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忙碌的一天(A busy day) -- :: 来源: 忙碌的一天(A busy day)   this morning i got up early. after breakfast, i helped mom with housework. then i did my homework.  the homework was very interesting, so i did it well. in the afternoon, i played table tennis with my friend lingling, we enjoyed ourselves very much. in the evening i watched tv with my parents and then prepared my self the next day's lesson.  what a busy day today!。

  • 寒假去哈尔滨旅游 --3 :38:57 来源: 寒假去哈尔滨旅游 last winter holiday, i went to harbin with my mother. it's very cold in winter. there is snow and ice everywhere and you are always in a white world. you must wear warm clothes. the most exciting thing is playing with snow. skating is also very interesting there.i will' always remember harbin, the snow, the ice and all the beautiful things. i love harbin.。
  • 寻找象棋(Find a che) --5 ::51 来源: 寻找象棋(Find a che)  last year, i played chess in my grandmather’s home. i put the chess in a bag, but, there is no chess now.  today, i quickly go to my grandmother’s home, want to find the chess.i quickly open the door of the shelf to look them, but there’s no chess in it. so i quickly open my toy box and look them, but there’s no chess in it too.  oh! my chess, where are you?。
  • 黑龙江知青物馆—承载着迷失的一代的爱与恨 --30 ::51 来源: Some call them the lost generation. Others simply by the Chinese name Zhiqing.有些人说他们是迷失的一代,而简单说来,他们的中国名叫知青They are the millions of young intellectuals who were sent to the countryside during the "cultural revolution" (1966-76) re-education.他们是文化大革命(1966-76)年间被派往农村改造的上百万知识分子The relocation, ordered by the central government, deeply affected a whole generation. A museum capturing their past love and pain sits in in Northeast China's Heilongjiang province.中央政府下发的这项下放命令深深地影响了整个这代人的命运承载着他们的已逝的爱和痛的一个物馆坐落于中国西北部的黑龙江省Almost two million urban young intellectuals went to Heilongjiang province to work with local farmers.那时后,几乎有0万城市年轻知识分子前往黑龙江省和农民一起劳作Dai Jianguo was one of them. In spring 1970, The then -year-old came to a village from Shanghai. He fell in love with a local girl named Xiaofeng. But Xiaofeng's parents ced her to marry a local man when Dai went home Spring Festival in 197.戴建国就是他们其中的一个1970年春天,那时才岁的他从上海来到一个山村里面他爱上了当地一个叫小凤的女孩但是197年戴回家过春节的时候,小凤的父母强迫她嫁给了当地的一个男人Xiaofeng went crazy. After her son died, Xiaofeng's husband divorced her. Dai finally married Xiaofeng in 1979. Dai took his wife and son back to Shanghai in 1997.小凤疯狂了她的儿子死后,小凤的丈夫和她离了婚戴最终在1979年和小凤结婚了1997年戴带着他的妻子和儿子回了上海But not every young intellectual survived until they could return home. Fu Xiaofang, a Shanghai girl, was one of them. She died while trying to fight a est fire at just years old in 1970, The fire claimed the lives of another youths, including 19-year-old Zhou Xiulan, who came from Beijing.但是并不是每个年轻知识分子在他们可以回家的时候都幸存的付小芳,一个上海姑娘,就是其中一个1970年森林大火,她在救火时牺牲,当时只有岁这场大火夺去了另外个青年的性命,包括19岁的周秀兰,她来自北京Jin Shunhua, who came from Shanghai, died searching wire poles in a river in Xunke county, Heilongjiang province.金顺华,来自上海,在搜寻电线杆时在黑龙江省逊克县的一条河里死去 黑龙江知青物馆。
  • :狐假虎威续 --01 :6:5 来源: :狐假虎威续旁白:I think everybody knows the Chinese story “A Tiger in Tow" . You know the fox cheat the tiger. When the tiger knew the truth, he felt very angry. He hated the fox very much. Can you imagine when the fox meet with the tiger again, what will happen?One day, a new story happens.Scene I 琵琶弹奏:《金蛇狂舞场景:狐狸在前面跑,老虎在后面追老虎一把揪住狐狸,喘三口气后,将狐狸翻转过来老虎:(暴怒地,用手指指着狐狸的鼻子)You cheat me last time. Cheat me! How dare you! Now, you are dying. Ah ha ha ha!狐狸:(背过头去,小声地):Oh, unlucky! What shall I do?(回过头来,可怜地):I feel very sorry cheating you last time,but, but ,but……(左顾右盼)老虎:(疑惑地)But what?狐狸:(推脱中)But…….(眼睛往远处上下打量,迷恋状,脚不由自主地走出去)Beautiful!老虎:(一把将狐狸拽回来) What?狐狸:(向远处努努嘴)You girl friend Linda! Look, she’s there!老虎:(傻呼呼,左右张望,急忙放手去找)Where? Where? Linda, I love you!(狐狸乘机溜走)(l老虎望着空空如也的手) I hate fox!(气得上窜下跳)Scene II旁白:Untunately, after a few days, the tiger meet with the fox again.老虎在森林里又遇到了溜达中的狐狸,又一下子冲上去把狐狸压在爪下(琵琶拨一下弦,以示紧张的情绪)老虎:(暴怒地)Now, you can make a choice. You want me bite you head first or your fat leg first?(先抚狐狸的头发,再打量狐狸的腿)狐狸:(回过头去,表情像遇到鬼)Shit!(又回过头来,非常可怜状)(二胡《梁祝响起)Oh, oh, oh, oh, help yourself to some fox please. I hate myself, too.(狐狸捂着脸痛苦地跪下)My mother says I’m not a good boy. I always tell lies.(狐狸突然蹿起来) But, they say, tiger is a kind of strong animal. Maybe the strongest animal in the world. Bee I die, can you show me how strong you are?老虎:(得意极了,做出各种健美展示姿势)Of course. I’m a great animal. I’m proud of myself.狐狸:(试探地)I heard there was a Chinese called 刘翔. He can cover 1 meters in seconds. Can you?老虎:(想想就好笑)Wa ha ha ha ! wa ha ha ha! Poor mankind! How slow! Wash your eyes! (老虎用手将狐狸的脑袋推开)Look!(老虎一溜烟跑了起来)狐狸:(挥挥手,远远望去)sa yu na la! (二胡配轻松得意的音乐) :狐假虎威续。
  • 小学六年级英语作文:I Like Sunflowers best 我最喜欢向日葵 -- ::38 来源: 小学六年级英语作文:I Like Sunflowers best 我最喜欢向日葵Sunflower is my favorite flowever.向日葵是我最喜欢的花As its name says,sunflower turns to the sun all the time,it's a kind of flowever which can bring warm to you.Sunflower has golden color and a round face,when look at it,you will fill that it's smiling to you.That's another reason why i like it best,it's a symbol of optimism.就如它的名字所言,向日葵总是面向太阳,它是一种可以给人带来温暖的花向日葵有着灿灿的金色和圆圆的脸蛋,每当看到它,你就会觉得它在朝你笑这就是我最爱向日葵的另一个原因——它象征着乐观的心态。
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