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2017年12月16日 01:54:30 | 作者:中医口碑 | 来源:新华社
37 Optimism37 乐 观I don#39;t see how...can fail.我看不出...怎么会不行A:The machine won#39;t work.Isn#39;t there anything wrong with it?A:机器不转动,难道出什么问题了?B:I don#39;t see how the machine can fail.B:我看不出这台机器怎么会出毛病.A:Neither do I .A:我也看不出来了.B:Maybe the power is cut off,B:也许是电源断了....can#39;t go wrong....不可能出毛病.A:What did you say?A:你说什么?B:I said we failed.B:我说我们失败了.A:I don#39;t believe it.The scheme can#39;t go wrong.A:我不信.这个方案不可能出毛病....is sure to ...肯定会...A:Did you watch the match?A:你看球赛了吗?B:There#39;s no need.I know the visiting team is sure to win.B:没必要,我知道客队一定会赢.A:Good guess.Our team disappoints all the fans.A:说得对,我们队让所有球迷失望.B:So I said it#39;s wise not to be a fan.B:所以我说不作球迷是明智之举...is certain to ......一定会...A:A weekend at the seaside is certain to be enjoyable.A:在海滨度周末一定很有意思.B:I can#39;t agree with you more.B:你说的太对了!A:Do you like the feeling of walking on the sandy beach?A:你喜欢沙滩漫步的感觉吗?B:That#39;s really nice.B:那可真是太好了!I have no doubt of ...我肯定...A:I have no doubt of his success.A:我肯定他会成功的.B:Why are you so confident?B:你怎么这么肯定?A:Because he#39;s very dilligent and intelligent.A:因为他既勤奋又聪明.I think you#39;re going to ...我想你会...的.A:How much is this make of VCD?B:1500 yuan.A:这种VCD多少钱?B:1500元.A:Does it work well?A:好用吗?B:I think you#39;re going to love it .B:我想你会喜欢的.I#39;m sure we#39;ll...我敢肯定我们会...A:How do you predict the result of the match?A:你想比赛结果会怎么样?B:I#39;m sure we#39;ll win it.B:我敢肯定我们会赢.A:Wish you good luck!B:Thank you.A:祝你们好运!B:谢谢....will be wonderful,I#39;m sure.我敢肯定...会非常出色.A:When are we going to have the show?A:演出什么时候开始?B:In a week or so.B:大约一周后.A:Will you go and watch it?A:你去看吗?B:Sure.That show will be wonderful,I#39;m sure.B:当然.我相信这场演出将非常出色.You#39;ll soon...你很快就会...的.A:I#39;m so worried.I always make unworthy mistakes.A:我担心极了.我总是犯些不该犯的错误.B:Take it easy.You#39;ll soon get over your carelessness.B:别担心.你很快就会改掉粗心大意的毛病.A:How I wish what you said came true!A:我多么希望你的话能应验....is bound to be successful....一定会成功.A:I#39;m not sure whether the result will deserve my effort.A:不知道我的努力值不值得.B:Your work is bound to be successful.B:你一定会成功.A:Thank you for your encouraging words.A:谢谢你的鼓励.You#39;re bound to...你一定会...A:I#39;ll spend my summer vacation in the mountains.A:我要在山里度暑假.B:How wonderful!A:Come along,will you?B:多好啊!A:你来吗?B:I#39;d like to,but not this time.I think you#39;re bound to have a marvelous timeB:谢谢,这次不行.我想你一定会过得非常愉快的.You#39;re going to be...你会...的.A:What do you want to become in future?A:你将来想成为什么样的人?B:I don#39;t want to daydream now.I believe my hard work will bring me everythingB:我不想现在空想,但是我相信只要努力工作,什么都会有的.A:You#39;re going to be somebody.A:你会成为一个人物.I am confident(that)...我相信...A:What did the wether person say?A:天气预报员说什么了?B:She said the nice weather will last for another week.B:她说晴天还能持续一周.A:So I#39;m confident we can finish the work according to the scheduleA:那么我相信我们的工作会如期完成.B:I wish you were right.I hate rain at this time.B:但愿如此,这个时候我厌烦雨天.I#39;m very optimistic about...对...我非常乐观.A:I#39;m very optimistic about the economic situation.A:我对经济形势非常乐观.B:Our new premier will keep it stable at least .B:我们的新总理至少会使它保持稳定.A:And steady economic growth shouldn#39;t be excluded.A:也不排除稳步的增长.I am very optimistic (that)......我很乐观.A:How#39;s your company going?A:你们公司的情况怎么样?B:Not bad,but at the beginning fo the year it didn#39;t run so well.B:不错.但年初不太好.A:What about its future?A:将来会怎么样?B:I am very optimistic things will take a good turnB:我很乐观,情况将好转.I anticipate success in...我预料...会成功.A:When will another population explosion take place?A:再一次人口爆炸什么时候出现?B:There won#39;t be another one.B:再不会有了.A:How do you get the idea?A:你怎么会这么想呢?B:I anticipate success in our population control.B:我预料我们控制人口会取得成功.I feel quite sure(that)...非常肯定地说...A:Our products have entered the world market!A:我们的产品打入国际市场了!B:How wonderful!I feel quite sure our company will develop faster than everB:太好了!我认为公司的发展速度定会比以往任何时候都要快.A:You#39;re right.The more we export,the more we earn.That#39;s for sure.A:你说得对.我们出口越多,赚的就越多.这肯定无疑.I have every confidence in...对...我很有信心.A:Do you think he will be promoted this time?A:你认为这次他会被提升吗?B:Yes.I have every confidence in his promotion.B:是的,他的晋升肯定疑.A:Just because he gets on well with everybody?A:就因为他和每个人关系都很好吗?B:Party,and he#39;s also a hard-working man.B:这是部分原因,他工作也很努力.I feel quite certain that...我很有把握...A:How about her illness?B:Much better now.A:她的病怎么样了? B:现在好多了.A:Does she have to stay in hospital for a long time?A:还得在医院里住很长时间吗?B:No,I feel quite certain she#39;ll recover soon.B:不用,我很有把握,她不久就会恢复健康.My expectation is(that)...我预料...A:Congratulations,Dr.Smith!A:恭喜你,史密斯大夫!You#39;ve perfored the operation beautifully.手术做得漂亮极了.B:Thank you for your complimentsB:谢谢你的夸奖.A:What do you expect will happen in medical field?A:你预计医疗界会怎么样?B:I don#39;t know exactly but I do find it#39;s a great success.B:说不准,但我的确说为这是了不起的成功.A:My expectation is you#39;ll have a breakthrough in medical treatment.A:我预计在医疗方面你们将取得一次突破. /200910/86623听力训练Answer the following questions about the .1) Three thinks the best place to find bargains is _______.a) outlet shopsb) online shops2) Three says online shops provide the same product with _______.a) less pressureb) a cheaper price3) Three also compares _______ between different online shopsa) pricesb) delivery times本期话题Topic:Where do you shop for bargains?Hello, this is Three from Vietnam, and the question of today is: ;Where do you shop for bargains?;. I could say the best place to shop for bargain is online shop, because a lot of money is saved from opening a real shop and hiring real employees. Online shops tend to provide the same product with cheaper price. You can even compare price of one product between different shops, watch the price changing, and buy it when it#39;s with the lowest. Then you just stay at home, wait a few days for your stuff to come.听力b b a /201310/259011我们今天一起来看一看美语里的填充词filler words,当你不知道该说什么的时候的会用到的词,在日常对话和口语考试的时候都很-有用。um 嗯but um 但是,嗯A: Do you like your university?你喜欢你的学校吗?B: Yeah But um..., it#39;s full of female students. I wanna see more guys here.喜欢吧。。。但是,嗯......我们学校全是女生。我希望男生能多一些。like 就是,就像。A: What do you do with your friends? 你和你朋友在一起的时候做什么?B: We do things like shopping, watching movies, etc. We hang out like twice a week. When we hang out it is really, like, exciting. 我们就是逛街啊,看电影啊什么的。我们差不多一周出去玩儿两次。我们一起玩儿的时候就-是特别开心。so/so like所以,就是I mean 我是说A: So 白洁, are you going on a date with the guy you met? 那个,白洁,你要和你新认识的那个男生约会吗?B: I don#39;t know. So like, like I mean, he seemed really nice. I mean he was being very chivalrous. 我不知道。就是,像我说的那样,他看起来人挺好的。我是说,他真的特别绅士。you know? 你知道吗?你懂的。you know what I mean? 你懂我意思吗?A: What#39;s new?有什么新闻吗?Um... Nothing much. But you know giant rubber duck displayed in Hong Kong. It#39;s so cute. It got deflated recently. Although the deflation was a sad story, but, you know, it is still hilarious to hear, haha. You know what I mean?嗯......没什么啦。不过你知道那个在香港展出的大橡皮鸭。它好可爱啊。它最近漏-气了。虽然这是个坏消息,不过,听起来还是好搞笑啊,哈哈.你懂我意思吧?These filler words are very commonly used daily, but some teenagers over use them, and it gets kind of annoying.这些词在口语里很常用,但是有的青少年滥用这些词,会让别人很烦。So like I saw the movie So Young today and I bet you could totes like it. The plots are like something about, you know, love, you know, loving somebody, and you know, like stuff like that. And I was, like, this is awesome. So I thought, like, it was the best movie in the world. You know what I mean?所以,就是我今天看了致青春,我觉得你肯定会喜欢。情节就是,你知道,爱呀,这个人爱-那个人,你懂的,就是那些爱来爱去的。我就想,太好看了,所以我觉得,就是,这电影真-是世界上最好看的。你懂我意思吧?OMG!Shut up!我去!别说了! /201306/244143

1.dog days of summer夏天最热的几天2.just a puppy新手3.dog-eat-dog world弱肉强食的世界4.puppy dog eyes撒娇 In this dog-eat-dog world, competition is everywhere. Each individual should take care of himself or herself first... /201111/159551

studying like crazy 学霸/很努力学习I#39;ve been studying like crazy for final exams. I feel like my brain is going to explode!我为了期末,变身学霸,很努力的学习。 我脑子好像要爆炸了。need a breather 需要喘口气lose it 失控,要疯了burn out 精疲力尽You need to take a breather before you totally lose it! You don#39;t wanna burn out before your test.你喘口气吧,不然你会失控的。考试前可不能垮。take a brain break 换换脑子hit the books - K书OK. I#39;m gonna take a brain break and watch an episode of ;I#39;m a Singer; And then I#39;m gonna hit the books again!好吧,我先看一集;我是歌手;,换换脑子,然后再接着K书。 /201305/240521

I#39;ll tell her to return your call.我让她给你回电话。讲解:例如这个句子:I#39;m sorry,she#39;s in a meeting now.I#39;ll tell her to return your call as soon as possible. 抱歉,她在开会,我让她尽快给你回电话。 /201503/361374

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