The boss of Siemens, a German engineering giant, met Mr Putin in Moscow last month. Americans and Europeans alike worry about losing out to Asian rivals. Moscow business circles are full of rumours of Chinese executives trying to peel off contracts by urging Russian companies not to depend on Western ones, given the possibility of further trading restrictions.外国企业同样担心制裁会给它们的竞争对有可乘之机。美国的企业担心欧盟方面较宽松的制裁会欧洲的企业有空子可钻。上个月,德国电气巨头西门子(Siemens)的老板在去莫斯科拜访了普京。欧美的企业共同的顾虑则是它们会在竞争中输给亚洲的对手。莫斯科的商业圈充斥着这样的谣言,说中国企业为了获得与俄罗斯公司的合同,正敦促俄罗斯公司不要太依赖西方公司,因为贸易限制还可能会继续增加。Russian firms and politicians, in turn, are casting around Asia and elsewhere for new customers to replace those they fear losing from the West. Russias deputy prime minister, Arkady Dvorkovich, said this week that the government hoped to finalise soon a long-promised deal for Gazprom to sell gas to China. Rosneft is seeking to treble its exports of oil to China. Sukhoi, a state-owned aircraft-maker, has just struck a deal to sell a fleet of small passenger jets to a Chinese airline, hoping this will offset any loss of orders from Western carriers. But its plane, the Superjet, is chock full of key parts from American and European suppliers, and thus its production is vulnerable to any tightening of sanctions.而另一方面,因害怕将来会失去西方的客户俄罗斯的公司也在亚洲和其他地区寻找新客户。本周,俄罗斯副总理达瓦科维奇(Arkady Dvorkovich)称,俄政府希望可以尽快为俄罗斯国家天然气公司(Gazprom)敲定一笔向中国出售天然气的长期合同。俄罗斯石油公司(Rosneft)也正在设法使其出口到中国的石油销量犯上三番。俄罗斯国营飞机制造上苏霍伊(Sukhoi)不久前也与中国某航空公司达成了一笔销售小型客机的协议,期望以此抵消其因与西方航空公司之间订单减少造成的损失。但是苏霍伊生产的喷气式飞机的重要零部件大部分都来自欧美,所以一旦制裁收紧,其产能将受到极大影响。For domestic firms, a bigger worry than the sanctions imposed so far is the risk of losing access to foreign loans, and what that will mean for investment, productivity and growth, says Elena Anankina of Standard amp; Poors, a ratings agency. Western lenders are likely to honour existing loan deals. But they may be reluctant to provide fresh financing. Rusal, an indebted aluminium producer, is among the Russian firms most exposed to this. Some state banks, such as Sberbank and VTB, have indicated they are y to fill the gap left by Western lenders. But Ms Anankina wonders how long they will be able to do so. Indeed, some Russian banks themselves depend on Western loans. With capital flight hitting 60-70 billion in the first quarter of this year alone, investment in domestic production—what the spluttering economy needs most of all—will be even harder to come by.标准普尔(Standard amp; Poors)分析师Elena Anankina称,对于俄罗斯的本土企业,比起目前的这些禁令,更令它们是未来失去国外融资渠道的风险。西方的贷方可能会完成目前的贷款协议,但是不会愿意提供新一轮的贷款。在俄罗斯众多可能受此问题影响公司中,负债累累的俄罗斯铝业公司(Rusal)可谓首当其冲。俄罗斯的一些国家——如Sberbank和VTB——表示,它们已经准备好去填补西方贷款机构离去后留下的空白。但是Anankina怀疑这些不能坚持很长时间。事实上,一些俄罗斯自身还需要依靠外国资本。仅本年第一季度,俄罗斯的资本流出量就高达6-7千万美元;现在俄罗斯的经济处于困难时期,国内的生产比以往任何时候都急需投资,这一变故将使该需求更难得到满足。The fallout from Russias annexation of Crimea and further stoking of unrest in eastern Ukraine has put downward pressure on an aly weakening rouble. On its face, a cheaper currency should be a boon to domestic producers. Visiting Moscow this month, Carlos Ghosn, the boss of Renault-Nissan, a global carmaker which is buying control of AvtoVAZ, the maker of Lada cars, argued that the weak currency will be “an advantage for local brands”.由于俄罗斯吞并克里米亚,还不断加剧乌克兰东部的紧张局势,给本已日渐疲软的卢布又增加了下行的压力。从表面上看,贬值的货币对于国内的生产商来说是有益的。雷诺日产(Renault-Nissan)的老板戈恩(Carlos Ghosn)在本月出访俄罗斯称疲软的货币会是“本土品牌的优势”。目前雷诺日产正试图控股奥托瓦兹(Avtovaz),后者是拉达汽车的生产者。But thinking that a “weak rouble is the way forward” is the “wrong paradigm,” argues Yaroslav Lissovolik of Deutsche Bank. Many Russian manufacturers, like Sukhoi, depend on imports for inputs and equipment. And in any case, many are running near full capacity and will be unable to grab market share from foreign rivals without money to invest in increasing output.但是,德意志的利梭沃里克(Yaroslav Lissovolik)说“货币贬值是进步”的想法是“典型的错误”。他指出,俄罗斯的许多生产商同苏霍伊一样,需要依靠国外的资金和设备。所以,如果没有投资来提高产出,即使俄国企业开足马力进行生产,也很难从外国竞争对手那里抢占市场份额。This confluence of economic bad news will hit a few industries first and hardest: consumer goods, construction, property and banking. Demand for the roughly half of Russian steel that goes to building projects at home will drop. Car sales, dependent on the availability of bank loans, will probably fall. Aly a softening market has led Ford to consider cutting production at its joint venture with Sollers, a Russian firm. Even a continuation of the current stand-off between the Kremlin and the West would be bad enough for business. But things may well get far worse.这些接连发生的经济问题会首先打击也是打击得最狠的使这些行业:日常消费品,房地厂和。俄罗斯将近一半的钢材输送给国内的建筑业,而这一需求将会下降。需要贷款来之称的汽车销售数量也可能下跌。俄罗斯本已缩水的汽车市场让福特的削减了其在俄的合资公司索莱尔(Sollers)的产量。现在俄与西方持续对峙的局势对俄罗斯的商业造的成负面影响已经够严重的了,但是情况可能还会变得更糟糕。 /201404/290590

  The canyon has power and attraction compelling the visitor to gaze into its depth. 大峡谷有着吸引来访者们深入探究的无穷魅力。These few points to a time when rainfall here would be significantly greater and the river evermore able to cover its channel through the granite landscape. 这几个地方曾经有非常大的降雨量而且河流永远能够通过花岗岩景观冲刷这个通道。This volcanic rock would have been formed many kilometers underground and pushed to the surface by the movements of the earths crust. 数千公里地下的火山岩形成之后通过地壳运动被推到地表。In geologic terms, the weird and wonderful rock forms at the recent result of severing temperatures, shattering frosts, eroding winds and flush floods.-Hello!用地质术语来说,奇形怪状的岩石在最近似的温度,霜冻的鬼斧神工,风的侵蚀及洪水冲刷中形成,太绝妙了!201310/261994

  Daum and KakaoTalk mergeDaum与KakaoTalk合并Getting the message获取消息The latest tie-up between messaging apps and broader online firms通信应用程序与大型互联网公司的最新联合。IN THEORY Daum, an internet portal in South Korea, is acquiring Kakao, a startup whose messaging app, KakaoTalk, is on most of the countrys smartphones. In practice, it is the other way around: the merger unveiled on May 26th gives Kakaos shareholders the lions share of the new company, although Daum has more revenue, profits and staff, plus a stockmarket listing. The deal, valuing Kakao at billion-odd, shows that messaging apps are still hot property.Daum作为韩国的互联网门户网站,合并新兴公司—kakao,存在于大多数国家的智能手机中的消息应用程序。事实上是这样的情况:合并的消息于五月二十六日公布,给予kakao的新公司股东以最大份额,虽然Daum拥有更多的收入,利润和员工,再加上,上市时kakao价值30多亿美元,这也标志着通信程序仍然是朝阳产业。Hottest of all is WhatsApp, a Silicon Valley startup with 500m users, which Facebook bought in February for a staggering billion in cash and shares.The same month Rakuten, a Japanese internet firm, paid 0m for Viber, founded by Israelis but based in Cyprus. Alibaba, a Chinese online giant, paid 5m for a slice of Tango, another Silicon Valley firm, in March. Tencent, Alibabas rival, owns WeChat, which has almost 400m users. It also runs QQ, an older messaging service, and has a stake in Kakao.最热的是WhatsApp,这个拥有5亿用户的硅谷创业公司。二月份,facebook惊人地用190亿美元的现金和股票将其收购。当月,日本互联网公司乐天,付9亿美元收购由以色列人建立,以塞浦路斯为基地的Viber。3月,中国网络巨头阿里巴巴,为另一个硅谷公司Tango付215亿美元。阿里巴巴的竞争对手腾讯公司,旗下的微信拥有近4亿用户,老通讯务QQ也在运营,并拥有kakao的股份。The South Korean deal means yet another pairing of a broader internet company and a messaging startup. The youngsters seek extra heft—for instance, like Kakao, in marketing. The oldies get a trendy mobile product. Daum doubtless hopes that KakaoTalk, which is installed and registered on 145m devices, will help it combat Naver, South Koreas leading portal. South Koreans do not just use the app to chat: it is also a popular platform for mobile games, from which Kakao makes most of its money, and for sending both digital and physical gifts. Naver, too, owns a messaging app, Line, with 400m users, but it is based in Japan.韩国的这次交易意味着迄今为止又一个一个大型互联网公司和一个新兴通信公司的配对。年轻者寻求额外有分量的依托,就像市场上的kakao。老者将得到一个时髦的手机产品。Daum无疑希望kakaotalk可以在145亿的设备上安装注册,这将有助于打击韩国领先的门户网站—NAVER网。韩国人并非只将应用程序用来聊天,它同样是一个流行的手机游戏平台,kakao大部分的钱也是由此而来,用来发送数字礼物。韩国NAVER网同样拥有一个消息应用程序—LINE,拥有4亿用户,只是它建立在日本。The market is highly regionalised: most friendships are local, after all. Kakao has been trying to break out of South Korea, where it is running out of room. It is concentrating on Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, but it faces stiff competition from Line and WeChat. Which app if any will conquer the globe is an open question—though WhatsApp, with most users and Facebooks billions, looks the most powerful. Perhaps none will. People may end up using several—as they did with desktop messaging services in the internets first wave.市场是高度区域化的:毕竟大多数的友谊是带有地域性的。kakao一直试图打破韩国这个运营空间。它将目光集中在印度尼西亚,马来西亚和菲律宾,但它面临着LINE和微信的激烈竞争。虽然WhatsApp拥有最多的用户和facebook数十亿美元的资金,看起来似乎是最强大的一个,但该应用程序是否能够占领世界市场还是一个开放性的问题——也许不会。互联网的第一次浪潮可能会以人们使用几个不同的桌面通信务程序而告终。 /201406/306098

  GE and Alstom通用电气和阿尔斯通Soft power软实力How to open doors and influence people in France如何打开法国的大门并进一步影响法国人Indispensable for Immelt对伊梅尔特不可或缺THERE is a lull before the renewed storm in the battle for Alstom, a French group whose turbines power generators around the world and whose high-speed trains sprint across the countryside. Too small to compete in a tough global market, Alstom had all but agreed to sell its energy operations to General Electric, an American conglomerate with complementary interests. Fearing a loss of jobs, Frances government encouraged Siemens, a German firm, to take a different tack, offering to swap its transport activities for Alstoms energy operations and turning the rivals into a pair of European champions. Siemens says it may see its way to making a firm offer by June 16th. Meanwhile GE is in and out of the Elysee palace, chatting with President Franois Hollande and his aides, improving its offer in the light of their concerns and, it seems, winning supporters.这是阿尔斯通争夺战的风暴卷土重来前的宁静。阿尔斯通作为一家法国集团,它的涡轮机组为全球的发电机提供电力,而它生产的高铁也疾驰在乡间。在残酷的全球市场下太过于微不足道,阿尔斯通除了把它的能源运营部分出售给美国综合性集团通用电气之外别无选择。担心失业,法国政府鼓励德国企业西门子采取一项不同的措施—提出用西门子的交通活动来交换阿尔斯通的能源经营部分以此将对手分成一对欧洲的盟友。西门子称其会在6月16号根据具体情况发出实盘。同时通用电气也在积极与爱丽舍宫方面联系,通过与法国总统奥朗德以及其助手沟通,根据他们关心的方面进行发盘的改进,这好像是在赢取持者。All this says something about how France operates and how foreign firms must adapt to it. Political support for the acquisition is important, for Alstom is seen as one of Frances industrial crown jewels. Even if the government hesitates to invoke the powers it conferred on itself in May to block such a deal in defence of its strategic interests, the public sector is still Alstoms main customer in France. So communication and building trust are vital.这些都反映了法国是如何运作的并且国外企业必须适应这样的情况。收购的政治持是非常重要的,因为阿尔斯通被视作法国工业桂冠上的明珠之一。即使政府犹豫五月份调用它的自己授予的能量阻止交易以保护它的战略性利益,在法国国营部门经济仍然是阿尔斯通的主要客户。因此沟通和信任的构建是至关重要的。GE understands the importance of soft power. It should: it has been in France for more than 40 years, and its joint venture with Frances Safran making jet engines has worked smoothly for almost as long.通用电气理解软实力的重要性。它应该了解:它已经在法国经营了超过40年,它和法国的赛峰集团的联合风投使得飞机引擎产业平稳运行了很多年。Accompanying Jeffrey Immelt, GEs boss, on his rounds in Paris is Clara Gaymard, an author and mother of nine with a quick wit, several languages and the fattest address book in town. The president of GE in France since 2006, she does not make big operational decisions. But as ambassador for the firm she is important, for she brings to the job her membership of three networks.在其巴黎行程中陪伴着通用电气老总杰弗瑞·伊梅尔特的是克拉拉·盖马尔,她是一名作者同时也是九岁孩子的母亲,有急智、掌握多门语言、并且十分了解当地情况。自06年起担任法国通用总裁,她并没有做大的运营决定。但是作为这家公司的大使,她是很重要的,因为她为这项工作带来她的三个关系网络。The first is that bedrock of the French meritocratic establishment, the Ecole Nationale dAdministration. It churns out presidents and prime ministers along with company bosses and senior public administrators, and they are only a telephone call away from each other. Mrs Gaymard married a fellow enarque, who was briefly economy minister under Jacques Chirac until a housing scandal felled him. Mrs Gaymards career has included a prestigious job at the Cour des Comptes, the national auditors office, followed by a series of senior administrative posts.第一个是法国精英建立的基石—国家行政学院。该校培养出了总统、总理还有公司老总以及高级公共行政人员。他们之间经常能互相联系。盖马尔女士曾经嫁给一位国家行政学院的成员,他曾经短暂担任雅克·希拉克时期的财政部长直到因为房地产丑闻下台。盖马尔女士曾在法国审计署、国家审计办公室担任要职,有一系列高级行政职位。Mrs Gaymards three years at the head of the Invest in France agency produced her second network, consisting of many of the worlds top businessmen. From 2003 to 2006 she travelled the globe, often in the company of the heads of big French companies, trying to sell the likes of Warren Buffett and Apples Steve Jobs on France as an investment destination.盖马尔女士在法国政府投资部担任领导3年的经历带来了她的第二个关系网络,连接着世界上许多的顶尖商人。从2003年到2006年,她全球旅行,经常有法国大公司的领导同行,她试图劝说沃伦·巴菲特和苹果的乔布斯这类人将法国作为投资地Her third network includes some of the relatively few women who are powerful in French business. Mrs Gaymard is a leading light in the Womens Forum at Deauville, an annual gathering often called “Davos for women”. So are Christine Lagarde, currently head of the International Monetary Fund, Laurence Parisot, recently retired as head of Medef, the employers lobby, and others. The old girls network is not as strong as the bond amongenarques but there is, as an observer puts it, “respect, and a certain solidarity”.她的第三个网络包括一些法国商界相对较少的女强人。盖马尔女士是多维尔女性论坛的领袖性人物,该年度聚会也被称为“女性达沃斯”。 现任国际货币基金组织总裁克里斯蒂娜·拉加德、最近退休的雇主游说团体法国雇主协会会长劳伦斯·派瑞索女士以及其他的都是这个组织的成员。这些老女孩的网络并不像国家行政学院那样的坚实,就像一个观察员所说的,“尊重,以及一定的稳固性”。What does all this add up to in practice? GE does not always get what it wants: in , for example, it lost an attempt to take over state-owned Arevas power-transmission and distribution business to home-grown Schneider Electric and Alstom. And Mrs Gaymard is not GEs only emissary in its bid to win approval to buy Alstom.这些全部运用到实践中怎么样呢?通用并不是总能得到它想要的:例如年,它输给了本土的施耐德电气以及阿尔斯通,失去了接管国有的阿海珐输电和配电业务的机会。并且盖马尔女士并不是通用投标购买阿尔斯通许可行动中的唯一特使。Yet she may, with her insiders knowledge of how to play the game, have earned GE a slightly more sympathetic hearing in the corridors of power. While Alstom stayed mum about the talks until the news broke in April, incurring ministerial ire, Mrs Gaymard tipped off the government in February that GE was interested, a gesture that was later appreciated. Although GEs chances look good, its bid may still fail. If it does, it will not be because the firm lacked the opportunity to make its case.但是她可能已经用她对于如何进行操作内情的熟悉,帮助通用在高层赢得了一些的同情的声音。但是阿尔斯通知道媒体四月份曝光之前始终保持沉默,招致了内阁的愤怒,盖马尔女士安抚政府称通用对于这个项目有兴趣,这是一个在后来被赞扬的信号。尽管通用电气看起来机会不错,它的投标仍然可能失败。如果失败了,这不会是因为企业缺少机会导致的。 /201406/305807


  Time to go the A Moment of Science mailbag. A listener writes:接下来是《科学一刻》听众来信时间。我们的一位听众写道:Dear A Moment of Science,Ive heard that pork can be used to stop a nosebleed.亲爱的《科学一刻》栏目,我听说猪肉能被用来治流鼻血。Is this true, or just a myth?这是真的吗,还是虚构出来的?Well, there are lots of anecdotal stories about doctors in the 17-and 1800s stuffing patientsnoses with salt pork to stop nosebleeds.呃,现在流传着许多这样的奇闻趣事,说的是18,19世纪的医生将腌猪肉塞进病人的鼻子里治疗流鼻血。But the practice fell out of favor at some point because the meat wasnt always the freshest, and often swarmed with bacteria and other dangerous parasites.但是在某些时候,这一疗法并不流行。因为猪肉并不总是最新鲜的,经常有细菌以及其他有害的寄生虫。But recently, doctors at the Detroit Medical Center used this old folk method to treat a young child who suffered from frequent and prolonged bloody noses.但是在近期,底特律医疗中心的医生们就用这一偏方来治疗一名小孩子。这个孩子频繁地流鼻血且持续时间很长,她深受其苦。Using so called nasal tampons made of raw, salt pork, which they packed into her nose, the docs were able to stop the bleeding withintwenty-four hours.医生将由生的腌猪肉做成的,所谓的鼻子止血棉,塞进她的鼻子。在24小时之内,医生们成功的止住了这个孩子的鼻血。Now, to be sure, trying this admittedly weird sounding method on a single patient hardly constitutes an in depth study.说老实话,只在一名病人身上尝试这个听起来确实古怪的老偏方,几乎难以构成一项有深度的医学研究。But the pork treatment seems to have worked in this case.Why?但是在这个案例中,猪肉疗法看起来起作用了。这是为什么呢?It could be that raw salt pork has certain qualities that help stop the bleeding.可能的原因是,生的腌猪肉具有某种特性,有助于止血。Or maybe thecombination of cold and salt narrow the blood vessels while the fat kick-starts clotting.或者可能是,在脂肪快速凝固的同时,低温和盐的共同作用使血管收缩。In any case, its an interesting example of how some old folk cures might have some basis inscience.不管怎样,这都是一个有趣的例子,关于一些老偏方如何具有科学依据。 201404/284373

  Business商业报道General Motors woes通用的悲鸣What do you recall?你召回什么?GM is forced to confront its faults通用被迫面对它的错误WHEN Mary Barra took the wheel at General Motors in January she inherited a company in good shape.Mary Barra 在二月份接掌通用汽车时,公司运转态势良好。Five years after bankruptcy, its profits were exceeding expectations and its share price was rising.破产5年之后,它的利润增长超过预期,股价也在持续上升。But the new bosss to-do list was long: fixing GMs loss-making European arm, keeping up momentum in China amid signs of a slowdown and rejuvenating the product line.但是新的掌门人面临着一系列的问题:整顿欧洲分的亏损问题;在出现衰退迹象的情况下,保持中国市场的发展势头并发展生产线。Ms Barras predecessor, Dan Akerson, warned her that she would also face “curve balls”.Barra女士的前任Dan Akerson 告诫她可能也会面临“曲线球”。The first has arrived sooner than she might have expected.第一个比她预期的来得更快。What appeared to be a routine recall in mid-February of about 800,000 older models, linked to a faulty ignition switch, has turned out to be anything but.在二月中旬看似是例行召回的800000辆旧款车结果显示只是因为点火开关的缺陷。The number of cars recalled has leapt to more than 2.6m.被召回的车已经超过260万辆。The companys inept handling of a safety problem that first became apparent a decade ago is now linked to the deaths of at least 13 motorists.公司对于安全问题的笨拙处理,在十年之前首次显露。现在已经与至少13位驾驶者的死亡有关。Called before Congress on April 1st to answer for GMs failings Ms Barra said she was “deeply sorry” but insisted that the post-bankruptcy “new GM” was not like the “old GM”, which had failed to deal with the ignition switches for years.4月1号被召到国会回答通用失败的原因,Barra说她“深表遗憾”,但是她强调破产重组后的“新通用”和处理点火开关多年未果的“老通用”不同。Politicians and the public alike want to know how such a problem could have remained unaddressed for so long.政客和公众想知道为什么这样一个问题能够悬而未决这么久。Cars are becoming ever more complex machines, with thousands of mechanical and electronic parts.汽车构造越来越复杂,有着成千上万的机械以及电气构造。Recalls are not uncommon.召回并不罕见。Last year it happened to 22m vehicles in America, compared with 18m in 2012.去年美国有2200万汽车召回,而2012年召回了1800万辆。In fact, GM was one of only three brands that recalled fewer vehicles than it sold.实际上,通用曾是召回比售出少的三巨头之一。Niggling problems, like squeaks or rattles, that do not affect safety are more common still.不影响安全的类似于发出吱吱声或者为嗡嗡声的琐碎问题愈发常见。 They may be fixed at a routine service; the owner may never know.它们有可能在例行务中被处理好,汽车所有者可能永远都不会知道。The growing number of recalls is testament to an improving system for picking up faults.增加的召回数量是发现问题体系在不断完善的明。But it is very complicated.但是这个系统很复杂。Dealers must record replacements of parts under warranty.经销商必须在授权下记录置换部分。The carmaker needs to spot the trend, recognise it as a problem and then determine whether or not it is a design fault that requires wholesale replacement.汽车制造者需要发现这一趋势,认定其为一个问题,然后确认是否为需要全部替换的设计失误。It relies on accurate recording of every warranty replacement in every region, says Andrew Bergbaum of AlixPartners, a firm of consultants.咨询公司AlixPartners的Andrew Bergbaum说:它依赖于每一地区的每一个授权置换的精确记录。This system appears to have broken down at “old GM”.但是这一体系在“老通用”貌似没能施行。Ms Barra needs to find out why.Barra需要找出其原因。At the heart of the matter is a widely used ignition switch that has a tendency to slip from the “on” position to “off” if a driver uses a heavy keychain or bounces down a rough road.问题的核心是:广泛使用的点火开关在驾驶者使用重钥匙串或者在崎岖路上颠簸时有从“开”滑落到“关”的趋向。A modification was made in 2008 to prevent the problem, which can lead to the engine shutting off, disabling the airbags.一个装置在2008年被设计出来解决这一问题,但是它可能导致引擎熄火和安全气囊的失效。But despite a growing list of crashes and deaths, GM failed to order a recall for a component that would have cost a few dollars at most.尽管有着上升的撞车及死亡记录,但是通用并没有进行召回,虽然这些召回最多只是花一点钱。This is odd.这很奇怪。Most carmakers want to identify and fix problems speedily despite having to bear the cost of buying and fitting a new component.大多数汽车制造者希望及时发现并处理问题,尽管会付购买以及安装新元件的费用。A small part can do great harm, if bad publicity leads to reputational corrosion, lost sales and litigation, which in America can include hefty punitive damages.千里之堤溃于蚁穴,如果坏的消息传开导致名誉受损、销量下降以及被起诉,这在美国预示着高额惩罚性赔偿。Appearing to put profits before safety is also liable to batter a firms shares, as GM has discovered.通用实了,表现得重利益甚于重视安全也会引起公司股票的大跌。So far Ms Barra has handled the situation well.Barra到目前为止将这个局面处理得很好。She seems to have acted as soon as she found out something was awry.她似乎在一发现事情不对,就立即采取行动。And she has borrowed strategies from Toyota, which was forced into recalling more than 10m vehicles in and 2010 after worrying instances of “unintended acceleration”.她借鉴了丰田公司的策略。丰田在担心“突然加速”的例子,在年和2010年先后召回了1000万辆汽车。Akio Toyoda, Toyotas boss, also appeared before Congress, contrite and apologetic.丰田公司掌门人Akio Toyoda也在国会现身,赔礼道歉。GM, like Toyota, has appointed a worldwide safety tsar to cut through the bureaucracy that may have delayed action on the faulty switch.通用和丰田一样,任命了一个全球性的安全特使来整饬可能导致拖延问题开关处理的官僚作风。And in a frenzy of housecleaning, GM has recalled another 2m vehicles in America alone.在一场狂风骤雨般的清理中,通用单单在美国就另外召回了200万辆车。GM looks set to accept moral, if not legal, responsibility.如果不是法律要求的,通用似乎也会接受道德责任。The terms of its exit from bankruptcy give immunity to lawsuits for injuries arising beforehand.通用退出破产的条件赋予其豁免于之前伤害诉讼的权利。But GM is likely to compensate survivors and victims families anyway.但是通用不管怎样,可能赔偿幸存者以及遇难者家属。Toyota had a terrible year after its big recalls, battered by mounting costs and falling sales.丰田在它的大召回后经历了困难的一年,深陷于大量的费用以及减少的销量之中。But it has since regained the lost ground.但是它已经重新夺回失去的市场。It is not yet clear how much of a hammering GM will take.通用会经受怎样的打击现在还不清楚。But hours before Ms Barras meeting with Congress, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety issued a coveted “Top Safety Pick” endorsement for the new Chevrolet Malibu, one of a growing number of well-received cars from GM.但是在Barra出席国会之前,高速公路安全保险机构颁发了一个令人垂涎的“最高安全评价”的认给了通用销量大涨、广受欢迎的雪佛兰迈锐宝。That suggests it is at least on the road to redemption.这表明通用至少在救赎的路上。 /201404/285978


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