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强调语气的作用是使某个观点或意思更加突出,增强感染力,给人留下更深刻的印象。人们在说话时通常借助提高话音、放慢语速、说话简练或打手势等方式来突出重点,强调主要的意思。为了达到更好的表达效果,我们应该学会如何在说话中使用强调语气来突出主要的意思,增强感染力。 把主要的意思放在句首或句末,尤其是句末,这是最容易引起读者注意力的地方1 Education remains the most important single means of economic advancement, in spite of all its shortcomings.2 In spite of all its shortcomings, education remains the most important single means of economic advancement.3 Education remains, in spite of all its shortcomings, the most important single means of economic advancement.以上三句话用词完全相同,但是词序的变化引起读者对三句话不同的理解。第一句话把in spite of all its shortcomings放在句末,强调的是教育的缺憾,淡化了教育的重要性;第二句话把in spite of all its shortcomings放在句首,强调了教育的缺憾,但是把教育的重要性放在句末,更加突出了教育的重要性。第三句话把in spite of all its shortcomings放在句中,淡化了教育的缺憾,把教育和教育的重要性分别放在句首和句末,突出了二者的重要性。偶尔使用掉尾句(the periodic sentence)来代替累加句(the loose sentence)1The jury found him guilty, though his lawyer defended him eloquently.2 Though his lawyer defended him eloquently, the jury found him guilty.1句是累加句,主要意思(主句)在前,次要意思(从句)在后,但是把次要意思放在句末,容易给读者造成强调次要意思的印象。2句是掉尾句,次要意思(从句)在前,主要意思(主句)在后,突出了主要意思,符合句子的原意,即主要意思用主句表达,次要意思用从句表达。 表达并列的意思时,根据意思的重要性由低到高依次排列,由此来强调最重要的意思1 Urban life is unhealthy, morally corrupt, and fundamentally inhuman.2 The storm knocked down many trees in town, ripped the roofs off several buildings, and killed ten people.3 Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.以上三句话中,并列成分按重要性从低到高排列。句1中,unhealthy, corrupt和inhuman三个词程度越来越严重地描述了城市生活,并强调了城市生活非人性的一面。句2描述了暴风雨造成的损害:刮倒了许多树,刮跑了几个房顶,十人丧生。显然损害程度越来越强,给人们造成的影响越来越严重。句3反映了西方人心目中获得healthy, wealthy和wise的难易程度,healthy最易获得,wise最难获得,也最重要。 /201210/202176听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):For a few years, we were constantly hearing about how terrible Michigans roads were–and how the legislature kept ignoring citizens pleas to fix them.Then, a couple of years ago, lawmakers did enact what was billed as a road repair package. It doesnt start providing any new money until this year, but four years from now, its supposed to generate something like .2 billion a year to fix the roads.Thats provided the Legislature, which is still talking about cutting taxes and state revenue, is willing to take 0 million out of the aly strapped general fund. But even if that happens, and even if the next few winters are as mild as this one, heres the bad news: The new funding is way too little and considerably too late.Our roads are going to get worse—noticeably and exponentially worse. In the next five years, there is going to be a vast and accelerating increase in the number of roads and bridges in terrible shape. And that means more people will die.This isnt hyperbole.Trip, a highly respected Washington-based transportation research group, just released a new report on Michigan. It makes for grim ing.Trip concluded the road funding package the governor signed in 2015 ;is not sufficient to adequately address the significant deterioration of the system, or to allow the state to provide many of the transportation improvements that are needed to support economic growth.;The study starkly illustrates what that will mean. Last year, 20 percent of Michigans state-maintained roads were in ;poor; condition. Three years from now, that figure will be 46 percent – almost half. Bridges are in somewhat better shape. Only one of every nine of those ;show significant deterioration and are in need of repair.;But that too is expected to climb rapidly. The Michigan Department of Transportation estimates that within three years, 354 state highway bridges will be in poor shape.Someday, one will collapse and people will die.They are dying now. Few people have noticed, but traffic deaths in Michigan rose 20 percent from 2014 to 2016. I have no doubt text messaging and other distracted driving had a lot to do with that. But so did the condition of the roads.The TRIP study estimates road conditions are a likely contributing factor in one-third of highway deaths. Last year, more than 1,000 people were killed on our roads. You do the math.Bad roads are much like tooth decay. The longer you put off fixing the problem, the more complex and expensive it becomes. Trips report concludes by stating the obvious:;As Michigan works to build a thriving, growing and dynamic state, it will be critical…to address the states most significant transportation issues by providing a well-maintained 21st century network of roads, highways, bridges and transit.;Well, we arent doing it. And unless that changes, we are going to become a backwater.The best, easiest and roughly fairest solution is simple.Forget the fancy funding games, and just raise the gas tax per gallon to get what we need. Otherwise, well, maybe we can switch to a fleet of oxcarts. Our economy may collapse, but Im sure the ed Nations will find a way to get some relief supplies to us.201704/502146

ed States美国Trade with Mexico: Playing Chicken美墨交易:威胁Farmers and Texans would lose most from barriers to trade with Mexico.农民和德州人将因墨西哥贸易障碍损失惨重MEXICO sells America more goods than America sells Mexico, and it enrages President Donald Trump.墨西哥出售给美国的产品比美国卖给墨西哥的多,这一点让特朗普总统大为恼火。In 2015 the difference was billion (0.3% of GDP).2015年这一差值为580亿美元(占美国GDP的0.3%)。That is enough, thinks Mr Trump, to justify rewriting the North American Free-Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which allows goods to flow across the Rio Grande free of tariffs.这个数据在特朗普看来,已足以明修改北美自由贸易协定(NAFTA)的合理性,该协定对穿越格兰德河的货物实行零关税。Yet the trade deficit masks bigger figures: America sends almost 0bn in goods to Mexico every year.不过贸易逆差背后隐藏着更大的数字:美国每年销往墨西哥的货物价值大概为2400亿美元。Were NAFTA to disappear in a renegotiation-gone-wrong, many Americans would pay a price—and not just as consumers faced with dearer avocados.假如北美自由贸易协定再次谈判出现问题而失效,很多美国人将为此付出代价——这不仅仅是消费者要承受更贵的牛油果那么简单。Which American producers would suffer?那么作为美国厂商,谁将首当其冲呢?Suppose, optimistically, that each side followed World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules.乐观的设想是,双边均遵守世贸协定。Then, tariffs would revert to so-called “most favoured nation” rates. (That might sound vaguely friendly, but it simply means neither side can offer a different deal from what it gives to any other WTO member.)那么关税将恢复成所谓的最惠国税率(听起来可能有种含蓄的亲切感,但简单来说就是任何一方都不能提供给对方不同于其他WTO成员的待遇)。By matching these tariffs to trade flows for about 5,000 goods, The Economist has estimated which states’ exporters would be worst-affected by the levies.通过将关税与大约5000种产品想对应,经济学人杂志对哪个州的出口商将受到征税的最严重影响进行了估算。Farm states face the highest charges.农业州面临着最高的费用。Whacking tariffs on malt, potatoes and dairy products would cause Idaho’s exports to Mexico to incur an average levy of nearly 15%.麦芽、马铃薯及乳制品高昂的关税将使爱达荷州对墨西哥的出口产品的平均税率高达15%。Iowa and Nebraska would pay on average 12.5% for the privilege of sending goods over Mr Trump’s wall.爱荷华州及内布拉斯加州也将付平均12.5%的税才有权穿越“特朗普墙”。Some products would be particularly badly hit.部分产品将尤其受到重创。In 2015 Iowa’s farmers shipped 2m of high-fructose corn syrup to Mexico.2015年爱荷华州的农民运送了价值13200万美元的高果糖玉米糖浆到墨西哥。Without NAFTA, Mexico would slap a tooth-aching 100% tariff on the stuff.如果没有北美自由贸易协定,墨西哥将对此征收100%的关税。Little wonder that the farm lobby tends vocally to support free trade.农业团体发声援自由贸易不足为奇。Yet farm states are lucky to have plenty of customers elsewhere.但幸运的是农业州在别处也有大量的消费者。Idaho’s exports to Mexico are worth less than half a percent of its GDP.爱达荷州对墨西哥的出口不到其GDP的0.5%。Other state economies are more tangled up with Mexico’s.其他州的经济却和墨西哥紧密相关。These places should worry about NAFTA’s fate despite facing low average tariffs.尽管平均关税不高,但这些州更应该担忧北美自由贸易协定的命运。Among this group, Texas stands out.在这个组合里,德克萨斯州首当其冲。It faces an average tariff of only 3%, but its exports to Mexico are worth nearly 6% of its GDP (compared with 1.3% nationally).尽管其平均关税仅有3%,但对墨西哥出口占其GDP接近6%(全美为1.3%)。As in Iowa, farmers would suffer.同爱荷华州一样,农场主会蒙受损失。Texan cuts of Gallus domesticus—otherwise known as chicken—would incur the largest tariff bill, 4m, of any single product category in the country.德州出口家禽(也就是鸡类)的减少,会造成被征收全国各类货品中最高昂的关税,高达1740万美元。In total, as a percentage of GDP, Texas would pay more than any other state.出所占的GDP比例比其他州都要多。Michigan also fits this category.密歇根州同样属于这一范畴。Its exports of cars and parts—many of which end up back in America—would attract tariffs averaging only about 5%.其汽车及零部件出口将被征收平均大约5%的关税,But with such shipments totalling .1bn, the bill would be painfully large.但如此大的运输量将使关税出达到42亿美元,这是让人难以承受的高昂费用。All this gives Mexico some leverage.这给墨西哥带来了一些优势。But Mr Trump has a stronger hand, because Mexican firms depend more on American consumers than vice versa.不过特朗普更为强势,因为相较美国企业来说,墨西哥企业更为依赖美国消费者。Part of the problem may be that rural America is aly in the bag for the Republicans.问题在于,美国农业州已经是共和党的囊中之物。Of the 25 states which would pay most in tariffs, as a percentage of their GDP, only four voted for Hillary Clinton in November.即将承担关税占GDP比例最高的的25个州,在11月仅有4个州对希拉里克林顿投了赞成票。Mr Trump may not feel any need to obey WTO rules.特朗普并无意遵守WTO规则。The White House’s latest trade spat is with Germany, a country aly paying WTO tariffs (because no trade deal exists with the European Union).白宫最近指责了德国的贸易政策,尽管德国已经付了WTO规定的关税。Peter Navarro, Mr Trump’s chief trade adviser, told the Financial Times on January 31st that the “grossly undervalued” euro has allowed Germany to “exploit” America.特朗普的首席贸易顾问Peter Navarro在1月31日告诉金融时报,价值被极度低估的欧元导致德国“剥削”美国。The White House has also recently hinted that it will adopt a congressional plan to “border-adjust” the corporate tax, which probably breaches WTO rules.白宫近期已经暗示将采取一项国会计划对企业税进行“边境调整”,这可能将违背WTO规定。If Mexico retaliated with rule breaking of its own, the costs to American producers would be greater—and harder to predict.如果墨西哥也违背其原则来进行报复,美国生产者为此付出的代价将更为巨大,同时也更难以预测。考研英语时事阅读 /201704/503477

大家好,欢迎来到。依然是实用的口语表达放送给大家,来看看今天我们要学习什么呢?1. She is vertically challenged.这样的说法就是说人家很矮的意思, 但是是比较婉转的说法。Vertically就是“竖直地”,什么什么challenged 就是说有某方面的障碍, 如mentally challenged就是说心智障碍, 也就是低能儿的意思。Vertically challenged是说在竖直方面受到挑战,其实就是委婉地说身体矮。 She is vertically challenged她的身高受到挑战/她长得矮。2. Where can I dump these white elephants?这些无用的垃圾我要丢到哪里? White elephant也就是白象,这个词来源于印度,由于印度人很崇拜大象,对于大象尤其是白象视若神灵,印度规定,白象是不可以宰杀、干活的,拥有白象的人家要好好的养着它,不可以虐待它,直到它死去,所以人们将白象视为一种累赘,这也就是white elephant的由来。 有些老美会在自家的庭院前办所谓的 garage sale, 就是把一些家里很少用到的东西拿出来卖. 有些人的告示上会写 White elephant sale. 如果你不知道 whte elephant 指的是无用之物的话, 你可能会觉得蛮奇怪的, 为什么有人在卖白大象呢?3. You are a freaking Yankee.你是怪怪的北方佬。老美彼此之间很喜欢拿对方的出生地作文章。因为南北的差异, 所以或多或少北方人看不起南方人,南方人也看不起北方人。Yankee 是南北战争时北军的士兵叫Yankee, 现在一般指北方佬。而freaking是说这人很怪,或者解释成怪胎也可以。You are a freaking Yankee.你是怪怪的北方佬。今天为大家讲解了几句俚语化的表达,下一期的你还会来吗?我在这里等着您。下期再见咯,拜拜!背景音乐:Air Supply - Every Woman In The World本节目属 /201602/4271841.deep love 深深的爱 例句:He fell in deep love with that girl no one can cure him of. 他与那女孩深深相爱,无人能阻拦他。 2.chaste love 纯洁的爱 例句:Wholly pure sentiments are to be found only in women who are wholly chaste. 只有真正贞洁的女人才会有真正纯洁的情感。 3.devoted love 专一的爱 例句:Wish you a happy birthday with all my devoted love to you. 以我忠贞的爱情,祝福你生日快乐! 4.loyal love 忠诚的爱 例句:He remained loyal throughout. 他始终忠贞不渝。 5.tender love 温柔的爱 例句:.Love me tender,love me sweet, never let me go. 温柔地爱我,甜甜蜜蜜,不要让我离开你。 6.sincere love 真挚的爱 例句:love must be completely sincere. 爱情是完全真诚的。 7.fervent love 热烈的爱 例句:Love is a fervent fire. 爱情是烈火。 8.burning love 炽热的爱 例句:If I express myself with words of friendship, you will think that I am too indifferent. If I tell all my heart burning a love fire, you will say that I am too rash. 如果我仅仅表达出友谊的话语,你会认为我很冷漠;如果我说我整颗心燃烧着爱火,你会说我太过轻率。 9.intense love 强烈的爱 例句:He worships the ground she walks on, as feels intense love for her. 他爱她爱得如醉如痴。 10.love at first sight 一见钟情 例句:Fall for you at first sight. 对你一见钟情。 11.triangle love 三角恋爱 例句:The tragic love triangle of Jia Baoyu, Lin Daiyu and Xue Baochai is the centerpiece of the play. 该戏的中心是贾宝玉、林黛玉和薛宝钗三个人的悲剧爱情故事! 12.love affair 风流韵事 例句:Marriage is unquestionably more convenient than a love affair. 无疑,风流韵事要偷偷摸摸,而婚姻生活则简单得多。 /201110/158361

第一, 迷你对话A: Could you tell something about Jim?你可以讲Jim的事情吗?B: I just know that he has a big mouth.我就是知道他是个多嘴的人。A: Anything else?还有别的吗?B: You see. It has been less than one week since we know each other.你知道,我们相识还不到一周。第二, 地道表达have a big mouth1. 解词释义Have a big mouth表示“说不该说的话”,“多嘴多舌”“说话冒失”等意思。2. 拓展范例e.g. You had a big mouth, Joe. You should not have talked so much and so noisily when there were so many strangers .你是个多嘴的家伙,Joe,当着这么多陌生人的面,你不该说得那么大声,说得那么多。e.g. I m not going to tell you the secret as you have a big mouth.我不会把秘密告诉你,因为你太多嘴了。e.g. I’m not going to tell you the news as you have a big mouth.我不会把这条消息告诉你,你的嘴不牢。e.g. Don t tell him anything confidential ; she’s known for having a big mouth.别告诉他任何机密的事情,她的大嘴巴是出了名的。第三,咬文嚼字1. less than :不到一周e.g. Its less than five minutes walk to a shopping mall.走路不到五分钟就有成片的商店。e.g. Angele had loved him with a love no less than his own.安琪儿对他的爱,跟他的也不相上下。2. tell something about:说关于某人的事情,说说某事的情况e.g. Would you tell me something about your family?请告诉我一些你的家庭情况,好吗?e.g. Would you tell us something about the new Education Act?请你给我们讲讲新的教育法好吗? /201610/474988Consuming energy drinks every day can cause a variety of health problems, including Hepatitis. 每天饮用能量饮料会引起各种各样的健康问题,包括肝炎。Energy drinks contain a number of different B vitamins that are toxic if taken in high doses. 能量饮料中含有大量不同的B族维生素,如果摄入过多是有毒的。One Florida construction worker contracted hepatitis from consuming 4-5 energy drinks every day for three weeks. 佛罗里达州的一名建筑工人连续三周每天饮用4-5瓶能量饮料而染上肝炎。The man was hospitalized after presenting symptoms of abdominal pain, vomiting, drowsiness, and eventually jaundice and liver failure. 该男子出现腹痛、呕吐、嗜睡症状,并最终导致黄疸和肝功能衰竭,随后入院。After cutting out energy drinks, he showed signs of improved organ function, and is expected to make a full recovery.停止饮用能量饮料后,他的器官功能得到改善,并预计将完全恢复。译文属。201611/475952提及的生词:三分熟 rare四分熟 medium rare五分熟 medium 七分熟 medium well全熟 well-done菲力牛排 fillet/filet沙朗 sirloinT骨 T-bone肋眼 ribeye1. How would you like your steak cooked? 你的牛排要几分熟?2. Id like a ribeye done medium rare. 我要肋眼牛排,四分熟3. Ill have a well-done sirloin steak, please. 我要沙朗牛排,全熟,谢谢! /201412/348026

网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。年末了,很多公司都会举办年会,以此来结束辛苦一年个工作,但是每年的年会都是以同样的形式进行,不知道上班一族们会不会觉得厌烦,厌倦呢?Research has shown more and more office workers in South Korea are getting tired of end-of-year parties, the Chosun Ilbo reported.据《朝鲜日报》报道,调查显示越来越多的韩国公司职员对年终聚会感到了厌倦。Seven out of 10 respondents are fed up with the practice and would prefer an alternative way of ringing out the working year, according to a poll of 1,035 office workers by recruitment portal Job Korea. Some 21.5% replied they have no choice but to participate, due to pressure from their bosses, while a mere 8.6% said they looked forward to such office parties.韩国就业门户网站Job Korea对1035名公司职员进行了民意调查,7成的受访者表示受够了年会并希望能以其它的方式来结束辛苦工作的一年。有21.5%的受访职员表示他们本不愿参加年终聚会,但迫于上司压力不得不参加。只有8.6%的职员对办公室年终聚会很期待。 /201201/167162

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