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The northern limits of ancient China长城是中国古代were defined by the Great Wall北部的边界which meanders for nearly 5000km from east to west自东蜿蜒向西约5000公里The settled Han people of the Chinese heartland当时定居于中原地带的汉族人were invaded many times by warlike tribes常常被被来自于北方的from the north游牧部落所侵略The Great Wall was built to protect the Han Chinese长城的修建保护了汉族人免于from invasion遭受侵略To meet those fearsome northerners为了展现勇猛豪迈的北方壮士and the wild creatures who share their world以及这块土地上的野生生命we must leave the shelter of the Wall我们必须离开庇护所and travel into the unknown深入探索未知的世界Northeast China was known historically as Manchuria中国的东北部在历史上被称为满洲Its upper reaches are on the same latitude as Paris她的上游河段与巴黎位于同一纬度but in winter, it is one of the coldest但是到了冬季 这儿却是——most hostile places on the planet地球上最冷最不利于生存的地方Bitter winds from Siberia刺骨的寒风定期从西伯利亚袭来regularly bring temperatures of 40° below 0并将气温降至零下四十度 /201208/196077Part 1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6 Part7 Part8 Part9 Article/200908/82301Over one third of our planet is frozen,地球上有超过三分之一的地方是冰天雪地and yet, the icy worlds of the Arctic and Antarctic然而 北极和南极这两个被冰雪覆盖的世界are as alien to most of us as the surface of another planet.对于大多数人来说 却像外星那样陌生They are places of superlatives.那里有数不尽的世界之最From ice caps that hold nearly 80% of our planet#39;s fresh water两极冰冠共储藏有地球上近80%的淡水to frozen forests that encircle the entire globe.冰冻森林更跨越了所有经度These are places that feed our imaginations,那里丰富了我们的想象力places that seem to be borrowed from fairy tales.宛如童话故事中所描述的世界They#39;re dominated and shaped by the ice...冰雪的形成及融化both by its coming and by its going.是塑造两极的主导性力量This is our planet#39;s last true wilderness这是地球上仅存的纯正荒野and one that is changing而正当我们开始对其有所了解之时just as we#39;re beginning to understand it.那里正经历着变迁In this series,在此系列中we#39;ll be travelling to all parts of these lonely lands,我们将踏遍荒凉之地的每个角落both north and south,包括北极和南极to witness its wonders perhaps for the last time这也许是我们最后一次 见那里的奇观and to discover some extraordinary examples并探索那些克了重重困难of survival against all the odds,才得以生存下来的伟大生命as can be found anywhere on the planet.它们的身影遍及世界各地 /201210/203862

Wood Buffalo National Park野牛国家公园covers 28,000 square miles,面积七万多平方公里the size of Denmark.像丹麦一样大One of the few cameramen, who have filmed wolves and bison here几位摄影师中 有一人曾拍过狼和野牛is Jeff Turner.那就是杰夫·特纳I first tried to film bison and wolves十五年前 我第一次试图in this national park 15 years ago.在这个国家公园拍摄野牛和狼And getting around on the ground一年中的任何时候is incredibly difficult at any time of the year,在这片土地上出行都特别困难but in the winter, it#39;s tough.但在冬天是极其困难We quickly realised the only way我们很快意识到 在这里we#39;d get anything here was we had to get up in the air.想要达到目的的唯一办法便是飞行The Frozen Planet team had never attempted冰冻星球摄制组还没有尝试过aerial filming in such low temperatures.在如此低温下进行空中拍摄The first challenge for director Chadden Hunter导演查登·亨特尔的第一个挑战was protecting the sensitive aerial camera.就是保护脆弱的航空摄影机At -40, electrical cables short-circuit like fireworks.零下四十度的时候 电线会短路How cold can you fly this chopper? Minus 40.你怎么驾驶这台直升机 零下四十度啊Aerial cameraman Michael Kelem空中摄影师迈克尔·凯勒姆comes from sunny California来自阳光充足的加利福尼亚and has never experienced temperatures so low.从未经历过如此低温What kind of temperatures can you operate down to?你习惯在什么温度下操作Me? Usually about 70-degrees Fahrenheit in LA-kind of weather.我吗 在洛杉矶一般大约二十度Yeah? I#39;m only rated for Santa Monica.是吗 我还以为是圣塔莫妮卡 /201211/211659

When the bee stings, simply remembering your favorite things doesn#39;t help. There are many methods for removing stingers and treating the pain from a bee sting. Follow these easy steps to find out how to remove a bee stinger and treat yourself with lemons.被蜜蜂蛰了,只想着自己喜欢的事情是没有帮助的。有许多方法可以除掉蜇刺并止痛。遵循以下简单的步骤,学习怎样使用柠檬来除刺止痛。Step 1: You will need1.你需要Lemon,Credit card柠檬,信用卡Step 2: The Stubborn Stinger2.顽固蜇刺A bee#39;s stinger is barbed and can continue to release venom into your skin if you try to pull it out using tweezers. Instead,take a credit card and drag it across the surface of the skin where the stinger is poking out.蜜蜂的刺有倒钩,如果试图用镊子拔出来,会继续向皮肤中释放毒液。相反,拿一张信用卡,在被蜇部位的皮肤表面拖过去。Step 3: Bee-hold The Power Of Lemons3.柠檬的威力Once you#39;ve removed the stinger, hold a lemon on your irritated skin. The natural acid in lemons acts as a blood purifier and helps the body naturally get rid of the venom from a bee#39;s stinger.除掉蜇刺以后,在被蜇的地方放置一个柠檬。柠檬中天然的酸性成分可以净化血液,帮助身体自然清除蜇刺释放出的毒液。Step 4: Done.4.完成。Thanks for watching How To Treat A Bee Sting With Lemon.感谢收看“怎样用柠檬处理蜜蜂蜇伤”视频节目。 Article/201211/210271

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